Robloxian's restart

by FanOfSun

First published

Acompany Fan on his misadventure through Equestria by helping him...Or getting him into the troubles!

This is PARTLY comment driven story! You can interact with main character by talking to him, explaining something or even giving items! Imagination is your limit!

(Oh yeah, 18+ and 16+ are forbidden)

Some tags are going to be added in future chapters

Massive glitch appeared in Roblox Universe. Luckily, team of moderators successfully took it down before it could affect anyone...Or did they?

Unfortunately for Fan, he was the first and the last one to be affected by this glitch. Before danger was sealed away, abomination threw Robloxian into another universe, hoping to enter it's body and come back sooner. Fortunately, it failed. Even though danger was taken down, Fan was completely wiped from his reality, making everyone forget who he was, what he did and everething else. Also, after glitch was defeated, Fan is about to get 'deployed' in the random universe.

Oh, one more thing! He now has some powers from his universe in arsenal.

So what waits for him now? Let's find out!

Prologue: "Heya"

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Dark, darker, yet darker...

Fan was levitating through the void for a few minutes now...How did he know that? He didn't. He just assumed those were minutes. Surprisingly for him, he wasn't scared or traumatized. It was just...Strange. After glitch consumed his body, he appeared in this dark dimension. All he can do for now is wait...

Suddenly, he saw white cracks around him. Void started to fade away and finally, it broke, making Fan start flying through space on an incredible speed. There were a lot of planets, stars and even galaxies around him. It would look magnificent, if robloxian wouldn't hilariously spin as he was flying. Sooner, he noticed that he was slowing down. It allowed Fan to balance and now he could properly look around. Yep, this place looks awesome, but there is just one question...

"What do I do now..?"

Fan sighed "Whelp, guess sooner or later something will happen" he somehow managed to stretch and took a laying position "I guess I can have a na-"

Suddenly, he started moving again, faster and faster. Robloxian looked forward and saw that some kind of white circle opened in front of him.

Fan snorted "Of course it's white..." he crossed his arms "Let me guess, now I'm going to get teleported into another universe, right?"

In answer, white circle started spinning and absorbed Fan, blinding him with bright light.


Fan felt air pressure all around his body. When he was able to open his eyes, he noticed that he was in the sky. When his eyes looked down, he noticed that he was flying towards a giant town...that was built on a DAMN MOUNTAIN!!!

Fan closed his eyes "Man that sure does look cool, but there is one question" he then put arm to his chin "How do I land safely?"

5 minutes earlier in the Cantherlot...

Princess Twilight and her friends were walking around city towards castle.

Rainbow Dash groaned and raised her head "Twiiiiliiight, why are we heeere?"

Twilight rolled her eyes "I already told you, I sensed strong and strange magic in the sky above Canterlot. Besides, Princess Celestia called us for the same reason"

Apple Jack looked at Twilight "Ya think Princesses need our help?"

Twilight shook her head "They need us to make sure that citizens are going to be safe"

Pinkie Pie was bouncing nearby "Oh, so that means we gotta stay here?"

Twilight nodded "Yes Pinkie, why do y-" she looked back at Pinkie and froze in place.

Pinkie Pie was jumping in boncy castle. Some citizens were looking at it confused and surprised.

Twilight sighed "I won't even ask..." she then looked at her other friends "Alright, we will stay at this square then. Any questions?"

Rainbow Dash was still looking at the sky "Uh...Yeah. Do we consider this black circle in the sky as danger?" she pointed her hoof at the sky.

Everybody looked up. They noticed the small black circle that was spinning.

Twilight gasped "Girls, to the palace, NOW!" They started galloping towards palace to inform Princesses.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy narrowed her eyes "Did...Did something come out of it?"

Back to Fan...

He noticed that he was falling on the city. Fan touched his sword and purple orb appeared around his body, showing a lot of items in squares.

He sighed "Phew! They are still he-" his face changed when he saw lock icon on each of those squares "OH FOR THE BLOX'S SAKE!" he started to look around him, trying to find unlocked items.

Fan looked ridiculous. He was spinning, around and getting into the awkward poses while looking for items.

"Nope...Not here..." he then stopped scrolling "How could I forget!" he came back to the beginning and chose icon with question mark on it "Randomizer, give me something to land safely!" he then added with annoyed voice "And this time, make sure not to summon a Vulka-19 by 'accident' "

Joyfull voice answered "Alright then! Green Baloon coming up!" piece of black rope appeared on the sword's gem.

Fan snorted "Pft...It looks ridiculous" he then shrugged and grabbed the rope "Though I can't blame you, this thing is good at doing it's job!"

Meanwhile, at palace...

Main 6 stood before Celestia in throne room...

Twilight pointed her hoof at the sky "Princess Celestia, are you sure it was OK?"

Celestia nodded "Inded Twilight, I took care of it and closed it before anything was able to come through"

Rainbow Dash tilted her head "Anyway, what was this stuff?"

Celestia made serious face "I'm not sure myself but it doesn't matter anymore" she sighed "I don't feel any strange magic nearby"

Fluttershy raised her hoof slowly "Uhm...Princess Celestia?"

Celestia smiled "What is it, Fluttershy?"

She pointed at the sky "I-I think I saw something coming out of this circle..."

Celestia giggled "Dear Fluttershy, there is no way that something could bypass my magic. That would mean-"

Suddenly, muffled singing was heard outside of one of the windows.


Everybody looked at the giant window with Celestia on it and noticed that there was small figure flying outside...On a baloon?!

Blocky figure started talking "It is a good day to be, not DE-"


Figure bumped into the window and started to slowly slide down with creaking sound. Everybody were watching it sliding down with confused faces.

It mumbled something ""Hey! I didn't bre-" the wind cracked a bit "Oh wow, thank you dear fate!"

Eventually, glass broke and shards fell inside, not harming anybody. Creature plopped inside with 'Oof'. Balloon turned into shiny dust and flew inside sword's gem.

Fan groaned and slowly stood up, dusting himself off and looking at the window "Sheesh...Gotta fix it bef-" when he turned around, he met confused looks.

Awkward silence entered the room. Ponies noticed that he was smaller than they were. You shouldn't even try to compare tine Fan to tall Celestia. They were standing like that for a few moments, awkwardly looking at each other.

Fan awkwardly shrugged "Uh...Meow?"

Main 6 screamed in terror, Fan did the same thing with crack in his voice.

Celestia though spread her wings and stood in front of the ponies "Name yourself, or else I will have to use force!"

Fan fastly waves with his blocky arms "Whoa whoa chill! I'm not going" he just noticed how small he was and gulped "Uh...And could you make sure not to step on me by accident...please?"

Before Celestia could say something, four guards broke into the room with spears and swords.

One of them shouted "ELEMENTS, PRINCESS, GET AWAY FRom that...Blocky...thing?" he tilted his head "..excuse me, did you get a new pet recently?"

Fan gasped "RUDE!" he crossed arms on his chest and looked away "I have a name and feelings!"

One of the quards snapped out of his reality and pointed spear at smaller creature "Uh...Surrender now, or else!"

Fan put his hands up "Alright alright! Calm down man!"

Celestia looked at Fan and folded her wings "Private Field, you can bring your spear down"

Green stallion looked at her and then back on Fan "As you say, your Highness" he put his spear back up.

Celestia looked back at guards "You all can go for now. If something happens, I will call you"

Guards simply nodded and trotted out of the throne room. Door closed behind them and Celestia turned back to Fan.

Princess's face changed to the soft one "I'd like to apologize for meeting you this way. It was rather...Unexpected, to see you"

Fan carefully put his hands down "Alright I guess?" he then looked back at the window "Damn...Sorry for this one"

Celestia rolled her eyes "It's totally fine Mr..?"

Fan cringed a bit "My name is Fan, and PLEASE don't call me Mr!" he then looked at alicorn "I suppose you are the ruler here eh?"

Celestia nodded "Indeed I am" she then tilted her head "You look...Quite calm"

Fan snorted "Pft! I've being through worse adventures ya know?" he then sighed "Man, when I was talking about another universe, I didn't mean this to happen..."

Suddenly, Pinkie Pie appeared behind Fan "Oh! So you are from another world?!"

Fan didn't get surprised "Yeah yeah I am..." he then stretched a bit "Well, any questions before I pass out?"

Celestia raised her eyebrow "Excuse me?"

Fan explained "Well, I thing it would be polite to pass out so that I don't look like I'm robot or something..."

Celestia looked back at the Elements "I suppose it would be better if we have a small break. You don't have to pass out though" she turned her head back to Fan.

Fan shrugged "Well, I gotta skip some time" he then added "Besides, I think that I need to check something while I'm 'asleep' soo..." he put arms to his head and...twisted it.

Everypony gasped when he fell down with quiet thud.

Fan's mind...

Robloxian was walking through the giant purple transparent orb. Light blue flying fire was his companion. It had dark blue face with...Square glasses on it.

Randomizer moved his eyes towards Fan "So...Did you actually have to 'turn off' THIS way?"

Fan snorted "Hey, I wanted to look cool!"

Randomizer rolled his eyes "In my opinion it wasn't 'cool' at all"

Fan shrugged "Aaanyway...Where is the chat box?"

Randomizer smiled "One moment" his eye glowed with white and orb spinned, moving Fan and Randomizer to the higher floor "Why do you need it anyway?"

Fan rolled his eyes "Just wanted to check if it's unlocked" he pulled out of the metal door a grey tablet "Huh, lucky us" he started tapping it.

Randomizer looked curious "Last time we used it to communicate with a...Human, was it?"

Fan nodded "Yep, he though I was NPC in his Roblox" he chuckled "Man, his name was FanOfSun and he looked exactly like I do!" grey tablet activated "Oh hey, there we...What?"

Randomizer chuckled nervously "Uh...Forgot to tell you. You will get questions from the...You know, 'Observers' "

Fan groaned "Man you DID NOT reprogram it!" he face palmed "Great, we are being watched by some sussy entities, got thrown into another world and asleep..."

Randomizer protested "Hey! The last one was YOUR idea!"

Fan rolled his eyes "Yeah yeah whatever!" he tossed tablet to Randomizer "Just keep me informed about new messages. Those guys can actually help us adapt and stuff" he then added " are there any other items unlocked?"

Randomizer caught tablet with light blue aura "Yes, there are few simple items and items for combat"

Fan put arm to his chin "While we are checking them out, how do you think I should greet them when I wake up?"

Randomizer levitated nearby to Fan "When you wake up, just be yourself...I mean, just be friendly" he turned around "Besides, I think that we are stuck in this dimension forever. You gotta make sure to NOT look like a jerk"

Fan winked with his eye "You can rely on me pal!"

Randomizer sighed "Alright, let's move on..."

The orb once again started to spin...

"Let's start over" Part 1

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It's being three hours since 'Intruder' landed in the Cantherlot castle. Guards quickly reassured that broken window was a simple accident, so there was no panic in town.

Twilight, Fluttershy and AppleJack were sitting nearby to the medical office. When 'Fan' passed out, guards came in and brought his body inside. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie decided to walk through the Cantherlot.

Twilight shook her head "I just don't get it! Why would he do that?" she looked at her pegasus friend.

Fluttershy sighed "I-I dont know...I just hope he is not hurt..."

AppleJack put hoof behind her head "Ah dunno....Ah think that fella knew what he was doin' " she then looked at the door "But HAY that was strange..."

Meanwhile inside of the medical room...

Celestia stood behind unicorn that was wearing white robe. His coat was light grey color, eyes dark green and mane brown. His cutiemark was black paw with green triangle in middle. Medic was lifting up creature's limbs with puzzled face.

Celestia finally talked "Dr Swarm, is our quest alright?"

Gleaming Swarm put hoof behind his head and huffed "I'm sorry, your Highness, but I have never seen anything like this before...Nothing close enough to tell" he then looked back at Princess "Uhm...Excuse me, but what happened exactly?"

Celestia frowned "It's...Quite weird I'd say"

Meanwhile, Cantherlot...

Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie were trotting through the city (though the last one was bouncing). Unicorn was looking at clothing shops windows with sparks in her eyes.

Rainbow Dash groaned "Aww man! Why do I have to be HERE while all the stuff is happening THERE!" she pointed her hoof towards palace.

Rarity snorted "Well, obviously because you are WAY too loud dear!"

Rainbow protested "Oh yea? Well, what about Pinkie? She is ALWAYS loud!"

Rarity rolled her eyes "Rainbow, darling, you should just deal with it!" she then added "Besides, that hat this creature was wearing looked just fabulous!"

Rainbow Dash groaned "And OF COURSE you are caring about clothing!" she then looked at Pinkie "What are you doing out there though?"

Pinkie Pie giggled "Silly Dashie! My bouncy castle is still in the city!"

Rainbow raised her eyebrow "Wasn't it supposed to like...Dissapear as always or something?"

Pinkie shook her head "Dash, how would it? It's not like I can summon things out of nowhere, breaking laws of physics and other scientific stuff!"

Rainbow Dash shrugged "Eh, Pinkie being Pinkie..."

Meanwhile, Fan's head...

Robloxian was holding dark umbrella in his hand "Alright, so this is the last one?"

Randomizer nodded "Inded, now that we know what we have on our arms, we can come out and try not to look like idiots"

Fan looked at his companion surprised " 'We'? "

Randomizer look at him through 'glasses' "Of course I'm coming with you this time. After all, I'm your-"

Discord notification SFX

Fan and Randomizer looked around. The noice was all over the realm...

Randomizer summoned the tablet "Huh...Looks like I was right, we got a message from..." it looked like he narrowed his eyes, though you couldn't see them in flames "GleamingKyler111..?"

Fan suddenly gasped "Hey! I remember this dude!" he put arm to his chin "What was that game...'Adventure Up'? He was the only one to help me upgrade..." he then looked back at his companion "So, what is he writin'?"

Randomizer ran through the text "Equestria...Cantherlot..." he huffed "Huh! Looks like our situation is not that bad!"

Fan tilted his head "What do you mean?"

Looks like Randomizer...smirked? "Well, long story short. This Observer told us that we are in some kingdom where friendship is magic..."

Fan clipped his eyes few times "Huh...So basically role-play game?" he tossed umbrella away, and it dissapeared.

Randomizer nodded "Also he is saying that it was quite a bad idea to-"

Fan interrupted him "Alright alright I get it!" he then sighed "But to be honest, that was really cringe, I gotta tell 'em that I'm fine"

Randomizer looked back at the tablet "Alright...At least we got some help from kind souls" he then looked up "So, are we going or..."

Fan shrugged "Alright, but just in case..." he turned around and walked somewhere...

Back to Cantherlot...

Dr Swarm's eyes were widened "Just...How is this possible?! It's like this creature has no bones!"

Celestia looked a bit confused "Uhm...Well, that just means our quest is fine"

Dr Swarm rubbed back of his head "Well ..I guess s-"

Suddenly, Fan's body started moving. Doctor gasped and jumped away.

Robloxian stood up and put arm to his face "Duh...I feel fu-" he noticed that hand touched his back head instead of his face "Wha?" He noticed that he was looking at his sword.

Now Fan understood what happened. He put arms to his head and turned it 180 degree, placing it in regular way.

He noticed Celestia and another pony "Oh, hello there" he looked at the pony and raised his arm "Aho-"

Gleaming Swar shouted "SWEET CELESTIA IT CAN TALK!!"

Fan was looking at him with poker face "Uh...Yeah, I am kinda...You know, sentient and stuff..."

Doctor looked at Twilight, then back at Fan, who had unamused face.

Gleaming Swarm coughed in his hoof "I suppose I have to apologize..."

Fan rolled his eyes "Yeah yeah...Doesn't matter, I will just get used to it" he then looked at Celestia again "Uh...Look, I'm bad at communicating with royalty, so what about my friend talks to you?"

Celestia raised her eyebrow "Your..Friend?"

Suddenly, Fan's sword ignited with light blue flames. Some of it turned into several streams and connected near to robloxian. After a few seconds, light blue flame with dark glasses on his 'face' appeared near to Fan.

It looked at Celestia and nodded respectfully "Greetings, your majesty" he then looked at Fan and...Flickered while making laugh like sounds "Y-..."

Fan was SO small, that Randomizer was just as big as robloxian.

Fan groaned "Oh please for Blox's sake!" he crossed his arms and turned away.

Looks like Randomizer politely coughed and turned back to Celestia "Excuse me for my behavior, your majesty"

Celestia smiled warmly "Please, just Celestia, Mr..?"

Flame pulled his head down "Name is Randomizer, pleasure to meet you, Celestia" he then looked at shocked stallion "Excuse me for scaring you like that"

Celestia nodded "I feel the same way, Randomizer"

Gleaming Swarm blinked his eyes few times "Uh...Yeah, it's fine..." he sighed "When I was signing to work as a vet at Palace, I didn't think I would treat invaders from another world..."

Fan suddenly shaked a bit "Wait...Does it mean you considered me as an animal?" he turned around with confused face "I mean...I don't look like wolf or...Other stuff"

Celestia explained "Well, unfortunately, our medics didn't encounter anything like you before, so I thought it would be a good idea to bring my phoenix's personal vet" she pointed at stallion.

Fan looked at doctor "Huh...And you are?"

Unicorn smiled with confidence "My name is Gleaming Swarm, and my knowledge of mythical animals made me a vet in the Palace!" he then added "Though I must admit, I was her for a year or so..." he then left through the doors "Well, off I go now!"

Celestia looked at Gleaming Swarm "Thank you for your time, doctor. We will go now" she then looked at Randomizer "Seems like I will have to answer some questions"

Randomizer added "And get answers for yours"

Fan coughed in his fist "Alright look guys, now that I don't have to do the boring stuff..."

Randomizer looked back at robloxian "Make sure not to get in trouble, remember what Observer told us?"

Celestia thought for herself 'Perhaps I will have to ask more questions today...'

Fan waved his hand "Aw don't think you can get rid of me that easily!" he smirked "I'm coming with you so that I 'won't get in trouble' " he then added "I mean, there is nothing for me to do, so-"

Suddenly, door opened showing Twilight...

Alicorn looked...excited "Does it mean I can ask him some questions?!"

AppleJack snorted "Don't scare little fella like that!"

Fan facepalmed "I'm NOT little!"

Celestia sighed "Twilight, our guest just woke up, he needs some rest" she then looked at Randomizer who...dissapeared?

Fan didn't seem to be surprised "Anyway it's not like I can do something else..." he shrugged and walked towards Twilight.

Celestia watched as Fan and three ponies walked away. When door closed, she then looked around, trying to find Randomizer.

Voice nearby replied "I'm over here, your majesty"

Celestia turned her head to the right and noticed that space looked a bit distorted. This area collected into one piece, and light blue fire appeared once again.

Randomizer was looking towards closed door "Excuse me for my 'dissapearance'. It's better that noone knows about me. For now at least"

Celestia nodded with understanding "I see" she then smiled warmly "What about we talk over a cup of tea?"

Randomizer looked at her with a smirk(?) "My pleasure"

"Let's start over" Part 2

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Halls of the Palace were quiet. Even though there were countless guards and other ponies, it was WAY too big. There were always halls that were quiet. One of those leaded into the Garden.

Suddenly, hoofsteps were heard nearby...

Excited voice kept asking questions " did you appear here? Where did the baloon go? What are your favorite books? Are you.."

Fan walked forward without listening. He stopped doing it after first 2 minutes.

'Geez, she is sure a curious one...Though it's not the best way to start a conversation, really' he sighed.

Fluttershy and AppleJack were trotting behind. They were watching Twilight and Fan 'talking' (even though the one to talk was Twilight)

Then, Fluttershy felt something "Uhm...Twilight, I think you better slow down..." she approached unicorn from behind.

Twilight stopped talking and turned around "Huh? What do you mean?"

Apple Jack rolled her eyes "Twi, he ain't listenin' for quite a lon' time!" she pointed at still walking forward Fan "Ah think ya should have at least try to ask him if he was OK with answering yer questions!"

Twilight clipped her eyes few times and then gasped "OH NO! I must've scared him!" she groaned and grabbed her eyes with hooves "What kind of Princess I am if I can't even normally talk to aliens..."

Apple Jack rolled her eyes "Twi, ya don't have to be worried. Ah'm sure that fella will..."

Fluttershy looked around "Uhm...But where did he go?"

Twilight's eyes shot opened and she looked around "Oh no..."


Fan wasn't even paying attention to what was that unicorn saying. He was just walking automatically, untill he noticed that it became...Quieter?

Fan smirked and opened his eyes "Well, I think we c-" he clipped his eyes few times "Uh...Hello?"

Robloxian looked around. Not a single soul replied to him. He was in the middle of intersection of corridors. Literally four ways leading to who-knows-where.

Fan facepalmed "Oh great...Where do I go now?" he thought about waiting here untill somebody sees him...But his inner adventurer didn't agree "I mean, I COULD play by rules and not get in troubles..." he then made innocent face "But what if I go somewhere else by an 'accident'? "

Suddenly, Fan felt weak wind blowing from one of the entrances. Back in his Universe, very few 'Worlds' had this feature. Even though robloxian didn't care about this detail, it was a nice feeling for him.

Fan put arms behind his head "Well I think noone is going to be upset if I just walk through this nice looking hall~" he started whistling and moved through the hall.

Meanwhile, Celestia's room...

Randomizer and Princess were sitting near to the huge window. On table, there were many treats such as cakes, cookies and tea. Window was showing Cantherlot city with many ponies walking on the streets.

Celestia put her cup on the table "That's quite interesting, dear Randomizer" she looked at her companion.

Randomizer was simply levitating on the chair "I can say the same about your world, your majesty"

Celestia smiled "Didn't I ask you to call ne Celestia?"

Randomizer sighed "Excuse me, but for now I'd prefer yo use my way, if it's not bothering you" one of the tea cups got caught on weak fire and levitated towards his face "I suppose I should tell you about our appearance here" water from the cup fell into the fire, without extinguishing it.

Celestia nodded "Please do"

Randomizer put cup on the table. For the next 10 minutes he was explaining what happened in their universe. How 'Glitch' consumed Fan and got defeated sooner.

Randomizer sighed "Unfortunately, I wasn't able to help Fan escape it. The 'World' where he was at the moment of an attack was blocking 'Shaper's' abilities" he then closed his eyes "Everething else you know yourself"

Celestia finished her cake and wiped her mouth with napkin "I see..." she then opened her eyes "If it's fine with you, do you mind telling me about what exactly you both are?"

Randomizer nodded "Certainly"

Near to the Randomizer appeared Fan's figure. It wasn't on fire though.

"Fan is a Robloxian, one of the inhabitants of Roblox universe. Robloxians are known for their ability to create anything, using just imagination. They can be born out of nowhere, so nothing much is known about their reproduction" figure divided onto several more "Some of them choose to simply enjoy life in the 'Worlds', without any troubles " two figures jumped on the table and started 'chatting' "Others decide to challenge themselfes and others in battles against each other or armies of..Different creatures" two more figures landed on the table, one with sword and another with staff. The one with sword started to swing it, and the one with staff was holding fire in it's arm "And finally, those who decide to 'just have fun' " last figure was dropped on the table and looked around "They choose to simply do whatever they want, not anything evil of course" all figures dissapeared "Fan is the last type of Robloxian" Randomizer looked back at Celestia.

She had curious expression on her face "This is...Indeed amazing and terrifying at the same time" she then looked away from place where figures were "And what about you?"

Randomizer turned his face towards the window "My kind has many names...Shifters, Parasites, Guides..." it seems that he got a bit confused "Seriously, who calls us with those?" he then politely coughed "Anyway...We are known for helping Robloxians. When Robloxian appears in the world, he has can get himself a 'Helper' to assist him in this universe" Randomizer sighed "Most choose to continue themselfes for some reason, and we are just existing, doing absolutely nothing" he looked down "One of our names...Parasites. We are called like this because we are gaining powers when fused with Robloxians. We are helping them control, contain and use their abilities" he then looked at the sky "And after that, they forget about us...Just throw us away after having enough lessons..."

Celestia looked felt sorry for him. It was such a terrible fate. Being used as a toy, just to be forgotten after it.

Suddenly, Randomizer seemed to smile(?) "But Fan...He is different..." he looked at Celestia "I existed since universe was created, and lost hope...But after our eyes met..." he snorted "Well, doesn't matter. Even after I taught him everething he had to know, he AKSED me to stay with him!" Randomizer chuckled "Robloxian ASKING a Helper to stay with him!" he calmly exhaled some air "Well, I got a bit too carried away...Is there anything else you would like to know?"

Celestia smiled and levitated teapot with her magic "What about we just have a good conversation?" she raised her teapot "Tea?"

Randomizer nodded "That would be pleasant" he levitated his cup towards the teapot.

Celestia poured some tea in his cup "Besides, I got intrigued when you mentioned 'Observers', mind telling me about them as well?"

Randomizer nodded "Sure thing, your majesty"


Fan was standing before two different corridors. One of them was leading deeper into the Palace. The other one had weak wind pressure coming through.

Fan rubbed his head "Well...What now?" he was simply standing in the corridor when bright idea appeared in his mind "Well, since you guys helped us a bit before..." he touched gem on his sword and pulled out the tablet "And yes, I know you were watching us all this time. I just didn't want to look crazy in front of those..ponies?" he looked around before enabling tablet "Geez...It's so weird to talk to non existent spectacting entities that...You know what? Just tell me what to do next" he shrugged "I mean, not like anything can go wrong, right?"

Ok so basically...

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..I decided to discontinue this story.

Simply because it was a pure improvisation. I mean, in my blog I said that story was supposed to go ABSOLUTELY another way, and I don't really like what is going on in story right now. So, basically, I will release new story about Roblox sooner or later.

See ya all I guess.