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I am alive and i have some news :3 · 9:44am Dec 16th, 2015

Hey guys what's up?
It's been a long time since I made the blog.
I apologize for my absence, :fluttercry:
However I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that PROBABLY, I will write a story, but I will not say what it is just a surprise, I just hope you enjoy it once it is ready. :pinkiegasp:

The bad news is my computer is broke, which unfortunately did not work well, I guess, I'll have to format everything (Damn ç_ç), fortunately I have the phone in order to use

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Merry Christmas · 9:48pm Dec 24th, 2014

a happy Merry Christmas to everybody,

especially to you bronies of world,
hoping to go well with the family and friends,
and you can spend a good company

Merry Christmas

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New Avatar , and my fellings · 5:50pm Nov 5th, 2014

hey guys how are you?

I'm here to show you my new avatar
  since my old avatar I've had for almost a year,
  I wanted to change a little, fell:

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15 followers · 6:53pm Jul 7th, 2014

  wow I did not expect such a result,
what can I say, I'm so much happy, thank you very much I appreciate it
: 3

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i'm bored >_<" · 4:19pm May 7th, 2014

I had nothing better to do today
So I wanted to scribble something on the paper, to kill boredom.
Of course I know it is not something special, but I wanted to do it to do so to pass the time, Just to do something,
what do you think?

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i need help to find some stories :) · 9:51pm Apr 13th, 2014

hey guys, been a while and since the last blog,
Well let's just say I had commitments,
And at the moment I feel too closed in my thoughts, I do not know sometimes I feel too
distracted in my thoughts that sometimes I do not concentrate on what I do well,

  Well I can tell you a little bit complicated and

changing the subject .... Well .....

okay okay I have no idea what to say ok? > _ <"

seriously speaking: I am looking for a Fic of a story of a superhero

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i'm feeling down · 12:53am Dec 15th, 2013

hello guys, lately this week are down in the dumps

I'm not with anyone in particular, but I'm feeling down about the fact that I can not trust myself to say some of my secrets.

As I said, I do not know why, but I feel just a little to trust certain people and just,
sometimes I have such a burden of conscience in keeping me in and tell someone, why?;

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I'm back 4 the (little) vacation · 7:16pm Dec 9th, 2013

Well what to say ... here we go again guys,

I had been absent three days from Friday to Sunday for a trip to the mountains in "Trentino" with a group
(if you do not know where to look for it on google)

I do not know why but I found the place: very nice, quiet and beautiful landscapes.

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hi everyone :) · 1:37pm Dec 4th, 2013

Hello everyone I am Erick22 I am 23 years old and blah blah blah ...

I do not understand why I write my personal information in the blog, just the fact to write something maybe.
However, and my first blog and this pleases me to write something, the only problem that I am Italian, and I have to write blog in English, not that I have problems with this, however, from my point of view would be nice to write something in Italian type ...

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