Gaston in Equestria

by Assuming-Control

First published

Gaston's first trip to Equestria is surprise to even him

Gaston is on his regular hunting trip to the woods, but what will he find in there, definitely not ponies! Well okay, maybe ponies

Gaston's trip #1

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One day, Gaston and Le Fou are standing on a forest. "I shall hunt many animals today Le Fou!" He says to Le Fou. Le Fou says "Yes, because you are so good in hunting animals, for it is so utterly manly sport, you shall do that!". Then Gaston flexes his muscles and his shirt peels off him, like peels do from bananas. "Le Fou, give me my hunting shirt!". Then Le Fou quickly dresses Gaston in his hunting shirt. "Le Fou, give me my bow or spear or whatever I normally hunt with!". Then Le Fou handed that thing Gaston normally hunts with, to Gaston. "Now I shall venture deeper into forest to see what animals I shall slaughter today, for that is what I do! You stay here Le Fou, like you normally do, deep forest is too manly place for you!". Then Le Fou sat on the ground, while Gaston walked deep into the deep forest which was dark and scary. But Gaston wasn't scared, for he had his hunting shirt and hunting tool which he normally uses, and he was very manly. "My manly ways shall lead me to the prey" He thought to himself as he walked forwards.

After much walking, but no animals to slaughter, Gaston thought to himself: "My manliness is scaring all the creatures of the night away, I shall turn my manliness off". And right after Gaston did that, happened exactly what he waited. A bunny hopped from the bush. Gaston looked it deep into eyes, and said "Hail bunny, I am Gaston, I am here to release my wrath upon your soul and body. Are you ready to die, you little critter?". "My family shall revenge me, revenge, you hear!" The bunny shouted from the bottom of his lungs. "I am not scared, I shall hunt them too, I'm here to hunt many animals!" He said, and aimed his hunting tool to the bunny. "Nooooooooo!!", was to be heard from the nearby bush. Then a yellow horse, with wings bigger than any bird's, jumped to the way of hunting tool that Gaston aims at the animal he wants to slaughter. "Move aside small winged horse, you magnificent creature, I have no dispute with you!" Gaston roared. "I shall not, for this bunny is my... PET!", the small horse shouted. Then Gaston fainted from the shock that someone would have such a nice animal to slaughter, as a pet.

After many hours Gaston wakes up in a bed so small, that his legs are dangling off on the other end. "Why am I in this small bed? I demand a bigger one, for this can't hold all my ego!" Gaston yelled. Then the very same yellow pony entered the room, "well well well, if it isn't mister hunting tool pointer!". Then the Gaston almost had a heart attack! "My god, that creature is so beautiful! My insides, they burn!" Earlier in the forest Gaston was so focused on the intensity of the hunt, he had completely neglected the creature so cute, that you could eat noodles from it's face. "Winged horse, I demand you come here, for I have sudden urge to rub your belly you!". Then the pony said "Neiiiigh!". And Gaston said, "My manliness is telling me you look very non-masculine equine! You don't have muscles like mountains, and you don't have shapes like a bullet!". Then he remembered he had turned off his manliness in the forest, to lure creatures for him to slay. "I shall be back to normal, once I turn my manliness back on! Then I shall be able to slay this cute creature, and feel no remorse!". He flexed his abs to turn back his manliness, but what is this! It is already on! "Yes, it is true! While you were fainted, I flexed your ab muscles, for I know that is where man's swag resides!" The horse announced! Then Gaston jumped from bed, and did one hundread pull-ups. "It is true, my manliness is on... I have learned much today small horse, which calls herself a pony, whatever that is. I have learned that I am manliest man ever, still. Not actually much change there". "Good, good, young padawan, now, follow me, it's time for your final lesson!" The small horse said!

Gaston followed the horse like creature outside, where was the most masculine pony to ever grace this world. "It is time!" Gaston yelled as soon as he saw the totally ripped equine. "Yes, it is I, the one creature you have never been able to vanquish with your hunting tool!". As Gaston heard this, he couldn't help but kneel, and shed a tear. "My tools, they have been in vain... but now I have a new, powerful weapon, the masculinity of small horsies!". "Oh no, not the masculinity my kind bears, the only thing that culd give you the upper ledge over my totally hunky body!", the big pony shouted in fear. Then Gaston aimed his tool at the manly pony, and fired his ultimate hunting weapon at him. "My eyes, it got into my eyes!" The pony shouted. "Exactly, my dad always said 'remember son, when you shall find your nemesis, aim for the eye, they hate that'", Gaston explained. "That makes sense, for this is the most pain I have ever been in". "Now you shall die, as I am the master slayer of all kinds of animals!". When Gaston said this, he hit the huge pony with his abs, for that is the hardest spot on his body. "The pain... excruciating... I die now", said the pony, as he shut his eyes for the last time.Gaston just looked at the pony's lifeless body, with the yellow pony smiling and shuffling his hoofs in content behind him. "You were always a part of me, the part I always had to cut off of me, like a cancer on my testicle. But still, our lives were always bound together", Gaston said, and kissed the dead pony's forehead