The Secret of War

by Evil-Lovieness

First published

The result of binging on "This is War" PMV's.

For the longest time all of the citizens of Equestria has ever known of their land was peace amongst its many kingdoms that has been ruled by the Princesses of the Sun and Moon. War was only ever mentioned very rarely, even amongst the citizens history books.

However within the joining legions of the Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic, known as the Eclipsed state, holds a secret society made up of powerful soldiers only the princesses ,and only a few royal guards, know of. This where the story begins. When five young, extremely different girls have been sent the information that they are now to be a part of this army.

What they expect is merely just a letter of hire from the Princesses themselves. Not to become a secret solider in an unknown war with enemies they've never even heard of!

But is all of this truly bad when they all have made friends with not only each other, but also their squad leader? And also when they all discover that that friendship alone could be what saves their country... Multiple times.


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A long time ago, in a large country called Equestria, there lived a singular race that walked the earth. They were called “Humans”. These Humans all had different powers and were each made to be unique from the other. One of the examples was what is now commonly referred to as a “Mark”. A Human’s Mark labeled said human’s talent and interest for their own life. The Marks were usually just a small symbol to represent that human’s talent, and was placed somewhere on the Human’s body, though it varied from person to person. However the Humans ranged in different kinds of ways, and at this dark time, they all thought that they were completely different species.

First there were the Magicians. A group of beings who possessed magic and knew spells specifically designed for their personal talent. They considered themselves the highest power, believing that one of they were the reason the earth turned and the sun and moon rose each and every morning and night.

Then there was the Angel Folk, as they liked to be called. This was a group of beings who were born into this world with colorful, strong, feathered wings that gave them the ability to fly and live amongst the clouds. They considered themselves the highest power due to their arrogance, thinking that they themselves were the offspring’s from the angels themselves, due to their great wings, great courage, high stamina, and strength. They also say themselves this way due to their ways of controlling the weather patterns of the entire country.

Another one of grouped Humans were the Enchanters. These beings held no magic, nor wings like their counterparts, but had a wide expanse of knowledge of the magic that held its place in every plant that grew from the ground. They would often use this information to create potions for themselves, for good health, good luck, etc. And only would ever use the opposite of the potions for the others they sought out as their enemies.

And lastly were the Earth Walkers. But they would call themselves, the “Pure” humans: The ones who were unspoiled by the Magicians, Angel Folk, or Enchanters “unnatural” ways. They were simple, folk who worked the hardest out of all of these beings. They grew the crops and food. And, in their opinion, knew how to “truly” survive in the world.

They all were at war with each other, and considered the rest, despicable, unwanted creatures.

That is until the Windigo freeze, that nearly killed off the entire Human race completely. Had it not been for the unity of one of each of the four different breed of Humans. Who, ironically, were each second in power to their “race” who only sought peace, and friendship; this was, of course, the one thing that stopped the freeze and united the entire race as a whole. And it was then that an altogether new species emerged in the strange new land they discovered: An immortal race of beings that could only be described as the combination of all the Human’s breeds.

A race called Alicorns.

Though there were few of them, the strongest, and most powerful lead the Human’s unto a new era of peace.

She was called Queen Faust, and she was a fair ruler. She was kind to her subjects, never holding herself higher than the others, in fact, she would often join whatever games and events the Human’s would hold.

However her reign didn’t last forever, as she disappeared long ago, leaving her only two daughters to rule in her stand. Their names were Celestia and Luna.

Together, though at the time, they were still very young, they did a splendid job of keeping the peace just like their mother and father did before them. The kept the day and night in perfect balance and harmony. Celestia controlling the sun, and Luna controlling the moon.

However all was not happy and joyous.

Soon a dark shadow emerged, and claimed the youngest, Luna, and corrupted her. It made her believe that her own sister would rise up against her. Claiming the kingdom for herself. With the corruption turning her mind to fear, she became a creature taboo to even the Alicrons, a creature with Darkness infesting in her heart, though it is yet to named properly. Princess Luna however, decided to name herself Nightmare Moon.

And then there was war.

A civil war that split all of Equestria into two with Human, battling Human, just for where they stood with the Princesses.

Those who stood with Celestia were self-named the Solar Empire. Those who stood for Nightmare Moon, called themselves the Lunar Republic.

The war went on for decades at a time. Until a miracle happened.

6 artifacts, were unearthed, and held by 6 wearers, though to this day no one knows how, why, or even who brought them out and/or wielded them. Regardless, these artifacts were brought out into the world, and the bearers called themselves the living embodiment of what each of the artifact represented, and what power they each held.

They were each called, to this day, The Element of Harmony.

With a powerful blast, the evil that had corrupted the lunar princess, the citizens of the country, different races that were to be discovered shortly after, and even some of the animal creatures of the land, was banished, and forever lost to everyone. And soon peace and harmony was once restored all over the land. Though the split was still done, but for the better after the Princess had reunited with open arms, a truce, and of course, reunited love for the other.

As it was it was decided that the sisters would keep the land divided so as to ease on the others concern for ruling a country as large as Equestria. Celestia kept her Solar Empire, where once a year she was to show her power in rising the sun on the summer solstice.

Whereas Princess Luna had reshaped her kingdom to rid its inhabitants of any fear or evil thoughts. She had renamed it the New Lunar Republic, and their she would show her powers to raise the night on the night of the winter solstice.

But together they formed a united city right in-between their kingdoms. They called it the Eclipsed State. Were all was equal, and together they ruled and called it home.

And soon, all was at peace once again…

That is, until more trouble headed their way as they both learned of different species that weren’t as peaceful as they both strived so hard to keep.

But they were tired of the wars that had happened before the kingdom was founded and during the dark times in the sister’s lives. They didn’t want their subject to go through more hatred through another war. So they devised a plan.

They would keep the new, more dangerous and threatening species a secret. A secret that they would only entrust to the most loyal, most powerful of subjects, who wouldn’t let hatred or war blacken their hearts.

And for a time it worked. In fact, it still does.

But the unknown enemy was rising, and getting more cunning.

Almost to the point, were if they did attack and a full front war were to start once again, their only hope were to rise the Elements of Harmony once again. The only problem was that they had been lost amongst the kingdom for centuries; including the original bearers.

That is… Until today.

The Letter

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In the country of Equestria there was a small town that was located in the Solar Empire just west of the New Lunar Republic. A town called Ponyville. Though it had a strange name, it was called as such seeing as how when the first settlers arrived there and claimed the land they only had two things to all of their names: The seeds from several different apple trees and their magnificent ponies who they had trained to work around their fields. And with their furry friends they were able to shape the town with their fields of orchids and the like. Even with the abundance, of said animals today, they are still recognized as one of the key elements that helped found the town.

One of said orchids was still up and operational and produced a huge majority of the food of the town was none other than Sweet Apple Acres. It was one of the original orchids that were cared for by a family of the original settlers that was made up of entirely of Earth Walkers, namely the Smith family. Today Sweet Apple Acres is run by the youngest settler, Annabelle Smith, who today most folks call her Granny Smith on the accounts of her growing up into an old woman with the grandchildren she now cares for: Her oldest grandson, Mac, her second eldest granddaughter, Jaclyn, and finally her youngest granddaughter, Blossom.

Even now Granny Smith was working on cleaning up the front porch with the youngest of the Smith family hurriedly helping her, wanting to get her chores over with so as to play with her friends.

“Now, now, pipsqueak, you’ll never be able to make a blam-spanking good job if ya keep rushing these things.” Granny Smith told her, getting tired of being almost tripped over yet again by the little one’s broom.

“Sorry Granny. I’m just excited for today.” Blossom apologized to her grandmother.

“Excited fer what?” Granny Smith asked confused at this point.

“Today’s finally gonna be the day that me and my friends earn our Marks!” Blossom said excitedly.

“Oh that ol’ bit again huh?” Granny Smith said rolling her eyes. Blossom was still just a little girl and was one of the only children in her class who hadn’t earned her mark yet. There was her and her two little friends who would try all sorts of tricks and whats-its to try and figure out what their special talent in life was. All three of them being too stubborn to realize that they were going about it the wrong way.

“Yeah-huh Granny. And this time it’s a shoo-in! Buttercup said that she has the most fool-proof plan to date!” Blossom said bouncing up and down excitedly.

“I bet.” Granny Smith said, knowing that the Buttercup girl was quite the thinker in their group.

Out of nowhere there was a huge crashing sound that came from the very front yard where the mail box, making Blossom jump from the sound of the impact. Granny Smith just stood there unflinched smiling.

“Ah, mails here. Blossom, how’s ‘bout we make a deal? You go get the mail and bring it back here and then you can go and run off with your little friends. Deal?” Granny Smith said after Blossom finally stood strait up after her jump.

“Okay Granny!” Blossom said, dropping her broom and heading out to the mail box.

There Blossom stood face-to-face with a familiar blond-haired Angel Folk, with lanky, but sturdy grey wings, bright yellow eyes that tended to cross then and there. The mail-girl was wearing her usual grey attire as, Blossom always figured, was her uniform, which would point out the confusing Mark of bubbles on her right wrist. She seemed to be trying to right herself back up to a standing position after crashing into the giant tree that lined the road to Blossom’s home.

“Howdy Miss Derlva!” Blossom called out.

“Hi there Blossom. And I told you before, I like to be called Derpy.” The mail-girl named Derpy called back. Her real name was Derlva, but she would insist that people would call her Derpy, for some unknown reason. And along with her unknown reasons for being nick-named such, no one knew her last name. She was indeed peculiar that one. Her Mark was that of bubbles, and yet she delivered mail for her living and, according to her, traveled quite a lot with her little sister and some doctor, she also had an obsession with muffins and could often be seen eating them.

“Right. So do we have mail today?” Blossom asked bluntly.

“Sure do Blossom. Hold on.” Derpy said reaching into her mail bag after tousling the little girl’s bright bow-held red hair.

“Wow! That’s a heap a load of reading!” Blossom noted seeing the giant stack of mail Derpy pulled out.

“Uh-huh. Oh! And before I forget…” Derpy said, trailing off to pull a fancy looking letter out. “This is for you older sister.” Derpy said smiling.

“Thanks.” Blossom said taking the letter and smiling back. “Oh hey, do ya wanna stop by for a spell? I’m sure Granny Smith has some more apple-crumble muffins for ya.” Blossom offered.

“MMmmm.. That sounds delicious, Blossom! But I can’t I have a lot of letter to deliver, and after that-”

“You’re going traveling again huh?” Blossom guessed.

“Yup! And you wouldn’t believe where I’m gonna go!” Derpy said smiling a wider, toothier grin, her wings flapping in excitement, lifting her off the ground for a moment.

“That doctor friend of yours sure takes good care of you and Danty huh?” Blossom said giggling to herself, knowing just how often Derpy’s little sister often talks about her and the doctor guy.

“Oh of course! And she likes to be called Dinky.” Derpy said matter-of-factly.

“Uh-huh.” Blossom said with a sly grin.

“Well I gotta go Blossom. But we’ll see each other real soon okay? Say hi to your family for me!” Derpy yelled that last part seeing as how her wings started flapping and she left to go deliver the rest of her mail.

Blossom took her time then to head back to Granny Smith checking the mail the family got now. Several bills for the farm, some letters from family all over Equstria. Add magazines with coupons and such that Blossom never found any interest in seeing as how they never had any good stuff for her. Then, of course, there was the letter for her older sister.

Blossom looked over the letter, trying to figure out where it came from. She didn’t recognize the stamp across the letter or the unusual packaging in which the letter was enveloped in. It was the fanciest letter Blossom had ever seen in her entire life. It wasn’t until she saw the address and who signed it which got Blossom’s little legs running.

“Well there ya are Blossom. And here I thought ya went off traveling with Miss Derlva.” Granny Smith said, not taking in the fact that Blossom seemed to be in a hurry.

“Granny, Granny!” Blossom called out.

“Well let’s take a looky at what letters we got today.” Granny Smith said, still not taking note of Blossom’s frantic look.

“But Granny!” Blossom tried calling out.

“Now let’s see here… Bill, bill, bill, post card, adds, bill…” Granny Smith trailed on.

“But Granny there’s this one.” Blossom said holding up her older sister’s letter.

“So there is. Who’s it for pipsqueak?”


“Well then won’t she be surprised when she gets her chores finished.”

“B-b-but…. But Granny, this needs ta go to sis pronto!” Blossom said a little half-heartedly, knowing the rules of the farm.

“Now sugar cube, you know the rules.” Granny Smith said calmly, letting her voice trail off testing her granddaughter.

“Yeah, I know. No going into the orchards until I gain enough muscle to help out with the harvesting.” Blossom ended for her Granny, almost feeling defeated, if not for the fact that she still had an ace up her sleeve.

“But either way Granny, I think this is too important to follow rules.” Blossom explained briefly, earning a confused look from her grandmother. “I mean just look at where this letter came from.” Blossom finished holding out the letter, stepping on her tip-toes pointing to the returning address for her granny to see.

It took Granny Smith a while to read it right, but when she did, her old eyes widened beyond the rims of her glasses.

“Oh fiddlesticks!” Granny Smith exclaimed, somehow jumping beyond her usual jumping point.

“You’re right Blossom sweetie, now go on, get! You’re sister needs to see that letter pronto! And if either of your sibling give ya grief fer it, just tell em I said it was okay and show em that there letter. I’ll be right behind ya.” Granny Smith said grabbing her walker, slowly, oh so slowly, making her way to the edge of the porch.

“Right.” Blossom said, confused about her grandmothers antics, but she speed up still, deep into to field of apple trees that made up their entire land.


Deep within the fields of Sweet Apple Acres two full grown siblings were working their buns off trying to harvest all of the apples of the season.

The oldest was a big man, who was known all throughout town to be the strongest in the entire town with those huge muscles he sported. He also had a deep tan where his skin showed. He had deep strawberry blond hair, and wore his usual outfit of faded jeans and a red plaid shirt, and sturdy brown leather farming boots, chewing on a piece of straw.

The second eldest was a bright young woman, with clearly tanned skin with only six little spots of freckles on her face; three of each of her cheeks. She also had bright, sun bleached, blond hair tied up at the end to prevent fly aways from distracting her. She was wearing her own usual working attire of a bright orange plaid tank-top, which clearly showed off her Mark of three bright red apples on her right shoulder. She was also wearing faded, ripped shorts and a pair of worn, sturdy cow-girl boots. And then of course there was her trade-mark hat that she was rarely seen without, even amongst her family.

“Boy Big Mac, it seems to me that we just might beat out record this season.” The girl addressed to her older brother, appropriately named Big Mac.

“Eee-yup.” Was all he said, barely letting any enthusiasm pass through, knowing just where that would head him.

“What’s that suppose’ ta mean?” the girl questioned, not really liking how her own brother said it.

He just shrugged.

The girl just glared at him. Her brother was known for being a man of few words, but in all the years she’d spent with him, she trained herself to read his meanings like a book.

“You having doubts Mac?” the girl accused.

“Eee-yup.” Was all he said, while placing the last barrel of apples on his cart. After slapping the horse in front of the cart, the horse pulled the load of apples back to the farm after being trained to do so for as long as anyone in the family could remember.

“Why Big Mac, I’m surprised at you!” the girl said.

“Face it Jaclyn: You say that every time a new apple harvesting season starts. And the only improvements we evah make is when the apples all stay in one piece.” Big Mac addressed his sister Jaclyn.

“Why if that aint the most-” However, Jaclyn’s rant was cut short when both she and her brother both heard a frantic panting and hard footsteps.

“Jaclyn!” they heard their sister call out.

“Blossom…” Jaclyn said, rolling her eyes.

And sure enough, the youngest of the Smith family, adorned in her cute little dress to make her bright red hair and golden eyes pop, making both older sibling realize she was only dressing so because she planned on playing with her friends, came bursting through the trees, holding some kind of letter in her hand.

Jaclyn pulled out her signature, enforcer pose for her sister when she finally stopped just a few feet in front of her.

“Blossom Angie Smith! What have we told ya about coming into the orchards during apple harvesting season?” Jaclyn accused, with only her brother crossing his arms, leaning against a nearby tree backing her up.

“I know, I know. But Granny said I could…”

“Fer what reason?” Jaclyn asked bending down to her sister’s height, letting her bright green eyes clash with her sisters gold ones.

“This letter; it’s important Jackie, it really is. Just look at the return address.” Blossom explained, trying to use her sister’s nick-name to soften her up.

Jaclyn, though still upset at her sister’s breaking the rules, decided to take a look at the letter, her sister thought was just oh so important.

“What the..?” Jaclyn said seeing the address.

“See!?” Blossom shouted, obviously knowing that her sister saw it.

Jaclyn hardly heard her. She was busy opening the letter with her pocket knife that she usually kept with her in case of emergencies.

She then took to reading the letter, her siblings watching her in anticipated silence. They both saw as her facial features went through varying degrees of shock.

“What in the…”

“Well… Looks like you got the letter then huh Jackie.” Jaclyn heard her Granny Smith call out, making her way through the orchards with her walker. It nearly made her jump out of skin, being so focused on the letter.

“Well what does it say?” Jaclyn heard Mac say from behind her.

“I think…” Jaclyn started, trying to form the right words. “I think I’ve been summoned by the princesses!”

Amongst the town of Ponyville there was also a very, sophisticated place. In a town so small where the only source of income to be found was among the food, plants, tools and the like, only one store stood to be the place to get ones clothing. The place was called Carousal Boutique. It was opened up several years ago, but it was still well known throughout the many people of the town. It was home to a family of Magicians, one of them being the reason that it opened in the first place.

Her name was Juliet and she was a designer, and the only one in town, but was determined to be the best all throughout of Equstria. She opened her shop when she first moved out of her parent’s house when she was 19, but after an accident destroyed their house, they moved in with her along with her little sister Barbra, or as she’s often nicknamed, Bubbles.

Usually Juliet would have to watch over her little sister, seeing as her parent’s would go traveling far too often for Juliet’s taste, seeing as how they rarely spent time at home in the beginning.

Right now though, they were still home just getting back from a vacation. They were in the process of telling their many stories of their trip to Barbra.

“And then, I’ll tell ya what, the captain decided, right then and there, that if ya can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” The mother, Margret, said.

“And by “‘em”, she means that one crazy feller who decided to use the shrimp as confetti.” The father, John, said.

Barbra was just staring at her parents with her bright green/blue eyes in confused awe at the bizarre story they were telling. Usually when her parents told their stories they were quite boring, but this one was so bizarre that she couldn’t fathom it. Especially the part when they told the part about the fat opera singer who thought she was gonna die when she saw the buffet of peanuts after her show.

Thankfully she was rescued when she heard the familiar knock on the door. So after getting out of her chair, brushing her bright white lacey dress down to remove any wrinkles like her sister showed her, and fluffing her small curly purple/pink hair, she went to answer the door. Next thing she knew a bright orange and purple blur whizzed right at her, sending her crashing right along with the person who hit her.

“Buttercup!” Barbra cried. “You nearly ruined the dress my sister gave me.”

“Sorry Bubbles.” The know identified Angel Folk named Buttercup apologized, dusting off the invisible dirt off of her bright orange outfit, and shaking her head clear, tousling her short boy-ish purple hair.

“Oh hi there Buttercup. We were just in the middle of telling a story. Did ya want to hear?” Margret offered.

“Uhhh…” Buttercup stalled knowing how boring the stories were, but after looking at her fellow, unmarked friend shake her head violently, she declined.

“Suit yourself.” Margret said sitting back down with her husband laughing at their own joke.

“You’re parents are so weird sometimes.” Buttercup whispered to Barbra.

“Don’t remind me.” She merely said.

Then came another knock on the door.

“Hey maybe that’s Blossom.” Buttercup said flitting her tiny orange wings to the door.

“Huh? Oh hi Miss Derpy.” Barbra said seeing that it wasn’t their Earth Walker friend but another familiar Angel Folk face.

“Hey girls!” She smiled brightly.

“Do we have mail?” Barbra asked politely.

Derpy just searched through her mail bag finally finding one fancy looking envelope.

“Only one. And it’s for your sister Barbra.” Derpy said handing the let over.

“Thanks Derpy.” Said Barbra.

“Hey Derpy! Have you seen Rachel around lately?” Buttercup asked excitedly, always wanting the news of her idol Angel Folk.

“Hmmm… Nope. But I do have a letter for her. How about I give her the letter and tell you where I found her?” Derpy offered.

“EEEE!!! Thanks Derpy.” Buttercup squealed, hugging the cross-eyed mail-lady.

“No problem.” Derpy said hugging the little one back. “Well I gotta go; lots a mail to deliver today. See ya around!” She waved as she unfurled her wings and took off clumsily to the sky yet again.

“Bubbles, you okay?” Buttercup asked after seeing her friend just staring at the envelope meant for her sister. She tried waving her hand in front of her face, but all it did was make her friend face forward.

“Huh? Sweetie? Are you alright?” Her parents asked.

Barbra didn’t speak; she just grabbed a hold of Buttercup’s wrist and headed upstairs.

“Wha-? Bubbles! What are you..?”

“Not now. We gotta see my sister now.” Was all Barbra explained as she pulled her friend higher up the stairs.


“Now Lyndsy, about that design you wanted,” Juliet spoke into her phone that she held against her ear, fabrics, and cut-outs floating all around her space as she jotted down notes down on a scribble which she used her magic to write down.

She was wearing her usual pearly white dress with violet pumps with diamond shaped diamonds on them to match her curly, beautifully purple hair and Mark that was hidden on behind her neck of three sparkling diamonds.

“Oh no you don’t, Juliet. I worked hard on that design. Do you know how hard it is to research alien outfits?!” Shouted out a very testy voice from the other line. The person to whom Juliet was speaking to was one of her regular clients, Lyndsy Heartstrings. Juliet inwardly sighed, knowing of her friends peculiar habits of alien hunting and her obsession with dressing up like a different animal depending on her mood.

“I am quite aware of that fact Lyndsy, but I thought the point of you wearing the outfit was to look like an alien, not attract them.” Juliet said, trying to decide if that sounded like an insult or not, which she hoped didn’t.

“That was the point Juliet!” Juliet’s odd friend told her. Juliet just sighed; lightly face palming, so as not to mess up her make-up.

“You know she’s gonna go on like this for a while, Juliet, I would just stick to her original plans.” Said another voice, indicating that she was one speaker phone. The other voice, Juliet instantly recognized as Lyndsy’s girlfriend’s; Bunny.

“Oh come on Bunny, now I know for a fact you don’t just fold over like that.” Juliet said.

“Oh after several years of living with her, you’d be surprised as to what happens to a person Juliet.” Bunny said.

“Hey! I’m still here!” Lyndsy shouted, making both Bunny and Juliet laugh, and soon Lyndsy’s own laugh could be heard.

But what cut them all off was when Juliet heard a knocking on her studio door.

“Juliet!” She heard her sister call.

“Listen girls I have to go. Apparently my sister needs me for something.” Juliet explained.

“Alright, cool. Tell her we said hi.” Lyndsy said getting over her upset rather quickly. Then they hung up.

“Alright you can come in! And it had better be important.” Juliet called out, whispering the last part while unlocking her door with her magic while putting her equipment away as well.

Soon two little girls, one a girly Magician, the other an orange, tom-boy Angel Folk, burst through the doors, looking frantic.

“Sis! This came in the mail for you!” Barbra called out.

Juliet just stared at her impassively, but deciding that it could be worth a look, she levitated the letter towards her. Soon, her perfectly made-up blue eyes widening to the size of dinner plates when she saw the seal and return address. And in no time flat she had the opened was reading it frantically.

“Well?” Asked Barbra.

“What is it?” Buttercup asked too, wondering what the big fuss was about.

“Oh my stars!” was all Juliet said before she started levitating several suitcases into her room, and then her clothes and started packing.


“What’s going on?” Asked both of her parents.

Juliet practically beamed at them when she answered.

“I think I just called in by the Princesses!”

Along with the renowned boutique that was quite literally THE place to get one’s clothes besides making their own or order them somewhere else. There was one other place that 8 years ago had turned into the number one social hot spot: The town bakery, Sugar Cube Corner.

And it was all thanks to the only resident and employee that wasn’t the founder. A young perky girl named Diane Pie. The definition of all oddities to all of the folks of the town, but friendly enough that one couldn’t help being friends with her the moment you saw her smile. She quickly made friends with everyone in the town and become the town’s number one party planner, always hosting her party’s at the bakery where she both lived and worked.

Though one couldn’t tell by meeting her, she was a pure earth walker, or so she claims to be. But yet she had bright, poofy pink hair, which was an oddity in itself for Earth Walkers. And the way she would move around and acted, she had to use some sort of magic, but no one could sense, or prove, any kind of spell or magic emanating from the perky pink girl.

Yes, Diane was an odd one, but she was very well liked where she lived now. Even if her employers always seemed to be even more all flustered ever since they hired their new worker.

“…And then I said, ‘Oatmeal? Are you crazy?’” Diane finished her joke to the other end of the phone with her good friend Violet, her constant DJ for her many parties. She was keeping her friend entertained, while she was pulling the latest batch of cupcakes out from the special over in the kitchen; getting them ready to be iced.

“Hahaha!!! Oh man Diane, I never get tired of that one.” Her reliable, dub-stepping, friend laughed in her ear.

“I know right! It’s my favorite story of all time too! Well, except for the day I got my Mark.” Diane admitted.

“Hehehe… Man Diane, you are so random! So you got anymore party plans for this week?” Violet asked.

“Well actually…” Diane said, until she heard the door’s bell dingle signaling a customer.

“OOooohh… A customer. I better call you back Vinyl.” Diane explained, using her pet name for her friend.

“Hey, no probs, Sweetie Pie. Just make sure you keep yourself to yourself. Wub you. Bye.” Violet said before hanging up, leaving Diane to plant her bright pink phone into her private pocket making her sigh as well. She knew very well that her DJ friend liked girls, and she also knew that she had a crush on her. The unfortunate part was that Diane didn’t swing that way, and pretended not to notice when Violet gave out hints. Mostly out of respect for her other musician friend who was swinging for the same team, the real drama was that she was Violet’s polar opposite; especially when it came to their preferences in music. Which basically left Violet downright not liking Diane’s other friend, even though it broke her heart to hear such words. And because she Pinkie Promised not to tell, she couldn’t tell either friend of the other’s point in this love triangle.

Soon Diane started skipping her way to the cash register, forgetting her drama woes, seeing a familiar face come to view. It was the handy dandy mail-girl Derpy, and Diane’s partner in crime when it came to random stuff and baked goods.

“OOohhh Heya Derpy!” Diane called out to her partner in crime when it came to baked goods and random stuff, Derpy.

“Heya Diane!” the Grey and yellow Angel Folk called back. “Got a letter for you.”

“YAY!!!!!” Diane cheered. “Is it from…?”

“Uh… No sorry. But you know how they are. Snail mail all the way.” Derpy explained as gently as she could not wanting to hurt her pink friend.

“Oh well. A letter is still a letter. Lemme see.” Diane said as Derpy handed her the letter.

“Oh I almost forgot. Are you willing to take your usual order? I heard you’re going traveling again.” Diane offered.

“Maybe later Diane; when I get done with my shift. Okay?” Derpy said.

“Okie Dokie Loki!” Was all Diane said, while Derpy saluted and left to finish her job.

“Oh Diane, was that Derpy?” Diane’s boss, Mrs. Cake asked.

“Uh-huh. She just had to deliver a letter for me though. I don’t know who sent it, but no time like the present to read it huh?” Diane explained rather quickly.

“Oh really? Mind if we see?” Mrs. Cake’s husband, Mr. Cake asked, earning a glare from his wife for asking something like that.

“If you want to, sure!” Diane said. She then opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. She started reading it, while her bosses read over her shoulders. And when the letter was finished there were two reactions from the three Earth Walkers.

Diane Squealed as loud as she could from the exciting news and jumped high in the air, staying there for an impossible amount of time, then rushed off to her room to pack, her feet still not touching the ground.

The cake couple merely just had open mouth and wide eyes. And when Diane left to go pack, they fell down only having the other for support.

“C-c-c-Cain?” Called out Mrs. Cake.

“Yes Carol?” Answered Cain Cake.

“D-d-d-Did you read that letter the same way I did?” Carol Cake asked.

“You mean the part where the Princess sent out for Diane?” Cain answered.

“Yeah. That was the part I wasn’t sure I read right.”

Just east of Ponyville, there was a small cottage, that was madly up of oddly enough, a giant tree with a beautiful, serene garden. It was housed by many animals, and was known all throughout the little creatures as a safe place for healing an peace by the cottage’s true occupant: A quiet, shy, sweet, Angel-Folk with light, long, pink hair and bright, buttercup yellow, wings, with her matching yellow sweaters and peasant skirts. Her name was Flaust Shanter. She was, in short, a free range vet. and liked to help heal sick, and injured animals, but ironically only had one pet bunny named Angel.

She was so shy and quiet, not that many people in town knew her. As it was, she only had three friends to her name. There was the mail-girl, Derpy of course: The only person who Flaust trusted to give her mail, despite knowing Derpy’s clumsiness. They grew up together, and Flaust was too used to Derpy’s antics to ever notice, mostly because she was the only person Flaust could save.

And then there was Zecora, an Enchanter who lived in the forest right in Flaust’s own backyard. Zecora was the nicest person Flaust had seen when she first moved to her cottage, when she finally left her home in Cloudsdale, a town in the sky, made up entirely of clouds that only housed Angel-Folks. In truth Zecora was the first strange face Flaust she’d seen and was terrified until, she got to know the dark skinned Enchanter after an incident with a plant called “Poison Joke” that left her voice deep and guy like for a while. Soon she discovered Zecora’s passion for brewing up healing potions. Since then, Zecora was Flaust’s go to woman for healing concoctions, when she had an animal emergency, that she couldn’t handle.

And then there was her number one best friend, the one person who stood up for her, when she was bullied so harshly, for being afraid of heights and flight as it was. The only person, who, even though was her complete opposite, was her only confident: Rachel Daniel. A head-strong Angel-Folk with strong, worked out, cyan colored, wings, with a lean muscled build, and of course, her number one way for identification: Her rainbow colored hair. It was usually, messy and untreated besides a few brushes and pats here and there, but it was a bright, six hued rainbow. The first three warm colors covered the top of her head and made up her bangs, while the back of her head, down to her shoulders were covered with the last three cooler colors.

Today Rachel was over at Flaust’s cottage to discuse important matters. Namely the matters of Rachel’s ironic pet’s mobility.

“So are you sure this will make him more mobile and airbourne?” Rachel asked, flapping her wings to give her lift to see what her shy friend was doing. Her voice cracked here and there, despite her already have gone through puberty.

“Almost there… And… Done. Tank should be able to take to the sky just as easily as you do Rachel.” Flaust said, stepping aside to show Rachel’s pet, a heavy tortoise named Tank, with a mini-helicopter attached to his back. It was activated and he was flying around in the air occupying space, until he spotted his master and fly his way over to the rainbow headed flyer, nuzzling his wrinkly head under her chin.

“Awww… Tank. Don’t make me go all sentimental you stubborn thing you.” Rachel teased, nogging his shell.

Then there was a sudden knock on the door, which startled Flaust so suddenly, until she realized what it was. She regained her composer, still blushing, noticing her friend’s eye-roll.

She opened the door, to meet an all too familiar face greeting her.

“Oh… H-hi Derpy.” Flaust said quietly.

“Hey Flaust! Got mail for you.” Derpy announced, holding out a single, fancy looking envelope.

“Fr-f-from who?” Flaust stuttered, not recognizing the envelope.

“Someone important. That’s all I’m allowed to say. Sorry.” Derpy apologized, but strangely not having either of her eyes face her shy friend’s face.

“B-b-b-but…” Flaust stuttered before she was interrupted.

“Oh for crying out loud Flaust not every letter is dangerous.” And if anyone needed an explanation of Flaust’s friendship with Rachel it was this. Rachel always tried her best to help her get over most of her irrational fears.

“Oh hey Rachel!” Derpy waved excitedly into the house of her other childhood friend.

“Oh this is perfect! Rachel, you were my last letter of the day.” Derpy informed, pulling out another envelope that looked strangely a lot like Flaust’s letter.

“Really?” Rachel said flying her way to the door and grabbed the letter, looking it over like it was the first time she saw a letter.

“Yeah huh. And now I’m off duty. Ooh.. I better clock out and meet up with Diane soon. I promised her that I would meet her after work. And then I gotta leave. I’m traveling with the Doctor again.” Derpy explained with a slightly girlish squeal at the end.

Flaust and Rachel just exchanged a knowing look. They both knew that their clumsy friend had other friends that lived in town, they just never met them. And they both knew that Derpy traveled a lot with this Doctor fellow, though they’ve never met him either. However they both knew, without a doubt that their clumsy childhood friend was head over heels about him. Even though Derpy denied any such feelings.

“Alright, well see ya around Derpy!” Rachel sent off.

“Yes. I can’t wait to hear all about it.” Flaust smiled waving to Derpy.

“Sure thing. Well see ya guys.” Derpy said while saluting, and then taking off, somehow missing the branches that were right above her.

Once they saw that their grey and yellow blur of a friend left, they closed the door, looking over their regel looking envelopes.

“I wonder what these things are for any way.” Rachel wondered. Not wanting to bother to read it.

“I don’t know. Um, Mr. Hawk?” Flaust called out, and soon a proud looking Hawk appeared on a perch that was right next to Flaust. “Oh, um, you mind opening this? I mean if you want to. I’m not forcing you.” Flaust asked of the Hawk.

The hawk just nodded as if he understood the Angel-Folks who helped him fly again after breaking his wings when he was still a baby bird. He soon brought out his talons and carefully sliced the top of the envelope quickly.

“Thank you sir.” Flaust thanked, patting the loyal and respectable bird on the head. The bird just puffed out its chest and flew off.

Flaust pulled out the letter inside and started read it, her face changing expressions with different emotions. That is until she finished the letter completely, and gasped out of pure shock, dropping the letter to the floor, waking Rachel from her bored stupor, who was currently staring at her flying turtle.

“What?! What is it?” Rachel said getting up instantly.

Flaust just pointed at the letter.

“What? What could be so bad about a letter?” Rachel asked, reaching for her own letter, easily tearing it open and getting to quick work reading it, thankfully putting her habit of reading aloud aside.

“We-we-we-w-w-we…” Flaust tried to say, still in too much shock.

“We what?” Rachel asked, trying to get her friend out of her shock.

“We-we’ve been Summoned! By the Princesses themselves!” Flaust said, clasping both of her hands to the sides of her face for dramatic effect.

“What?! Oh now I gotta read this thing.” Was all Rachel said, picking up her letter again trying to make some sense of what was written on it.


View Online

“Dear Miss Jaclyn Anne Smith,” Jaclyn read out loud, after her entire family bugged her to read the letter out loud. To actually hear what, exactly, was written on it.

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a very important task we wish to ask of you. Keep in mind that this selection is no easy feat, and is completely serious. With that being said we are confident in our choice in you, and we wish to see you as soon as possible. We cannot tell you just what it is, exactly, that you have been chosen for. All we are allowed to tell you is that it’s a chance of a life time, and we hope you consider it.” Jaclyn read. The shock still evident in her heavily accented voice.

Jaclyn paused when she heard her sister squeak. Thinking that her little sister, probably had a million question up at this point.

“Yes?” Jaclyn asked, in a, some-what impatient manner, wanting to finish reading the letter out loud.

Blossom was silent, her curiosity too strong to interrupt her sister with this new information. Even though she did look like she was doing her hardest to contain her excitement.

Granny Smith just stared with wide old eyes at her eldest granddaughter. With a look mixed with shock, pride, and a gaze lost in thought. Like she was trying to figure out what the princesses wanted with her granddaughter even more than Jaclyn did.

Big Mac, though, just kept his stance leaning on the tree, not saying a peep, wanting to hear the rest of his sister’s letter. But even though his body language was neutral in tone, even he couldn’t hide the shock from his face. With his eyes widening to the size of dinner plates and his jaw going slack, with his hay straw, still somehow kept in his mouth.

“Good.” Jaclyn said, flipping the letter to stand up right and continued what was being read.

“For the most part, we wish to employ you in an urgent business that we feel could use her expertise in. We are quite well aware of the unique powers and abilities you possess. As of such, it would be, in our own opinion, a waste to decline our offer. However we do not wish to force you to agree to our offer: We only wish to inform you. We are also well aware that if you are leaving any family members behind without much support, then don’t fret. Should you choose to accept, we will pay handsomely, providing for both you and your family. We tell you this, again, not to push you, but to simply inform you. This is your own choice, and we wish to learn that your chose is of your own accord.” Juliet quoted the letter that was levitated right in front of her, her hands currently being full of her own clothes.

“That’s so cool!” Buttercup exclaimed, jumping into the air and hovering for a minute with her tiny wings.

“I can’t believe you got called in by the princesses!” Exclaimed Barbra, clasping her palms together like she was almost swooning; thinking that all of this was like some kind of fairy tale. Even if what happening to her sister.

“OOoo.. I always knew you were gonna be worth something really grand sweet heart!” Juliet’s father said, walking in and hugging his eldest daughter.

“And to think, you’ve always wanted to go to the Eclipse State. Now you not only get to go, but the capital: Canterlot Kingdom itself!” Juliet’s mother said.

“But wait, how are you gonna get there?” Buttercup asked, realizing the obvious a bit too late after her own little cheer.

“Oh yeah, hey. What about that?” John asked.

“Well if ya need it Sweet-Pea, then we can help pay for the ticket.” Margret offered.

“That’s a very generous offer mother, and I thank you for it.” Juliet said, giving a true grateful look to her mother, while her father was staring at his wife as if to silently ask, ‘What are you thinking? We can’t afford train tickets to the Eclipsed State!

“However I must decline.” Juliet finished, earning loud shocked gasps from everyone in the room.

“B-b-but Juliet!” Cried Barbra. “You’ve been dreaming about this opportunity. How are you gonna make it if you don’t transportation to get there?” She asked logically, hoping that her sister’s ego didn’t inflate to the point where she thought that they would send a personal chariot for her.

“Simple, Barbra, Sweetie. It’s actually explained in the next paragraph.” Juliet said waving the letter in front of her, getting ready to read yet again.

“Don’t worry about transportation, for attached to the letter we have also sent one ticket by train for you, and you only. The date limit to these tickets however expires in three weeks’ time. We feel that should be a sufficient amount of time to think out offer to you over thoroughly! And if you do choose to accept, then it will also give you time to pack! EEE!!! We suggest packing a large quantity of your belongings. Do not fret if you feel if it isn’t enough. Trust us, it is. Keep in mind this information is only useful to you should you choose to accept!” Diane finished with an excited squeal, stuffing her bright, pink, poofy clothes in her suitcase.

“So I take it you’re accepting the offer?” Another female in the room asked, looking completely out of place in the bright pink room with her over conservative, grey outfit.

“You know it Tavi!” Diane exclaimed yet again, searching her entire room for something.

The girl named Tavi just sighed.

“This is a very big thing Diane. You can’t just jump to an immediate answer like this. The princesses even said to take you time to think it through.” Tavi explained, trying, though knowing she would fail, to put some sense in her over active pink friend.

“Oh Tavi, you’re so cute when you try telling me things I already know!” Diane paused her searching, to smile at her stiff Earth Walker friend. But the comment only made her blush, which made Diane giggle at the complete obviousness of her friend.

“So you have thought it through?” Tavi said, trying to force down her blush.

“Yupper-doodles! I’m a fast thinker you know?” Diane said, looking through her closet now.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” Tavi grumbled to herself, knowing fully well of Diane’s “fast-thinking”. Though it wasn’t all bad considering it was how they became friends in the first place. And despite whatever Tavi, or her family, might say, she had grown quite fond of the bubbly pink Earth Walker’s antics. She found them quite funny and cute, and, though she was loathe to admit it, were it not for… Certain circumstances, she could actually find herself falling for Diane. But no, her heart belonged to another… Even though the one who captured it hates her.

Tavi tried to shake the bitter thoughts out of her head, but it wasn’t until a hard, wet, squishy clamp had befallen onto her hand was she able to snap out of it: With a scream.

“Diane!” Tavie shrieked.

“Gummy! Don’t gum guest unless they say it’s okay!” Diane snapped at her pet. The pet in question was a tiny, baby alligator; with a fitting name due to his lack of teeth and a wide grin that was nothing but the creature’s gums.

Gummy, however, just let go of his mistresses guest's hand and then went soaring in the air to bite down on his mistress’s fluffy pink hair instead.

“That’s better!” Diane smiled before going back to her search.

“Really Diane, you’re going to have to do something about him. One of these days he’s going to grow out his teeth you know. And his bites will be a lot more painful than that.” Tavi said, trying to look for a sink to wash off her hands.

“Not likely, Gummy’s a rare case. Apparently he has a disfigure, making it so that he can’t grow his teeth out.” Diane explained, now searching underneath her bed. Though, because of her position, Tavi had to fight the urge to force down any blood flow to her head, less she grow a humiliating blush. Or worse, gain a violent nose-bleed.

“What do you mean?” Tavi said calmly, looking away and trying to distract herself.

“Well by now Gummy should’ve grown out his teeth, so I took him to the vet a couple of weeks ago. Apparently he has this special thing that prevents his teeth from ever, properly forming. I think it had something to do with his breeding or incubation.” Diane explained.

“A-ha! Found you!” She exclaimed a second latter: Crawling out from under her bed to reveal her ever popular party cannon.

“You’re not really gonna pack that are you?” Tavi asked.

“Of course I am! Never leave home without it!” Diane explained.

“Right. So why did you call me out again?” Tavi asked, leaning against the dresser again.

“Oh, because I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. So I need you to watch Gummy for me.” Diane explained.

“Me? B-bu-but what about..?” Tavi started before she got interrupted by her friend.

“The Cakes are busy people day in and out, so I couldn’t possibly ask them. And Violet is getting ready for her tour. You the only person I know who will be close by who can watch Gummy that I trust to watch over him. Please, Tavi. Pleeeaasse!!!!” Diane pleaded, giving her friend her ever heart melting puppy-dog look.

Tavi folded in like a house of cards.

“Fine.” Tavi said grabbing a hold of the cross-eyed gator from her friends hair. “But only if you finish reading that letter.” Tavi said, trying to sound like she hadn’t folded in a nano-second.

“Okie Dokie Loki!” Was all Diane said before grabbing her letter again and started reading.

“With all this being said, we hope to see in any day from the day after you receive this later to the expiration date. And keep in mind, while we sent this message specifically to you, a few amount of the same letter has been sent to other citizens of the country: Both in the Solar Empire and New Lunar Republic. The key word being “few”. This is no simple feat and only select few have ever gained this letter. We hope to see you real soon should you choose to accept.

Princess Celestia
Princess Luna”

Rachel finished reading the letter aloud, but not to anyone specific. Her shy friend had already read it, and she doubted that any of the animals could even fathom half of the stuff that they were talking about. Truth was that Rachel wasn’t much of a reader growing up and in the present. To her name, she’s only read one book series and plans to keep it that way. However, whenever she does read she usually reads aloud, not even realizing half the time.

Rachel took one more look at the letter, at several different angles mind you. Mumbling the words over again, not even realizing it.

And then the words printed on the paper finally sunk in.

“Flaust! Do you know what this means!”

Flaust, who was silently star at her rainbow haired friend, with a slight grin to her face, jumped when Rachel exclaimed her statement AND jumping in the air.

“N-n-no.” She answered hesitantly.

“This is it! The big break!” Rachel said, flapping her wings in the air excitedly.

“W-what Big break?” Flaust asked honestly. She felt like her life was just fine right where it was thank you.

“Our big break in life! Our chance in life to make something out of our own names. To go out and see the world! Meet exotic new people! And maybe new exotic new animals.” Rachel finally said, noticing her friend’s shivering from her nervousness, trying to pull her out of it.

“’Cause I remember a young Angel-Folk girl who’s just been dreaming of the day where she could go to the Cantorlot Gardens to see all of the exotic animals.” Rachel baited, trying to pull her shy friend out of her fears.

“But those where just silly dreams! Not to be taking seriously! I don’t know if I have the heart for travel.” Flaust admitted with a slight blush to her face.

Rachel just sighed at her friend’s refusal. Then she got an idea.

Rachel flew over to Flaust’s only pet: A white bunny named Angel. After years of knowing Flaust’s antics with her animals, Rachel knew that out of all the animals, her bunny could understand Human speak.

Whispering her request to the stubborn bunny, Angel just nodded and gathered up all of his animal “roommates”. And soon all of the animals that stayed over at their care-taker’s cottage swarmed around Flaust with pleading eyes and determined looks: Angel in the middle holding the letter in front of him, so as to goad his mistress to accept.
Soon Flaust took the letter in her hand again and just stared at its contents again. And with one more look at her animal friend’s faces, her decision was made.

“Fine. I’ll go.” Flaust said.

“Yeeeesss!!” Rachel cheered fist pounding the air.

“But I’m gonna need to pack.” Flaust said quickly.

“No probs Flaust.” Rachel said, grounding herself. “I’ll help. And then later you can help me with my packing.” She finished, clutching her friend’s shoulder offering her a confidant smile.

Flaust smiled back softly at her friend.

“Ok.” Flaust Agreed.

“Yes! You hear that Princesses?” Rachel called out to the heavens. “We accept!”

“What!?” Blossom exclaimed after hearing her older sister’s announcement.

“Ya heard me Blossom, and ya know it. I accept.” Jaclyn said with an edge of stubbornness to her voice.

“But what about the apples?” Blossom asked.

“Oh horse feathers, Big Mac is strong enough to harvest the apples. Aint that right Macky?” Granny Smith stated calling out to her only grandson, causing him to blush at the old nick-name he had when he was little.

His reply was to simply punch the apple tree he was leaning against, in a mysterious looking pose. Soon all the apples from the tree rained down around him. He simply just said, “Eee-yup.”

“See there Blossom? Now come on Jaclyn, let’s get you all packed up.” Granny Smith said offering her arm out as if to guide her granddaughter.

“B-b-but..!” Blossom tried to argue, following her older sister as she made her way with her granny.

“No Buts about it. I’m going and that’s final!” Jaclyn said, hating the way she had to storm down on her little sister.

“Now if ya’ll excuse me I need ta get packing. Canterlot’s waiting fer me.”

“Cool! Hey are ya gonna need any help?” Buttercup asked quickly, thinking that she could earn her Mark by either being helpful, or by packing up things.

“Hey yeah! What about it sis?” Barbra asked her sister, wanting to have a valid excuse for looking through her older sister’s dresses rather than looking for her Mark.

“No, I don’t think so girls. But thank you for offering.” Juliet declined, using her magic to pack up her clothes neatly into the elegant looking suitcase.

“Oh maybe we can give you some really nifty tourist guides to help walk around town sweet heart!” Margret offered.

“No thank you mother. This is important business, and though exploring Canterlot does seem lovely, I don’t want to come off to all the people there like I’m some kind of wall-gaping tourist.” Juliet explained, giving her father a stern look, knowing what he was going to ask.

“And yes father, that does mean I won’t be googling any of the boys there. Seesh.” Juliet said, recognizing the look her father gave her whenever she would go out on her own with her friend.

I’m 24 years old and I still have to put up with this!’ Juliet thought glumly.

With one of the suitcases being filled, Juliet closed it and used her magic to bring out another one to continue packing.

“Well then we’ll just let you be darling.” John said excusing himself and his wife out of their daughter’s room.

The other two, younger, quickly grew bored with watching the older woman pack and decided to leave to meet up with their third friend.

Finally Juliet was all alone… As of such she decided to let out what she was really feeling about the letter.

“Eeee! This is so exciting!”

“I can’t believe I’m going to the Eclipsed State! Oh if only my family could see me now!” Diane exclaimed, having finished her packing, decided to celebrate in a little mini-congrats-your-going-to-meet-the-Princesses-going-away party.

However there were only three guests, four if one included Gummy: Cain and Carol Cake, and Tavi.

“N-now Diane, are you sure you want to do this?” Carol asked her perky employee, only to receive a feverish nod from the perky pink party planner.

“B-b-but Diane! You know how big this is. R-right?” Cain asked timidly too, only to receive the same answer. Diane was just too excited, that she was in her own little world, barely able to form words.

“Trust me Mr. and Mrs. Cake. I’ve tried talking about this with her, and you know how stubborn she can be with decisions.” Tavi said, trying to enjoy the party by getting a slice of cake for herself. And trying to feed a slice to the gator, trying to figure out how to take care of the way Diane does.

“Just one more question though Diane.” Tavi finally said, halting the mad dancing girl. “Just when do you plan on leaving?” Tavi asked. Which was a simple question really, but still Tavi hoped that it didn’t sound too pushy.

Diane just smiled.

And then, though they all didn’t know it, all five of the girls, at the exact same time said…

“Tomorrow’s the day I’m leaving for the Eclipsed State!”