Trixie's Revenge

by DarkJester

First published

Trixie's gets revenge on Twilight in her own special way.

Chapter 1

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Trixie paced along the bare floor of her home as she talked out loud, “How DARE that pony humiliate the great and powerful Trixie!”

She stopped pacing momentarily to recall the humiliating scene: The beast that those foolish foals lured far exceeded anything she’d imagined when she boasted about vanquishing one of it’s kind. And then that... unicorn showed up and just carried the titan off. Trixie was sure the purple mare’d waited until the Ursa Minor crushed her beautiful wagon before interfering! “Curse that pony! CURSE HER!” She screamed in fury, her horn glowing brightly as she started picking up random objects around the room and tossing them about in an angry fit. It stopped when a book slammed into her mirror, shattering it before landing on the floor with a thump.

Trixie gasped, her magic dissipating on the levitating objects around her, causing them to cascade to the ground. She glanced at the now-cracked mirror and found a dozen shattered reflections gazing back. She sighed and lifted the hefty tome with her magic and sent it drifting back towards the bookshelf. However, along the way, she caught a glimpse of the title, and stopped it midway. “Compendium of Hexes…” She read.

Intrigued, she brought the book over to her reading stand and opened it to the first page. Hundreds of ways to make a Pony suffer, she read. Trixie rubbed her chin with a hoof. “Maybe this book has something I can use on that show-off Twilight,” She convinced herself.

She flipped to the next page and read over one of the hexes. Endless Itch. She thought for a moment, but then dismissed it with a shake of her head. “No, I bet she has a good backscratcher.”

She flipped to the next page. Curse of a thousand blades. She skimmed over the description of the spell and her face contorted in disgust. “Ack! No! That’s far too cruel!” She concluded with a shudder and flipped to the next page.

That’s when her face lit up. “Aha! This is perfect!” She exclaimed as she brought her hooves together and rubbed them gleefully. “This will show her what happened to ponies who humiliate the great and powerful Trixie!” She laughed menacingly before she started reading over the details of the spell in front of her.

- A few weeks later -

Twilight Sparkle snorted awake when she heard a knock on the door. At first, she ignored it, but soon she heard it again. She groaned, turned in her bed, and mumbled, “Spike, get the door please…”

Another knock, followed by another, and another, until Twilight got frustrated and she sat up in her bed abruptly. “Spike! The door!” She yelled. That was when she noticed Spike’s bed was vacant. “Oh yeah, he’s in Canterlot…” With a sigh, Twilight rolled out of bed and headed downstairs.

The thumping on her door continued unabated, and she hurried across the room. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” Twilight shouted to her apparently impatient guest.

Reaching the door, she opened it up with her magic just in time to see Trixie ready to knock again. She didn’t wear her cape or her silly hat this time but wore a satchel around her neck. “Oh, Twilight!” She lowered her hoof and smiled. “Hello!”

Twilight blinked in surprise. “Trixie? What are you doing here?”

“Well…” Trixie began with a look of shame on her face. “I felt bad about what I did, so I came to make amends.”

Twilight was delighted to hear that, but restrained her excitement and simply said, “That’s quite alright Trixie.”

“Please, I insist! I even brought you some flowers! See?” Trixie mentioned as her horn glowed and a bouquet of flowers rose up from her flank and drifted towards Twilight.

“Flowers? For me?” Twilight couldn’t help but smile at such a thoughtful gift. “That is very nice of you.”

“Go ahead and smell them, they’re extra fragrant!” Trixie explained, keeping her expression sincere.

Twilight did as suggested of her and closed her eyes as she buried her snout in the blooms.

The edges of Trixie’s lips curled upwards and her horn let out a pulse of light as she initiated the first phase of her plan. Using her magic, she took away the camouflage of the blooms to reveal the flowers for what they truly were: Poison Joke.

Twilight, unable to smell anything particularly fragrant, reeled her head back and opened her eyes as she said, “I don’t really smell anything Tri…” When she noticed the familiar blue flowers in front of her, she gasped. “Poison Joke? Oh no!” She glanced up just in time to see her horn wilt in front of her. Her eyes furrowed in anger and she turned her gaze back on Trixie. “What is the meaning of this!?”

Trixie, grinning widely now, dropped the spell holding the flowers aloft and stepped forward; incidentally crushing the stalks of the bouquet beneath her hoof. “Trixie can’t believe how easy that was!” She declared victoriously.

Twilight, not liking the way Trixie was staring at her at all, began to stumble backwards as Trixie pushed her way inside. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Trixie doesn’t like being played a fool. You humiliated me and ruined my image, therefore I am going to teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget!” She exclaimed as she backed Twilight into a corner.

Twilight felt the cold, wooden shelves of a bookcase against her back and discovered she’d run out of room to retreat. With nowhere left to go, she flattened herself against it and asked with a shaky voice, W… what are you going to do to me?”

“Hmm-hmm, you’ll see,” Trixie said with a chuckle. She opened up her satchel and, as Twilight watched on in horror, she pulled out a small, black disk with her teeth.

Twilight blinked in surprise. “What is that?”

Trixie dropped it on the ground and pushed it towards Twilight with a hoof. “This is the catalyst of your suffering, Twilight Sparkle.”

Twilight stared at it. It was barely the size of her hoof, and not menacing at all. “You’re kidding, right?”

Trixie’s right eye sparkled devilishly. “You’ll wish I was.” With that, Trixie closed her eyes and her horn sparked to life as she began the incantation of her spell.

At first, nothing happened. But then, a magical aura surrounded the disk, and it started to expand. Moment later, a hole stretched the disk open, and a dozen green tentacles sprang forth.

Twilight gasped in surprise. “What the hay!?”

Trixie opened her eyes and smirked at Twilight. “Now the fun begins,” She announced, before using her magic to make one of the slimy tentacles wrap around Twilight’s waist.

She yelped as it lifted her off the ground. Then, more tentacles slithered over her body; four wrapping around her legs and another around her tail before stretching them tautly.

Next, a single tendril crawled up along her flank and came to rest against Twilight’s snatch.

She gasped out as she felt the vile extremity squirming along the length of her slit. She tried to close her legs, but they would not budge. “What are you doing!?” She demanded.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Trixie retorted as she made the tentacle part her folds and slide into her vagina.

“Aaahhh!” Twilight screamed as the slithery appendage penetrated her sex. She tried to fight it, but her magic was useless to her now, and she lacked the physical strength to break free of her bondage. “Take it out! Take it out!”

Trixie was amused at her plight. “Oh no, not yet, not until your punishment is complete.”

Twilight opened her mouth to respond, and Trixie reacted quickly by shoving a bigger tentacle into her mouth.

She gagged on it as it began to work itself down her throat. She bit down on it in desperation, but it didn’t even so much as convulse in response. Suddenly, she felt some sort of liquid fill her stomach and she began to panic.

Trixie could read the terror on her face and assured her, “Relax Twilight, it’s not poison or anything, just a little aphrodisiac to make you niiiice and horny for all of the orgasms I’m about to force upon you. If you truly are the unicorn everyone says you are, you should be able to last for quite a while, I’d assume.”

Twilight choked out a gurgled response as the vile liquid went to work inside her. Very quickly she became overwhelmed by lust and desire, making her cunny start to drip with fluids, which in turn made the tentacle’s penetration of her sex effortless. She began to moan, her struggles losing their intensity as she began to give into the sensations that enveloped her.

Meanwhile, another tentacle joined with the first one, spreading her slit wide and working its way inside her.

Twilight didn’t fight it. She simply slumped in her bonds, head lolling and her eyes glazing as the tentacles began to thrust inside her.

Trixie watched with ample amusement as Twilight became a victim to her own desires. Becoming aroused herself, she said, “Trixie is enjoying this show quite a lot.” She opened her satchel and pulled out her other tool: A vibrator. “And is quite glad she brought this,” she added as she hovered it in the air. She floated it behind her and raised her tail as she maneuvered it down towards her slit. She pushed the nub of the dildo past her folds and cooed softly as it slid smoothly into her vagina. Once it was all the way in, she magically flicked the switch on low and let the vibrator go to work. She shivered with delight. “A little reward for myself while I watch you suffer,” She explained.

But Twilight was hardly suffering. On the contrary, she was quite enjoying itself, despite her attempts to convince herself otherwise. It felt so bad, and yet so good! So good in fact, that without realizing it, she suddenly reached orgasm. She tensed up, threw her head back, and moaned out loud as she gave in to the intense pleasure that rocked her entire frame.

Trixie noticed Twilight’s fluids dripping down her thigh and she grinned with satisfaction. One down, oh-so-many more to go! She said in her mind. Suddenly, she shivered as a sharp twinge of pleasure rippled up her spine. “Oooohhh…” She moaned. The vibrator was doing its job quite nicely, and she wanted desperately to turn it up, but she convinced herself otherwise. Too soon, Trixie. She thought. Twilight hasn’t suffered nearly enough yet. Her horn glowed brighter still as she slid two more tentacles into Twilight’s dripping snatch. These two stretched out Twilight’s labia beyond their natural limits, but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to stop until Twilight begged for mercy.

Twilight’s vagina began to ache with all the vines inside her, but she had little time to complain about it, as another orgasm suddenly consumed her. She writhed in ecstasy, her body going taut, as she surrendered once again to the overwhelming sexual stimuli as her fluids left glistening trails along the length of the tendrils.

When it subsided, Twilight felt even weaker than before, and she mumbled out a desperate, “Make it stop…” She clearly had quite enough.

“A-ha, out of stamina already? You’re supposed to be a great magician! Yet you can’t even handle a few orgasms? Pathetic!” Trixie taunted.

This wasn’t the same, Twilight knew, as this was draining her physical stamina, not magical.

“Besides, it’s not over until I say it’s over!” Trixie added. Then, she brought up one of the two remaining tentacles and tried to squeeze them in with the others, but they would not fit, no matter how hard she tried. “Hrmmm…” She grunted in frustration. Then, she had an idea. She pulled out the first tentacle, which was now thoroughly coated with all of Twilight’s dripping fluids, and brought it up to her rear. With a gasp from Twilight, Trixie forced the tip of the tentacle in past her sphincter and deep into her rectum. Twilight groaned in discomfort as she felt the slick appendage fill her tailhole to capacity.

“There we go,” Trixie said before sliding the last vine into Twilight’s pussy.

The new pleasure pulsating through her rump made her next orgasm come even quicker. This time however, it was too much for her, and her eyes rolled back into her head as the overwhelming orgasm sent her spiraling into unconsciousness.

Trixie frowned and used the last free tentacle to smack Twilight hard across the face, forcing her awake. “You can’t pass out until Trixie let’s you!”

Twilight whimpered, even as another orgasm loomed on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Trixie was quite desperate herself, and finally gave into her own desires as she switched the vibrator on high. “Oh, yes!!!” She exclaimed breathlessly as the vibrator rocked her entire frame. She shuddered deeply, feeling that oh-so-familiar sensation creeping up on her, and didn’t hold back. After a few long moments of bliss, Trixie finally reached climax, and she collapsed forward, an exhausted expression on her face, as she speckled the floor beneath her with her fluids. This was her most intense yet, and lasted even longer than usual. When it finally subsided, Trixie sighed deeply, turned the vibrator off, and pulled it out of her as she said, “Now Trixie is satisfied.” She looked up at Twilight, who had yet again passed out from another orgasm, and tsked. “My test subject lasted longer than she did…” She smacked her awake again and pulled the tentacle from her mouth.

Twilight hacked up some of the liquid still lingering in her throat and pleaded with a heaving chest, “Enough… please…”

The tentacles stopped momentarily as Trixie addressed her, “I’ll let you go only if you tell me that I am the better magician, and you need to make it sound convincing, otherwise…” She brought the dripping tentacle back up to Twilight’s face. “We can try for more.”

Twilight gulped. At this point, she was willing to do anything to be free of this horrific hex, and so she told Trixie exactly what she wanted to hear: “You… you are the superior magician, Trixie, having taken me so easily. I...” Twilight bit her lip with uncertainty, “I was wrong to think I could ever compete with you.”

Trixie was delighted to hear it, mollified. “Good.” Then, she stepped forward, reached up, wrapped her hooves around Twilight’s head, and brought their lips together in a passionate kiss.

Twilight mumbled out in disgust as she felt Trixie’s tongue wrap around her own, but she could do nothing to stop it.

The kiss broke after a few seconds, and Trixie wiped the saliva from her mouth. “You are free to go.” With that, Trixie’s magic faded, and all at once the tentacles that entwined and violated her captor withdrew and disappeared into the shrinking black disc.

Twilight landed on the ground with a thud.

Trixie picked up the black disc with her teeth and put it in her satchel along with her vibrator before addressing the weakened mare, “I think you’ve learned your lesson. Next time, you’ll think twice before you cross the great and powerful Trixie!” With that, Trixie tossed a smoke bomb and disappeared. Or so she tried. Apparently, she still hadn’t perfected that trick, and Twilight was able to spot her racing out the door once the smoke cleared.

Twilight tried to stand, but her weakened leg muscles gave way, and she collapsed forward. “Curse that pony…” She said weakly.

“Twilight, I’m home!” Spike said as he walked into the open door a short time later. He noticed Twilight lying on the floor and asked, “What happened to you?”

“Spike! I’m glad you’re here,” Twilight said as she finally managed to rise to her feet. “Take a letter.”

Spike nodded and grabbed his pen and paper.

Twilight began searching through her bookcases as she talked, "Dear Princess Celestia, today I learned that almost every pony can be brought to care with a little love..."

She found the book she was searching for and flipped it off of the shelf with a hoof, exposing the title on its cover: 'Encyclopedia of Insults both Obscure and Obscene'. Opening it on page one, she scraped her throat, "...but some ponies are just-"

Spike ran out of scrolls by the time she reached the G, but Twilight was still reading off words.

“Uh, Twilight,” Spike spoke up, but Twilight didn’t hear him.

“Twilight,” He tried again, louder this time. She still ignored him.

Annoyed, Spike took a deep breath and bellowed, “TWILIGHT!”

That finally caught Twilight’s attention, and she looked up from her book in frustration. “What!?”

“There are no scrolls left.”

Twilight clopped a hoof against her forehead in frustration. “Fine, whatever, just send what you have.”

But that’s over twenty scrolls of dialogue. Quite questionable dialogue for that matter,” Spike explained.

“DO IT!” Twilight yelled, stomping a hoof.

“Okay, okay!” Spike responded defensively. He took another deep breath, and then ignited all the scrolls in that special flame of his; causing them all to disappear into thin air.

“Good. Now let’s head to Zecora’s so that she can cure this Poison Joke,” Twilight said. Then, she mumbled under her breath, “And maybe ask her if she knows of any good curses…”

“What was that? Spike asked as he hopped up on Twilight’s back.

“Oh nothing~” Twilight hummed as she galloped out the door.

Meanwhile, at the castle, a gagged Celestia awaited with flushed anticipation, twisting slightly in the manacles that chained her to her bed just to enhance the sense of helplessness she so enjoyed. Even a goddess gets to be a naughty pony sometimes.

There was a soft puff as something papery smacked the goddess-princess across the snout, making her startle. Had her ‘mistress’ already pulled out the rolled-up newspaper? But where was she? Another puff, and this time Celestia spotted the scroll as it flopped down on the bedding, followed by another, and moments later, by a sudden avalanche!

Mere seconds later, Luna stepped into the room wearing little more than glistening strap-on which jutted lewdly from between her legs. “Oh sister! I have a surprise for y…” She blinked. “Where did she go? I could’ve sworn I had her tied up right... there? Nothing but a pile of scrolls. I must’ve entered the wrong room.” Luna’s face creased into a small smile, “I suppose I’ll have to spank her for making me go through the effort of finding her. Now where could she be?” She purred as she closed the door behind her, the latch falling in place with a soft ‘click!’



Velvet Heart not only did an amazing proofreading for me, she also wrote the last bit of this story (Celestia part). I was so impressed (and amused) that I’m leaving it in and giving credit to her.