A New Life

by rpglover

First published

Sunset Shimmer left Equestria and living a life in the Human World, under the roof of her old mentor's counterpart.

There lived in Canterlot a Prodigy Unicorn, who was the personal student of Princess Celestia; her name, Sunset Shimmer.

She was arrogant and thought little of those she saw beneath her, testing Celestia's limits. Now, with the final limit broken when she snuck into the forbidden sector of the Canterlot Library, she was to be expelled. In her attempt to avoid capture, she fled through the magic mirror just as it was about to seal again for another 30 Moons.

Principle Celestia and Vice-Principle Luna were ready to call it quit for the night at the Canterlot High School. (CHS) On their way out, they find a young girl passed out on the front sidewalk of the statue.

Rushing over to help the young girl, scattering around her were items that question her origin; their school is about to be dragged into a world of craziness and some wacky shenanigan.

Further Details

Others: There are other characters who will be focus in the story (Too many to add) so I will mention them here. Chrysalis, Discord, Vice-Principal Luna, Dean Cadance, Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Shining Armor, (Sci)Twilight Sparkle, The Dazzlings, and 'He Who Should Not Be Named' . . . *Cough* Flash Sentry *Cough*

Changes may be added to tags in later time (I will try to keep Rating down to Everyone, just mild use of blood and fighting. I won't go too dark in them.)
I may also throw in some Romance in later chapters.

Prologue 1: Through the Mirror

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In the Canterlot Castle Library, dark silence filled the empty rows of shelves and amidst that darkness is a single flicker of light illuminated by a floating flame. An orange-yellow glow casting away the darkness and in the center is a figure cloaked in a black robe as their hooves echoed off the ground.

“It should be around here somewhere,” a voice whispered in the darkness, her teal eyes scanning the shelves for something, ‘Advanced Magical Spells for Beginner’, ‘Artifacts of the Lost Tribes’, ‘Theories and Evolutions’ were some of the many books she came across, “where is it?”

The intruder continued searching for a good while before finally finding what she was looking for, a brown covered book with two golden plating on its’ spine. There was no title on it, a cyan aura surrounded the book, and it flew off the shelf and towards the cloaked figure. On the cover of it is a golden insignia of a unicorn.

“Finally, now I’ll know the truth you’ve been keeping from me, Princess.” She all but spat the last word with such venomous in her voice.

Amidst the darkness of the Canterlot Library, the sound of metal clashing on the hard surface could be heard echoing through the library. Three ponies clad in golden armors were being led by another pony in the front of the charge through the darkness, she was at least twice the size of the other ponies with a horn that could be used as a piercing weapon, her coat is a radiant white with an aurora like mane and tail flowing in the nonexistent wind.

They soon came to a halt at the figure that had intruded in the library pass opening hours, it wasn’t hard with the glowing light in the darkness was like a beacon to them. “What are you doing here?” she asked the figure on the ground with authority in her voice.

The figure did not show any fear at being caught or worry, rather, she gave a feel of superiority, “When were you planning on telling me the truth?” she asked with an icy chill in her voice. The brown book that was covered in her cyan magic closed and was set aside.

“I asked you a question Sunset, and I expect an answer! What were you doing here in the restricted section of the library at night?” Her voice was more harsher but still hold the same authority.

… Silence was all that existed between the two as the Princess waited for Sunset’s explanation.

Sunset gave a sigh, Of course she would dodge the responsibility. “Why do you care? You’ve never had before.”

“Sunse-“ Celestia was about to voice whatever she was about to say only to be interrupted by the mare before her.

“Did you have a good laugh at my expense? Stringing me along with empty promises?!” Her voice was torn yet still held its’ ground that made the alicorn look shocked, “You used me like a pawn, all those times I thought you’d actually cared about me, you were just deceiving me!”

Sunset finally turned around to face the alicorn, and once Celestia got a look at the mare before her, her heart had nearly stopped to see what she saw. Sunset had looked hurt, tears streaming down and eyes glaring at her with rage.

The illuminated light from the flames made Sunset looked more menacing to those who were not familiar with the mare, resulting in the guards to pick up their weapons to defend their princess from whatever she may try to do in her state.

“That’s enough Sunset, whatever you ma-“ Celestia tried to explain only to be interrupted once again by the sounds of Sunset’s hooves slamming into the ground as hard as she could. It wasn’t much force, but with the empty room they were in, it echoed into a loud pop like an inflated balloon.

“LIES!” She screamed with no care for who may hear, “All you’ve ever told me are nothing but lies! EVERYTHING!” She turned back around and lit her horn, three new books were covered in the same aura and floated towards her saddlebag. “You continued to hide the truth from those that trusted you and build an empire around lies. You are no better than the enemies you’d defeated.”

One of the guards could not stand on by any further as the mare before him kept blasphemy the princess, “SILENCE!

Celestia placed a wing between the guard that had shouted and Sunset, her attention soon drawn towards the saddlebag that now hold the three books she had collected, “What were those books you got there?” she asked with nervous in her voice.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Sunset asked with mockery, flaring up her horn and letting a blinding light illuminate the darkness. Since the spell was casted in the darkness, it was enough to make all four shield their eyes at the sudden brightness.

The three guards quickly raised their guard around the princess to protect her from whatever Sunset may be planning, but when the light faded and they were able to see once again, there was no one around. She’d teleported.

“Find her!” Celestia commanded. ‘What were those books you stole Sunset, and why were they so important to in the first place?

The castle’s hall were filled with the sounds of hooves clopping on the marble flooring, a black cloak fluttering in the breeze created by her speed. She may had not been one of the fastest of ponies, but she was proud of her stamina, especially when you could keep up with an enraged bull because of some stupid dare from a couple of classmates.

Running on toward the room she was going to be needing, Star Swirl’s Artifacts were all horded away in a single area, ‘I got to hurry, if I time this right she won’t be able to follow me through.’ Was all Sunset could think of as she kept running.

She looked out the window to see the moon high in the sky, on it a silhouette of a unicorn could be seen covering it, though it may look like one, it was actually an alicorn. ‘Nightmare Moon, another who believed in Celestia’s lies and suffered from it.

It wasn’t long before she heard company approaching, ‘So, they’d caught up to me.’ She thought with a smirk. The sound of metal clashing against one another was a sure sign of the Royal Guards in hot pursuit of the mare.

She skid on the marble ground to a halt, waiting for them to emerge from the darken hallway. It wasn’t a long wait as she soon saw gold and white armor soon coming out along with the ponies who were wearing them. ‘If they’d been wearing darker armor, I might not had seen them approaching.’ One of the many things she was thankful for Celestia’s blinded sight.

She summoned a few floating flames of blue fire around her, giving it a gentle breath of air and let them float towards the approaching soldiers. “You are under arrest criminal!” One of the guards called out.

The one in the lead of the charge had gave little care to the “weak” flame that approached him, letting it hit his armor and being snuffed out in a blink. He soon came to regret his foolhardy act as his armor had slowly started to glow with heat.

It was to the point that he could feel a scorching heat on his body where the flame touched, quickly to remove his armor before it had done any further damage to him. Dozens more of the same flame came charging at them, now aware of what they were dealing with kept their distance and attempted to avoid.

A good few minutes had passed, and more guards had arrived at the scene to try to apprehend the mare, seven exact. Three of them were on the ground gasping for air with two of them without their armor, one had gotten his rump caught in a vase, and the last three were the only ones who were still in pursuit.

I can’t keep this up, if I miss this change; I can kiss my freedom goodbye. Having to think of an idea to get them off her trail. An idea had soon popped into the mare’s mind, one she was both excited and nervous to enact.

Lighting her horn once again, she put as much power as she could into it. This caught the guards’ attention as they halted a good few distance away in preparation for what was about to happen.

The room itself had come to feeling distorted, swirling as if you were looking at it through a heat wave. The guards were worried for what was happening, all more so when Sunset whispered in a dark and menacing tone, “Run”

When she slammed her hooves on the ground, it started to crack from the source with steam and heat seeping through it. The guards saw this and quickly started to give distance between the two. Armor slamming into one another as the guards quickly tried to run away from the opposing threat.

Sunset took this distraction as her chance to make it to the room, entering in to find an assortment of gadgetry built but the legendary Star Swirl the Bearded. If it were any other time, she would love to examine each artifact of her hero, but they were not the main focus of what she was after.

And just as she knew where to find it, on a podium stood what she was looking for, a mirror with a horseshoe frame dotted with gems on the side of it. It was one of Star Swirl’s earlier creations, believed to show one’s own possible destiny.

When she was a filly, Celestia had brought her to this very mirror to see her own destiny, she saw herself as an Alicorn, standing along side with Princess Celestia as an equal. A future she once believed could become a reality, not anymore. ‘She’ would never accept me as her equal, I would be in her shadows like you were…

Though the mirror would show one’s own destiny, she came to know of another truth to this mirror. Once every thirty moons, it act as a gateway to another world, where; she did not know but didn’t care either way. Anywhere was better than here.

Placing a hoof on the surface of the reflected Sunset, it would had been expected to find it a solid surface only to watch it ripple like water as her hoof slowly sank into it. She was ready to take the leap into this new world, to get away from Princess Celestia and no longer be her tool.

“Stop!” A voice shouted from behind, she turned to see a spell bolting right for her, she had no time to react before it collided into her, sending her forcefully through the mirror.

The sun was slowly setting for Canterlot High, and in her office, a woman was sitting at her desk with a pile of paperwork. She has pale white skin and an aurora hair flowing down her pass her shoulder. Tied in a ponytail, something she found relaxing when motivated in a task.

As she set the final piece of paper onto a stack, she stretched out her arms to waking up her muscles. Greeted soon by the sound of knocking from her doorway.

She looked to find a woman with blue skin and dark blue hair standing at the open doorway. Her favorite ‘Best Vice-Principle’ mug in her hand, she has a violet blouse and blue jeans with a crescent moon collar. “I take it you’re finally finished there Tia?”

The woman at her desk gave a warm smile to her, “Just having to file away a few more paper then we’ll be able to close up for the night.”

“So, pizza for dinner than?” The dark skin woman asked with a smug face, knowing the answer to her question. She didn’t wait to get an answer as she pulled out her cellphone, “A Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and some Bread-sticks than?”

The other woman gave a soft chuckle, “Yeah, that would be great, Luna.”

“I still can’t understand why you like that stuff, pineapple on pizza is just not right!” Luna said giving a gross expression before giving a pizza joint a call. She walked on out of the room and left the other woman to the silence once again.

“That woman will never grow up.” She said with a smile as she did a playful facepalm. Putting down her pen that she was holding and got up to join her sister as they got ready for the end of the day.

The two had made it out of the front door, with Celestia locking the door to the school. Turning to look towards her sister, “Alright, ready to head off?”

She was given no response as Luna looked off towards the distance, a look of confused and worry in her expression. Celestia turned to look at where her sister was looking at to see what caught her attention. Laying out in the cold on the school’s ground was a child, it was hard to notice because of the hair of red and gold, but flowing from her was blood.

Prologue 2: A Favor

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After the escape of Sunset Shimmer along with the books from the Forbidden Sector of the Library, Princess Celestia had casted an illuminating spell as she walked on through the rows of shelves. The quiet of the place was welcoming for her.

What were you after, Sunset?’ she thought to herself, examining the place for any clue of which books she might have taken.

Continuing to look for any shelves that may had recently been disturbed. Upon looking at the mass books, tombs, and scrolls she had collected over the thousand year of her reign. The sight of which churned her stomach, each containing a possibility threat to Equestria should any creature get their claw, hoof, or whatever count for hands.

She was having no luck in finding whatever Sunset might’ve taken, that was until she had reached the end of the row where the more dangerous of spells were locked away. She had thought her blood had turned to ice as she stood in place in fear at what she saw, at the end of the rusted and worn bookshelves was a singular bookshelf that was detached from all the rest, dark wood furbish with eight books on it sealed in chains. Only, there originally were nine.

Sunset, what have you done?!

The two sisters looked on at the base of their school statue where the young girl laid unconscious, before Luna had a chance to react, Celestia was already racing on down.

“Luna! Call the ambulance!” she shouted out, not bothering to check if she was. Approaching on near, pass the many items that had apparently scattered from the backpack that laid beside the girl. Bringing her into her arms, “Can you hear me?”

Silence, the child remained out cold, she checked on through for any noticeable injuries besides the one on her forehead. She brushed off the blood to get a better look at the wound and thankful that it did not look severe.

“Is she alright?” Celestia heard her sister behind her, looking over to find she was standing over her.

Getting a good look at the child, she appeared to be around nine years old with a yellow blouse shirt and red skirt, a yin-yang sun of the two tone color pattern stitched at the hem of the skirt covered by a black cloak.

“I believe so,” Celestia spoke, relieving a breath of air as she looked over the child, “she doesn’t appear to have any other wound besides the scratch on her forehead, but it is best for the ambulance to get here before we are certain of anything.”

Luna silently agreed, noticing how Celestia had already had the child being taken care of before they arrived, she went to gather the scattered items they both could only assume belonged to said child.

Four books were the noticeable of the things scattered, as the things were nearly as large as a high schooler’s history book, perhaps more so. Why is a child carrying around heavy looking books like these?

Opening one to see what she could be reading, she grabbed a book with no title on the front or side of the book, it looked as if the cover were made of a stone material with a decaying look of grey and purple. The entirety of the book’s content were written in a language she had no knowledge of.

The thing looked like chicken-scratches mixed with the Runic from O&D games.

Is this even a language? She questioned, putting the book down to grab another one. This one having more of a natural look to its design, the bound looked to be made of what appeared to be leather in a greenish hue, looking at the cover to see a depicted of a dragon embroidered on it in gold like thread.

The thread looked to had shimmer like actual gold, which Luna merely dismissed of her mind playing trick on her, opening to be just as equally confused as the book was also in a different language like the last, but in a completely new unheard of language.

The words appeared to be hieroglyphics, with drawings of mystical, magical creatures.

Luna was about ready to give up, it had only added more a mystery to the girl looking at these books written in some alienated language. The next one looked to been another leather like book with a two-toned sun on the cover.

She had looked on in the first page, figuring it was actually a journal of sort. She had started to feel guilty for about to read something private and was about to close it before a single word had caught her attention, ‘Celestia’.

Why was her sister’s name in this journal? Maybe it was just a coincidence? Either way, it was in a language she was surprisingly able to read and took a look at what was written. Maybe this book would give her some clue.

To my faithful student Sunset Shimmer;
Whenever you may need me, know that I am only a pen away.
Princess Celes-

-tia.” Luna whispered in shock, she recognized the handwriting, it was definitely her sister’s handwriting. Luna could not understand how to take this news, was her sister hiding some sort of secret life from her? She looked over to where her sister was to see she was preoccupied with the child to notice her.

“Cele-“ Luna was about to call her over before the sound of sirens cut her off, the two looked to see the flashing of red and white light as the ambulance pulled on up to the school’s parking lot.

The two sisters had split up, Celestia had agreed to join the medics to the hospital while her sister decided to stay to take care of a few things before meeting her at the hospital. Celestia didn’t bother questioning what Luna was going to do and just hopped in the back of the vehicle with the young girl as they drove off.

As Luna watched the ambulance drove off, she grabbed her cellphone and dialed a number. The thing rang for a few moment before she heard it picked up on the other side, “Hello?” a voice spoke in a dark echo.

“Hey Chrys, I was hoping you’d do me a favor.”

The voice on the receiving end gave a curious hum, “What can I do for you, Luny?”

“I need you to find whatever you can on a ‘Sunset Shimmer’.” She trust her sister, but somewhere in her gut was telling her this child was more than she appeared to be.

Prologue 3: Sunset is Dead!

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Darkness was all she could see, wherever the mare looked it had looked like it could go on for miles in all directions. The only comfort she had was the tiny spark of flame that hovered a few inches away from her.

‘Why don’t you go back to your mommy and daddy!’ a voice shouted almost in the mare’s ear, causing her to put her hooves up to them to cast out the start to a long line of insults.

‘Taking the Princess’ pity for all its worth!’

‘She obviously felt bad for an orphan like you!’

‘I bet I could’ve made a better apprentice to the Princess than that runt.’

No one had tried to hide their disdained for the amber unicorn who was welcomed as the Princess’ pupil, speaking their mind on the matter. “If they hated us so much, they should’ve done something than whine about it like a foal.” A voice darkly echoed in the back of her mind.

She had tried to understand where the thought had originated before another memory had plagued her train of thought, she was tasked to make friends. Trying her best to approach friendly to the stuck-up rich colts and fillies, “Would you like to be friends?” she asked nervously to a three-pony group.

They looked at her with disgust, as if they’d saw a beetle or some other gross critter instead of another pony, “Friends with somepony like you? Not even in a Million years!” he said huffily before they walked away, banging their hooves on the ground louder than they should’ve in show of disgust.

She had wanted to incinerated them for how they’d acted, but she refrained herself, telling herself how she only found the bad batch and the next would welcome her with a warm smile. . . They didn’t. It had repeated to where they heard of a unicorn outcast “begging” ponies to be her friend.

‘If we were an alicorn, they would be the one begging us to spare a moment of our precious time.’ The voice echoed darkly again. Looking around to try and find where it had came from, she noticed the darkness had enclosed around her.

Though the darkness looked vast at first, it now started to seep into her illuminated light like a cloud being pulled into the light, to snuff the thing out. She’d try to cast her magic into the flickering light to help expel the darkness away from her. “No, no! I don’t want to go back!” she spoke fearfully, her horn’s light slowly fading along with the light.

Darkness fell upon her.

Celestia was stuck waiting in the ‘Waiting Room’ of the Hospital while waiting for the doctor to return with the diagnose of the child. Luna had recently sent a text message of the possibility of the child’s name being ‘Sunset Shimmer’ from one of her belongings, along with a mention of more she will need to talk to her about.

It had made the Principle wonder what she’d needed to explain that could not had been done over the phone, either way, that was not her concern at the moment. She had picked up a magazine that they leave in the room to help at least distract her while she waited.

It was a quarter past an hour before a doctor had come through the emergency door, “Mrs. Sol?” he called, finding as the woman came up to greet the mane who’s name on his name badge was, ‘Dr. BluJay’

“How is she doctor?” Celestia asked, clenching her hands towards her chest as she waited for the news.

He had taken a few seconds to look on over his paper on the clipboard before returning his attention back to the woman, “Besides the scrape on her forehead, there isn’t much wrong with her. No signs of broken bones and her brainwave appear to be normal. However,” Celestia had gave a flinch at the brooding way he said that “she appears to be in a state of shock. I could not say when she will wake up, It could be in a few minutes up to a couple of days.”

Even though the news of the child in the state of shock were terrible, she suspected this was not what had the doctor worried. “What’s wrong?” she asked, worried for what it may be.

“As you may be aware we aren’t a big clinic, and it limits the amount of patients we can accommodate. I’m afraid we can only hold her for one day as the most before we have to send her to one of the larger facility. And though that wouldn’t be a problem, I had tried looking up any medical insurance of the name of ‘Sunset Shimmer’ and failed to come up with anything.” He took a momentary pause before resuming, “Now, we may had overlooked somewhere, but there is a high possibility chance that doing so will result in a hefty cost I would not want to throw on anyone.”

Celestia gave a concerned look to the news she was given; it was a slippery slope she was in. The family could be having financial problems and it would be rude of her to make the call when she had no legal right of the child. When she had a moment to recall the ideal of the child’s family, she spoke up, “Did you not get in touch with any of her family member?”

The doctor had shook his head, “We weren’t able to locate any previous records of her, I could have someone from the main office to see if they can dig something up, but it could take weeks depending on when the last time she’d last been to a hospital.”

The news is only getting more grim as she is finding to be put on the spot to possibly make a call, and for all she knows, the girl could be an orphan or some runaway from an abusive family. “Let her stay the night, I’ll come by tomorrow and if she isn’t awake by then, I’ll take custody over her till we could locate her family.”

“I would have to speak with my superior, but I hope he agree for the child’s sake.” He said, though before he had walked away, Celestia called out.

“Mention my name to him when explaining.”

He gave a nod and left.

Luna was back at her home (her and Celestia's); two boxes of pizzas were laying on the kitchen counter with the pepperoni one having already a good three-forth of it gone. Looking through the journal of the mysterious child’s, she was both amazed and curious with the content of the thing.

The pages of this book looked like it was a conversation between the two, especially with the two different hand writing. She questioned why they would pass the book between the two to speak instead of talking in person, could one of them be a mute? Perhaps both? Another question was the mentioning of, ‘Princess’ Celestia.

She would snuff this up as a coincidence if it were not for the style of handwriting matching her sister’s, though she did not know of the child when they had found her laying on their school ground.

Starting to think of the possibility that that child may be hers’ and she was trying to hide her for some strange reason, but quickly squash that notion, If she had a child, I would’ve noticed. But it didn’t help solve the question of who she is and where she came from.

Her thoughts were soon cut short when she heard her phone buzzing off, she took the thing out of her pocket to look over at the caller id, ‘Unknown Caller’.

It’s her- She would had been cautious if not for that fact it had became the woman’s trademark to hide her phone number from being traced back. Ignoring that, she went ahead and answered the phone to find what she found.

“Hey Chrys!” Luna spoke, to hear a momentary pause before a whisper came from the other side.

“Are you alone? Or at the very least no one suspicious around?”

Her cautious had left the woman both worried and confused, sure Chrysalis can be a bit paranoia, but when she were being this paranoid, it usually was a bad sign. “What happened?” Luna asked with worry, Is she in danger?

“Nothing, just answer the question.” Luna did so and after another pause, she heard Chrysalis letting out a sigh, “Good, I did some digging up on your mystery girl for you.”

That was good news, meaning she found something, but it also made Luna worried about what she had found if she started her conversation with asking if she was alone. “Okay, and what did you find?”

“I need you to describe this girl, anything.”

Another cryptic message from her friend, it was slowly feeling like a knot was forming in her stomach at what she might’ve found. Either that, or it was the pizza coming back to say, ‘Hello’. Either way, she knew when to hear the warning signs in her friend’s voice.

“She has an amber skin tone and a two shade of hair, gold and red. She was wear-“ before she had a chance to finish the description, she was quickly cut off.

“I don’t need to know those parts, I just wanted to confirm it was her.”

That had gotten Luna even more curious, “What do you mean?”

There was a heavy groan from her friend before she had continued, “If it were anybody else besides you, I would have thought you were pulling some sick joke on me. But I doubt even you or Tia would do something this heinous.”

‘Heinous’? That was something that confused her even more, why would this be a joke, “What do you mean?” her voice grew nervous, fearful for whatever she might say.

What was spoken next sent an icy chill down the cold woman, she had seen some horrible things but what she heard had left her speechless, “The child you found, Sunset Shimmer. She was killed four years ago.”