• Published 10th Aug 2016
  • 542 Views, 11 Comments

The Very Confusing Story By Scootaloo - Sparkletop Rainbows

A story where there is no plot or summary. Only acts that are unpredictable and confusing. In other words, UNLEASH THE RANDOMNESS! Please make sure to check Scootaloo's warning first before reading the story. Feedback is appreciated.

Sparkletop Rainbows 202 followers · 22 stories

Just a pegasister who's a huge fangirl on the inside. She follows back and would love to be your friend! (Avatar found at http://swa-oku.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Fan-Art-Samovar-Teatime-360787743)

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  • Views: 542
  • Comments: 11


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  • Word Count: 216,615th


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