Goddess of Magic

by OldManZangy

First published

Will she follow her destiny? Or will she fight back against the one who has taken so much from her?

Twilight Sparkle was created for one reason and one reason alone. And now it is time for her to do what she was always meant to do.

Creation & Fruition

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Goddess of Magic

Creation & Fruition

By: OldManZangy

Editor: Rainbow Dash

Twilight Velvet, a proud mare of the Shine Household, was tending to her newborn unicorn filly who was now throwing a tantrum of a magnitude that the mare hadn’t seen in many years. “Shining Armor, would you be a dear and help mommy out,” She asked of her oldest child. Along with some help from Shining Armor she finally got the little filly, Twilight Sparkle, to calm down and fall asleep in her bassinette.

She looked down at the sleeping baby pony and thought to herself, ‘How could one that produced that magnitude of anger a few minutes ago now be as peaceful as she slept?’ As she looked down at the sleeping filly and thought about her future, Twilight Velvet was gifted with a vision of the filly’s future in Equestria. This vision made the mare feel weak in the knees and she soon fell to the floor. As she lay on the floor, she kept replaying the vision in her mind. She knew her daughter would have an impact wherever her life took her, but certainly not one of this magnitude. Velvet soon pushed it to the back of her mind, as the whole thing seemed preposterous, and left her filly to sleep, hoping not to wake her and deal with another temper tantrum.

It had been a few years since Twilight Velvet had looked upon her sleeping daughter and had the visions of what her daughter would do in the world. The vision still forced itself to the front of her mind every now and then, forcing her to replay it, but as soon as she was able, she pushed it to the back again and went on with her day. And besides, now she knew that it couldn’t be true, the filly was as happy as she could possibly be, she had the best foal sitter money could buy, a brother who would do anything and everything for her, and she was soon to start in Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.

She now sat on a bench in the Shine household’s backyard and watched Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor play with a ball. As she watched the two, a new vision had arisen into her mind and she was again forced into watching the merciless events that took place in the vision. Once the vision had subsided, she couldn’t help but realize that this vision seemed to begin where the first one left off. So she dug back into her memories and tried to pull both visions back to the front of her mind and somehow weave the two together so that she could view the whole thing at once.

Twilight Sparkle had come to a point where she couldn’t do anything. She was trapped. She knew that there was no way she could find her way out of the many tunnels of the cave she found herself trapped in. She had exhausted all of the magic she could muster for the time being and she was exhausted, she would have to rest a few days before she could muster up enough energy to teleport herself out of the cave. She hoped that she had those few days to rest, but the odds were not in her favor and it was only a matter of time before the cave’s occupant would return, leaving the inevitable to happen.

Twilight fell to the ground and cried for a few minutes and thought of what she could possibly do. But her train of thought was soon cut off as she heard the cave’s inhabitant return and begin his way to the core of his dwelling. What path he would take Twilight didn’t know, but she hoped it didn’t lead into or go through the tunnel she was in. Soon she heard whatever lived in the cave come to a stop and drop something on the cave floor. She guessed that it had made its way back to his dwelling and was relieving itself of whatever it carried. But she soon realized she was mistaken. Right as she allowed herself to give a sigh of relief the beast turned into the tunnel she was in and looked her in the eyes. Paralyzed with fear, Twilight just stood there and waited for the worst. But the worst did not come.

She soon found herself in what appeared to be the beast’s dwelling. Where the beast was, she did not know and she did not care to know at the moment. She tried to move herself, but soon found that her legs were tied together. ‘Wonderful’ she thought to herself, ‘I’m going to die here.’ As soon as she finished that thought, the beast came through the only opening in its home. The beast gave her a look then turned to what seemed to be the area where it slept. But as soon as the beast sat down on its makeshift bed, it stood back up and faced Twilight again. She could hear a grumble from it’s stomach and guessed that the beast had decided that it would enjoy eating her now instead of later. ‘Even better, I’m going to be eaten alive’ she again thought to herself. The beast slowly approached her from the other side of the dwelling. As the beast slowly trekked the length of its home, Twilight was surprised to find herself pleading for help, from anypony that could possibly be listening. She was sure that nopony heard her as the beast continued to walk towards her. A flash occurred and she soon found herself outside of the cave, not knowing what happened or how she got out.

“Where am I?” she said out loud hoping somepony would be around to hear her. But she found herself alone in a forest. She recognized the throbbing pain in her head as the after effects of a teleportation spell, but who cast the spell? She stayed lying on the ground where she had appeared for a few minutes, hoping the pony who teleported her here would soon appear in front of her.

Just as she expected a few minutes later another pony materialized in front of her into the forest a little ways. As soon as she was able, Twilight Sparkle got up and made her way to the shadowy figure of a pony she recognized. She continued to approach the figure, but the figure remained in the forest where she could not be seen. Incoherent words being spoken between the two. And soon Twilight kneeled down to her front right knee as if bowing to the shadowy figure. Twilight Sparkle was then surrounded by a shroud of green magic and lifted into the air. She began spinning, suspended inside the green orb, soon her eyes began to glow, they began to glow green as new magic coursed through her body. Twilight let out a scream as she was filled with this new magic. After the screaming had subsided and her eyes had returned to their normal color the shadowy figure lowered her to ground and released the green orb that surround Twilight.

Twilight Velvet recognized the ending of the first vision and tried her hardest to start the second vision. Twilight again bowed to the shadowy figure, who soon after disappeared. “I will not let you down, my goddess.” Twilight teleported out of the forest to the familiar library in Ponyville, where she was happily greeted by her number one assistant, Spike, and her friend, Fluttershy, who had seemed to be getting a book.

“Twilight! Where have you been! I have been looking for you everywhere!” screamed the little dragon, obviously out of sadness more than rage. “You told me you would be gone for the day, not three!”

“I’m very sorry Spike,” said Twilight.

“What happened to you? We were all worried about you,” said the always kind and compassionate Fluttershy. “We feared the worst when we came by the library and you weren’t here.”

“It’s a long story, Fluttershy, and quite frankly I would rather get some rest, would you mind if I told everypony at once after I get some sleep?”

“Of course, take as much time as you need Twilight. Just send Spike after us when you’re ready to share,” said Fluttershy, as she walked through the library door.

Twilight then went up the stairs to her loft, laid in her bed, and was asleep before she realized it.
She awoke, what felt like, many hours later, but was soon made aware by her wide eyed assistant that it was much longer than that.

“I’ve been asleep for how long????” she shouted as the dragon explained.

“Well, if you count the day when you got back up to now, exactly four days.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that! It only felt like I was asleep for a few hours. I thought I was going to wake up in the middle of the night.”

“Well I hate to say but it was much, much longer than that. And I also need to inform you, that you have some very worried friends who deserve to hear the whole story of what happened.”

“Yes, I know. Would you please go and tell everypony that I will tell them all over lunch?”

“Um, I hate to say it but it’s nowhere near lunchtime, Twi.”

“Well whatever meal suits the time of day then.”

“Alright I’ll get everyone gathered and tell them that you will tell them the story over dinner then. Anything you want me to bring back in preparation for the meal?”

“No, I’ll just order some pizza. I’m too tired to cook or anything of that sort.”

About a half hour later, the pizza had arrived and a few minutes after her friends were piling into the library. “Well hey there, Twi. I didn’t think I was ever going to see you again,” she heard as she was quickly lifted from the ground by a pony she recognized as Rainbow Dash. “Hello, Rainbow. It’s good to see you too,” she said, she knew it wasn’t what the cyan pegasus wanted to hear, but it was all she could muster up for the time being.

“Hello everypony else,” she said as she was let down to the ground and looked at the faces of all her friends.

“Hey, Twilight!” they all seemed to scream in unison.

“Now I know you all are expecting a story but I haven’t eaten in days. So shall we eat first?” At this she presented the pile of pizza boxes she had somehow managed to hide before everypony showed up.

“Ahhh, pizza!!” screamed a pink party pony as she saw the pizza boxes being uncovered. “I love pizza!!”

“Of course, dear; I am absolutely famished. I haven’t eaten all day. I’ve been too busy working on an order for Hoity Toity to stop and do anything” explained Rarity.

Everypony else seemed to agree to the idea of food, especially pizza.
After everypony had eaten, Twilight began to tell the story of how she had gotten trapped in a network of tunnels in a cave, how she was captured by the occupant of the cave, and of course how she was saved, although she failed to mention who saved her, she knew who saved her, but she didn’t want to tell her friends.

“So let me get this straight, sugar cube. You of all ponies got lost in a cave and were captured by whatever lived in the cave,” asked Applejack.

“Yes, I was.”

“And why didn’t you use your magic to teleport out?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“I had exhausted myself by using my magic to light the cave as I was exploring it,” answered Twilight.

“Ahh, okay now it all makes sense. So you needed time to rest and get your energy back so you could muster up a teleportation spell?” asked a seemingly less confused Pinkie Pie.

“Yes, Pinkie, but as I said, I didn’t have time to rest. Seeing as I was captured by the beast in the cave.”

“Well, at least you’re okay now, dearie.” said a grateful Rarity.

No more words were said for the rest of the evening. The six just stood there surrounding their friend taking turns hugging her for as long as Twilight could bare it. Eventually, five out of the six surrounding her left, the only one remaining being Spike.

“Well Spike, it may sound odd, but I’m unbelievably tired.”

“Just make sure you don’t sleep for four days this time!” said the young dragon jokingly.

At that the young mare bid the dragon ado, and climbed the stairs to the loft and again slept. Although this time she was met by a strange dream. She recognized the place where she was. She was there just a few days ago. And in front of her stood the same shadowy figure that stood in front of her not too long ago. She again approached the pony and spoke with her. This time the words being much easier to understand.

“The time has come Twilight.”

“I don’t understand. What do you mean?”

“The time has come to fulfill your destiny. You must do what you were born to do. With the new power I have bestowed upon you.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

At this the figure extended a hoof and touched Twilight’s forehead. Soon flashes of war and chaos flashed through the young mare’s mind.
With the scenes still flashing through her mind, Twilight managed to ask, “Am I the cause of all of this?”

“Yes, my child. See I have molded you into the pony that I need for my ascension to power. And now you are of the right age and knowledge to go through with your destiny.”

“But I don’t want any of this. I didn’t choose this.”

“Child, we do not choose our destiny. We just have to do what is asked of us in hopes that we do what we were created to do.”

“So this is what I must do then?”

“Yes, my child.”

“When does this all begin?”

“The time is approaching very soon. But you will know when you are needed.”

With that being said the pony figure teleported away in a blinding flash of green. And Twilight soon awoke. She couldn’t believe what she had just dreamed. Was it all real? Or was her mind playing tricks on her? That speculation was soon pushed aside as she felt a feeling that she was unsure of at first, then she realized that this was the feeling the pony in her dream told her she would feel when it was time. Was it already that time? It seemed to come too soon. But she must do what she was being called to do.

Twilight rolled out of bed and let her mind take over, for she had no idea of what she was supposed to do. She found herself heading towards the Ponyville train station and taking a train to Canterlot. She had no idea why, but she was just following her instincts.

At this Twilight Velvet tried to give herself a break from the vision, she realized that she had been crying profusely. She was glad that neither Twilight Sparkle nor Shining Armor was around to see her crying. After she had steadied herself a little, Twilight Velvet returned to the vision in her mind.

Twilight had arrived in Canterlot and looked upon Equestria’s capitol with eyes filled with confusion and fury. She made her approach but was stopped by a guard, who noticed that the mare seemed unusual from the usual traffic to Canterlot. “Ma’am, may I ask-” he started to ask. His mouth was soon covered by a magenta shroud that prevented him from talking. He noticed this magic. It was the magic of none other than Twilight Sparkle, faithful student of Princess Celestia, but why was she acting in this way? Before he was allowed to think any further, he was lifted into the air and dropped from a great height. She then caught the pony half way through his fall. Before allowing the pony a sigh of relief, she slammed him down to the concrete beneath her hoofs. She then quickly wrapped the pony up in her magic and threw him into the city, making sure he was impaled by a flag post hanging from a resident’s house.

Twilight then resumed her march upon Canterlot, but was soon met by many more guardponies after the realization of what had happened. They did not know what to expect but it surely wasn’t anything along the lines of Twilight. The assumed leader of the squad sent one of his lesser away, most likely a warning to the guards’ leader. She cared not who they called. They could call upon everypony for all she cared, she would crush them all!

“Miss Twilight, I don’t know what is going on here, or why-“ the leader of the small squad of guards was lifted and thrown down to the ground before he was able to finish speaking. With this the guards hesitated at the sheer force that Twilight had put out. The fault of their hesitation led to their demise as Twilight pulled down the arch way they were standing under and crushed them all in one fatal action. The leader of the group looked up bewildered by what he just witnessed. Realizing that he was next in line, he stood up and readied himself to fight for his life. Twilight just watched and snickered at the fact that this pony was actually about to fight back.

“You really think you have a chance? You saw what I just did to the rest of your squad without even breaking a sweat. What makes you think that you would be any more of a struggle for me?” said twilight has she stared down the now readied pony.

“I know that I am no match for you. But I refuse to go down without a fight. I may fall easily but I will delay your assault upon the city by at least a mere few seconds.”

At this Twilight let out an evil laugh and put up a shield as she saw the pony fling his spear at her. She reacted by telekinetically grabbing it as it ricocheted off her shield and flung it back at the pony at an unbelievable speed. Before the pony had time to react he was pinned to the wall behind by his own spear. He tried to move but the spear had gone through his armor, through him, out the other side of his armor, and lodged itself into the wall behind him.

During the events of all of this the leader of the Royal Guards had arrived and was shocked to see that what he was told came to be true.

“Nopony will get in my way! I will do whatever I have to until my goddess has claimed her rightful place!!” she said. Twilight had no idea where any of this was coming from. But it felt right, as if this was meant to happen. Her thoughts were soon cut off by a very familiar snow white stallion that bore a blue mane; he was suited in armor and bore the Shine household emblem upon his armor. She recognized this stallion, but was too overcome with fury to actually do anything.

Twilight chuckled as she saw the stallion walk into the carnage that she had just caused but a few minutes ago. “So you’re going to throw yourself into line next? So be it then.”