Rarity and the Lucky Rose

by TheTwerp

First published

Rarity and Roseluck. Queen and tomboy can they make it work.

Rarity is a Queen of fashion and beloved by all and yet somehow she is still single.
Roseluck is a tomboy who dreams of being more of a mare.

Can they help each other find happiness?

~~~Follow-on from previous story:http://www.fimfiction.net/story/51662/Applejack-and-the-Carrot-Twins~~~
~~~No need to read previous story but a few things might make more sense.~~~

Chapter 1

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“It’s quite brisk today.” Rarity thought to herself as she trotted toward Ponyville market.

Clouds hung over the sky as dictated by the local weather team. The autumn was approaching and the whole area needed to be cooled in preparation for the coming winter. For most ponies this meant wrapping up a bit tighter to protect against the cold.

Rarity on the other hand had gone full bore winter scheme with an ensemble that consisted of a large white hat with red feather accessory and matching patterned scarf with silver booties. Rarity always enjoyed wearing new outfits but there was just something about wearing you own creation.

“Ah, I so enjoy these trips to market. So many new ideas come from just watching ponies and their lives.” She said to no pony in particular.

Upon entering the market square Rarity took notice of her friend Applejack and the mare’s new stall. Ever since summer the apple farmer had been in business with the carrot twins as well as a romantic relationship. Rarity couldn’t be happier for her friend as they had a happy and healthy herd and rumour was that they were already looking for a stallion to join them.

The relationship had a little bit of a rocky start as Granny Smith still didn’t really like the Carrot clan but she was willing to put it aside to help her granddaughter achieve happiness, that and Big Mac had a very serious talk with the old matriarch that had left her shaken.

Say what you will about the quiet pony but when Big Mac put his hoof down everypony listened including the mares in the apple household.

After Applejack had suggested it both the twins had begun to wear a coloured ribbon in their manes so that people could tell the difference between them. Normally the mares wouldn’t have cared but Applejack had convinced them that being identical put ponies off from buying things.

As she approached the stall she was noticed by Golden Harvest who wore a blue ribbon holding her mane up with a dainty bow.

“Ah!” Golden Harvest waved over to the white unicorn. “Hello Rarity, it’s a nice day isn’t it?”

“Why yes darling!” Rarity said as she returned the wave. “I have just finished my new outfit and I thought that today would be the best to wear it.”

“Oh I love your hat.” Golden Harvest said with a dreamy sigh. “I wish I had the bits to spend on something like that.”

“Oh so do I.” Carrot Top said as she wondered over from the behind the stall tent with a red ribbon tied up in a braid draped across the side of her face.

“Whelp ah guess that’s as big ah hint as ah’m gonna get.” Applejack said as she walked up behind her marefriends.

“Can ya make us some of them outfits Rare?” Applejack enquired.

“Applejack!” Both the carrot twins started. “You know we can’t afford that.”

“Hmpf ya’ll mares never think ‘bout anything but savin bits.” Applejack said with a snort. “We can afford and ah want to buy ya’ll something nice. Celestia knows ah don’t treat ya’ll enough.”

Applejack finished this outburst with a loving nuzzles to both twins that elicited a giggle from each mare. A sudden feeling a jealously shot through rarity as she watch this display of loving attention.

Why does she get to be happy?
Why won’t any pony be my special somepony?
Hmpf! They won’t last long anyway.

“How ‘bout it Rare?” Applejack asked again.

“O-of course darling!” Rarity said startled out of her jealous thoughts.

“Come on Rarity that’s no way to think about your friend!” Rarity scolded herself internally suddenly feeling very ashamed.

“Ah shucks thank you Rarity I can pay you-“ Applejack went to the counter before the unicorn’s magic pulled her back.

“Ah ah ah!” Rarity said with a disapproving wave of her hoof. “For my friend and her new marefriends I’ll make you the outfits for free!”

“Ya’ll sure?” Applejack was left a bit confused by her friend’s actions.

“Yes Rarity we have to pay that just isn’t fair otherwise.” Golden Harvest said with Carrot Top nodding along.

“Nope I refuse to make it for money.” Rarity said with a turn of her head.

“Mm, well at least take some apples and carrots for the outfits.” Carrot Top said pointing to the stall.

Just as Rarity went to argue against accepting such a gift her stomach decided for her and let lose a loud growl. Red faced and left with two giggling mares and one guffawing apple farmer Rarity accepted the offer.

“Well maybe just a few of each.” She said with a small chuckle.


Roseluck awoke later than usual due in part to being massively hung over from lasts nights sugar binge.

“Ugh.” She uttered while feeling around her mouth. “Last time I swear…”

She found herself tangled in her sheets with a lot of chocolate and sweet wrappers laid over the bed and floor alongside clothes and shoes galore.

“Meh, I’ll clean up later.” Standing up and letting the sheets fall to the floor Roseluck moved into the bath room and examined the devastation that was her face.

She was a pale yellow mare with a rose coloured mane that was usually done up in a modern style that could be considered “hip”.

This morning she found bags and luggage under her eyes, her mane dishevelled and her breath smelling of vinegar along with the remains of considerable session of crying.

“Ugh, I’m gross.” She said putting her hoof to the mirror.

Turning around and climbing into the shower she thought back to last night.

It was well known throughout Ponyville that Roseluck was a resident tomboy and never did anything with fashion and only really styled her mane. As far as anypony else was concerned she just sold her famous roses alongside her business partners Lily and Daisy and lived out each day with parties, sports and lazing around the house.

What they didn’t know was she was a closet romantic and very fashion conscious. She loved wearing the latest designs and would never be caught dead playing hoofball in some sweaty jersey. She would often buy her outfits from outside dealers so no one would ever find out and they would always be lacy and frilly affairs.

Last night she had eaten a bit too much chocolate and fallen into a sappy delirium and brought out her entire closet to have her own personal fashion show in her bedroom.

After getting cleaned up and moving downstairs away from the nightmarish mess in her room she collected some cereal for breakfast.

While she ate she again cast her memory back to the day before and the reason for the sugar binge. Roseluck had found out from her friend Daisy that the carrot twins had shacked up with Applejack.

This had brought out a lot of gushing and romantic talk about the newly formed herd and during this Roseluck had got progressively more depressed until she eventually had to have something to take her mind of the one thing that was always permeating her life.

You see Roseluck was lonely.

Very lonely.

“I wish had a special somepony.” She sighed wistfully.


Rarity had parted ways with Applejack and her herd mates before moving over to Twilights library. Today was usually a spa day with Fluttershy but to Rarity’s horror she had learned that the spa was to be closed for the next two weeks for repairs. After the massive panic attack and tantrum that had followed Fluttershy had suggested to Rarity that maybe it would be a good idea to spend some time with Twilight Sparkle.

For the last few weeks Twilight had been cooped up in her library as she was preparing for an exam for Princess Celestia and according to Spike the poor mare was stressed beyond relief.

So being a lady (not a crying child) and deciding that the new steam room was worth the two weeks without a hooficure Rarity had concluded that it might be nice to spend a quiet day with Twilight and Fluttershy in the library.

“Hello Girls!” Rarity declared from the front door.

She found her friends seated on a couple of cushions around a table with Twilight reading a book on history and Fluttershy reading a recipe book.

“Hay Rarity!” Twilight waved back from the centre of the library.

Fluttershy elected to give a quiet wave to her friend as Rarity trotted over to the both of them.

“Hm? It’s quiet in here today.” Rarity said as she looked for other patrons of the library.

“Oh I closed the library today.” Twilight spoke. “Fluttershy said you were both coming over and Spike made the point that I need to take a break.”

Blushing a little Twilight continued. “I’ve been pushing myself a little too much and went a bit crazy on Spike so he hid my work stuff until I promised to have a day off.

“Ah I see. Is he here today?” Rarity asked.

“No, Spike had to go back to Canterlot for a few days as Princess Luna needs him to help with her studies.” Twilight responded.

“Princess Luna is a student?” Fluttershy inquired over the rim of her book.

“Well not really a student but she has been gone for so long that many things have changed so she re-enrolled in Canterlot Royal University to catch up.” Twilight said.

“Oh. Well I’m glad we can have a bit of privacy, I kind of had something to discuss with you girls.” Rarity said becoming very grim.

The sudden shift in her demeanour caused the other mares to shrink back for a moment.

“Uh…are you ok Rarity?” Fluttershy tentatively asked.

“Mm? Oh yes I’m fine just…” Rarity didn’t finish but simply plopped down onto a cushion.

“Well how about I make some tea then we can talk?” Twilight said rising from the cushions.

“Oh that would be lovely darling.” Rarity said with a smile.

“I would like some green tea…um if that’s not too much trouble…” Fluttershy asked.

Chuckling Twilight went into the kitchen and returned a few minutes later with three tea cups and a teapot.

While pouring the guests some tea Twilight spoke up. “So, what’s wrong Rarity?”

“Girls…do you…*sigh*…do you think I’m ugly?” Rarity asked with a rather blunt tone.

“Whuh?” Twilight was so stunned she nearly dropped the teapot.

“I mean I’ve been looking for a mate for ages now and no pony seems interested. I was wondering if it was because I’m ugly…or fat…or maybe I’m just a horrible pony…or-“ Rarity had begun to hyperventilate and tears had started to stream down her face.

Seeing this Fluttershy had pulled her into a big hug and held the mare close. Waiting a moment to see if Rarity would start to cry again and thankfully finding her calming down Fluttershy spoke.

“Rarity has something happened?”

“*Sniff* No that’s the point. Applejack has got two lovely herd mates and I’m still on my own. What am I doing wrong?” Rarity sniffled.

Twilight and Fluttershy shared a glance and then Twilight turned to speak.

“I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong Rarity lots of ponies love you and comment on how pretty you are.”

“Then why can’t I find a herd?” Rarity asked still sniffling and before either could answer Rarity continued. “It’s because I’m nasty isn’t it. When I saw Applejack and the carrot girls I got jealous and thought nasty things.”

“I even hoped that they would fall apart.” Rarity said nearly choking up again.

“Oh Rarity.” Fluttershy pulled her sobbing friend into another hug. “It’s ok. You didn’t mean it did you?”

“*Sniff* No, no I want them to be happy they are my friends but that doesn’t stop me thinking bad things.” She responded.

Thinking for a moment Twilight came up with an idea. “Rarity, listen.”

Rarity turned to her friend and Twilight came and gave her a hug before speaking again.

“You’re not a bad pony ok? If you were you would have thought nasty things and liked it but the fact is you’re here crying because you didn’t like what you thought.” Twilight said with a firm tone.

“Now let me and Fluttershy help you ok?” Rarity nodded and took a sip from her tea cup that was still sat on the table.

“Now I think the problem is how other ponies see you.” Twilight said drawing from her own cup before passing Fluttershy her cup.

“How others see me?”

“Yes, think about it you’re pretty, you’ve got a successful business and everypony knows you went after royalty at the grand galloping gala.” Twilight said matter-of-factly.

The thought of the pompous “royalty” Blueblood made her snort with contempt but she kept quiet.

“Um…also sometimes you can be a bit…um…abrasive?” Fluttershy said tentatively before panicking. “Um…that’s not to say your bad or nasty…just…oh…um…”

Rarity held up a hoof. “It’s ok darling, your right after all I am often berating others for their fashion sense.”

“Yes but you see everypony thinks you’re too good for them or that you won’t be interested.” Twilight continued.

“So what should I do?” Rarity asked feeling a bit small.

“Well…maybe try asking somepony out who is…um…a bit less known?” Fluttershy ventured.

“Mm. That could work, there are lots of eligible ponies around that you could form a herd with.” Twilight said.

Thinking back on the day she had noticed that she had seen quite a few reasonable looking ponies that she could ask out and in fact she had seen a rather nice looking girl with a wonderful mane that was just a marvellous shade of red.

If she got along with them then who cared if they weren’t the peak of physical perfection she was a fashion designer for pony’s sake.

It was her job to make others look beautiful.

“You’re right girls! I need to start being more active and stop looking for the best fashionable date and start looking for love!” She declared happily.

After that she and her friends had spent the day doing more pleasant things and talking happily about Twilights studies and Fluttershy’s new animal companions.

After the day was done and with her two friends cheering her on Rarity left the library feeling fuliifed and hopeful on what tomorrow would bring.

As she cantered happily back to her home Rarity looked up into the night’s sky to see a shooting star.
Quickly scrambling to her haunches and bring her forelegs up in a praying gesture Rarity let loose a wish.

“Please Lady of Ether bring me the courage to find my special somepony.”


It had been about two weeks since Roseluck’s last sugar binge and judging from her attitude at the moment another was on its way. Slumped over the counter with a scowl plastered on her muzzle she watched the crowd with growing contempt.

“Ugh, are you just gonna sit there and mope all day!” Daisy said with a huff.

“Mm.” Roseluck grunted.

“Ya’know you won’t find love if you keep that expression on your face.” Lily said.

“Mm.” Roseluck grunted again.

The other mares shared an irritated glance before going back to arranging their flowers. Roseluck turned to examine her friends, both were not in a herd and had said that they were not bothered too much by that.

That had always confused Roseluck as to her being in a herd and being loved was a dream come true. Still both Daisy and Lily had already been in a herd so many they knew something Roseluck didn’t.

Daisy was a pink mare with a green mane and set of daisies as her cutie mark while Lily was pink but with a cute golden yellow mane held up in a bow. Daisy was the eldest and led the group’s main business efforts while Lily would always be off setting up delivers to customers out of town. This of course meant that Roseluck would be left to mind the till and serve at the stall.

Roseluck had been in business with them for the past two years and it had been fun as the three got along very well. Still after a while they had noticed that sometimes Roseluck would become very depressed and when they had pressed her about the problem Roseluck had vented quite a lot of personal feelings.

Suffice to say that day had required a lot of tissues and chocolate. Still her friends had always encouraged her to try and be more outgoing and friendlier with ponies.

Roseluck just had horrible…well…luck.

The last date for example had turned out to only be interested in Roseluck as a method to get back at his ex-herd mate who had been jealously spying on the date.

The one before that had been mare that was just so boring, not to mention so clingy that it bordered on obsession as after one date she had already begun to arrange a wedding ceremony.

A royal order was needed after that one.

Roseluck turned back to watch the crowd pass by.

“To fat.” She thought as a large mare walked past.

“Too much muscle.” As a thin but heavily built stallion wondered over to the herb stall.

“It’s no use no normal pony would be interested in me.” A very depressing thought surfaced.

“Ya’know I think I’ve got an idea about you Rosie.” Lily suddenly piped up.

“Mm?” Roseluck glanced at her friend.

“Maybe you should try being more…well…girly.” Lily said with a little hesitation. “Ya’see maybe it’s because most ponies are looking for more of a mare and you don’t really act like a mare.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!” Roseluck said standing up from the counter.

“Easy Rose.” Daisy put a hoof to Roseluck’s chest. “What Lily means is that a lot of folks don’t like the tomboy altitude. It makes them think you’re not really up to being part of a herd.”

Taking in the criticism Roseluck slumped back to the counter.

“What should I do?” She asked.

“Well how about this afternoon we go to the spa and have a makeover!” Lily said gleefully clapping her hooves together.

“Can’t spa’s closed.” Roseluck said with killing bluntness not even lifting her head from the counter.

“Oh.” Lily immediately deflated. As both her friends shrugged and went back to work Roseluck returned to her thoughts.

“Their right you know.” Her inner self whispered.

“Huh?” Roseluck thought back.

“All you need to do is be more open with yourself.”


“Of course! You love dresses and lacy things so why act like a tomboy if you don’t like it?”

“But this is how I’ve always been.”

“Well it isn’t working is it? Act more like a mare and you could land a nice herd!”

She had started to become excited and allowed herself a glimmer of hope. Her friends always gave her good advice so maybe she should start listening.

As she became more excited and began to fantasize about all the different outfits she could wear she let loose a prayer to the pony gods.

“Lady of Ether, please bring me the courage to become the best mare ever and land a special somepony!”

As she was busy with this action she didn’t notice a wonderfully beautiful white unicorn approach tentatively.

“Excuse me?” The unicorn muttered.

“Whuh?” Roseluck started out of her thoughts to find a blushing white unicorn with a glorious violet mane standing in front of her.

It was none other than Rarity the most beautiful mare and personal fantasy of most of the town’s male and some of the female population.

“Um…well I don’t do this often but…um…would you be interested in a date?”

Chapter 2

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The sun was out in full glory and the sky was clear allowing a cool autumn breeze to flow down from Cloudsdale. Leaves played gently with the wind and ponies were out in droves to see the autumn colours.

As the wind pulled itself down the cobbled streets of the centre of town it brushed by a white unicorn who shivered against the cold and mounting nervousness in her stomach.

She could feel bile rise in her throat as she restlessly trotted on the spot and tried to hide a severe blush on her muzzle. She had been meandering around the stalls in the market for over an hour waiting for the right opportunity to approach her target.

What a target she was, a pale yellow pony with a mane of the most wonderful shade of red and such alluring pale green eyes. The white unicorn had seen the girl before at some of Pinkies parties but never really paid any attention to her.

She didn't even know the mare’s name.

“Oh how am I going to do this?” Rarity whispered quietly to herself.

It had happened after the night of the shooting star she had returned home and began to immediately prepare for her new interest of finding a special somepony to start a herd with.

After quickly but skilfully finishing Applejacks order she had cancelled all other incoming orders and informed all her current clients that their orders were going to be delayed for a few weeks.

Dealing with her job she then turned toward her sibling that was staying with her until her parents had returned from another one of their honeymoons. Sweetie Belle was such a little gem but her influence could scare away any new love interest so Rarity had shipped Sweetie Belle to see her Aunt Emerald and Uncle Steam for a while.

Once all the preparations had been completed Rarity had set off looking for love. Taking advice from her best friends she had spent the morning wandering around Ponyville looking for prospective mates.

After an intensive study of the local populace she had found her.

Approaching the rose stall for a look at the latest season of roses to bloom she had been struck with a bolt of inspiration for a new design and had purchased one rose for a reminder. Rarity had paid her bits and moved out of the way to place the rose in her saddlebag when she took note of the mare who manned to counter.

At first she hadn't really paid any attention to the mare only paying a mild look of disinterest before browsing the wares on offer. After securing the rose for later she couldn't help but turn back and give the flower girl a once over with a critical eye.

It was clear the girl was a tomboy with a brash attitude and lazy appearance. Clearly not interested in keeping clean and tidy as her coat was unkempt and the mare lounged in the chair not even in the slightest like a proper lady. She barely even spoke to the customers before returning to read her magazine.

Still the mare was quite pretty and if she had groomed herself a bit she would be very stunning but Rarity knew this type of mare, she was best friends with one. The last thing she needed was to date another Rainbow Dash.

The rose girl was not what Rarity was looking for in a mate, she wanted somepony who was pretty, fashionable, brave and loving.

As Rarity turned to leave a sound struck her ears causing them to twitch and swivel back as a most wondrous noise echoed from the stall.

The mare was laughing.

One of her companions had uttered a joke or something in the magazine had tickled her as it had left the mare in hysterics.

As she listened to each laugh, shivers ran down the length of Rarity’s spine. She sounded like the soft strumming of a harp being bounced round a room of gleaming crystal.

Suffice to say that had sealed the deal for Rarity as she just had to have that most wondrous voice all to herself. Just thinking about that voice calling her name lustfully made Rarity tingle all over.

Rarity however had encountered a problem that had crippled her before she even could act. You see Rarity was used to flattery and flirting when it was harmless. She had flirted and often been mistaken for being very experienced in the matters of love, but in truth, Rarity had never been on a date before.

You see Rarity was a coward.

“Come on rarity just go up and ask her out!” She mentally screamed at herself.

Despite all her mental screaming Rarity had not succeeded in asking her out that day, or the next, or the day after that. Now she found herself trotting on the spot in the cold and feeling very stupid.

Just as Rarity was going to give up on today and return to her boutique she bumped into one of her friends.



Picking herself up she found Fluttershy spread eagle on the floor, eyes spinning in her head and with the contents of a shopping bag sprawled on the floor.

“Oh Darling I'm so sorry!” Rarity said as she began to help the mare up and collect the fallen contents. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“Oh that’s OK Rarity…um…how are you?” Fluttershy asked tilting her head quizzically taking note of her friend’s haggard appearance.

“Fine…” Rarity looked down and grabbed the last Fluttershy’s shopping.

“Um… OK.” Fluttershy knew Rarity far too well and could see that something was bothering her but it was simply to rude to ask what it was being the kind mare that Fluttershy is known for so she simply waited patiently for the inevitable outburst.

“…Oh Darling!” Rarity cried as great tears started rolling down her muzzle. “It’s awful *Sniff* it’s the worst possible thing ever!”

“Oh Rarity I'm sure it’s not that bad.” Fluttershy flapped over and began to nuzzle the unicorn.

“It is!” Rarity said with a stomp of her hoof startling the poor Pegasus. “I've found my special somepony!”

“Um…isn't that a good thing?” Fluttershy was now feeling a bit confused.

“Of course it is!” Rarity shouted.

“Oh…um…well who is it then?” Fluttershy inquired as she glanced around the square.

Rarity lifted a hoof and pointed it toward the flower stall with the rose girl sat behind the counter. Fluttershy followed the white hoof and saw the mare in question before she brought a hoof to her face and giggled.

“You like Roseluck?” Fluttershy carried on giggling.

“That’s her name…” Rarity said dreamily as she watched the flower girl.

“So when is the date?” Fluttershy chuckled.

“That’s it I haven’t…that is to say…well…I haven’t asked her out yet.” Rarity said as her voice got smaller.

“What?” Fluttershy baulked. “I thought you said-“

“I know what I said darling but I just can’t work up the courage to ask her out. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.” Rarity said with a great sigh.

Fluttershy watched as the unicorn became dejected and started to trudge back to her home. Rarity suddenly saw a flash of butter yellow and pink wash in front of her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Fluttershy bellowed as she jumped at Rarity.

After all that pain she had seen in Rarity the other day Fluttershy wasn't going to let her friend miss out on love.

“Fluttershy?” Rarity looked bewildered at the sudden change from her timid friend.

“You are going to walk up to that mare and ask her on a date!” She pointed to the flower stall while staring at Rarity.

“I can’t just walk up and ask her out.” Rarity was starting to babble in panic.

“Yes you can!”


“No buts!”

“I just-“

“Nope!” Fluttershy then punted Rarity toward the stall.

Rarity stumbled and nickered before turning around and heading tentatively toward the mare of her dreams. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Fluttershy glowering at her and tapping her hood impatiently.

“Ok Rarity you can do this.” She thought as she noticed her steps becoming laboured.

“Just go up and say “Hi would you like to go out sometime” oh no that would be stupid.”

As she got even closer to the mare her thoughts became more panicked and she felt that bile rising again.

“Oh what if she says no!”

“What if she doesn't like me?”

Taking a deep breath and glancing one last time at Fluttershy who was now waving encouragement Rarity turned back to the stall and thought.

“Well you won’t ever find out if you don’t ask.”

Taking another breath she approached the stall and found Roseluck slumped over the counter in what appeared to be a state of sheer boredom as she was idly picking at the grains in the wood.

“Um…Excuse me?” Rarity’s voice could have rivalled Fluttershy’s for quietness at this moment.

When the mare didn't move Rarity took another step closing before trying again.

“Excuse me?” The unicorn muttered.


The rose girl bolted upright with a startled grimace.

“Um…well I don’t do this often but…um…would you be interested in a date?”


“Interested in what now?” Roseluck thought dumbfounded.

“You see…um well I saw you the other day and thought…that is to say I think you’re looking very pretty today…I mean not that you’re not pretty at any other time…” Rarity had started to panic and was blushing more fiercely than ever before in her life.

“A date? With Me? That can’t be I’m just a nopony!”

“So…um…” Rarity was sweating profusely and kept glancing between the roses and the floor.

Roseluck’s mind was running a mile a minute trying to come up with a response but her brain was quickly being overheated by the horrendous blush that now covered her face.

“Rarity the most beautiful pony in all of Equestria wants a date with me!” She thought as she felt herself become giddy.

“I take your silence as a no…I’ll just be on my way then…” Rarity muttered with a pained expression.

“Whuh?” Roseluck mouth stumbled as she saw Rarity turn to leave. “No Wait!”

Rarity yelped in surprise at the sudden outburst and turned back to the flower girl.

“You really mean that?” Roseluck asked as she turned to look at the clouds with a blush.

“M-mean what darling?” Rarity stuttered.

“The date, I’d love to but I mean…wouldn’t you be better looking for somepony else?” Roseluck said with a slight stammer.

“Whatever do you mean darling?” Rarity asked slightly confused.

“Well I mean your Rarity the element of generosity and you’ve saved Equestria multiple times you should be dating movie stars not a nopony like me.” Roseluck eyes showed sadness as she continued. “There’s nothing special about me.”

Rarity was a little stunned at this remark, Twilight Sparkle had told her that many ponies thought that Rarity was too good for them but she didn’t really believe her. Here was proof however the mare she wanted to date had decided that she was a nopony.

“Y-your voice…” Rarity muttered.


“Your voice called out to me.” Rarity continued looking Roseluck in the eye

“M-my voice.”

“Oh darling you have the most wonderful voice and I just…well um…I think that makes you special…” Rarity squeaked becoming bashful.

Silence descended on the couple as Roseluck turned the colour of a tomato.

“Come on Rarity! You have to be more courageous or she’ll say no!” Reaching into her saddlebags Rarity withdrew a business card and placed it in front of the flower girl.

Roseluck was clearly trying to say something but just couldn’t form the words and seeing the opportunity to seal the deal Rarity moved over the counter and brought her muzzle to the mare’s ear.

“So…how about you come to my boutique on Wednesday and we’ll go out for dinner, my treat. Say about six o’clock?” Rarity breathed causing Roseluck to whimper.

Roseluck took the card and nodded silently as Rarity turned back toward the crowd. Just as Rarity was about to disappear in the throngs of other ponies she flicked her tail in a flirtatious manner.

Roseluck who had been watching her nearly passed out from too much blood to the head.


Roseluck had been staring at the card for about five minutes when she felt a shove knock her off the chair.


“Well way to go playgirl!” Daisy giggled.

“Yeah landing the most desirable pony in town? That’s impressive ya’know.” Lily chuckled.

“I didn’t…I mean she was the one…” Roseluck stammered.

“Oh shush. This is great you’ve always wanted to be in a herd and now a beautiful girl is going to whisk you off your hooves and give you happiness!” Daisy said as she bounced on the spot.

Normally Roseluck would have commented on that in her tomboyish attitude stating that she was the more masculine pony. She didn’t really care right now though as she had returned to blissfully staring at the card as if it was written by the Princesses themselves.

“Oh dear she’s got it bad ya,know.” Lily said as she waved a hoof in front of Roseluck’s face.

“Pre…” Roseluck muttered.

“Pre?” Both her friends glanced at each other.

“PREPARE!” Roseluck shouted at the top of her lungs scaring the living tar out of everypony in the area. “I’VE GOT TO PREPARE!”

With that she shot off toward her home leaving a dust cloud in her wake.

“She’s got it real bad…” Daisy nodded in agreement.


Rarity felt her legs wobble with each step as she walked back towards her Pegasus friend who was giggling and cheerfully waving.

“Well did she say yes?” Fluttershy inquired as she flapped over to her unicorn friend.

“Yes. Yes I think she did.” Rarity couldn’t seem to focus and swayed a bit. Rarity stood for a moment before beginning to giggle madly and hop up and down on the spot.

“Ha-ha! I need to get back to the boutique and get ready for tomorrow!” Rarity declared and shot off leaving a butter yellow pony smirking and trying to hold in another giggle. Just as Fluttershy went to move back to her home Rarity returned.

“Oh darling! Thank you so much!”

“Oh I didn’t do anything-“

“Nonsense without you I’d still be stood here being silly!” With that Rarity planted a big kiss on Fluttershy’s muzzle and blasted off again leaving Fluttershy blushing a colour of beetroot.