Night Visit

by Ninjayorkshire

First published

Luna receives a unexpected visit that could change the future of Equestria

Luna is visited by somepony she hadn't seen for a long time, and what this pony have to say will change the future of Equestria.

Night Visit

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As Luna entered the room a blue aura wrapped the double dark purple doors making them close, the same force began to encompass the jewelry she wore making it float to a near desk, the blue alicorn then walked toward the giant bed that stood in the middle of the chamber, the gigantic piece of furniture was circular shaped, made of the finest wood, the mattress was made of clouds, enchanted to avoid dispersing or precipitation, the blanket was homemade by own Luna, Celestia had insisted that she use some modern clothing but she couldn't get used to it she always preferred her old fluffy blanket.

Lying on the bed made the sleep call for the night princess, and she was more than happy to answer it’s calling, after a full night of work who wouldn't be, the reality began to fade and Luna was taken to her own realm of dreams.

Unlike many thought The Mistress of Dreams herself had dreams what differed her from the other ponies was that she could control her own dreams.

Like many other nights Luna’s dream began in a white expanse, no ground, no sky, no nothing, just white, the Princess of Night was an artist and that was her canvas, following her will colors would appear forming the images of her imagination, some were depictions of the real, other were abstract interpretations of emotions.

“I see you didn't lost your artistic vein little Whona”

The suddenly noise startled Luna breaking her focus from the painting “Who goes there?” she looked to all directions but saw nopony finally facing up she saw the one who had interrupted her art making, it was a mare that had both wings and horn her body was all white, her mane was transparent and she had no visible cutie mark.

The blue alicorn’s browns fell and her surprise demeanor changed to one of totally uninterested “Oh it’s you”.

“That’s cruel Whona, the first time I see you in one hundred years and that’s how you greet me” the white alicorn was pouting and talking like a filly, her attitude was obvious designed to get on the blue alicorn’s nerves.

“Could you please stop calling me Whona, you know that I always hated that nickname” stolen from whatever the chance she had to go back to her art, Luna decided to face what the, really annoying, mare had stored to her “Why do you came here?”

The white alicorn dropped the childish act and adopted a more serious posture “Something has been bothering me, so I came here to ask you some questions?”

“You want to ask me questions? Why don’t you go talk to Celestia, she is the perfect one, you always said I had to be more like her” Luna’s voice had quickly escalated from a calm conversation to an angered discussion.

Instead of following the blue alicorn’s lead to a heated arguing, the white manifestation responded Luna’s ranting in a caring and calming tone “Luna, you know I never said Celestia was perfect, neither you, neither me, everypony have flaws and aptitudes, that’s what makes which one of us special, I only said that you had to be more open with your feelings because I was worried that if you kept closed to everypony that would end up hurting you and the ones that you loved, you know me and your dad love you all equally, you, Celestia and even your brother”.

Luna couldn't hold anymore, tears began to escape her eyes as she lunged for the white alicorn and gave a strong hug, the mare accepted and hugged back the blue alicorn, which was visibly smaller than her, letting the wailing pony hide her face in the soft white coat, she didn't bothered her coat was getting damp from the tears all she wanted to calm the filly that she held in her legs.

When she finally managed to calm herself, Luna removed her face from the bigger alicorn’s coat and looked her directly in the eyes “I love you too mom, sorry for getting so angry”

A small smile appeared at the white mare’s face “I love you too Luna” she gave Luna a peck between her eyes before unwrapping her legs from the daughter’s body.

“So why are here and why are you asking me not Celestia? She is older and have more experience” Now fully recovered from her emotional crash Luna remembered why her mother had been there in the first place

“Well the matter is about somepony very close from Celestia, and I think she would deal with the news way better if she got them from you”

Luna noticed from her mother’s tone that whatever she had to say, it was serious “So what happened?”

“You know I was with your dad watching the human world, but while there I felt a craving for cupcakes, and the cupcakes here in Equestria are way better, they are softer and the…” The white alicorn looked to her daughter and was received a cold stare “okay, cutting it short, I went to Ponyville to see if I could sneak a cupcake without anypony noticing, that when I felt a huge concentration of negative energy, so I followed it and found that it came from the element of magic, for what I grasped all of her friends were busy that day and she had nopony to keep her company, that normally wouldn't upset so much a pony, that’s when I felt it, the loneliness was hurting her, getting to the point of making her cry”.

Luna finally understood what her mother meant, her discovery could greatly change Equestria, how much it would change depended on the answer to her next question “But mother, she was craving for love or the loneliness was really hurting her?”

The white alicorn knew the answer to the question, but she was trying to find a way to break the news to Luna, but she found none, so she kept quiet.

Luna realized what the lack of response meant “She is…”

“Craving for love…” The white alicorn finally answered breaking any specs of hope Luna could still have.

“How could I not see, if we had found earlier we could…”

The bigger mare scooped Luna with her wing and began to softly stroke her astral blue mane “Even if you had found earlier, what would be very difficult even for you and your sister, you wouldn't be able to do anything. Look at the bright side Luna”

“Bright side?” involuntarily or not Luna’s voice was filled with sarcasm.

“Of course there is a bright side, she will have more powers, the adaptation process will be difficult of course, many ponies will get away from her by fear and others will follow her by admiration but never forget Luna, she will still be the same pony you know now”.

“Thank you for telling me this mom”

“It was nothing Luna, now go, your moon is calling for you”

Certainly Luna felt the moon wanting to appear in the horizon.

“Goodbye mom”

“Goodbye my little Whona”

The dream world began to fade bringing Luna back to reality, she opened her eyes and sighed “Now how I going to tell Celestia that her prized student will become a changeling queen”.