Life to Death Heaven to Hell Harmony to Disharmony.

by EZthebeast

First published

An elite solider from a post apocalyptic world after mission that takes a turn for the worst that lands him in Equestria. How will he adapt and will Pinkie Pie cause his brain to pop?

Sgt Maj Ezra Smith was one of the best the year is 2157 and in the aftermath of World War Four. The World is a wasteland filled with mutants and bandits. Raditation sickness is as common as the cold. While on a mission in what was Washington D.C. compilations happen. The result stranded in Equestria. How will he be adept? Will he return home? What is Celestia's plan for him? Will Pinkie Pie drive him crazy?

This is my first fic so go easy on me. Also this is not a self insert all the human character name's not based off of real people. Lastly this takes place before Magic Mystery Cure. Note the sex tag is because there will be some dirty jokes.

Project Hellstorm

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Project Hellstorm

A hired guard was leaning against one of the many exits of the building smoking a cigarette not paying attention to his surroundings. It was night he wasn’t wearing a gas mask like he should but he never listens. The guard was wearing a worn out tan tee shirt and jeans. He stepped away from the door to look at the city. It used to be called Washington D.C. or something stupid the building he was guarding used to be a museum but now it was an office building. He sniffed the nighttime air and nearly gagged. He smelled a dead body nearby but this was not his problem there was always a dead body in Einstein. The mutants or animals that lived in the sewers normally killed them. He failed to notice the shadow without an owner moving closer and closer to him. Then his eyes stopped blinking and his body went limp and fell to the ground not making a sound.

The shadow revealed its owner. A figure roughly 6ft wearing black body armor on his right thigh was a holster with a silenced G-W21 pistol. On his left thigh was a small medical kit with needles, anti-poisons, and other medical supplies. Around his waist was a black belt with several different grenades and magazines for his weapons. His chest was covered with throwing knife holsters and pockets filled with ammo, under that was a bulletproof vest. His right arm was fully armored leaving no skin exposed like the rest of his body but there was a patch outlined in blue on his shoulder that read N.U.S.F. or New Union Special Forces. His hand unlike his armor wasn’t black it was custom painted to look like a human skeleton hand and was holding a bloody combat knife which just took another life. His left arm was just like his right but on the shoulder was a drawn picture of a headstone with DEATH written on it and in front of it was a zombie hand rising out of the ground showing the world its middle finger. Also on his wrist was a WMC (wrist mounted computer). Around his neck two objects hung one a necklace with teeth of several different species (human included) and the other scratched dog tags saying.

Ezra A.
Sgt. Maj.

Lastly his head, it was all hidden by a full head gas mask with two one-way eye lenses. He then wiped the blood off the knife by flicking it. Then he leaned against the door.

“Report.” He said through the mic in his mask. He waited a few seconds then heard the rest of his squad checking in.

“Gavin here at west entrance with Sal we’re clear over.”

“Mina here on the roof I’m clear over.”

“Aidan at south entrance I’m clear over.”

“Ezra hear at north entrance remember this is a stealth op so keep your kills clean and following the plan get in get out over.”

“Sir question.” Said Gavin.

“If your asking about a bathroom break the answer is hold it in.” Said Ezra. Gavin chuckled.

“No it’s why we’re here.”

“Ok team listen up I’m only going to say this once a Stephanie Dixen is blackmailing and exploiting governments across the globe including the New Union. So our job is to go in download the files from the computers and place a virus to monitor them and get out. Lethal force is allowed but keep it quiet and hide the bodies. Let’s go.”

Ezra and his team each as a special role and skill and that is why they were there. Cpl. Sal the teams’ tech specialist can take apart a computer and rebuild it front of their eyes doesn’t talk much but when he does there’s some tech around. Pvt. Aidan, Ezra wouldn’t admit it but he was scared of him. The term-crazed pyro would be an understatement he enjoys to burn his victims to death whether they are mutants or poor souls that came across his bad side. He was the team’s explosive specialist. Next was Sgt. Mina the new addition to the team to replace a member that was killed during the last mission, eaten live by mutants to be precise she was a flirter who would flirt with anyone. He didn’t understand or women in general and doubted he ever will. Last was Cpl. Gavin the team’s marksman. There was only one way to describe him. A sex addicted womanizing asshole and his best friend. They knew each other back from boot camp. Ezra joined the N.U. army when he was nine while Gavin when he was twelve.

Ezra then activated the microscopic cameras all over his armor. Each camera told the one on the opposite side what it saw and used a hologram to disguise it as that giving the appearance of full invisibility. But his shadow still remained to so he had to be careful. He entered the building, immediately saw guards everywhere.

“Then where the hell are they!” Shrieked a woman. Ezra then turned to look at her. It was Stephanie Dixen herself. She was fat with blonde hair and wearing nice cloths and an attitude that just made him want to decloak and smack her.

“I don’t know, they aren’t answering their radios and haven’t reported in yet.” Said a guard.

“Well then send someone to find them. With Project Hellstorm approaching we can’t have any problems. Do I make myself clear!?”

“Crystal.” Replied the guard.

“Then what the fuck are you still here for get moving!” She yelled. Ezra heard enough he slowly moved away while staying in the shadows. “Project Hellstorm what’s that? Dixen is only blackmailing and exploiting…right?” He made sure there was no guards around then he contacted his team.

“Ezra here I just overheard a conversation something about a Project Hellstorm, break. I want you guys to search around for it Sal head to the basement and search for any info about it. Gavin, Mina take over Sal’s role and plant the virus in the server room. Aidan there is a lot of guards and I want this to remain a stealth op set a small fire on the second floor to distract them. I will download the data from the computers. I want radio silence unless needed over.”

“Yes Sir.” They said in unison.

Ezra then slowly walked towards the first computer room on the ground floor there were two guards both with AUG-78 assault rifles with Red Dot Sights. He looked at his back a silenced M516B assault rifle with an under-mounted shotgun and morph sights was strapped on it. He knew the second he reached for his gun he would decloak. He then looked around the room the setup told him it used to be an exhibit, the room was about the 20 by 25. The computers were in the center of the room next to the guards and there were five overhead lights in the room with the light switch next to him.

Ezra reached over and turned off the lights, which caused his hand to decloak slightly. The guards were alert the second the lights went off knowing this he turned them back on. The guards seemed to relax not noticing his decloaked hand. Then he flicked off the lights again then turned them on again and again for about three minutes he stopped when he heard the guard on the right say to the other.

“Don’t worry Bill I heard that this might happen today on account of how much power Project Hellstorm takes up.” Ezra’s ears went into full alert when he said this. He then turned off the lights and pressed a button on his gas mask putting on thermal. The room was fully dark with no light coming in but he could they their thermal outlines glowing red will everything else was a light blue, he decloaked and unstrapped his M516B and switched the sight from 5x to 2x. He then held his breath and shot twice at the guards’ head.

The bodies fell barely making a sound, Ezra then walked over to the computers. He took out the flashdrive from one of his many chest pockets, he then inserted the drive into one of the UBS slots. The screen went to life a box popped up saying downloading data 1%. He knew this would take some time so he contacted Sal.

“Report.” He spoke into the mic.

“Sir there’s a lot of guards down here, wait a minute patrol… Ok I’m clear. There’s something down hear and not a lot of places to hide over.” He sounded panicked.

“Hold your position I will be there soon there’s only one more computer room.”

“Roger that, Sal over and out.” There was a click on the line and Ezra went to the computer the pop up said “100% ready to pull”. He then pulled the flashdrive out of the USB cord and looked at his WMC. It read mission time 1:23. We’re behind schedule he thought, they needed to get to the second computer room and search for any info about Project Hellstorm. He then reactivated his cloak and walked out of the room. He then slowly walked towards the next room. Guards were standing outside and patrolling the corridor. Must be the right place but how to get in. He thought to himself, and then if on cue there was a small fire based explosion that came from the second floor and a guard dropped that was still on fire.

“HELP ME!” he screamed the guards stopped what they were doing and panicked for a second. I said set a small fire not set the floor ablaze. He thought. Then one got a fire extinguisher and tried to put the guard out. Suddenly the door opened and more guards came flowing flew, Ezra entered the room while the door was still open.

The room was a small office with several desks while tons of documents and paperwork on top. At the end of the room was a computer one of those new holo-tops where the screen was less thick then a nail and seemed to float above the keyboard. Jackpot he thought. He then looked around the room again making sure he wasn’t missing anything. He inserted the flashdrive into the keyboard and waited for the download. To his surprise it downloaded in less then a second. Whoa 200 Gigabytes in a second where did they get this advanced tech. Only command has this, but them, this isn’t right. He thought.

“Sal I got something up here for you.” He said.


“Sal are you there? What did you find? Over.”


“Ezra here. Mina, Gav Aidan… Sal’s gone dark I want you to check it out. Over.”

“Gav here don’t worry Sal’s just sticking his dick into a USB or some shit like that we will check it out Gavin out.”

Ezra heard something outside the door, he looked through the lock hole and saw a “shitload” of guards and Dixen shouting at them.

“What am I paying you fucking retards for, we caught an New Union soldier in the basement there has to be move around. Aw shit they caught Sal. He thought to himself. He tried to contact the rest of his team but all he got was static. He then looked at his WMC, mission time read 2:23. Fuck! Only 37 minutes until the extraction force leaves. He knew want he had to do.

Ezra then saw a bunch of guards in a diamond formation heading towards the basement. He decided to follow them and find what Sal found there. The guards kept a steady pace oblivious to the shadow without an owner following them. Again there was a “Shitload” of guards all with their weapons drawn and eyes focused. The stairs to the basement were wide open and lucky had a broken light above it. He sneaked in and slowly walked down the metal stairs, his boots not making a hint of a sound. He reached the end of the steps and walked though the doorway.

Under his gas mask his eyes stared in horror, this wasn’t a normal basement it was anything but. First the structure the whole basement was one room and the room was the size of an airplane hanger it even kind of looked like one and the walls were made of metal. But he didn’t notice that he saw what was in the basement. There was maybe one or two thousand troops all heavily armored and armed, worst they were all in formation with a high ranking soldier in front. Next were the vehicles they were about forty TMW-900 tanks that were customized with .50 Cal turrets and anti-air rocket pods. Next to the tanks was an army of jeeps maybe a hundred some with machine gun turrets some with anti-air. On a raised platform were about thirty DSA-75 SHARK helicopters, these things could go from five to one hundred MPH in two seconds and were equipped with air to ground, air to air and drop bombs.

But the vehicles WEREN’T the worst part. There were about fifty V-296Q rockets with a mobile launcher stand. He knew from experience they can be fitted with nuclear warheads or even without the power of a nuke they can add a new landmark to a map. Then lastly there was a weird looking machine that went all the way to the ceiling. It kind of looked like a giant sliver hula-hoop. But inside the ring was sparkling with white electricity, which was visible to the naked eye. He then heard someone struggling in front of the machine, he moved up for a better view. What he saw made his heart stop…

His whole team was on their knees hands behind their back and their gas mask’s were removed. Stephanie Dixen was hitting Sal in his face, which was bleeding violently.

“I said for the last fuckin’ time where is your CO.” She said not hiding the fact she was pissed off.

“Fuck off bitch.” Said Sal with a smirk. He then spitted on her shoe. If looks could kill Sal would be a goner. Dixen then quickly walked over to the guard next to her and took his gun. Then she aimed it as Sal and shot him in the head. His body fell to the floor with blood coming out of the wound. Worst Stephanie was smiling the whole time.

Ezra could barely hold back his anger. SHE killed Sal, one of his team. If it weren’t for his training he would decloak and attack her with his knife. But he didn’t have time to morn she moved to Aidan who was making no attempt to hide his fear. She leaned over to him with her gun pointed at his face.

“I suppose you aren’t going to talk either.” She said her voice echoing throughout the basement. Aidan showed his brave face and said the bravest and last thing he would ever say.

“Hey Dixen, your name sounds like dick.” That got him a thumbs up by Gavin. But then she then slapped his face and shot him in his…umm… special area, which caused him to scream in pain. Then she shot him in his face, once again Ezra wanted to run at her and kill her for killing a teammate. But there was nothing he could do if he decloaked he would. Worst whatever she was doing down here would continue. He calmed him mind and thought.

Ok. They were blackmailing and exploiting governments all over the world getting money and tech from them. There is an army in the basement with all kinds of war machines. On top of that there is a giant sliver hula-hoop in the center of the room what could that be? A teleporter? No there’s no such thing…right? He looked at his WMC it read mission time 3:15. Fuck, we’re on our own. He heard another gunshot and saw Mina fall down dead. All that was left… was Gavin his best friend.

Dixen walked over to Gavin who was unfazed by his teammates deaths. “I’m only going give you one chance to talk then I will kill you. You have ten seconds all I want to know is where is your CO I know we didn’t catch him yet.”

“10” He calmed his mind and came up with a plan.

“9” Ezra checked his weapons.

“8” He hid behind the giant hula-hoop’s control panel.

“7” Gavin blinked nervously.

“6” He unstrapped his M516B causing him to decloak.

“5” He switched the sight from 2x to 4x.

“4” He held his breath and aimed for her head.

“3” He was suddenly grabbed from behind. He looked at his captor he was a bit taller then him. He had a gas mask on and wore a bulletproof vest and clothing with urban camouflage and had a shotgun strapped to his back. Ezra wasting no time, Reached quickly for his shotgun ripping it off from its straps. The man tried to stop him but got an elbow right in his gas mask, shattering the lenses. He then took the shotgun and shot the man in his face. Blood splattered against his pure black armor but he didn’t pay any attention to that, he then picked up the shotgun and went back to his M516B.

The good news Gavin wasn’t dead, the bad about everyone in the whole basement heard the shotgun fire. When he leaned over the control panel of the machine he saw Dixen and about fifty guards looking his way with guns pointed.

“I’m guessing you guys heard that?” He said seeing as he was “fucked”.

“You New Union bastards have a lot of nerve showing up here. You and your Allies think they can still police the world but your wrong your dead wrong.” Said Dixen.

“We will stop you and your plans like we always do because we knew all about your little operation here.” He tried bluffing, which failed immediately.

“Oh Really?” She started. “And what do you think is going on down here.” She called his bluff. He looked at Gavin who shrugged.

“You are doing something with that giant hula-hoop in the center of the room, and it involves all these soldiers and those vehicles and rockets.” She started laughing.

“Giant hula-hoop do you know how stupid that sounds. But yes all of this has to do with it. In fact that is not a giant children’s toy but a teleporter.”

“Impossible!” He said while still hiding behide the control panel.

“The New Union doesn’t even have that kind of tech so how did an asshole like you get it?” Said Gavin. Dixen slapped his face.

“Don’t you see… this is your doing? Gavin rolled his eyes but it was unnoticed.

“How?” Said Ezra still behind the control panel.

“Well you see the New Union and its allies made A LOT of enemies over the years. We all met about a year ago and discussed what we did wrong that ended in failure. One of us had an idea to combine our money and resources and work together. The tech you saw here is from that.”

“Yeah that explains a lot mainly that you guys don’t know when to quit but what’s with the teleporter?” Said Ezra.

“Glad you asked, It’s feels so good to tell my plans and not need to worry about them leaking.”

“You forget I could cloak and escape and warn the N.U. all about your little plans.” He interrupted.

“No. If you escape there will be nothing to go back to…” This got Ezra and Gavin’s attention. “ You we can’t attack the N.U. HQ directly their thermal would see are troops a mile away and our nukes would be swatted out of the air by its defenses. But what if a nuke were to suddenly appear behind the defenses? A big fucking explosion, and we can attack its allies the same way.”

“If that’s so what’s with the tanks?” Said Ezra.

“A great question, some of the cities and HQs we don’t want to be a smoking crater so we…”

“Just teleport the troops inside and with their sudden appearance victory is granted before we have time to act.” Ezra was too shocked for words this seemed like a plot for a war movie but it was happening right in front of his eyes and he didn’t know how to stop it. Wanting to get on Dixen’s nerves he replied in shock.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t fucking believe it…” She smirked and tried to rub it in.

“I know seems like a dream but its happening.”

He then said. “Gavin you’re right I don’t believe it villains really do monologue.”

“See I told you but noo you didn’t believe me.” Ezra leaned over and saw what he was looking for Dixen was pissed.

“Enough of THIS!” She screamed and shot Gavin in his chest.”

cough Ezra inhale you g-got to… stop-p this crazy b-b-bitch she c-can’t-t wi-n-n and Ez thank-ks f-for cough everythi…” His eyes went blank and he fell over. Gavin was dead. His best friend was dead. He was alone. Under his Gas Mask a tear formed in his eyes but he blinked. Soldiers don't cry…

“They fight!” he screamed. He didn’t care about his safely anymore he stood up and fired his M516B and killing Dixen then taking out several guards. His gun made a click telling he needed to reload. He then took the shotgun and fired a few rounds hitting their marked followed by a small explosion. Frag and slug rounds in one what did we do before. He then ducked behind cover causing the firing to stop. The control panel must be important if they stopped firing I wonder if…

He then took out a M-421 frag grenade and a brick of C4 and covered the grenade in it. He looked at a V-296Q and his grenade. I have to stop this no matter the cost . He thought. He pressed the button on the top of the grenade and threw it. It land right next to the nuclear missile. He closed his eyes and waited for it to end.


Ezra opened his eyes and saw only darkness. Am I dead? He tried to move and could feel his skin pressed against his armor. I’M Alive! I’m Alive! Wait then why is there only darkness? He lifted himself up until he was standing but he still saw only darkness. Then came the light… It blinded him but he couldn’t look away so he closed his eyes but he could still see it. I must be dead and this must be some hellish torture method. Then he heard laugher but it didn’t sound evil, or any way he (or me) could describe it.

“No you aren’t dead far from it in fact and this isn’t a torture method.” The voice sounded neither male or female and he felt at peace when it spoke. He had so many questions.

“Are you God?” He asked.

“In my opinion I am not a god but many think as me as one. You can call me by what they call me Harmony.”

“Where am I? And why am I here?”

“For the first question I cannot give you a simple answer you are everywhere and nowhere between realities if you will. For the next question, there is a world like yours but different it is endanger from a foe as powerful and old as me named Disharmony. It whishes to see all worlds like yours in chaos and disharmony and will do anything to do it. I have selected you from the heroes of all the worlds to be my champion, to stop Disharmony. All will be revealed soon. But when you wake up you will not remember any of this until needed. Follow your instincts and more importantly your heart. Goodbye and may the Light shine on your soul.”

Close encounters with the annoying kind

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Close encounters with the annoying kind

Ow my head, what happened? His mind flashed back to the basement and the explosion. And light? Am I dead, that explosion should have killed me and everything in a ten-mile radius. But I am here. He opened his eyes and saw… green grass?

“What the fuck?” Grass is normally brown and when it’s green its in a bio-dome. But there was grass real fucking grass in front of him. He got up and looked around, he was in some kind of forest but there were healthy green trees and bushes everywhere. He looked up expecting a glass dome to be over his head but there was none. Ok this isn’t a bio-dome so I must be dead. What else could it be?

He looked around once again, everything looked weird like a kid recolored everything with markers. He then looked at his armor and blinked in shock. The bloodstains were gone and all his ammo and equipment he used up were there. His armor also changed it look also like the environment it was still its pure black color but it looked like a kid drew over it with a marker like the forest. He stared at it in shock for a minute then focused on his surroundings. He noticed the shotgun he took from the guard was on the ground a yard away from him.

He walked over to it and picked it up and for the first time noticed what type of shotgun it was. It was a spas-24 with slug-frag rounds and a 3x sight. It had shotgun rounds taped to the side. He guessed with that rounds inside already he had about twenty-five rounds for it. He then checked his M516B. He had seven forty shot magazines plus the one inside the gun making a total of 320 shots.

After checking all of his equipment he found he had five M-421 frag grenade and bricks of C4. He also had several flashbangs and door kickers (its causes a small explosion that brakes the lock of a door). Some nerve gas grenades and eight customized throwing knifes. Two caused an explosion on impact, two set targets on fire, two caused a shock of electricity and the rest were regular throwing knifes. His G-W21 had twenty in the chamber and five extra magazines. He had some food pills and several deployable cameras and motion sensors. His medical kit was full and he had both his combat knifes one strapped to his chest the other hidden in his boot. Look out hell here I come.

“Somepony help!” His ears went into full alert it sounded like a kid crying for help. He looked around trying to find where the voice came from. “Somepony please help!” Somepony? What the fuck, I must be hearing things. But I know for a fact there is a kid in danger and it is my duty to protect all civilians. He started running towards the cry for help. He then heard a roar coming from the direction he was facing. He then cloaked and continued moving in the direction of the roars and cries of help. “Somepony please help us or we’re going to be eaten.” That came from just through those bushes. He peaked through them and what he saw made his right eye twitch.

There were three small ponies in a clearing and a beast that looked like a lion but had wings and a scorpion’s tail. For the ponies one was yellow and had a red mane with a bow in it. The next was a white pony with styled bluish mane but it had a horn! A fucking horn! The next was orange with a purple mane but it had wings freaking wings! Then to question his sanity even more they all spoke in unison.

“Help!” There were many things wrong with this picture. First ponies went extinct a hundred years ago after getting eaten by both humans and mutants. Second was the fact they can talk. Even scientist can’t make an animal speak. Third was the yellow one had a big bow in her mane like she was a person. Who put that there was it the pony? Nah. Fourth the white one had a horn was she a unicorn. Nah. He laughed mentally there were no such things as unicorn must be fake or something. Fifth was the hardest to explain the orange one had wings sure they looked too small for it. But wings! He thought of how he could explain it. An animal that has been extinct for a hundred years was standing right in front of him and it had wings. Must be some escaped science experiments, they all must be and that thing is here to bring them back to the lab. Makes sense.

He was about to walk away and he looked at them again. They were huddled in fear seeming to be waiting for death. The horned one even wet it’s self. But they weren’t his problem, but he saw the fear in their eyes. The same eyes of fear he saw civilians had when facing death. Oh fuck it.

He pulled out his G-W21 and switched the fire mode from single to burst fire and ran out of the bushes. “Hey asshole, leave them alone!” he shouted. The creature turned around and roared at him trying to intimidate him. Ezra then threw his arms and in the air and made a fake roar showing he wasn’t afraid. The creature then charged at him, Ezra crouched down and aimed down the pistol sights and aimed where he thought the creature’s heart would be he fired once making a three shot burst. He ignored the feel of the recoil and watched as blood came out of the creature’s chest.

To his surprise the creature just stared at the wound and gave him an angry roar, which he guessed translated to “Nice try bitch”. It then charged at Ezra, he jumped out of the way with the creature running past him. Bullets barely scratch this thing, I wonder what a knife in the neck would do. He then holstered his G-W21 and pulled out both his combat knifes. Unknown to him the three small ponies were watching his every move. He then cloaked, becoming only a shadow and earning a gasp from the ponies and a confused look from the creature. It’s head was moving around searching for him it failed to notice the shadow was slowly moving to its neck. The creature then flicked its tail sending Ezra flying against a nearby tree causing him to decloak. A wave of pain that started from his spine spread throughout his body, he ignored this. Great it can smell me, which makes my cloak useless. He looked back at the creature that was waiting for him to get up.

“Ok whatever you are no more mister nice guy.” He said while taking out his new spas-24. The creature backed away a bit seeing the danger. “Oh getting smart are we, this baby here…” he patted his now drawn shotgun. “Makes that pistol look like a water gun.” He then aimed the 3x sight directly at its right eye. He fired the shotgun making a loud boom. The round flew was the barrel from the gun right into the creature’s right eye which exploded on impact. The resulting explosion killed the creature in a bloody show of blood and brains.

Ezra then walked over to the creature’s corpse. “Say down.” He said to it, he then reached for its mouth and pulled out a tooth. Then he took the tooth and made a small hole in in it using a needle from his medical kit. He attached the newly obtained tooth on the necklace around his neck. He then turned his attention to the three scared young ponies still hugging each other in fear. He slowly walked towards them their eyes widened as he did this. He stopped when he was a yard from them and crouched down until he was at their eye level (they only stood up to his knee).

“You should go before more come after you.” He said in an emotionless voice. The ponies stopped looking afraid but confused. For the first time he could see them up close their face didn’t look like what he read like a normal pony’s face should it looked slightly more… human like? Finally the orange one spoke.

“W-what do you mean?” Its voice indicated it was female and very young.

“Run before more come and take you back to the lab of which you came from.” Their faces were now devoid of fear and instead filled with confusion. He facepalmed mentally. Escaped science experimens, what was I thinking?
“What are you talking about mister?” Said the white one with the styled mane it also sounded young and female.

“Um… never mind I thought you were something else.” He replied.

“What have yah never seen a pony before?” Said the yellow one that was once again a female though she had a strange but familiar accent.

“No I haven’t actually.” He said getting a gasp from the three of them. He then moved closer to them but they backed up in fear. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” He said.

“Pinkie Promise?” said the white one. How do they do pinkie promises if they don’t have pinkies?

“Um sure.” This seemed to relax them. He then held out his right hand pinkie getting a confused looked from the trio.

“What are you doing?” Said the orange winged one.

“A pinkie promise, why am I doing something wrong?” They all nodded.

“Yea yah do it like this.” Said the yellow one. She then raised her right hoof and did a bunch of weird motions while saying “Ah cross mah heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in mah eye. Now you do it.”

sigh I cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye I promise I won’t hurt you.” He said while doing the motions. He could of sworn for a second everyone and everything he ever killed was laughing at him. But the ponies seemed to relax.

“Thanks for saving us mister what’s your name and what the hay are you?” Said the orange one.

“My name is Sergeant Major Ezra Allen Smith ID#125-23-3690 of the New Union Special Forces and I am a human.

“Whoa is that really your whole name?” Said the white one.

“Kinda that is my full name plus my rank and ID but you can just call me Ezra.” He replied.

“What kind of name is Ezra? And what does it mean?” Said the orange one.

“It’s just a name it doesn’t really mean anything. Speaking of names what’s yours?” he asked them.

“Mah name is Applebloom.” Said the yellow one.

“I’m Sweetie Belle.” Said the white one.

“And I’m Scootaloo.” Said the orange one. What the fuck? Who names their kids that?

“And together we’re the CUTIE MARK CRUASDERS!” They shouted in unison. Ezra then quickly brought his hands to cover his ears but the damage was already done. He felt blood coming from his ears.

“Never do THAT again!” He said while ignoring the ringing in his ears. “And what the fu- I mean hell is a cutie mark?” He said careful to not curse in front of them because they were just children. Their mouths hit the ground (literally), which caused him to stare at the sight.

“HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A CUITE MARK IS?!?” His hands were still covering his ears so it wasn’t as bad as last time but his ears still bled more.

“Wait look! Gasp He has two different cutie marks!” Said Sweetie Belle while pointing with a raised hoof at the patches on his shoulders.

“How do ya have two cutie marks?” Said Applebloom. He looked at his shoulders all that was there were his normal patches.

“What these?” He said while pointing to his patches on his shoulders. The three ponies nodded. “These are just patches sewed into my armor. Also WHAT THE HELL IS A CUTIE MARK?”

“A Cutie Mark is a mark that appears on a pony’s flank when they find their special talent. We didn’t find ours yet so we thought it would be fun to find them together.”

“So a cutie mark is a tattoo that appears on your ass when you find when you are good at?” He said still confused by the concept of ass tattoos.

“What’s a donkey have tah do with anythin’? Said Applebloom. Ezra facepalmed.

“Moving to my next question are we dead, and is this hell?” The young ponies once again stared at him in confusion.

“Nooooo. Why did you ask that? Are you crazy like that pony that always talks about some species that doesn’t exist?”

“No I am not crazy. I asked that… well because I should be dead.” This got another gasp from them.

“What do you mean?” Asked Scootaloo still with a look of confusion on her face.

“Well to put it simply… I was caught in an explosion that should have killed me (and everything in a 10 mile radius). I woke up in a clearing over there…” He pointed to the bushes from where he came. “I came running when I heard you crying for help.”

“Whoa that’s quite a story mister Ezra.” Said Applebloom, she then looked at her friends and continued. “Hay maybe Twilight can help ya, she’s really smart.” No way am I getting helped by someone named after the WORST book series in the history of the world.

“No thanks I’m good.” He wanted to get away from them asap for several reasons. The first they were too trusting and he learned in the past if someone’s too trusting they are trying to make you feel comfortable until you drop your guard. Second he needed somewhere quiet so he could think about his current situation. Lastly they were just plain annoying. His thoughts were interrupted by Sweetie Belle.

“Then is there something we can do for you, after all you saved us.”

“No it’s fine.” He said trying to get away.

“Pleas there must be somethin’ we can for ya? Come on please” Said Applebloom. Then their eyes widened and started to water it was the most adorable sight he ever saw. He tried to say no but what came out was “Yes there is something you can do for me.” What the FUCK! How did they do that. Mind control?

“What?” They said in unison their eye’s no longer watering but still big.

“I just need a place to stay for a night or two while I get my things sorted out.” He said.

“Well ya can’t stay at mah farm, mah family would get mad if ah brought home a strange creature again.” Said Applebloom.

“My sister would freak out about what you’re wearing, so you can’t stay with me.” Said Sweetie Belle. He then looked at Scootaloo.

“You can’t stay with me, the orphanage doesn’t allow guests.” She said while looking down at the ground sadly. Sweet I can’t stay with any of them. There really is a God, a merciful one.

“Wait ya can stay at the clubhouse.” The others nodded. Fuck!

“Fine lead the way.” The three ponies looked at each other with nervous faces.


“Our clubhouse is own the other side of town.” Said Sweetie Belle.

“Town? You mean there is more talking ponies?” said Ezra in disbelief.

“Yeah that’s why it’s called Ponyville.” Said Scootaloo like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Once again under his gas mask Ezra’s right eye twitched.

“Come on lets go then I want to reach it before its night?” He said while his eye was still twitching.

“But the other ponies would freak out if they saw ya.” Said Applebloom.

He chuckled “No problem, watch.” He then cloaked, getting an amazed look from the three ponies. Applebloom looked at his shadow and frowned then whispered something to Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Which caused them to stop looking amazed.

“Ah can still see yar shadow.” Said Applebloom. The other ponies nodded.

“What, but I turned fully invisible. You could see right through me!” He said offended by their reactions.

“When a unicorn casts an invisibility spell it gets rid of their shadow too.” Said Sweetie Belle. Spell? As in magic, fucking magic.

“Well as long as you stay by us nopony would notice.” Said Scootaloo.

“Fine lets go.” The three ponies and one cloaked human followed the path out of the forest. They asked him annoying questions along the way, which he answered as wrongly as possible.

“… and that’s why the point of life is 42.” He said getting a gasp from the three ponies.

“Me next! Me next!” Shouted Scootaloo. He sighed.

“Fine, what’s your question?”

“What do the patches on your shoulder mean?”

“Good question. The one on my right shoulder says I am part of New Union Special Forces and th…”

“What’s that mean?” Interrupted Sweetie Belle.

“It means I am an elite operative in the army and them send me missions where there’s no real record of those missions.”

“Like a spah?” Said Applebloom.

“Kind of but I’m in the army.”

“So you’re in your world’s royal guard. That’s awesome!” Said Scootaloo. Royal guard? Must be their army’s name. “Then what does your other patch mean?”

“I was awarded it after I did a certain thing one hundred and fifty times.” He said in his normal emotionless voice.

“What was it that ya did?” Asked Applebloom. He didn’t want to tell them that he killed 150 people to get it.

“Just work stuff, boring really.” He lied they seemed to buy it. “Hey I got a question for you now. What type of ponies are you?”

“I’m a unicorn.” Said Sweetie Belle.

“I’m a Pegasus.” Said Scootaloo.

“And ah’m an Earth Pony.” Said Applebloom. Earth?

“Ok next question what is the name of this land?” The ponies stared at him in shock for not knowing.

“We in Equestria.” Answered Applebloom. As Equest as in horses?

“Mister Ezra, I have another question” said Sweetie Belle. “How old are you?”

“15.” He deadpanned.


“15.” The ponies stopped walking and looked at his shadow.

“THAT MEANS YOUR ONLY TWO YEARS OLDER THEN US!” He fell to the ground with his ears bleeding. He picked himself up of the ground pretty sure he was deaf now in one ear. There were out of the forest and he could see a village in the distance.

“Is that Ponyville?” he asked they nodded. “Good lets go.”

There were many ways that Ezra could describe Ponyville primitive, colorful, peaceful, strange, and boring very boring. The ponies just were walking calmly, not noticing the three fillies and the shadow following them.

“How much longer until we’re there?” Whispered Ezra while watching some pegasi push a cloud around. What the fuck. Do they even know how many laws of physics they are breaking?

“Our clubhouse is on the other side of town. We just need to cut through the market then it would be only a bit more.” Said Sweetie Belle.

“Ok lets hurry and remember do Not drawn attention to yourselves or me.” They nodded. As they walked though the marketplace he noticed they were using gold coins as currency. Do they have any idea of what gold is really worth? Then passed a shop that looked like a gingerbread house. Really? Stranger there was a store that only sold quills and sofas.

“Five credits that store goes bankrupted in a month.” He whispered to them getting a strange look in return. They kept walking until they stopped in front of an apple stand.

“Hi Applejack!” Said Applebloom to who was operating the stand. She was female he guessed was big orange, and muscular with a blond mane. On her ass there was three apples and just to push his sanity even more she was wearing a cowboy hat.

“Hi Applebloom, what y’all up tah today?” she asked.

“Oh we’re helping our new friend mister Ezra out by leading him tah the clubhouse.” Ezra facepalmed, which for some reason didn’t decloak him. What part of ‘do not drawn attention to yourselves or me’ did they not understand?

“Oh then where is he?” Asked Applejack.

“He’s invisible.” Deadpanned Scootaloo. Getting a weird look from Applejack. “He is also from another world and in that world he is in the army.”

“Yeah he even saved us from a manticore in the Everfree Forest.” Wait that was a manticore and who is the idiot who named that forest.

“Ya were in the Everfree Forest! What were y’all thinking?” The three fillies then hung their head down in shame.

“We were trying to get our cutie marks.” Said Sweetie Belle. She then looked at the setting sun. “Oh we have to get going, bye.”

“Bye big sis.” Said Applebloom

“Bye.” Said Scootaloo.

“Bye.” Said Ezra while still cloaked.

They walked away leaving a confused orange pony behind them. When they were far enough away. Ezra yelled at them.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?” He screamed witch caused many ponies to look around for the cause of the harsh language.

“What? All ah did was say hi to mah sister”

“And tell her I was there! Its dumb moves like that, which causes deaths.”

“How can telling her that hurt you!” Said Scootaloo trying to defend her friend.

“Did you ever see Planet of the Apes?” They gave him a confused looked which read ‘whaat?’ “If you did you would understand. Come on the sun is almost setting.”

They continued on to the clubhouse, the sun already set by the time they got there. The clubhouse was really just a painted treehouse with a rope ladder.

“Here it is.” Said Applebloom proudly. Ezra looked at it. Well it is better then nothing but still… He decloaked and started to climb up the ladder he looked down at the three fillies.

“Hey thanks for everything but I want to ask you a question. Why?”

“Why what?” Asked Sweetie Belle confused.

“Why did you help me after I killed that manticore. I could see from the peacefulness of the town you aren’t use to see that kind of thing you must think I’m a monster or something.’

“No you saved us. Sure it was very scary when you… killed it but you saved us. And you looked like you needed a friend after that. Your not a monster you’re our friend.” He looked at them in shock under his gas mask his eyes watered but they couldn’t see this.

“I’m… your…friend?” he said after a moment of disbelief.

“Yeah what’s wrong with that?” Asked Applebloom.

“It’s just before I came here… all my friends were killed in front of me.” The three ponies started to cry and not little tears, but a river came from each of there eyes. How can they cry that much that fast it’s impossible. Then again everything else I saw today I thought was impossible before. He looked back at the ponies now there was a small pond by their feet. He just ignored them and went inside the clubhouse.

It was messy with papers and drawings on the floor. On the wall was a chalkboard that read.

Tomorrows crusading plan


Book writing





He walked to the wall and sat down against it. He looked at his WMC air toxin levels were zero. That’s impossible even filters at the N.U. HQ don’t make air that clean. But here I am outside with perfectly clean air. He then took off his gas mask showing a young and extremely pale face with short brown hair and brown soulless eyes.

He that thought about Equestria and the events leading up to it. Ok I was standing next to a teleporter and there was a explosion I caused then I woke up in the forest. Ok really where am I? I could be dead and this is the afterlife it’s possible and likely. This could all be a dream and I’m really in a coma possible but not likely. This all could be real and maybe the teleporter mixed with the nuke sent me hear possible but unlikely. Well one thing for sure I’m here now. Yawn I’ll think about it in the mourning. He then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Purple Ponies and Princesses

View Online

Purple Ponies and Princesses

“JoIn Us.” Ezra opened his eyes, he was in a graveyard his amour wasn’t on instead was a black tee-shirt and dress pants. There were four graves in front of him. He looked around there was a thick fog blocking his vision he looked back at the graves and blinked in shock each had his former teammate’s name on it.

Gavin Krieger

Mina Rahman

Aidan Stein

Sal Cahill

A wave of guilt then went through his body. I watched as they died. Just watched. I could have saved them. He looked at Mina’s grave. “Though I knew you the shortest I have to say in that time you proved at you maybe were the best of all of us. You had no remorse, no pity but you had a heart unlike most of us. Rest in peace.” He looked then at Aidan’s grave. “I admit I was scared of you, of what you did, what you felt pleasure in but we all have our coping methods after the things we all did. Rest in peace.”

Next was Sal’s grave. “Sal I’m sorry for sending you down to the basement, for leading you to your death. It was my fault and mine alone. You were smart but not smart enough to tell me when I did something wrong. I remember our first mission together three and a half years ago, assassinating that dictator. You thought I was too young to lead and that you should… maybe you were right. Rest in peace.

Last was Gavin’s grave he walked over to it and thought a moment of what he was going to say. “Gavin you were my best friend, we trusted each other with our life’s. But I ruined that trust, I failed you I didn’t save you like I could. Worst I sent you to your death after Sal went dark. It should of have been me. Not Mina. Not Sal. Not Aidan. Not you. Me.” He let himself cry because this was only a dream. A dream of his guilt. He kept crying until he felt something grab on to his leg.

He looked down and stopped crying when he saw what was grabbing his leg. It was a human’s skeleton arm with bits of rotting skin still attached to it. Worst it was coming from Gavin’s grave. Then another arm came from the ground and grabbed his other leg causing him to fall. He looked at the other graves and saw human skeletons climbing out of the ground and coming towards him. He tried to escape but he couldn’t move only watch. Then they spoke. “JoIn Us. JoIn Us. DiE! AnD JoIn Us In ThE dArKnEsS.”

The skeletons of his former teammate’s came closer and closer towards him. Once they reached him they bit into his skin. Again and again they bit him tearing out chunks of his skin. He could only watch then he saw one of the skeletons reach for his head he closed his eye’s and heard a scream.”

He opened his eye’s he wasn’t in the graveyard anymore he was on a small hill overlooking a city. He knew this city it was April the city where he was born and also home to the N.U. HQ. April used to be called New York City about fifty years ago but was renamed after the fall of the United States. But this wasn’t the April he knew the skyscrapers were on fire and some of the buildings were collapsing. Then he heard a strange noise in the air. He looked up and saw white electricity sparkling in the air. Then there was a flash and the electricity was gone instead was a V-296Q missile. Then there was another flash and coming from the missile. He looked at his feet, dust was being blown away and he knew what would come next. A loud roar came from the missile and the shockwave knocked him on to the ground. He looked at the city it was now just a crater with a mushroom cloud overhead.
“NOOOOOOO!” He screamed.

Ezra woke up and looked around. Through one of the windows of the clubhouse he could see sunlight coming in. His stomach growled he remembered he didn’t eat for at least two days. He reached into his medical kit and pulled out a food pill and swallowed it. He then remembered the nightmare, the graveyard and the city … and the nuke. He eyes widened in shock.

“I’m an idiot!” He frowned. “Of course they could just build another teleporter and nuke the city.” He then punched the wall making a hole in it. “They died for nothing.” He punched the wall again. “And the worst part I’m stuck in fucking ponyland!” He then reached over and put on his gas mask. I have to get home and warn them. But I’m stuck here… wait they said someone could help me, yes I could then get back to April and warn them of the threat. Don’t worry guys you didn’t die for nothing.

He then exited the clubhouse and jumped to the ground. It was late mourning judging by the sun but then the sun might work differently. He needed those fillies to lead him to Twilight. But it could be hours before they came to him so he set out to find them. He activated his cloak and headed to town. Maybe I’ll find them in the town.

By the time he got to the town market it was the early afternoon, which meant the market was more crowded. Ezra had to be careful not to bump into anyone as he walked around looking for the three fillies. After about what he guessed was a half-hour he decided to listen in to conversations in hope of finding them.

“Your right, the weather mare is being lazy.”

“Its only ten bits.”

“I’m telling you Bonbon humans are real!” What?

“Where did you get that scarf?”

“That mane-cut is amazing where did you get it?”

“Then I said ‘oh no you didn’t’.”

“Twilight do we really need all these quills?” Even better finding Twilight herself. He then looked at who spoke. It was a small purple and green humanoid figure. His first reaction was to yell mutant and kill it but that would expose him. He looked at it again and saw it wasn’t a mutant but some kind of lizard he quickly dismissed it as one of the many weird things of this world.

“Yes Spike we can’t run out with me so close to finishing that new spell.” Said a purple unicorn with a purple mane with reddish streaks he guessed this was Twilight. “Come on lets go back to the library, its cleaning day.” The Unicorn and the not mutant lizard thing headed home not noticing the shadow without an owner following them.

He followed them to what appeared to be a house inside a tree. What the fuck? Why would… you know what I don’t give a fuck. They went inside and he followed. He appeared in what was a large circular room with shelves full of books. A house inside a tree was a library. What the fuck? Twilight was at a desk writing with a quill and Spike was mopping the already clean floor. He stood by the door and took a deep breath and then decloaked. Spike saw this and fainted in a comical fashion. Twilight didn’t seem to notice this.

“Umm… Hello.” He said.


“I said hello.”


“Hey pony, I’m talking to you!” He then walked up to her and tapped her on her shoulder. Her head shot up and looked around and when it reached him her eye’s widened and she took a deep breath. Then she gave him a reaction he wasn’t expecting.

“Anewspeciesthisisamazing!What’syournameandmoreimporatnlyyourspecie’sname.Spikegetupandstarttaking….” He covered her mouth with his gloved hand.

“Listen up yes I’m a different species and I’m not from around here but I need your help getting home lives are at stake.” He said.

“Lives?” Said Twilight with concern in her voice.

“Yes lives, that’s why I need to go back home.” He said.

“Could I ask you some questions first?” She said.

“Are you saying your dumb questions are more important then lives?” He said with anger in his voice.

“YES! I… mean no. It just a new species haven’t been discovered in so long and if I discovered a new species I could name them and…”

“LIVES!” He interrupted. This pony got some screws loose.

“Ok so where are you from? And how far away is it? And what it the populati…”

“Twilight for love of God focus. Ok I’m from a…”

“How do you know my name?” She demanded.

“That’s not important. Anyways I’m from a…”

“Yes it is. Have you been stalking me or can your kind see the future or something. Or maybe…”

“You know what, forget about this. I’ve been tortured before but not like this.” He started to walk towards the door. “Bye. Adios. Rot in hell.” He said angrily. There was a purple flash in front of him and Twilight appeared where in occurred.

“What did I do wrong?” Said Twilight, He facepalmed.

“Listen I’m going to talk and your going to shut up and listen, if you don’t I’ll let someone else discover me and answer all of their questions. Nod if you understand.” She nodded. “Good pull up a chair because my story is a long one.” Her horn glowed purple and a chair appeared along with a notebook and a quill. His eye twitched. Fucking magic.

“Ok where to begin, I was doing my job. There was a new type of machine and an explosion, which I may or may not have caused. Then I woke up in that forest. That is the short version of my story. Oh wait I forgot to mention I sure I from a different world or planet. So… can you get me home?” Her eyes were on the notebook writing down everything he just said after a minute she spoke.

“That makes no sense?” He sighed.

“What part of it makes no sense?”

“All of it! Can you give me more details?” She asked.

“The machine was a teleporter and the explosion was caused by a V-296Q nuclear missile.” She looked like he just spoke in a different langue.

“I… sorry I just don’t understand what any of that means. Maybe I could…” He stopped paying attention to her. I’m stuck here and that nightmare will come true. They all will die and I can’t do anything about it.

“Spike stop taking a nap and write a letter to the princess.” What?

“Wait your contacting your ruler why?” Under his gas mask was a nervous look on his face. The last time I met with royalty it ended with twenty dead.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” He shrugged. “I said that Princess Celestia could help you, she’s my mentor and the co-ruler of Equestria.” At that point Spike woke up.

“Ow my head.” He looked at Ezra. “Monster!” He picked himself up from off the ground and hid behind Twilight.

“Spike I need you to send a letter to the princess about our guest.” She said.

“You mean the monster?” Said Spike.

“I’m not a monster!” Said Ezra clearly annoyed.

“It can talk! Please don’t ear me.”

“Don’t worry if I wanted to kill you we won’t be having this conversation.” He said in a calming voice but this had the opposite affect.

“Please don’t eat me.” Said Spike.

“I’M NOT GOING TO FUCKING EAT YOU! GOT IT?” Twilight tried to cover Spike’s ears but it was too late.

“What does fuck mean?” Asked Spike. Ezra facepalmed great I taught a child a swear.

“Spike!” Twilight shouted. “Go upstairs and wash your mouth out with soap!” Yeah, that’s going to stop him from saying it again.

“Why Twilight? All I said was ‘what does fu…”

“Upstairs now, no buts.” Spike walked up the steps commenting about all he said was a new word but this was ignored. Twilight then gave him a glare that would destroy entire armies.

“Umm… sorry, I had a rough week.” Monday killed someone during training. Tuesday teammate got eaten by a mutant. Wednesday my house caught on fire. Thursday all my friends killed in front of me and was ten feet from a nuke that went off. Friday ears made nearly useless by three talking ponies. Saturday getting a death stare from a purple unicorn.

“That’s still no reason to say something like that, and in front of Spike he’s only a baby dragon.” Dragon? I’m not ruling out this is just a dream. “Anyways I’ll just write the letter and when Spike comes down I’ll send it.”

“Good.” He said with no emotion. He then walked over to a chair and sat down on it with his arms crossed.”

“Umm… is it ok if I ask you some questions about yourself and your species.” He rolled his eyes under his gas mask. What is with her and knowledge?

“You get four questions no more.”

“Four?” She asked looking hurt.

“Four.” He deadpanned.

“Can I ask mor…” She stared.

“Three.” He interrupted. She gave him another death stare, which he pretended to ignore.

“Ok my first question what is your species name?”

“My species calls it self humans.” She was once again writing everything he said down.

“Ok, my next question is what is your full name?”

“Sergeant Major Ezra Allen Smith ID#125-23-3690 of the New Union Special Forces.” He said while still sitting.

“Which part of that is your name?” Smart girl.

“My name is Ezra Allen Smith but everyone just calls me Ezra or SGT Smith or ballbuster don’t ask about the last one trust me.”

“So your in your country’s royal guard?”

“You used up all your questions.” He said with a smirk under his gas mask. She scowled at him. “Now do you have indoor plumbing because I have to used the restroom?”

“Umm… yes its upstairs to your right.”

“Thanks.” He replied. As he climbed up the steps he passed a very pissed off baby dragon.

“Sup.” He was met with no reply. Great I’m already making enemies.

Spike passed the strange creature and continued on downstairs where he saw Twilight writing a letter.

“Twilight what is that thing and why is it here?” He asked.

“That thing is Ezra and he is from a place far away and he came here seeking my help out.”

“Why?” He asked curiously.

“He is from a different world or country and needs help getting back.”

“I don’t like him he got me in trouble.” Spike said with a grunt.

“I had a talk with him about his language he said in his defense he had a rough week. It shouldn’t happen again.” As soon as she said the last part several curses came from the bathroom followed by a yelp.

“…Anyways here send this letter to Princess Celestia.” She said as she handed (or would it be hoofed) Spike a letter. He then sent it to Princess Celestia by breathing his magical fire breath.

“Did you see the knifes he has, he’s obviously dangerous.”

“I ask him about it when he comes down. I admit he is a bit scary but he hasn’t done anything to threaten us.”

“Yet.” Muttered Spike. At that point Ezra came downstairs muttering about too small toilets. Spike kept a few feet away from him.

“Ok Ezra, Spike here is nervous about your weapons and I don’t want to jump to conclusions about them. So tell us what is the point of them?” She asked.

“I use them for my job, and no I will not use them against you.” He said getting a sigh from Twilight.

“Yea and what job is that?” Asked Spike who was still angrily at him.

“Soldier.” He deadpanned. Twilight wasn’t looking at him and was once again taking notes, while Spike was slowly backing up.

“H-have y-you ever killed Somepony?” Said Spike which caused Twilight to look up from her notes. Well if them find out another way it would look bad for me.

“If you mean someone then, yes I have killed before.” Spike was against the wall while Twilight was taking notes like her life depended on it, which in her mind it did. There was a minute of silence then Twilight spoke.

“Why?” Why? He thought for a moment.

“To answer that question I first must ask you one. Do you have friends and family that you love?” Both of them nodded. “Would you try to protect them from death, suffering, disease, and pain?” They nodded again. “That’s why I kill to protect my friends, my country, you might not understand, but I do it not because I want to but because I have to. Believe me I take no pleasure in doing what I do.” As he finished this Spike burped and a scroll, which caused once again Ezra’s right eye to twitch.

Twilight took the scroll and opened it and read it out loud.

“Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I’m interested in this creature you spoke of. I would very much like to meet this Ezra. It concerns me that it said lives depend on it coming home. I want you and the rest of the Elements of Harmony to come with it to Canterlot tomorrow. I’m sorry if I took too long to reply it’s just that there have been problems lately, which I had to fix. And tell Ezra not to worry we will find a way to send him home.

Princess Celestia

Ezra was speechless he could go home. He could stop them. But what are the Elements of Harmony? Also why is the ruler of a country a Princess and not a queen or king? Who cares, I’m going home.

“Thank you Twilight.” He then looked out the window the sun was setting. Twilight noticed this too.

“Ezra do you have a place to stay tonight? Because I have a spare bed you can have.” She’s giving me a practical stranger a place to sleep. Why? She can’t be doing it out of the kindness of her heart, there must be another reason.

“It’s fine I’m just sleep in the forest or something.” Now if there is another reason she would kept pressing me to stay.

“In the forest! That’s dangerous! You can stay here besides its only for tonight.” I’m on to your game Twilight I’ll play along for now.

“Twilight are you sure this is a good idea. He just admitted he’s a murderer!” Said Spike.

“Murderers illegally kill others when I kill it’s perfectly legal since I’m in the army. And for your offer I will accept the forest is no place to sleep.”

“Ok your room is upstairs second door to the left. Goodnight.” Said Twilight.

“Goodnight.” He said. He then walked up the steps and into his room. It was simple. There was just a bed in against the wall with a nightstand and a dresser, also there was a window. He then locked the door and placed a motion sensor against it. Then he took off all his armor, which took over fifteen minutes. He had on now just a black tee shirt with N.U.S.P. written the front with white letters and black shorts. He then lay on top of the bed, which was too small for him. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

This next part is very dark and violent but near the end of it is important.

He opened his eyes and wished he didn’t. He was tied to an old folding chair against the wall in a rat infested room. He was completely naked and was bleeding heavily in many places. He then heard a noise come from outside the room. Three men came in all masked and wearing rags as clothing. They each had a red patch on their arm with a picture of a bear’s head on a spike. One was rolling in a cart full of knives, blades, and other torture tools. The man who he assumed was the leader spoke.

“You would save yourself a lot of pain if you speak now.” “…” Ezra remained silent doing what he was taught in training.
"All we want to know is what does the New Union know about us. If you tell me I will grant you a quick and painless death.” How convincing. “…” Ezra stayed quiet with his poker face on. “Very well” he reached over to the cart and picked up some brass knuckles and put them on. He then punched Ezra in the face. His head was knocked back, he then looked back at his tormentor. He was sure his jaw was broken. But he didn’t scream he had to hide his pain. The man punched him again, then again, and again, and again. Until he screamed in pain. “Ready to talk yet?” Asked the man.

“…” He remained silent. The man then went to the cart and picked up a dirty washcloth and a bucket of water. Waterboarding a crude but effective method that causes panic. Ezra then slowed down his breathing and calmed his mind the trick was to take a deep breath right before the washcloth was placed over your face and remain calm. It was both a physical and mental torture. The man then placed the washcloth over his face and poured the bucket of on top of it. He had to stay calm but it was harder then it was made out to be. He felt like he was drowning and wanted it to stop. He was on the verge of panic when the washcloth got removed. He still had his poker face on showing that it didn’t work.

The man was clearly annoyed he then reached over to the cart and picked up a big rusty knife. “Ok, this is your last chance to speak.” He still remained silent, he didn’t show it but was on the verge of pissing himself. The man then took the knife and stabbed Ezra in his right thigh. He screamed in pain as blood dripped down his leg. He just wanted it to end the pain he was so close of reveling everything. He wanted to die. No that’s what they want you to think. He thought. But still the pain it was unbearable. The man then pulled out another knife and stabbed him in the left thigh. Once again he screamed in pain. The man then walked up to him face to face.

“Had enough?” He asked. He couldn’t take the pain he wanted it to end. Just stay quiet and the blood lost will end it. He thought. “Well?” Said the man. Ezra then head butted the man. The man recovered from the blow and grabbed another knife and went to stab it in his chest. Right when the rusty blade was about to make contact he froze, and not just him the others too. He closed his eyes and opened them and in the second that his eyes were closed the room and everything changed. When he opened his eyes the only way to describe what he saw was ‘What the fucking fuck?’

The area all around him looked like the night sky, and he was floating. He looked around and what he saw was even weirder there was ponies sleeping in beds floating around like him. He saw Twilight and Spike they were both asleep like the rest. Ok this is just weird I went to bed had a nightmare and now I’m here. Did I die in my sleep?

“No thou didn’t.” Said a voice it was female. He turned around and saw a midnight blue pony that was about the same size of him with both a horn and wings. Also it’s mane looked like the night sky. Great I’m tripping balls.

“Why would thou trip over balls?” Asked the weird pony.

To Canterlot

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To Canterlot

“A pony hybrid thingy? Really?” He Said.

“Our name is not ‘pony hybrid thingy’ it is Princess Luna and we will be addressed as such.” Oh shit royalty. “Watch your language!” And she can read minds. “Anyways for where thou are… thou art in dreamscape, the realm of dreams. We saw the horrible nightmare that thou was experiencing and we saved thou from it.” Said Luna.

“That wasn’t a nightmare, that was a memory.” Deadpanned Ezra getting a shocked look from Luna.

“Why would thou be submitted to such pain?” She asked.

“I got captured during a mission that’s why.” He said his voice full of shame.

“What is this mission thou speaks of and if captured still why would they do this to thou?” Even their rulers are naïve. He thought getting an angry look from Luna. “Why would they do that to thou?” Asked Princess Luna.

“They wanted information I knew about them and what they were planning, so they tried to get me to talk.” He said while remembering the pain he experienced.

“We can see thou art uncomfortable talking about this, which brings me to my next question. What art thou? We have never seen a creature such as thou.”

“I’m a human, and why you never seen my kind before is because I’m from very far away.” He answered.

“Human, a strange name for a species don’t thou think?” She asked.

“I guess it is, but I don’t choice the species I’m born as.” He answered getting a nod from Luna.

“We have one last question.”

“Shoot.” He said getting a confused look from the royal pony. “It means ask.” He added getting a oh from her.

“We know what thou has done, we know that thou has killed mercilessly and many times before. But do thou regret it, what thou has done?” He thought a moment before answering.

“No, I don’t regret killing others, it was for the greater good. If I never became a soldier my world would have ended many times before. I admit I don’t like the killing but I have to do it. Though I do have regrets if I could change one mission or choices I made.”

She nodded. “The answer I expected of thou. Correct us if we are wrong. Thou kill because it is thou’s duty, and to protect those that thou care about. Thou doesn’t like doing it but thou must. This doesn’t make doing what thou do ok, it never will. But it helps justify it. We will let thou have good dreams for the rest of the night, goodbye.” Dreamscape then faded and it could be said Ezra had the greatest dream of his life.

Ezra woke up he was in his room at Twilight’s house/library, he got up and put his armor on. Then he walked over the door and checked his motion sensor. It didn’t detect any movement the whole night. He then checked his WMC it was 5:14. Luna must know I like to get up early. He unlocked the door and walked downstairs. He helped himself to another food pill and grabbed a glass of milk. Wait are the cows here sentient? Nah. He then started doing push ups he needed something to do to exercise his muscles.

Twilight woke up suddenly. She listened and heard a small grunt. She was only half awake so this was going through her mind. SOMEPONY IS DOWNSTAIRS STEALING MY BOOKS! GOT TO PROTECT MY BABIES. She them picked up a dictionary and held it like a club. She then went downstairs and saw Ezra doing push ups.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Passing the time.” He answered while still doing push ups.

“It’s 5:30.” She deadpanned. He then stood up and shrugged.

“Yeah well I get up early.”

“Well it’s a good thing your up. I’m should prepare you before you meet my friends.”

“Yeah what should I know?” He asked not sounding interested.

“Well one of my friends is a bit umm…”

“Crazy?” He interrupted.

“No. Erratic and she might or might not break the laws of physics. Just don’t question it.” What? How could someone break the laws of physics. She has to be messing with me.

“Ok anything else?” He asked.

“Yes another one of my friends is maybe going to be startled by your appearance.” Duh. Who wouldn’t be?

“Ok so when are we leaving?” He asked.

“At 8:00, soon I’m going to get my friends. Also can I ask you more questions?” He sighed. Got to think of an excuse quickly. … that will work. He then activated his cloak. Genius. Twilight’s eyes widen. “Youcanturninvisiblethatsamazing! Wait, did you do that just so you didn’t have to answer my questions?” He stayed silent and then quickly exited through an open window.

“See you at eight.” He said after exiting the housetree. He then started exploring the town more and soon got a pretty good idea of his surroundings. It was easy to move through the town undetected because there weren’t a lot of ponies outside at this time. Those that were didn’t notice his shadow moving around. He was about to head back to Twilight when his cloaked leg was grabbed on to.

This caused him to decloak and he looked at his attacker while drawing his combat knife. It was a female minty unicorn with a lyre on its ass. He was about to stab it in the neck when he noticed it was just hugging his leg. Then it spoke.

“Humans are real! I knew it but nopony believed me not even my marefriend but look who’s laughing now.” She started to laugh insanely. He looked around and saw no ponies were around.

“Let go of me!” He demanded.

“No! I spend my whole life looking for your kind, I’m not letting go.” She said. This unicorn was really starting to piss him off.

“You have five seconds to let go of me or else!” he said in a threatening voice.

She gasped. “This is a test!” What? “If I let go I fail, don’t worry I will never let go!” Ok she had to escape from a mental asylum. But if she won’t listen to reason…

“5” She hugged his leg harder.


“3” He started to reach for her.

“2” She gave him the creepiest look ever, of all time.

“1” She didn’t move. He then hit her in the back of her neck with the side of his hand knocking her out. But she was still hugging his leg even though she was knocked out. He sighed and tried to pull her off his leg but she wouldn’t come off.

He then tried kicking his leg to flick her off but she still stayed on. I’m pretty sure this is physically impossible but then again she’s a talking pony that’s also a unicorn. He then tried to get her off of him one limb at a time. It took about a half-hour. Pleased that he managed to do the impossible he picked her up and placed her in a nearby dumpster.

He cloaked and walked away but he heard something. “Did I pass?” He then ran as fast as he could like his life depended on it back to the housetree and jumped through a closed window, to face a confused and angry purple unicorn.

“Ezra why would you do that?” She shouted at him.

“Minty… Lyre…asylum…leg…ran.” He said while still catching his breath. Twilight then cast a spell fixing the broken window and turned so she wouldn’t face him.

“Are you mad that I didn’t answer your dumb questions?” He asked.

“There not DUMB!” She shouted. I take that as a yes.

“Sorry about the window I just had to get away from her.” He said. She turned back to him.

“It’s fine a quick repair spell and it’s as good as new.” He checked his WMC it said 7:48. Twilight leaned closer to him to see what he was looking at. “What’s that?” She asked.

“Its my WMC, its standard issue for all soldiers. It can do many thing tell time, hack into foreign tech, check air toxins. But it’s not all military use it can play music and you can use it to get onto the Internet. Don’t ask what the last one is because I’m not explaining it to you.”

As he finished explaining what his WMC was, Spike ran down the steps. “Twilight it’s almost time to go.” Her eyes widened in shock. She then grabbed Ezra by his hand and let him outside.

“Come on we have to go.” She said on the verge of panicking.

“Wait, where are we going?” He asked trying to free himself from her hoof. Wait, how is she even grabbing me she has no fingers.

“We have to meet my friends at the train station at 8:00 and then knowing them they will ask you questions for about fifteen minutes then we’ll go and get tickets.”

“You planned it all out?” He asked in doubt.

“YES! That’s why we got to move.” She said. They then exited the housetree with Spike. “Come this way.” She said while still grabbing his hand.

“Let me go for a second so I can cloak.” He said.

“There’s no time, hurry.” He sighed as they ran through Ponyville. Ponies saw him and ran into their houses and locked the door. Before he knew it the whole town was empty. But they didn’t stop they kept running towards the train station. They past the market, which now was empty along with the rest of the town.

“Wow you ponies are scared easily.” He said while running.

“Yes this happens when a new creature or something comes to town.” She sighed. “It’s like Zecora all over again.”

“Who?” He asked.

“A rhyming zebra.” She answered. Once again his eye twitched. “Come on we’re almost there, I think I can see my friends.” In the distant he saw what looked like a train station and five ponies.

As they got closer he could make out more details. There was a white unicorn with a styled purple mane. Must be Sweetie Belle’s sister. Next there was a yellow Pegasus with a huge pink mane. She saw him and nearly fainted. After her was pink pony with a pink mane. It’s mane seemed to defy gravity. There was another Pegasus she was sky blue and had a rainbow mane? Ten credits she’s bi. Last was the only pony of the group he knew, Applejack.

The pink pony appeared in front of his face startling him. “HithereI’mPinkePiewhatsyournameandwhatareyouandarethosegunsbecausetheydon’tlikeanyIseenbeforeanywayswhatareyouaSPARTANnahyoudon’thavethearmormaybeyourSASsinceyouhaveagasmaskonormaybe…” He covered her mouth with his hand. But to his suspire she still kept talking even with his hand over her mouth. “Mmphmmph? Mmphmmph!”

He then looked at Twilight. “Friend of yours?” He asked.

“Yep that’s Pinkie Pie.” He looked back at the others the yellow one was hiding behind Applejack’s ass, the blue one had its hooves raised like fist and the white one was charging at him. Oh shit!

“YOU!” She yelled. “HOW DARE YOU WEAR SUCH UGLY CLOTHES!” What? “Who ever made those hideous things should be arrested, and is that animal teeth around your neck. How primitive.” I know her type, thinks she deserves to be in a higher class and acts like it. I can tell we’re not going to get along.

“Listen ma’am. These are not clothes in is a uniform and I don’t like you bad mouthing any part of it so why don’t you take your snobbly little attitude and shove it up your ass.” He wanted to say. Instead he said. “It’s a uniform not a fashion statement.”

“Still it is a crime to wear something so hideous. Come by my shop and I’ll make you something better then that.” Never going to happen. “My name is Rarity by the way what is your name.”

“Just call me Ezra, and are you related to a Sweetie Belle?”

“Aw yes, she is my little sister. She maybe annoying at times but I love her. Why did you ask?”

“You just remind me of her that’s all.” At this point Twilight spoke up.

“Rarity I see you met Ezra, he is the reason we’re going to Canterlot.” He nodded. “Ezra come on I’ll introduce you to the rest of my friends.” The three ponies one human and dragon walked toward the three other ponies.

“That is Applejack, that’s Fluttershy and that’s Rainbow Dash.” He tried not to laugh at the names. “Girls this is Ezra.” He nodded. Applejack trotted up to him.

“Wait a darn minute ah heard of ya, mah sister was talkin’ about how she was saved by a mister Ezra. That ya?” She said.

“Yes. I saved Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo from a manticore in the forest.” He said getting a gasp from the ponies and dragon.

“Thank ya, ya’re in mah debt.”

“Thank you also for saving my little sister.” Said Rarity.

“It was nothing.” He said not liking the attention he was being given.

“Is the manticore ok?” Asked Fluttershy. Umm… He kneeled down to her, which startled her a bit.

“I’m sorry but I had to kill it or it would have eaten them. If there was another way I would of done something different.” He said. She then gave him an angry look.

“How dare you it could have had a family! You didn’t have to kill it!” At this point she started to cry.

“Listen I did what I had to do and if it weren’t for me there would be three dead girls and one manticore with the taste of pony flesh! I know once they have the taste of flesh it doesn’t stop.” He said. After a minute she spoke again.

“Are you sure it was going to eat them?” She asked. He nodded. “ I don’t think what you did was right but…” She stopped talking and sobbed again, Rarity went to comfort her.

“We need to get our tickets the train will be here soon.” Said Twilight. They then went the ticket booth where their was a Earth pony hiding in fear. He looked at Ezra.

“Monster!” He cried out. Then something happened that Ezra didn’t expect.

“How dare you!” Screamed Fluttershy. “He’s not a monster he has saved three fillies…” She sticking up for me? Didn’t she scream at me for killing a manticore a few seconds ago? “… and apologize to him.” She finished.

“I’m sorry I called you a monster.” The pony said.

“Umm… it’s ok.” He replied. Twilight then stepped forward.

“We will like eight tickets to Canterlot please.”

“That would be one hundred and thirty bits.” She then handed him a sack of what he guessed were ‘bits’. As he handed her the tickets the train came. He blinked the train looked like it was designed by a four year old and built by a three year old. He was glad he was in a different world so no one he knew would see him riding that.

They entered the last car of the train. All the ponies inside looked at him and slowly moved to the next car until they were the only ones left. He sat on a seat with his arms crossed facing towards the ponies. Rainbow Dash sat next to him.

“So... what are you exactly?” She asked.

“I’m a human.” He answered.

“Cool. And your clothes their awesome.” She added.

“There not clothes, it’s my armor.” He repied.

“Armor? Are you in the royal guard or something?” Before he had a chance to answer Twilight spoke up for him.

“Ezra is from a different world, and in that world he is in the army. You see the reason we’re going to Canterlot is so Princess Celestia can send him home.”

“I say it must be horrible to be away from home. Your friends and family.” Said Rarity. Nope all my friends are dead and my family nonexistent.

“So Ezra you really never said what your world is like.” Asked Spike. He sighed.

“That depends past or present?” He said getting a confused look from them.

“What are ya talking about?” Asked Applejack.

“Do you want to know what my world is like in the past or what it is like currently?” He said.

“Why would we want to know about it’s past?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Lets just say my world was a lot better a long time ago.” He said.

“What do you mean?” Asked Twilight wanting to learn more about Ezra’s world.

“Well a long time ago my world was nice and beautiful like this one. Then the nukes fell.” He said.

“Nukes?” Asked Spike.

“Imagine a explosion that can turn an whole city into a smoking crater that is poisonous to be around.” He said causing the ponies and one dragon to shiver in the thought of that destruction. “Then… imagine almost all the countries on your planet lunching weapons that can do that at each other.”

“That’s not the worst part.” He added getting an even more scared look from them. “It’s what happened after. The plants died, the air and water became toxic, bandits and feral humans were everywhere. Mutants came from the ashes of the cities to feed on flesh. Entire species died. That is what my world is like.” He looked at their faces. All of them were crying Pinkie’s mane somehow deflated and Fluttershy fainted. Maybe I went a bit too far. “But it’s not all bad. My species is famous for adapting, and adapted we did. We rebuilt cities, and countries.”

He looked out the window at the green grass and trees as the train passed them ignoring the fact he mentally scarred them. After a minute Pinkie Pie spoke. “W-why would you want to go back to such a place?” He looked at her.

“It’s because I belong there.” He answered.

“Darling, what to you mean nopony should live there.” Said Rarity.

“No not me that belongs there, my kind.” He said. “My kind has been around for millions of years. And in that time all we raged war on each other. Vast numbers have died in our pointless wars. And no matter how many treaties we make there is always another one. It’s human nature. That’s why I need to go home I don’t deserve to be in such a nice place.” He finished. The ponies started at him with horror.

“But Ezra ya saved mah sister and her friends.” Said Applejack.

“Three lives doesn’t even come close to the amount I taken.” He said. “You see, I’m soldier I kill others for a living.” At this point the ponies back up away from him.

“W-why…” Started Rainbow Dash. Why? Again with why.

He thought for a minute. “As you heard my world is basically dead and full of danger. Danger that would rip off your skin and eat you without hesitation, that would kill you so fast that your dead before you blink. That is why I exist to fight off the danger. Soldiers were made originally to protect their cities or countries but later to rage war. I protect what is left of my species from those that would wish it harm. Yes that means I kill, I fight but I do it to protect those I care about, those I love. That is why I joined the army not to take lives but to protect them.”

“Protect lives by taking them!” said Spike. “Well it doesn’t matter soon we’ll get to Canterlot and Princess Celestia will send you back where you belong. Then we can forget all of this and more importantly you!”

“Spike!” said Twilight angrily.

“No he’s right.” Said Ezra. I don’t deserve to be here. He looked out the window and saw a city resting on the side of a mountain. Really?

“D-do you like to do what you do?” Asked Fluttershy. He turned to look at her.

“I take no pleasure in killing.”

“Then why do you do it?” She asked.

“Because I have to.” He answered.

“I d-don’t understand.” She said.

“Yes and you never will.” He then looked at Twilight. “How much longer until we get to Canterlot?”

“A-about a hour.” She said making no attempt to hide she was frightened by him. He then looked at his WMC and to his shock there was a picture being displayed on it. It was a group picture of his whole team. What the…? Each of them was dressed in their desert camouflage armor. They were standing in front of a transport truck. He remembered that mission they were sent to the African Desert to find a top-secret lab. The mission ended in failure he was captured and held for a month by the enemy and two of his teammates were K.I.A. He remembered want they did to him while captured, his escape, and the journey across the desert to join up with N.U. forces.

The ponies noticed he was staring at the glowing thing at his arm but only Twilight knew what it was. “What’s that? And whys it glowing? And why are you staring at it? And what’s the point of his fiction? I get the story is a military HiE. Whens the action happen?” Said Pinkie Pie. He ignored her and her breaking of the fourth wall because he was deep in thought. While other others just thought as it as normal Pinkie actions. Ezra then… “Wait I’m not done yet Mr. Author!” How did she do that? I didn’t write that!

“Can I make a suggestion?”

No I’m the author, I’m writing the story not you!

“But what if theres another author writing a story about you writing a story. Or Maybe…” And Pinkie Pie somehow became mute for the rest of the chapter Ha.

Ezra looked up from his WMC and saw Pinkie Pie staring angrily at the ceiling. Must be high. He looked at the others who were still frightened. Trying to calm them down he tried to make a nice conversation with them.

“So… I told you guys about myself, what about you?” He said. Rarity was the first to speak.

“Well darling if you must know I run the Carousel Boutique in Ponyville, I make dresses and suits which are worn all over Equestria. Also I…” Why the fuck did I ask? Ok I’m been in these situations before just nod at every ten words. After about five minutes of being in his happy place Rarity stopped talking… only to move on to a different subject. You know what, screw this. He drifted off to sleep.

“Awake champion you will need to listen to my Elements to better understand your duty.”

He woke up and stretched, which was unnoticed by Rarity. “…and that’s the art of the dress.”

“That was very interesting Rarity.” Said Applejack. Yeah so interesting that I fell asleep. “Well mah life is a dramatic as Rarity’s over there but has some adventures. Ah work at Sweet Apple Acres…”

“What?!?” He interrupted.

“It’s a apple farm, and mah apples are sold all over Equestria…”

“No I mean you… own an apple farm?” He said.

“Umm… yea that a problem partner?” She asked.

“It’s just where I’m from apples along with almost all fruit and vegetables are rare and therefore expensive as hell.” He said with still disbelief she owned an apple farm.

“Then what do you eat?” Asked Twilight

“Wheat, artificial foods…”

“Artificial?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

He pulled out a food pill and showed it to them. “This is a food pill it gives you the same nutrition you get for eating three meals a day.”

“That’s amazing!” Said Twilight “What else do you eat?”

“Dairy, fish, meat…”

“MEAT?!?” They all cried out.

“Umm yeah.” He looked at their scared faces and facepalmed. They don’t eat meat idiot, to them its like murder or something. “Don’t worry I am not going to eat you and besides meat is even more expensive than fruits and vegetables.” He then thought back to when he first had it.

“Ezra cheer up, there was nothing you could do.” Said Gavin. They were both in a VIP party for them in their honor. They both were wearing tuxedos and sitting at their table in the front of the large fancy dining room. They were in the twentieth floor in the N.U. Army Headquarters in April. There was a big window looking out at the city.

“I know but I feel though I still could of saved them.” He said while looking out the window.

“We both know that’s total BS, if you moved a muscle the S.P.E.A.R.S. would have the codes and we would be mutant chaw.” Said Gavin trying to cheer him.

“Hey guys.” They turned to see Sal and Aidan walking towards their table. They came to the table and sat down. “Can you believe we’re here, the fucking heads of the New Union are here!” He said.

“Yeah the ones that sent us on that suicidal mission in the first place.” Muttered Aidan while trying to light a napkin on fire.

“Aid I know that you and Sarah were close, but if you talk about the N.U. heads like that… well you know what happens. “ Said Sal. Aidan grunted in response.

“Hey check out that hottie.” Said Gavin pointing at a woman at the next table.

“Gavin she’s married to General Graff.” Said Ezra.

“So?” He asked, they all facepalmed. A waiter then brought over a tray of food.

“There’s meat!” Said Ezra after looking at the food the waiter brought.

“Yeah can you believe it? We get food pills and command gets meat and fruit!” Said Aiden.

“Never had meat before, what’s it taste like?” Ezra asked.

Sal shrugged. “Can’t really describe it.” Ezra then took a piece and put it on his plate and tried it.

“I don’t mind that you eat meat.” Said Fluttershy.

“WHAT!” They all said including Ezra.

“It’s the circle of life and his instincts make him want to eat meat. So he can’t be blamed.”

“Don’t worry I’ve only eaten meat once, and I didn’t really like it. It was too chewy and the taste…” He stopped when he saw their scared reactions. He looked around the train car for a way to change the topic. “So… Rainbow Dash is your mane natural or do you dye it?” He asked which caused Dash to look offended.

“Of course it’s natural, only an awesome mare like me would have a awesome mane like this.”

“What makes you so awesome?” He regretted asking immediately.

“Well I’m the fastest flyer in Equestria, and I got my cutie mark for preforming the sonic rainboom, and…”

“Sonic rainboom?” He asked.

“That happens when I fly so fast I break the sound barrier.” She answered.

“That’s physically impossible, a living thing can not fly fast enough to break the sound barrier. It must be fake.” She then flew up to his face, his gas mask nearly touching her muzzle.

“IT ISN”T FAKE!” She shouted.

“Then prove it.” He said. Rainbow Dash opened the window and flew out of it. Then she flew upward high into the air. He watched through the window. Then it happened. He saw her fly straight down then right before she hit the ground was a loud boom and a rainbow trail was following her. His right eye twitched as she flew back into the train car.

“Pretty awesome right? She boasted.

“But… speed… it…”

“Yep that’s always their reaction when then see something as awesome as that!” She said.

“Only a fighter jet could go that fast.” He said.

“A what?” asked Rainbow Dash.

“A fighter jet, some can break the sound barrier.”

“Yeah, well I bet I’m still faster then these ‘Fighter Jets’.” She said.

“Doubt it, some can go up to Mach 5.” He said.

“Mach?” Asked Applejack.

“Do you ponies not know about the Mach system?” He asked.

“No what is it?” Asked Twilight wanting to learn something new.

“Well the Mach system is a measure of speed. Mach 1 means your going the speed of sound. Mach 2 is twice that and so on and so on.” Said Ezra getting a shocked look from Rainbow Dash.

“S-so there’s things f-faster than me?” She said looking hurt.

“Don’t take it personally, it’s still amazing a living thing can break the sound barrier.” Rainbow Dash cheered up a bit.

“Ezra can I ask you something? If it’s alright with you.” Said Fluttershy.

“Sure, go ahead.” He asked.

“Why do you have teeth on your neck? If you don’t mind me asking.” She said.

“It’s from the creatures I killed.” He answered getting a shocked look the ponies.

“WHY WOULD YOU KILL THEM THEN WEAR THEIR TEETH LIKE TROPHIES?!?!” She shouted. It’s always the quiet ones that are the loudest, always.

“Well you see this one?” He pointed to a sharp fang. “The owner of that ate one of my friends in front of me.” He then pointed to a large curved sharp tooth. “This one was owned by a mutant that eat everyone in a whole town.” He then pointed to the one human tooth. “The owner of this was human, but inhuman. He tried to destroy all life on the planet because he believed that nothing deserved to live anymore.” He said casually.

“That’s horrible! Even if they did all these bad things you have no right wearing their teeth around like trophies.” Said Fluttershy. If she’s mad about that wait till she hears that animal’s fur is made into clothes.

“Why do you care so much about them, they were just a bunch of crazed meat eating, mutated freaks?” He asked.

“Because freaks or not they are animals and I take care of animals and those that hurt them are evil.” She said.

“Open your fucking eyes!” He shouted, which caused Twilight to give him anger glare. “The only animals on my world are mindless bloodthirsty freaks! Do you even know what mutants are?” He asked judging by their reaction they didn’t. “Mutants are creatures that used to be animals they became mutated by radiation. All of them carry diseases, some of the diseases turn you into a mutant.”

“L-like a zombie?” Asked Spike.

“Yes, that’s why some people call them the undead! It pisses me off beyond belief that you are defending these monsters.” He did not notice the irony in that statement. Fluttershy looked mad and defeated at the same time, while the others were glaring daggers at him.

The train suddenly stopped. He looked out the window and saw they were at a train station. “Thank God we’re here.” He said getting a confused look from them. “Now I lets meet your ruler, I want to get out of fucked up beyond belief land.”

A meeting with royalty

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A meeting with royalty

“Is that him?” Asked a female voice.

“No, it’s just the other alien.” Said a male voice sarcastically.

Silence both of you!” Said a third voice.

“Master, this thing looks so small and weak…”

“That’s what she said.” Said the male.

It may not look tough but it is a trained killer.

“Master I’m already there, I can just sneak up on him and strangle him with his own intestines, then I can use them for decorations for our victory party.” Said the male.

“No. I can have one of my spies follow him and gather Intel. And if there is an opening kill him.” Said the female.

Very well, I want you to spy on him. But I don’t want him to know that we are watching him. Dismissed!

The group of six ponies and one dragon and human got off the train at the train station. It was large and crowded with ponies, which were Immediately frightened by Ezra.

“Monster!” Screamed one, about half the ponies ran away, those that stayed were curious. Ezra ignored the looks from the Canterlot ponies, which was hard because they were following him while shouting random things from ‘Guards help monster!’ to ‘I say, that is some of ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen’.

They walked through the Canterlot streets to the castle gates, by the time they reached it. Almost the whole city was following them. At the gates were two guards. They were identical white unicorns wearing golden armor and had spears. Though their faces were devoid of emotion he saw fear and distrust in their eyes.

Twilight walked up to them. “Umm… hello I’ll like to see Princess Celestia she’s expecting me.”

“Of course miss Sparkle.” Said the guard on the left. He then opened the gate and they walked though. He gave Ezra a look that said ‘make one wrong move and your dead.’ He then followed Twilight and the others into the castle.

The castle was full of servants, all which gave him strange looks. The guards on the other hand (or hoof) gave him looks of distrust and resentment. He liked this, it reminded him of home. Special forces soldier tended to be more successful on missions than regular troops because of the advanced technology they were given. This made the regular troops resent Special Forces soldiers. Ironically if a regular soldier gets assigned to a Special Forces team he would have no objections. He stopped daydreaming and focused back on the real world.

They were standing in front of two golden doors with strange symbols on them. The guards opened the doors while giving Ezra a ‘don’t try anything funny’ look. When the doors opened he saw a large room with a red carpet and fancy decorations. The windows were stained glass with images telling a story. He saw ponies that resembled Twilight and her friends. Then he saw himself on the glass holding the neck of a black bug that was shaped like a pony. He blinked and looked at the glass again and the image was gone. Ponyland is really doing a number on my sanity. But only a bit longer until I get home.

“I’m guessing your Ezra.” Said a calm voice. He turned his head and saw at the end of a room there was a golden throne. In front of the throne was a large hybrid pony like Luna. But she was white and taller than him. She was wearing a crown and had a multicolored mane that seemed to be flowing like there was an invisible fan behind it. He looked around everypony was bowing expect him. Oh shit!

“Yes I’m Ezra.” He said. Oh fuck I forgot to say your highness. Please don’t behead me. Please don’t behead me.

“There is no reason to be afraid.” She said. How did… Oh yeah they can read minds. She then turned to the bowing ponies. “You may rise my little ponies.” (ha) They stopped bowing and she spoke again. “The letter I received from my student didn’t have a lot of information in it about you. I would like to know how an explosion sent you here, and I’m interested in your job.” Oh fuck she knows. She then looked at the ponies you must be tired after the train ride here, lunch is being served in the dining room. The chefs would make you anything you like.” And then he was left in the throne room with some guards and the ruler of a country. This wasn’t going to end well.

“My sister told me all about you when she visited your nightmare. I have also casted a small memory spell on you so I have a basic idea of who you are.”

“What do you know about me?” He asked.

“That you kill others for a living but you do that protect those you care about, which is how I’m guessing you ended up here.” He nodded. “Tell me how you got here so I can figure out a way to send you home.”

He sighed. “Do you want the short version or the long version?”

“Long.” She answered.

“I was sent on a mission to an old city where a bunch of ‘bad guys’ were blackmailing governments across the globe. I was supposed just to sneak in, gather Intel, plant a virus and leave.”

“Virus? So you planned on sickening them?” She asked.

“No different type of virus. Do you have technology here?” Celestia nodded.

“Yes but not as advanced as your species have.” How did… you know what forget about it.

“Ok this type of virus would tell us what ever they were doing while slowly deleting what they were using to blackmail with. Understand?” She nodded. “It was supposed to be simple and quick.”

“Something happened didn’t it?” He nodded.

“We entered the building…”

“We?” She interrupted. She’s just like Twilight.

“Yes me and my team. Gavin, Sal, Mina, and Aiden. The plan was for Sal to plant the virus while Aiden and me copy what was on their computers. Gavin and Mina were supposed to provide overwatch. As soon as I entered the building I overheard a conversation between a guard and Stephanie Dixen who was their leader. That conversation changed the whole mission.” He said.

“What did you hear?”

“Stephanie said something about Project Hellstorm, at that time I didn’t know what it was but it sounded like trouble. I sent Sal to the basement of the building to search around while Aiden and Mina took over his role and I had Aiden set a small fire to distract them. After I downloaded the Intel from the first room Sal contacted me and said he found something. I went to the second room and downloaded the Intel then I contacted Sal…”

“Let me guess he didn’t answer.” Said Celestia, he nodded.

“Yes I sent everyone else to the basement thinking Sal found something really big. Then I made my way there.” He hesitated. “There was a whole fucking army down there with tanks, jeeps, and nukes.” Celestia flinched slightly after he cursed. “There was also a huge machine that was shaped like a hoop. I found out that my whole team was captured and being interrogated by Dixen. She was asking them where I was, Sal was the first he refused to rat me out and was killed.” She and the guards flinched when he said this.” Next was Aiden, again he didn’t talk also… Then Mina. Then she walked up to Gavin and gave him ten seconds to talk. In that time I prepared to kill her, but I guard grabbed me. I killed him but it wasn’t quiet she and about everyone in the basement heard me.”

“Then what happened?” Asked Celestia.

“You know how in books and stories the bad guys always tell their evil plan right before they think their going to kill the main character?” She nodded. “That’s actually true. Dixen told me about Project Hellstorm and that the huge machine was a teleporter and that she planned to use it to lunch weapons into cities destroying them. And for the cities she didn’t want to be a smoking crater she would send troops through. She then killed Gavin.” He said in a sad voice.

“He was your friend wasn’t he?” Asked Celestia.

“He was like family to me, they all were. So you can guess my reaction wasn’t pretty.” He said. “I calmed down a bit after I killed Dixen.” And a shitload of guards. “I knew that I couldn’t take on a whole army nor could I let them win, so I blew up the building by setting off a nuke.”

“S-so you died?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, when I first woke up I thought this was the afterlife or a dream I’m having while in a coma. But now I’m sure this is real, which means I have to go back. If they had one teleporter they’re bound to have more, which means they would try the same thing again and I’m the only one who knows about it. That’s why I must get home.”

One guard had tears in his eyes while the other one was devoid of emotion. Celestia had lost her poker face and instead looked sad and deep in thought. After a minute she spoke.

“How are you still sane after going through that?” She asked with concern in her voice.

“That is the kind of shit I go through on a weekly basis. Only that was the first time more then two of my teammates died on the same mission. As they say in the army you have to be insane to sign up.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way but you seem undisciplined for a soldier.”

“Compared to Gavin I’m a ballbusting drill instructor.” He said. “So any ideas on how to get me home.”

She then looked panicked for a second then said. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault my teams dead, if any it’s mine.” He said.

“No I mean I’m sorry.”

“For?” He asked but at his core he knew why.

“Travel between universes was researched by many great unicorns even Starswirl the Bearded but a spell to travel between universes was never made.”

“S-so what your s-saying…” He started.

“Yes I lack the ability to send you home.” He inhaled.

“You might want you cover you ears.”

Meanwhile in Cloudsdale

Spitfire was curled up with her special Somepony.

“Hey Spitfire?”

“Yeah Soarin’?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“You knew when I first saw you I thought we were destined to …”


Back in Canterlot ten minutes later

Ezra had finally managed to calm down thanks to many different calming spells. Though he was still mad that there wasn’t a way to get him home.

“I’m sorry.” Was all that Celestia could say.

“Tell that to them!” She then went up to him and slapped him in the face.

“Listen, their not dead yet for all we know. I can have some of my best scholars research ways to send you home. In the meantime I have something I want you to do.”

“Let me guess you want to hire me as an assassin or spy.”

“Sort of.” He turned to look at her. “Have you ever heard of the Elements of Harmony?” She asked.

“Yes, you have something about them in the letter you wrote.” She nodded.

“The elements were created by the elder god Harmony.” Harmony I heard that name before. “Harmony took its six greatest traits and infused them into magical artifacts. These artifacts are extremely powerful, but only work if the bearers are using them.”

“Bearers?” Asked Ezra still unsure where Celestia was going with this conversation.

“Yes the elements each must have a bearer to work, the bearers represent each element the best.”

“What are the elements?” He asked.

“Kindness, honestly, loyalty, generosity, laughter and when all of them are present magic.”

“Ok stop right there. I know what you doing. You want me to go on a quest to find the element bearers and my reward is that I can go home.”

“No the bearers have already claimed the elements I believe you met them.” Twilight and her friends. “Correct.”

“Let me guess I think I got this one. The elements can we used as powerful weapons and you use them to defend Equestria and you want me to protect them.” She looked angry for a second.

“The elements are not weapons, they are objects of peace and happiness. Though the bearers saved Equestria many time before from dark forces. The first from Nightmare Moon a demon was trapped on the moon for 1000 years. After that was the Chaos God Discord, then they stopped an invasion of changelings during my niece’s wedding. You see changelings are shapeshifters…” One of her personal guards eyes widened at this, it was unnoticed by everypony except Ezra. “And most recently at the Crystal Kingdom they stopped a sprit of an evil unicorn.”

“Impressive considering that they are civilians.”

“That’s the problem. They don’t have any combat training and worst their adventures are well know to everypony and everything...”

“So the next threat would target them and they wouldn’t be able to protect themselves.” She nodded.

“You catch on quickly. Yes I have found out recently that a threat that is bigger then anything we seen is coming. It only wants destruction and chaos and the only thing that is standing in its way is the elements.”

“So, you want me to protect them from this threat while you find a way to send me home.”

“Correct. What do you say?”

“My job is protecting all civilians and stopping threats that endanger them with my life.”

“So you’ll do it?” He smiled under his mask.

“Gladly. I would defend all civilians with my life, pony or human, But I would need weapons and information.”

“It would take some time to make the spell to get you home, so you’ll need a place to live.”

“I’m just make a camp in the forest.” He said which caused a shock reaction from her.

“No the Everfree forest is one the of most dangerous places in Equestria, I would have some royal builders make you a home. In the meantime you can stay with one of the elements.”

“That’s not a good idea. I don’t think they like me a lot. They think I’m a murder with no care for life or something.”

“Yes Equestria hasn’t had a war in 1000s of years so that is the normal reaction, they think its murder. But in time they’ll see you are not a bloodthirsty murder but a kind protect of life.”

“Their going to need some convincing then.”

“Want did you tell them?” She asked nervous in her voice.

“About my world and my species.”

“What did you say exactly?” She demanded.

“That my species favorite pastime is raging wars on each other, and that my world is a wasteland filled with mutants and bandits. And I said I ate meat before.” Celestia wasn’t as shocked as he thought she was going to be. She just looked disappointed.

“I’m afraid I can’t let you eat my subjects…”

“No no no its not like that. My species eats both plants and meat, but I’ll prefer a nice apple rather than meat any day.”

“Well that’s better, we should see the elements and tell them that you will be their guardian. Come on.” She then led Ezra to the dining room with her two personal guards following, one of which kept looking at Ezra. The dining room like the rest of the castle was fancy the table was almost as large as the room with a gold trimmed tablecloth. The food on the table had everything (except meat) from apples to zucchini. Twilight, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were sitting at the table eating. They noticed him enter and their eyes immediately went somewhere else. Well this is going to be awkward. He thought.

Celestia sat down at the head of the table and Ezra sat next to her, which was also next to Twilight. Deciding to break the awkwardness he spoke.

“Sup.” They all muttered a quiet hi except for Spike.

“S-so did you find a way to get home?” Asked Twilight.

“Well about that…” He started.

“There is not currently a spell to send Ezra home so he will be staying in Ponyville until one is made.” His ears picked up seven gulps. “As you know Ezra and highly experienced in combat…”

“And murder.” Muttered Spike.

“So that is why I’m sending him to Ponyville… to protect you.” Finished Celestia. This was met with a bunch of whats and whys from them.

“Princess Celestia why do we need protection? ” Asked Twilight. Ezra answered for her.

“Each of you represents an Element of Harmony, and the elements are used to Defend Equestria. If something kills one of you Equestria would be defenseless. Right?” Princess Celestia nodded while the ponies had mixed expressions.

“S-something i-is trying t-to kill us?” Asked Fluttershy.

“No! What Ezra means is that you are important to Equestria’s safety and must be protected. You all have faced life threating situations on a monthly basis the most recent being those Timberwolfs.” Timberwolfs? “Equestria I admit is too dependent on the elements, if they never existed we wouldn’t be here.”

“Ok so you’re saying we need protection?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“Yes, think about it. During the changeling invasion, Equestria was almost conquered just because you couldn’t reach the elements. If you had a guard escort you would have gotten the elements. Also during the dragon migration you almost got eaten. And lets not forget about that dragon that got to leave that mountain…”

“But Princess Celestia that proves we can take care of ourselves.”

“I hate to admit it but some of those times it was just pure luck, but what if next time you aren’t so lucky. I have actually planned to send a detachment of guards to Ponyville. But who better then a fully trained, combat experienced soldier.”

“But how can we trust him, on the way here he admitted to being a killer…”

“Do you know why I kill others?” He asked. “I explained this to Princess Luna already. I’m a soldier I am trained and ordered to protect all civilians with my life. I admit I don’t like you that much.” He said getting a glare from Celestia. “But all the New Union soldiers live by a creed. ‘I will protect all civilians until my dying breath, and if those I protect come under attack I would gladly lay down my life for them. Nothing will stand in my way of my duty. I will not die until my orders are fulfilled, and when I do, I will die with my fist down something’s throat’.”

“So you would die to protect us even if you don’t know us that well?” Said Rarity.

“Yes, that is why I saved those three fillies from the manticore. I looked into their eyes and saw the same things I would see in a young girl’s eyes. I knew I had to save them. And if the time comes I would save each and everyone of you.” He pointed to everything in the room including the guards. The ponies were speechless that he would happily give his life for them.

Princess Celestia then stood up. “Mares and gentlecolts I introduce you to the new guardian of the Elements of Harmony.” She then stomped her hoofs in what he guessed was her way of clapping. The other ponies (including the guards) then starting to stomp until the only ones that weren’t were Spike and one of Celestia’s personal guard. “Now lets eat.”

He started to remove his gas mask with everything in the room watching. Then he felt weird all of the sudden.

“This creature will be coming to the castle soon to speak with Princess Celestia, spy on it and find out everything you can and report it. Do you understand?” Said a female voice.

“Yes my queen.” Said a male’s voice that almost seemed to buzz.

“Do not do anything to reveal yourself, but if giving the opportunity kill it…”

“Are you ok Ezra?” asked Princess Celestia.

“Umm… yeah I just dozed off for a second.” He answered. What the fuck was that? He looked around the room. His eye’s rested on one of Princess Celestia’s personal guards. He looked older and mature then the normal guards he seen, but he wasn’t acting like it. His eyes were focused on him and he was standing funny while one of his hoofs was near his sword. A personal guard is usually handpicked because of their elite status, but this one seems like a rookie right out of basic. He then remembered those voices he heard. Is he a spy? Fits the profile. A plan came to his mind to see if the guard was truly a spy. This is going to be very risky.

He stood up and spoke. “I’ll like to say something.” All eyes in the room were on him. “Now you see me…” He cloaked. “Now you don’t.” The guards immediately went into panic and ran to protect Princess Celestia. The one guard that he was observing hesitated for a few seconds then ran to where he used to be. Bingo.

He then uncloaked and tackled the guard while throwing his sword away.

He then took out his combat knife and held it to his neck. The guards immediately started to circle him. “Princess Celestia wait, this guard is an imposter.”

“What are you talking about that is Sliver Blade, one of my oldest and loyal guards!” He smiled under his gas mask.

“Again this is an imposter. If he was one of your oldest guards why making rookie mistakes?” He replied with his knife still against the guard’s neck.

“I demand to know what you are talking about!” She shouted.

“This guard I have been observing since the throne room. He is acting differently from the other guards. For one when I was telling you how I came to Equestria. When I told you about how my friends where killed in front of me the other of your personal guards had a tear in his eye while this one was emotionless. Second was when you told me about changelings and that they were shapeshifters his eyes widened. Third his reaction when I cloaked. All the guards ran to protect you while he looked for me. Only a soldier would engage a threat, which is what he did. While your guards ran to protect you. I think this is a changeling.”

Everything in the room was speechless. Until the ‘guard’ Ezra pinned spoke. “He’s crazy what are you waiting for kill him.”

“When a spy is caught, their first reaction is to do anything they can to flee and report back to who sent them. He is demonstrating this poorly right now.” He then pressed him knife into the ‘guard’s’ neck so a bit of blood came out. “Twilight?” He said.

Twilight was so focused on what was going on she almost didn’t’ hear him. “Umm… yes?” She said.

“What color blood do ponies have?” Ezra asked with a smirk under his gas mask.

“Well blue when it’s inside your body due to the fact…” She started.

“Red.” Said Rainbow Dash while rolling her eyes.

“Oh red?” He said with a fake shocked voice. “I must be color blind then because this guard’s blood is green.” He then removed his knife showing green blood on the blade. This got a gasp from everything in the room. He cleared his throat. “I… told…you… SO!”

The ‘guard’ muttered something along the lines of a curse. Ezra then picked up the ‘guard’ by the neck tightly and shoved him into the wall. “You can drop the act now.” There was a flash of green light and instead of the ‘guard’ was a black insect pony like creature. It had insect like wings and a misshaped horn. It’s teeth were sharp and it was drooling green liquid. The strangest thing is that its legs had fucking holes in them.

He almost yelled ‘mutant’ then he remembered there were no mutants in Equestria. There was a lot of things he could of said from ‘Whoa you like you tried to outsmart a bullet.’ to ‘Birth defect?’ But he when with a classic.

“Boy… you… are… one… ugly… motherfucka.” He said which caused the changeling to give him a death stare. “Aw wits wrying wo we wean and wcary.” He said in a squeaky voice.

“CHANGELING I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY YOU ARE IN MY KINGDOM!” Shouted Celestia. Ow ow ow ears ears. The changeling ignored Celestia completely (somehow) and kept giving Ezra a death stare.

“When a woman asks you something you answer her.” He said while slamming its head against the wall.

“I will never speak to the likes of her.” It spat out.

“Ok… what about me?” he asked. The changeling remained silent. He turned to look at everypony Twilight, Spike, and Rarity were watching everything with interest. Rainbow Dash and Applejack both looked like they wanted to run up and punch the changeling in its face. Fluttershy was trying to hide underneath the table. While… Pinkie Pie was recording everything with a camera. Where the fuck did she get the camera from? He turned to Celestia. “Do you want to know why it’s in your castle and what it was planning? He asked.

“Yes if there is a threat against Equestria I must know about it.” She replied.

He smiled. “Good.” He then hit the changeling in the back of its neck knocking it out. He picked it up and then said “Follow me and you…” He pointed to several guards. “Come also.”

“These are my guards you can’t just order them around. And I demand to know what you are planning.”

“You’ll see, and you…” He pointed to the elements. “Stay here unless you want to have see something very unpleasant.” He then exited the room with Princess Celestia and several guards.

“Ezra what are you planning to do?” She asked with concern.

“Gather Intel.” He deadpanned. He then led them to the first room he could find. It was a small bedroom. He set the changeling against the wall. He then turned to look at the guards all were unicorns. Perfect. “Use your magic to hold it against the wall.” The guards understood what he was about to do and looked to their Princess.

“Do it.” She said. The changeling was then surrounded with a glow and was raised to the wall. “I know what your thinking Ezra, there is a better way. It would talk if it doesn’t get its required nutrients.”

“I don’t have time for it to starve. We both want to know why it was here. And I noticed it was paying the most attention to me. I think it knows something. If you don’t like it you don’t have to watch.” She sighed and cast a spell on the door. “What did you do?” He asked.

“Just a sound proof spell, I don’t want the papers saying that I torture ponies.” He nodded and walked over to the floating changeling. He turned back to Celestia.

“I don’t take pleasure in this.” He then took out some smelling salt from his medical kit and put it near its nose. He opened the tip of it and watched the ammonia gas take effect. The changeling coughed trying to get the toxic gas out of its lungs. It looked around while groaning softly, its eyes saw Ezra and were suddenly filled with rage and fear. He could tell it was still groggy but the pain will wake it up. He walked up to it so they were face to face and he said in the most threatening, emotionless voice he could muster.

“I have captured you and want information. I am going to torture you. If you stay silent I will hurt you. If I think you’re withholding information I’m going to hurt you. If I think your lying I’m going to hurt you. There is no escape I will get what I want. Nod if you understand.” It didn’t nod but it had a lot of fear in its eyes.

He then made a fist and punched it in the stomach, which made a crackling noise. Interesting it has a exoskeleton. Must be more insect then pony. The changeling hid his pain poorly, he could tell from it biting its lips that it hurt a lot. I have to be careful not to kill it. He thought. “I repeat DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” The changeling slowly nodded. This is going to be easy.

“Ok let’s start with something simple. What is your name?” He asked. It didn’t answer him. He smiled and punched him again but softer in the same spot. Blood dripped from the wound while it screamed in pain. Princess Celestia and the guards flinched at this but Ezra was unaffected. “I said what is your name?”

“The hive calls this one Reflection.” It said softly. He almost burst out laughing. A shapeshifter called Reflection what are the odds.

“See that wasn’t so hard. Now what did you do to the one you were impersonating?”

It looked at him and spoke. “The hive is feeding off of him.” Ezra didn’t show it but was shocked. It was unknown to him that changelings feed off love. Fucking monsters they’re just like mutants if they could talk. I will enjoy breaking you.

“Why the fuck were you impersonating a guard?” He asked. He didn’t hide his anger he knew it would just frighten it. Reflection didn’t answer. He then grabbed his right front leg and twisted it until he heard a crack followed by an ear-piercing scream. He then did this to the left front leg, but this time Reflection spoke.

“T-the qu-een ordered it! S-ttoped AWWWWWWWWWWW” It silently sobbed.

“And why did the queen make you do it.” He asked while reaching for his right wing. Reflection saw this and started to struggle against the guards’ spell.

“Ezra he had enough! No living thing should be given this treatment.” Said Princess Celestia.

Ezra then turned to face her. “Did they stop when I was captured?! No they fucking tortured me everyday for a whole fucking month! He yelled. “And besides admit or not this is the only way to get it to talk. If you don’t like it find something else to protect your elements.” The guards glared at him but took no action. Princess Celestia then sighed.

“Continue.” She then turned around so she didn’t have to look at the bloody changeling.

“I’ll ask again why did your queen order you to impersonate a guard?” Reflection didn’t talk instead sobbed knowing he will be in intense pain soon. Ezra then grabbed one of his wings and started to pull. It screamed, which again caused Princess Celestia and the guards to flinch. “You either talk now or your wings comes off!” He threatened. Reflection looked at the guards with a look saying ‘if you get me away from him, I’ll tell you everything’. This is what Ezra wanted. He reached for the wing again and started to pull. While pulling Reflection finally broke.

“STOP! I-I’ll t-teell y-ou every-thing but- make i-it stop.” He smiled under his gas mask. “She had too, the queen w-was told to.”

“What!?!” Said Celestia. Know this was the info he needed, he to make sure it was telling the truth.

“A queen being ordered around huh? I don’t believe you…” He then took out his combat knife and started to move it towards Reflection’s damaged wing, while watching his reaction.

“I-it’s a-ll ture. This one tells the truth. The q-ueen was being visited by…” It then fell down dead. Ezra knew that he didn’t do enough damage to kill it so someone or something had to. He drew his G-W21 and looked around the room for the cause of the Changeling’s death. The guards and Princess Celestia didn’t notice this they all were focused on the dead corpse.

“YOU! YOU KILLED HIM!” Yelled Princess Celestia.

Ezra was still looking around the room for its cause of death. “No. the damage I caused would had killed it in a few hours.” He said calmly. “And did you find it strange it died right about when it was about to tell us who was ordering a queen of an entire species around. Where I’m from when spies are caught most of the time they kill themselves before they can be tortured. If unable to, those that sent them usually kill them so they can’t reveal information, that is what I believed just happened. Celestia thought about this for a movement then looked at him.

“That is highly unlikely, Queen Chrysalis is the only one capable of killing him. She values her hives life more than her own and will do anything to protect her subjects. To kill one before he talks means that he must have been about to tell us something important. I wonder however who is ordering her around, it must be extremely powerful if she would kill one of her subjects over it.”

He nodded. “Celestia this concerns me. I think we just discovered something very big.” Her eyes widened.

“I know.” The guards’ eyes widen as their Princess said this. “You are experienced in this kind of thing correct?” He nodded. “If this was going on in your home what would you do?”

“I don’t know.” He replied softly.

“What do you mean you don’t know!?!”

“I’m just a soldier I get send to end these situations not to figure out how to, that is commands job.”

“Ezra I’m asking you what you will do. In the hundreds of years Queen Chrysalis has been alive she never killed another changeling even when we were interrogating them.”

He thought for a moment. “Ok let’s see what we know. A Queen of a shapeshifting species killed one of her own, which has never happened. It told us that she was being ordered around by something. Having a legion of shapeshifters could come in very handy. Recently they tried an invasion which failed.” He paused. “We barely know anything about what they are planning. My guess is that they would be targeting what caused them to fail the last time which was the elements right?”

“No. The elements didn’t stop the changelings it was the power of love.” Said Princess Celestia whiling remembering the wedding.

That was too much for Ezra. He fell to the ground laughing like a madman. “HA HAHA HAH HAA HAH HA… Wait are you serious?” She nodded. “HAH HA HAH HA AH HA HA” He continued for about a minute.

“Well it was more then love. Love powered a spell that banished all the changelings out of Equestria.” Spell got it. No way love came stop a whole invading force. If it could Gavin would be our best soldier. “But the spell was made by the captain of the royal guard who is currently in the Crystal Kingdom.”

“Then what’s stopping them from invading again?” He asked.

“Nothing. Before today I didn’t think they would try anything for a long time. But after today…”

“I don’t think there going to invade.” He said.

“Excuse me? A changeling spy was impersonating one of my personal guards. They go almost everywhere with me, and listen to all my conversations who knows what he found out.”

He sighed. “You may question my metal health after this. Right before I cloaked and revealed the changeling I heard voices in my head. Before you say anything no they were talking to me. They were… talking to each other and one of voices sounded like Reflection.” Celestia’s eyes widened. “Stranger, it was like they were having a conversation. Reflection was being ordered to come here and spy… on me.” Celestia’s mouth was about to ask a question but he continued speaking. “Weirder a queen was ordering him to do this, and she knew about me and asked it to kill me if given the chance.”

“How could the changelings know about you, their hive is on the border of Equestria? And why would Queen Chrysalis want to kill you?”

“I don’t know. And like I said before something big is going on and we’re at the center of it. Do you still want my advice? She nodded. “I say I go and guard the elements like nothing every happened, they too are involved in this.”
“I will send some guards and weapons to help you protect the elements and yourself.” She then looked at the changeling.

“I want the guards to be undercover when they arrival and I want to meet them at the place of my choice. And for the weapons…” He gave her one of each mag of his ammo and one of each of his grenades. “Make more of these, perfect copies.” She nodded.

She then sighed. “How are we going to explain this to them. They have never seen death, destruction, and war like us.”

“Easy. We won’t tell them anything.” His stomach then growled.

“When was the last time you eaten?” She asked with a smile.

“Real food or artificial?” He asked.

“Real?” She asked confused.

“Then about a month ago.” He said then he exited the room and started to walk towards the dining room. Princess Celestia trotted up to him.

“Wait your covered in Changeling blood.” She said. He looked at his armor. His arms and hands had green blood on it. He then wiped it off which was easy because it was more like a goo then a liquid. “Also where are you going to stay once you get to Ponyville.”

“I’ll think I’ll stay with ___________. I’m sure she would be ok with it.” He then opened the doors to the dining room.

Past and Present

View Online

You have failed me!

“Master it wasn’t my fault, it was the spy’s own stupidity that got him caught.” Said a female voice.

“And the torture. We can’t forget the torture.” Said a male voice.

Both of you shut up! It was you that send that spy, and so it’s your fault alone. Consider the killing of your son enough of a punishment.

“Yeah and watching him get tortured. The human really understands how to balance fear and pain, I should visit their world someday it would be a great vacation.” Said the male.

“But master this isn’t all bad news, think about it we found out what he is capable of.”

You have failed me and there is no excuse! I will use what we learned about him to find a weakness. Dismissed!”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I have a whole world full of chaos, death, destruction, and war to visit.” Said the male.

Hello the author of this fine story here. I’m here to say you all voted for Ezra to stay with Fluttershy enjoy.

Ezra and Princess Celestia reentered the dining room and sat down in their former seats. “Ezra that was totally awesome! You turned invisible and were all like this ‘guards is an imposter’. That must have been the coolest thing beside me that anypony has ever done!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Umm… thanks I guess.” He said.

“Is the changeling ok?” Asked Fluttershy. Ezra and Celestia paused and looked at each other.

“Yes… we just had a talk with him, and asked him what he was doing. It’s not in any pain don’t worry.” Said Celestia. Translation we tortured it and then it died. Ezra’s stomach then growled.

“So can we eat without being interrupted, or do I have to catch another changeling?” He said getting a smile from Celestia.

“Yes you can eat.” She replied. He then took a red apple, a cob of corn, and some pancakes and put them on his plate.

“Whoa there partner, ah don’t think ya can eat that much.” Said Applejack.

“Actually I can, one of the sides effects of food pills is the next time you eat real food you have to eat a lot or you get very sick. Since It’s been a awhile since I eaten real food I will have to eat all of this.” He replied.

“Ah still don’t think ya can eat all of that.” He then checked his WMC it read air toxins 0% again. He unbuckled the back of his gas mask and slowly pulled it off making a hiss. The ponies watched with interest. Under his gas mask… was… a facemask.

He then took this off showing his pale face. The ponies stared at it. He smirked. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” Pinkie Pie then got out a camera from thin air and took a picture. His right eye twitched. What… how the… why? He used all his willpower to ignore it and started eating. He started with the apple. It was the best apple he’s ever eaten. (And his second) He then started to eat the corn when he noticed the ponies were still staring at his face. “What?”

Twilight then spoke. “I-ts j-just… your skin looks so pale.”

“Well that’s caused by radiation and small exposure to sunlight.” He said getting a gasp from them.

“Did somepony forget to raise the sun where you’re from?” Said Pinkie. Raise the sun? She’s joking right? Right?

“Umm… no it’s just I have my gas mask on a lot or the sun is being blocked by dust clouds.” This got another gasp from them.

“I must know who styled your mane, they should be fired for their stupidity. And when was the last time you washed it?” Said Rarity.

“First it’s called hair, and no one styled it. And the last time when I took a shower was about a few weeks ago.” He said which caused her to faint. Really?

“Why do you have hair only on the top of your head and none on your face?” Asked Twilight. He shrugged getting a sigh from her.

“Ezra umm… you kinda look young.” Said Fluttershy.

He chuckled. “Well I am only fifteen.” The ponies stared at him in shock even the guards. At that time Rarity woke up but then fainted again.

“Your only fifteen?” Said Princess Celestia. “I can’t believe it. Foals at that age play with their friends not go to war.”

“Yeah well life’s a bitch.” He replied. Twilight then lit up her horn and he tasted something horrible in his mouth. He spat it out and looked at it. It was a bar of soap. Really? “What the fuck why would…” Twilight summoned another bar of soap in his mouth.

“A pon-human your age shouldn’t say those words.” She said in a motherly voice. This was the one thing Ezra hated the most. When people or in this case ponies acted differently to him because of his age. He spat out the soap and gave her duel middle fingers, which to his delight confused her.

“Will both of you stop acting like foals?” Said Princess Celestia.

He ponied a finger at her. “She started it!” Celestia rolled her eyes. He then started to eat his pancakes. As he finished he realized he was thirsty so he called a servant and whispered something in their ears. They gave him a weird look then ran out of the room.

“So before I start my new role I should know a bit about you all. I already know about you.” He gestured at Rarity and Applejack.

Twilight was about to speak but Pinkie beat her to it. “Myname’sPinkiePie.Butyouarleadyknowthat.Iworkatsugercubecornerwhere.I’mabakerihopewecanbethebestofbestestfriends. Just smile and nod.

“Umm… ok how about you Fluttershy?”

She looked at him and spoke softly. “Umm… I take care of animals.” That’s a bit ironic since you are one. But who am I to judge I get paid to end lives. Rainbow Dash then spoke.

“Well you already know that I’m the fastest flyer in Equestria…” and has the biggest ego in the universe. “When I’m not being awesome I work as the Ponyville weather manager.” Weather manager? He shrugged it off as another weird thing in Equestria.

“I bet you want to know about me right?” Beamed Twilight. Actually no. “I’m the prized student of Princess Celestia and the Element of Magic. Also I own and run the Ponyville Library.” That sounded rehearsed. As she was finished talking the servant came back with a bottle of wine. He then popped the cork and starting pouring it in his glass.

He then drank it, it was very weak compared to the alcohol from home. He looked at the ponies’ shocked expressions. “What?” He said.

“Darling a fifteen year old shouldn’t be drinking it’s illegal.” Said Rarity.

“Not where I’m from. Back in April you can pretty much do anything you want as long as no one dies.” He said while pouring another glass.

“April?” Asked Applejack.

“Yes April is the city where I’m from.” He said. He turned to Celestia. “Small talk aside we should talk about my new role.” She nodded. “I would need a licenses to kill, be promoted to a high rank in the Equestrian army so the guards would listen to me, and I would need money to buy things.”

She called a servant over and whispered in his ear. He then ran out of the room. “Correct. I will give you the rank of lieutenant.” PROMOTED! “And five hundred bits a month seems fair right?” Lets see a bit is roughly I guess sixish credits so about 3000 credits a month. The servant returned with something in his hoof and handed it to Ezra. It was a small pin that had a picture of the sun with two swords crossed on top of it. “That pin will tell the authorities that you are licensed to kill under my orders.” Said Celestia. He put the pin on his armor.

“What’s a license to kill?” Asked Rainbow Dash.

“A licenses to kill is a permit given to police officers and soldiers that allows to kill life endangering threats without getting arrested.” Said Ezra.

“So you just gave a murder a get out of jail free card.” Muttered Spike. They didn’t hear him.

“Ezra what would your parents say if they saw you getting a license to kill while drinking alcohol.” Said Rarity. He winced and put on his gas mask so they couldn’t see his face. Rarity just realized what she had just said. “I’m sorry I had no idea.”

“It’s fine.” He muttered. What would they say if they saw me now? He thought back to the screams the blood dripping and the yellow eyes staring at him.

While Ezra was deep in thought Twilight asked a question. “Princess Celestia I have a question about Ezra.” Said Twilight. “How can we trust him?” She turned to Ezra. “No offence.”

“I have used a small memory spell on him and I know what he has done and why. I would trust him with my life I expect you all should do the same.” She noticed he was deep in thought. “Ezra it’s time to go back to Ponyville.”

He stopped thinking and nodded. “Lets go.” The mane six (and Spike) got up and exited the dining room. He turned back to Celestia. “I will protect them with my life, as long as I’m alive nothing shall harm them.” He then followed them to the front of the castle.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Said Princess Celestia. “Be careful.”

They came to the gates at the front of the castle the good news was the crowd of Canterlot ponies wasn’t there any more. The bad news was instead of them was an army of news reporters with cameras flashing.

“What species are you?”

“Why are you in Canterlot?”

“Is that an Equestrian license to kill?”

“Are you Princess Celestia’s secret lover?”

“Why are you with the Elements of Harmony?”

“Are you going to invade Equestria?”

“Are you an alien?”

“Can I have an interview?”

He looked at the sea of ponies. The media is just as annoying here as back home. A bunch of royal guards came out of the castle and tried to make a path for them. They walked through the crowds with cameras blinding them every few seconds. “I hate the media!” He muttered.

A yellow taxicab was driving through a street. It was raining outside the car’s window. Inside was a younger Ezra who was dressed nicely. His eyes were red and looking at the floor. The cab stopped with a bump.

“Why did you stop?” Asked Ezra.

“Well I would keep going but I don’t want to be arrested for manslaughter.” Said the driver. Ezra looked out the front window and saw a crowd of reporters with cameras at the ready. He muttered something under his breath. “Damn vultures. They don’t respect the dead all they care about is their next story.”

“Here’s fine.” He then got out into the street. Ezra pulled out his wallet and handed him the fare.

“Sorry about your friends.” Said the driver.

“They knew the risks, we all did.” He then walked toward his house, which was surrounded by the reportsers.

“There he is!” Yelled one. They are rushed toward him shoving cameras and microphones in his face.

“Is it true that the war is over?”

“Do you find it odd that a kid is a squad leader?”

“Is it true that you disobeyed orders?”

“What do you say to those that say it was your fault that most of your unit is dead?” Asked a young arrogant reporter. He made a fist and hit him in the face.

Ezra then unlocked the door to his house and walked inside ignoring the bleeding reporter on his yard. He walked to his bed and laid down crying.

He looked around remembering where he was. He was at the train station. I must have been really deep in thought. He turned around and saw the reporters were still following him demanding questions. The guards were keeping them from entering the station.

“The trains here finally.” Said Applejack. He looked at the track and a train was stopping at it. Ponies got off the train then looked at him and ran away. He sighed and boarded the train. He picked a window seat and started playing with random things on his WMC. After about ten minutes he noticed that it was quiet and looked up. The ponies weren’t talking like they were on the way here. Still afraid of me huh? He then rested his head on his shoulder and fell asleep.


“They’re dead and if we don’t move we will be too!”

“Aren’t you a little young to be in the army?”

“Give me a hundred more!”

“You call that shooting?”

“Get down mortars!”

“Die asshole.”


“Why should you lead and not me?”

“Thanks for leading us to our deaths.”

“Go back to basic.”

“A kid? They sent a fucking kid?”

“What are you going to do cry to your parents, oh wait you don’t have any.”

“I didn’t want it to end like this.”

“Great work on taking the town.”

“See you in hell buddy.”

“My leg!”


“If we don’t move we’re going to fucking die!”

“You will break and I will be standing over you when you do.”

“Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?”

“Not so tough now are you?”

“Yes, yes kill me. Get your revenge.”

“Don’t you fucking die on me!”

“HELP! It’s got my leg! SHOOT IT!”

“Where the fuck have you been?”

“Ready to go to hell?”

“cough Ezra inhale you g-got to… stop-p this crazy b-b-bitch she c-can’t-t wi-n-n and Ez thank-ks f-for cough everythi…”

“Ezra wake up we’re here.” He woke up and looked around. He was still in the train car and Twilight was standing next to him. He looked out the window and saw the sun was going to set in about a hour. “You were muttering in your sleep are you ok?” She asked.

“Where is everyone?” He asked ignoring her question.

“Outside you have been asleep for the whole train ride.” He got out of the train car and saw the rest of the ponies waiting for him. As he approached them they flinched slightly. I am fucking sick of them thinking as me as some monster they have no idea what I have been through!

“So Ezra where would ya be staying?” Asked Applejack.

“Well until the royal builders come and build me a permanent residence, I have decided I would stay with Fluttershy.”

“What?” She said softly. Because you’re the most sane of all of them. He kneeled down and whispered to her.

“Look I’m sorry for what I said before. I know that you really like animals and can’t stand them being in pain. I kill animals, I get that but I have my reasons. I just got on the wrong start with you an your friends. If I befriend you I would gain their trust and before you say anything I promise I won’t hurt you or any animals.” She looked at him seeing if he was telling the truth.

“Well ok you can stay with me.” She said. This got a ‘What!?!’ from the rest of them.

“Princess Celestia trusts him so I do to. And we don’t know that much about him or his world. It might be one of the worst things here but there, its survival. I’m not saying that its right…”

“But its necessary.” Finished Ezra. Getting a nod from Fluttershy.

“And besides it’s only for a bit.” She added. “Come on Ezra lets go.” She started walking away as he went to follow her he felt something grab his leg.

“Listen if anything happens to Fluttershy I’m blaming you.” Said Spike.

“If something happens to her I would already be dead.” He replied. He then ran to catch up to her. She didn’t hear him coming because of his muffled boots so when he spoke he startled her.

“Thanks for letting me stay with you.” He said.

“It’s no problem.” She said.

“Well for your friends it is.”

“It just that well… put it in our perspective. We have never seen something kill something else. Before today kill was a word I never really used. But you come and talk about it like there is nothing wrong with it. It’s unheard of for a pony to kill another pony. Maybe by accident but on pr…”

“I get it you think I’m a monster.” He said.

“No! It just its hard to imagine why you would have to kill others even if you say its to save lives. That manticore you didn’t need to kill it, but you did what you knew best, save lives.” He nodded. “But I have one question for you.”

“Shoot.” He said.

“I know that you say you are a soldier so you can protect ponies but… why would you want to kill in the first place even if it was to protect ponies? I mean your so young! Why are you even a soldier?” He sighed.

“Do you really want to know?” She nodded. “My life is a triadic story that started when I was young. I joined the army so no one would go through the same thing I did…” “Ezra run as far as you can. Don’t look back. I love yo…”

He felt something grab in legs and looked down. Fluttershy was hugging him. “I’m sorry.” She said weakly.

“What happened already happened all that we can do is move on.” He said while slowly trying to get out of her display of empathy.

“What happened if you don’t mind me asking?” She said.

“It’s none of your business!” He snapped. She started to cry. Aw fuck. “I’m sorry it’s just very personal to me and I don’t like to talk about it with anyone.” He said while wiping away one of her tears. They continued walking in silence until he saw a small house by the edge of the forest in the distance.

“Is that it?” He asked. She nodded. Why the fuck would the one who wouldn’t hurt a fly live next to the most dangerous place? Maybe she isn’t the most sane. Who am I kidding they all are insane!

She knew what he was thinking and spoke. “I live near the Everfree Forest so when hurt animals come out I take care of them.” Noble… but suicidal.

“What makes the Everfree so dangerous, I get there’s predators but there has to be something more.” He said.

“The weather changes on its own, the plants grow by themselves, and the animals take care of themselves.” She said in a scared voice. His eye twitched. YOU GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME! THAT’S WHAT THERE SCARED OF! IF THEY CAME TO EARTH THEY WOULDN’T LAST A HOUR. He just sighed and walked toward the small house.

The first thing he noticed there were a lot of animals and birdhouses. He saw several different species he knew that went extinct and animals he never saw before. As soon as the animals saw him they hid. They came to the door, which he had to crouch to get under. The house looked small from the outside but was bigger on the inside. The main room of it had more birdhouses and animals in it, which fled from him.

“You can stay in the guest room, its upstairs and to third door on the right.” She said. He started to walked to the stairs but was stopped by one pissed off white rabbit. It stomped its paws while pointing at him. Ezra cocked his head to the side while looking at the small rabbit that stood in his way. He tired to walk past it but it threw a caret at his gas mask, which bounced off harmlessly.

“Oh Ezra I’m so sorry. That’s Angel he doesn’t like guests.” Don’t worry I don’t like him either. “Angel this is Ezra he’s going to be staying with us for awhile.” She said to him as if he could understand her. Angel responded by stomping its paws again while pointing at the door. Ezra guess he was trying to say ‘Get out of my house bitch!’. “Angel that’s no way to act, say your sorry.” Angel threw anther caret and hopped away. “Ezra I’m so sorry about that…”

“Its fine animals usually don’t like me that much.” He then walked up the stairs to his room. It was small but nice. There was a small bed against the wall on the other side of the room was a dresser and some cabinets. At the end of the room was a window overlooking the forest. He took out his spas-24 and its ammo and stored it in the dresser. He then took out the flashdrive back from the Earth and locked it in cabinets. He then started to take apart his weapons and clean them.

The sun was setting when he finished. He then sat on the bed and thought about the day’s events. Then his thoughts were interrupted. “Hi Ezy weasy.” Said a female voice, which he immediately recognized. Pinkie Pie. God why do you hate me?

“Hello.” He said he turned to see where she was and his eye twitched. She was hanging upside down from outside the window. “Do you need something or do you just like slowly driving me insane?” He asked.

“No silly willy. I just wanted to invite you to your surprise party at Sugercube Corner in an hour.” Why would you tell me it’s a surprise party?

“No thanks I don’t like party’s that much.” He said thinking that would be the end of it. Her mane deflated somehow and her eyes started to water.

“Y-you d-don’t like parties?” She said and then she started to cry duel waterfalls. He tried to ignore her but after five minutes of loud crying (and the fact his room was starting to flood) He spoke.

“Ok I’ll go to your stupid party!” he shouted. She immediately stopped crying and her mane went back to its gravity defying position.

“Ok see you in an hour. And remember don’t tell Ezra it’s a surprise party.” She then disappeared and where she just was were party balloons. What? How the… Why the fuck? I… she just… He went up to where she just was and poked the balloons that then disappeared also. His eye twitched. Somewhere back on Earth Sir Isaac Newton is spinning in his grave. He heard the door open and turned around to see Fluttershy.

“Is something wrong I heard crying?” She asked softly.

“No it was Pinkie Pie.” As he said her name her eyes switched from concern to understanding. “Tell me something. Is there a mental asylum nearby?” He asked getting a confused look from her.

“No.” She answered.

“Well better contact the princess, one needs to be built around here ASAP.” He said. “Anyways I am now forced to go to a surprise party. Do you have any idea what I should expect?”

“Oh Pinkie Pie’s party’s are legendary a pony in their right mind wouldn’t miss one.” Yeah well no one is in their right mind around here. “There will be games, food, music.” She said.

“That sounds different from the parties I’m used too.” That party sounds like it is for five year olds. Well now that I think about it everything around here is like it’s meant for five year olds.

“Did she tell you when it is?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Yeah in about an hour at someplace named Sugercube Corner do you know where it is?” She nodded.

“Yes it’s a bakery which Pinkie Pie lives and works at. The building looks like a giant gingerbread house.” I think I remember a building like that. “We should leave in a half hour.”

“You go ahead I know where it is. And by the way where’s the bathroom?” He said.

“Umm… it’s the next door to the left.” She said.

“Is it ok if I take a quick shower?” He asked. Getting a nod from her. He went into the bathroom and locked the door. He took off all his armor and entered the shower, which like everything else was meant for something smaller than him. He turned the hot all the way up and started to wash his body. About twenty minutes later he exited the house and headed toward Ponyville. He cloaked so nopony would freak out when they saw him. He entered the town and looked around. There wasn’t a single pony in the streets. Whoa they know to hide in advance. He made his way to Sugercube Corner, along the way he looked for even a single pony but didn’t find any.

When he got to the colorful bakery he looked through the window and saw it was pitch black inside. He turned on his gas mask’s thermal vision and saw maybe the whole town was crowded inside looking at the front door. Pinkie Pie was in front with a small cannon. What the…? Then Pinkie Pie turned to where he was and waved. She can see in the dark? He sighed and opened the front door.

The lights went on showing a banner that had ‘Welcome to Ponyville/Equestria we’re so glad that you wouldn’t eat us and will try to save all of us even if you lose your life’ spelled out on it. The ponies then yelled ‘SURPRISE’. Pinkie Pie shot her cannon, which was strangely full of confetti all of which landed on Ezra. There was a stage at the far end of the room with a DJ. Near the stage was a table full of food and drinks.

“Were you surprised huh huh huh huh?” Said Pinkie Pie while getting in his face. He shook off all the confetti and made a small growl. This was unnoticed by her. “Hit it!” she yelled and an unicorn DJ wearing sunglasses starting playing dubstep. He sighed strangely not surprised that they had dubstep. While planning out all the ways he could escape the party Twilight approached him.

“Ok it was hard to get all the ponies in Ponyville to come, they are still a bit scared off you. You need to make a speech saying that you won’t hurt or eat anypony.”

“You planned this party out didn’t you so you could introduce Ponyville to me?” He said.

“Yes it was hard to get everypony to stay here so you have to act quickly.”

“When did you plan this and why didn’t you tell me?” He asked.

She sighed. “We planned this out when you were asleep on the train. And why we didn’t tell you, well Pinkie wanted a surprise party for you.” Yet she told me in advance. “Ok now go to the stage and tell them you mean no harm.” He muttered something under his breath and made his way to the stage. The ponies that were in his way moved as he came close to them. When he reached the stage he grabbed a microphone and spoke into it.

“Umm… hi?” All eyes were on him. Twilight was mouthing ‘no harm’. “I’m a human. I won’t eat you and stuff. I’m here because your ruler said so. Bye.” He dropped the microphone making a screeching sound. While everypony was covering their ears he cloaked and started making his way toward the door. He was just two feet from it when he was grabbed on to causing him to decloak. He looked at what grabbed him and saw it was Pinkie Pie. How the fuck did she see me?

“Where are you going? The party is the other way silly… unless you’re leaving.” Her mane then deflated and tears started to form in her eyes. Fuck fuck fuck got to think of something quick.

“No. I was just looking for the party games.” He lied. She looked at him for a second to see if he was lying.

“There over here silly.” She said with a smile. She then grabbed his hand and led him over to where a bunch of ponies where playing what looked like pin the tail on the donkey. Why am I not surprised. Pinkie Pie then took a blindfold and placed it over his gas mask’s lenses. He then was given what he guessed was the tail and spun around. When he stopped he just decided to pick a random direction and walk forward. He then walked into a wall getting some giggles from the ponies. He sighed and placed the tail randomly on the wall not caring where it went. He then ripped off the blindfold and looked at his handiwork. He placed the pin of the tail in the donkey’s eye. He thought he heard everything he ever killed laughing at him once again. “Aww that’s too bad want to try again?” Asked Pinkie Pie. Never again.

“No thanks.” He answered. He then walked over to the emptiest area of the party and leaned against the wall.

“Hey.” Said a voice. He looked around and didn’t see anypony. “Up here.” He looked up and saw Rainbow Dash flying above him.

“Hey.” He replied emotionlessly.

“What gives? Pinkie’s parties are amazing I never met anyp-thing that didn’t like one before.”

“Its just I don’t like parties that much.” And this one is for five year olds! He said.

“Why not?” She asked.

“Lets just say the parties I am use too are not happy ones.” He said.

“That sucks. But this is a Pinkie party, there famous all across Equestria. It’s almost impossible not to have fun at one of them.”

“Yeah well I feel this party is too… well for those younger than me.” He said while looking at some ponies playing some version of twister.

“Well Pinkie’s parties tend to be meant for ponies off all ages so I get why it might be a bit dull for you.” He turned to look at her. “Ok a lot. But there’s fun things to do if you try them.”

“Like?” He asked.

“Do you like to sing?” She asked innocently. Unless it is the singing of my fully automatic LMG than no.

“No.” He answered which caused her to smile.

“I bet you’re a great singer.” She said. And I bet your great at playing catch the bullet.

“I don’t like to sing.” He said getting annoyed.

“So you do sing admit it.” She said while lowering herself to the ground.

“I am able to sing but I hate doing it if that’s what you mean.”

“Why do you hate it? I bet you’re really good at it.”

“I’m not going to sing! final!” He said then he crossed his arms. As soon as he said this he saw a familiar minty unicorn with a cutie mark of a lyre. He immediately cloaked. Rainbow Dash saw all of this and had a huge grin on.

“Well if you won’t sing I guess there’s something fun I know older ponies like to do at parties.” He gulped. “Hey Lyra are you looking for the human because I know where he is.” She said. Lyra then ran toward them with an insane grin.

“Where’s the human! I won’t fail the test this time. And I would never let him out of my sight.” She started to laughing crazily. Rainbow Dash grinned at him. Sing or have very very creepy things done to me. Tough choice.

To convince him even more Rainbow Dash asked Lyra a question. “Hey Lyra if you found the human what would you do?”

“Oh I would...

He shook in fear. Well I’m not Gavin so I’m just going to sing a stupid song. “You win. I’ll sing.” He whispered to a scared Rainbow Dash.

“Hey Lyra I think I remember the human saying he’s going to your house.” She said. Lyra then ran out the door so fast it would of made Pinkie Pie proud.

“What the fuck is wrong with everypony around here?” He asked her.

“I think I need therapy after what she just said.” She saying ignoring him.

“How do you think I feel? She wants to do that to me. I know I done some pretty fucked up stuff in my life but I don’t deserve that. Lets get this over with I’ll sing a stupid song.”

“Ok come on.” She led him to the stage and handed him the microphone. He then checked his WMC for a song he liked. Perfect. He then walked over to where the DJ was and started plugging cords into his WMC.

“What the buck do you think your doing?!” Asked the DJ.

“Making music.” He replied then he walked back over to the stage and pressed the play button on his WMC. The music starting to kick in which made all the ponies turn and face him. He sighed and then started to sing.

“A warning to the people,
The good and evil,
This is war.

To the soldier, the civilian,
The martyr, the victim,
This is war.

It’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lie,
The moment to live and the moment to die,
The moment to fight, the moment to fight
To fight, to fight, to fight!

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
From the last to the first

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
It’s a brave new world!

A warning to the prophet,
The liar, the honest
This is war.

To the leader, the pariah,
The victor, the messiah,
This is war.

It’s the moment of truth, and the moment to lie,
The moment to live and the moment to die,
The moment to fight, the moment to fight
To fight, to fight, to fight!

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
From the last to the first

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
It’s a brave new world!

I do believe in the light
Raise your hands into the sky
The fight is done, the war is won
Lift your hands toward the sun

Toward the sun

Toward the sun

Toward the sun

The war is won

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
From the last to the first

To the right, to the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge to the earth
It’s a brave new world
It’s a brave new world
It’s a brave new world!

A brave new world
The war is won
The war is won
A brave new world”

All the ponies were stomping their hoofs when he was finished. Rainbow Dash flew up to him. “That was totally awesome! Another please?” She gave him puppy eyes. He tried to resist but it was a losing battle.

“Fine.” He muttered. He picked another song on his WMC and spoke into the mic. “If anyone has kids in here, make them leave for this next song.” He waited a moment for the kids to be forced outside by there parents. He then hit play and sang into the mic.

“Define your meaning of war
To me it's what we do when we're bored
I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop
And it makes me want it more
Because I'm hyped up out of control
If it's a fight, I'm ready to go
I wouldn't put my money on the other guy
If you know what I know that I know

It's been a long time coming
And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

Define your meaning of fun
To me it's when we're getting it done
Is it fuckin', druggin' or guns
I feel the heat comin' off of the blacktop
So get ready for another one
Let's take a trip down memory lane
Do you remember me?
The words circling in my brain
And what you did to me
You can treat this like another all the same
But don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain

It's been a long time coming
And the table's turned around
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

This is hardly worth fighting for
But it's the little petty shit that I can't ignore
When my fist hits your face and your face hits the floor

It'll be a long time coming
Bet you got the message now
'Cause I was never going
Yeah, you're the one that's going down

One of us is going down
I'm not running,
It's a little different now
'Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

One of us is going down”

Once again the whole crowd stomped and cheered. “More!” there cried. He smiled under his gas mask and starting playing one more song.

“Take me down to the river bend
Take me down to the fighting end
Wash the poison from off my skin
Show me how to be whole again

Fly me up on a silver wing
Past the black where the sirens sing
Warm me up in a nova's glow
And drop me down to the dream below

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

Bring me home in a blinding dream,
Through the secrets that I have seen
Wash the sorrow from off my skin
And show me how to be whole again

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything else I need to be

'Cause I'm only a crack in this castle of glass
Hardly anything there for you to see
For you to see

For you to see”

The ponies all stomped their hoofs violently while cheering. “Umm.. thanks.” He said. He unplugged his WMC and walked off the stage despite the protest he received. He found Rainbow Dash with her friends and walked up to them.

“I must say even if I didn’t usually care for those types of songs that was amazing Ezra.” Said Rarity.

“Amazing? That was pure epic! Why don’t you to sing you’re amazing at it? Said Rainbow Dash.

“Well the town did warm up to you even if it wasn’t from the speech.” Said Twilight her friends looked at her. “Ok it was amazing.”

“I liked it.” Said Fluttershy softly.

“Now that is what Ah call music.” Said Applejack. Getting a nod from them all.

“It was nothing.” He said, he then noticed it was well past sunset. Huh its night already. “Well I guess we should go home see you tomorrow.” They all said goodbye and headed back to their houses. He and Fluttershy walked back in silence. When he got back to his room he fell asleep with his armor still on. Unknown to him that the next few days would be very interesting.

Mutants and ponies don't mix well...

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“Umm… what is that?” Asked a female voice.

“Oh this is my new pet from the human world. Boy was it fun there, you couldn’t go ten feet without seeing a dead body. And it turns out ponies are extinct there.” Said a male voice.

Why did you bring this creature here? Explain!

“Well since bugger queen failed I thought we should try my idea.” Said the male.

“I hate to ask. But what is your idea?” Said the female.

“Well this creature is one of the most dangerous things that exist over there. I saw a pack of them destroy an entire army. While watching the sweet sweet chaos they were making I thought ‘Hey what would happen if one of these found it’s way to a town where all our enemies are at?’ So I knocked one of them out with a frying pan and brought it here.”

What makes you think this plan will work better than the last? If it fails the human would be on to us.

“Well these things I saw were very hard to kill and fast. Also if you give it a small amount of your power it would be unstoppable.”

Very well I will go with your idea. But if you fail you will face my wrath. Dismissed!

“Run! Move your Asses!” Screamed Gavin. The six N.U.S.F soldiers ran down the abandoned streets of the city, behind them growls of hungry mutants could be heard. The six soldiers kept running not daring to look at the swarm behind them.

“Come on don’t stop!” Yelled Ezra wile running.

“No shit Sherlock.” Said Ian. They kept running through the empty streets of the city. The growls behind them only seemed to get louder and closer.

“We can hide in that building up ahead.” Said Sal while pointing to a run down building that Ezra guessed used to be town hall.

“That’s crazy if they find us there will be no escape.” Said Aiden.

“Do you have a better idea?” Ask Lance. Aiden muttered something under his breath. Ezra looked behind them and wished he didn’t. There were about fifteen Leapers behind them. A Leaper is a mutant that looks like a cross between a human and a frog with peeling green skin. They run on all fours and get their name since they can leap huge distances. They have sharp claws on each leg that can easily rip through flesh and armor. Their heads are misshaped and look more like a frog’s than a human’s. Inside their mouth are rows of sharp flesh tearing teeth. Leapers are usually easy to kill if they are in a small group but in a large horde run! The best way to kill them is at long range, before they can get to you. If at close range aim for their limbs then their heads.

“Aww fuck!” Said Ezra. The rest of the soldiers heard this and ran faster towards the building.

They were almost there just twenty more feet. “HELP! It’s got my leg! SHOOT IT!” Screamed Lance. Ezra turned around and saw a Leaper on top of Lance ripping into his leg eating it not caring that it’s food was still alive. Another Leaper jumped on him and starting tearing into his chest. Lance screamed in pain. Ezra took out his rife and shot Lance in the head. He swore he heard him say “Thank you.” Weakly. He then ran inside the building.

“Where’s Lance?” Asked Gavin. Ezra didn’t answer and instead starting barricading the doors and windows with junk inside the building. The others followed his lead and helped him. Just as they ran out of stuff to block the doors and windows a bunch of growls were heard outside. They backed away and drew their weapons.

“Remember short controlled bursts.” Said Sal. The leapers started to smash through the barricade.

“This is for Lance!” Yelled Ian. They all started firing.

Ezra screamed and woke up. He panted and looked around. He was in his bed in Fluttershy’s house. He looked out the window the sun was just about to rise. He got up and started doing push ups. About minute later then was a knock on his door. “Come in.” He said. A tired looking Fluttershy walked in.

“Are you ok? I heard screaming.” She said.

“It’s fine just a dream.” He answered while still doing push ups.

“Are you sure because you sounded like you were in pain?” She asked.

“Again just a dream. There’s nothing to worry about.” He stopped doing push ups and checked the motion sensor he placed. No one entered the room until several seconds ago, which he guessed was Fluttershy.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“A motion sensor it wakes me up if something tries to kill me in my sleep.” He answered he then picked it up and placed it in one of his pockets.

“Well there’s nothing in Equestria that would do such a thing.” She said.

“Its just a habit to have it on when ever I’m sleeping away from home. By the way when’s breakfast?”

“Umm… now if you like.” She said Ezra nodded and walked downstairs. There were animals eating out of bowls on the floor once they saw him they ran and hid. “You can stay here while I make breakfast.” Fluttershy said softly.

“Thanks.” Ezra went and sat down at the table outside the kitchen. He then felt something poke his foot and looked down to see Angel. Well here we go again. Angel stomped his paw and pointed to the door. Ezra then gave him duel middle fingers. Angel then reached behind him and pulled out a large caret and held it like a sword. He raised an eyebrow under his gas mask. Angel then charged and stabbed his boot with the carat. Ezra barely felt a thing, this made Angel try harder. He started using it like a club and bashing his foot. Ezra yawned barely paying attention to the rabbit. Angel then hopped away pissed that he couldn’t even hurt him.

Fluttershy then walked in and placed two plates on the table one for him and one for her. He took off his gas mask and looked at what was on the plate and sighed. The plate had waffles with hay on it. He brushed away the hay and started eating the waffles. After he finished he put on his gas mask. “Why do you keep wearing that? The air is perfectly clean here.”

“It’s more than a gas mask it is made out of a strong metal alloy that can protect me against everything from explosions to flashbangs. And besides I am just not comfortable without it.” He got up and headed for the door. “Thanks for breakfast.”

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“To set up defensive measures around the perimeter.” He said which confused her. Ezra exited the cottage and walked about fifteen feet from the door and placed a camera spike inside some bushes and programmed it. He then walked towards town.

The ponies of Ponyville didn’t run from him this time. They just minded their own business some even said hello. But there were still some that gave him nervous looks. He walked through the town to Sugercube corner. He started to set up the hidden camera in a nearly by tree. When he was almost done he was interrupted. “Hi Ezy weasy.” He looked around in shock and saw Pinkie Pie standing upside down on top of a tree branch. Goodbye sanity. He muttered a hello and kept working. “What are you doing?” She asked.

Trying to keep my sanity despite you breaking every single rule of physics. “I’m arming camera spikes, so if you or any of the elements are in danger I would know.” He answered.

“Okie dokie lokie.” She did a backflip and landed on the ground and started to walk away. She then stopped and started doing a bunch of weird random movements. “Oh no. Oh no. Do you know what this means!?!” She answered with panic in her voice.

“Now you have to go to two different kinds of hospitals?” Ezra answered.

She shook her head. “No silly. My Pinkie Sense is saying something very scary is going to happen soon.” She said. Pinkie Sense? Is that even a thing? “Of course it’s a thing! The writers added it in ‘Feeling that Pinkie Keen’. ” She said. Did she just read my mind? Yes she did! What the fuck? “Well bye, see you at the hospital soon.” She then threw a flashbang down on the ground and disappeared in the flash.

Ezra’s right eye twitched. Where did she get a flashbang from? And what hospital? He sighed and tried his hardest to convince himself he just imagined that. Ezra then headed then toward the library. When he arrived he placed the camera across the street facing the door. He then checked the feed of all the cameras on his WMC. As he was doing this he didn’t notice Twilight trotting up to him.

“Hello Ezra what brings you here?” He almost reached for his pistol but stopped himself.

“Just setting up some cameras so I can see if anything is wrong without actually being here.” He answered.

“Do have a minute because I want to ask you some questions about your world.” He sighed.

“That’s not a good idea. I don’t want to scare you like I did on the train.”

“Please?” She said with puppy eyes. He sighed.

“Fine but whatever happens… What the hell is that thing?” He pointed to something behind her. As she turned around he cloaked and walked away chuckling. All of a sudden a net was tossed on him causing him to decloak. He turned around in shock and saw a certain minty unicorn. Aw shit. Lyra.

“I finally got you.” She said. He cut the net using his combat knife and stood over her. Lyra’s eyes widened. He then picked her up by the neck and lifted her so she could see her reflection in his gas mask.

“This is you’re first and last warning. Either you leave me alone or I would kill you.” He said in a threatening voice. He then dropped her and she backed away in fear. Then something happened that he didn’t expect she started to cry. This caused nearby ponies to look and whisper to each other. He muttered something under his breath and started to walk away.

“W-wait please.” Said Lyra. Ezra started to reach for his G-W21. “I’m sorry.” What? “I-its just my whole life I been looking for your kind.” He turned around and looked at her. “I had a vision when I was little that told me about humans and that one day one would come to Equestria and save it. I tried to tell everypony this but they laughed at me and called me crazy. But I knew that you really did exist despite what everypony said. I’m sorry its just I wanted to prove them all right. That is why I acted the way I did when you first came to Ponyville.”

“Bullshit!” He said. “Then tell me why you said you wanted to do all those things to me at the party last night?” He asked.

“Well…” She looked at the ground. “I was… kind of drunk.” She looked ashamed. Well I’ve heard Gavin say MUCH creeper stuff when he was drunk before but it was never about me.

“I forgive you.” He said her eyes popped up and she looked at him.

“Why?” She asked confused.

“I used to have a friend was a total sex addicted asshole so I heard stuff like that before but it was never directed at me. But never say anything like that again! Got it?” She nodded. “And stop trying to capture me if you want something just fucking ask!” Ezra then walked away deep in thought. She knew about humans for a long time from a vision.

“Wait up!” Shouted Lyra. He sighed as she trotted up to him. “You dropped this.” She showed him her hoof, which had his combat knife he took it from her.

“Thanks.” He said softly and started to walk away.

“By the way what’s your name?” She asked.

“Ezra Allen Smith ID#125-23-3690 but you can just call me Ezra.” He answered as he walked away.

“Ezra.” She repeated the strange name.

“What does it mean?” She asked him.

“Survival.” He said then he cloaked.

In the forest a lone timberwolf was enjoying its kill. It’s wooden teeth ripped in to the flesh of its kill. It raised its head. It smelled something strange, something that smelt of death and blood. This confused the timberwolf, it has been around for a long time and never smelled anything like this. This made it curious. Then it heard a loud roar coming from close by. It let out a roar of its own saying that this was its hunting ground. It sniffed the air and found the strange scent was moving toward it fast. The timberwolf readied itself for a fight. Then a creature busted through the tree line. The timberwolf stared at shock at this new creature it has never seen anything like it before. The creature roared and for the first time in its life the timberwolf was afraid. The creature then tackled the timberwolf easily tearing it apart with its claws. Then the creature sniffed the air trying to find more prey. Then with unholy speed it dashed towards it.

“So this must be the Carousel Boutique.” Ezra said to himself while looking at the strange looking fashion store. I got to remember to thank that weird brown Earth Pony with the strange accent for giving me directions. Or maybe I should just report him for medical fraud. Doctor my ass. He set up his deployable camera by some trashcans and started to program it.

“Aw hello Ezra. What brings you to my trashcans?” He turned around to see Rarity.

“I’m setting up some equipment to help me protect you.” He answered.

“Ezra I have to ask is that all the clothes you have with you?” She asked. Armor not clothes!

“Yes.” He answered.

“Do you have a minute because I can make you some new attire.” She said.

“No thanks, I don’t need any civvies.” Said Ezra.

“Don’t need! You just said that is all you have. Celestia forbid if you went to a formal party like that.”

“Well I’m not planning to go anywhere fancy anytime soon.” And if I was I would attend as an assassin.

“You never know, so it’s a good idea to keep a nice suit ready.” She’s not going to take no for an answer is she. He sighed.

“Fine I’ll let you make me a suit.” She beamed. “But nothing too fancy.” As soon as Ezra finished he was rushed inside and pushed onto a measuring stand.

“Now take off your armor so we can start.” She said. Ezra then took off his armor so all that remained was his black undershirt and shorts, which she frowned upon. She then used her magic to grab some measuring tape and started to measure him. “It will be a challenge to make a suit for a biped, but I do enjoy a challenge in fashion. You seem to like wearing clothes all the time, I’ll assume that your species always wear clothes. What is fashion like where you’re from?” She asked, he shrugged causing her to sigh.

“So how long is this going to take?” He asked.

“Well the measuring should take about two hours and making the suit should take maybe another two hours.” Four hours of shit! No way. He tried to moved but found he couldn’t. “You don’t need to worry about moving I casted a spell to stop that so I can get correct measurements.” You got to be fucking kidding me! Ezra tried to struggle but couldn’t move his body. What I would give for some knock out gas right now. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep, which was hard because of her constant talking. Soon he mangled to fall asleep.

“Ezra wake up!” He opened his eyes he was on a couch. He stretched and yawned. “Are you ok?” Asked Rarity.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He got up and looked around. “Where’s my armor?” He asked.

“In the other room but I think…” Ezra walked into the other room and saw his armor lying on a table. He then put it on. As he was putting own his gas mask Rarity walked in.

“I’ll deliver the suit to you later. Tell me if anything is wrong with it.”

“I’ll pay you back as soon as Princess Celestia sends me my pay.”

She shook her head. “No you don’t need to pay a bit. Consider it a gift and thanks for saving my sister.”

“Umm… thanks. Hey do you know where Rainbow Dash’s and Applejack’s houses are because I need to set up some cameras.”

“Applejack lives about thirty minutes away to the left and you should see Rainbow’s house along the way just look up.” Up?

“Umm… thanks again.” Ezra then exited the Carousel Boutique and headed for Applejack’s house. About ten minutes later he came to a mailbox that had Rainbow Dash written on it. He looked around for a house but couldn’t find any. Then he remembered what Rarity said and looked up. His eye twitched from all the laws of physics being broken. There was a house made up of clouds in the sky. He stared at it in shock for about a minute. Then set down a camera and angled it to look at the cloud house. He then continued on to Applejack’s house, which was easy to find.

Ezra was speechless at what was in front of him. There were hundreds of healthy apple trees in rows in front of him. He then looked around, up ahead was a barn which he guessed was his destination. He then walked toward it, and saw Applejack kicking a tree with her hind legs. After she kicked it apples fell off of it into baskets on the ground. Well guess beats picking them one by one. He then walked up to her.

“Hello.” He said which startled her slightly.

“Ezra what are ya doin’ here?” She asked. What no hello?

“My job.” He said with no emotion. He then walked up to a random tree and started to place and program a camera spike.

“What are ya doin’ to mah tree?” She said with distrust in her voice.

“Relax.” He said while still setting up the camera. “I’m just deploying a remote camera. Your tree is just where I’m setting it up.” He then checked the feed from all his cameras on his WMC. Each had a clear picture. He tuned to face her. “Nice farm you have.”

“Well me an’ mah family try our best.” She said proudly. Family. He sighed sadly. “Somethin’ the matter?” She asked.

“Its personal.” He answered.

“Yar parents died?” He nodded.

“How did you know?” He asked.

“In Canterlot when Rarity asked what yar parents would say about yar drinking ya winced.” He nodded. “We have somethin’ in common mah are dead too.” She said sadly. “They died when Ah was young, killed in a farm accident. After they d-died Ah couldn’t take it anymore and went ta live in Manehattan.”

“Eaten alive.” He said. She looked at him in shock. “Mutants somehow go into the city.” He said with no emotion.

“T-thats horrible!”

“Yeah it wasn’t a pretty sight.” Said Ezra.

“Ya mean ya saw it happen!?!” She said in shock.


“Ah’m sorry.” She said sadly.

“Its fine. All it really did was give me a purpose.”

“A purpose?” She asked.

“To prevent that from happening to anyone else. That is why I joined the army.” He said.

“But yar so young!”

“Then what do you think I should have done?” He asked.

“Well ya could of…”

“Aw fuck trouble!” He said while looking at his WMC.

“What do ya mean?” She asked. He showed her the camera feed on his WMC. She saw Sugercube Corner but it didn’t look right ponies were running around screaming. “What’s going on?” she asked him.

“I don’t know but I am going to find out.” He then ran toward the town.

Ponyville could be described as peaceful and calm. With friendly faces everywhere. The ideal place to live, but not today. Ponies were running around screaming at the tops of their lungs. Some were trying to hide under anything they could find. Ezra looked around at the chaos. A random pony ran up to him.

“Repent! Repent! The end is nigh!” He screamed then tried to hide under a cardboard box. He sighed and moved through the town. Ponies were hiding everywhere. He walked up to one of them.

“What’s going on here?” He demanded.

“T-there’s something new and scary that came to town.” She said weakly. He facepalmed. You got to be fucking kidding me!

He sighed. “What does it look like?” he asked.

“I-it was big and scary and smelled very bad.” She said. Once again he facepalmed.

“And what was it doing?” He asked.

“W-well its destroying the market and trying to eat anything it sees!” Now that’s more like it.

“Where is it?” he asked.

“I think its still by the market.” He thanked her and made his way to the market. Probably just an animal from the forest or something. This show be easy just a headshot and down it goes. But Fluttershy is going to bitch about it. Ezra then made his way to the market and saw what everypony was scared of. When he got there he was expecting just a wild animal not that. AW FUCK!!! BRUTE!!!

The Brute turned to look at him. Brutes are the fifth deadliest kind of mutant in the world. Brutes look like a cross between a human and a lizard. They are covered in pale green scaly skin. They stands roughly seven feet tall with a long lizard like tail and stands on their clawed hind legs. They have huge strong arms and at the tip of their hands are sharp claws that can rip through flesh and bone. Their heads look like a misshaped lizard’s head with pure black eyes. In their mouth are four rows of sharp meat eating teeth. Their scaled skin is resistant against bullets. On top of all of that, Brutes carry a deadly virus that you can get if scratched by one. It is said if you don’t have at least seven armed and well-trained soldiers with you when you go up against a Brute your going to get killed.

WHAT THE FUCK IS A BRUTE DOING HERE!?! He stared at shock at the deadly mutant. I am so fucked.Then Ezra looked at the Brute more closely and saw something strange. The Brute’s eyes were glowing red not the normal black color. The Brute then let out a pants wetting roar. AW SHIT! Ezra pulled out his M516B and fired some shots at its neck and head. The bullets barley phased it making Ezra take cover behind a broken market stand. He then popped up and fired a few more shots. Where the bullets hit the mutant a black mist appeared and started to heal it. OH COME ON! He thought. Then the Brute started to charge his cover. Ezra quickly retreated as the Brute smashed his former cover using its tail. Ezra hid behind an overturn cart and fired some more shots at it.

The black mist once again started to heal its wounds. Well I’m boned. The Brute then again charged. Ezra then removed one of his explosive throwing knifes and armed it. He then ran out from behind the cart and threw the knife. Which embedded itself in the mutant’s chest. Then it exploded. Ezra was knocked off his feet from the shockwave of it, when he got up he saw that the Brute was bleeding but at the same time the black mist was healing it. He then shot the already wounded chest with his M516B. The Brute roared in pain while trying to block the bullets with its arms. Ezra then pulled out another explosive throwing knife and prepared to throw it.

“STOP!” He turned around to see Fluttershy. “You’re hurting it!” She shouted. Oh really? I thought I was helping it.

“That’s the idea.” He said. Ezra then pulled his right arm back to throw the knife but was stopped by Fluttershy.

“It’s just scared. You don’t need to kill it.” She said. Yes I do!

“That is a Brute a deadly kind of mutant. That is not an animal it is a mindless murdering beast that is driven by instinct and fury.” He replied while looking at the almost completely healed mutant. He looked back at Fluttershy to see that she was gone. Oh shit where did she go! He looked around for her and his blood froze. She was walking up to the now healed Brute. “GET BACK FLUTTERSHY! IT’S JUST GOING TO KILL YOU!”

The Brute noticed her and growled while readying to attack. Then it ran toward her. “NO!” Screamed Ezra. He aimed his M516B at its neck but then heard the sound that every soldier feared. The sound of a jammed gun. “FUCK!” He then pulled out his pistol but saw Fluttershy was in the way. The just as the Brute was about to reach her she opened her wings and stood firm. The Brute was unfazed by this and prepared to slash her with its claws. She was so frozen with fear she couldn’t completely dodge its claw. She let out a painful scream.

Get away from her you BITCH!” He yelled and charged the Brute. It roared and ran at him. He rolled to the right as the last second causing the mutant to shoot past him. Ezra then ran and jumped onto its back and pulled out his combat knife. The Brute then used its claws to slash him causing Ezra to grunt in pain. He then took his knife and stabbed it in the mutant’s left eye causing it to make a painful roar that could be heard in Canterlot (not really). It stopped trying to slash him and brought its claws to its bleeding eye. Ezra saw that the black mist appeared around its eye and was started to heal it. He then took out a brick of C4 and prepared to stick it on the mutant but was knocked off the Brute by its tail.

Ezra then pulled out and armed a flashbang and threw it on the ground. The mutant’s one good eye was blinded from the flash while Ezra thanks to his gas mask was immune. He then kicked the Brute’s right leg in the kneecap causing it to fall to the ground. The Brute then slashed with its claws randomly still blinded by the flashbang. He dodged the swipes and placed the brick of C4 right on the mutant’s neck. Ezra then ran away and hid behind a market stall.

The Brute roared and tried to stand up but paused when it saw Ezra. Ezra was leaning against a market stall with one finger almost touching his WMC. The Brute then felt the strange object on its neck. Then Ezra cleared his throat. “Tell the Devil I’m coming for him next!” He then blew the C4. The explosion nearly knocked him off his feet. He looked at the clearing smoke from the explosion and saw where the Brute used to be was black mist evaporating into the air. “Fifth deadliest my ass!” He said to himself. Then he heard a weak groan. Oh shit Fluttershy. He looked around for her and saw her in a small puddle of her own blood.

He ran toward her and checked her wounds and cursed under his breath. The Brute had made a deep cut in her left side by her wing. Blood was coming out of the wound. He then pulled out his Medical Kit and started to wipe away some of the blood. “E-ezra i-s that y-ou? …. You w-w-ere r-ight… that w-asn’t an an-imal… it wa-s a monster. I-i saw i-ts e-eyes th-those h-orr-ibble r-ed eyes…” (Ezra is that you? You were right that wasn’t an animal it was a monster. I saw its eyes those horrible red eyes)

“Try not to talk, save your strength.” He said while putting pressure in the wound. He then took out some medical wrap and tied it around her wound. Ezra then pulled out a needle from his Medical Kit. “This will sting a bit but it will help stop the bleeding.” She nodded. He then injected her with it, careful to give a lower dose than he normally would.

“You’re bleeding.” She said very weakly. Ezra looked at himself. The Brute managed to pierce a section of his armor on his back and he was bleeding.

“It’s just a graze.” He reassured her. He looked around at the market or what was left of it. There were overturned market stalls everywhere and there was a large crater where he blew up the C4. He then saw something blue heading his way very fast. Is that… It slammed into him and caused him to be thrown into a broken stall.

“What did you do to Fluttershy!” Yelled a voice he recognized as Rainbow Dash.

“Listen this isn’t what…” She slammed into him again. “I didn’t do this is was…”

“Liar!” she shouted and slammed into him again.

STOP!” Rainbow Dash and Ezra both turned to Fluttershy. “It wasn’t him it was that thing that did all of this.” She said weakly.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Rainbow Dash. But before Fluttershy could answer she fainted. Must be from the blood lost combined with the medicine.

“We need to take her to a hospital! Is there any in Ponyville?” Said Ezra.

“Umm… Yeah it’s on the other side of town.” She then reached to pick up Fluttershy.

“Wait! Any sudden movements could open the wound even more.” He said.

“Then what the hay are we going to do?” She asked. There use hay as a curse word really? He thought. He then walked over to a stall and ripped off a large flat piece of wood. He then set it down next to Fluttershy.

“We can use this as a stretcher, help me move her.”

“Wait I thought you said sudden movements were bad!” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Yes because they could worsen the wound, but stretchers are used to prevent that while transporting somo-pony. Now help me put her on this.” They lifted Fluttershy on the improvised stretcher and picked it up.

“Ok this way.” Said Rainbow Dash. There started the journey to the hospital in silence. “Hey Ezra?” She asked.

“What?” He replied.

“…I’m sorry for attacking you. … I just thought you were harming her.” She said quietly. He could tell her pride was making it hard to say she was sorry.

“It’s fine, I’m used to peo-ponies trying to kill me.” He said. Then he grunted in pain while almost letting go of the stretcher.

“Oh my gosh! Are you ok?” She asked.

“It’s nothing.” He said with a grunt. She looked at the blood dripping from his back.

“But you’re bleeding!” No shit Sherlock.

“You should worry about Fluttershy she’s got it worse than me.” He said while ignoring the pain. They continued walking to the hospital while Rainbow Dash kept giving him concerned glances. Fluttershy then let out a loud moan of pain.

“When I find whatever did this, I’m going to buck it to the sun!” Said Rainbow Dash angry.

“One that’s physically impossible…” Right? “And two I’ve already killed it.”

“Yeah right!” She said in disbelief. “Then where’s the body?”

“It turned into black mist when I blew the C4.” She then gave him a weird look. “The point is its dead.” He added.

“So what was it?” She asked.

“It was a Brute. A Brute is a very deadly type of mutant from my world. Don’t ask how it got here because I don’t know. Anyways Brutes are basically giant lizard man with sharp claws and like most mutants has a taste for living flesh. I was fighting it when Fluttershy came. She thought it was just a scared animal and despite my many failed attempts to stop her she approached it. As it charged her she opened her wings for some reason the Brute was unaffected and…”

“You mean the stare didn’t work!” Rainbow Dash said in shock. Stare?

“Anyways the Brute was unaffected and slashed her with one of his claws. I fought it some more and then placed explosives and blew it up killing it.” As he finished Fluttershy moaned again.

“Is she going to be ok?” Asked Rainbow Dash softly.

“The wound is deep and she lost a lot of blood, but it didn’t appear to pierce any organs. But still we need to get her to the hospital.”

“Lets hurry it’s just over there.” She pointed a hoof at a white building with the medical Red Cross on the front of it. They carried the makeshift stretcher through the hospital doors. The ponies in the waiting room were frightened by his appearance.

“We need a doctor here!” Yelled Ezra. Suddenly the doors at the end of the room opened and a bunch of ponies in medical coats came through running. Ezra would have laughed at how funny they look if it wasn’t so serious. They approached Fluttershy and lifted her to a stretcher bed and started taking down notes. “She got a large slash on her left, by her wing. It’s deep but I don’t think it pierced any organs. I put pressure on the wound and injected her with a low dose of XVC23.” The doctors looked at him with confusion. He sighed. “It slows down the body to decrease the loss of blood while acting as a painkiller.” He said getting some nods from them. They then pushed the cart through a pair of doors that said visitors not allowed.

“Ezra…” He turned around and saw Rainbow Dash holding back tears. “Is she going to be alright?” She asked weakly. What the fuck makes you think I know? He sat down in a chair and sighed.

“I don’t know… all we can do is wait.” He then picked up some nearby magazines and started to read the covers of them. The title on the cover of the first one said Foals and You. Ha me with kids that would be the day, and besides I think I’m sterile from radiation. The next one read How To Tell If Your Special Somepony Is a Changeling. He read the next one and laughed. It read Today’s Top Celebrity Breakups and Rumors. I guess wherever you go people or in this case ponies are still obsessed with celebrities. He opened it to and random page and laughed again. There was a picture of Princess Celestia having a romantic dinner with a piece of cake. He then looked at the last one it was more of a newspaper than a magazine. He turned to the top story and his eye twitched.

There was a picture of him in Canterlot in front of a large article. The title was Strange New Creature In Equestria. He then started to skim over the article. First spotted in Canterlot… Royal Guard escort… Elements of Harmony with it… Equestrian license to kill?... attended party in Ponyville… Staying with Element of Kindness. Any action going on unknown to us…

Ezra cursed under his breath. They just told the whole world where I’m living and what I’m doing. I HATE the media. Ezra than unstrapped his M516B and started to take it apart to fix the jam. When he was done he placed it back on its strap and walked up to the front desk.

“Are you aware of the condition of Fluttershy?” He asked the mare at the desk. She made a small yelp and spoke softly.

“Umm… I believe she is getting stitched and blood work done as we speak. I’m I don’t know when it will be done.” Ezra thanked her and walked over to now sleeping Rainbow Dash. He sat down and started fiddling nervously with his dogtags. All of a sudden he was on the ground in pain. Some nurses ran over to help him but he pushed them aside. Ezra got up and took off the top of his armor and his clothing showing his bare chest. He then checked his wounds on his back. There was two slash marks on the center of his back. The bleeding has stopped but in the area where he was slashed the skin was slightly discolored. The nurses were sickened at his wounds one spoke to him.

“Looks infected do…” He didn’t hear what the nurse said after he mentally slapped himself. Dumbass! That was a mutant they all carry viruses that cause death if not treated. He opened his Medical Kit looked around inside of it. Found it. Ezra then pulled out a needle and read the instructions on it. Use only for wounds infected by Type A mutants. Insert needle into the main point of injury. Can only be used on humans. He pulled out a bullet from his pistol and placed it in his mouth, he then bit down on it. The nurses understood what was about to happen. Ezra then stabbed the needle into his wounded back and let out a loud painful noise that woke up Rainbow Dash. Ezra then looked at his armor to see what got damaged. The outer layer was pierced in three places while the inner layer was only pierced in two. His undershirt was ripped in the back. Overall his armor now had a weak spot in the back and he doubted Equestria was advanced enough to have the equipment needed to repair it.

Ezra then put his armor back on. “What was all that about?” Asked a now awake Rainbow Dash.

“Brutes like most mutants carry toxins that can get into your system if scratched, I just injected myself with the antitoxin.” He said while cleaning his wound with some antibacterial wipes.

“Well better inject Fluttershy because she was scratched too.” She said. He froze.

“Aw fuck!” He screamed causing some ponies to give him an angry look. He then ran through the doors that they took Fluttershy through. He pushed aside doctors and nurses while looking for the wounded Pegasus. He saw her in a room surrounded by doctors.

“… never seen this kind of virus before!” Said one while reading some paper on a clipboard.

“If the infection rate continues she’s going to die!” Said another.

“We can’t do a thing this virus counteracts everything we’re giving her, all we’re doing is making it stronger!” Ezra ran into the room and pushed aside the doctors while looking at what used to be Fluttershy. She was plugged into many different machines. Her eyes were very red and sore, she was almost coughed every time she breathed. Her once yellow coat was now a pale green. I never seen it work this fast before. It normally takes days before you can see the effects. She turned to look at him, which he could tell was very painful to do.

“Ezra… make… it…stop…” She said just above a whisper. Ezra wasted no time and turned to the machines. He saw her heartbeat was slow and felt her forehead it was burning at what he guessed was over 100˚. He opened his Medical Kit again and pulled out another antitoxin. The doctors watched him with interest even though he wasn’t a doctor! He was about to inject Fluttershy in her slash wound but then stopped and taught the doctors a bunch on new words.

“What’s wrong?” Asked what he guessed was the lead doctor a blue pony wearing a lab coat with a cutie mark of a Band-Aid.

Ezra held up the needle. “This is the cure for the virus she got infected with…” He sighed. “But it only works for my species if I give it to her there’s a good chance she will die.”

“We can get it to the lab and adjust it to work on ponies.” Said the head doctor. Ezra looked at Fluttershy and nodded. He then followed the doctors to the lab. But Ezra knew it was pointless. I’m sorry Fluttershy…

I am so going to get hate mail from the Fluttershy fans. Anyways I have to say (write) something. I wouldn't be able to update the story as fast as I used to (this chapter as an example). Mainly because of finals and other things, but fear not I work on writing the next chapter every day (expect weekends) and on avenge add about 500-1000 words per day. If your wondering what Ezra's full armor looks like and are too lazy to imagine it based on the description in the first chapter. BF3 Russian Engineer + SAS uniform + Skyrim Nightingale armor + futuristic look. PS. why I'm writing the Author's Notes here, for some reason they won't show in the normal spot so I had to write them below the text.


View Online

“Master wait before you do anything let me remind you that the Element of Kindness is in critical condition from the virus that the creature carried. She won’t make it through the night” Said the male.

“But the human has the cure.” Said the female.

“You heard it from the human himself. The cure only works on humans and if it’s used on her it will kill her.” Said the male.

“It does not matter if she dies or not! You said you would kill the human, but failed!”

“But instead one of the Elements is going to die.” Said the male.

“You fool! Harmony will give the human the cure for the virus, in the end you accomplished nothing but alerting the human to us. All that remains is your punishment for failing me!”

“Master please have mercy!” Begged the male. Then the male disappeared in black mist while screaming.

“What should we do now?” Asked the female.


“What do you mean my lord?”

“The human doesn’t know about us but knows that something is trying to kill him and the elements. If we wait until he lowers him guard and that is when we will strike next.”

“Genius.” Said the female.


Ezra and the doctors walked down the hospital corridor in silence beside the doctors muttering to themselves about the strange virus and the cure.

“I saw you at the party last night.” The lead doctor said to Ezra causing him to nod. “My name is Doctor Cure.” He said causing Ezra to snicker. Cure ignored that and continued. “You really made quite an impression.”

“I’m not a fan of public speaking.” Ezra deadpanned.

“Yes I could tell.” Cure added, he then glanced back at the other doctors. “So you know about this kind of virus?”

“Yes it’s very common from where I’m from. It can be fatal if not treated.” Ezra said.

“How is it contracted?” Cure asked.

“If you are scratched or bitten by a Type A mutant you are at rick of getting it.” Ezra answered, the doctors behind him were writing down everything he was saying.

“Mutant?” Asked Cure.

“Mutants are dangerous creatures where I’m from. They used to be normal animals long ago but like the name suggested mutated over generations of exposure of radiation and chemical waste. They can carry diseases in their body that are natural to them and toxic to us.” Ezra answered which was met with some muttering of the doctors.

“You have the cure to the virus your friend is infected with correct?” Asked one of the doctors.

“Yes but it only works on my species.” Ezra answered.

“Why?” Asked another. He sighed.

“The cure uses advanced nanobots that…”

“Nanobots?” Asked Cure. Ezra sighed again.

“Nanobots are very very tiny machines that my species puts into our more advanced medicine. Nanobots aren’t sentient like us but can think and adapt to follow their primary program. The nanobots that are in the cure attack the infected cells in the body while protecting the non-infected cells. The problem is the viruses from Type A mutants are strong mutations of regular virus that assimilates with healthy cells infecting them. The infected cells are so similar to regular cells the nanobots have trouble telling them apart and end up attacking healthy cells, killing the patient."

“What does that have do with the cure only working on your species.” Asked Cure.

“I was getting to that. Scientists couldn’t stop the nanobots from attacking the healthy cells. So they tried a different approach. Since the mutants that carry this virus aren’t the same as my species, a bit of non-human DNA exists in all the infected cells. The scientist changed the nanobots instead of trying to just attack the infected cells they attack all cells that aren’t human origin. That means if I eject Fluttershy with the cure the nanobots would attack all the cells healthy or infected… killing her.”

“Can’t you make change the nanobots to attack just the infected non-pony cells?” Ezra shook his head.

“To do that I would need to make fresh nanobots that have been given pony DNA and also I would need a large sample of infected and healthy cells. All of that is impossible. One you ponies from what I have seen are much much much less technologically advanced then humans. Meaning you lack the technology to create nanobots. Two even if you had the technology it would takes years to create the cure and Fluttershy has less than a day. Third I have no idea how to make or program nanobots.”

“What do you mean no idea?!” Said Cure. “You just talked about it like it was common knowledge!”

“Yes it is required for all combat medics to have a slight understanding of modern medicine. Or in other words have a basic idea of how it works not why.” Ezra answered.

“Combat medic? I thought you were a doctor.” Said one of the doctors.

“You are mistaken then. I do have a basic medial training but overall am just a medic not a doctor” Ezra answered.

“What’s the difference (1:23-1:40)?” Asked Cure.

“A doctor cures diseases and heals injuries, while a medic just stabilizes the patient until they can get the correct medical treatment.” Ezra answered. They then reached the lab and walked in. The lab was just a large room with many different kinds microscopes, chemicals in shelves and medical textbooks. Overall very primitive to what Ezra was used to.

“We placed the some of the infected cells in this one.” Said Cure while pointing a hoof at one of the larger microscopes. Ezra looked through one of the many lenses and saw the infected cells. They looked perfectly normal if you ignored the green blobs sticking out of the sides. Ezra looked closer and saw a tiny amount of black mist, the same from the Brute on the edge of each infected cell. The doctors looked through the other lenses. Ezra then placed a tiny amount of the cure on the slide under the microscope and looked back through the lens. The nanobots, which were small steel colored balls surrounded the infected cells and converged on them. The doctors gasped at sight. The nanobots then started to eat away every cell until nothing was left.

“If we injected Fluttershy with the cure the nanobots would that to the healthy cells also.” Stated Ezra.

“Then what do we do?” Asked one of the doctors. I don’t know you’re the doctors.

“Can’t you use magic or something?” The doctors shook their heads.

“We tried using magic before, this virus was pretty much immune to any spell we used on it.” Said Cure.

“Well there has to be something we can do!” Said Ezra who was on the verge of panic.

“If there was a way to save her we would have already of used it. I’m sorry.” Said Cure sadly. No! My squad trusted me and I let them to their deaths I won’t let it happen again!

“There has to be a way to save her I know it!" Said Ezra with his voice full of determination. I will do anything to save her even if I have to be one of those kind of medics.

“There is.” Said a voice that only Ezra knew and sighed. They turned around and saw Pinkie Pie wearing full doctor robes (that happened to have property of Doctor Medicine stitched on it).

“Pinkie what are you doing here, besides committing medical fraud?” Ezra said.

“Didn’t she used to be a patient in the mental ward?” Said one doctor barely audible. I knew it!

“I’m helping a friend out silly.” Said Pinkie with her huge grin.

“How?” He asked.

“With this.” Pinkie reached behind her and pulled out a syringe filled with green liquid. Is that the antivirus? How did she… you know what I don’t want to know.

“Is that what I think it is?” Asked Cure. Pinkie nodded still with her every present grin that would later give Ezra nightmares. “How did you get it?” Here we go.

“Well I author wanted me to tell a long story about how I went on a quest to get it. Full of aliens, robots and zombie ninja pirates. But it was boring so I rewrote this part.” She said making the doctors more confused then their first day in medical school. “Well I have to go I’m needed in another fiction, see you in a few.” Pinkie then disappeared in thin air and where she used to be was the cure. The Ezra and the doctors stared where she used to be for about a minute before anybody spoke.

“Did that really just happen?” Ezra asked. The doctors shrugged. Well at least I know I didn’t image it. He then picked up the antivirus and looked at it. It was identical in every way to the one he was holding. Only the liquid had a green color and the label was written in crayon? He looked at the doctors who once again shrugged. He then placed a sample under the microscope and stared at it in shock. There were nanobots in it! That’s impossible no way she could just find a nanobot antivirus. The doctors then placed another sample of the virus in the same slide as the antivirus. Ezra watched as the nanobots converged only on the infected cells and left the non-infected untouched. To adjust the nanobots to work on a different species would take years of trial and error. But Pinkie Pie somehow found a syringe filled with nanobots. That’s impossible no way ponies have this kind of tech, then again Pinkie can break the laws of physics at will.

“Would it work on her?” Asked Cure.

“It appears so.” Said Ezra unsure of what to make of the recent events. “But theirs only one way to find out.” Ezra then walked out the medical lab and headed towards Fluttershy’s room. When he entered he saw Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight, Spike, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie around Fluttershy, who somehow looked worse. Each of their faces was red from tears. Spike sent an angry look in his direction while the rest of them didn’t take their eyes off of Fluttershy. Pinkie saw him and mouthed ‘Ezra, use the cure’. He then walked up to Fluttershy and readied the needle. The others (expect Pinkie Pie) watched with horror and fascination as he jammed the needle into her wound and emptied the green liquid into her. Ezra then removed the needle from her neck and threw it into a medical waste bin. He then turned to look at the horrified ponies.

“What?” He asked innocently.

“Y-y you just…” Started Rarity.

“Gave Fluttershy the cure!” Finished Pinkie. Making them turn to look at her. Then Fluttershy let out a soft moan. Ezra felt her forehead and smiled under his gas mask. It was still warm to touch but lower than before.

“Fever’s going down.” Ezra deadpanned. “If that antivirus works like the normal ones she would be fine in a day or so.”

“Antivirus?” Asked Twilight.

“Yes, she was infected by a Type A mutant and needed a nanobot antivirus to fight the virus any other medicine would strengthen the virus.” Ezra stated.

“Type A mutant?” Asked Twilight armed with quill and paper.

“Yes a Type A mutant called a Brute. They’re from my world. That’s what attacked the market and did this to Fluttershy.” Fluttershy moaned at the name of the mutant. “But don’t worry I killed it.” Ezra said getting a scared look from those present.

“So that’s what happened to the market.” Started Rarity. “I was on my way to pick up some new fabric at the market and when I got there I saw all those destroyed stalls. I was like this is the worst possible thing because I have a large order to make and…” shut up. Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! “That reminds me your suit is waiting at Fluttershy’s house. And is that a tear!” She pointed at his back where his armor was ripped. “Darling must come by so I can fix it. You can’t go around wearing damaged clothes.”

“One for the last time it’s armor not clothes. And two you won’t be able to repair it. My armor is mainly made of strong metal alloys that are just coated in fabric, both of which are made using advanced technology, which I highly doubt you ponies have yet to even think of making.”

“Well then you can wear the suit since you can’t repair your attire.” Said Rarity. His eye twitched. Damn fashion addict. Then Fluttershy moaned in pain. They all looked at her wounded body.

“This is all your fault!” Shouted Spike. “That thing that hurt her must of came to Equestria the same way you did. If you never showed up it wouldn’t either!

“Spike!” Shouted Twilight.

“No he’s right.” Said Ezra softly getting a shocked look from all the ponies and Spike who didn’t expect him to agree with him. “This is my fault. Brutes are from my world and the fact that one came to Equestria right after I arrived can’t be a coincidence. And worst I failed the one thing that I’m always supposed to do… protecting the innocent. I let her get hurt and almost die, which shouldn’t have happened! I’m a failure.” I’m a failure to the New Union. I blew up a nuke just to cover up my mistakes. I let all my teammates… no friends die, while I watched. And now I can’t even protect a civilian. I don’t deserve to wear this armor.

“You’re not a failure!” Started Rainbow Dash. “You saved her not only from that mutant, but from dying from that virus.”

“It’s my fault she was injured in the first place.” Ezra replied.

“But ya saved her isn’t that why ya joined the army ta save lives.” Said Applejack.

“Yes, but no matter how hard I try I can’t save anyone. Before I cam here I watched all my friends get killing front of me while I couldn’t do a thing to save them.” Ezra said. The ponies (and dragon) stared at him in shock while holding back tears.

“I didn’t think that was true when you said that at the castle.” Said Rainbow Dash softly.

“See no matter what I do I can’t prevent those around me from getting hurt. Ironically my name means survival but I’m the only one who survives while everyone else dies in front of me. I don’t deserve to wear this patch!” Ezra then ripped off his N.U.S.F. patch on his right shoulder and threw it on the ground. “I quit!” Ezra said and stormed out of the room. He then exited the hospital ignoring the suggestions from the nurses to get stitches. Ezra then started to run away.

Ezra stopped when his gas mask started to get foggy on the inside. He took it off and wiped it only to find the fog was caused by tears. He then sat on the ground and cried. He cried about his parent’s death, about his friends getting killed, and about being a failure to the uniform. He then felt something warp around his stomach and turned around. Pinkie Pie was hugging him. She then saw him look at her and offered him a cupcake that appeared out of thin air. For once Ezra didn’t care about how she did something that any form of life that ever existed was not about to do. He took the cupcake and ate it. That cupcake was the best (out off all three) he ever had. She then wiped some of his tears with a tissue. (Don’t ask where it came from) He then saw farther away were Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and (for some reason) Spike. They came over to him and joined the hug even Spike, though he only pretended to hug him.

Ezra gently shrugged them off and stood to his full height. “Would a failure defeat a monst… mutant and save a town?” Said Twilight.

“Would a failure get to wear such awesome armor?” Said Rainbow Dash.

“Would a failure save three fillies without gettin’ so much as a scratch?” Said Applejack.

“Would a failure get recruited into special forces right after basic training? Or beat Halo 4 on legendary, solo without dying? ” Said Pinkie Pie. What is … screw it I don’t want to know. He thought.

“Would a failure get promoted to lieutenant and be put in charge in guarding the Elements of Harmony?” Said Rarity.

“Would a failure prevent an entire world from getting conquered while fighting off an army?” Said a new clam voice. They all turned around and saw no other than Princess Celestia herself with two royal guards behind her. The ponies (and one dragon) bowed while Ezra saluted.

“Princess Celestia what are you doing here?” Said Twilight her voice full of happiness, surprise, and strangely panic.

Princess Celestia’s expression switched to concern. “I heard a horrible beast attacked Ponyville and young Fluttershy was hurt by the creature. I came as soon as I could. Are the rest of you alright?” They all nodded expect Ezra. She looked at his exposed face and his eyes, which were red from crying. “Ezra walk with me we need to talk.” She then started to walk away with her guards following. Ezra ran up to her to catch up.

“What happened?” She asked.

“I failed.” Ezra said sadly under his breath.

“What?” Celestia asked.

“I failed! I couldn’t protect her. It’s all my fault.” He said.

“What are you talking about?”

“You put me in charge from protecting the elements and I failed. Fluttershy is in the hospital and it’s all my fault.” He said with his voice full of shame.

“But there was…” She started.

“That thing that attacked the town was a fucking Brute!” He said. Celestia flinched slightly at his use of a curse word. “Brutes are from my world and there’s no way in hell that it was here just ‘cause. I must have brought it here somehow, so it’s my fault that Fluttershy got hurt.” Celestia then smacked him with her hoof.

“It wasn’t your fault! Stop drowning your self in self-pity and listen! I came here so quickly for another reason.” He turned to look at her. “I sensed some very powerful dark magic come from the Everfree Forest earlier today.”

“Do you mean…”

“Yes that creature or Brute as you call it didn’t come because of you… it was summoned.”

“What!” He said in shock. Why would anything summon a Brute or the better question who would know about them?

“I also took the liberty to examine the market and spoke to the doctors at the hospital about the strange illness Fluttershy had gotten from the beast. Both had traces of the same dark magic.” She said.

“So? It’s probably from how it was summoned.” He said.

Princess Celestia shook her head. “That’s not how magic works or in this case summoning spells. When a pony summons a creature they use their magical energy to transport it. The thing that is getting summoned gets infused with that energy. But when it arrivals that magical energy disappears.” Ezra gave her a blank look. She sighed. “What I’m saying is after the Brute was summoned and the same thing that summoned it was feeding it dark magic to increase its power. And even in the hospital the virus was coated in that dark magic. Something wanted to make the Brute and the virus it carried more powerful. It gets stranger. That antivirus that Pinkie Pie somehow gotten also had a strange magical energy coming from it, but instead of dark magic was light magic.”

“Light magic?” Ezra asked right on the edge of utter confusion.

“It is also called holy magic the same kind the Elements of Harmony produce. It is a very powerful type of magic. Until today I thought the elements were the only things that produce it, but now I not sure.” Note to self ask Pinkie Pie how she got that antivirus then check myself into metal asylum. “There are powerful forces at work…”

“Stop right there!” Ezra said. “I quit.”

“What!?!” She asked both in confusion and shock.

“You heard me I quit. Even if I didn’t bring the Brute here I almost let Fluttershy die.”

“You just made a mistake…”

“A mistake! On Earth if you make a mistake you don’t just say my bad and move on… you die. If you trip while getting chased by a pack of Leapers you don’t just get up and continued running you get eaten alive. If you get captured by the enemy because you messed up, they don’t let you go… they torture you until your greatest desire is for the Grim Reaper himself come and take you away. The point is the next time there will be no hospitals, no life saving cure only death. That’s why I quit, now go and find something better than me.”

“That’s not the real reason is it?” Princess Celetia said softly. “I can tell it isn’t. It’s really deeper than that.” Ezra forced himself to nod while looking at the ground. “It has something to do with you past.” Ezra shook his head. “I can tell when you’re lying.” She said softly.

Ezra then looked her in the eyes and saw pity and compassion. He gulped. “I-its j-just… IsawthemalldieandIcouldn’tdoanything!” He then started to cry a bit. (I saw them all die and I couldn’t do anything)

“It’s about your friends dying isn’t it?” She asked.

“No it’s about my life.” He deadpanned.

“A tragic event in your life?”

“More like my whole life. It all started six years ago when I was nine a horde of mutants entered April the city I live in.” He hesitated for a second. “They broke into my house… I was there when they came in. God those horrible yellow eyes.” Ezra shivered at the memory. “I stood still in fear as them came towards me. Then they leaped at me.” He stopped again for a second. “M-my mom got in front of me right and saved me… but all she did was make a meal out of herself.” Celestia had a tear in her eye. No foal should ever have to witness that. She thought. “Then my dad ran down the steps with his old hunting rife. He yelled for me to run, but I was too scared I watched and did nothing, as he was overwhelmed. But standing in a pool of your parent’s blood makes you think straight again. I then ran away leaving them… or what was left of them behind. But that is only half the story.” Celestia’s jaw made an impression of Pinkie Pie and hit the ground. There’s more! How is he even still sane? “I ran into my best friend Gavin who witnessed similar events. We hid in a office building… then the army came.” Ezra then grinned evilly. “Those fucking beasts picked the wrong species to mess with. They didn’t stand a chance, but it was too late the damage was done. Our homes were destroyed from the fighting and we have no where to go.”

“So you joined the army.” Said Celestia.

“Yes for several reasons. Since we had nowhere to go we joined. Gavin joined to get revenge on mutants and for me at least was to prevent that from happening to anyone else.” How noble. She thought. “Since we were young he had some troubling joining but we got in eventually. After a hell of a time in basic we both got recruited right into Special Forces. I was given a squad to command despite many objections. Gavin, Aiden, John, Sal, and Patrick those were my teammates. We were all highly trained and given the latest tech right out of the labs.” He stopped talking for a second and started back at Twilight and her friends that were watching him in the distance. “At first it went well, command gives us orders, we get dropped off, compete our objective, get picked up and repeat. Then the deaths started. John and Patrick both died on this one mission when we were at sea. But since then on every mission their replacements and their replacements died while I watched and couldn’t do a thing. By the two year mark of me getting command over a squad, forty six of my former teammates were dead.” A lone fly went in and out of the guards and Celestia’s open mouths. “Word of this got around and we were called the cursed squad. But I knew the squad wasn’t cursed… it was me.”

Celestia tried to speak but couldn’t form any words. “My parents died with me watching and then my teammates. At first I thought it was just a coincidence but after ten times I expected something. Well the point is that there is always death around me and if I stay near the elements they will die. I think I speak for everyone when I say its better off if I go away.”

Ezra about to walk away to Pinkie knows where but was stopped when Princess Celetsia pull her wing on his shoulder.

“Ezra I don’t believe in coincidence, I think you were sent to Equestria for reason and I believe that reason is saving us all. Events are already set in motion and if you walk away now we are all doomed.” Ezra removed her wing and started to walk away. “‘I will protect all civilians until my dying breath, and if those I protect come under attack I would gladly lay down my life for them. Nothing will stand in my way of my duty. I will not die until my orders are fulfilled, and when I do, I will die with my fist down something’s throat’” He stopped. “Do you remember those words? You said that at the castle that is your creed, to protect all civilians. You stand for that creed. You lost everything and instead of just surrendering to fate you did something, you decided to protect all innocent life from danger. Are you really going to give up on the one thing you stand for? That you live for?” Ezra turned around and looked at her. “I admit I can’t even begin to imagine how you are still sane after all that pain and suffering you went through. But I know you don’t want that to happen to anypony else. So I ask you… no beg you to stay and help us.”

“What are my orders?” He said with a smirk. Celestia’s face lit up like a Christmas tree.

“Protect the Elements save us all.”

“Where are the solder’s I asked for?” He asked.

“On their way, they should be here tomorrow. I told them to met you at the Barrel of Hay.” Not another pony pun.

“The what?” He asked dreading the answer.

“It’s a bar in Ponyville, just ask somepony for directions.” There’s a bar here, thank God.

“Now I believe there are those who don’t know yet that you reconsidered quitting. And here is your pay.” She gave him a bag filled with gold coins. Ezra them walked back toward Twilight and her friends. “We may just have hope yet.” She said under his breath.


“For the fifth I’m not quitting.” Ezra explained to the five mares and one baby dragon.

“But ya said…” Started Applejack.

“I had a talk with Princess Celestia and changed my mind.” Ezra said annoyed. “I promised to protect you all and I intend to kept that promise. The next thing that wants to mess with the elements better be ready for me.”

“That reminds me Ezra I’m interested in this mutant you and Fluttershy are the only ones who saw it clearly, while everypony else glanced at it and ran away. I’m curious about it and Fluttershy is not in a good state to answer any questions.” Lets see what my options are. One answer the questions and get it over with possible effect of my brain committing suicide. Two cloak and… wait my armor’s ripped I can’t cloak, well fuck. Three answer with a confusing question and while she’s confused run. But she knows where I’m living. I may not make it out of this one alive. Ezra sighed.

“Ok what do you want to know.” She smiled at his response.

“First lets start with something simple, what was it?” She asked. Well can’t escape now, or maybe if I fake having a heart attack… no that won’t work she’ll know.

“That was a deadly Type mutant called a Brute.” He answered.

“Type A?” Asked Rarity. Not you too!

“Humans documented and put all the types of mutants in ten different classes based on DNA, and body structure. Type A mutants are what used to be human such as Leapers, Brutes, Fakes, Crawlers, and Hunters. They also are the most deadliest types of mutants.”

“But what is a Brute beside a former human?” Asked Twilight.

“The best way to describe a Brute is to take a seven foot muscular human and mix it with a meat eating, blood thirsty lizard and add some sharp claws and teeth.” They shivered at the thought. “That’s pretty much the basic idea of a Brute. Anymore questions?”

“How does a human turn into that thingy?” Asked Pinkie.

“Radiation and chemical waste.” He answered.

“What and what?” Said Applejack.

“Radiation is caused by energy coming from unstable particles that are from toxic elements like uranium and plutonium.” Only Twilight understood this, while the rest of the ponies were looking at him like was speaking Spanish backwards. “Exposure to radiation can cause health problems and mutations over generations. Chemical waste is just toxic chemicals left around from the nukes. Like radiation it causes health problems but more rapid and more fatal. Over generations of exposure to both of those would change your DNA and your body structure. Any more questions?”


“Good. Now I’ll think I’m going home fighting a seven foot flesh eating monster really tires you out. Bye.” Ezra picked up his gas mask and walked toward Fluttershy’s house leaving the shocked ponies staring at where he used to be.

When he got there the sun already set and the moon took its place in the sky. He ducked down and entered the cottage and was met by Angel. “Not now I had a rough day.” He said to the rabbit as if it could understand him. Angel then pulled out a long carrot, at which Ezra rolled his eye. Then he noticed what was at the tip of it. There was a small white cloth attached to it. As Ezra stared at it Angel started to wave it around with his paws. Wait is he surrendering? Angel then held out his paw offering the carrot. Ezra took it from him and ate it.

“So this is what a carrot tastes like never had one before thanks.” Angel stared at him in shock not believing that he never had a carrot before. “So what’s with the peace treaty, figured out that you would never win?” He joked. Angel pointed a furry paw at a picture that displayed Fluttershy.

“Because I saved her?” He asked at which Angel nodded. “It’s what I do.” He said and then he walked upstairs to his room. Ezra took off all his armor and lay on the bad staring at the celling. If only my old team could see me now. He then drifted off to sleep.

Ezra opened his eyes to find he was in dreamscape again. He turned around and saw Princess Luna. “Do you do this to everyone or just me?” He asked.

“Just thou.” She replied with a smile.

“Why do you talk like that?” He asked.

She sighed. “It is because we haven’t adjusted to modern Equestrian ever since our banishment.”


“Thou see we have been sealed on thy moon for one thousand years by our sister.” That is one hell of a timeout.

“If you do mind me asking what did you do?”

“We were possessed by an evil entity that wanted to plunge thy world in enteral darkness.” Must have really hated putting on sunblock for it to want that.

“But you’re here now…” He said confused.

“Yes thy entity controlling us escaped our prison and came to Equestria only to be stopped by the Elements of Harmony at the same time freeing us.”

“Wait a minute your Nightmare Moon!” He said regretting it as soon as it came out of his mouth.

Luna looked like she was about to cry. “Yes that is what many still call us even that we have been free for its influence.”

“I’m sorry it slipped out.” Ezra said trying to undo the damage

“It’s fine. Anyways we are here to tell thou something important. There is a strange force that is following thou everywhere thou goes.” And I didn’t have enough to worry about.

“No this force gives off holy magic that even rivals thy elements.” Ezra held up one finger and imagined a cup of water that appeared in his hand. He slipped it and spit it out.

“Was that really necessary?” She asked causing him to shrug. “Anyways we must now go we have to attend thy night court. Goodbye.” She then disappeared and dreamscape turned into whatever a mentally scarred solider dreams about.


Several men wearing gasmasks and radiation proof suits were walking around in a large crater. “So this is how the cursed squad met its end.” Said one grimly.

“Show some respect! They saved us all.” Said another.

“I heard their leader was just a kid.” Said another one.

“That kid is now a hero, if only he survived.”

“Maybe he did.” All the men turned to look at who said this, the newest member of the team. “We weren’t there maybe he did survival.” The others just rolled their eyes and continued walking. “Ezra I will find you I promise. You saved me once and I’m going to return the favor.”