The Myths of Sun and Moon

by Vox

First published

Twilight finds out about all the Equestria Origin myths.

Twilight Sparkle suddenly finds herself extremely interested in all the Equestria Origin myths that covered complete shelves of the Royal Library's collection. When she starts reading the first volumes she could find, she discovers something strange. A part of the book seems to have been changed at a later point in time. But when she wants to start reading the next book to see if it is the same there, something unexpected happens...

The Foundation

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It was not long after the founding of what the ponies now call Equestria. The leaders of the Pegasi, the Earth Ponies and the Unicorns had found new land and started moving their ponies to it. However, they knew that the ponies would not unite until there was someone that would be able to, or not be able to, empathise with all the races. Thus the founders of Equestria; Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane and Chancellor Puddinghead, decided to found a research. The research would explore the possibilities of finding, or maybe even creating the ‘perfect’ pony. The founders called their smartest ponies together and put them to work, but it would not take another 400 years before they found the answer. Unfortunately, that answer has been lost. The only hints left behind, were cryptic messages in strange markings, said to be created by Star Swirl the Bearded.

Twilight Sparkle sat in the library on hot summer day. She had been reading many ‘Equestria Origin’ myths the last few weeks. Her interest was sparked by an event in the Hearth’s Warming Eve play; the flag they raised depicted Celestia and Luna. She had asked her mentor about the founding of Equestria, but she replied saying that she wasn’t born when Equestria was founded. They used the flag in the play because the original flag had been lost over the millennia since Equestria was founded.

When Twilight read several books So Twilight ordered Spike to gather every book he could find on Equestria Origin myths. When she looked at the amount Spike was able to gather, she was shocked. Towers of books stood in the library, volumes of tales nopony knew. Well, probably many ponies just never took the time to read a one hoof big book.

“Spike!” Twilight said as she used her magic to levitate the first book towards her, “Let’s get started.”

“Really Twilight? Have you seen that, humongous pile of books!? I mean, it would take you weeks to get through them!”

“I know! Isn’t it exciting!?”

Spike slapped himself on his forehead and moaned.

“You know what? You go read, but be sure to take care of yourself. I know how you can get when you read too much.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Oh, that reminds me, can you visit Rarity? I need her to come round to look at some old clothing in a book I found some time ago.”

Spike suddenly started giggling, but quickly regained his, manly, composure.

“Yes, sure. I’ll be sure to tell Rarity that you ordered some clothes for me.”

“Spike!” Twilight shouted, but Spike was already running out of the door.

She smiled, but it was time to start reading.

The first book went on and on about how the Unicorns were able to build Equestria into what it now is. Twilight quickly put it next to her as she didn’t need any biased books. She looked at the title of the book: “Before the Sisters Vol. 1.” She unconsciously levitated the next book, “Before the Sisters Vol. 2” and sighed as she realised that most of the books would be myths told over the course of several volumes. So she picked “Before the Sisters Vol. 1” up again and started reading.

“Might as well read every book and see if there are any similarities between them.” She said to herself.

‘Not long after our great and powerful leader Princess Platinum and the leaders of the Earth Ponies and the Pegasi founded Equestria, an idea brought forward by her Majesty, all the races started to emigrate toward our new home. When we all arrived there –you must realise that most of us had not seen such mountains and meadows in quite a while– most of us stopped dead in out tracks when we saw our new home. Our leaders standing with their right hands on a rock, saying that this day marks the dawn of a new age, an age of Friendship and Harmony. The said the blizzard and storm had been created by creatures called Wendigos, ancient equine winter spirits. The first order was to create a temporary camp for all of the ponies. The unicorns used much of their magic to move the materials while the Earth Ponies secured everything and the Pegasi brought the materials.’

This isn’t really helping me, I know what happened during the founding of Equestria. I want to know what happened after the founding of Equestria!

Twilight flipped through the pages but there was nothing about the princesses yet, so she went on the next volume. Here, again the author of the volumes still continued about how ‘powerful and great’ the unicorns were. She continued flipping pages until a chapter title aught her attention. The chapter was called ‘The Sisters.’ This meant that Celestia and Luna came into the picture, she thought. The purple pony quickly scanned the contents of the chapter, carefully paying attention to anything to where the two princesses came from. Then, a paragraph caught her attention. It was written differently than the rest of the book. The unicorn who had written the book usually boasted the Unicorns prowess in helping found Equestria, often degrading the other races when he or she could. Yet here the emphasis laid on the two princesses, all the other races were left alone. There was not even a mention about the horn of Celestia or Luna. Twilight also noticed a slightly different writing style.

Hmm, interesting.

So, she spent the rest of the afternoon reading the “Before the Sisters” volumes, writing down everything down that struck her as valuable. However, she was getting tired, and soon she was tired of this pony’s writing, and was waiting for Spike to come back with Rarity. Her head was bobbing up and down as she realised that reading biased books made her annoyed and sleepy. It wasn’t even that late, the sun was setting but there were still enough ponies out on the street.

Nevertheless she was incredibly tired. Her head was now resting on the first page of the next book she wanted to read. She didn’t even have the strength to look at the title. The words were hazy and seemed to be moving. Her eyes were half-open and she could hear faint whispers echoing through her mind, they seemed to be repeating something.

Then she suddenly started flickering, faster and faster, when suddenly, an enourmous amount of power surged through her body. The only time she felt this was when she lost control at the entrance exam for Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns. Only this time, it was even more intense. It was as if an ancient power was calling out to her. There was a flash of blue and yellow. Another power surge hit her, she could not hold on for much longer. Her consciousness was slipping.

“Let go.” A powerful voice commanded.

Twilight could feel heavy layers of magic in the voice. She wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

“Let go.” The voice said again, more powerful than before.

It was all too much. A soothing feeling swept her as she started loosening her resistance. It did not take long before everything went black.


Twilight slowly woke up. At the moment, she still didn’t dare open her eyes, because she had no idea where she landed. Yet when she looked at her closed eyelids, she could see they were tinted red, meaning that she was outside and the sun was shining. After she slowly started to move her legs, and was sure there wasn’t anything wrong with her, she opened her eyes. It took some readjusting to the light before she could see anything clearly, and when she did, her eyes were met with one of greatest wonders a pony can image. Green meadows stretching as far the horizon. Mountains rising high into the clouds in the distance. Lush forests booming with life.

She heard voices behind her, although she couldn’t understand them.

A mare and colt? she thought.

When she turned around, she saw two ponies walking towards her, an earth pony and a pegasus. The earth pony was the mare and the pegasus was the colt. They seemed to be getting along quite nice, Twilight thought to herself

“Excuse me?” she said.

The two ponies said nothing.

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

The ponies didn’t even acknowledge her existence, it really was as if they didn’t know Twilight was there. They continued walking towards Twilight.

“Hey, you don’t have to ignore me.” Twilight said angrily.

The ponies still looked like they didn’t know Twilight was there. Then the pegasus looked up into the sky, his face looked alarmed and he said something to the earth pony.

They suddenly started running towards Twilight, and she, shocked because they suddenly ran towards her, cowered. Nothing happened, Twilight only felt a strange gust moving through her as she lay there. She looked around, both the ponies were gone. Then she heard trotting behind her. As she turned her head a thought occurred to her.

Did they just move through me?

However, she did not have enough time to figure that out, the two ponies were moving fast and she would lose them very quickly if she didn’t start running. She recovered and started following them. The two ponies were fast, it took all of Twilight’s strength to keep up with them. As she let her concentration on the two ponies loosen a little, she looked around.

This place seemed strangely familiar, especially a certain mountain looked very, homely. When she returned her attention to the two ponies, they were gone. She stopped and carefully looked around. When there was nothing to hear but the sound of wind and whispers of animals, her head fell, and then she heard something. Her head rose again, and the sound was gone. Slowly she lowered her head again. There it was, the sound. She put her ears on the grass and listened to where the sound came from. It was faint and muffled but she knew the general direction it came from. She quickly got back on her feet and started running towards it.

As she got closer to the sound, she felt an increase of magic in the air. However, there was nothing out of the ordinary when she looked around. That was until she crashed into a magic wall. Stunned, she looked in front of her. There was a huge magical barrier surrounding the hill in front of her. When she looked closer at it, she realised that it must have been held up by several very powerful unicorns. She felt a fluctuation of magic in the air and the magical barrier seemed to weaken. An open arch seemed to form, and a colt shaped figure came walking out. Although Twilight could never have guessed who that colt was, the most powerful unicorn known for ages of ponykind. It was Star Swirl the Bearded. He turned his head, looked towards Twilight and said:

“Twilight Sparkle, I presume?”