The alicorn Princess and the changeling King

by Timothy1509

First published

Twilight Sparkle lives in a new home with a King and his subjects.

Princess Twilight Sparkle of Friendship was assigned to prepare some equipments in Canterlot castle for the gala day that will be on by next week with the help of her friends. However, the obligation has made some unexpected twists when Twilight mysteriously gets sent to the Everfree forest after an accident. Now, the young Princess is lost. But all hopes we're not lost until a being came in and took her to his Kingdom for a stay. However, the long stay will also establish a new bond between the two.

New story! I hope you all will enjoy this one too! This story was inspired by The Bug in the cave story.

Also, I do not own My Little Pony, it belongs to Hasbro. And the coverart I am using also belongs to it's rightful owner.


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In Equestria's capital Canterlot, the citizens of the town were all seen doing their work and walking around the town just like usual in their daily lives, everything is tranquil as always for the contented ponies. However, some of the others were seen having a chat about the gala that is going to occur in the castle next week, the announcement made by Celestia yesterday has gotten them all very exhilarated! Some mares even went to fashion stores to polish themselves.

In Canterlot castle however, the mane six, Spike, and Shining Armor were all seen setting up the ballroom in preparation for the lovely and amusing event next week. Some were even seen wearing their dresses while doing the obligation so that they could get comments on it by each other.

In the ballroom, Pinkie was putting up party banners on the walls while standing on a ladder, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both seen setting up the tables so that lots of food can be placed on them, Shining was seen standing by awaiting for the Princesses orders, while Rarity was seen checking the dresses that Twilight was currently in right now.

"Rarity, isn't this a bit too much?" Twilight asked with a slight blush due to this dress.

Rarity started to scrutinize Twilight while wearing that dress, it did not have any mucky stains on it which is a good first sign, it was sparkly in every direction that she looks on it, it was bright purple which nearly matches Twilight's colour, in addition to that, it fits in her perfectly! Then, a smile appeared on her muzzle.

"Why yes darling." Rarity replied with a nod "I specifically made this dress for you! It looks perfect!" She exclaimed in a joyful tone.

Twilight however, kinda did not agree with Rarity's rejoinder, this dress was quite right on her hooves, it could also attract many of those stallions towards her which would be awkward, many mares would be envious of her dress due to her being a Princess, plus, it would make her subjects think that she is a mare who is always interested in opulent things. All of these thoughts would make her feel extremely embarrassed but, she must respect the dress, after all, Rarity did make it for her. A brief second later, she looked back up at Rarity with an anxious smile.

"Thank you Rarity." Twilight said.

"You're welcome darling."

On the left side of the ballroom, Pinkie was seen trying to desperately stick the right end party banners up on the wall, during that, Spike was helping the pink mare out by steadying the ladder.

"Are you done yet Pinkie?"

"Almost there." Pinkie said stretching her right hoof. After three attempts, she was successfully stuck the right end of the party banner on a pillar "Woohoo! I-"

Pinkie wasn't able to finish her sentence when she suddenly lost her balance on the ladder due to her early celebration, then, the pink mare fell to the ground where Spike was standing at. The young dragon wasn't able to tract in time when Pinkie fell on him.

"Poof!" Mumbled Spike.

"Wow, that was hazardous." Pinkie said shaking her head "Anyways, come on Spike, let's go to the other side!" She exclaimed getting up from the floor and rushing to the other side of the room, unknowing that she fell on her friend.

"I'm coming." Spike said in a pained tone.

On the right side of the large room, Rainbow Dash and Applejack were both seen moving a long rectangular table to the right side of the room after finishing putting one on the left end of the room. During the process, Rainbow was irked.

"Ugh! This is so frustrating!" She complained which made Applejack roll her eyes in aggravation due to Rainbow Dash's indolent attitude.

"Oh quit yer' yapin' Rainbow Dash." Applejack said "We need to set up everything for the gala next week, after we finish, you can eat lots of food during the party." She told her.

When Rainbow Dash heard this, a smile appeared on her muzzle, she did want to eat lots and lots of food during the gala day but, setting up all of them would be a difficult and aggravating obligation. So, she had no other choice but to accept it.

Four minutes later, everypony were finished in doing their obligations that they were assigned to do, now everypony was fatigued, luckily, Celestia endowed everypony with a cup of water which they all drank delightfully.

Twilight also set up some dishes, utensils, and wine glasses in front of some seats too which got her a bit thirstful again, so, she decided to ask Rainbow Dash to get her a drink.

"Hey Rainbow Dash." Twilight called her.

"Yes Twilight?" Rainbow asked looking at her.

"Can you get me a drink please?" She asked "Any flavour, or water would be good." She told her.


Then, Rainbow Dash hovered to the rectangular table placed on the right end to get a drink for Twilight. When she got there, she grabbed one of the cups and began to get the tall glass water bottle, however, when she looked to her right, she noticed that it wasn't here, she must assume that it was on the other side.

"Guess I'll have to hover to the other side then." Rainbow thought with an irritated expression.

So, the pegasus began to hover to the other side of the table, but, when she hovered a few centimeters to her left, Rainbow Dash saw what looks to be like a jar with pink juicy like substance in it.

"What is that?" Rainbow asked herself quietly.

She then began to scrutinize it carefully, after looking at it's juicy and sweet looking texture for five seconds, the blue pegasus must assume that this was a new flavoured juice that Pinkie brought in.

"Maybe this juice would be perfect." Rainbow said grabbing the jar.

She then pulled the lid open with her hoof and slowly and cautiously poured the pink juice into the cup so that she would spill it on the floor. Three seconds later, Rainbow has successfully poured the juice into the cup, and she could even see her own reflection on its surface. After that, she placed the jar back onto the table, putting the lid back on in the process. Then, the pegasus began to hover her way to Twilight.

"Here you go Twilight." Rainbow said stretching her right hoof out. Offering the drink to her friend.

"Thanks Rainbow Dash." Twilight said in a grateful tone.

After that, Twilight grabbed the cup with her magic and levitated it near her muzzle. Once she's done that, she closed her eyes and sipped the cup down into her mouth. While it was going down her throat, Twilight noticed that this drink was a bit off due to it being a bit too sweet. A brief second later, her eyes widened in horror when she realized what the drink was. She then pulled the cup away from her muzzle and spat out the drink but, it was too late, she drank most of it.

The sound of somepony spitting our his/her drink has caught the attentions of everypony in the room, even Celestia. They all then cocked their heads to the source of the noise and noticed that it was Twilight who spat out her drink.

"What's wrong Twilight?" Rainbow Dash asked with a perplexed expression "You don't like the drink?" She assumed.

Then, Twilight shot Rainbow Dash an anxious expression which got her even more bewildered.

"Rainbow, where did you get this from?"

"Uh... from that jar there?" Rainbow replied as she pointed to the jar.

Twilight looked to where Rainbow Dash was pointing at, when she did, she noticed that she was pointing at the potion jar that she brought with her for studying purpose.

"Oh no! Rainbow! You made me drink a teleportation potion!" She exclaimed in a worried tone which got everypony perplexed again.

"A teleportation what?"


Twilight wasn't able to finish her sentence when a pink aura started to surround her entire body, the glow was so bright that it made everypony in the room shield their eyes.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Screamed Twilight.

After ten seconds of light illuminating and screaming, the glow slowly faded away and the scream wasn't heard anymore. All of the ponies in the room removed their hooves away from their eyes and saw that Twilight wasn't there anymore! All that was left was the cup, and it has fallen on the same spot that she has stood on.

"Oh no, Twilight! Where are you?" Shining asked with a worried expression. But, she wasn't around the room.

"Everypony, let's search for Twilight." Celestia said.

Then, all of the ponies in the room faced the doors of the ballroom and began to head towards it so that they could exit the ballroom and look for Twilight in the castle.

Away from home

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Everfree forest 5:00pm

In the middle of the Everfree forest, there were a bunch of animals seen walking around the place and eating food. Just like what they do in the wildlife.

However, in an area of the Everfree forest, a certain lavender alicorn mare wearing a sparkly purple dress was seen lying on the grass unconscious after the ordeal that occured in Canterlot with the confusion of a potion and a juice. The alicorn mare was known as Twilight Sparkle, the princess of friendship. She has teleported to the middle of the Everfree forest after inadvertently drinking the teleportation potion. A brief second later, the friendship princess let out a moan and slowly opened her eyes.

"Ugh... what happened?" Twilight asked slowly opening her eyes. At first, her visions were very blurry, but, when they worked again, the alicorn mare noticed grass in front of her "Huh? Where am I?" She asked with a perplexed expression.

Twilight then slowly placed her front two hooves on the ground and started to push her up, it was hard at first due to her hooves being a bit sore after her drinking the potion. But, she managed to overcome the soreness and push herself up from the ground, now, she was sitting.

"Is this the Everfree forest?" Twilight asked herself.

She then scrutinized her surroundings and saw trees, vines, rocks, dirt, and grasses around her. She realized that she definitely was in the Everfree forest, however, this section of it was quite different compared to the one that she went on with her friends.

"This is the Everfree forest." She said with a surprised expression "But, which section of it is this?" She asked with a bewildered expression.

A brief second later, Twilight shook her head and decided to not waste any more time since it looks like it's going to turn dark soon here.

"I shouldn't waste any more precious time." Twilight told herself as she pushed herself back onto her hooves, she staggered but, she managed to maintain her balance "I gotta return to Canterlot, my friends are probably worried for me." She told herself.

Then, Twilight decided to head on out into the Everfree forest. However, she was deciding on where to go, without a book or a map, she will likely be having a difficult time in trying to figure out where she is, or where to go. After looking around her for a brief second, Twilight has made her decision on which path she should take.

"This way it is." Twilight said looking in front of her with a confident expression. Then, the alicorn Princess ran north into the Everfree forest and started to venture through it. However, unknown to her, she was going deeper into the forest.

Everfree forest 7:00pm

Twilight has been walking in the Everfree forest for two hours now, and each direction she took, it was like she was going around an endless circle. She has gone past lots of tree, two fast flowing rivers, and three hills which all lead to nowhere near Ponyville or Canterlot. The biome continues to consist of many of it's bewildering and astonishing characteristics that can be petrifying sometimes. In fact, it is already starting to turn dark which could be apprehensive to Twilight's safety.

"Where am I now?" Twilight asked herself with a terrified expression.

However, just as she walked a few more steps forward, Twilight saw the same log that she encountered in the forest laying in front of her. This was the fourth time that she's seen it again.

"Oh come on!" Twilight exclaimed with an irked expression "This is the fourth time that I've encountered that log!" She finished in a frustrated tone.

Twilight was extremely vexed by this, she has been going around a circle in the forest for over two hours, it is like going through a maze. Why did she even bring the potion with her in the first place? And why didn't she tell her friends about the potion? However, a brief second later, thunder was heard in the skies which made the alicorn mare flinch, then, drops of water started to fall slowly onto the ground, a second later, it started to rain.

"Great." Twilight said with a frown as drops of water started to drench her hair and mane "I need to find shelter quick before I lose my consciousness again." She told herself logically.

After that, the friendship princess turned around and ran south into the forest to seek shelter this time. Unfortunately, she has failed to notice that she was continuing to run deeper into the large biome.

Twilight has been running through the forest for sixteen minutes now in the rain, and she has not found shelter yet, in fact it was extremely difficult to see what was in front of her due to the heavy rain. She could've used her magic but, she was too cold to even use it.

"Brrrr, it's cold." Twilight said while shivering "I n-need to find shelter quick." She told herself with a desperate expression.

Then, Twilight began to pick up the pace to find a suitable place for shelter. However, just as she walked five steps forward, the alicorn princess heard some growling noises behind her which immediately stopped her in her tracks.

"What was that?" She asked herself.

She turned around and saw three ravenous timber wolves in front of her growling hungrily at her, Twilight was now seen as a prey to the wolves.

"Uh oh."

Then, one of the wolves let out a roar which prompted his buddies to all charge towards the alicorn mare.

"Ahhhhh!" Screamed Twilight as she turned around and started to run away from the timber wolves.

The alicorn mare was running forward into the trees, trying desperately to shake the wolves, or block their range of attack with the help of the trees but, to no avail due to the wolves continuing to chase her from behind.

Then, Twilight started to improvise, she spread her wings and attempted to fly away from the ground so that the timber wolves wouldn't get her, after all, they don't have wings. However, one wolf suddenly caught up to her on her right side and bumped into her right torso.

"Oooof!" Grunted Twilight as she flew a few feet up in the air. After flying forward for a brief second, the alicorn mare crashed into a rock. "Ugh!" Grunted Twilight in pain. Her back was bruised, and her dress was torn up.

Twilight moaned and slowly opened her eyes, when she did, she noticed the three wolves slowly approaching her with ravenous attitudes. When the alicorn mare noticed that things were bleak for her, she slowly closed her eyes and awaited for her fate, while the timber wolves began to slowly approach her.

However, there was no death for the friendship princess today when a magical blast hits one of the wolves in the face, sending it flying a few feet up in the air and crashing into a tree in the process.

"Get away from her!"

When Twilight heard the strange voice, she opened her eyes slightly and saw what looks to be like a quadrupled green being standing in front of her. The being blasted magic beams above the wolves, and when that happened, the wolves let out whimpers and ran away in fear. A brief second later, Twilight's pain eventually outdone her, and she blacked out.

The being turned around and looked down at the purple mare all to see her unconscious on the ground. So, he walked up to her, bent down, picked her up in his hooves, and started to carry her to a nearby cave so that he could warm her up before she suffers from hypothermia.

The being

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Canterlot 8:00pm

In the Equestria's capital Canterlot, many pony stallions and mare including the mane six and Spike were all gathered around the outside of Canterlot castle while Celestia, Luna, and Cadence were seen standing on the balcony of it. Then, Celestia walked to the front and looked down at her subjects, two of them had anxious expressions on them, and they are known as Nightlight and Velvet, the parents of Twilight Sparkle.

"Greetings my fellow subjects." Celestia greeted with a smile "I can tell that you all are quite worried with the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle." She said.

Then, everypony around the area all displayed expressions of anxiety due to them hearing the news from Twilight's friends as well as some guards. Then, Nightlight spoke up in the crowd.

"Do you have any idea where she is now?!" The unicorn stallion shouted fearfully.

"When will we find her?!" Velvet exclaimed with a perturbed expression.

"Nightlight, Velvet, please remain calm." Celestia told them "Although I have no clue on where Twilight is but, do not worry, I'm going to conduct a search party soon." She assured them but, the two unicorns stress were still not relieved.

"My subjects. If we want to find Twilight, we must all work together." She told them "My hunch is that she is in the Everfree forest, so, we must venture into the biome to find her. So, let's not waste any more time, let's go to the Everfree forest!" She finished.

After the speech, everypony gave out confident expressions, then, they all turned around and started to walk to the gates of the castle along with the mane six and Spike so that they could go to the Everfree forest to find their missing friend.

"Will we have any luck sister?" Luna asked with a concerned expression.

"We will." Celestia replied with a confident expression.

Everfree forest

"Mmmm... what happened?" Moaned Twilight.

The alicorn Princess had been unconscious for an hour, all she remembered was being chase by three ravenous timber wolves, getting knocked to the ground by one of them, as well as a being scaring them away from her, saving her in the process. Now, Twilight was awaken by the crackling of fire near her.

"Ugh..." She moaned slowly opening her eyes.

At first, her visions were very blurry, but, when they worked again, Twilight saw a being in front of her sitting by the fire, and this one looked like it is a male considering it's facial expression. The being was green coloured, he had orange horns on the left and right side of his head, a green unicorn horn above his forehead, purple shelled wings on it's back, three diamonds on it's chest, and an insect looking mane.

"Who is that?" Twilight thought.

The Friendship Princess was going to try and back up and hide from the being but suddenly, her wiggling has made some noises which attracted the beings attention, in addition to that, she did not know that she had a black jacket covering her back. Then, he cocked his head to his left and took notice of her which got the alicorn mare anxious. However, the being gave her a smile.

"Oh, you're awake." The being said with a smile "Are you okay?" He asked.

Instead of getting a reply, Twilight slowly started to back up from the being with a perturbed expression on what he will do to her now.

When the being noticed this, he stood up away from the fire and started to slowly walk to the alicorn mare to prevent a panic from occuring in her.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you." Thorax said in an assuring tone while taking some steps forward "I just want to help you. I promise." He cooed.

Once Thorax got to the petrified alicorn mare, he bent down, stretched his hooves out, and gently embraced her in a comforting hug. When that happened, Twilight blushed softly due to the contact but, she did like it, the being's hooves and chest were warm and cozy.

"What happened to me?"

"Oh well, I saw you being chased by three three timber wolves in the Everfree forest while collecting some herbs, and I couldn't see somepony getting hurt so, I jumped in and scared all the wolves away from you with my magic before they devoured you. After that, I began to check on you but, you lost your consciousness by then therefore, I brought you into this cave so that I could perform a medical operation on you by using my herbs to treat some of your scratch wounds." He delineated.

Twilight was nonplussed by this, he was the one who rescued her from being eaten by those wolves? But, she shook the confusion out of her head and gave he being a smile of appreciation.

"Thank you." Twilight said in an appreciative tone "If I was alone, I would've been eaten." She told him.

"You're welcome." Thorax said with a smile "Anyways, where are my manners? My name is Thorax, I am the King of the changelings." He introduced himself.

Twilight's eyes widened when she heard this being or changeling saying that he is a King, this indicates that she has come in contact with a species from another Kingdom. This also means that there could be a lot for her to learn!

"He is a King?! Wow, this means that there are so much new things for me to learn!" She thought with an exhilarated expression.

But, the alicorn princess snapped out of it due to her obviously going to be impudent if she expressed this attitude towards the changeling who has saved her life. So, Twilight pushed the exuberance thought out of her head and started to kindly introduce herself to the changeling.

"Why nice to meet you Thorax, my name is Twilight Sparkle." She introduced herself "Princess of Friendship." She added.

Thorax was surprised to hear that this mare is a Princess but, he pushed that away.

"Nice to meet you Twilight." He said with a smile.

A brief second later, the little mare began to shiver due to the cold getting to her again. When Thorax noticed this, he stood up straight, helping Twilight up in the process, then, he slowly started to bring her to the fire so that she could be warmed up. Once he got to it, he sat himself and her down and unwrapped her left hoof from her so that she could warm herself up on her own.

"Here you go Twilight." Thorax said with a smile.

"Thank you Thorax, this fire is warm." She said placing her hooves near it.

"You're welcome, it's a good thing that I started a fire after bringing you into this cave, otherwise, you'd suffer from hypothermia." He told her logically.

"And I appreciate you preventing me from receiving it." Twilight said with a smile.

"So Twilight, why are you here?"

"Oh well... uh, had a little accident while setting up some equipments for the gala day in Canterlot." Twilight told him "My friend inadvertently gave me a teleportation potion to drink and boom, that's how I got here." She finished.

Thorax's eyes widened when he heard the word 'Canterlot', he remembers that city, but, he pushed the past out of his head and stared at Twilight with a sympathetic expression.

"I'm so sorry Twilight." Thorax said softly "Tell you what, why don't I bring you over to my Kingdom for a stay until me and my subjects get you home?" He offered.

When Twilight heard this, her eyes widened.


"Of course." Thorax replied with a nod "It wouldn't be pleasant for you to stay in the Everfree forest for months." He told her.

Twilight then let out a squeal and hugged the changeling King in his torso, and the sudden contact made Thorax blush slightly.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"You're welcome." Thorax said hugging back "I can bring you there tomorrow, what do you say?" He asked, and Twilight responded with a nod.

A new Kingdom

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Everfree forest 7:30am

In the Everfree forest, the animals of the large forest were all seen waking up and roaming around the place to start their days of walking freely, and eating grass in the Everfree forest without any disturbance.

In a cave however, a certain lavender alicorn mare was seen lying on the ground on her chest with her eyes closed, she also had a black jacket on her back as a blanket so that she could be warmed up since the fire was out.

A brief second later, the changeling King Thorax, walked into the cave with an apple that he picked up from a tree in his hooves, this would be enough to supply the little mare with the proteins that she needed. Although, it won't last long but, at least it is going to be healthy for her.

"This should be good for her." Thorax said to himself with a smile.

Then, the changeling walked up to the alicorn princess Twilight Sparkle. Once he got to her, he bent down and looked at her face, when he did, his cheeks flushed slightly due to how adorable she looks when she sleeps. She is like a cute little puppy but, he couldn't say that to her, otherwise, it would be offensive towards her, and would make him sound very sarcastic. Either ways, the changeling King reached for Twilight's back with his right hoof and shook her gently, trying to wake her up.

"Oh Twilight, it's me Thorax." Thorax said softly.

When Twilight heard the familiar voice, she let out a moan and slowly opened her eyes. At first, her visions were a bit blurry but, when they worked again, Twilight saw the changeling that saved her yesterday known as Thorax staring down at her.

"Oh, hello Thorax." Twilight greeted. Then, she let out a cute yawn.

"I got you an apple." He told her. "And judging by your flat teeth, I assume that you're a herbivore." He finished.

"Thank you, this is just what I needed." Twilight thanked in a grateful tone.

She then grabbed the apple with her right hoof and brought it to her muzzle. After that, she opened her muzzle and bit onto the apple and started to chow on it. During the process, Twilight let out a delightful smile due to the sweetness of the sweet fruit, it reminds her of the times that Applejack offered one to her. Ten seconds later, the friendship princess has already finished eating the fruit which made the changeling astonished greatly.

"Wow, you sure are hungry eh Twilight?" Thorax asked with a chuckle.

"Yep." Twilight mumbled with a nod. A brief second later, the friendship princess has finished eating the apple so, she threw the small bit of it behind her and swallowed the ones in her mouth "Thank you for the wonderful food Thorax." She thanked again.

"You're welcome Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "It's always good to eat nutritious food so that you can maintain a good health." He told her logically, and Twilight nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, would you like me to lead you to my home now Twilight?" He asked.

"Sure!" Twilight nodded eagerly "It wouldn't hurt for me to warm up a bit in your Kingdom." She said.

"Wonderful, let's go then." Thorax said stretching his hoof down at her, offering to help her up on her hooves "I've got the perfect things for you to warm yourself up from the rainy weather last night." He told her.

When Twilight heard this, her smile grew even brighter, she is so glad to meet a being who is willing to help her for once rather than trying to pick up a fight with her. Then, the friendship princess decided to waste no time and grabbed Thorax's hoof. After that, the changeling pulled her up to her hooves which made Twilight yelp in the process, however, the exertion has made Twilight hug Thorax, and when the contact happen, the young Princess let out a slight blush and released her hug.

"See, you're all healed up." Thorax said with a smile. "Now come on, my home is just a couple of meters from here." He told her, after that, Thorax started to guide Twilight out of the cave while still holding her hoof to corroborate that she wouldn't fall.

During the process, Twilight couldn't help but stare at Thorax with her cheeks flushing slightly due to how handsome he looks, in addition to that, he must be good in magic and first aid since he provided her with succour in treating her injured wounds.

Thorax has been guiding Twilight to his Kingdom for seven minutes now, and during the time, Twilight's hooves got very sore due to her still being a bit fatigued from that ordeal yesterday. So, the changeling King decided to lift her up on her back and carry her to his Kingdom. When that happened, Twilight blushed slightly again.

"Alright, just past this small hill." Thorax said walking around the small hill "And here we are. The Changeling Hive." He finished with a smile.

When Twilight heard this, she looked up and saw something very flabbergasting. In front of her was a tall blue coloured Kingdom that was bigger than Canterlot castle. It also had trees on it's sides which represents life.

"Wow, that is a nice Kingdom you have there Thorax." Twilight commented with an astonished expression "Your Kingdom sure looks bigger than the one in Canterlot." She added.

"Thank you Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "Now, without further ado, let's head to my Kingdom." He told her which made Twilight smile again.

Then, Thorax began to walk towards the front gates of his Kingdom where two heavily armed military changelings awaits for him, hopefully his subjects would not view Twilight as an enemy, he should be able to persuade them to treat her as their guest.

Twilight on the other hoof was extremely exhilarated to go to the Kingdom where she will accumulate lots and lots of knowledge about King Thorax's species. As always, she likes to learn something new.

"Oh the amount of knowledge I would learn." Twilight thought with a wide smile.

The Changeling Hive

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At the front gates of the Changeling Hive, there were two changeling soldiers wearing armour on their chests, a leather quiver on their backs, and armed with metallic crossbows guarding the front gates. The soldiers were a member of the Changeling Hive Armed Forces, established after Thorax was announced as King.

"Where do you think the King is Blaze?" The soldier on the left asked his colleague.

"I have no idea Blades." Blaze replied with a shrug "If the King doesn't return soon, we must report it to our captain." He told him sternly.

"Agreed." Blades said with a nod "After all, we would be doomed if we don't have a King with us." He added which made Blaze a little edgy but, he stuffed his agitation down.

"All we can do is wait."

Then, the two soldiers guarding the gates began to wait patiently for the King, this was their obligations for today either ways. However, a brief second later, the two soldiers heard some walking noises coming towards them. The changeling s look d forward and saw their King Thorax walking up to them, the sight has made them relieved and happy.

"King Thorax." The two soldiers said in unison with salute.

"Hello Blaze, hello blades." Thorax greeted the two soldiers with a smile "It's good to be back." He told them.

"And it's good to see you safe your majesty." Blaze said in a loyal tone like any changeling soldiers would say to their King.

"Thank you."

Blades noticed something on the King's back, so, he looked behind him and saw something strange. On the King's back was a purple alicorn mare resting on his back, she is also conscious too, never once has the Hive encountered a pony kind. Her appearance would concern the citizens too.

"Uh... king Thorax, who is that on your back?" Blades asked as kindly as he could.

When Thorax heard the questions, he must assume that Blades was asking about the alicorn mare that he is carrying on his back. The alicorn Princess looked in front of her and saw something extremely unique, in front of her were two armoured changelings welding what looks to be like metal crossbows that seemed slightly more advanced compared to the ones the royal guards use in Canterlot. Judging by the changelings expressions, it was like they have combat experience which made her slightly petrified.

"This is Twilight Sparkle." Thorax replied to him "I found her alone in the forest injured during my trip to find more herbs, so, I decided to bring her here for a stay." He finished.

"Understandable King Thorax." Blades said slightly astonished "But, what if your brother sees this?" He asked.

Thorax froze slightly at that question, although he is King but, he has an older brother who always put pressure on him when he was a young drone. This is all due to him wanting to toughen him up if he wants to be King of the Hive, even though he has already learned a couple of things about combat and self defense from the military. But, he pushed the anxiety out of his head and remained composed.

"Even if that's true, he'll eventually get through it." He told him with a shrug "Although he is rough around the edges with me, but, we're still siblings." He finished.

"Okay then King Thorax." Blades said with a smile"Either than that, it's good to see you back." He finished as he and Blaze pushed the gates opened.

"Thank you you two." Thorax said with a smile.

After that, Thorax walked through the gates and the two soldiers closed it afterwards. Then, the changeling King started to make his way to the front doors of his Kingdom. Once he got to them, he activated his horn and gripped onto the door handles with his magic. But, before he decided to pull them open, he decided to talk to Twilight.

"Twilight." He called her.

"Yes Thorax?"

"You're now going to enter my Kingdom." He informed her "I'm going to need you to remain composed while I am carrying you to the third floor. If any of my subjects looks at you oddly, I'm going to need you to disregard them because, they can be quite questionable. Understood?" He asked kindly.

Twilight was a bit shocked when she heard this, Thorax's subjects must be very sensitive, but, she pushed all of that aside and nodded to Thorax.

"Got it."


Once that's settled, Thorax looked back in front of him at the doors and took a deep breath, exhaling it in the process. After that, the changeling King pulled the doors back and walked through them, entering his Kingdom in the process, then, he shut the doors behind him and Twilight.

Once they were in, the first thing Twilight encountered was her leaning up slight on Thorax's back which nearly made her slide off of his back, thankfully, she managed to stay on by wrapping her hooves gently around Thorax's neck, the friendship Princess must assume that he was walking up some stairs.

Ten seconds later, Thorax has made it up the stairs and what Twilight heard next were loud chattering noises. The alicorn Princess looked in front of her and saw something incredibly unique in front of her and Thorax. In front of her were a bunch of multicoloured changelings walking in the large area. Some were holding grocery bags, and some were walking their children around too.

"Wow, talk about a fancy city." Twilight thought with a flabbergasted expression.

"Okay." Thorax said "Here we go." He finished exhaling his breath, and Twilight did the same.

After that, the changeling King started to walk through town in an equanimous way like he always is. During the walk, many of the citizens started to wave their hooves at their King while smiling, and Thorax returned the gesture with a few simple waves with a smile of his own, and Twilight was astonished by how many positive comments that Thorax is currently receiving, he must be very popular in his Kingdom. In addition to that, this place must be extremely busy.

However, during the walk, many of the changelings noticed the alicorn mare resting on their King's back. The sight has made all of the changelings mumble at each other.

"Who is that?" Asked a male drone.

"She looks completely different compared to us mommy." A young male drone said.

"In what rights does she have riding in the King's back?" A female drone asked in a bitter tone.

"Is she a foreigner?" A male drone asked with a slightly feared expression.

All of those negative and resentful comments has made Twilight sad, she then rested her entire body on Thorax's back with an embarrassed blush.

When Thorax noticed this, he began to pick up the pace out of the busy crowd and to the third floor of his hive which only him, his brother, military soldiers, police officers, and chefs could access, his subjects would be restricted entry in that special floor. If any of his subjects want to enter, they would need to seek permission from the soldiers guarding the doors to it.

"Don't worry Twilight, just one minute and we'll be there." He assured her, but, Twilight was still too humiliated to even open her muzzle.

One minute later, the changeling King has successfully made it to the stairs that leads to the third floor doors with Twilight still on his back after walking past his subjects as well as some police officers who questioned Thorax about the mare on his back. The changeling King then began to walk up the stairs to the two doors of the bird floor where two soldiers armed with crossbows guarded them.

The two soldiers immediately noticed the changeling King after looking down the stairs, however, they saw something else on his back. The two soldiers looked closely and saw a pony on the King's back which made their eyes widen in surprise. But, they decided not to question about it due to them not wanting to be kicked out of the military if the King reported their behaviour to their General. So, the two soldiers saluted to Thorax when he made it up the stairs, pushed the doors open in the process.

"Thank you you two."

"You're welcome King Thorax." The soldier on the left said "It's good to have you back." He told him.

Thorax gave the two soldiers an appreciative smile before walking through the two doors, entering the third floor hallway in the process. Then, the two soldiers closed them after.

Once Thorax made it back to his hallway, he took a deep breaths and exhaled it.

"Well, that wasn't hard." Thorax said with a chuckle. He then turned his head around slightly to look at Twilight, and he noticed her still covering her face with her wings due to how humiliating it was in the town "It's okay Twilight, it's just you and me now." He told her.

When Twilight heard his assuring words, she slowly removed her wings and hooves from her face and looked around her.

The hallway was extremely big like the one in Canterlot castle, the carpet on the floor was bright green coloured, there were four chandeliers on the ceiling for lighting in the night, there were also six couches on the left and right sides, as well as four tables with flowers and glass vases on them.

"Wow, this place is quite fancy." Twilight commented with a flabbergasted expression.

"Thank you for your wonderful comment Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "And welcome to the Changeling Kingdom." He told her.


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In a guest room in the third floor of the Changeling Kingdom, King Thorax was seen treating Twilight's wounds with his magic after using his herbs. Thorax was kneeling on the floor, while Twilight was seen sitting on a comfy bed while looking down at Thorax with an astonished expression due to his experience in magic. After fifteen seconds of healing magic, the changeling King has finished healing all of Twilight's gashes.

"There, all done." Thorax told her.

When Twilight heard this, she looked down on her wings and front two hooves where her blood and gashes were and saw that her wounds have all vanished thanks to Thorax's magic. A brief second later, Twilight looked back up at Thorax with an expression of appreciation.

"Thank you so much Thorax." Twilight said with a warm smile.

"You're welcome Twilight, after all, it would've been unpleasant for you to walk with all of these contusions on you am I right?" He asked.

"Correct." Twilight replied with a nod "If I was alone in the Everfree forest, I would be left to be devoured by those timber wolves, or killed by my wounds. So again, thank you." She told him in a grateful tone.

"You're very welcome Twilight." Thorax said with a smile, then, he moved on to the main topic that he wanted to ask her about "Anyways, I have a slight request that I would like to ask of you." He told her which made her surprised.

"What is this request Thorax?"

"Well you see, ever since you arrived here, you are considered a new and unknown species to my subjects." He told her as kindly as he could "Therefore, I would like to introduce you to my subjects, so that they won't be petrified of you. As a duty of a King, the lives of my subjects are my responsibility. So, do you think that it is okay?" He asked kindly.

Twilight then began to ponder about this hypothetical situation for a bit. It is very true that these changelings in the town would likely view her as a foreigner or a new species due to them having no idea who or what she is, that would lead to fear and anxiety. So, she has no other choice but to introduce herself to the community of this Kingdom, and considering Thorax's polite and brave tone, she does not mind. After all, he is the one who saved her life.

"That's okay Thorax." Twilight replied with a nod "I wouldn't mind getting to know the locals of your Kingdom." She told him.

"Perfect thanks!" Thorax exclaimed with a smile "I'll get everything ready so, just wait right here okay?" He asked, and Twilight replied with a nod.

After that, Thorax stood up from the floor, turned around, and faced the guest room door. Then, he walked up to them, gripped onto the handle with his magic and pulled it open. Finally, he exited the door, closing it behind him in the process. Now, he began to make his way to the front doors of the third floor hallway where he will order the two soldiers to do something.

Twilight has been waiting in the guest room for fifteen minutes now, during the wait, she was scrutinizing her guest room that Thorax put her in. The room was quite large with a couch on her right side, a closet with a green robe pajama, a mirror stand, a door behind her that probably leads to a toilet, and a chandelier on the roof. It represents about approximately a four star hotel room.

"Wow, this place is exquisite." Twilight commented with an astonished expression "It's almost similar to my bedroom in my castle." She said.

Then, the doors of her room were pulled open. The alicorn mare looked forward and saw Thorax walking up towards her with a smile, Twilight studied his light mood for a brief second and realized that he was contented about something.

"What's with the light mood Thorax?" Twilight asked with a perplexed expression.

"Oh nothing, it's just that I managed to get my subjects to the conference area of my Kingdom with the help of my soldiers." Thorax told her "This means that you will be introduced to my subjects." He finished with a smile.

When Twilight heard this, she got a bit anxious, but, she stuffed it down and gave Thorax a sort of nervous smile so that she can show him some integrity.

"That's wonderful Thorax." Twilight said with a smile "I cannot wait to meet your subjects." She told her.

"Brilliant!" Thorax exclaimed contentedly "Now, allow me to guide you there." He told her.

Thorax then stretched his right hoof out in front of Twilight, offering to help her up from the bed. When Twilight noticed this, she grabbed his hoof and Thorax slowly pulled her up from the bed. After that, the changeling King began to guide Twilight out of her room and into the hallway where he will guide her to the conference area. During their walk, Twilight couldn't help but stare at the muscles on his hooves, they were quite big, this indicates that Thorax must be an athlete like Rainbow Dash.

"Wow, he does seem muscular." Twilight thought with her cheeks flushing slightly.

After a seven minutes walk through the third floor hallway as well as through a secrete area in the town by three crossbow welding soldiers, Thorax and Twilight have finally arrived at the conference area where four police officers with batons in their belts, and riot helmets on their heads stood to maintain crowd control. While waiting for the King to start the meeting, the changelings began to ask each other about what the meeting is about this time.

"What do you think that this meeting will be about?" A female drone asked her friend.

"I have no idea." Her friend said with a shrug "I hope it's something good though." She said.


A brief second later, Thorax came up to the stage and tipped on the microphone three times, getting his subjects attentions in the process.

"Greetings my fellow subjects, may I get your attentions please." He told them, and all of the changelings postponed their conversations and looked up at their King "Thank you very much, and thank you guys for attending this meeting. Today, I have something to tell you all, we have a new visitor in our Kingdom." He informed them which made his subjects surprised.

"Who is this visitor?" A male drone in the crowd asked.

"Good question." Thorax said "She is a mare from another Kingdom or city, she can do magic judging by the horn on her forehead, and her name is Twilight Sparkle." He told them.

Once Thorax had said that, the entire crowd heard the sound of someone breathing in and exhaling her breath as an indication that she is preparing to come out. A brief second later, the changelings heard some hoofstep noises on the stage, the crowd looked up and saw what looks to be like a female pony with wings on the sides of her torso, and a unicorn horn on the forehead walking forward on the stage and next to their King.

Twilight looked down at the multicoloured changelings and saw that they were all staring at her with perplexed expressions which got her very anxious due to her thinking that she is an entirely different species compared to them.

"Who is she?"

"Is she a foreigner?"

"She's a pony!"

"Where is this pony from?"

Twilight was stunned by the citizens questions about her, they sure must be extremely desperate for answer. But, what got her bewildered was that some of them knew who she was.

"How do these changelings know what I am?"

"Whoa whoa okay, questions will be answered later my subjects." He told them through the microphone, silencing them in the process "I've just found Twilight injured in the Everfree forest yesterday after an encounter with some timber wolves so, I do not know anything about her yet, but, if I do know, I will disclose it to you all through newspapers. Other than that, I hope you will treat Twilight kindly here with integrity and impartiality, not just a sojourner." He finished sternly.

The changeling began to ponder about this for a second, for now, they have no idea who the heck this Twilight Sparkle is or where she came from, there could be a possible chance that she could pose a detrimental threat to them all but, since Thorax stated that he found her maimed in the Everfree forest by those timber wolves, they thought that they might show her some integrity.

When Thorax saw that his subjects where smiling up at him, he must assume that they all accepted his request to them in making Twilight feel like home in their Kingdom.

"I guess you all accepted Twilight then." Thorax said with a smile "This meeting is adjourned." He told them.

When the changelings heard this, they all turned around and the police officers began to guide them to the exit of the conference area of the hive.

During this, Twilight was staring at the kind changelings with a warm smile due to her being so happy that she has been accepted by them all.

"This will be pleasant." Twilight thought with a smile.


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Changeling Hive 8:00pm

On the third floor hallway, Thorax was seen guiding Twilight back to her room after the meeting that he organized minutes ago so that his subjects could meet Twilight and see that she is no threat, however, he did noticed that some of his subjects had uncertain expressions on them probably due to them still seeing Twilight as a mysterious species from another Kingdom. It is going to take a while for his subjects to befriend Twilight, as well as gaining their trusts on her.

"I certainly hope that they will accept me Thorax." Twilight told him with an edgy expression "After all, I did see some of them giving me some uncertain expressions." She informed him.

"I'm sure they'll pull through." Thorax assured her with a smile "After all, I did tell them to treat you like a guest, and not just some lost immigrant." He finished.

When Twilight heard this, her stress has been relieved slightly, although, she might encounter many of the changelings looking at her with petrified expressions due to her being different compared to them, but, as long as Thorax said that they will treat her like a guest here and not just some sojourner, everything will be okay just like he said.

"But, you'll have a long way to go in order to gain their trusts." Thorax told her "But, I'm sure you'll succeed in it." He said with a smile.

"I know." Twilight said with a giggle "Friendship is one of the most crucial things in life." She told him.

"True." Thorax said with a shrug "Even though I didn't manage to make that much friends from the outside world due to me staying in my Kingdom to do work, and roaming around in the Everfree forest frequently, but, at least I have my subjects as my friends." He told her.

Twilight was a bit scandalized to hear that he does not have any friends from outside, he must be very busy with work when he said that he needed to endow succour to his subjects because he is the King here. The fact that he needs to work in the Kingdom, and go to the Everfree forest at the same time must be a very difficult obligation.

"Wow Thorax, you must be very busy with all of these obligations that you need to fulfill."

"Indeed." Thorax said with a nod "I am the King after all, and the lives and safety of my subjects are in my hooves." He told her in a loyal tone.

Twilight was astonished by his bravery, he reminds her of the times when she fought off against villains who tried to conquer Equestria before in the past. The alicorn mare wanted to ask him another question but suddenly, her stomach started to growl which Thorax heard.

"Oh, are you hungry Twilight?"

"Yes Thorax." Twilight replied with a nod "I probably didn't ate that much after my arrival in the Everfree forest." She told him with a depressed expression.

"Well then Twilight, you're in luck." Thorax told her which made her perplexed "Because, I have already told one of my soldiers to order the chefs to make us some dinner." He said.

When Twilight heard this, a smile appeared on her muzzle.


"Allow me to guide you to the dinning room then."

Then, the changeling King switched the route from Twilight's guest room to the dinning room where they will have dinner to satisfy their hunger.

Thorax and Twilight were now in the dinning room of the Changeling Kingdom where they will have their dinner, the changeling was seen seated at the end of the table where there is a large window behind him, while Twilight was seen seated on his left side, now, they were waiting for their meals. During the wait, Twilight was seen scrutinizing the large dinning room with a flabbergasted expression due to how big it was, it was almost as big as the Canterlot ballroom!

"Wow, talk about a five star restaurant!"

Thorax looked over at Twilight and saw that she was staring around the dinning room with an astonished expression, the changeling King must assume that she was amazed at how large the room was. The sight has made the King chuckle slightly.

"She's cute when she makes that expression." Thorax thought with his cheeks flushing slightly. Then, his eyes widened "Wait, where did that come from?" He asked himself with a perplexed expression.

A brief second later, the doors to the dinning room were pushed opened. The changeling King and the Friendship Princess looked to the doors and saw two changelings in chef uniforms with a serving tray in their hooves walking towards them both. One changeling walked to Twilight's locations, while the other walked to Thorax's location. When they both got to them, they placed their trays in front of them and let out smiles.

"Enjoy your meals."

"Thank you." Thorax said with a smile.

The changeling s bowed to their King and Twilight and turned around to face the doors of the dinning room. When they did, they began to walk out of the room, leaving Twilight and Thorax alone together in there.

Twilight pulled up the lid to see what food is in there, when she did, she noticed fruits and vegetables mixed together in the bowl, the friendship princess studied the food for a bit and noticed that it was a fruit and vegetable bowl, it was one of her favourite meals. So, Twilight activated her horn and levitated a spoon in the air, after that, she scooped up a bit of the vegetables and a pice of orange, then, she brought the spoon to her mouth and clamped on it, chewing on the foods in the process. When she did, a huge smile appeared on her muzzle.

"Wow, this is scrumptious and sweet!" Twilight exclaimed happily, then, she began to chow down on the thing quickly in a ravenous way, and the exertion has made Thorax chuckle.

However, when Twilight notice what she was doing, she ceased on her exertion an spilled her face out of the bowl, then, she looked at Thorax with an apologetic expression.

"Sorry about that Thorax, I was very hungry."

"It's okay Twilight." Thorax assured her with a smile "I did this once before when I was young." He told her with a chuckle, and Twilight giggled back.

After that, the two royals began to eat their meals, and Twilight started to eat it with respect and manners this time.

Thorax and Twilight have both finished eating their dinner after seven minutes, now, both of them were preparing to go to bed where they will get some rest and prepare for tomorrow. Twilight said thank you to Thorax before heading to bed in her guest room.

While in her room, Twilight put on her robe pajama so that she would be warm during her sleep, when she did, she was nonplussed in how comfortable and warm it was in the inside, it was like it was made of pillows.

"Alright, time to go to sleep." She told herself as she walked up to her bed.

Once she got to it, she lied down on top of it, letting out a sigh in the process. After that, she looked up at the ceiling with a concerned expression of how worried her friends and family are due to her sudden disappearance.

"Don't worry guys, I'm okay." Twilight said "I hope you all will find me soon." She finished.

A brief second later, the alicorn princess slowly closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.


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Changeling Hive 8:00am

It is now 8:00 in the morning in Equestria, birds were chirping and flying in the forest, and animals were seen starting to walk all over the place in preparation to look for food to replenish themselves after their sleep.

In the Changeling Hive, a lavender alicorn mare named Twilight Sparkle was seen still sound asleep on her bed in the guest room that Thorax offered for her to stay in during her stay in the Changeling Hive until her friends and family finds her and bring her back home. A brief second later, the young mare let out a yawn and opened her eyes due to the sunlight shining into her eyes from the large window on her right.

"Mmm... what time is it?" Twilight asked herself. She then sat up straight and stretched her hooves and wings. "This bed is really comfy." She commented with a smile.

A brief second later, Twilight heard the sound of her room doors being pulled open by somepony. The alicorn mare looked to them and saw Thorax entering her room.

"Good morning Twilight."

"Good morning Thorax." Twilight greeted with a smile "What brings you here?" She asked.

"Oh nothing." Thorax replied with a shrug "Just came here to see how you're doing." He told her.

"I'm doing great thanks." Twilight told him with a smile "This bed is very comfy by the way." She finished.

"I'm glad you like it Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "It makes me happy to see someone enjoying themselves here." He finished.

"Either ways, what would you like to do today?" He asked her.

When Twilight heard this, she began to ponder about this for a bit, is there anything that she would like to do? For now, she wants to return home to her friends an family so that they can know that she is safe. But, at the same time, exploring this Kingdom wouldn't hurt.

"I would like to explore your Kingdom Thorax." She replied.

"Okay then." Thorax said with a nod "Allow me to give you a fine tour of my Kingdom." He told her which made Twilight exhilarated already.

Before the tour commenced, Thorax first brought Twilight to the dinning room so that they could have some breakfast to keep them energetic, today they had pancakes to eat, and coffees to drink in order to keep them awake. The eating lasted for four minutes and now, the changeling and the alicorn were both very full and energetic. This means that Thorax can now instigate the tour of the hive for Twilight. He first started with the town where many changelings were seen walking around the place while holding grocery bags so that they could shop for groceries from the stands.

"This here Twilight, is the town where my subjects buy their groceries from the stands." Thorax delineated "This part of the town is one of the most crucial areas of the Kingdom." He finished.

"Because your subjects need to eat?" Twilight assumed.

"Correct." Thorax replied with a nod "This took at least a week and four days to build by me and some engineers." He told her, and Twilight was astonished.

After checking the town, Thorax has now lead Twilight to the farm of the Hive outside where changeling farmers were growing and collecting crops and fruit for the Hive's changelings.

"This here Twilight is the farming area of the Hive." Thorax told her "Here we have my subjects farming and collecting crops for the Hive so that shop owners can sell them to their customers." He finished.

Twilight was very amazed by the sight of the changeling farmers working hard in collecting the crops on the fields and placing them in baskets so that they could deliver them to the stands in town. The changelings reminds her of her friend Applejack and her family working from day and night in sweet apple acres.

"Wow, they remind me of Applejack and her family."

After the farm, Thorax has now lead Twilight to another large area in the Changeling Hive, and this 'large area' is known as the library which was located on the second floor of the hive just above town. Here there were lots of adult changelings reading some newspapers which contents delineated about the alicorn mare that Thorax brought in as well as some new herbs brought in by their King available in medical supplies shops, and there were also many male and female changeling drones in their adolescents reading books that relates to their school subjects.

The sight of the amount of books that this library has made Twilight's eyes widen in astonishment, this library is definitely bigger than the one she has in her castle and the oak library!

"This here Twilight is the library." Thorax said "Here we have my subjects reading books that-"

Thorax wasn't able to finish his sentence when Twilight ran forward and into the library which caught him off guard, he was also impressed at her speed.

"Oh my gosh! Look at all of these astronomy books!" Twilight exclaimed with a wide smile which startled some of the changelings. "Oh my goodness, stars, the sun, moon, oh my Celestia! This is so cool!" She finished.

The changelings were extremely aggravated by the alicorn mare's tumultuous screaming and blabbering, it was like she is a three year old going crazy over sweets and snacks. The library is suppose to be a quiet place where they can all read a book peacefully, but, this mare is making it very difficult for them to do so! Plus, it is provoking a lot of disturbances.

Thorax was staring at Twilight with an anxious expression due to her breaking the rules of the library all because of the excitement building in her.

"King Thorax." The female librarian drone called him "Aren't you going to do something about this?" She asked.

"Oh! Uh... yes I will ma'am." Thorax said with a nervous chuckle, then, he looked at Twilight "Uh Twilight, do you think that you can be more quiet please?" Thorax asked politely.

When Twilight heard Thorax's polite request, she immediately came to a realization that she has broke the rules of the library, she then placed a book that she is holding back into one of the shelf areas of a bookshelf and walked up to Thorax slowly while the changeling were staring at her with a bit of hatred in their eyes, including some adolescents. Once Twilight got to Thorax, she looked up at him with an apologetic expression.

"I'm sorry Thorax." Twilight said with a disconsolate expression "I just got a little carried away, reading books is my hobby." She told him.

"It's okay Twilight, I forgive you." Thorax assured her with a smile "You want to go to somewhere else now?" He asked.


Thorax let out a smile and guided Twilight out of the library to continue the tour of the Hive. And when the changelings noticed their King walking the alicorn mare away from the library, they let out a sigh of relief and continued to read their books as well as proceeding with their days as usual.

The tour has lasted for three hours now and Twilight was extremely astonished by Thorax's Kingdom, it was big with lots of citizens in towns and many other sections of the Hive, there were lots of hard working changelings like Thorax, a large library with tons of books, shopping stores with lots of foods and other beneficial products to make life more feasible, and many more.

Thorax has decided to not introduce Twilight to the military and police force due to him knowing that she would be petrified by those sorts of things.

"Wow Thorax, this is a large Kingdom that you and your subjects live in." Twilight said in an impressed tone.

"Thanks Twilight, although being the King here is quite difficult but, I'm living a happy life along with my subjects." He told her with a smile.

"That's good to hear."

"Indeed." Thorax agreed with a nod "I love my life." He told her.


Twilight was going to say something else but then, her stomach growled again in hunger.

"Oh." Twilight giggled.

"Oh, I think that it's time for lunch." Thorax said.

"That would be wonderful Thorax." Twilight said with a smile.

"Okay then, I'll-"

"Hey Thorax!"

When Thorax heard the familiar voice, his eyes widened in surprise, and he got a bit scared.

"Oh dear." Thorax mumbled.

Sibling impression

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Twilight got perplexed due to Thorax suddenly getting agitated after being in a contented mood not long ago. And hey did he say 'oh dear'? Is there something here that intimidates him? Nothing would intimidate him right? He is King here after all, and his subjects must all listen to him. So, she decided to get some answers from him.

"What's wrong Thorax?" She asked.

Thorax decided not to answer to Twilight's question due to him knowing what would happen if he immediately changes the subject. He then took a deep breath, exhaling a few seconds later, and turned around to face the changeling behind him.

Twilight got perplexed when Thorax turned around instead of replying to her, his slightly anxious expression indicates that something unpleasant is going to occur, so, she turned around to see what he was looking at, when she did, she noticed another changeling walking towards them both. This one was dark green coloured and was slightly shorter than Thorax, but, he does have some structure similarities to him.

To Twilight, this looks like a changeling who has encountered somepony doing something bad to him, or has made a mistake that has made him angry due to his engraged expression. But to Thorax, the changeling is none other than Pharynx, his older brother and the Prince of the Hive.

"Hello Pharynx." Thorax greeted with a nervous smile as he walked in front of Twilight, hiding her in the process "What brings you here?" He asked.

"Step aside Thorax." Pharynx demanded.

"Oh uh... I think you-"

"I'm not gonna ask you twice." He told him "Step aside." He finished.

Thorax let out a sigh when he heard this, there was no point in hiding this so, he slowly stepped aside and revealed the alicorn mare behind him.

When Pharynx noticed the alicorn mare, he began to scrutinize her from head to hooves, and his exertion has made Twilight a bit irked and uncomfortable due to her wanting her personal space back. A brief second later, Pharynx has completed his inspection and looked up at his little brother with an incredulous expression.

"Are you kidding me Thorax?" Pharynx asked with an incredulous expression "You're letting a random foreigner into the hive now? This would definitely damage your reputation." He told him in a logical tone.

Twilight was a bit offended due to the fact that this changeling called her a 'random foreigner' for no reason.

"Hey, watch your words moster-"

Twilight immediately stopped in her sentence when the dark green changeling shot her a glare that made her loose her bravery, the alicorn princess could clearly see that this changeling is very tough and mean judging by his expression and his previous attitude towards her friend Thorax.

"Just who do you think you are?" Pharynax asked.

"Who am I?" Twilight asked with a perexrd expression, then, she decided to reply to his inquiry "My name is Twilight Sparkle, princess of friendship, element of magic, the leader of the-"

"Blah blah blah blah." Pharynx blattered, interrupting Twilight's introduction in the process "You think I care miss sweet potato?" He asked in an insulting tone which offended her again.

"You listen here kid, my name is Pharynx, and I am the Prince here as well as the older brother of Thorax." Pharynx said "I have no interest in hearing your preposterous royality things from your city or Kingdom, you think that you own this place?" He asked her.

"Uh... no."

"Exactly." He said with a nod "So therefore, you have to listen to everything me and Thorax say, otherwise, we will send in a law enforcement officer and throw you straight to jail!" He warned sternly which intimidated her.

By this point, Thorax has had enough, he stepped in between his big brother and the alicorn princess and looked at his big brother with a serious expression, defending Twilight in the process.

"Pharynx, that's enough." He told him sternly.

"What do you mean Thorax?" Pharynx asked with a raise of his eyebrow "Can't you see that she is not from here?" He asked again.

"I know she is not here." Thorax told him which got him surprised "But, I can't just treat anyone who are not from our Kingdom like some sojourner that we need to get answers from. We as changelings must show kindness to each other andother species no matter what background we have, or where we're from." He finished logically.

Twilight was totally touched by Thorax's statement as well as the sight of him defending her. He sure is extremely benevolent and has a great heart unlike his older brother Pharynx.

"But still, we can't just let any outsiders down here without questioning them." Pharynx said "This would jeopardize our subjects." He finished.

"I know, and I'll handle it." He told him "Give me and her a chance." He said kindly.

Pharynx started to ponder about this, right now, the most obvious thing for him to do is to send Twilight to one of the interrogation rooms in the Changeling Hive Police Department so that she can be interrogated by either himself or the police. But, he wouldn't mind Thorax getting a chance to interrogate somebody this time, after all, he is his little brother, so, he decided to let it go.

"Fine, you can handle this Thorax." Pharynx said with a defeated sigh. After that, he turned around and prepared to leave and resume his walk through the town "You better make this right." He told him sternly, after that, he left.

When Thorax noticed that he has managed to talk Pharynx out of this, he let out a warm smile.

"Well, that wasn't that-"

Thorax wasn't able to finish his sentence when Twilight unexpectedly lunged herself towards him, wrapping her hooves around his neck in the process, then, she embraced him in a hug. Her exertion has made the changeling King blush slightly.

"Thank you so much Thorax." Twilight said nuzzling his cheek "You have no idea how grateful I am to you!" She exclaimed.

"N-no problem Twilight." Thorax said with a smile of his own "No one deserves to be treated this one no matter where they're from." He told her.

His remark has made Twilight smile brighter as she nuzzled him again which made him blush slightly again, his heart rate was accelerating slightly too. A brief second later, Twilight released herself from the hug and let out a giggle, and Thorax chuckled back.

"Anyways Twilight, it's getting dark soon so, do you want to go back to the third floor and get something to eat?" He asked.


"Alright then, let's go!"

After that, the changeling King and the alicorn princess both started to make their way to the staircase of the changeling hive that leads to the third floor.

It is now nighttime in the Changeling Hive, and many of the residents began to make their way back to their homes so that they could get some rest and call it a day after one long day, as well as eating their dinner.

On the third floor of the changeling Hive, the Changeling King Thorax, and the alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle were both seen having spaghetti for their dinner and some water for their drinks. This time, Twilight ate with manners no matter how scrumptious this meal tasted. After three minutes of eating, both royals have finished their meal, then, they both levitated their glass cups in the air and drank their water. A brief second later, the two of them placed their glass cups on the table and exhaled gratefully.

"Wow, that was a nice meal." Twilight said.

"Thanks Twilight. I'm glad you enjoyed it." Thorax said with a smile "So, wanna go to sleep now?" He asked.

"Sure." Twilight replied with a nod "But, one favour if you don't mind." She told him.

"Really? What is it then?"

"Do you think that I can sleep with you today please?" Twilight asked kindly "I just got intimidated by your older brother, that's all." She told him with a slight blush.

When Thorax heard this, he was a bit uncertain, sleeping with a female would be presumptuous and humiliating but, at the same time, Phaynx did discriminate her quite unfairly which scared he. So, he gave Twilight a smile.

"I can see why not."


After that, Thorax and Twilight both got up from their seats and walked to the doors of the dinning room. Once they got to them, Thorax gripped onto the door handles with his magic and pulled them open, he first let Twilight through then him next, closing the door behind him afterwards. Then, both started to make their way to Thorax's bedroom.

Thorax and Twilight were now in the large bedroom that belongs to the Changeling King, Twilight was seen sitting on Thorax's large King size bed while reading a biology based book that he gave her to read while he was brushing his teeth.

"Wow, Thorax must like biology very much." Twilight said with an astonished expression.

After five more seconds of reading, the door to the bathroom was opened, Twilight looked to her right and saw Thorax exiting while wearing his robe pajama, indicating that he has finished brushing his teeth along with her.

"Enjoy the book?"

"Indeed Thorax, I don't know that you like science as well."

"Ah well, biology is my most favourite." He told her as he climbed on the bed and sat next to her "Anyways, should we call it a night?" He asked.


After that, Thorax turned off the lamp and pulled the blanket above him and Twilight, covering their torsos in the process. Then, they both rested their heads on the pillows and closed their eyes.

However, Twilight opened her eyes again so that she could see Thorax again, she couldn't help but grow fond of him when she stares at him, or, when she is by his side. From all this time, he has been showing nothing but integrity and kindness to her during her stay in his Kingdom, not just some random creature to be studied and questioned. His kind hearted attitude shows that he is full of dignity.

"You're so sweet Thorax." Twilight said quietly with a blush. A brief second later, the lavender made slowly closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.


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It is now morning in Equestria, the birds were chirping outside in the trees, and animals were seem roaming around their natural habitats in the Everfree forest like usual. As always, the sun was shining brightly like summer.

In the Changeling Kingdom, Twilight Sparkle was seen still asleep in bed in King Thorax's bedroom due to her wanting to sleep with him last night after last night's ordeal with Thorax's older brother Pharynx and his racist, insulting, and sarcastic remarks to her which got her a bit frightened. Luckily, her sleep with Thorax has gotten her relaxed.

However, for some unknown reason, Twilight felt warm everytime she is with Thorax, and this warm sensation far exceeds of a sun's temperature.

A brief second later, sunlight shined through the window on the right side of the bedroom and hit Twilight's face. This resulted in making her moan and slowly open her eyes, at first, her visions were blurry, but, when they worked again, the alicorn mare noticed sunlight shining from outside of the window.

"Ah, morning." Twilight said. She then slowly sat up straight and let out a yawn, stretching her wings in the process. After that, Twilight looked down to her right and noticed that Thorax wasn't next to her "Huh, where did Thorax go?" She asked with a perplexed expression.

Then on cue, the doors to Thorax's bedroom were pushed open, making a creaking noise in the process. The friendship princess looked forward and saw her friend Thorax coming into the room with a cup of coffee, and an orange on a tray.

"Morning Twilight, I just decided to grab something for you to drink and eat when you wake up." Thorax told her with a smile as he walked up to her.

"Thanks Thorax." Twilight said with a smile as Thorax placed the tray next to her on a cupboard.

After that, Twilight charged her horn and levitated the cup of coffee up from the tray, bringing it to her in the process. Once she got it to her muzzle, she began to drink the cup of coffee, during the process, she smiled in delight due to how tasty this coffee tasted, it must've had some brown sugars in it or something. A brief second later, Twilight has finished drinking the coffee, and she pulled the cup away from her muzzle, letting out an exhale in the process.

"Wow, now that is a nice coffee."

"Glad you like it Twilight." Thorax said with a smile. "Here, have an orange." He said offering her a slice.

When Twilight noticed it, she grabbed the orange slice with her right hoof and ate it, after she gulped it down to her stomach, the alicorn made let out a wide smile in a way to indicate that she enjoyed it. The princess then levitated all of the orange slices from the small bowl and shoved them all into her muzzle, chomping them all up in the process.

Thorax was again very nonplussed by her actions but, he pushed it away and remained composed in order to show integrity towards her.

Ten seconds later, Twilight has finished biting the orange slices in her muzzle and she gulped it all down, letting out an exhale in the process. Then, she looked at Thorax with a smile and hugged him in the process.

"Thank you so much for the sweet fruit Thorax." She said in a grateful tone "I appreciate it a lot!" She finished in a contented tone.

Thorax blushed slightly due to the sudden embracement from the cute little mare, he felt his body temperature rising slightly as an indication that he was feeling something towards her. But, he snapped out of it and let out a smile.

"You're welcome Twilight."

After a while, Twilight removed her hooves from his neck and released from the hug. Then, the two of them let out a chuckle. However, seconds later, Twilight's smile disappeared and she slowly frowned.

When Thorax noticed Twilight's sudden depression, he got perplexed. So, he decided to ask her what was bothering her.

"What's wrong Twilight?" Thorax asked "Why so disconsolated all of the sudden?" He asked again kindly.

"Oh um... its just that-"

"What?" He asked "You can tell me, I'm here to help you." He told her.

When Twilight heard this, she was touched. So, she first took a deep breath and exhaled it, calming herself down in the process. Then, she began to expose to her friend.

"Thorax, I appreciate you bringing me here to stay and recover but, I don't think that I can live here for longer now." She told him in a dejected tone "I have a career and a worried family out there searching for me desperately and, if I stay here for any longer, they'll keep worrying for my safety. I hope you understand." She said with a depressed expression

"I understand that Twilight." Thorax said with a nod "I know you cannot love here forever but, you can't just go out there and search for them in the Everfree forest on your own. You could get killed by the predators there." He told her in a logical tone.

"I know but, it keeps making me streeful to think of my friends and family worrying for me everyday."

When Thorax heard this, he felt sympathetic towards her, no one in Equestria deserves to be separated from their friends and families for years. Otherwise, depression, anxiety, and grief woild ensue. However, he can't just let Twilight venture through the Everfree forest alone again, she would get devoured by those predators or starve to death. He needed a plan to relieve her stress, a brief second later, a great one popped in his head which made him smile.

"Here Twilight, let me take you to somewhere special."

"Huh? What special place?" Twilight asked with a perplexed expression.

"You'll see very soon, now come on, let's go." Thorax told her as he got off the bed.

Twilight was perplexed at first by this, but, she shrugged it off and got off the bed. After that, Thorax lead her to his opened bedroom doors, when they got to them, they exited the bedroom and made a right turn. Then, they began to make their way to the doors of the third floor hallway.

Everfree forest

King Thorax and Princess Twilight Sparkle were both seen walking in the Everfree forest for approximately forty minutes now to the special place that Thorax told Twilight about. It was like they have been walking around in a circle considering that she and he had been making multiple left and right turns. Twilight was going to ask Thorax if they were anywhere close to the location but, he spoke first.

"Ah, here we are Twilight."

When Twilight heard this, she walked next to Thorax and looked in front of her. When she did, she saw something that immediately blew her away. In front of her was a large grass filled area with a pond in front of it, and a waterfall above it. The grass surrounding he pond also had flowers on it too.

"Wow, this place is absolutely beautiful Thorax!"

"Glad you like it Twilight." Thorax said with a smile "This is my favourite place to hang out when I am free." He told her.

"So no wonder why you call this place special." Twilight giggled, and Thorax chuckled. Then, the alicorn made grabbed Thorax's right hoof, making the changeling King blush slightly in response "Come on, let's play!" She exclaimed pulling him to the area.


While in the area, the changeling King and the friendship Princess have been doing all sorts of exhilarating activities including running around the area, enjoying the scenery, smelling some flowers, and many more. Now, the two were swimming in the large pond like swimming in a swimming pool. Thorax was seen floating on the pond, while Twilight was seen standing on the waterfall ledge, preparing to jump down as if she is on a diving board.

"I'm gonna jump down Thorax."

"Okay, take your time."

Twilight first took a deep breaths and exhaled it in the process, relieving her anxiety in the process. After that, she ran forward and jumped off the ledge of the waterfall, a brief second later, she splashed into the water. Then, the alicorn mare paddled her way up to the surface, gasping in some air in the process.

"That was awesome Twilight!" Thorax said swimming towards her.

"Thank you Thorax." Twilight said embracing him in a hug, and Thorax hugged back.

Thorax and Twilight have both been playing around the area for an hour and a half now and they were exhausted. So, they both decided to rest on the soft grass while looking up at the skies.

"So Twilight, what do you think of today?"

"It was wonderful Thorax!" Twilight exclaimed contentedly "I've never had that much fun before in my entire life!" She told him with a wide smile.

"That's good to hear." Thorax said with a smile. However, a brief second later, Twilight's smile disappeared again. "You good Twilight?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's just some stuffs bothering me again." She told him "I'm just still worried about my friends and family." She finished with a depressed expression.

"Twilight, there's no need to worry." Thorax told her in an assuring tone "I have a big feeling that you will reunite with your friends and family soon one day, no matter what, I will always do my best to show integrity and kindness towards you during your stay in the Hive." He finished.

Twilight couldn't help but feel touched again by Thorax's kind statement. During her stay in the Changeling Hive, he has been showing nothing but kindness and support to her, there were no signs of racism from him. A brief second later, both the changeling King and the friendship princess stared at each other with their cheeks flushing, and Twilight's eyes were glittering. Then, without hesitation, the two royals leaned their head close to each other and kissed each other in the lips.

The two were making puckering noises from the contact of their lips, and warm sensation were running through their systems. A brief second later, Thorax climbed on Twilight and rested himself on top of her, making her giggle slightly, then, they proceeded with their kissing. Fifteen more seconds later, the two royals released each other from their kiss and stared down at each other with their cheeks flushing.

"Wow handsome, I didn't know that you are such a good kisser." Twilight cooed stroking his cheek.

"Thanks Twilight, your lips were soft and warm." He told her, and Twilight giggled in response "Anyways, wanna head back now?" He asked.

"Sure." Twilight replied with a nod.

Then, Thorax stood up and got off of Twilight. After that, he stretched his right hoof down to her, offering to help her up. The alicorn mare then grabbed his hoof and the changeling King pulled her back up on her hooves. Then, the two royals both walked back into the forest and started to make their way back to the Changeling Hive.

However, just as the two of them left, two pegasus mares and one unicorn stallion have entered the area where the two royals have finished playing in. And the three ponies were known as: Shining Armor, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. The three of them were seen split up from the group by Celestia in order to make the search effort of their missing friend Twilight more feasible considering their large numbers.

"Wow, talk about a beautiful place." Rainbow Dash said with an astonished expression.

"I know Rainbow but, right now we need to focus on the task of finding Twilight." She td her.

"Come on, it's been a couple of days now." Shining said with a worried expression "Even the gala day is going to come soon, and Twilight won't be able to attend if we don't find her." He finished.

"Don't worry Shining." Rainbow assueed him gliding down to him and giving him a pat on his back "We'll find your sister soon, all we need to do is to search high in the sky, and low on the ground to make it more efficient and easy." She told him.

"One can hope Rainbow, one can hope."

"Well, it looks like she is not here either." Fluttershy told them "Let's return to Celestia." She said.

The two of them nodded and the three ponies began to make their way back to Celestia to report that Twilight is not in the area where they searched.


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Changeling Hive, Thorax's bedroom, 8:00am

It is morning again in Equestria, the sun was up and birds were chirping in the trees and soaring through the skies happily like they always do.

In the bedroom of King Thorax, Princess Twilight Sparkle was still seen asleep on the bed with Thorax next to her after the journey to the beautiful place that Thorax brought her to, as well as where their first ever kiss occured in.

However, a brief second later, Thorax was the first to wake up due to the sunlight shining through the window again and hitting his face in the process. He then let out a soft moan and opened his eyes, when he did, he saw the beautiful alicorn mare Twilight Sparkle sleeping next to him comfortably which made him smile warmly. Then, a brief second later, Twilight woke up, she let out a yawn and opened her eyes, then, she saw Thorax.

"Oh, good morning Thorax." Twilight cooed stroking his cheek.

"Good morning Twilight." Thorax said stroking her hair.

"Yesterday was so much fun." She told him "We swam, we played, and we even shared our first kiss." She finished with a giggle.

"I know, and it was wonderful. You're lips were soft." Thorax remarked, and Twilight giggled from his kind comment "But unfortunately, we cannot attend any fun activities today, I have work to do." He told her.

"Oh okay."

"You can wander around in the Hive if you want to." Thorax offered "None of my soldiers or police officers will prevent you from doing that." He told her.



After that was established, Thorax and Twilight both got off of the bed and commenced their day.

In the third floor hallway of the Changeling Hive, Princess Twilight Sparkle was seen roaming back and forth in the hallway for approximately six minutes now while thinking of her friends and family who she assumed were still desperately looking for her in the forest with a possibility of no resting due to their anxiety for her safety.

"Don't worry guys, I'm safe here with Thorax." Twilight mumbled.

She then decided to resume her roaming around the hallway in order to relieve her stress again, but, this would be proven to be much more difficult compared to last time due to there being nothing to do in the hallway. However, the alicorn princess immediately stopped in her tracks when she remembered something.

"Sweet Celestia that's right! The gala day is tomorrow!" Twilight exclaimed with a shocked expression "I've been waiting for that day forever but, it seems like I cannot attend." She told herself with a depressed expression. However, a solution came up in her mind.

"Wait, that's it! Maybe Thorax can arrange one here in his Kingdom."

Then, Twilight decided to go and find Thorax. So, she turned around and ran to the third floor hallway doors. Once she got to them, she gripped onto the door handles with her magic and pulled them open where two changeling soldiers stood and looked at her.

"Excuse me you two."

"What do you want Twilight?"

"Do you know where Thorax is?" She asked.

"King Thorax is in the military headquarters." He replied which made her surprised.

"Can you take me there please?" Twilight asked kindly "I have something important to tell him." She told him.

The soldier pondered about this for a bit, letting a foreigner into the military headquarters would certainly make his superior officers angry but, since she said that she has a message for King Thorax, everything will be okay.

"Sure." The changeling nodded in an uncertain tone "Allow me to guide you there then." He said.


After that, the soldier began to guide Twilight to the Changeling Hive Military headquarters where she will have a conversation to his King about something that he does not quite know obviously.

"Hopefully the general would not take this seriously."

After walking through the town for approximately fifteen minutes, the soldier have finished guiding Twilight to the Changeling Hive Military in the basement level of the Changeling Kingdom, the two of them had to take an elevator down too which was located in the first, and second floor of the Kingdom. When they reached the metal doors to it, the changeling soldier grabbed out his ID card and tapped it on a panel. The panel let out a beeping noise and the doors were slid open, impressing Twilight in the process.

"Wow, what a technology." Twilight mumbled with an impressed expression.

Once the doors were fully opened, the changeling soldier looked at Twilight and said "King Thorax is in the meeting room so, take a left turn and go down to the hallway where there are two metal doors."

"Okay." Twilight said in acknowledgement. After that, the soldier turned around and left.

When that was done, Twilight looked back in front of her and walked through the doors of the military, entering it in the process. Once she was in, the friendship princess looked forward and saw a path sign on the wall which read.

Meeting and combat training rooms: Left
Weapons training, carriage station, and weapons storage room: Right

"Left it is then."

After that, Twilight turned to her left and started to walk through the left side of the hallway where there was a right turn in front of her. When she made it to the turn, she turned right and started to walk throught the hallway to the meeting room where the soldier said that Thorax is in. However, just as she made it to the middle of the hallway, she heard a voice.

"Hey you!"

Twilight froze in her spot when she heard the familiar voice, she turned around and saw the dark green changeling known as Pharrynx walking towards her with an angry expression which made her edgy.

"What do you think you're doing entering the military?" He asked demanding an answer.

"I... I'm... just here looking for Thorax." Twilight replied in a slightly anxious tone, however, Phaynx did not take it.

"Do you honestly think that I am stupid?" He asked her with a raise of his eyebrow "I'm the Prince here tso, tell me the truth, otherwise, I will send you to jail this instance." He warned her.

Chills went down to Twilight's spine when she heard this, she just came here to find Thorax, not to infiltrate and steal stuffs, what does it even take to convince this obnoxious changeling anyways?

Miraculously, the conversation ended when a voice was heard from behind.

"Hey, chill out Pharynx, Twilight is with me."

When Twilight heard the familiar voice, she turned around and saw her friend Thorax walking up towards her, the sight has made her relieved. Pharynx was just about to ask him a question but then, Thorax talked to Twilight instead.

"So, what brings you here Twilight?"

"Oh um... I have something to ask you about." She replied.

"Really?" He asked, and Twilight nodded in response "Let's take it outside then." He said.

Twilight nodded again and she and Thorax both started to head to the entrance doors of the Changeling Hive Military, leaving Pharynx baffled.

"What does Thorax see in her?" Pharynx asked himself with a perplexed expression.

Once they were outside, Thorax and Twilight were now both standing by the entrance doors of the Changeling Hive so that Twilight could talk to him about the thing, luckily, there were no soldiers outside of where they were standing.

"So Twilight, what is this thing that you want to talk to me about?" He asked her.

Twilight first took a deep breath and exhaled it, calming herself down in the process.

"You see Thorax, tomorrow we ponies have arranged something called a Gala day where we all dance happily and have a merriment moment." She told him "But, since I'm in the Changeling Hive, there's no way for me to attend the dance so, do you think that you can organize one in your Hive please? And would you like to be my partner?" Twilight asked kindly with sparkling eyes.

Thorax was caught off guard when he heard this, although he has heard of a gala day before in books. It is when creatures who have a partner dance with each other happily for fun, or to express their love to each other. And since Twilight has requested him to arrange this activity in his Hive kindly, as well as asking him to be her dance partner, he had to accept it. After all, he would not want her to be depressed.

"Of course Twilight." Thorax replied with a nod "Anything for you." He said.

"Cool! Thanks!" Twilight exclaimed kissing Thorax on his cheek, making him blush in the process.

"Hehe." Twilight giggled.

"Okay, now you wait in our bedroom in the third floor until I ty to get all of this set up okay?"



After that, both royals began to make their ways to the elevator of the basement where they will head up to town and make their ways to the third floor of the Hive.

On the third floor of the Changeling Hive, King Thorax was seen setting up some banners on the walls, a disco ball on the roof, a loud speaker, long rectangular tables with foods and drinks on them all in his throne room with the help of his subjects where he and Twilight will have the dance of their lifetime, while the alicorn mare was in their bedroom.

"I have a feeling that this dance will be wonderful." Thorax told himself with a smile.


View Online

Changeling Hive 8:00am

It is early in the morning now in Equestria, many animals were getting up from their caves and we're exiting them so that they can find food and water to replenish themselves for their upcoming day today in the Everfree forest.

In the Changeling Hive, the changeling King Thorax, was seen sleeping comfortably in his bed still a little tired after last night's dance and romance with the love of his life Twilight Sparkle, but, he can manage it, after all, he is the King here. However, his sleep was put to an end when the feeling of somepony shaking him woke him up.

Thorax let out a groan and opened his eyes to see who was shaking him, at first, his visions were blurry, but when they worked again, the changeling saw his beautiful Princess Twilight Sparkle looking down at him with a smile probably due to her successfully waking him up at last.

"Morning Thory my King." Twilight cooed.

"Morning Twinkle's my beautiful princess." Thorax cooed which made Twilight giggle again "Anyways, you want me to get up?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied with a nod "I need you up handsome." She told him.

"But you look beautiful when you're down here with me." Thorax said as he placed his left hoof on Twilight's back and pulled her down on the bed on top of him which caught her off guard. Then, the changeling King rolled them to the other side and got on top of Twilight. After that, he pinned her hooves on the pillows and kissed her in the lips with his eyes closed, and Twilight kissed back with her eyes closed.

After kissing for twenty seconds, the two couple pulled away from each other to catch some breath.

"Wow Thory, you sure are full of surprises." Twilight said while panting.

"Thanks Twinkle's." Thorax said with a smile.

"You're welcome." Twilight said stroking his left cheek "Anyways come on, it's time for us to get out of bed and get some breakfast." She told him.

Thorax nodded and got off of Twilight as well as their bed, and the friendship princess got off after him. After that, the couple began to make their way to the doors of their bedroom. Once they got to them, Thorax gripped onto the door handles and pulled them open.

"After you."

Twilight giggled from Thorax's loyalty, then, she walked through the two doors, and Thorax walked out after he. Finally, the couple began to make their way to the dining room of this floor.

3 hours later

Thorax and Twilight Sparkle have both finished eating their pancake breakfast which was absolutely fascinating and scrumptious. Now, the Changeling King was working in the Hive while Twilight was reading books in the library in the third floor of the Hive, and she was reading a book based on astronomy.

"Wow, this book is certainly catching my interest." Twilight said in astonishment "Thorax sure does like to read books just like me." She finished with a slight giggle.

A brief second later, the friendship Princess decided to get another book to read so, she closed the current book that she was reading and stood up from the chair. After that, she began to bring the book back to the shelf where she got it from. During her walk, Twilight couldn't help but daydream about Thorax and how handsome he is.

"Thorax is so sweet and handsome."

However, just as Twilight walked up next to a shelf, she spotted something oddly familiar with her eyes.

"Huh?" She said as she turned to her right.

She then stared at the bookshelf that was next to her, when she did, she saw a book that read 'The ponies of Equestria'. The sight has made Twilight drop her book down onto the floor in a surprised way. After that, she walked up to the bookshelf and pulled the book out of the shelf, she then flipped it open and her eyes widened in horror when she read what was on it.

The book talked all about the things that are based on ponies, the way they live, the rulers, different Kingdoms, and many more. The discovery has traumatized her completely.

"Has Thorax known about this?" Twilight asked herself shakingly.

In the third floor hallway of the Changeling Hive, King Thorax was seen making his way to his library where his beloved was currently reading a book in after completing his work in the Hive.

"I wonder how my Twinkle's is doing?" Thorax asked himself with a smile "I bet she is enjoying it here, maybe I would even ask her to be my Queen and wife today." He said with a smile.

Once he got to the doors of his library, he gripped onto the handles with his magic and pulled them open. After that, he began to search for his love, and surprisingly she was right in front of him.


However, she did not reply to him, instead, she kept staring down at a book that she is reading with a scandalized expression as if she just saw a timber wolf eating an innocent little herbivore animal.

Thorax then looked at the book that she is reading in order to see what was bothering her. When he did, he noticed that she was reading the book that was based on the ponies of Equestria. He sight has made his eyes widen.

"Uh oh."

Twilight then slowly tilted her head to her right where Thorax is, and she faced him with a depressed and shocked mixed expression.

"How long have you known about this?" She asked him, but, Thorax did not reply. Now, Twilight was getting angry "HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN ABOUT THIS?!" She shouted demanding an answer. Then, the changeling King decided to disclose the truth to her.

"Ever since I was young." He sighed.

Twilight was scandalized when she heard his reply, Thorax has known about her and her kind ever since he was young? Has he and his subjects been spying on them the entire time and conducted research on their lives? Why didn't he tell her that he knows about her and her species? If he did, he could've sent her home. A brief second later, the friendship princess has had enough of this, tears formed in her eyes and she dashed towards Thorax, when she got to him, she began to smack his chest angrily.

"YOU LIAR! YOU LIAR! YOU LIAR!" She screamed while in tears.

A brief second later, Twilight ceased on her smacking against Thorax and ran out of the library while crying, she then made a dash to the doors of the third floor hallway in order to escape from the Hive and run into the Everfree forest.

As Twilight left, Thorax was left standing there with a shocked expression due to her rushing. Then, tears stared to form in his eyes due to how ashamed he was in lying to the one he loves.

"How could I lie to my Twinkle's?" Thorax said as he began to sob.

Changeling Hive 8:00pm

In the third floor of the Changeling Hive, the Changeling King known as Thorax was seen looking out the window with a concerned expression. It has been nine hours since Twilight had left the Changeling Hive after the startling revelation that she discovered in his library, he now feels ashamed of himself for lying to the love of his life. It was also seen raining heavily outside which would put Twilight in a detrimental situation.

"Oh Twilight, I hope you're okay."

"Hey Thorax."

When Thorax heard the familiar voice, he looked at his right and saw his brother Pharynx walking up to him.

"Oh, hi Pharynx." Thorax said in a slightly down tone.

When Phayrnx heard his slightly depressed tone,he knew what was bothering him, it was due to the disappearance of Twilight Sparkle after she discovered the truth. Then, he walked up to him and gave him a gentle pat on the back.

"It's okay Thorax." He said "Twilight will be okay, she must be found by her friends and family right now." He assured him.

"I know but, it's now raining so heavily, I'm just worried that's she might get stuck in the rain."

"Thorax, everything will be okay."

Before Thorax could talk to his brother again, a loud thunder shock has stopped him, the changeling King looked forward and noticed that it was storming now, this has gotten him extremely anxious. A brief second later, he has made up his decision.

"Pharynx, I'm gonna go and find Twilight." He told him sternly.

"Wait what?"

Pharynx wasn't able to object when thorax rushed to the doors of the third floor hallway way, once he got to them, he pulled the doors opened with his magic and rushed down the stairs to the town, startling the two soldiers guarding the doors in the process.

After running through town and going down stairs for six minutes, Thorax has made it to the front two doors of his Kingdom. He then gripped onto the two door handles with his magic and pulled them open. After that, he ran to the front gates of the hive, when he got to them, he pulled them open with his hooves and started to run into the forest in search for his beloved.

"Hold on my Twinkle's, I'm coming." He said confidently.