The Four Trials in Canterlot

by Evening Storm

First published

What the mane 6 thinks that building is it's nowhere close to the truth.

Twilight and her friends receive invitations to a new center in Canterlot. The center is supposed to help the ponies with everyday activities like weather patrol and telekinesis but it didn't work out how everyone thought it would.

Rated teen for gore
If required I will change it to Mature

Prologue: The Center

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The Center

It was a quiet and beautiful morning in Ponyville. Twilight was going through her usual morning routine; brushing her mane, making her bed, tidying up her desk that was still in ruins thanks to last night’s study session…just the little things that helped start her day. Afterwards, she started reshelving the books. "There seems to be more and more books every day." Twilight thought aloud. It was 10:30 A.M. when she finished and she noticed Spike was still fast asleep. She decided to go to the market and get some apples from Applejack before Spike got up, so she would have a nice meal ready when he did.
The walk into the market did not take long. Finding Applejack took even less time. "Hi Applejack!" Twilight greeted.
“Howdy there Twilight, g'mornin to ya." Applejack seemed to have been having a slow day today.
"I would like fifty apples Applejack; I plan on making a huge meal for me and Spike when I get home." Twilight said.
Applejack gave her a skeptical look. "Ah dunno Twi, fifty apples is perty expensive now, ya sure ya can afford it?"
"I'm not sure; you still have to tell me the price." Twilight laughed.
"Right, that would be seventy-five bits, Twi," Applejack informed her.
"Seventy-five! You weren't kidding Applejack….err, give me a sec." Twilight then spent a few minutes counting her bits she had in her pouch." Oh shoot! I only brought sixty with me. I'll be back with more in a moment."
"Don't worry about it none, Twi, you get a discount. After all Ah still owe ya fer helpin when Flim and Flam were here." Applejack kindly offered.
"Oh Applejack you don't have t-" the rest of Twilights sentence was cut off as a grey blur crashed into Applejack’s apple cart, sending the red fruit flying ever which way.
The offender untangled herself from the up-turned cart. Not surprisingly, the blur was Ditzy. She looked around at the mess and blushed sheepishly. "Oh, I'm sorry Applejack," the mare told her, looking down at the ground.
Applejack sighed. "It's quite alright, Miss Ditzy, it was an accident. Anyway, how may Ah help ya today?"
"A letter from Canterlot for you," Ditzy said as she retrieved the letter for Applejack. "Thank ya kindly Miss Ditzy," Applejack said, taking the letter. Ditzy then flew off to complete her mail route.

"Well, AJ, what does it say?" Twilight asked.
"Hold yer horses partner, let me open it," Applejack took the letter from the envelope and read it to herself. “Huh…it's an invitation to some center in Canterlot. Says they can teach me a better way to apple buck."
“Really?”Twilight asked Applejack, surprised." Yep," Applejack replied. “That's what it says, invited me specifically."
“Wow, AJ, maybe you should go just to check it out."
“Ah dunno, Twi, Ah mean Ah do have the strongest legs in Equestria after all. Ah doubt they can give me a better way."
“Well, you could just go to humor them. By the way, did the letter have a signature?"

"Yeah." Applejack looked back to the letter." Miss R.D. must be initials."
They sat in silence a moment then Applejack said, “Ya know what, Ah will go, says there are eleven other ponies too, and besides Ah'd like to see this R.D. fer myself.”
Applejack and Twilight collected the slightly bruised apples from the ground from when Ditzy hit the cart. Twilight paid for her apples and went back home, bidding farewell to Applejack.
Back home, Twilight was preparing lunch for Spike and herself. Spike came in rubbing the sleep from his eyes."Hey Twilight, what smells so good?"
"Lunch," Twilight answered."After this I have to go to Fluttershy’s. She said she needed help with something."
"Ok. Oh, I just remembered, Ditzy showed up about an hour before you got home, she gave me this letter for you." Spike handed her the envelope.
Twilight set the letter on the counter. "Thanks Spike, I'll read it when I get back from Fluttershy’s, but for now let's eat."
After lunch Twilight started her walk over to Fluttershy’s cottage, only to run into Rainbow Dash hovering a few feet off the ground reading a note." Hey Rainbow!" Twilight greeted. Rainbow looked up from her letter and down at her friend. “Oh, hey Twilight." Rainbow replied.
"What's that letter your reading?" Twilight asked.
"What, this? It's some invitation to a center in Canterlot." Twilight seemed surprised to hear this.
"Really? Hmm, funny, Applejack got the same kind of letter. What's yours for, Rainbow?"
"It says they can teach me a way to get my job done faster so I'll have more free time. I don't really see how that's possible though. I mean, I AM the fastest flier in Equestria, right?"
Twilight chuckled at her friend’s oversized amount of self-confidence. “Yes Rainbow, you are the fastest.” She reassured her. “But that doesn't mean you can't go and show them some new moves, right?"
"Yea, I guess so. Alright, I'll go, and you said Applejack’s going?"
"Yes she is."
“Well then, that means there will only be ten other ponies going."
"Alright, Rainbow, I'll talk to you later, I need to get to Fluttershy’s."
"Ok, I'll see you around, Twi." With that Rainbow flew off.
When Twilight got to Fluttershy’s cottage she saw Ditzy leaving. Twilight, seeing this, can't help but think Fluttershy was also invited to that center.
Twilight knocked on the door and the shy pony opened it." Hello Fluttershy, you wanted me to help with something?"
"Oh, yes." Fluttershy stated, "I hoped that you could help me with this year’s bunny census, i-if you don't mind."
Twilight smiled. “Not at all, let’s get started with it now.”
Rounding up the bunnies was hard work, at least for Twilight. None of her rabbits wanted to listen. Fluttershy, on the other hand, shepherded the rabbits into their separate groups with ease. Twilight was quite impressed. "Wow Fluttershy, how do you do that every year?" she asked.
"Well I guess I just get a lot of practice." Fluttershy responded. They stop talking for a few minutes until Fluttershy said," Oh, sorry Twilight, would you like to come in? I made some lemonade before you got here."
"Thank you Fluttershy, that would be wonderful."
Inside the cottage Twilight sat on the couch while Fluttershy went into the kitchen to get them both some lemonade. As Fluttershy came back with the lemonade, Twilight noticed the open envelope and letter on the table. “Hey Fluttershy, is that an invitation to that center in Canterlot?"
“Yes it is, how did you know?"
“Applejack and Rainbow Dash got one too. So what does yours say?" Twilight asked her question while sipping her lemonade.
"It said that they could teach me a better way to care for my animals if I came."
“Are you going too?"

“Of course I am. I always accept help whenever I can get it. So if Applejack, Rainbow, and I are going that leaves nine more ponies. I hope you, Rarity, and Pinkie get to go too.” Just then the clock chimed. Twilight and Fluttershy looked to it and it read 2:30 P.M.
Fluttershy gasped. "Oh no, I'm going to be late for the spa with Rarity! I'm so sorry to cut this short, Twilight, but if you want I'm sure Rarity wouldn't mind if you came too." Twilight thought about it for a moment, and then she decided to go.
They ran for the spa, hoping Rarity wasn't too mad at them for being late. Both mares kicked open the spa doors like they were the leading characters of a cop movie. Rarity was patiently waiting at the front desk. "Oh Rarity, I'm so sorry I'm late."Fluttershy panted.
“It’s quite alright, darling.” Rarity assured. “I see Twilight will be joining us today."
“Only if it's ok with you, Rarity."
“Of course it is darling, no problem at all. I'm so glad you will be joining us today, actually. Alright, Aloe darling, The Usual."
“Right away Miss Rarity." Aloe told her.
They started with the sauna as always, telling stories and talking about their week. They were mostly silent during the facials and hoofacures. Once they got to the massages Rarity brought up the one thing Twilight started forgetting about.
"And today on my way here, Ditzy gave me a letter. I put it in my bag. I was going to read it after we were fin-"
Twilight interrupted her." So, go get it now Rarity!" Twilight all but screamed these words.
"But what about my massage, Twilight?" Rarity started to complain. “
I'll go get it then." Twilight said getting up from her table." What’s so special about that letter, Twilight?" Rarity asked her." I have to know if it is the invitation to Canterlot."
Fluttershy piped up. "Oh, um, Rarity I can get it, I mean if that's ok with you."
"Yes, let Fluttershy get it, darling. You look like you need this massage. Lotus, switch to Twilight, I'm going to the mud baths." Rarity instructed.
As Lotus began massaging Twilight, Fluttershy came back with an envelope in her mouth. "Thank you, Fluttershy." Twilight said as she took the envelope from her with magic. "You’re welcome, Twilight. I'm going to the mud baths with Rarity now."
"Alright, I'll be there soon," Twilight told Fluttershy as she went after Rarity. Twilight took a deep breath before opening the letter. "Ok, let's take a look." As Twilight read the letter, she became more and more curious about this center and the mysterious R.D., and right then she noticed Lotus finished her massage, so she went to the mud baths with Rarity and Fluttershy.
"Hey Rarity, I read your letter. You might want to look at it." Twilight said when she found them.
"What is it Twilight?" Rarity asked her.
“It’s a letter from that center." Twilight held the letter in front of Rarity. While she read the letter, Rarity’s expression went from faintly curious to downright rage.
"Who do they think they are!?" she hissed, glaring at the letter as if she hoped it would burst into flames.
Rarity yelled, making them all flinch. “They think they can teach me, ME of all ponies, a better way to sew?! It is my life’s calling, a craft I have perfected over years! Do the honestly think they can show me a better way!?"
“Rarity, please calm down," Fluttershy said, scared and worried.
Rarity took several deep breaths, but the scowl remained on her face. "I'm sorry. I may have lost my composure a bit." Rarity was calming down now."It is just so cruel to make a pony’s work seem like nothing until they show you how to do it. I'm going to this center and give them a piece of my mind. I'll show them what real sewing is! Twilight, are any of our friends going as well?’
"Well, as far as I know, you, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are all going."
"Oh, well, that leaves eight other ponies. I hope you and Pinkie will be joining us as well, it wouldn't be the same without you."
Twilight smiled. "Thanks Rarity, that means a lot."
The rest of the spa visit went by without another word about the center and the mysterious mare that could be running it.
After the spa, the three ponies parted to go back home. As Twilight approached the library, the front door opened, and Twilight was on the ground with a pink pony on top of her."Hey Twilight, guess what!? I got invited to a party in Canterlot with eleven other ponies!" Pinkie was way too happy for Twilight to handle right now. All she wanted to do was go inside, get something to eat, and go to bed, but there was no way to flee the Pink Menace."Look, I even brought the invitation!" Pinkie said showing the all too familiar letter to Twilight.
"Pinkie, this isn't an invitation to a party. It's an invitation to a center to show you how to throw better parties." Twilight informed Pinkie after she read the letter.
“That’s even better! Oh I can’t wait, it's going to be so exciting, and it's even better knowing that all of my friends are going too!!!"
"How do you know that, Pinkie?"
"I asked them, duh. So are you going with?"
"I don't think so Pinkie, I never got an invitation."
“Oh, I'm sorry Twilight." Pinkie said, her eyes suddenly downcast." It won't be as much fun without you."
Twilight gave her a weak smile. "It's fine Pinkie, as long as you girls have fun, I'll be okay."
With that Pinkie perked up, and she bounced back to her home at Sugarcube Corner. Twilight walked inside and started making dinner for her and Spike with the leftover apples from that morning.
During dinner Spike noticed how tired Twilight looked. His brow furrowed with concern. "Twilight, are you okay? You look really tired."
“Yes Spike, I'm fine, I just want to go to bed," Twilight told him.
“But what about that letter you got today? You said you were going to read it when you got home."

Twilight stared at Spike, confused, but as it slowly dawned on her the confusion slowly left her eyes. "Oh my goodness your right, Spike,"Twilight told spike not feeling tired anymore. "Where is that letter?"

"It's on the table where you left it."

Twilight left the table and went after the letter. Sher grabbed the envelope and tore it open seeing the letter she saw five other times that day.
" What does it say Twilight," Spike said from the other room, eating the dinner.
" It is the letter all my friends have gotten today about that center in Canterlot." Twilight opened the envolope and rad the letter to herself.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
You are invited to Canterlot this weekend to be a teacher at The Center. You will be teaching other unicorns new healing spells for emergency situations. You will be paid twenty bits an hour if you accept. You will also be given a free room to stay in while you are here in Canterlot. I hope to see you here.

Sincerly, R.D.

Twilight stared at the letter in a mix of shock and happieness. She reread the letter twice to make sure it was real. She was so happy she could just scream.
"Wait, oh no I forgot. I don't think I can go."
"Whats the matter Twilight?" Spike said coming into the room after he finished eating.
"Oh Spike i can't go to Canterlot on such short notice. I don't want to leave you her alone all weekend and I have to be on the train tomorrow. It's to late to find somepony to keep you company and keep the library in order."
"Its ok Twilight, I dont need help, and I'll be ok alone."
"I guess your right, Spike. Tomorrow Igo to Canterlot with my friends."

Twilight went to eat her dinner, then she went to pack for her stay in Canterlot. Twilight looked up at the clock after she finished packing and it read 8:30 P.M.
"Ok, Spike, I'm going to bed so I can be up to catch the train."
"Goodnight Twilight, and dont worry, I'll keep the library spotless."
Twilight then went upstairs and fell asleep eager for the weekend to come.