A friendship never ending

by BaJi bAjI

First published

When Spike gains familiar feelings for someone who isn't Rarity, what will he do?

Love triangles, how do they work?

Chapter One 1.2

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A friendship never ending

By Flying Lotus youknowhatever...

Chapter One: This Chapter doesn't have a name

It was a bright, warm and just downright beautiful morning in Ponyville; the sun had begun easing over the pink clouds that covered the kingdom of Equestria. Dowsing its lively mountains and sweet villages in vivid tones of crimson and yellow. When Spike had just woken up to a voice so beautiful; he thought he was still snugly asleep. The juvenile dragon opened his eyes; riveting in the sunlight that illuminated his room through its small timber framed window; cobbled with spider webs and dust that danced in the air. He got to his feet, sinking his heels into the persistent cold of the floor and stretched his arms from wall to wall yawning inaudibly over the conversation that was being had in the next room. .

“And that is why they call it a hooficure Twilight” Spike heard the heavenly voice speak out to his roommate/sister/master and friend Twilight Sparkle.

It was a familiar and calming voice, one that Spike had enjoyed far too often for his own good “Rarity?” Was he really still dreaming? Spike reached down and pinched his arm only to have a sharp and real pain bite back at him. He hadn’t expected that, not a dream! “Rarity!” Spike roared out of sheer excitement. With his mouth agape and huge pink hearts in each of his eyes, he made a mad dash down the stairs; and face first into Twilights rear with a thud.

The purple dragon bounced backwards on impact knocking him off his feet and onto his backside. Twilight cocked her head up in surprise, snapping her attention towards Spike before grabbing his eyes with her own disappointed scowl “Spike? What were you doing running down those stairs? You could have yourself!” Twilight hissed, correcting her pet/brother/slave and friend.

“But...” Spike muttered before he averted his gaze towards the ground. Spike was filled with the kind of shame that made it difficult for him to look his friend in the eyes anymore, he glanced away.

"Honestly Spike I don't know what I would do with myself if you got injured!" Twilight added, continuing to pressure the juvenile dragon.

“I.. I didn't mean to hurt me, or anypony! I.. I'm really sorry though, I really mean it!” he pathetically replied with a tone so genuine it expressed alone what words could not.

Rarities eyes welled up with tears, glimmering for her unfortunate friend “Ohh my poor, little Spikey wikey!” The shimmering white and purple pony that had once been standing next to Twilight leaped out at Spike. Throwing her forelegs around him and enveloping him in a generous hearted embrace. Burning away all his fears of disappointing Twilight… again… (This was something that was becoming a trend of his recently.)

"There, there Spike, you'll be okay, just don't worry... I'm here for you now" Rarity said hushing her friend and bringing a smile to his face.

Spikes mind went blank at Rarities spontaneous act of kindness. He fell limp in Rarity’s arms as she clutched him to her chest “Ra...ri..ty..” Managed to slip Spikes lips as he mumbled in an incoherent manner un befitting of a dragon. Rarity released her hold of Spike and slipped back to her former spot beside Twilight. While Spike slumped to the ground counting the stars and hearts that came whizzing past his head.

Twilights resistance melted and she returned Spike her trademark ‘Apology Accepted’ smile “Spike, Rarity and I are going to the spa and we won't be back to later this afternoon. You can have the day off; here I’m giving you your allowance early this week. Go get something special!” Twilight finished, but not completely sure whether Spike had understood her or not.

“Spa, allowance, day off” Spike replied through his idiotic stupor.

Twilight zapped a sack of bits into existence with her magic and floated them over to the purple mess on the floor that was Spike, as she and Rarity walked out the door. Rarity insisted on staying with Spike for a little while to make sure he was ok. In fact she was more than willing to forego her trip to the spa entirely just to be certain. But, time after time Twilight assured her Spike would be fine.

By the time Spike was himself again Twilight and Rarity were long gone and Spike wasn’t about to waste his chore free day drooling on the ground. Oh no, he was going to buy himself a feast fit for a dragon at the most expensive restaurant in Ponyville! Spike rambled his way back up the staircase and into his room and slipped on the little diamond blotch bow tie that Rarity had made for him around his neck, polished his fangs and brushed his ma... er spikes... before stepping out the door. If you are what you eat, then Spike had to be a gem.

Upon taking the first step outside of the doorway he couldn’t help but think when was the last time he had left the library on anything short of business. Really, he couldn't remember. He inhaled a lungful of the cool summer breeze that flowed through the door way and directly into his nostrils turning his gaze towards the deep blue skies, flabbergasted that there wasn't a single cloud to be seen.

“Rainbow dash is actually doing her job today” Spike assumed to himself, hardly believing what he was seeing. Spike turned around and reached for the door behind him which he closed shut and turned the library’s business sign from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ before leaving.

Spike had finally found the time to admire the beautiful sunrises that he never had the time to appreciate; on account of him being looked up inside Golden Oaks library running chores all day long. Except nights which were of course Owlicious’ shift. On his way Spike was greeted by many of his neighbors in Ponyville complementing him on his splendid bow tie and exemplary etiquette. Spike was happy with his day so far, it was a normal day as far as normal days in Ponyville go. And that was usually too good to be true. Spike spotted a huge crowd of ponies clamoring outside his destination, well so much for a normal day after all. Spike covered the distance with ease and worked his way through the crowd, skillfully scuffling his way to the center. When he spotted the familiar blue Pegasus drawing in huge crowd as she was rescuing a cat from its perch in a tree.

Spike observed his friends heroic deed safely from within the mass of bystanders. The crowd cheered for Rainbow as she flew up into the tree and retrieved the uninterested and passive cat from its doom before flying it over to its owner, Derpy Doo (or was it Ditzy Doo?) who in turn saved the kitty from any doubts it had of not being loved when Derpy crushed the small cat in a loving embrace (Why Derpy didn’t just fly up to the branch and rescue the cat herself was a mystery wrapped inside a secret, but then again, she is Derpy after all).

After the ever so brave though Spike would never admit it, Rainbow dash had reunited the pet with her owner she began to boast once more of her valiant deed. She flew high up into the air hovering over the mass of faces to make sure every pony in the crowd could hear her "Another pon... er Cat! Saved by none other than Ponyvilles infamous Rainbow dash!" the smug blue Pegasus bellowed out as insurance that some pony had missed the rescue, or Celestia forbid, forgotten about her selfless act of generosity to save such an adorable and innocent creature.

Spike caught Rainbows words through the crowds’ d'aawss for Derpy as well as their equally loud cheers for his cyan Pegasus friend. Spike bought his hands to his mouth and curled them into a cone shape to amplify his voice against the crowds’ "Woohoo Rainbow dash!"

Rainbow dash flinched in the middle of show boating taken aback familiarity of the voice. She confusedly searched through the crowd for the source of the familiar (and oh so erotic but she'll never admit it) voice of Spike. Thanks to Rainbows unfaltering eyes she spotted Spike waving his arms around in an attempt to catch the absent minded Pegasus' attention. Rainbow flew in close to her dragon friend hovering mere feet away from his face. The crowd had almost dispersed now or had gone to examine Derpy and her pet giving rainbow plenty of room to linger in

"Oh hey Spike" Rainbow blurted out deliberately ensuring every pony in earshot heard her "Didn't see ya there while I was risking my very life for this cat!" she finished proudly; chest huffed up and totally not full of herself.

Spike was jumping with excitement from the rescue, enthusiasm strong in his voice “I know! I saw! Who could it be? Besides maybe mare do..."

"Oh no" Rainbow interrupted Spike mid-sentence "We're never going to bring that up again, ever, period." Upon finishing her sentence and observing the grin on Spikes face, the blue mare face hoofed a little. Embarrassed by just how easily her friend had pranked with her, the infamous prank master: Rainbow dash.

Spike couldn't hold himself anymore and burst into a light cheery laughter "Haha don't worry, just messing with you Rainbow"

Rainbow eased back once more reeling a sign of relief over her face “Hehe good one Spike. Say, what ya doing out here anyway? Aren’t you meant to be helping Twilight with her chores?” Rainbow asked Spike quizzically to hear the dragons alibi.

Spikes grin faded and he returned to his usual self again “Oh, Twilight and Rarity are spending the morning at the spa. And I get the rest of the day off, with no chores” Spike finished running through his defense with ease and confidence.

Rainbow darted her eyes over Spikes body once more, taking note of his bow tie “And what’s that for?” She asked gesturing towards his attire.

Spike looked down at his glimmering bow tie and back up again to meeting Rainbows gaze with his own “This old thing? Rarity gave it me!” Spike said, his eyes glowing as he finished the sentence “I need to look my best if I’m going to be eating at the Hayrys”

Rainbow eyes widened and her expression changed instantly from investigator to skeptic “You’re going to the Hayrys? That’s the bestest most awesome restaurant in Ponyville!” Rainbow stated, her mouth watering just at the mere mention of it.

“Yup, I always go there for my days off and since I am a regular customer mister Hayry himself gives me discount!” Spike stated, now this time boasting himself. One look back at his blue friend and her expression said it all; she looked starved and thirsty, nothing that a little trip to Hayrys couldn’t fix “Hey, why don’t you come with me?” Spike insisted with honest hearted enthusiasm.

Spikes words tugged Rainbow ears... and her stomach. The life of devoted hero can leave you running on empty far more than you’d care to be. Rainbows eyes lit up and a smile began to emerge from her day dreamy expression. Rainbow had never been to such a nice restaurant in her life nor had any pony invited her to accompany them either. She wasn’t about to say no… “Omygoshomygoshomygoshomygosh” of course she couldn’t really say yes either.

Rainbow dropped at Spikes side with a dull clunk from her hooves as they impacted the sidewalk. Rainbow still smiling from ear to ear and Spike looking a tad bit confused at Rainbows glowing disposition, entered restaurant. The atmosphere was very… Rarity in a way. Curtains, candles and even chandeliers! left, right, center it didn't matter, the place cluttered with them. Spike didn't mind, heck he was sure he could even see Rainbow enjoying it! Despite her defiant tomboyish flare that would've suggested otherwise.

Rainbow Dash on the other hoof, was too busy observing a whole area dedicated to equestrian sports and athletes. She insisted ruthlessly that they sit down at the table that had the signatures of the Wonder Bolts team written across it like a huge piece of paper. There was even Spitfires Wonder Bolt suit hanging high up on the burgundy walls of the restaurant, just out of reach (Which may have been a good thing considering Rainbow obsession over her). Rainbow couldn't bring herself stop talking about her and the rest of the team once they sat down. She must've told Spike everything he’d ever need to for the rest of his life. And she did it without taking a break to breath!

"Err... Are you okay madam?" The white and ashen coloured waiter asked with uncertain caution as he found himself caught in between Rainbows fanmare-ism and his job "Is... She going to be okay?" He whispered into Spikes ear.

Spike veered up at the waiter "I hope so" He said anxiously "I don't think I've ever seen this way before"

The waiter paused expressionless, like a deer in lamp light "Oh... well um, yeah that's right. What will you be ordering this afternoon?"

Rainow suddenly took halt from her nonsense fan dribble and smacked the the menu into her face, reading the menu as if it were the single most important thing in the universe "Uhh, ummm let see..." Rainbow paused for a brief moment only to burst out in excitement as she found the exact item she had been searching for "This!" Rainbow yelled at the waiter flinching at her every word, she held out the menu in her hoof and pointed the item, unintentionally assaulting the waiter with her impatience, extremely bad table side manor and situational ignorance.

Spike face palmed, "I'll have the usual" He said grudgingly. The waiter turned around in an instant and instinctively bolted back into side the safety of the kitchen, far far away from Rainbows il etiquette.

"So what did you order?" Rainbow asked the regretful purple dragon.

Spike looked across the table back and back into Rainbows purple reddish eyes "Oh, ruby steak! It's my favourite!"

"You know, I'll never understand why dragons eat gems, it sounds as appetizing as eating a rock" Rainbow said dismissively.

"But rocks and gems have completely different tastes!" Spike defended hurriedly "That's like comparing oranges and Apples!"

Rainbow buried her face in her hoof and shook her head low in disapproval "You know what? Forget I mentioned it"

By the end of their meal Spike had paid the check for both of them costing him his entire weeks’ salary to the dismay of his rainbow-maned friend. Spike and Rainbow left the restaurant satisfied and stuffed to breaking point with food and minerals. As they exited the building onto the hoofpath Rainbow sucked in a huge mouthful of air before rambling incoherently once more.

“Omygoshdidyouseethatrestaraunt!theyhadawonderbolttablethatwassignedandevenawonderboltssuitl!” Rainbow shrieked while Spike just tuned out for a few seconds think to himself. He was astonished at how much Rainbow had adored the Wonder Bolts. Or, how any pony really could adore the Wonder Bolts as much as she did. But then again, over the past forty minutes he had spent listing to her, he found himself an unintentional fan of the Wonder Bolts, Soarin to be specific.

Only after putting a bit of distance between the restaurant and themselves had Rainbow calmed down enough to establish a normal breathing pattern again. Spike and Rainbow were still a fair distance away from the library. On foot it would take at least another twenty minutes. Spike had wanted to get home before for Rarity and Twilight came back so he could tidy up the place, you know, his way of saying sorry. And although Spike was in a hurry to get back home, he also wanted to spend some more time with Rainbow dash. Spike caught a glimpse of Rainbow through the side of his eye. She was starting to look bored… or sleepy? He really couldn’t tell, to him, she all ways looked sleepy.

Rainbow opened her mouth and let out a hearty yawn turning to face Spike “Euuhah, hey Spike”

Spike jumped a little in surprisement from the sudden question question “What is it?” He replied caught off guard as he turned to meet her gaze attentively.

“What do you want to do now? I'm kinda bored" And sleepy Spike added in his head, before thinking what he was going to do now.

"Well" Spike paused in thought "I was going to go back to the library, why? Did you want to do something else?

"Well... have you ever been flying with a Pegasus before? Rainbow said faintly grinning through her bored expression.

Spike stood in place unable to recall if had ever actually been flying with a Pegasus before? " I don't think Twilight would let me..."

"I promise I’ll make it fun!” Rainbow cut in, gesturing towards her back with her right hoof for Spike to mount her.

A streak of red shot across spikes cheeks before he could give his answer “Uhmm…” Spike muttered sheepishly “But I have to get home soon and..” He was cut off by Rainbow again before he could finish.

“Don’t you worry about it Spike, I’ll bring to the library right away, I promise, you won't be disappointed” Rainbow replied again still grinning with confidence.

Well, it was futile to decline Rainbows offer, honestly Spike would never live it down or more realistically Rainbow would never let Spike live it down. He nodded back at Rainbow as she lowered her torso to the ground allowing Spike to reach up and climb onto her feathery back. Spike clutched the base of her wings with his pointed claws carefully. The blue Pegasus leant forward splaying out her wings to her sides readying them for flight.

“Hold on tight Spike, this’ll be fun!” Rainbow claimed as started beating her wings. She began a light trot which escalated into a canter than finally a gallop building momentum with her every step. Spike was buckling on her back sliding from left to right when Rainbow began a count down.

“Five, four, three, two, one” Rainbow jumped into the air catching an updraft of wind beginning her speedy ascent over the top of Ponyville while Spike was little more than a screaming mess holding onto her back for dear life. It was one thing to watch Rainbow fly and an entirely different sensation to fly with her, Spike now knew this first-hand. The wind whipping through his scales and rattling his spikes was as exhilarating as it was frightening. It was something so foreign to him, something so strange, yet he found himself enjoying it. Rainbow began slowing down swiftly and before small dragon could say cherrychanga they were back at the library.

Rainbow landed just outside the library hitting a branch her way down, knocking Spike off her back and falling to the ground. Rainbow quickly landed next her purple friend “Sorry bout that Spike” She said through her frown as she grasped Spikes hands in her hooves and tugged him back to his feet. Looking as sorrowful as Spike had felt that very morning.

Spike dusted himself off and returned her looked back with a smile of his own “Don’t worry about me Rainbow, honestly I’m fine” He said pausing between his sentences “Honestly, that was the most fun I’ve had all week!”

Rainbow looked relieved as she fell to her haunches “Phew had me scared there for a second Spike. So when are Rarity and Twilight getting back?”

“Soon, I should probably start cleaning up before they get back actually” Spike replied

“Oh...” Rainbow hesitated “Well... I should probably get out of here anyway. And when you get another day off, make sure you come and see me. Next time it’ll be my treat" Rainbow turned around ready to fly off before she cast her gaze back on Spike "Oh, and Spike, the I was acting at the restaurant today... lets just keep that between you and me” Rainbow shot Spike a thankful smile before turning away and darting off into the distance again.

Spike fell back against the rough bark wall that was Golden Oaks library and scratched his head in confusion. He had enjoyed himself, far more than any other day in recent memory, and yet, he wanted more. More time with Rainbow dash and more time with Rarity. It was a strange feeling that was filling him up from inside, like a balloon ready pop, only the balloon was filled with butterflies. Spike cocked his head up again and just stared into the vast blue horizon that his friend so elegantly tamed, and he just stood there waiting for the world to make sense again. Only it didn’t, he still felt the same and he didn’t have a clue what to do next.

“Oooh Spikey wikey!” A voice like silk called at him from across the street…

Chapter Two: And a half.

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A friendship “never” ending
By Flying Lotus Zodiac Shit

Chapter two: And a half

Eight days later…

Spike paced across the library’s lower floor, its bookshelves entombed with dusty books and faded scrolls. He was mumbling perplexedly under his breath, contradicting his every thought with an equally persuasive counter argument. (He’d been up a few hours after his usual sleep time and Twilight had all but passed out from over studying into the late hours of the morning)

“I just don’t know what to do Owlalicious?” Spike whined to his (and it pained him to say it) friend. Owlalicious… the owl. Spike was tired, but he didn’t try to hide it. His eyes lids were idly hang over his eyes as he rushed about the living room in frantic disarray.

The feathered mass standing alone on the libraries only birds’ perch turned to face Spike for another time. Owlicious gradually opened his beak to convey his wise owl knowledge to the tired and eager young dragon.

“Who?” Owlalicous yowled in a tone so oblivious and innocent it we as if he were part of another conversation.

“No, not who! Do! I don’t know what to do!” Spike interjected the tawny owl, frustration heavily laced in his voice. “I mean, know I have feelings for Rarity… but there’s just something about Rainbow dash” Spike finished unsure of himself. “But it just isn’t the same. It couldn’t be!”

Owlalicious looked seriously burdened with words he couldn’t speak… as he was an owl…. In a world full of talking ponies. He stayed his experienced black eyes on Spike. And began exerting a pressure on his vocal chords, forcing himself to utter another word other than…

“Who?” Owlalicious yowled yet again. (If owls could face wing, he’d do it. Over and over again)

But Spike didn’t pay much attention to the question. He was too distracted he didn’t even notice that Owlalicious had yet again uttered a completely off topic answer to question that was never asked. “If only there was a way I could talk to some pony who knew more about this sort of thing” Spike fell back on his rear with a light thud, impacting the dusty wooden floor as he settled into his new position. Spike was defeated his eyes coming to a squint. He was ready to pass out.

Owlalicious just stood in place on his personal bird perch, wings at his sides his feathers unruffled. His expression alone spoke volumes; he was frustrated with himself not being able to comfort Spike.

He raised his wings into the air and began beating them into flight, silently gliding across the room and landing on the edge of a window sill nearest to Spike. He opened his mouth mustering his entire being into the very action; drawing in a vast breath of air into his lungs expanding his chest double its size. And began meditating on the words that needed to be spoken to channel down his throat and exit out of his beak.

“Wwhroo!” He screamed at shuddering loud volume. Loud enough to frighten even himself.

But Spike just sat still, looking as beat down as he did before. “But that’s just the question isn’t it? Who, who can possibly help me?” Spike spirits were utterly deflated. He was defeated in more ways than one and he couldn’t find the strength to stay awake for much longer

“Who could possibly know more about a dragon’s? Who coul..” Spike paused a moment. There was only one pony who had the knowledge of what exactly what was happening. And that pony was…

“Zecora!” He screeched before bringing his hands over his mouth hiding his voice once more.

“Of course!” Spike whispered as he gradually drifted into well-deserved sleep. The sun had just began peeking over the distant horizon like giant red luminescent apple in the distance; ripening with intensity and vividness with each passing minute

Owlalicious slumped against the window pane easing down on his rear and sighed, or did the bird equivalent of a sigh. Relief washed over him as he finally saw his friend friend happy. Though maybe a little defeated himself that he couldn’t help Spike the he wanted too, but happy for him nonetheless.

The sun shone into the room like every other morning, burning away all darkness from the small dusty room. Owlalicious was long asleep on his perch; wings tucked into his sides insulating his body warmth under his glossy smooth brown and beige feathers. And amazingly, so was Twilight.

Spike wistfully opened his eyes to find himself staring at the ceiling he hadn’t had fallen asleep under. He was snuggly tucked tightly into his own bed; wrapped under layers of sheets, blankets and quilts that Owlalicious must’ve bound him in.

He struggled under the combined weight of the heavy bed coverings squirming his way out and onto his feet. The floor was particularly cold that morning Spike thought to himself as he stood in place; gazing across the gradually warming chamber and out the window. Morning, Spike had seen it before and he had admired it all the same. But this particular morning was different, he couldn’t exactly explain it, but he could feel it. He took a faint few steps forward shooting out his arms in a stretch as he glanced over his shoulder to find Twilight fast asleep.

That was good he thought to himself, his one window of opportunity. Sneak out, follow the dirt path to the Everfree, go see Zecora at her cottage and sneak back in time before Twilight ever realized he had ever left. So simple a foal could do it.

Outside was just as beautiful as it had been eight days ago. A very long and head spinning eight days ago to be precise. Spike peered up into the horizon overhead Ponyville, sporadically covered with clouds doting all over the small town creating a pink and beige mosaic in the sky against its brilliant blue backdrop. As he brought his view back down to earth he really took notice of all the ponies everywhere. He saw them all rushing about on their business to and fro, shop to shop or house to house. It was a productive morning, it was peaceful morning, it was noisy morning and it was… it was…

“Cold” Spike muffled under his breath trailed by a puff of moisture.

The late morning air was littered with the scents of freshly baked breads, cakes and other various sweets. To most ponies, the smells of baked goods were good, but not to Spike it wasn’t. It only meant he was in Pinkie Pie territory, and when you were in Pinkie Pie territory, you had a good chance of lacerations, decapitations, incinerations, conflagrations, cremations, re incarnations, lubrications and Pinkies personal favorite, celebrations… Although come to think of it, he might have been exaggerating on those first seven.

“Hiya Spike!” Chimed the pink pony shaped avatar of energy that seemingly appeared out of thin air. Inches away from Spike snout “What cha been up to?” Pinkie bellowed innocently enough to be suspicious… or was Spike just being paranoid

“Gah! What the!” Spike shrieked “how the heck did you get there?”

Pinkie giggled lightly under her infectious smile “Hehahe I live here silly!” She retorted as she proceeded to throw her left foreleg around Spikes shoulders while simultaneously gesturing her right towards sugar cube corner.

“Huh, of course I knew that!” Spike replied as he gingerly brushed Pinkies fuzzy arm off from around his scaly shoulder.

“Whats Twilight been up to these days?” Pinkie chimed with a smile.

“Uh, nothing. I mean, well, last week she went to the spa with Rarity but between then and now” Spike paused “She’s just been bogged down with books to read”

“Really?” Pinkie replied mildly “I should really go by and visit her today. She always so busy with all her work that she never gets time to have fun anymore” Pinkie sighed falling back on her rump, her saddle bags ruffling with by sudden movement.

Spike noticed Pinkies dull light brown bags packed to burst limit. Dull and boring bags without even a spec of dirt on them, practically brand new “So, what’s in the bags?”

“Oh, these bags?” Pinkie insinuated with her hoof “A CAKE!” She screamed in an ear pinching volume, elicting a few stares from the other ponies from around the two “I’m actually on a delivery right now”

Pinkie paused leaning in closer to Spike as she brought her left hoof up covering his right ear and her mouth “It’s top secret so don’t tell anypony” Pinkie whispered into the little dragons ear.

“Uh, sure of course” Spike mumbled backing away from whimsical pony.

Pinkie stood herself back up lightly brushing the dirt off of her flank as she turned to face Spike “Whataya doing all the way out here anyway?” Pinkie leisurely asked Spike “Shouldn’t you be at the library right now?”

“Me?” Spike replied blankly “Uhh I was going on a... Umm...” Spike stalled for as long as he could manage “A walk! That’s right! I’m walking! With my legs!

Pinkies struck a confused look across her face, more out of concern than bewilderment. “Are you feeling okay Spike?” the pink equine asked genuinely out of concern for her friend.

“Of course, never been better!” Spike quickly interjected smiling a fakely trying to appear as honest as he could manage.

“Really?” Pinkie continued, pressuring Spike in a skeptical tone. Did Spike just lie to her? No, not really anyway, he just didn’t tell her the whole truth. Though not telling the truth, which meant he was up to something! “And you know this path heads towards the Everfree forest right?”

“Yeah…?” Spike said cautiously as he tried his best to maintain his fake smile.

Pinkie shot Spike back a glare bordering Fluttershys supposedly lethal stare, tilting her head to the side “Well why didn’t you just say so!” The naïve and Pink pony replied with a huge smile “Well I’m off to go make my delivery now! See-Ya!” Pinky screeched the last part awfully loud, causing all ponies within earshot to snap their attention towards her.

Spike scratched his head in confusion “I guess Pinkie Pie just being Pinkie Pie again” A sizable amount of time had passed and Spike would really need to hurry along if he wanted to intercept Zecora at her cottage. So, he ran, running with his legs that he runs on.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock. Come on, please be home” Our usual suspect lightly huffed with anxiety and fatigue “Oh please tell me I didn’t miss her!”

And as if answering his prayers the heavy bulk of the door swung open from its adorable timber frame revealing a surprised looking Zecora “Well isn’t this a surprise” she said softly with her velvet like voice “Why it is a dragon I see before my eyes”

“Uh hey Zecora” Spike murmured.

“Don’t be shy come in and sit down; you must be tired walking all the way from pony town” Zecora musically added.

Spike shuffled his way into small hut with Zecoras’ guidance and sat down around her living room table as the rhyming zebra stood standing making tea for her unexpected visitor.

“So what brought you all the way out here? So far from Ponyville yet so near.”

“Uhg, well, this might sound really strange, but” Spike paused “I need your help and I want you’ll keep it between us”

“Lies, secrets, mysteries and whirls are exactly the things I promise to not tells” Zecora said as she handed… hoofded the steaming cup to Spike as he coddled it in his claws “But first I have a question If you’d be so kind you can answer any time”

Spike sighed “Okay, what is it?”

“Why come and seek me out, all the way in the Everfree, when it was easier to ask some other pony?”

“Because I trust you” Spike admitted with a strong sense of respect and courage in his voice.

Zecora shone with the slightest touch astonishment mixed with embarrassment before collecting herself once more “Okay Spike you have my ears, I just hope you question won’t involve tears”

“Okay, have you ever felt confused like, when you like somepony, and there’s another pony I’ve always known. And let say I’ve had feels the same way toward this other pony. What do I do?”

“Ah, love is not so easily traversed, but stay steadfast and you shall come out first” Zecora took a sip of her tea “Now I think I’ve eaten enough of your time go on and… go…”

Zecoras sudden rhyme break grabbed Spikes ears “Wait, what?” Spike teetered.

Zecora popped out of her seat a slight blush present on her cheeks, and hurriedly trotted over to Spike, lightly nudging him to his feet “Nothing, please do hurry and try not to worry”

Confused? Maybe, clueless was more like it. “But wai..”

But despite Spikes best protest, Zecora cut through Spikes sentence a second time “Now if you don’t mind I things to do” Zecora said only pausing to shove Spike out of her hut. “And I believe you do too”



The walk back to Ponyville was as uneventful as it was surprisingly quicker than it had been getting to the Everfree. And the advice Zecora had given him was useless without knowing what she meant. “Damn zebras and their rhyming riddles…” Spike murmured under his breath. It was midday by the time he had come made it into town, surely Twilight was awake and probably freaking out that he’d disappeared.

A familiar sound of wind breaking filled the air, but Spike had been ignoring everything thing on his way back into town, so by the time he realized it was Rainbowdash he didn’t have any time left to panic.

"Thud!" Rainbow slammered hoof first into the ground with a fierce velocity and heavy aheft. Spike looked up to meet the eyes of his multicolored friend "Heya Spike!, watcha been up to?" Rainbow chimed with a smile as bright as her mane.

“Oh! AH! Hey Rainbow!” Spike choked in sentence repeatedly “I didn’t notice you there!”

Rainbow flicked her mane with enthusiasm “I’m surprised other ponies even notice me when I’m flying that fast” Rainbow boasted “So, what are you doing out here and not at the library?”

“Oh you know, walking and uh, walking?’

“You know I feel like I haven’t seen all week? Funny isn’t it?”

“Yeah, a real hoot” Spike reeled sarcasticly

“So are you doing anything later tomorrow?

Spike scratched his head attentively “Wait, why’re you asking?

“Well, funny you should mention it” Rainbow begun “But, I just so happen to have prime access tickets to the Wonderbolts acrobatic show in Cloudsdale, and seeing as how I still owe you from last week, I thought you could tag along”

“Me? Cloudsdale? How is that even possible?”

“Oh don’t worry, I heard they have special seats that can accommodate ponies of all kinds, dragons included”

“But, there’s Twilight and the library and uh I have work to do”

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that, I already spoke to Twilight this morning. At first she was like ‘Where’s Spike?!’ then I said ‘Hey I was about to ask the same thing’ then, one thing led to another and I asked her if she’d let you come with me to Cloudsdale or not? She said it’s up to you” Uh oh, Twilights awake “And that you’d be in serious trouble for sneaking out this morning”

“Well, you see, the thing is…”

“Soarins going to be there…” Rainbow grinned

“Really!” Spike bursted with excitement “I mean, so?”

“You know you’re coming with me right”

“Unfortunately…” Spike muttered under his breath.

“Great!” Rainbow replied in royal Canterlot speech “Okay I’ll meet you in the town square tomorrow at 9am sharp.” Said Rainbow before she made off in a beeline towards the ever blue horizon leaving Spike alone with his thoughts again.

“That… could’ve gone worse…” Spike muttered breathlessly as he remembered Twilight was most likely having a panic attack in his unannounced absence.

“BOOSH!” Spike pushed open the door with all he’s might, only yo be left out of breath at what he was looking at.

“Oh there's my Spike-wikey! Where have you been?” Spike stared slack jawed at the beautiful visage that was rarity incarnate, only to be interrupted by her silk like voice once again before he could form a coherent sentence “Oh it doesn't matter as long as you’re here now, that’s what really matters” Rarity said as she embraced Spike in her arms. Behind Rarity was Twilight, Applejack Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy all standing underneath a banner that had the words written on “HAPPY HATCHING DAY SPIKE!”

It’d finally struck Spike in a genius sort of way, Pinkie Pie and her super-secret cake delivery, Twilight going nuts looking for him this morning “I… I don’t know what to say?” Spike said in astonishment.

“A thank you wouldn't be so bad” Applejack interjected.

“Enough talk LETS PARTY!” Screamed an overly enthusiastic Pinkie Pie who exploded in confetti and streamers.

“How about telling me where you ran off to this morning hmm” Twilight pressured the young dragon "I was worried sick about you"

“Oh, um I went to see uhh…” Spike tried to stall as best he could but to no avail, only increasing Twilights suspicion.

“Spike came over to see me” Rarity cut in, much to the surprise of everyone, including Spike “He came over to help with a few dresses I was working on and when we finished I made sure to get here before him. To surprise him for the party”

Spike sighed, still blushing under the glowing aura of Rarity, she had just lied to keep him safe; heck Spike would do the same thing twice just to see Rarity smile. Rarity continued holding Spike in her arms increasing his heart ever faster to the point of making Spike light headed. Spike was content, he was happy, but uncertain for the immediate future, one day from now to be exact, in a town called Cloudsdale is where his story will really take a dive for the worst.