by Cosmonaut

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Seeking to cure Pinkie Pies depressive mood Twilight splits her personality resulting in two Pinkies

The day after Pinkie Pies private little party Rainbow Dash spills the details of it to Twilight hoping for a solution for the occasionally depressive and irrational pink filly. Agreeing that a solution is in order she peruses the library in hopes for a cure. Not only does casting the spell do more than just split her personality but thanks to an error on her own part both Pinkies libido is cranked up to 11. Loose and horny in Ponyville the two mares immediately get themselves into some lurid shenanigans...


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Rainbow Dash nodded earnestly in response. “A whole bucket of turnips. I wish I was joking around Twi. You had to be there! She had lintballs, some flour, a stack of rocks and the turnips with Gummy. They even had their own little party hats!”

Twilight looked at Rainbow Dash in slight disbelief. She knew that Pinkie seemed upset about the whole surprise party yesterday and all the fibbing it took to make it a success but going insane? Twilight shook her head. “Are you sure? I mean, that doesn’t really mean she’s...crazy. She could just be suffering from a latent form of Bipolar disorder or something.”

“Twilight,” Dash got up from her seat in the library and coasted over to the unicorn. “She wasn’t just talking to them. She was making them talk back to her. It was beyond creepy. It was some kind of insanity.”

“Well...what do you want me to do about it?” replied Twilight tersely.

“Fix her with magic or something.”

“What do you mean ‘fix her’?”

Dash scoffed. “I mean cast a spell that like, stops her from going nuts when she gets upset. You KNOW what I’m talking about.”

“Isn’t that kind of invasive though? Something like that requires years of counseling and even more-”

Dash put a hoof to her friends mouth, she looked straight at her and with her voice in a dead serious monotone said. “Pinkie Pie shut herself inside her place and threw a party with rocks and turnips. Why does this not creep you out even a little? Isn’t this something you would WANT to help your friend with?”

Twilight purple eyes darted to the one section of the library she didn’t often peruse because it contained magical spells she never used...or didn’t have a chance to try. She sighed, turning her attention back to Dash.

“Alright...I guess if it makes her better in the long run then it couldn’t hurt to help right?” said Twilight brightly, her horn glowed purple and a thin silver book started coasting over from the top bookshelf.

“Right!” repeated Dash doing a lazy loop in the air. “I’ll shoot over to Sugarcube corner real quick and make something up for Pinkie to come over okay?”

Twilight already had her nose in the dusty old book. “Uh-huh.”

“See ya later!” Dash grinned and sped out Twilights front door to the bakery.


“OH MY GOSH! Why didn’t you tell me sooner Twilight!? Oh why didn’t anypony tell me sooner I’m so so SO low on party supplies and I didn’t even bake a CAKE ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Twilight groaned at Pinkie Pies ranting. Next time she would be more specific with Dash on just what excuses she’d use to get her friend over here. Focusing on any kind of spell was going to be twice as difficult now with Pinkie ranting on about an imaginary birthday party to throw for Spike tomorrow.

“Just calm down a little Pinkie,” pleaded Twilight as Pinkie zoomed around the room with a marker planting little pink ‘P’s for possible party placeholders. “Spike is currently away in Canterlot to attend the Dragon council and right now the party planning can wait. I wanted to talk to you about something else.”

Pinkie Pie made no indication that she heard and continued zipping around the room. Twilight frowned, skimming through her book looking for a phrase to grab her attention.

“Ever get the feeling like you just aren’t yourself sometimes?”

The marker squeaked to a halt in the middle of drawing another ‘P’ leaving a scraggly ‘O’ shaped thing. Pinkie looked up at Twilight with just slightly less sparkle in her eyes.

“I’m always your bubbly bouncy buddy friend Twilight! How could I be ANY other pony but Pinkie Pie?!”

“Do certain ponys’ actions sometimes seem wicked causing you to feel unwanted and keep your mood down?” continued Twilight as her she read aloud some more from the book.

“...don’t be so silly Twi,” replied Pinkie with a nervous grin on her face. “How could I ever feel unwanted around my friends when-”

“-When you get these feelings does your mind wander to a darker place where you aren’t yourself? If so then the following instr-”

Twilight blinked back to the room, looking up at Pinkie who had dropped her marker to the floor, and her smile with it.

“So...who told you?” murmured Pinkie, her ears flattening.

“Pinkie let me explain,” began Twilight suddenly caught up in the situation she had pushed her friend into.“Something like this isn’t entirely, uh, healthy for a pony. If there’s anything scary about a ponys head, it’s losing it. I mean, I’m not one to talk the way I act sometimes,” she gave a nervous chuckle thinking back to the incident with the parasprites. Twilight cleared her throat. “However, it recently came to my attention that you didn’t...seem to handle it too well.”

Pinkies blue eyes broke from Twilights gaze and drifted to the floor. After a short pause Twilight continued:

“So if this is something that’s happened to you before in the past. The good news is there’s a way to make those horrible feelings all go away and make a pony completely at peace with their happy normal self.”

“REALLY!?” shouted Pinkie leaping ten feet in the air. “You mean I DON’T have to be stuck in sadtime never ever again?”

“Of course!” replied Twilight with a sigh of relief. “All I have to do is cast one simple..okay not very simple spell and you’ll be your usual Pinkie self for as long as you live!”

Pinkie Pie was still bouncing around the room at these happy new ideas. To be finally free of that dark place in her head where all the bad thoughts bubbled up when she got all gloomyface was throwing her into one happy little fit. She stopped bouncing around to catch her breath a little.

“Soooo...are you okay with this?” asked Twilight carefully.

With one hoof in the air and the other pressed against her chest Pinkie shut her eyes and stated. “I, Pinkie Pie, promise to be perfectly okay with this spell of Twilight Sparkles,” she opened one eye, “and any future spells that help me be the perfect Pinkie!”

Pinkie’s overly dramatic voice always got Twilight giggling, “Okay your majesty, just stand still and let the magic happen,” she flipped through Of Mind and Magic until she got to the page titled Separation of Addled Minds. Then, after reading through the instructions three times over she turned to Pinkie Pie.

“Think happy thoughts for this. Are you ready Pinkie?” inquired Twilight once more, horn already shimmering purple.

“Ready as ever!” responded Pinkie gleefully. “OH! One more thing. How’d you find out?”

“It was Rainbow Dash that let me know,” replied Twilight before closing her eyes to concentrate on the spell. Two streams of dark purple and white magical light came snaking out of the tip of her horn, spiraling into the air in front of Pinkie.

“Rainbow Dash...” repeated Pinkie Pie idly before the coiling light suddenly intertwined, launching itself directly between her eyes and filling the room with thousands of glowing sparks.


“Oooh,” Twilight groaned, she carefully opened up one eye to notice the familiar browness of the library floor staring back at her. Casting magic usually didn’t give her that much head pain. Migraines like the one pounding away in her skull only happened to her when she cast something extremely high level or....

“Pleeeaaase let that not be the case,” she muttered to herself as she flipped through the book on the floor next to her.

“You did it! You did it! YOU DID IT!”

“Ouch!” Twilight winced at Pinkies shrill voice. She looked up to see her preposterously pink friend bouncing up and down in front of her. Big silly grin plastered on her face. “I feel 100% Pinkie now I am so happy! WOOO!”

Twilight groaned again at her voice, scanning Pinkies features. She definitely still looked like Pinkie, if not for a lot more stray hairs and split ends scattered around her fluffy pink pompadour. Despite being a little shaky, Twilight slowly got to her hooves.

“I’m also feeling something else though I don’t know what it is I think I’ve never felt it before but maybe once or twice but I’m feelin’ it a whole super lot right now and oh boy I don’t know what I’m going to do about it,” blathered Pinkie Pie practically stumbling over her words.

Twilight froze halfway standing, her mouth hanging open in shock. Which was equally a shock because she usually had a say on practically everything that had the business of shocking her.

Standing across the room from her was another Pinkie Pie, with straight hair, a dark pink coat and a positively menacing look on her face. Twilight opened and closed her mouth but no words rolled out.

The other Pinkie silently glared at her.

“OooOoOOoh Twiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiight what am I gonna do with myself I’m feeling itchy all over well not really all over but in just this one hot little spot and I don’t know what I’m gonna do can you help me real quick quick quick pleeeeeaaaase?” continued Pinkie shuffling a little closer to the still stunned Twilight.

A number of things were running through Twilights throbbing head. The most obvious was just how badly she had bungled up the spell. No wonder it was so painful to cast. Now there was this other Pinkie to deal with and Twilight wasn’t sure where to start. Of course the silver book was a logical first step to-

“YAAAH!” yelped Twilight leaping into the air feeling a warm wet sensation in a very private spot. She pivoted. “Pinkie!? What are you doing?! Is that your tongue!?”

Pinkie recoiled looking not at all guilty. “Yes it’s my tongue! I’m soooo sorry but I swear I’m burning up and I gotta really antsy itchy feeling thats driving me bonkers and I was behind you with YOUR behind in front of me-”

“HEY! Where do you think you’re going?” demanded Twilight as the other Pinkie began skulking over to the door. She was going to follow when another longish lick from Pinkies tongue grazed against her rear throwing a sharp shiver down her spine.

“Will you stop doing....that to me? It’s very distracting not to mention a violation of my personal-”

Her words were interrupted with Pinkie shoving her mouth around Twilights, her tongue slipping inside at Twilights involuntary gasp, dancing around in her mouth.

She backpedaled a bit trying to break away from the embrace. Pinkie was being very forceful. Twilight had one eye to the door where the other Pinkie was trotting out. She made a half hearted attempt to magic the thing shut but...just couldn’t with Pinkie Pie on top of her. Twilight tripped backwards, finally managing to break away from her.

“Stop....doing that,” she breathed, lying backwards on the ground. The speed at which Pinkie had managed to take her breath away was astonishing.

Pinkie was entirely unsympathetic “Nopey-dopey. I’ve got one itchy monkey on my back and I can’t buck him off on my own. C’mon it’ll be fun fun fun!”

Before Twilight could respond Pinkie dove at her crotch again. The other Pinkie was successfully trotting out the door unhindered and there was nothing she could do to stop her. Twilight feebly pushed away at her head but...it didn’t take too long for her to stop and she lay her head back in a defeated sigh. Twilight was tired and Pinkie was....Oh she was amazing. She wrapped her hind legs around Pinkies head as her tongue worked its magic all around her pussy. Twilight gritted her teeth and groaned. Her breathing was steadily getting heavier as Pinkies tongue continued to lather her insides with each wonderful lick.

“Oh....OH....Pinkie, where...where did you learn to, ah, ngg, do this?” Twilight said wiggling in pleasure. Pinkie was tenderly flicking her tongue at Twilight clit before dragging it around her entire pussy up and down, lapping at her juices now flowing freely into her mouth. It was amazing how much of a hold she had over her now. Nothing else filled her thoughts besides the desire of only wanting more. She was already very wet and only getting wetter, like a sponge soaking up spilled juice. Every flick delivered another series of shaking and moaning from the purple unicorn. Twilights tongue had lolled out her mouth, her eyes rolling around the ceiling and the bookshelf above her. Nothing in any of these books could have prepared her for this.

A tightening feeling was slowly gripping her chest, as if her heart was preparing to leap out of it any second. Twilight somehow knew what was going to happen even if she never felt it before. She was about to come. Twilight took a deep breath, clenched her teeth and...

“Fun for you huh?”

...she exhaled, craning her head to look up. Pinkie had pulled her tongue out and was staring at her with a twinkle in her bright blue eyes.

“Pinkieeee,” whined Twilight with very obvious disappointment in her voice. “Why....WHY would you just...stop like that? Quite honestly that, you...you are amazing and I was so close.”

Pinkie huffed. “I hate being a mean meanie pants about it but you feel super good yourself now and before I wanted you to help me and you were all like ‘No way Pinkie’ which I was super politeful about it so now that feeling you’re feeling right now is exactly how I feel and hows it feel Twilight?”

Twilight was still heaving, clutching at her chest. Pinkie was making a valid point there, even if she was addled by the effects of some sort of libido spell mixed in with her psychologically minded spell. Whatever the case was...Pinkie had galloped her to the rushing waterfall of ecstasy but left her teetering at the edge.Twilight understood perfectly. She wanted more. It was unbearable and Pinkies teasing fueled her primal desire. As Pinkie turned around on top of her she could hear the little voice in the back of her head telling her all the wrong things about what was going on. Twilight blotted that out of her head as she began hastily servicing Pinkie with her own tongue. She would deal with the consequences later. Right now it was fun fun fun time.


Pinkamina slowly trotted outside, looking around in the afternoon sunlight. Her current mindset was in a similar vein with the regular Pinkie Pie. But while regular Pinkie was satisfied with Twilight Sparkle on the floor of the library her body craved someone stronger.

A familiar plump pony cantered past her “Hellooo dearie!” said Mrs. Cake cheerfully. “Taking another party planning day off are we?”

“Buzz off chump, I got places to be,” retorted Pinkamina throwing her startled boss a sharp look.

Mrs. Cake took a cautious step back. “What’s that now? Pinkie Pie?!”

Pinkamina kept walking. “You heard me. I got places to go, ponies to screw. So get lost!”

Blinking hard and mouth agape, Mrs. Cake attempted to find a response to those sentiments her employee just left her with. But she couldn’t. Later she would go tell Mr. Cake about her change in attitude and he would brush it off as a monthly problem that all young mares experience, receiving a rather stern glare from his wife and a night on the couch because of it.

It was a shorter walk then Pinkamina expected. Now she was standing below the grand sweeping cloud castle Rainbow Dash called her home. There were no stairs or balloon for her to use to float up there. This wasn’t a problem. Pinkamina knew exactly how to get up there, because Pinkie Pie knew. So she did too.

A very wiry bendy blue spruce grew quite close to where Dash had her home anchored, most of its needles had fallen off leaving it very bare. It was only still alive thanks to a concerned Earth pony, who fed and watered it daily never quite knowing why it was in such a sad state for a young sapling pine. Pinkamina shuffled up the trunk of the tree, her weight causing it to bend before it swayed all the way to the ground upon her reaching the top. Wiggling a little she grabbed a nearby root, straight hair obscuring her view momentarily, gave it a sharp pull and let go causing the thin blue spruce to snap back and launch her up and through Dash front door.

“Dash? Are you in heeere?” said Pinkamina tentatively pushing open the door. There was no need for a spell to walk on clouds in Dashs place. All her floors were made of smooth, light tile and were supported by the clouds inside. “Dash?”

Pinkamina tiptoed through the arched entryway to the master bedroom of Rainbows dwelling. Since it was around late afternoon then Dash should be napping in here...

“....there you are,” Pinkamina whispered spotting her target snoozing on her fluffy cloud bed. Dash was lying on her back with her wings splayed out on her bed, head hanging over the side with her mouth open. Pinkamina watched her chest rising and falling as she slept.

Creeping over to the dresser she tugged open the top drawer, finding a scattered array of small golden medals from her victorious races. The second drawer revealed some (oddly for Dash) neatly stacked comic books. Pinkamina pulled the third drawer open finding some things she long suspected of Dash owning. With a wicked smile she gently pushed it shut and turned to the sleeping sky-blue Pegasus.

Pinkamina began massaging Dash, under her sensitive wing joints, near her neck, bringing her hoof down to rub very sensually by her thighs. The expression on the sleeping mare’s face changed little by little, her lips curling, eyelids shaking, and her hind leg absently kicked in the air once. She gingerly slipped a feel between her hindquarters, pulling it back out feeling the wetness on her hoof. The dreaming pony was already getting quite moist. Pinkamina gave her hoof a lick before rubbing herself down below for a minute. She pressed slightly on the spot right below Dashs stomach, eliciting a quiet moan from the sleeping mare. There were beads of sweat forming on her forehead underneath her fiery fringe. Dash kicked at the air again.

“....mmm don’t on my dress it’ll stain,” she mumbled, stirring in her sleep. Pinkamina could see she was starting to wake up. Getting caught in this act would not turn the situation into something favorable for her. She darted over to the bedroom doorway to wait for the oppurtune moment.

“I ah, AH!” Dash opened her eyes, her foreleg reaching to her lower half. “Aw gross, not agaaaain!”

Since losing her her sex buddy a few months ago Dash had not exactly been herself. With masturbation being her only outlet to vent her sexual frustrations she had simply been getting hornier and hornier as of late, having another wet dream like this just served to remind her how little action she was getting. The dream she had just jolted out of started perfectly normal, being a replay of events at the Gala before abruptly shifting into sexier territory halfway through involving Spitfire...or was it Soarin’? Her coat had gotten quite damp down there, she wiped her hoof on the bedsheet. This dream had gotten more intense than usual....

“Hey there Dashie!”

Pinkamina trotted into the bedroom with a devious smile on her face. Dash yelped, diving under her bedsheets before popping her head out “PINKIE PIE! How did you get up here?!”

“Same way I always do! Telling you would spoil the secret though so I’m not tellin!” grinned Pinkamina innocently, she narrowed her eyes at Dash. “Geez loo-eeze, how come you’re all sweaty? Are you catchin’ a fever?”

“Uh....yeah! Flew into a raincloud on the way here. Hehe, I’ve got the sniffles alright...” said Dash unconvincingly, Pinkamina knew that she was fibbing but didn’t want to make a move...just yet. She started slowly walking over to the bed.

“Oh no! It looks like you wet yourself too! How embarrassing to happen...but don’t worry I won’t tell....”

“Whah?” peeped Dash looking down at her covers, the damp spot between her hind legs had brushed against the thin fabric of her cloud white bedsheets, soaking it and causing it to press against her crotch. Dash grimaced as she pulled it away.

Pinkamina grinned wider. “Sooo is something on your mind Dashie? You know you could talk to your pal Pinkie Pie about how ya feel ya know....”

“No. I’m fine. Super-fine! How are uh, how are you feeling?” asked Rainbow Dash shrinking away from Pinkamina. A hoof got caught on her covers. Slipping up, she was now lying on her back.

“Better than ever Dashie! I’m kind of bored though,” she replied sidling up next to her on the bed. “I feel like having some fun, do you want to have fun too?”

“Fun?” repeated Dash giving Pinkie an odd look “What kind of...fun?”

She yelped as Pinkaminas hoof slid under the covers, touching at the very sensitive wet spot below Dashs tummy.

“The kind where we skip the bullshit and get to the exciting bits, that’s what kind of fun.”

“Hey! No! Stop it Pinks!” There was some struggle as Dash attempted to push away the invading foreleg while holding up her covers at the same time. Forcefully, she managed to push her away but dropped her bedsheets in the act.

“You’re saying no but,” Pinkaminas eyes zeroed in on Dashs privates. “Looks like your body is saying something else.”

Dash was beet red, now in a sitting position on her comfy cloud mattress. “Well what do you know anyway Pinks you never wanted to do anything bef-”

“That was before Dashie, this is now. If you want I can just get up and leave you here alone in bed or...” Pinkamina leaned over Dash, her long straight hair brushing against her blue thighs as she crawled on top of Dash. “...or instead of playing with yourself, you can play with me?”

This time Rainbow Dash didn’t get to have a response or a word in edgewise as Pinkamina clasped her lips around Dashs mouth, forcing her eager tongue inside. A little red flag had gone off in the back of her head, but as the kissing grew more frantic and Pinkaminas hoof resumed it’s magic down below her that flag quickly slid back down the pole.

Pinkamina broke the make-out session removing her hoof too, leaving a very breathless Rainbow Dash below her asking. “Hey, why’d ya stop there?”

“C’mon Dashie, making out and stuff is so low key, you got anything here we can use to kick this up a notch?”

Those rosey eyes glanced away from Pinkaminas to the lower section of the nearby dresser, Rainbow Dash chuckled. “Just uh...how many notches are we talking Pinkie?”


“I’m so super sorry Twilight, it was kinda fun at first but you just don’t have what I need right now,” said Pinkie bouncing out the door. “I mean, if you were better at it I’d stick around but I’ve got somepony else on my mind right now. So see ya later!”

Pinkie Pie bounced out the doorway a little disappointed. Obviously her friend was a first timer with no real idea what she was supposed to be doing, at least she gave it her best effort though. Luckily for Pinkie she knew just the pony that could help relieve her of this irritating itch she couldn’t scratch. With a super big grin on her face she headed south of town, a gleam in her eyes as she spotted the white domed roof of Dashs cloud house. Twilight Sparkle was still lying on the library floor twitching in the throes of ecstasy, the last powerful orgasm finally beginning to subside as her breathing came out in fevered gasps. She hazily looked around her current field of vision, spotting various books that had rocked off the shelves during her little escapade into new sexual territories. According to Pinkie she wasn’t very good at eating out despite the process being deceptively simple. Pinkie was though, and had driven her to multiple orgasms as she had tried (and failed) to concentrate her own mouth on Pinkies rump. There was a quiet scratching noise, and Twilight tilted her head slightly to see Spike standing at the doorway with a small bundle of tightly wound scrolls being clutched tightly against his stomach.

“SPIKE!? Uh. You are home, uh, early!” said Twilight nervously looking to her soaked crotch then immediately back to him.

Spikes dropped jaw found it’s place again. “The dragon council g-got, let out early and-,”

“-and just, JUST how long have you been at the door?” she questioned kicking a copy of the Equestrian Encyclopedia towards her in a half-hearted attempt at covering herself.

“....well,” Spike shifted uncomfortably on his feet. “kind of longish I suppose, can I ask you somethmfphfff!”

Twilight had finally collected her thoughts, magically zippering his mouth shut.

“Just, shut up and let me think here for a second,” said Twilight propping herself up. She looked around glumly at the messy pile of books all around her. “Find me the book called Of Mind and Magic for me Spike, I have to fix a little problem I caused.”

Spike gave an affirmative salute, and Twilight switched back to laying down on her floor, pondering where the two Pinkies had gotten into...or who they’d gotten into.


“Oh OH OH shiiiiit!” exclaimed Dash, slamming her hoovers into the dresser and knocking over a very ugly yellow lamp she’d been meaning to get rid of. Pinkamina was furiously pounding away at the blue Pegasus’ hindquarters, a very large strap-on she had found being the culprit for Dashs cries. The blue Pegasus turned to Pinkamina and asked. “Just, uhnf, which one did you, urgh, take outta there?”

“The black and yellow one on the far left,” answered Pinkamina quickly, delivering another series of powerful thrusts into the blue Pegasus.

“You picked, aah, AH-OUCH, that one? That one wasn’t, YAH, for meee,” huffed Dash, tears at the corners of her eyes. The strap on currently being pounded into her was something for Gilda being longer than the others in her drawer. Rainbow Dash was sweating buckets as Pinkamina’s thrusting only continued harder and faster. Enjoying this was becoming more difficult as she was making no indication of slowing down. Her frenetic pumping was in fact, steadily increasing in speed.

“When I AH, sssaid we could t-turn it up a notch I didn’t mean mpfpfpffff!”

“Shut up and let me fuck you,” ordered Pinkamina buckling a gag around her mouth. Dash winced, but didn’t exactly fight it. This was fun in a way despite how rough her pink friend was being. Gilda was always rough, and tended to talk mean the same way that Pinkie was doing now. Accepting that this was better than nothing, Dash stopped fighting against her and resumed biting down on the red gag stuck in her mouth. Closing her eyes she tried imagining her friends voice as just a little raspier than it was right now...


Her eyes fluttered open, directing themselves to the doorway of her bedroom where Pinkie Pie was standing. As if everything was in slow motion Dash tilted her head to look at the pink pony that had paused its assault on her hindquarters. Then back at the doorway. It was not a trick of the light as the Pinkie Pie at the doorway bounced over to the bed.

“Of course I’m up here. I’m super horny and wanted to screw around with Dash. She’s been on my mind for hours, and I’ve only been pounding away here for the past thirty minutes,” said Pinkamina giving Dash a firm slap on the ass and snapping the blue mare out of her stupor.


“That would be my better half yes,” Pinkamina focused her attention to Pinkie. “Bottom drawer, middle right, get movin’ already!”

One Pinkie Pie was aggravating enough to live with in Ponyville. Dash had to live with that overbearing bundle of energy for years, now there was two of them. Was she going to have a heart attack? Dash was still reeling from the furious pounding she endured from the Pinkie now slipping out of her cootch.

“C’mon Pinkie, get your ass over here. I assume Twilight wasn’t much fun?” said Pinkamine stepping aside as Pinkie waddled over with a slightly smaller jet blue strap-on dangling between her haunches.

“Oh gosh you have no idea how BAD she was I mean she tried but she was lickin’ around all the wrong places totally missing the best spots so after a while I just gave up and gee whiz I’m not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing here....” rambled Pinkie standing dumbly at Dashs red hindquarters.


“Put a sock in it Dash,” said Pinkamina flatly.

“So hows this work please tell me I am dying over here!” whined Pinkie dancing on her hooves.

“Its easy enough, first take the bulby bit and stick it here,” Pinkamina adjusted the slightly smaller head, placing it between the pulsing lips of Dashs pussy. “Then you move forwards on the bed pushing it inside until it stops “Pinkamina pushed on Pinkies hips causing her to slide in until she got in all the way. “That’s it! Now pretend like you’re playin’ leapfrog for the fun to start!”

Immediately Pinkie began thrusting into Dash with short, quick jolts. The dildo slipping around her privates now was much more comfortable than the other, rubbing against her clit in just the right spot. Slowing down a little from the intense effort, Pinkie Pie took a series of longer, smoother strokes. The change in pace was much more desirable, with Dashs tail flicking around in enjoyment, coupled with the increased drool escaping past the gagball clenched in her mouth.

Pinkamina dropped the large black-yellow dildo back in the drawer, taking out one more long, ribbed grey one. Strapping it on, she returned her attention to Pinkie, moving her fluffy tail aside and positioning herself. Without a word she slipped inside of Pinkie Pies already well lubricated pussy.

“WoWEE! OoOoOh that feels gooooood,” cooed Pinkie taking a gander back at her double. Shuddering in pleasure she immediately resumed pushing into Dash with those long strokes. Pinkamina was resuming the furious pace she had enacted earlier with no holding back at all from. Various sounds of enjoyment were bubbling forth from the pink pony sandwiched in the middle. She kept forgetting her job to continue humping into Dash who was wriggling around beneath her. Every once a few pumps Pinkamina would do one very strong thrust that would reverberate throughout the trio of conjoined ponies. Pinkie found that part particularly fun since it would send the tingliest sensation through her, not to mention delivering that extra strong push into Dash.

There were some other noises amongst the wet smacking of her ass that Dash could not place. Tilting her head she laid it against the mattress to look behind her. The two Pinkies were making out. Their pink hair was getting all over each others face, strands of it stuck in their mouths as they gasped for air, tongue sliding over tongue as they explored each other in the midst of their own steady rocking. There was sudden interest in Dashs in own eyes, they refused to pull away. Watching the two in the embrace was extremely hot. She was more turned on watching these two Pinkies than she had been since this started. The two Pinkies opened their sapphire eyes mid kiss, breaking it to look at Dash. A thin stream of saliva dangling precariously between them as they giggled at her. Pinkie Pie lapped it up to resume attention to Dash. Pinkamina followed suit and the fucking continued anew.

A few minutes of that continued, the humping, the strong push, the fevered gasps coming from the pair of fillies on the receiving end. Each subsequent thrust Dashs wings would spread open, then settle down. As the process went on, she would keep her wings up even longer before settling to her sides again. With one very strong push the pair of wings shot up faster than before, feathers violently slapping at Pinkies face as Dashs fevered gurgled moans turned to squeals beneath her. Entire body vibrating she bucked her lower end around. Dash broke away rolling off the mattress and onto the floor as the orgasm wracked through her body.

Pinkamina took a firmer grip on Pinkie Pie, wrapping her forelegs around her belly delivering a more focused series of thrusts into her. Almost immediately after Dash came, Pinkie did too. Rearing up on her hind legs she let out a shrill scream as the feeling burst through her like a popping balloon. Pinkie Pie fell next to her still twitching friend on the floor as the orgasm washed through her. She turned her head to look at the frazzled Pegasus next to her, who still had the ball-gag stuck in her mouth completely wet with saliva. Wondering just what was going in Dashie land, Pinkie leaned a free hoof over, popping the restraint out of her mouth.

“What the hell did Twilight do? Why are there two of you?! Also you with straight hair slow down with the big one you jerk that didn’t feel that great at all it hurt and-mpfpfpffmfff!”

Pinkamina had reached over to shove the gag back in place. “You complain way too much,” she began prodding Pinkie in the side again. “You still horny? I want to fuck Dash some more.”

After a long satisfied sigh, Pinkie said. “Yuppo! Let’s go again! Have any other fun things to try Pinkie-not-me?”

A devilish grin appeared on her face “So many we won’t have time today. There’s a fun one I have in mind right now!”

Wild look in her rosey eyes, Dash spread her wings in an attempt to jet out of the room. Her mane was a messy clump of hair, her coat was slick with sweat and her sore privates were the most public they’ve ever been in her life. Being seen in this condition was worth escaping from the two Pinkie that were ridden with nothing but the desire to fuck her senseless over and over again. That escape plan went out the window as a strong tug from her long tail pulled her back to reality. Pinkamina flipped Dash onto her back, pinning both her wings with her hooves.

“Now now now! We’re NOT done yet remember?” she grinned, the dildo dragging down across her stomach. She motioned for Pinkie to come over, grabbing her close and whispering instructions in ear. They both giggled mischievously, Pinkie resumed her position lying down next to Dash with the dildo she had on still pointing straight up. Dash writhed to break free from her grip, but it was too strong a hold. Pinkamina grunted, lifting her up a little bit. Dash felt Pinkie shuffling underneath her, then sliding downwards. The blue dildo popped up between her thighs, sliding around her still wet pussy.

Now Pinkie was using her hind legs to push Dash upwards as Pinkamina held the pony in place with her hooves. The realization of what was happening came all too late as she felt the head of the blue dildo slowly sliding its way into her ass. Letting out an audible gasp she arched her back as it continued going in. Her hole was only slightly lubricated from her own juices. This wasn’t much the point, she’d never done anal before since the idea wasn’t attractive to her. Now as the rod burrowed its way inside of her she bit down on the slippery red gag, moaning at how intense the very different penetration was feeling. Her eyes bugged out her head as the length of the shaft entered fully, Dash bit down so hard on the ball it popped out her mouth along with a throaty warble of pleasure.

She gulped, sucking down the saliva. Her head was spinning now as the rod was lowered through her anus, stretching it a little more each time. The gag was not replaced this time, and she was allowed the fresh gulping breaths of hot sticky air permeating the room. Pinkamina let go of her wings, which fell limply at her sides. Straddling the Pegasus with her hips, she lowered herself onto her haunches in a swift motion.

Dash saw stars. Now she was sandwiched between these two Pinkies sliding vigorously into both occupied holes. One below, one above. Her blue coat was actually soaked to her skin with the combination of hot sweaty bodies pressed up against her. The warm chest of the Pinkie below her pressed against her back, the hot steady pounding of the one above her, the sweat from the exertion dripping onto from her face and long pink hair onto her own. The grinding from both of them at once was so much at once. Her body wasn’t ready. At the peak of the thrusting Dash screamed, back arching as the came harder than she could ever remember. Every sense was at the same time heightened then immediately gone as the swirling tornado of ecstasy tore through her body all at once.


“Alright....Spike, I’m going to unzip your mouth now okay? Promise me you won’t ask me about what happened with Pinkie in the library. I don’t really want to talk about it right now.” Twiliight said cautiously. Spike nodded his head in response, her horn shimmered purple and the zipper poofed away from his mouth.

“What was up with you in the library?” he belted, immediately getting an angry look from Twilight. Yet she sighed instead of bucking him off her back. She’d expected this question on the walk to Dashs place after hearing that Pinkie was spotted heading in that direction.

“Since I knew you’d bring it up sooner rather than later I suppose I should tell you, while casting the spell to remove Pinkies-”

“Pinkie was licking your butt! What was that about?” he interrupted pulling at her mane for an answer.

“SPIKE!” she yelled, turning to him. “I am trying to explain that the spell intertwined with one on the next page about sexua-”

“I saw you licking at her Twilight, like, at the same time. I don’t get it. Do girls like the way that feels? Like if Rarity-”

There was a zipping sound. Spike reached to unclasp his mouth but this time there was a lock there.

“Firstly, you should be keeping that forked tongue of yours inside your mouth,” Twilight glared at him. “Secondly, it’s a thing that I now understand to talk to you about later. We’re here now, so I’m keeping your lips zipped until we-.”

“YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” screamed a voice above them in Dashs house, it was joined with two more immediately afterwards. Twilight grimaced at the sound. Turning to Spike on her back she said “Sit tight here while I fix this okay?”

With really no other option Spike sat down and folded his arms as Twilight teleported, not sure what to do. He looked southward down the trail, spotting Applejack kicking at a tree with Applebloom holding the baskets. Maybe he could talk to Applejack about what he saw...


Twilight entered Dashs house carefully, the grand archway was only a little intimidating and she’d never been up here before. Walking with determination she tiptoed down the fluffy hallways. She spotted a small kitchen, a closet stuffed with large trophies, a living area. Twilight walked over to the last room, stepping inside with the spell in her head. It left immediately at the sight she saw within.

The two Pinkies were curled up on the middle of the bed. Dash was in a sitting position making out with the Pinkie that had the curly hair, their forelegs wrapped around their necks. Twilight could verily see their tongues lashing at their cheeks, smacking noises quietly filling the air as their lips met and parted. The other Pinkie was busily slurping at Dashs crotch, tail perked high in the air and giving a full display of the levels of her own arousal. Not to mention that she was clearly using a free hoof to play with herself. Stepping over a pair of what could unmistakably be strap-on dildos Twilight cleared her throat. Dash and the Pinkie at her side turned to look at her.

“Rainbow Dash...what have you been doing up here?” she asked tentatively.

Dash threw on some cool shades and lit a choice cigar.

“Living the dream Twilight, living the dream.”