Two gamers one world

by moonsaber56

First published

Meet ray and george two humans are transported into equastria. But with a catch they have every power of the people they have played.

Follow the adventures of two gamers as they are transported into equestrian they have one thing that is different they every power and can have the appearance and gear from the characters they have played. This only means one thing. That these guys are equestrians only hope of defending against the villains and necromorphs.
my first real fan fiction. I have tried others but i get lazy.

Lets do this shit!

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2013 phone call from Ray and George

"Dude" I call my friend George. earlier I went to game stop to get the black ops 2 game. Me and George are pretty good beta testers and for some reason game stop gave us two costume packs for Mortal Kombat I simply said thank you and claimed the power up points and left.
"What?" he reply's sounding pissed
"Got a new costume pack wanna try it out?"
"Why not dude ill turn on my game and you give me the map pack."

30 minutes later

"Finally its done". I give him the costume pack "Game stop put in it that we should beta test it."After a while of convincing him I get him to play as the character costume set I pick the awesome epic Stryker while my best friend since we were kids picks smoke.I quote from the movie"No one can see me move in the darkness" He gets annoyed and turns into invisble for a damage boost.
I plummet him in a world of hurt because I am the best when it comes to mortal kombat i am pretty good with Stryker because one i am the best 10 wins for 1 loss bitches! "Eventually he gets annoyed and says dude lets just play some assassins creed 3" I reply with "You chicken bro you know what I am gonna switch characters".
He switches characters to Kung Lao and I switch to Kano I quote the movie again with "Hello baby ive studied all your moves Sonya." I charge a x ray attack and say while my character stabs him I say " Ive studied all your moves Ive used the knowledge to stab you in the face!" with that I win and the game suddenly changes from the game to a my little pony wallpaper.I immediately call George I say in the phone. "dude are you seeing what i am seeing" he reply with the same thing and we agree to use Skype to show what happened.
We set up our Skype and when we do the same thing shows that same wallpaper "Dude this is not good something is happening". The image starts to glow and the screen starts to glow bigger.Getting a little scared I call George again and say that he should come to my house and play some more mortal kombat because its starting to get creepy.He agrees and he comes over the picture fades away and our game restarts."Dude" I say "this ain't right somthing going on.He reassures me and we start the game I pick stryker and George pick kung Lao the game starts and I just slaughter him when i do beat him the picture pops up and the my litle pony song pops up (Play song here).
After a while of waiting the song gets louder and louder until it feels like my eardrums are gonna explode George does the something trying to block his ears.Then the picture starts to go fuzzy and brighter and makes a vortex."What the shit!!"We say in unison of course we try to swim away but to no avail we get sucked in and the last words i hear is "WHY god why"!

Ch: 1 Really

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Why in the world am i a pony. I look around and sigh just gray walls and etc.
"Well this sucks"I say after trying to get the ropes to give through.
After waiting a while a pony came out its flank has a question mark.
"Why did you do it?" It asked me
"What?" i reply
After a while of him explaining what happened. i understand what happened while i was playing the game i got sucked in and now i am stuck as a pony.
"Why did you do it?" he asked again expecting me to know the answer
"I did nothing." after saying that he threw a hard ball at me face
Another pony came in and right next to him is a paper floating. Why in the world is that paper floating?
"Well your sentence is....." he paused a moment and said the word that made my instincts obviously beg for my life.
"Death" after he said that my pupils shrank to the size of needles. And i as soon as i came out of shock i begged like no tomorrow even though the rope was tearing at my arms or what used to be my arms.
"Please don't let kill me please please!! I don't wanna die please don't kill me! I wanna live!!"
After around 10 minutes of me grubbing and begging. He finally says
"Either death or you help us. "I instantly accept.
"Well we are at war with the changelings we may need you help." he informs me.
"Well do you know where my friend is you probably got him to right?"
He moves to the left and there is my. Friend Georges character.
"This sucks ass" he says
I reply with "Same bro same well either we die or we help them"
Georges eyes turn into the size of needles.
"Relax dude were gonna help them.Something about griffons"
After a while they leave.
"This sucks dicks bro this sucks were pony's and were in a magical land and were gonna be forced to fight".Georges announces
"Same bro same but really we don't but lets just go with it"
After a while they come back this time with another paper.
"Here your citizenship paper you have 2 weeks to relax and buy Armour and etc before you start your first mission.
"Well" i say "Thanks".
"Wait here for the escorts to come and get you".

Ch: 2 Time to ruin my LIVER

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After a while of waiting and being punched repeatedly.The question pony gives up and asks me a question.

"Do you know our anthem? I look at George and look at the person likes he is the most stupid person.

"Do you know who the Fuck i am a American. Bitch! come here". I start to get out of my strapped chair and tackle the questioner and start punching him like a mad man. While the American anthem plays in my mind.

"You never insult a American for not knowing his song"! eventually guards come out and get me off of him.
"Thank you he's a psycho"after saying that he runs off from the door screaming for his life.

"Well that was eventful" i say after trying to get George out of his chair. He looks at him self and starts to get in a seizure freak out.
"My hands where are they. My epic hands oh my god i can't play video games why!" while George continues his little freak out i talk to the guard.
"So how long do we have to stay here before we go"? The guard replies with "Right now or as soon as he stops freaking out after that you me drink off".
"Deal first one to throw up loses". "George wake up dude wake up" he's still freaking out.
"WAKE THE FUCK UP" i throw a hard ball at him and he comes to his senses. "What am i still a pony?"
"Yep bro lets go ruin our livers Yeah!"
After a while of walking and falling we make it into a bar.
Outside the bar is around 2 pony's hanging out and drinking looking majorly drunk inside. The bar looks pretty old and worn inside there is around 15 pony's drinking.
"Here it is" he says "First one to throw up has to pay.
"Fine but if your drunk and you lose i am taking your wallet and paying with it".
"Fine" We enter the bar And a old stallion. Greets us "What will it be?"
"Drinking contest" i reply "Give us the strongest spirits you got Loser pays"
"Start up the music three pony's nod and start playing the music. "Well lets get this over with" George starts with 3...2... 1. "And go!
I grab a tankard and start chugging it. the guard does the same and.By the time i am finished with the first tankard the guard is chugging another."Oh it is on time to ruin my liver!" Most of the pony's are looking at us while we finish the third.

Some of the pony's are saying "Go go go go"! I grab another and start getting a buzz and a stomach ache from drinking.
"Dang it i thought i was gonna be drunk!" when i say it the crowd get's wide eyed and jaws hit the ground.When i am done with my Fourth tankard.I have a major stomach ache and a buzz and a swirly vision.I look at George and he looks bored the crowd leaves and i look at the guard.
"You want to stop"? I look at him and he is saying words that make no sense. I look at him and tell the bar owner.
"Check his wallet and take the bits.
The waiter looks at me and says "You aren't drunk are you?" I say "Nope a little buzzed and a stomach ache from chugging but not much".
"lets go George I say lets go find a place to sleep.With that we left.The bar with a drunk guard and a amazed owner.

You should stop the song right now

After a while of looking for a house to sleep in we gave up."Lets go bro its time to sleep and i am pretty hungry"
"I know bro there's plenty of trees why not sleep on one".
After a while of looking a for a tree we find one and start getting ready."Dude this sucks from pony to sleeping in a tree"
Surprisingly it comfortable."Like home ahh" i sigh. Wondering whats happening at home.
All of a sudden i hear a war horn."Did you hear that" I say
"yeah and Oh my god and what is that" he points in the direction of a sudden army of bandits
"Huh" I look in all i could say is. "oh my god run" we run in the direction of the village and say.
"Run theirs a army run get your children!" We try to get villagers out of the way of the village when I spot 2 dead guards George says."Dude grab a weapon and start hack and slashing these people need us"! I grab a axe and George grabs a sword .
When we look around it is utter chaos villagers are freaking out and getting slaughters We are shocked eventually we recover and me and George continues getting the villagers out of the town. "Dude look out" I look around and dodge a sword in time. I swing my axe at the bandit and hit him in the neck straight through it."Omg what did i do!?" I try to forget it and start getting the villagers out of harms way from being slaughtered.its nothing like home when that satisfying feeling on standing and having your hands.
A villager says "My Foal where is she please help me!" George tell me to look for one and i immanently break the struggle between me and 2 bandits. And start looking for her "There she is!" she is in the middle of town surrounded by bandits.
"George help me out"!. He stops escorting villagers and helps me out.
Bandits are slowly closing on us and i notice the foal is injured.We slice the bandits necks in half and rush to the foal."Where is my mommy?"she looks around scared and we get her and start rushing to the villagers.While trying to get the foal to safety bandit jumps out of a building and hits me in the shoulder blade."Agh!" I yell in pain while George get's the villagers to safety and rushes to me and says before my visions turns to black."Dude you ok ray!"

Ch:3 Fame and celiestia and my eye

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"Oh my head." When i woke up i noticed a huge cloth bandage on my neck i look around and see a group of frightened villagers and a bloody captain next to me."George what happened"?
I look at the villagers most of them have a wound most have a axe wound and look frightened. The captain looks worse he has scraps of armor here and there when i look closer.He has a sword and a badge that says Shining armor captain The rest i can't read because it been blunted out.

Finally George comes in he has a cloth bandage to around his right shoulder."Dude you're okay i thought you died." He hugs me and my inner human in my mind says,Gay! "Dude stop please" he lets go and says "Okay when i found you you had a axe in your neck or was it your shoulder.
After a while of him explaining what happened my brain takes in the info like this
Okay so when he found me he found me bleeding out and a axe in my shoulder. Wow can this get any worse and i almost died in the process.And George nearly died on the way of getting me out of town and found a captain on the way.
"Almost forgot your face or your muzzle whatever" he grabs a mirror and shows me my face has a large scar 2 across my eyes and one long one across my face.I notice a ponytail on him. but i disregard it i am gonna ask him about that later.
After a while of pondering to my self on what happened, a villager comes up and greets."Hello my name is Evan while you two were defending the town, I had an inspiration of a lifetime" he then brings up a picture of me and George around a bunch of defeated bandits without the chaos around in what really happened.
"You two are heroes! Are you guards or ex-guards of the royal guards"? He asks me and George, we try to quickly think of a cover story but fail in the end i say "Nope were not guards just mercenary's. When i say that the villagers carry a face of disappointment, "sorry were not guards just mercenary's sorry."
The captain gets out of his little shock and says "Hello my name is shining armor captain of the royal guard and what are you?" When i look at him he didn't look royal at all but no one looks okay when they got out of the village i take a good look at him and notice that even though he is wounded here and there he is trying to do his job and i notice that the villagers we took out of the village most of them are scared near death or wounded.
"Names moon and here's Evol i point to George" George buts me in with "Sup names Evol were mercenary and we are NOT guards."
He looks at us surprised because we just saved a village and him by ourselves.
"Do you know where the nearest town is?" i ask the captain Expecting the captain to know where all the towns are.
"Yeah i know where the capitol " he then points to the capitol direction.
"Well lets go" with that we head to the capitol

Five days later

The walk back to the capitol wasn't bad but it was mostly quiet. I worried in constant fear.
When we did make it to the capitol or canterlot the captain said. "Well here is where i work.
When we get near the castle 4 guards stand outside the gates "Halt this is the capital."Shining grants us passenger and we enter in
I am amazed by the place pure marble and gold everywhere and mosaics. When we come across two huge doors shining opens them and we see a pony with wings like George and a horn like mine,she has a white hide and a blue mane and a tiara on her head. What is with blue manes these days.
"Princess i have come back and i bring good news."
She talks like a huge mega phone with a queen speaker in it". Thank you welcome back but i bear bad news for you We have found replacement for you you are now released from your job ".
When he heard that his pupils dilated to pinprick size and he had the sorrow look Celestia continued "You two are invited to join the royal guard". She points to Me and George "Also what is your name young heroes" I look at George and at me he nods and i say "Nah we would not want to join the royal guard and my name is Moon and this is Evol"I point to George,"also shining you are dismissed from military service,"She continues "I wasn't asking"
I instantly realize what she meant guards over flowed the room around 40 and started to crowd around me George and shining."Remember knock out the guards don't kill them". The first guard charges at me and i knock him out with the blunt end of my axe George does the same while shining avoids them all and cowers in a corner."Chicken bawk bawk bawk" i say while dodging a sword.
My axe handle breaks form pressure because using it against metal is not good i franticly search around and spot a dazed guard with a 2 hand sword i grab it and I am amazed how light it is. "Huh really light for a huge sword" It is like my axe but easier shining finds a Katana and for some reason he is pretty good with it. "that's how you do it! I knock out a guard while George uses the flat end of his sword and knocks out another guard eventually
The number of guards dwindle down to a nice five after a while of being beaten to near knocked out my temper starts to lose control and it flares into a fire I say "that is it your gonna die"! I rush to the captain of the invasion and push him up into the air and then it feels like bliss as i recreate my favorite move from fire emblem and super smash. Shining and George stop and look up while i keep slashing him while flames come out of it."FLAME AETHER"
While i am doing that George knocks out the last guard and notices me doing an flame aether.All he can say is "wow i thought that was impossible"after hitting the captain several times the guard freezes and is rolling in air in place i bring the sword back and swing down the guard is propped from the ground and is long gone from here.

After recovering from it I look at the princess she is in total shock she eventually recovers from it. "Wow just wow please join the royal guard". she gets on her knees or whatever and begs I blush,because I now have royalty kissing my ass or begging as people say i look at shinning his face as he is frozen in place shining I wave my hoof in his face he wakes up and utters. "I have never seen that ever". Me and Celestia argue on the terms of our agreement what we get and what we don't eventually we agree on some conditions one we don't wear armor two we get to bring in 4 other pony's with us and three we get our own rooms in the castle she accepts and she calls a few maids to bring us to our rooms when we arrive it is pretty huge and fancy i whistle "Wow this is awesome" we go to bed In our new ones. And the next day i feel a nice and stinging sensation on my crotch.When i look around my bed i see a unicorn that looks a lot like the Celestia "What the fuck!"

Ch:4 my new wife

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"What the fuck just happened" i look closer at the unicorn as it looks a lot like the princess she has the tiara but she does not have those fancy wings and the mane is Indigo.Eventually i work up the courage to talk to her,"Hello my name is moon and why in the world are you in my bed?" When i look at her she is defiantly asleep and is probably the source of my stinging crotch.After a while of waiting i finally just say "Buck it" i punch her in the gut as soon as land the blow she gasps for air and writhes on the bed in pain.I think about it and maybe she is the princess.To make sure I say.
"Wow thought you wouldn't wake up well here this might help". I grab a mirror and show her,She gasps in front of the mirror in horror.
"What did you do to me what happened"after watching her freak out for a little bit i say."Do you have like a thing that watches my room in case something happens she nods and she pops up a spell on what happened.It shows her walking into my room and then humping me my mouth is in shock because one shes a mortal because of me and two she humped me in my sleep.
We say in unison"what happened that night?"
Me and Celestia talk it out and to prove she is a mortal i crack part of the mirror and just gently scratch her flank to prove that she can bleed if she bleeds she is mortal.She again s freaks out.
"The kingdom I can no longer rule what about Luna!"She freaks out for a moment when she remembers a law she made that she now regrets

Law 22 Any pony who has committed sex will at will marry the one who companion.

After a while of waiting for her to freak out I go to Georges bed who now is annoyed and awake.
"Dude guess who 'did it' with the princess"When i tell him he has the weirdest expression like dude no way!
"Dude well time to wake up ms royal here and tell the other princesses about it". After dragging Celestia out of bed and slapping her a few times we get her to Luna's room.

"Lunas its me Celestia" she knocks on the door a few times eventually she gets in and I grab a chair and start waiting while I was bored George disappeared and came back he said.
"Dude guess what i got."He showed me 3 books one of those were yellow with a angel mark and the other ones were purple with a weird down mark.After thinking about it for a while were the books came from I remembered that the books were from skyrim.
"Dude you have the books from elder scrolls that's amazing" I grab the books and try to remember the skyrim language the yellow one is in nord language which is ours and the rest is Daedric which is gonna take a while for me to translate.
"Dude lets start cracking the books". George pulls out a red book which i remember is Destruction spells.As soon as we start reading Celestia opens the door.She looks sorrow and has her face stained from a while of tears.She hugs me and starts crying in my mane after a while of her crying a black pony with the horn and wing comes out and says."Take care of her she is yours this should help",She tosses a bag of coins after that she goes back to her room,And I hear the same sobbing.
"Dude" I tell George "Get shinning here maybe he can help" George runs and grabs shining armor, Celestia keeps uttering the same words"Who is gonna take care of them". She continues crying into my mane until shining comes,I mouth the words "Help"shining comes and talks to Celestia trying to calm them down,"George" I say he reply's with "what"?
"Dude we got to get used to life here because of this I now have a wife and two mouths to feed shining and Celestia"shining finally calms celestia down she speaks "Do you know a place were we can live"? I ask George where did he get the books he nods and leads us out of the palace and even farther after a while of walking it starts to get dark."Dude you sure you know where you got these"He nods again and we stop at a small cave entrance I say to shining and Celestia "You know any light spell were gonna need them." they nod and do a simple light from their horn and we enter the cave.

When we do it is amazing exactly like skyrim at first there is a few unactivated traps as the floor always has polished stone floors also it has wood props around the edges of it to support.But it is exactly like skyrim as the cave winds down the stone florr becomes earth cobble the more wood props appear until we hit a jackpot.The room is filed with a enchantment table and a brewing stand exactly from skyrim also the place has beds!"Oh my god this place is awesome!"I get to one of the beds and start clearing it out.I take a look at shining and celestia as they are already getting used to it or at least trying when shining stabs the biggest spider I have seen after that everyone went to sleep.

I check everyone's bed for anymore spiders I find a awsome hat as its a old flat hat and a silver edge. Not bad i think in my head.I find no spiders a lot of dust but no spiders I go to one of the beds as it is cotton white I wonder how in the world does it look so new?After that I fall in bed as soon as possible and I start to drift away into sleep.

Ch:5 Meeting twilight and knocking her out .

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After getting the worlds best sleep in the world I manage to get off my bed and look around the room.It is a pretty normal room as it has beds chairs a kitchen and a awesome table and when I look around a awesome door teak.I take a good look at shining and they look pretty satisfied as the place looks great.Eventually i hear a knocking on the door that led to this room.
"Who is it?" I say next to the door I then hear"Open up royal guard" I hear them say again "Open up or were gonna break in'! I then hear a female voice say "Charge"!
I gently open the door to see them charge through it and hit the wall rendering them knocked out then a purple horn pony comes out and says "Well that was unsuccessful my name is twilight sparkle you are under arrest under the royal guard". She walks in like she owns the world she then says the same thing.I make it simple to her by punching her in the jaw.I do a awesome uppercut which smashes her jawand then I charge up a fist while her back is shown. My hoof and what every used to be my arm charges into a blue aura and punches her I hear the satisfying crunch of her back and jaw as she falls unconscious on the ground.
Celestia and shining walk in and they have crumbs on the muzzle or face what ever when they see the unconscious mare and guards they say four words."What did you do!" After a lot of explaining what happened they look at the purple mare and asses the injury she got they find a broken jaw a crushed and shattered spine and a concussion I remember the yellow book that George gave us."Honey"I say "Why don't you read this book"? I hand her the book and she takes a while to read it when she does one of her hooves start to glow.She then somehow casts it on the knocked out purple mare which soon heals her jaw and spine she wakes up and says words i can't hear except "why did you do it?" I tell her later i will do it.

2 hours later

My wife is now filling my mouth with soap "God dammit blblblbl aghh ptew!" I spit out the surprising nice tasting soap and look at the princess "Hello my name is moon that's shining and theirs evol and celly". I point to them she is still looking dazed and with a slight amazement.(In my life i have learned to tell faces). She finally speaks up she takes out a note pad and a old style pen and a ink well she says."How did you that no one I have seen can do a simple punch and break bones." I reply with "Nope just my epic fists and x-ray" mentioning mortal kombat.
She looks more surprised she then says "Well good luck and may you tell me why did you do it? I tell her that one i don really want to get arrested and two I never liked purple. After i said that she started crying.
Bored I take a quick look at myself in the mirror I see pure relaxed person who saying it like its his life a grey coated stallion a indigo horn and mane.On my but or flank is a dog tag with the word gamer.
Another look at Twilight is that she is still crying and shining and celly are giving me cold stares to me while trying to cheer her up from what I said that is "offending" to her.
Eventually I get tired of them crying so I tell George to try to take care of them and I take a quick walk through a forest.
Eventually I get lost but I come across 5 other pony's also looking lost. I am about to say hi to one of them when I hear the familiar sound of barking and drooling.I quickly hide on a tree branch the dogs grabs the five pony's and look around for any more pony's attempting to hide away from them. I manage to stay hidden and suddenly I feel the need to piss bad i attempt to hold it in but give up and I attempt to take a ninja piss, when one of the dogs spot me.
"Hello what do we have here". He quickly grabs me by the neck and tosses me into the ground using the remainder of my piss ,I manage to piss on the dog that grabbed me .The dog things laugh and grab a cat o nine.Huh didn't think they had that here he then whips one of the pony's I can see the stress on their face trying to hold back the pain. He comes close to me and says "guess its your turn I say in reply.
"Don't you fucking dare I can kick you ass bro don't do it this ain't gonna end well for you". The whip comes close to me when i quickly punch him in the groin several times.I then jump and bring my hoof down which break his spine he winces in pain as the other 2 dogs come."Come and get me I will take you all down!" One of the dogs try to charge at me but I manage to stand on the hind legs like i used to and punch him in the stomach or his chest then grab him and throw him headfirst into the ground hearing the familiar cracking of his skull.I quote smoke with "stay down".
The last dog charges me into a tree breaking half my ribs and a part of my spine and boy is it painful!!
I then fall to the ground blacking out while pretty much spewing blood from my mouth, when I hear the weird sound from mortal kombat "ROUND TWO......FIGHT!" I quickly get back up while the dog gets a surprised look on his face like I rose from the dead.I quickly punch him in the skull breaking it into pieces then step on him hard breaking his ribs. After a moment of pity I give them mercy by giving them a quick death......snapping their necks in half. I look to the five ponies as they wear the most scared looks on their faces "Go on back to your homes and make sure you don't tell anyone about this" .I suddenly remember the way back to the nearest town I point them in that direction. As they run off to their homes I take a breather then i proceed to walk home the ribs the dog's broke messed up my walking as every step manages to poke me painfully as the ribs and my spine pretty much make my walk a lot wobbly and half the time I need to pause to throw up some more.
"Well so much for being short and awesome". While walking back to the cave i wonder. How in the world did i do the x ray moves from mortal kombat something's is up..
I finally make it to the cave I make it to the luscious and surprisingly fluffy and comfy bed I start to drift off from the pain and exhaustion because doing four x ray moves makes you tired and my ribs and spine are cracked and are in chunks.I hear the screams of George and celly before I nearly slip to being knocked out from one adrenaline and shock pumping through mr and my ribs and spine are cracked and two i feel really sleepy all of a sudden luckly my ears pick up the words before most of my vision turns to black.
"Oh my god moon are you okay?" I manage to utter a few words before complete gone passed out"No I am not okay. With that I am gone.

Ch:6 Pack a punch and mystery box

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After finally waking up I notice my surroundings as they are sterile white and i notice the annoying pace maker working furiously to keep my heart beating eventually it goes flat line.( turn down your volume it pretty loud)After a while of that annoying and loud sound that around 4 nurses and 1 doctor rush in when they reach me. They have the most confused and amazed faces.I quickly unplug most of the stuff and head out of the building leaving the stunned and happy doctors in the building. After hearing a warning of "look our" I quickly spot her punch her in the ribs and bring the thunder by grabbing her putting her head towards the ground and use it as a jack hammer(this happened in seconds). She quickly writhes in pain and i exit the scene by walking to the nearest direction to the cave.

One hour and a lot of asking later......

Eventually I reach library and It is a huge tree I whistle *whistle* "wow that's a pretty big tree". I go in and I run into twilight and she has the most concentrated face."Hey twilight how you doing"? She replies with "not much aghh"! I wonder why she was angry so i take a look at her she is looking at a huge war story as it is in Spanish.
I remember as it is war story from mexicain culture I argue against myself to decide whether or not to translate it for her in the end I decide to leave her alone with the book and look around the place i grab a book daring doo and something something. I grab it and it sucks dicks no wait they suck dick at sucking dicks.I quickly looks around for a good Indiana Jones type of book all i see is more of these in the adventure section and the rest is like pitiful adventures something about the elements of harmony and cutie mark. She finishes crying from being frustrated which i did not notice, and I look at her bored in the most bored way.
"Twilight can you give me a quick tour around the town."
The town is pretty interesting as it has a bakers house and a cites shop."Wow this town has everything!Does it have a video ". I quickly stop what I am gonna say because it can ruin everything to a good life here.After a while we spot the Pegasuses I nearly knocked out and celly doing the spell thing again.
"Did you do this moon?" she looks at me in a way that makes my mind go in two directions.On one hand i can lie but she will probably find out and be more angry.On the other hand i can admit it and she will still be angry. So i admit and i say
"Yes.."She forgives me for my honesty until I hear the teddy bear laugh and I see George poking around a box.
"Dude what you got there?"He spins around and shows me the thing that makes my mind have a orgasm."Omg is that what i think it is?" I look closer at the box and realize its the box from call of duty zombies.
I quickly activate it and get a blundergat!"Oh my god guess what daddy's got!"I grab the weapon and activate it again this time i get a "death machine oh my god this is the best I wonder what pistol I will get!?"
I activate it again and I get the B23R or the repeater pistol dual.George activates his and gets the dual ray gun and the stakeout. We both scream until we start hugging the box. After that we turn back to twilight and celly the pegasus must have fled.
"Um hi?" After my reply the still look confused i explain to them that they are special weapons and can beat a sword or bow and weather at any day. I drag celly and slam her hoof on the box she gets a M1 Garand with a Sniper scopereplacing the iron sight and a grenade attachment. Another try and a B23R single pistol.
Twilight went to the box to grab a weapon but when she did the box float into the sky and was replaced with perk a cola machine with them all including pack a punch. But twilight managed to touch it and it started floating into the sky."No god no please nooooo!!" I got on top of it hugging it and george is doing the same thing on top of it screaming noo!
Eventually the pack a punch machine goes down and we drag it back to the cave. We go back to twilight but I hear the scream and the pleading cries for help i soon grab my death machine and run to the cries of help I say to George "Take care of celly ill be right back!".
After a while of tracking the sounds I see around 10 ponies and the dog things I prep the death machine first i check the ammo belt as it is half ammo pretty good enough for this measly group. And start the death machine as it whirls and it stays true to its name as it pretty much annihilates the dogs I free the captured ponies as they look very scared i reassure them that it is gonna be alright.
I manage to get the the pony's back to the town as they split up and do they usual business.
After getting back to town I notice shining has a AK-47 with the Shotgunattachment,and a very frustrated twilight. "Waz up!" I greet them they tell me twilight has tried around 30 times and then is starting to go a little insane. Eventually they managed to calm her down to a very frustrated level.
"Well i am starting to get a little tired by the way i am gonna hit the sack peace!"I get back to the cave and get to the bed i slept last night as i put my book there i put it there again and fall asleep for the day.

Ch:7 necromorphs and first death

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After getting up from a horrible sleep my inner me calls for nature so I soon look for a bathroom. But my lack of direction kicks in and I trip around 10 times each on my face so I just screw proper manners and I just piss in a crack.
Just like dad did in work. After going around the cave I notice the rig suit machine.I Wonder what rigs it have?
I manage to activate with a lot of cursing and tongue play I manage to select the patrol suit and luckily enough it has a spot for ponies like me the creepiest part of it is that the spot to get in has no light so i manage to work up the courage and get in the spot. select the yes button on it and wait as the suit as the working metal claws make it fast and automatically put on the suit and i feel a stinging pain in my back. I remember that it is the resource Integration gear or (R.I.G for short)finally the stinging stops and the small chamber opens and I manage to get out as the helmet starts to form around my head as expected the armor is a little skin tight. And its a little hard to talk except in grunts.I look around with it and notice as the visor slits are a little hard to see but it does help as in the bottom of my vision is the R,I,G health bar as it lists. Evenutlly i think that it is awesome as i am a living breathing charterer but then the.The cold hard realization of the health bar hit me. "So this is gonna judge whether i am gonna live or i am fucked and i am gonna die soon."
A quick look and i have the thing i love "HANDS finally i missed you so". I quickly hug myself and embrace the hands i have as it is a little hard as not only are they covered in armor and skin tight materiel. I have been using hooves and no arms for the past two week's and my hands and feet are covered with armor and i can't see myself,but my inner human takes over. "Oh god I thought I lost you...........OH CRAP!" I remember in dead space when there's rig suits theirs.
"Necromorphs oh shit i am so fucked. I quickly look around and spot a pulse rifle along the chamber where I got in my suit I grab it and look around for any necromorphs."Phew i thought there were here.OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!"
At the corner of my vision is around two of the necromorphs as they are human but they have abnormal changes on them as their hands and feet are covered and the chest of the things is pretty much torn as it is bleeding and the worst of it is that the things have pretty much huge spikes and their bottom jaws are open and in the middle of their mouth is a bunch of spikes covered with flesh waiting for the time i give up and they pretty much eat me.
"Die you mother fuckers!!" I pull the trigger on the pulse rifle and start shooting it of course i shoot the chest of it it isn't until i remember that in dead space to kill the necromorphs you shoot them in The limbs idiot! Shoot them in the limbs!
I mange to shoot each of the limbs and the necromorph collapses it isn't until i hear the screech of another necromorph go in my vision and start to slash me. As the necro is a lot like a kid from earth but its arm's are pretty much slashers and it is really fast compared to my clunky speed from my suit. As it tackles me and veraciously using the hooks on the armor from the patrol suit grabs onto me and starts to pretty much furiously shake me around I mange to throw a punch at it and it lets go of its grip on me I grab it and punch its head off and throw it off the floor with disgust.
"What a son of a bitch!!" Another necromorph starts to attack as it looks a lot like a sting ray and it has the human skin but it's jaw is huge as it is filled with spikes waiting for me to succumb to it and it has a spike with a worm like thing around it.
"Not today I live again! yes!!!" I use the pulse rifle on it it succumbs to it and dies.
" Woot I thought i was dead,and i am so screwed!" As necromorphs start to invade the small room i am in.
"At least i have my..........Im screwed". As i looked at my pulse rifle for the ammo check and surprise surprise i had barely any ammo left but i still had the 2 grenade's in it i sighed for one last time as the necromorphs started to overwhelm me as the pulse rifle managed to take two of the disgusting necros but the grenade managed to do it but lowered the health bar for when it exploded one of the spikes was lucky enough to nail me in the arm. When it did all i heard was the dropping of the health bar and the squish and tear of the spike landing in my arm.
"How the fuck did that not hurt?" I use what little ammo i have on the necromorphs then resort to using my pulse rifle and my epic punches. Eventually the necromorph horde descends on me and a pack or the little kids tackle me to the ground.
"OH GOD THE HUMANITY AHHHHHHH!" It hurt a lot as around 20 necromorphs pretty much started eating me then i had the most stupid but it might work. I look around for my pulse rifle and slowly start to inch toward it while the necromorph is still eating my chest and my legs.
"Please have a grenade left yes!" I manage to grab it with the injured arm and slowly move the pulse rifle toward the necromorph horde. Please let this work.
I press the trigger and the grenade goes above me to the roof and explodes thus killing the things eating me.
Now how do i get out of here alive hmmmm, wait a minute how am i still alive? I should be dead with that well no time for thinking time to get to the capsule or bed.
After a while of crawling to the capsule.The last thing i hear is the R.I.G going flat line. Well fuck.

Chapter: 8 OMG What is happening

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Authors note: Thanks to MonsterAddict for helping me he is awesome.

" I am alive yes!!!!!" i wake up and soon said those words. "Eat that death uh huh who is the master uh!!" After celebrating for a while i look around the room and spot another of the machines with the words.
"Kill streak? Should get the others maybe they found it. Shining Celly get your butts over here!"
They come having pretty annoyed faces so i explain to them what i found and i am the first to talk.
"So who is gonna get in?" All hooves point to shining he responds with the dumb look. We explain to him that he is a ex military officer so he should go in he agrees and nervously steps to the plate.
I look at the chamber and recognize that the perks from call of duty are there he picks one of the class sets the mercenary class has a sub machine gun and the flak jacket providing explosive defense and bullet protection and the next perk in the class set is the toughness which provides less recoil from weapons and easier to run around for him the last is a tactical mask which provides better protection against flash grenades and concussion grenades.
When shining does get out a mirror is provided and he looks like one of the spec ops in call of duty.
"What did you do to me!! What happened to me!" He comes out and try's to walk on two legs but fails and instead of trying to stand again he just lean's on the wall and he starts to sob lightly. I man up and get in hopefully I will be human like shining. I pick the specialist class and starts to get in the chamber again the chamber closes and again the metal claws make another of the flak jacket and a needle starts to go in my arm. Well ow! Eventually the needle retracts and in the chamber pieces of equipment probably meant for desert warfare pop up from the selection. After a lot of struggling I manage to put on the armor and equip the rifle it showed me and pack the pistol crossbow in my holster I manage to get out as a mirror pops up showing me as a rifleman.
"Not bad pretty cool. Evol get in and celly man the station i think theirs more to it than........this". I point to myself "but first things first shining prepare to learn to walk and run like a boss! Also your a human so prepare to walk on two legs!."
After a while of showing shining the basic steps on walking on two limbs he gets the hang of it. I manage to count the equipment we have
Shining has Toughnessperk a tactical mask and for armor a heavy flak jacket. I have the perks dexterityand extreme conditioning and fast hands and the chamber gave me Light equipment and for fire arms a shotgun and a mini crossbow with racks of bolts tracker bolts explosive bolts and the normal bolts. Evol is a scout recon class with a sniper rifle and he has a sensor grenadehis first perk is hard linehis next perk is Hard wired and the last perk is Awarness.
After looking around I notice one thing i can see shining name on top of his head and i have a little laptop thing on my wrist which shows all of our health.
"Okay guys lets go look outside maybe we can get some fresh air." When we get outside there are two things waiting for us one the icons of the modern warfare 3 survival mode icons and the start of the first wave of whatr will be the fight to stay alive.
"Oh my god get to cover now!" As we all dive to cover I somehow manage to overshot it and land in the trajectory in another grenade."Well cra- "*loud bang* Luckily it was a flash bang and all my hearing turns to a loud beep and my vision is pure white I manage to get on my legs and the flash bang effects reduce to a low beep in my ears I grab the fire arm that i dropped during the bang from the grenade and aim it at the thrower.
Hope this works and sorry. *BANG* while shining and evol manage to kill the remaining of the invaders we notice one thing.

(Shining and moon and evol are gonna talk in head phones so here is a guide to how there gonna talk.
_ equals shining talking
- Equals evol talking
+ equals me talking
^ equals celly or Celestia talking.....just so you know, now with the story!!!)

+ "You notice something guys? There all humans you know what that means get everybody out of pony ville!"
-"Dude what if they think were the bad guys but i am gonna check the town out wait here"
After we wait a little bit i check the ammo we have and surprise surprise we only have around 3 mags each but my crossbow does have 3 racks of ammo 10 for each rack, and tinkering with the glove I got on my right hand it fits it and its a wrist crossbow i load the sleeper bolts in and slip the sleeve of the camo armor i am wearing over it. For emergency's and close encounters I tell myself. While shining fiddles with the gun hes got and make sure hes got that tactical mask on the right way.
- "Okay guys coast is clear.....SHIT I need you guys here theirs a guy with huge armor i can't take him..*Beeeep*!"
+ "Shit shining let go to pony ville evol is in danger, celly you there honey, Celly can you hear me!"
^ "Yeah i can hear you do you need something?"
+ "Yeah were gonna need some backup is there like a button or something there that can help us?" I manage to answer while running as it turns out its hard to talk in 50 pounds of gear.
^ "Give me a sec,yeah theirs something I am sending you guys some help, just look out for timber wolves there gonna help you."
We finally manage to make it and i look back at shining and he is having trouble with the thing pony's do pant.
"Dude can you wait a minute i need to take a rest" he says while surprisingly staying up and not collapsing to the floor from his armor and heavy mask and his perks weighing him down.
"No way evol is in trouble we gotta go shining let go you slowpoke!" I sprint in the direction towards ponyville and the perks come in effect and It feels a lot more easier sprinting than running in the 60 pounds of armor i got weighing me.
Eventually on the way from the cave we meet the queen of the changeling's and shining turns into royal guard mode and grabs the queen and shakes her hard while he repeats the same words "Did you do it tell me!"as when he is done shaking her he eyes go into swirly mode and she tells us she didn't do anything.
"Go ahead moon i am gonna get back to the cave so we can talk to her later to see what happened." shining runs back to the cave with the changeling in a fake choke hold so if she attempts to escape he will choke her until she is knocked out and bring her to the cave to be interrogated.
Hem I hope evol is ok hope that mother fucker ain't dead or shot. I run in the direction of ponyville and come across evol guarding a hospital that is under fire and i notice from the look of his face he is running low on ammo.
Might as well try those new bolts i got in the crossbow I load the crossbow with normal bolts and reload the magazine i got on the firearm i got with me and aim for the necks i shoot one pull the next bolt in and repeat the process, after a little bit of hestitation a small squad try's to flank me so i pull the grenade on one of the pins and throw it i hear the explosion and aginoizong screams for death and pain and for help of medic's soon a small 3 man squad of medics come i decide not to fire but they reveal weapons i duck to a destroyed wood wall and i grab a rod from the capsule and press a button and throw it to them it shocks them so i grab the rifle and shoot them in the chests.
Hope this works tomahawk!! I take the tomahawk out of the holster i got with me and throw it lands in a guys head thankfully, my mind try's to make me worry about it but i reason with he was attacking us eventually after a lot of firing and ducking from cover to cover and throwing grenades we manage to secure the pony's in the building and a pony said the elements were coming and left in pursuit of canterlot .
^ "Guys timber wolves coming hold your plots here they come."
When she did say those words it said attack wolves inbound friendly and it said that i called it in when the wolves come they look like rabid wolves, but with wood instead of fur and meat. They take down most of the enemies and left the remaining ones retreat into a apartment building. That is when the elements come they mistake us for the attackers and shoot me and evol when we aren't looking instead of intense pain it just makes me vomit.
"Son of a bitc-*painful vomiting* " I vomit what ever lunch ( and a bit of blood) i got while the elements have a surprised face me and evol manage to point a finger at the apartment building which they proceed to go and cast the thing again only it manages to blow the building they cast it again on the people inside it and they proceed to vomit their eyes out.
After recovering from the vomiting the people who are still vomting stop and throw a grenade at us my first reaction is to throw it back where it takes some of them out."Cmon evol lets finish the job" I pull out the shotgun and fire the rest of my ammo i got into each of their chests while evol pulls out his pistol and knocks each of their heads off. After that we walk back to the cave bringing emptied out guns and two annoyed humans (that's me and evol) that want to sleep in the cave for a little bit.


“SPLAT!” 101, “CRUNCH” 102. “Oh man this never gets old!” “SPLAT! 103. They just stood around groaning and standing around. As if they wanted to get run over. This wasn’t fun, this wasn’t sport, it was too easy. There isn’t any challenge in this. Heck he didn’t even need his fully loaded, fully automatic classic M16 he kept as a passenger, lovingly seat belted and gleaming bright with tender loving care, to the seat next to him. It looked so… lonely there… but no… it was a waste of her bullets. “CRACK” 103. The stallion sighed and reached to the back seat for a cold beer, his eyes still trained and focused on the way ahead of him. His other hoof driving the car with a high amount of skill only a gentle colt living by the road could acquire.
His clothes were that of status. A beaten and torn suit, the color blue, faded with time and now a pale blue, with pin stripes on. His Shoes just ordinary trainers. He was drenched in dried and fresh blood. But not his own, of course. His hair was an organized mess, styled carefully with the best of wax. I mean heck, if you’re going to go surviving an apocalypse, you gotta do it in style! But now, this whole thing… it was getting old. He never thought that would be possible. But this was boring now. He needed something new, something… interesting.

Bonus paragrpah: 1 its all a game...

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"Dear me well there goes one of my pawns". As two beings were shown playing chess as he removed his piece.
"Well next time be more careful now be a dear and let see what this one can do?" As he moved a pawn of his pawn's across the field as he waited for what it will turn to as. When it did turned it became one of the most powerful chess piece a queen.
"Well let see what my knight can do against your queen as he moved his knight next to the queen as they waited for what will happen..


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