Welcome little one

by DashieFan1

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Rainbow Dash and Soarin are married and have 3 kids

Rainbow Dash and Soarin are married and have 3 kids Cloudpuff,Sunrise,and newborn White Whirl.

Chapter 1

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"Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to lay your sleepy head...
Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to go to bed... "

Cloud Puff watched as the tiny ball of fur and feathers before her gave a tiny sigh and rolled over, burying her fragile face into their mother's side. Rainbow Dash smiled at her, silently thanking Cloud for her work in keeping the new-born foal asleep. Rainbow could pull off a sonic rainboom, could fly with the best, and could clear a sky in ten seconds flat. But she couldn't sing a lullaby. For that, she needed her daughter, who was far quieter and calmer then her feather-brained mom.

Padding out of the room, Cloud Puff passed the two boys of the family, both staring at the new child. Holy feathers, she knew that her mom had only come back from hospital with White Whirl today, but babies weren't aliens. Grabbing her little brother, Cloud Puff dragged Sunrise Brisk out of the nursery to his favorite room in the house. Sitting him down in the kitchen, she grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. Aunty Applejack was always sending them fruit whenever Windfall came over, so the fruit bowl was always full, even with the amount her dad ate.

Soarin' came striding into the room after his daughter and son. Nabbing another apple for himself, he sat next to Sunrise and looked at his son. The small colt had the same coat as his dad, and both his parent's manes, spikey dark blue mixed with streaks of wild rainbow. His daughter was always calm, but this was the first time in living memory that Sunrise had stopped talking for more than five minutes.

"You okay Sunrise?"

Sunrise dodged the apple chunks his dad spewed with practiced ease. Even as a father, Soarin' had never learned to keep his mouth shut.

"Say it, don't spray it! And yeah, I'm fine. Just didn't' wanna wake Whirly"

"Gees, two seconds in this house and she's already been assigned her own nickname!" Cloud complained. Cloud hated her brother's habit of giving nicknames, especially after he had nicknamed her 'Puffy'.

But for all his annoying habits, Sunrise was a sweet kid. Enthusiastic, energetic, and happy to the point of being annoying, he brightened up anypony who met him. And also generally got the pony wet, covered in mud, or otherwise impeded. Rainbow's worst mistake, to date, was introducing Sunrise to the wonders of pranking.

Leaving her dad to get apple flecks everywhere, she trotted to her bedroom. When they'd been building the house, her parents had let her decide what her room was going to be like. So far, Cloud had never regretted her decisions. Her room was big enough to fly in, light, airy and peaceful. One of its best features was that it had a bathroom off to the side, and that was where she was headed.

Standing in front of her mirror, Cloud brushed her mane with the patience that dictated all her actions. Although she had inherited her mom's rainbow hair, her mane was a darker, smoother creature, with a streak of white that was also present in her tail. She plaited the white streak, as usual, and tied up her tail. Her reflection stared at her, making sure that Cloud was presentable. She was pretty, really. A dark blue coat, the exact colour of her father's mane. Her rainbow hair. And her white flecked hooves and face. Cloud nodded. She was neat, tidy, and ready to see her mom's guests. Because this was her first day at home, rather than at hospital, all of the family's closest friends were coming over to see White Whirl.

The guests! They should be here soon! She imagined them coming in to the family home, just to be met by her father covered in apple chunks and her brother covered in mud! (Cloud wasn't really sure how you could get mud into a cloud-home, but Sunrise did it, and did it well) Sure, her aunts would be kind about it, but they wouldn't want to come back...

Cloud puff hurried toward the kitchen, desperately hoping that Sunrise hadn't set up another of his 'hilarious' pranks on the front door again.

Chapter 2

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Skidding to a halt, Cloud flared her wings to keep from falling. Good. They weren't here yet. Bad. They should be here by now. Bad, bad, very bad! Aunt Twilight was with them, they should be well on schedule. Twilight was never late! Fretting, Cloud grabbed the food off her dad, and disassembled the trap above the front door, all the while listening out for the guests. A flap of wings, the hiss of a hot air balloon, anything!

By this stage, Cloud had almost worn a hole in the floor with her pacing. Of course, it was lady-like pacing. Her godmother, Rarity, would be proud. Of course, her other godmother, Applejack, would probably tell her "ta stop an' find somethin' useful ta do instead". Since wearing out the cloud floor wasn't useful in any way, Cloud stopped. Although her two godmothers seemed different, at their hearts they were kindred spirits. If she wasn't allowed to destroy the floor, she'd take the other godmother's advice and do something productive. Taking out a pie tray, Cloud lost herself in the rhyme of cutting pastry and chopping apples, ignoring her father. As soon as Soarin' spotted an apple-pie being made, you couldn't get him away from the kitchen. A trait that had been passed down to Sunrise, apparently. So with the two boys keenly watching her every move, Cloud made her own pie. A special recipe, passed down from Aunt Applejack, and sure to make everypony drool. If they ever arrived, that is.

And she was done. That was the trouble with cooking. Once you had made it, you needed to cook it, which meant putting it in the oven and watching the boys peek at it for half an hour. Anxiously, Cloud Puff checked her braid and fussed over her hair. But there was nothing more she could do. She was ready, the house was clean, and the boys were occupied. Twitching, Cloud began to pace again.

"Umm, guys?"

"Hey Mom." Cloud hadn't even noticed Rainbow walk into the room. But that wasn't anything strange. Her mom hardly ever walked anywhere, preferring to fly even indoors.

Rainbow Dash was looking at her husband and son, both of whom were crowding around the oven door.

"I'm making a pie."

"Oh. That explains it. Hey, Cloud, ya hear that?"

Once she had stopped pacing, Cloud could hear what her mom meant. Flapping of wings, hissing and a huge, dull beat that could mean only one thing.

"No wonder it took them so long to get up here! Mom, Spike's coming too!"

"And why shouldn't he? Our front porch can still fit him... Sorta."

"Mom, it isn't a porch, it's a football field."

Already, Rainbow and Cloud were heading toward the doorway, leaving the males of the family behind to gaze at pie. Opening the door, they were greeted with a scene of chaos. Truly, there is no other way to describe a massive dragon, a hot air balloon, a crowd of all their closest friends, and Pinkie Pie floating along using party balloons. There was no other way to describe it, except chaos. Happy, wonderful chaos.

"Hello. Hello. Good morning, Aunt Twilight. Hi Scootaloo! Hello..."

Applejack, Rarity, Twilight, Fluttershy and Big Macintosh, Pinkie Pie, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Applebloom, and towering above them all, Spike. Really, it was only nine ponies and a dragon, but Cloud didn't do well in crowds. Leaving her mom to greet everypony, Cloud discretely flew away. She didn't think she'd be missed, no pony needed her for anything, and White Whirl would be the focus of attention for today. She dodged Pinkie Pie, and listened to Scootaloo's explanation as to why Spitfire couldn't come. Apparently, with both Rainbow Dash and Soarin' away from the wonderbolts, the team couldn't spare their captain. Still, Scootaloo had slipped out, and managed to pick up Sweetie Belle on the flight here.

Finally, Cloud spotted the one pony who she actually wanted to talk to. Technically, Windfall Apple was a full six months older then Cloud Puff, but it didn't matter to the girls. Her best friend was gliding around the hot air balloon, eventually gracefully curling up on its silk fabric. Together, the two fillies watched the party of ponies travel inside. Outside, on the porch/football field, Spike was peering in through a window, looking lost.

"Hey Cloud?"

"Yeah Windfall?"

"What's it like, having siblings?"

Ahh... Windfall was an only child, but that would change soon. The peach-colored Pegasus was worried, having been her parents' only child for all this time.

"Chaotic... but fun. Don't worry. Your little brother or sister will be nothing like Sunrise."

"We wouldn't want two of him!"

The two fillies giggled softly, having seen the extent of Sunrise's hyperactive personality.

"He really is a combination of his godmothers, isn't he?" Windfall smiled.

"Oh yes. Pinkie Pie and Spitfire, rolled into a hyperactive high-flyer. I'm not sure whether that's good or bad."

"None of us are."

"Still, at least he is what people want. Everyone thinks that I'll be a high-flyer too." Cloud sighed, "But I don't want to."

"What do you want to do then?"

"I don't know... I only know what I don't want to do."

"Hey, you'll figure it out, Cloud."

That was Spike. Apparently, he'd gotten bored of listening in at the kitchen window. For some reason, he looked sad. Sad, and irritated.

"What's on your mind, Spike?"

"It's... nothing."

The two fillies looked at each other, then back to the dragon. Determined expressions fell onto their faces, and they set up a chant.

"Please, please please?"

"Tell uuuussss!"

Please, please please please?"

"Uurgh, fine!" The dragon gave in, and Cloud and Windfall settled down on the balloon looking innocent. Too innocent.

"I just... remembered why I don't make house calls anymore. I'm too big, I can't even get my head through most windows anymore... When Twilight offered to put the stepping-on-clouds spell on me with everypony else, I forgot. I forgot that the whole purpose of this trip was seeing White Whirl. But I won't be able to. So I'm stuck out here."

Again, the two fillies acted with one mind. Gliding away from Spike, they called back to him as they leapt toward the side of the cloud home.

"Come on!"

"We've got to show you something!"

Bemused, the dragon lifted himself of the ground and followed.

Chapter 3

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Soarin' supposed he should be used to it by now. But one glance from your foal, and they owned you. You'd fly to the heavens and back, just to see them smile. In her cloud crib, White Whirl was sleeping; giving out little sighs and snorts as she explored the world of dreams. Soarin' liked the nickname Sunrise had given her. Whirly. It seemed to suit her. Whirly had a shimmery, near white, perfect light blue coat, with wisps of rainbow mane floating around her head. He could see a lot of Rainbow Dash in her, what with her mane. But also with her down wings feathers, in the angles of her face, in the adorable way she flicked her ears.

Yup, she was her mom's child alright. Soarin' continued to gaze at the tiny filly, dumbstruck with emotion. There was nothing, nothing he wouldn't do to make Whirly happy.

"Hi dad." A whisper floated across the room.

Soarin' turned around. Behind him, Cloud Puff was tiptoeing toward the cradle. Soarin' smiled, remembering Cloud's lullaby. He was so proud of her. She would be the greatest big sister, kind and gentle. It seemed not so long ago that Cloud Puff had been the baby in this cradle. And look at her now, so calm and responsible. In truth, more responsible than either Soarin' or Rainbow Dash.

"What's up, Puffy?"

After giving him the usual small shove for calling her 'Puffy', she replied.

"I'd like to look after Whirly? If that's okay..."

Soarin' had no doubt that Cloud Puff could handle babysitting. Besides, he should really get back to the party that was forming in the kitchen. It wasn't that he didn't like Rainbow's friends, its just that they were Rainbow's friends. But they were nice ponies, he didn't mind hanging with them. On the other hoof, the pie might be ready!

"Sure Puffy. I've gotta get back to the pi- party. Yes, I've got to get back to the party."

"You were going to say 'pie', weren't you."

Soarin' chuckled, flapping out of the room and leaving Whirly with Cloud puff.

Cloud Puff approached the cradle, peering over to where her little sister lay. White Whirl was adorable, there was no question. She also snored. I mean, that was cute now and all, but it might become a problem later.

As she was thinking, Whirly woke up. Oh, how irritating, she was already using the nickname her brother had given Whirly- I mean, White Whirl. Oh, horseapples. Whirly wasn't crying or unhappy, she was just staring up at Cloud Puff, probably wondering why Cloud was there.

"Hey, little one..."

"Gurgle! Nompa foopi!"

"Indeed" Cloud giggled, and Whirly joined in, laughing and gurgling. Just because Whirly didn't know what they were laughing at, didn't mean that she didn't think it was funny.
"Do you want to go on a trip, little one?" Cloud asked her. Whirly didn't really reply, but she did wave her legs around and gurgle some more. Cloud decided that that was a yes.

Pushing Whirly's cradle down the hall, Cloud was glad that the clouds the cradle was made from had been light. Whirly stared at the passing ceiling as the sisters approached Cloud's room.

"I don't get it, how does it work, Windfall?" That was Spike, his great rumbling voice confused.

"Do you remember when they were building this house? Cloud asked for this, and Twilight enchanted it as a gift." Windfall was busy explaining to Spike, and didn't notice Cloud enter, pushing the cradle.

It had been ages since Cloud had opened her curtain-wall fully. The space that it left when open was huge. But the gap was not empty. Filling it was several tons of confused dragon. Because Spike didn't visit that often, Cloud hadn't thought of this before, but it was a near perfect way of letting him get his head into the house.


There was a sigh from both dragon and Pegasus as they realized what Cloud was pushing. Windfall fluttered over, staring at the filly. Spike pushed further in, trying to see what the cloud cradle carried.

"She's so small..." Windfall whispered, entranced by the tiny newborn.

"They aren't... (grunt) born... (grunt) huge... you know..." Said Cloud in minor irritation. Her friend stopped goggling at the baby and came to help her. Together, Cloud Puff and Windfall pushed the crib toward the wall, where Spike was waiting.

The dragon was swaying with impatience, trying to wedge himself further into the room. When the precious cradle finally approached, however, he stopped moving entirely, for fear of disturbing or hurting the baby within.

"It's okay Spike," Cloud sighed, "she doesn't bite."

"But, but, what if I hurt her!"

The big dragon was trembling, clearly wanting to approach the cradle, but also scared of his own strength.

"You'll be fine Spike... I trust you. If I didn't think you were safe, I'd have never brought Whirly here at all."


"Her nickname. Go on Spike."

Carefully, very, very slowly, Spike extended his neck. Peeping into the cradle, he was met by a surprised White Whirl. The baby looked up at the huge face that filled her vision.

"Foouna thoad romapa?"

"She's beautiful..."

Spike gazed down at the foal, meeting her magenta eyes. Whirly reminded him so much of Rainbow Dash, but he could see her father in her too. Almost without meaning to, the dragon's head inched closer to White Whirl...

Chapter 4

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Spike was afraid. White Whirl was such a tiny, fragile thing, it seemed like the slightest puff of smoke would blow her away. The wisps of rainbow mane floated in the breeze, having a life of their own. Whirly looked up at the strange creature that filled her vision. It didn't seem to be dangerous, this purple smiling face.

For one endless moment the two very different creatures stared at each other. Spike came even closer, fascinated by the baby. Then the silence was broken by a shocked yelp of pain.

Whirly clung to Spike's nose, gurgling happily. She didn't know who this purple face was, but it was hers now. Her newest, bestest toy was whimpering, fighting the instinct to rip off whatever was attached to his nose.

"Cloud! Heelp!"

"I'm here, Spike! Whirly, let go!"

Cloud pulled on the little foal, who was surprisingly strong. Giving up on forcing the baby to let go, she whisked away, grabbing toys from the floor. Windfall, seeing what Cloud was doing, started scooping up random toys as well. Together, the girls waved the toys in front of Whirly, desperately trying to distract her from Spike. It didn't work. The Purple face was waaay more fun than the silly old soft toy animals.

Cloud Puff stopped, abruptly sitting down to think. Windfall kept the distracting up, making silly faces, zooming around the room at twice her normal speeds, and other such activities. But this wasn't working. The only thing that Cloud could think of doing would be to just take Whirly away from Spike using force (or a crowbar). But that would upset the little foal, maybe even make her cry. Cloud Puff wanted to keep her sister happy and live up to her parents' expectations, but Whirly couldn't stay clinging to spike.

Already, she could see Spike beginning to sway, dragging White Whirl with him. It wasn't in a dragon's nature to allow himself to be trapped, or even enclosed.

Soon, Spike's instincts would take over, and then Whirly could get seriously hurt.
Cloud could see that Spike was getting more and more anxious, a fact not helped by Windfall's frantic distractions. Quickly, Cloud ran through her options. Clearly, the best idea would be for Spike to stay still and Whirly to get bored. But for that to happen, they both needed to be calm.

"Windfall, stop."

"B-b-but Cloud?"

Windfall was hesitant, but obedient. Not as calm as Cloud Puff, she landed beside her and started fretting quietly. Although the girls acted similar, Cloud was the more level-headed filly, as she was demonstrating now.

"Spike, you need to stay still." Cloud commanded. "Is there anything we could do to help?"

"I... I don't know." Spike shivered, and then winced. Whirly was kicking out with her back legs, hitting the dragon on his tender nose. "Could you keep Whirly calm?"

Cloud thought back. In her limited experience with her new sister, what kept her calm? There was not much she could think of, really. Generally, Rainbow and Soarin' just let her play until she collapsed out of tiredness. The only time White Whirl had really calmed down... was when Cloud sang to her.

Cloud Puff didn't know if this would work, but it was worth a shot. Even if this only calmed down Whirly a little bit, it was worth it. Taking a moment to reflect on the accuracy of the nickname 'Whirly', cloud puff began to sing.

"Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to lay your sleepy head...
Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to go to bed..."

Windfall sat up with a shock of recognition. Her mom had taught that song to Windfall and Cloud Puff. Cloud Puff glanced at her friend, inviting her to join in. Together, the two fillies started to sing.

"Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to lay your sleepy head...
Hush now, Quiet now...
It's time to go to bed..."

Their voices echoed down the halls of the cloud home, to the party. Rarity looked up from her conversation. Soarin' looked up from his pie. And in the corner, the heavily pregnant Fluttershy broke out in a blinding smile. The light yellow Pegasus got up from her corner, leaning on Big Macintosh's shoulder for support.

Fluttershy walked toward the song, trailing members of the party. And as she walked, she sang, adding her voice to the lullaby.

"Drifting, off to sleep...
Leave exciting day behind you...
Drifting, off to sleep...
Let the joy of dream land find you..."

Sweetie Belle joined Fluttershy at the front of the group. In a voice the sounded of silk, so unlike the brashness of her youth, she blended her own voice in.

"Let all who sing this...
Feel the rest in night...
Let all who sing this...
Wake up in morning bright..."

Together, the two leaders of the party of confused ponies rounded the wall, and came upon the strange scene. Sweetie Belle skipped a beat, unusual for a professional like her. Fluttershy went on singing, joining the two fillies by the cradle.

Spike was shooting very embarrassed and apologetic looks at Twilight, but she wasn't noticing. Even Pinkie Pie was frozen into stillness by the strange sight before them. It wasn't every day that you saw a dragon trapped by a baby.

Rainbow Dash and Soarin' immediately went to retrieve White Whirl, but Twilight stopped them. In hushed tones, she explained why it would be best to keep both dragon and baby calm. Meanwhile, in the middle of the room, the singers sang on.

Ponies began to edge toward the cradle, just a fascinated by White Whirl has Spike had been. Slowly, they began to join in. First Rarity, then Applebloom and Scootaloo, then Pinkie Pie, Applejack Big Macintosh, and finally, setting a deep hum to go along with the song, Spike himself.

"Hush now, quiet now...
To all we say goodbye...
Hush now, quiet now...
Land of dreams in the sky..."

Cloud could see the lullaby beginning to work its magic. Not only was Spike himself calmer, Whirly was loosening her hooves. The little filly was soothed by the song and curious as to all the new faces around her. Slowly, very, very slowly, her hooves lost their grip on Spike. The dragon lowered his head, sending Whirly into the soft depths of her cradle. The baby's tiny eyes closed, and never opened, her petite chest rising and falling with the beats of her song.

The singers all died away, looking at the sleeping baby. All except one. Cloud Puff looked at her baby sister, surrounded by everypony and dragon. A family wasn't just blood and genes. A family was of all shapes and sizes, of all colors and breeds. Cloud Puff sang the last verse of the song herself.

"Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to lay your sleepy head.
Hush now, quiet now,
It's time to go to bed..."