The time of the night.

by FoalStrum

First published

Princess Celestia didn't tell the truth about how she handled nightmare moon. Heres the truth

Princess Celestia didn't tell the truth about how she handled nightmare moon. Turns out she needed the help of ordinary ponies with incredible abilities.

Note: If you couldn't tell this takes place approx. 1000 years before S1E1 release

Pilot Part 1

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Morningstar’s day starts as the usual, the equine raised sun piercing through a small thicket of trees, making its way through his curtains and finally resting solemnly upon his face, waking as he normally does, stretching and rolling off his bed. Getting up off the ground, Morningstar slowly made his way to the kitchen to fix up some coffee, his own recipe. After finishing his first cup and now holding his second with his magic, which made the cup glow in a gray hue, he opened the door and stepped outside into the brilliant city of Canterlot. Morningstar, or Star, as he likes to be called, was a brilliant gray unicorn. Most people say he reminds them of ashes after a long campfire. Sporting a short, phoenix-colored mane and tail, the stallion made his way through the cascading roads of Canterlot, which would be confusing to anyone who didn’t live here. Arriving at the castle early, like he always does, He trots his way up the seventy-three steps and entered the castle. Because he’s been coming here every day for the past 3 years he really no longer notices the sheer awesomeness of the castle anymore. The walls were filled with paintings and photos of the history of Equestria. What wasn’t covered in photos was a brilliant white, making the air seem more stale and sterile than it already was. The windows were enormous and had beautiful red velvet drapes that hung on either side of the windows. The floor was polished marble except for the center which was a deep, almost blood-like, red carpet with yellow designs that were so intricate that every time Star had tried to decipher them it left him baffled. There stood a stairway that diverged at the wall and went both left and right. Above the center of the stairs was the Equestrian flag hanging on the wall in vibrant colors. Star made his way up the right staircase and through the maze of corridors until he found himself at the door of the princess’ private quarters. With a bittersweet sigh, the unicorn opened the door and stepped through and as always, the one and only Princess Celestia came over to greet him. “Star, every single day your early, your one of the studious pupils I think I've ever had” The alicorn goddess says. Morningstar simply scuffs the ground with his hoof and says “You say that everyday princess.”
“Well its true” Celestia replies happily. Star sits down and sets his now empty cup of coffee on the table. He does a quick flex and began his studies.

The studies didn’t last long; it never does and within 2 hours Morningstar was out of the castle and running towards Quicksilvers house, eagerly ready to hang out with his friends. Upon his arrival, Star saw Q and LightningHooves in the midst of a race. Stopping to watch them rocket past overhead, admiring their speed and agility because, not everyone can navigate through Canterlot’s street while racing against another lightning fast Pegasus. Snapping out of the trance of their flight, he saunters on to find the rest of his friends, and somehow, the two Pegasus were already back, arguing over who won. Quicksilver, or Q, is a beautiful mare, though completely gray. Her shoulder length hair is comprised of over fifty shades of gray, giving it and expensive, silvery look. Her body is a slender one, and is a stunning bright gray that gave her a model-like look. LightningHooves, which was her yin to his yang. His short, dirt colored mane has only one other color in it, and that was an electrifying blue bolt that goes through his hair. He had a very thick, bulky build but has strong wings to power him through the races he always enters. His hair also matched his body, save the blue streak in his hair, which made his look as if he’s been rolling in mud all day. Contrary to Q’s long and strait tail, LightningHooves had a short tuft of hair on his rump that he calls a “tail”. Beside Quicksilver was RedHeart. Red was a very skilled unicorn in the healing arts, though she didn’t keep herself quite as neat as her work. Short for her age, she is a marshmallow-y color and had a red mane which was always very under kept which would explain the hairs that are sticking out to and fro, but she didn’t care much for her hair. No matter where we went she always has her red and white nurse’s hat. On the right side of LightningHooves was probably the weirdest of the bunch. Shadowskin lay on the ground, yet he still seems intimidating. Dark as a rain could, yet his hair was a brighter and cleaner white than Celestia herself. His deep dark, even murky, green eyes bore holes in whatever it looks at. Some people call him shy, but they are wrong. He listens intently on whatever’s going on and only speaks if someone asks him a question that he cannot simply shake or nod his head or when is needed to be said. Being a royal guard, Shadowskin has more authority than the others and can get interesting things that the rest might want. For instance, Quicksilver loves going to see The Great and Powerful Trixie, which Morningstar knows is a fraud but Q doesn’t care. The final member of their group is Daffodil, a bright yellow earth pony who’s chipper attitude always puts a smile on the rest of the groups faces, with her sporadic motions and random, yet funny things she says and does always brightens up there day. Her curly yellow hair is just a shade brighter than her skin. Her tail, also curly as can be, swishes this way and that while Q and LightningHooves argue. Both pegasi stop arguing and fly over to greet Morningstar, the rest follow suit.
“Took you long enough Star, you should’ve seen me beat Q just now.” LightningHooves said tauntingly
“You know for a fact that I beat you!” Quicksilver retorted. Morningstar looked at both at them and sighed. Turning to LightningHooves, RedHeart speaks softly as if he was her patient “I think that Q won, besides, your better at endurance than her.” LightningHooves pouts quietly for a moment on the ground and gets up; he’s never been much of a sore loser. Daffodil looks to the sky, seeing that it was around mid-afternoon, she jumps up quickly and exclaims “We need to get ready for our night picnic! Oh boy its gonna be so much fun!” Shadowskin stands up and speaks in a melancholy, yet bold tone as he always does “I have already made the food” Shadowskin is also widely known for his bread baking, making delectable rolls and croissants and selling them occasionally for a reasonable profit. Quicksilver smiles it delight and says “Well I’ve already got the quilt for the ground and Red said she will bring the plates.” Red smiles a bit. LightningHooves walks closer to the center “The dessert is currently cooking. And that’s all we needed” Daffodil frowns a bit and crawls over to Morningstar, who wasn’t paying attention. “Star, don’t you need to bring those magical candle do-hickys that don’t go out?” Star shakes his head and pulls himself out of whatever kind of trance he was in and looks at the other ponies “Wha-? Oh yeah I’m bringing them, ill enchant them while we’re there so you guys can watch, I thought it was really cool so I think you should see it too.” Q flies up into the air and says “Right! Lets have ourselves a picnic!”