The Fic Fic

by CallMeAl

First published

A story about a story within a story

Inspired by her recent discovery of her love for reading, Rainbow Dash decides to write a story of her own, and gives it to Twilight to read. Contains mild to moderate sexual themes, slight shipping and OCs.

"Rainy Days"

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Twilight woke with a start as she felt something land on her bed. Her eyes still clouded with sleep, she struggled to make out the figure in front of her.

"You awake?", the figure asked. Twilight recognized the voice.

"Rainbow Dash, is that you...?" she said groggily. "What are you doing here? It's late."

"Well, I finished reading the rest of the Daring-Do stories you gave me, and I was kinda bored, so..." Rainbow Dash looked away nervously.


"So I wrote my own!" Rainbow shouted. "I've been up all night writing it and I just finished, and I wanted you to read it!" She dropped a book into Twilight's lap.

"You wrote a story?" Twilight couldn't believe it. Her brash, arrogant friend had gone from completely dismissing books to writing one herself. Still, she was annoyed at being woken up for something so trivial.

"This couldn't wait until morning?"

"Sorry, I was SO EXCITED!" Rainbow exclaimed, picking up her creation and cuddling it, then shoving it into her friend's forelegs. "Please read it?" she begged.

"I'll read it tomorrow, I promise," Twilight responded as she set the book gently on the floor. Dash wasn't satisfied.

"But I want you to read it NOW!" she cried. "No," Twilight said sternly. Dash continued to beg. "Please?" "No!" Twilight turned away from Dash, throwing the covers over her head.

Rainbow pulled the covers away, forcing Twilight to confront her. "Aw come on, I read your book!" Rainbow argued.

Yanking the blanket back, Twilight responded, "Except I didn't MAKE you read it, and I didn't make you read it in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!" She turned away from her friend once again, who immediately confronted her on the other side of the bed.

"Pleeeease, just a few pages?" Rainbow pleaded once more. Completely fed up, Twilight finally gave in. "Ugh! Fine..."

Twilight pointed to the other side of the bed. "Just give me the--"

Rainbow Dash was already holding it. Twilight snatched it from her hooves. "...Book," she finished. This ordeal left her a little curious. "Why me, anyway?" Twilight asked as she opened the book.

"Because you're an egghead. Us eggheads LOVE to read!" Twilight rolled her eyes at the response.

She flipped to the first page and began reading aloud, unenthusiastically. "It was a sunny day in Ponytown." Rainbow Dash's eyes lit up as she heard her friend recite the lines that she wrote. She listened eagerly.

"But not for long, as several pegasus ponies gathered clouds in preparation for a storm. The ponies in Ponytown loved rain as much as sunshine, and they were happy to get a healthy dose of both. Two ponies in particular, Cozy and Cuddle, enjoyed doing just that: cozying up by a hearth fire and cuddling together on a rainy day. Today was no different, and the two met to confirm their plans.

"'We're still on for the sleepover, right Cuddle?' Cuddle greeted her light-blue, white-maned friend. 'Of course we are!' said the purple, pink-maned pegasus. 'You bring the games, I'll get the snacks, right Cozy?' 'That's right!' Cozy shouted with glee. Cozy had a closet full of board games, and she knew exactly which ones Cuddle enjoyed. Checkers, Apple Economy, Conquestira...

"Suddenly, a flash of lightning, followed by a thunderclap, and then a downpour. The storm had started sooner than expected." Twilight paused. She had to admit, this story wasn't half-bad for a first-time writer. She was a little curious about the main characters, though. Something about them felt...strange. She glanced over at Rainbow Dash, whose face wore a expression of pride and joy. She had been wearing that expression ever since Twilight started reading.

Twilight continued, this time with more effort. "'Whoops, I guess that's wrong!' said Cozy. The board games would get ruined in the rain, so she knew they had no chance of making it to the sleepover. "Come on, let's hurry to your house!" Cuddle didn't respond, but instead spread her wing and draped it over her friend's head to protect her from the rain. Cozy looked up and smiled, and the two laughed as they ran for shelter.

"Despite Cuddle's efforts, both ponies were soaking wet when they arrived at her house. Cuddle ran to fetch some towels as Cozy remained at the entrance, trying not to drip on anything. Cuddle returned with several towels on her back and one towel in her mouth, which she playfully threw over her friend's face. Cozy laughed.

"As she finished drying herself, Cuddle looked over at Cozy, who was still a bit damp. 'I really like the way your mane looks when it's wet,' she complimented. 'Thanks,' Cozy said, though she didn't agree. She ran her towel over her head one more time.

"Cozy still remembered that she had brought nothing to the slumber party. 'So what do we do now?' she asked. Equally stumped, Cuddle simply responded, "I don't know." Cuddle began searching her mind for solutions, glancing around the room for something that would give her a clue. Her eyes fell on her bookcase. 'I know!' she exclaimed, 'We can read a story!'"

Twilight stopped. "You wrote a story of two ponies...reading a story?" "There's more to it than that," Dash insisted, "keep reading!" Despite her better judgment, she continued, just so her friend wouldn't be let down.

"Cozy wasn't so sure about this idea. 'A story? That doesn't sound like much fun,' she complained." Twilight rolled her eyes. "'Don't worry, I'll pick out a great one!' Cuddle cheered. 'We'll get the blanket, and we'll sit by the fire, and read together, and--'

"'I got the snacks!' Cozy interrupted. She had gone to the kitchen and returned during Cuddle's excitement. Cozy's doubt was clear. 'You'll love it, I promise!' Cuddle reassured. Cozy still wasn't convinced, but she was at least willing to try. 'If you say so,' she said, as the two slid under the blanket in front of the hearth. Cuddle began reading as enthusiastically as she could. 'Once upon a time...'

"'...And that's how Equestria was made!' finished Cuddle, hours later. She looked over at her friend, who was amazed at the story she just read. 'That was awesome!' Cozy cheered. 'I didn't know manticores could grow that huge! And the swordfight, and the battle at sea, and...'

"Cozy continued rambling. Cuddle was lost in thought at this point. She had something on her mind all night, and she was now too preoccupied with it to listen to her friend's praise." Something triggered in Twilight's mind. She was no longer reading aloud, but reading to herself. She knew there was something strange about story. Something that just didn't feel right. Almost afraid to find out what it was, she kept reading. "After careful consideration and much convincing, she prepared a statement and turned toward her friend, who surprised her with a kiss on the lips."

And there it was. Dash wrote a love story. "Cuddle was left shocked and confused. Before she could even speak, Cozy shouted words she never thought she'd hear from her friend. 'I love you, Cuddle!'

"Cuddle's emotions were overflowing. She burst into tears, much to Cozy's surprise. She was worried she had offended Cuddle and immediately started apologizing. 'I'm sorry, Cuddle, I thought you felt the same way. I didn't mean to...' Cozy's voice trailed off. She may have just lost her longtime friend.

"'But I do...' Cuddle finally spoke. She could barely get the words out. 'I love you too, Cozy. It's just...I'm so happy...' She lost her voice again. But she had said all she needed to say. Cozy lifted Cuddle's chin and looked into her eyes, wiping the tears away. They kissed again, more passionately, embracing each other. Suddenly, Cozy's hoof slid down to Cuddle's..."

"Rainbow Dash?"

"Yeah, Twilight?"

"Get out."