Silver and bone

by ThePinkiepie

First published

It started at the beginning of the school year and it just seems to get worse

It all started at the beginning of the school year. She barley ate, spends most of her time in the library, every time she gets anything lower than an A she freaks out. It got worse after one Friday she was pulled out of class. her friends try to help her but she denies it, they just wanna know what wrong with Silverstream

This story is pretty dark
TW: eating disorder, abuse, and suicide attempt and mention of death


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POV Smolder:

“So you see class.” Headmare Twilight said, I'm honestly not sure what she was talking about. I fell asleep halfway through her lecture and the only reason I woke up was because Silverstream nudged my side causing me to wake up. This usually happens when I fall asleep during a lecture I couldn't care less about. Then about 5 minutes before class ends Silverstream wakes me up, and after class she tells me what it was about. I'm not really sure how she remembers any of it, I mean I can barely remember the stuff our headmare says before I fall asleep.

I quickly lean over and whisper into Silver's ear, “Anything important?” I ask. She quickly answered back “just about generosity and its importance to the other elements, I'll explain more later.”
I gave a quick nod and began listening to the best of my abilities.

literally a few seconds later we heard a knock at the door followed by it opening with pony magic or levitation or whatever they call it. Then came walking in Counselor Starlight, “hey Twilight sorry to interrupt, But I just need to borrow Silverstream for a second, there is somebody here who needs to see her.” Me being the nosey dragoness I decided to move my head to see if I could see anybody behind Starlight, and all I saw was some adult hippogriff with purple fur. It looked like the hippogriff I had seen on the first day of school.

I heard Silver whisper “oh shit” under her breath as she grabbed her books and flew out of the door. so I'm going to take a big guess and say that him being here is not good. But on the Brightside I will get to hear about it when she is doing her midnight rant later tonight.

“No problem Starlight, I was just about to dismiss class anyway.” so hearing that made me pop out of my seat. Literally.

As I ran out of the door I could hear headmare Twilight say “have a good day everybody makes sure you have all your homework done.” Good thing I did all my homework during lunch. Now i can sit and relax and-

“SMOLDERRRRR!!!!” And the next thing I knew I was being tackled by a big brown fluffy yak. The yak was giving me a hug lifting me up into the air and almost made me pass out. “Nice Breath to Breath See Breath you Breath to Breath Yona” I said trying to breathe.
I think she realized she was smothering me because she finally let go which caused me to fall onto the floor.

“Oh” she said, helping me up. “Yona sorry.” then she looked to my left then to my right. “Where pink hippogriff?”
“Oh she got called out of class early, apparently some purple hippogriff is paying a visit and needed to see her.”

"General Seaspray?"

"Ya I guess so."

“Is She in trouble?” Before I would get a word out Yona and I heard a door slam shut a few halls down. which made us both turn our head in the direction the sound came from. I looked down the hall and saw Silverstream flying full speed around the hall and out an open window. It looked like she was holding a bag of something I couldn't really tell though. Me and Yona just looked at eachother, I gave her a nod, she gave me a nod and we started running after her. We followed her path all the way outside where every building is connected.

Me and Yona had to stop and catch our breath by the water fountain. As I sat down on the edge of the water fountain I looked around for Silver but I couldn't see her. “I think we lost her,” I said in defeat. “Do you see her?” I asked Yona who was laying on the floor panting. She didn't answer me so i'm going to take it as a no-


I heard somebody scream behind me. I jumped up to see who it was and I automatically realized it was Silverstream as she transformed into her hippogriff form.
“Holy Ember Sil you scared us” I screamed. Silver just let out a giggle then I noticed she had some water under her eyes which was weird because she usually fully dry when she turns from a seapony to a hippogriff. Wait-, had Silver been crying?

“Silver, are you ok?” I asked her “yuppy i'm good” she said bubbly Yona then asked my second question “what Seaspray want?” Just then her face seemed to turn into a frown just for a second, It was quick but I still saw it. “Oh he just wanted to make sure i was doing well in my classes and stuff,” Me and Yona just looked at each other. “He had to pull hippogriff out of class to do that, Why not wait for class to be done?”
Sliver shrugged, “I don't know he is a general so he is very busy so maybe that was the only time he could talk to me or something.”

Ok so like 3 things don't make sense here

1. Usually they check on their students at parent/teacher conferences.
2. If he wanted to know he could have written a letter asking about how she was doing.
3. Why would Silver be flying that fast if she didn't just hear something bad cause if it was good she would have ran to find all of us and tell us, even if it wasn't any news she would be so excited to tell us what the conversation was about.

"umm ok then" is all I could really say.
"Hey guys" I heard somebody say I turned around and saw my 3 other friends Gallus the griffin, Sandbar the pony, and Ocellus the changeling.

"Since we are out of school for the day do you guys wanna go to sugarcube corner and go get some milkshakes and cupcakes?" Sandbar suggested


Yona responded by licking her lips which we knew was Yona for YES!.
"I don't really want to get cupcakes" I heard Silverstream say, we all turned around in shock and disbelief. Ok since when doesn't Silverstream want cupcakes literally every time we bring up cupcakes, she is the first one at the store.

"Umm Stream" Gallus said walking to her "are you feeling ok" he asked trying to put his claw up to Her forehead but she quickly pushed his hand away and flinched? What the hell did she flinch? "I feel..fine I just don't feel like having cupcakes" she explained drawing into the dirt. "But you love cupcakes and milkshakes. You would go every day if you could" Gallus exclaimed. "Well sometimes shit changes." jeez attitude much.

"OK well you don't need to have an attitude" Ocellus spoke up. I saw Silverstream roll her eyes and mumble something under her breath that I couldn't hear.
"what did you say?" I asked. For a few minutes there was silence around us, I think we were all waiting for her to respond, or maybe even say she was joking around, then we could all go to sugarcube corner laughing about it.
"Sorry but I think I'm gonna go to our dorm..." Sliver was looking to the ground while she was talking.

Why couldn't she look at us?

We all just looked at each other. "Does Hippogriff want us to bring something back?" Yona asked. "NO!" Silver yelled finally looking up, i could see the pain in her eyes, she looked like she wanted to cry.
We were all taken aback on her reaction. I wanted to to say something but I just stayed silent and watched her fly away to the dorm me and her shared. There was again silence around us, we all just looked at each other not sure what to do next.

"So do we go check on her or are we suppose to leave her alone?" Sandbar asked breaking the silence.

"I don't think she wants all of us around her right now" Ocellus answered . "What if 2 of us go see whats up with her and the rest can go pick stuff up at sugarcube corner, and we can all meet at the lake in like a hour or 2? Sandbar suggested.
Ok ya that is a good idea "Ok" I said "whos going were?"

"Well I think it would make since for the creature she shares a dorm with, and the creature that can sense different emotions to go to Silverstream" Gallus suggested, Ocellus and I just looked at each other.

"Ok then lets go celly" I said walking to the dorms Ocellus followed close by.

"what do you think is wrong?" She asked " I have no idea" I answered.

POV Silverstream:

I start feeling the spot on my check he hit as I flew into the dorm Smolder and I share, our dorm is pretty nice we have a closet that we divided so she could put her stuff and I could put my stuff in, and I try to pretend I don't notice the big box labeled Not girly stuffthat she keeps in the corner of her side. We both have a desk we use to do homework or have a midnight snack.

We also have bunk beds, I sleep on the bottom and Smolder sleeps on the top, We even have a mirror with a bunch of pictures of us and all are friends. There are some of us from hearts warming when Gallus destroyed the tree and we all stayed at the school for the holidays, it was probably the best holiday I had, I was able to spend it with people who actually care about me.

I started to scan the room for the bag I had earlier. It was a white bag that General Seaspray gave me... It had bunch of stupid stuff that he said would help me "lose weight" like seriously he came all the way here just to lecture me on my looks about how fat and ugly I look, give me a bag with laxatives, scale, and a corset to sleep with to "fix my body." I'm already having trouble wanting to eat as it is he didnt need to do that!
I finally found the bag near the window I threw through before diving into the water fountain then proceeded to scare the living scales off of Smolder which was kind of funny. thank the tides the bag was tied or else everything would have fallen out. For now I decided to put the bag under my bed, That way it's out of the way and I don't have to look at it.

I decided to walk over to the mirror and examine myself....
i can still hear that stupid voice of General Seaspray and his horrible words repeating in my mind.

"Look at you! you've gained so much"

I remember him slapping me..
Then getting real close to my face....

"honestly when i think you cant get more disappointing"

...he grabbed my hair and threw me onto the ground

"if you wanna keep going to this school then you better make your self look better"

.....Then he threw the bag at my face

"Here i brought you some stuff to help"

I looked into the bag and saw a scale, a coreset, and pills.

"But if i were you...."

he started leaning over me...
...and i started shaking and softly crying

"i would just stop eating"

he started walking out the door

"Maybe then you could look presentable....
remember you are showing off the royal family and your country.. and you've disappointed us so much these past years you need to do better or else there will be serious consequences"

then he just shut the door and flew away....
....I just grabbed the bag and flew out as fast as I could trying not to cry.

Only the beginning

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Nobody POV

Silverstream kept looking at herself in the mirror as she thought back to all the things Seaspray had told her.
She just kept looking at herself seeing how fat she was getting and rubbing her talons on her stomach.

"you have become a disgrace to your country and the royal family"

Silver felt water in her eyes and just let them drip, she just let herself silently cry.

Silverstream cried for, She's not sure how long. But she had suddenly herd a knock at the door and quickly wiped her tears and looked over to make sure the bag was out of sight. she was unable to see said bag so she thought it was good. "Come in" she said through a fake smile.A few seconds later a orange dragon and a cyan changeling walked in.

well crap

"Hey guys!" she said through a fake smile and waving her talion "I thought you were going to Sugarcube corner?" She questioned.

"Gallus, Yona, and Sandbar, all went and they're bringing food back, then we are going to the lake for a picnic." Ocellus answered
"Well why aren't you with them?" Sil Questioned with a bit of attitude.
"OK 1 watch your attitude, and 2 we came to check on you because you just didnt seem right" Smolder explained.

"Oh you don't need to worry about me I'm fine I'm just tired from school and stuff." Silverstream protested. For a second there was silence the 3 creatures just looked at each other for what felt like forever. Silver saw Ocellus open and close her mouth as if she was trying to say something, but Silverstream knew what she was doing.

Great she's tasting my stupid feeling....

"your lying Silver.." Ocellus said "I tasted your emotions your hurting, so what's wrong?" Silver looked at Ocellus. "Jeez celly, ever heard of privacy?" Silver rolled her eyes.
"have you ever heard about talking to your friends about your problems?" Smolder fired back.
Silverstream started walking toward the dragoness and Changeling.
"for your information I'm perfectly fine, the only problem I have right now is you two bugging me." The creatures started backing up to the door as the young royal walked to them with anger in her eyes. "And for your information Ocellus the hurting your feeling is probably because I ran into a door and my head still hurts from it!" By now Smolder and Ocellus were outside the dorm.

"Now here is how its gonna go" Sliver continued, she looked at Smolder. "Smolder I would like it if you spent the night in a different dorm room tonight. Its nothing against you I just feel like being alone right now, and I will just get dinner in the school cafeteria so don't worry about that. If needed you can come by later and get your stuff to sleep in a different dorm ok. that's all goodbye, have fun!" She then proceeded to shut the door in their faces.

Smolder and Ocellus just stayed in silence not sure what to do now. “So...” Smolder started “was she lying?” She asked looking at the Changeling. “Are you stupid! Of course she was lying” Ocellus stated “I mean yes we can sense psychical pain but it tastes different hers was emotional and her emotional pain tastes like Black licorice cotton candy! And-.”

“CELLY CALM DOWN!” Smolder yelled, she then started whispering “Silverstream is still in the room right in front of us and she can hear you. So if we are going to talk about this let’s start walking to the lake.” Oculus looked to the door, then Smolder, then the door, then Smolder again, and nodded. And they began walking to the lake.

“So...” Silverstream her Smolder say from the other side of the door. “was she lying?”
“Are you stupid! Of course she was lying” She heard Ocellus state, “I mean yes we can sense psychical pain but it tastes different hers was emotional and her emotional pain tastes like Black licorice cotton candy! And-.”

“CELLY CALM DOWN!” Smolder yelled, she heard Smolders horrible attempt to whisper, “Silverstream is still in the room right in front of us and she can hear you, so if we are going to talk about this let’s start walking to the lake.”

Silverstream waited for a few minutes with her ear still pressed against the door. after a few minutes of not hearing anything she slid her back against the door and started sobbing. Silverstream hated herself, she hated that she was still alive, she hated the way she looked, she hated everything about herself. She didnt even know why she hated herself. She had an awesome group of friends, she doesn't get bullied by any creature here, the only person who ever gives her a hard time about anything is General Seaspray. All he ever talks or writes to her about is grades and how to act like some high class snobby princess. Silverstream suddenly felt a sharp pain in her talion "Son of a hot spring!" She screamed in pain, She looked down at her and saw she had dug her claw into her pawl causing it to bleed.

"Ugh" she proceeded to walk to her bathroom, open the drawer that was connected to the sink, and pull out a small blue box that says First-AID.

"Not again..."

She grabbed a paper towel to clean the blood off and proceeded to grab a few band-aids form the kit and put them on her pawl. She looked over her talion it seemed good and unnoticeable. She started walking around her dorm see if she could see the band-aid while walking, "Nope all good!"

Silverstream looked at the mirror again. She started looking around her dorm through the mirror, her eyes landed under her bed where she had thrown that bag. "I guess I can weigh myself just to see how much I need to loose.." Before she could talk herself out of it, Silver quickly snatched the bag and opened it, and grabbed the scale.

She carefully set the scale on the ground. She already knew how to use one, in fact it was Sea Sprayer who showed her how to use it after everygriff came back to land. She thought it was the best thing in the world, she would use it everyday just for fun! but as time had gone by she started caring about the numbers on the scale. Sea Spray constantly told her to "watch the numbers and make sure they never get to high," and soon it wasn't something fun for Silver to use anymore. It became one of the reasons she would cry herself to sleep sometimes.

She kicked the scale making it turn on and waited for the 00 to come up. When it did she made sure all four legs were standing on it. She waited for it tell her. she was scared about what it was going to be, the number had finally come up..


123.8 was what it said on the scale. "N-No" Sliver started crying. how could she let herself do that. Soon her cry's turned into sobs. She was disgusted in herself. Shes 14 and is 123.8 basically 124! As she cried she went over to her desk and grabbed a pencil and an empty note book. She wrote down the date and time.

Friday, October 12.

weight: 123

She wrote down stuff she could do

what I need to do:

If I cut off more foods I might loose a few, and if I start working out more that could help to

She closed the note book, and hid it under her bed along with the scale and bag.

"OK....I know I usually workout in the morning and night but I guess I could do one now.." She looked out the window to see what she could do. "I think the track is open, I could run or fly a few laps around it."

After a bit of thinking Silver flew out of her dorm and went to the vending machine right outside the students cordons, And grabbed a few waters. While she was waiting for the waters to leave the machine she looked at the other treats that were in there. She saw some crackers that had cheese or peanut butter in the middle, it made her stomach growl in hunger. "Will you shut up" she whispered while hitting her stomach.

She looked back at the food, "Maybe i can just have one snack?"

"UGH" she proceeded to hit her claw on her head "No Silverstream NO more of that." She heard a loud thud and looked down to see the few water bottles had come out. Before she could think anything else Silver grabbed the waters and flew as fast as she could to the track.

Thus beginning her workout....

Chapter 3

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Gallus, Yona, and Sandbar entered sugarcube corner, luckily there were only a few other ponies infront of the students, so the line moved quickly.
"Do friends think Silverstream ok?" Yona asked her 2 friends. Gallus was the first to answer the question "I'm not sure..”
The 3 moved up a bit in the line.

"Maybe silver not feel well" Yona suggested, Gallus shrugged "She said she felt fine, and you would think if she wasn't she would tell us right?"

"did you see the way she flinched when you put your claw near her face?!" Sandbar asked.

The others nodded, "its not like I swung my claw at her or something, I just jokingly put my claw to her forehead like i was checking her temp, Then she kinda flipped out like she thought I was gonna hit her.."

The trio moved up in the line a bit more.

"Do you think smolder and celly will find out anything" Sandbar asked. Yona shrugged, "Yonas friends smart, they find something."

It was finally the students turn to order. "hey sandbar you can order for us right," Sandbar turned around "what why me-" He saw both of his friends giving him the puppy dog eye. "serious Gallus you too," Gallus didnt say anything and just continued to to make his eyes bigger then dinner plates. Sandbar rolled his eyes "Fine stop doing that ill order."

"Yes!" The Yak and Griffon said in unison, Gallus then leaned over to Yona "Worked on Gruff and works on Sandbar," they both chuckled "It work on sandbar because sandbar a softie."

"Ok shut up and tell me what you want" Sandbar interjected. "umm how can we tell you what we want if you told us to shut up?" Gallus smirked, sandbar looked at him with an annoyed expression on his face, "nevermind I know what you want." Sandbar looked at the cashier "Hi Miss Cake can I get 2 strawberry, 1 Chocolate, 2 Vanilla milkshakes, 5 haybugers, and a order of a dozen cupcakes"

"Of course dearie" Miss cake said "that will be out in a minute" she started walking to the kitchen.

maybe I should get silver something

Soon Miss cake came back with a box that had a dozen cupcakes in it, "Here you go dearie the rest will be out in a minute" She said with a smile, "thanks but umm" sandbar thought for a second, "Can I add another vanilla milkshake and one more hayburger?"

Miss cake gave a kind smile, nodded and went back to the kitchen.

"umm what sandbar doing?" Sandbar turned around to see his two friends with very confused looks.
"Im getting Sil something."

"But she said she wasn't hungry" Gallus recalled,

"Well she could change her mind," Sandbar explained.

"But if Silver hungry would Hippogriff just go to cafeteria when dinner get served?" Yona questioned, "well its a nice thing to do y'know if you had to chose between school food or SCC what would you rather have" Sandbar finished his statement with a smirk.

“Meh I guess your right,” Gallus respond. “Ya I know I am, by the way you both are paying for the food.” Sandbar stated with an innocent smile.

“What since when we agree on that!” Yona asked, “we just did I order you two pay” He flashed another innocent towards his friends.

“Ya we flew right into that one” Gallus sighed,

“Yona not fly yak don’t have wings, Yak run into it.”
“Or trip” Gallus muttered, Yona shot him a quick glare.

Soon after Miss cake came out with a bunch of To-go boxes. “Ok your total is $36.12” she said handing boxes to Sandbar followed by Gallus and Yona handing the needed bits to the baker.

Ocellus and Smolder were at the lake waiting for their friends to get there with the food, they were laying on their backs looking up at the clouds both creatures thinking the same thing.

What’s wrong with silverstream

"So" Ocellus turned to Smolder who was still looking at the clouds, "You gonna spend the night in me and Yonas dorm?."

Smolder kept looking at the clouds as she answered, "Im not sure, I konw she probably wants privacy because for whatever reason but if somthings bothering her as her friends we should help her right?."

Ocellus said nothing and just kept listing to her dragon friend.

“I mean she is always there for us, helps us when we are down, tells us that we should be open about how we feel, then all of a sudden when she’s upset she won’t tell.”

Ocellus realizing her friend was about to go on a rant and immediately interrupted. “She might need to bit to calm down maybe she will tell us tomorrow.”

“Ya I guess.” Smolder sat up looking at the lake In front of them she saw how the sun rays hit the water causing it to sparkle, it looked so beautiful it kind of reminded her of

Of Sliverstream.

Smolder immediately shook said thought away,

“I guess I just got scared when she started acting weird” she started playing with the sand under her claw. "i Thought maybe somthing really bad happened."

"Like I said I think she will tell us eventually maybe tomorrow or even later today" Ocellus lifted herself up facing the water, "But for now we need to give her the space she needs.”

Smolder let out a heavy sigh “ya I guess, I’m probably just overreacting.” Smolder turned her head to look and her Changeling friend “What do you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“Am I overreacting”

“I wouldn’t say overreacting we all saw the way she was acting and we were all worried I think your more just a little more worried about her that the rest of us because..” Ocellus didn’t finish her sentence not knowing if she should say it out loud

“because I might like her” Smolder finished

salt pepper and problems

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“I'm just saying cucumbers, bread, and mayonnaise do not seem good together!” Gallus stated to his friends while walking down to the lake.

“Don't hate it till you try it” Sandbar stated, Gallus just rolled his eyes “Ya whatever” He then looked over to the lake where his other two friends were sitting “Looks like they finished talking to Silver.”

“But where hippogriff?” Yona asked. It looked so weird to the three students, there was no Silverstream, they weren't even talking, they were just looking at the lake.

“Let's go see what's up,” Gallus said, beginning to fly over to the two creatures.

Ocellus and Smolder just sat there quietly not sure what to do or say they just both patiently waited for the others to show up.
“Hey guys” They both heard a voice from above, they looked up and saw Gallus hovering above them and watched as he proceeded to land in front of them, “Where's Stream?” he asked. Smolder looked behind her to see Yona and Sandbar approaching as well.

“She's still at her dorm room we couldn't get her to come out” Ocellus explained

“Really what happened?” Sandbar questioned putting the bag of food down.

“Here put out the food then we will explain,” Smolder stated, grabbing the bag of food looking for her own. Once they had their food Smolder and Ocellus Started to explain what had happened when entering the dorm room.


“Jeez she really kicked you out of your own dorm?” Gallus said before taking another bit of his hay burger.

“Ya,” Smolder explained again, sipping her milkshake, “ then she just slammed the door in our faces!.”

“Ya that totally sounds like her” Sandbar said with lots of sarcasm. Yona not catching the sarcasm was very confused. “Really? yona never seen hippogriff act like that,”

“Yona I was-“ sandbar not sure how to explain sarcasm to his yakfriend “nevermind.”

“Well what are we going to do now?” Gallus asked, “Has this been something we learned in classes?”

‘Well kinda, ' Ocellus said thinking back to past classes “I remember a lecture we had with Princess Twilight a year ago.” Ocellus thought for a second before continuing, “She said that if a friend has something going on and won't tell you anything in the beginning you have to give them some space. But you have to be careful with the amount of space you give because whatever they are going through might get so bad and something bad could happen, And if you see it getting worse and you can't help alone you should get an adult or in our case a professor or counselor Trixie but before you do that you should try to talk to them again first but if that doesn't work then you should go get a adult.”

Ocellus finished looking at her friends with confused, shocked looks. “What?”

“How do you remember all of that?” Smolder asked, Ocellus shrugged “it's a changeling thing.”

“Or an Ocellus thing,” Gallus chimed in. Ocellus choosing to ignore Gallus' statement continued with what she was saying “Anyway I think we should give her some space tonight, maybe some of tomorrow and see how it goes.” Ocellus looked at each of her friends and they all nodded their heads in agreement.

“Hey” smolder said “who’s that for” she pointed to a to go box and cup.

“Oh it’s for silver” sandbar explained “it was just in case she decided to join us and needed something to eat."

"Ohhh ok makes sense."

Silverstream felt so tired, she ran about 12 laps around the track and didn’t stop. Her legs felt weak and shaky. She started feeling a little lightheaded and quickly went to the bench where her water was, she opened the bottle and chugged half the bottle.

“Ok” she said to nobody “ I did 12 running now. If I do 12 flying then maybe I can go do 12 laps around the lake! Ya ya that could work” she thought.

Silver still felt so tired but she didn’t care she needed to do this she had to.

Taking one last drink of water she set it down and went to the white track line, she stretched out her wing, got into her takeoff position.

She took a deep breath




And she was off. She loved the feeling when she flew the wind in her hair, the way the wind moved through her feathers. It was a nice breeze feeling she felt so happy when fly she felt so free she loved it.

Everything around her looked so blurry and funny when she was flying fast, she could feel herself starting to slow down and tried to push herself harder. But her wings felt so sore it hurt so bad her wing gave up but she kept trying to go.

Everything after was a blur silver felt her back hoof smash her wing it hurt so back she left out a horrible ear splitting


She started rolling she couldn’t stop herself she felt herself hit something, something hard it felt like wood, her head hurt so bad she looked up and saw she hit a buckball bucket stand and saw it swing

back and forth
back and forth

Till it starts falling back back back til


She saw it fall to the ground and smash into a bunch of wood pieces.

“Holy shi-“


Back at the lake Yona and her friend were all hanging out. They had just finished their food and Sandbar was telling a story about what happened at his 6th birthday party.

“So I had gotten really mad at this kid because this little brat had just blown out my candles so I did what any smart kind nice amazing gen-

“Ok we get it, what did you do?” Smolder interrupted. “As I was saying, I did the right thing.”

“Told your parents?” Ocellus asked.

Sandbar had a goofy smile on his face “Noooooooo” he paused for a second, “I took the whole thing of cake” he picked up his milkshake as demonstration, “and smashed it right on his face like this.” He then took the rest of his milkshake and proceeded to dump it on Galluse's head.

Yona Immediately bursted out laughing while Ocellus and Smolder tried to hold it back they honestly couldn’t tell what was Funnier, what had just happened or the look on Gallus's face, it was a mix of annoyance, shock and confusion.

Gallus raised an eyebrow at the yak “oh you think this is funny Yona. He then grabbed the rest of his milkshake and proceeded to dump it on the laughing yak which caused her to laugh more and attempt to grab her own and throw it at the griffin she missed and hit Sandbar.

Gallus and Yona were laughing along with sandbar. Then sandbar quickly looked around and saw that a Changeling and dragon were missing. “Umm where are Ocellus and Smolder?”

Gallus and Yona stopped laughing and just shrugged.

Then they heard giggling from right above them. “Oh” they heard the voice say “ we’re right here.”
The 3 looked up and saw Smolder holding a bucket that looked like Ocellus.

Smolder dumped the Ocellus bucket that had been filled with water onto the 3 creatures.

They all had screams of laughter, Smolder threw the bucket as a flash of blue went over it and Ocellus landed gracefully on the floor.

The pony, yak, and griffin clapped at the trick they did.

Right after they heard a loud


That sounded like it belonged to a certain hippogriff.

Sandbar and Yona quickly stood up, and Smolder Ocellus and Gallus flew in the air looking in the direction the sound came from.

They four heard a loud crash coming from the track/buckball area.

“What was that?” smolder yelled

“Do you guys see anything?” Sandbar asked

“No” Gallus answered

“Was that hippogriff?” Yona questioned

“Is she ok?” Ocellus asked

“I’m not sure let’s go look” Smolder said

Smolder started to fly towards where they heard the sound.

Ocellus turned into a bugbear to pick up Yona as Gallus grabbed Sandbar.

Silverstreams heart was beating fast, her head hurt even more now than it did earlier. She looked around at the mess she caused, sure it wasn't that big but she knew that if General Seaspray saw or even heard about what she did she would be in a lot of trouble.

Shit Shit Shit

she tried walking over to the now broken bucket but as soon as she did it felt like her claw was on fire, she looked at her claw and saw that her bandage had ripped open and blood was again coming out of her claw.

crap i need to clean that before it gets infected

She flew over to where her water bottles were, she had one more unopened water left so using that she opened the bottle and poured it on her claw, then rubbing her claws together to try and get the dirt off.

that'll have to work for now

She started looking around to see how she could fix it without anybody noticing, she saw the wooden poll on the ground that was usually standing up holding the buckball bucket, it was obviously now on the grassy floor. She flew over to the fallen poll and as she got closer she saw that the poll had been snapped with a few wooden pieces scattered around it.

well that fantastic


Silverstream eminently went into panic mode as she heard her name being yelled from behind her, as she turned around to see who it was she saw her friend Smolder, Who she guessed was Ocellus as a bugbear carring Yona and Gallus following behind them holding Sandbar.

Oh no oh no oh no

As the 5 others finally reached her they all took in the scene all excepted for Smolder who went flying right up to Silverstreams face.

"Silver holy Ember are you ok? we heard you yell then we heard a crash, what happened? what are you doing out here? I thought you were in our dorm." Smolder stopped, she could see water in her roommates eyes, she hated seeing any of her friends cry especially Silverstream. It was then she took in the scene around her, a broken buckball basket and poll, a few empty and one half empty water bottles and she saw a bruise on her face.

"Silver" She said softly "Are you ok?"

"ya I umm i-i I didnt feel good so I went out for a run on the the track and kinda lost my balance and tripped and hit the buckball poll"
Silver thought of the best thing she could come up with and technically it wasn't a lie so she was in the clear. She looked back at the mess she made. "oh crap im going to get in so much trouble for this!"

"its alright Sil we can just explain to the professors what happened, and Headmare Starlight can fix it with her magic" Gallus explained.

"there not gonna tell Seaspray will they?" Silver asked she seemed scared for her life at the thought off it which made the other very confused. "I mean maybe but he wont be to mad, he'll know it was a mistake right?" Ocellus explained.

"Ya ya probably" Silverstream said "Lets go tell her."

As they made there way to the school Silverstream was terrified. Not because of how headmare Starlight might react but that there's a chance she might tell Seaspray what she did, She will be in so much trouble if he finds out, He might even pull her out of the school for the rest of the month! She did her best to keep calm and not show her anxiety.

When they reached Headmare Starlights office they found her and Vice Headmare Sunburst sitting there. Silverstream told then what she had told her friends, That she wasn't feeling well so she decided to go for a run on the track. But she might have over done it and it caused a tiny mess. Starlight nor Sunburst said say anything Starlight simply lit up her horn and teleported her, Sunburst and the students to the track.

Starlight and Sunburst quickly checked the scene out. "there isn't that much damage" Sunburst reassured as he light up his horn, then with a poof of yellow magic everything looked back to normal. The buckball basket was fixed, so was the poll. it looked exactly like it did when Silverstream first got there.

Silverstream had a wash of relief over her they hadn't yelled at her and she doesn't have to pay for damage. "but Silverstream" Silverstreams fear came back.

Oh no what's gonna happen to me I might get detention or suspended or worse they might tell Seaspray oh please novo do let it be bad

Starlight walked up to her with a caring smile, " I need you to be more careful. I'm ok with students wanting to use the track afterschool but you cant over work yourself to the point where you almost faint"

"ok im sorry" Silverstream nodded "are you going to contact Seaspray?"

"well if you feel better and since there was no permeant damage that couldn't be fixed I don't think we need to unless you want us to."


The sudden outburst seemed to have surprised every creature. Silverstream began to fiddle with her injured claw which Smolder took a notice to.

"i- i- mean nah you don't have to im all good now" Silver gave a nice big 'happy' smile to everybody.

Smolder kept looking at Silvers claw and saw a few red lines it kinda looked like dried up blood.

What the tartures how did that happen?

"Ok then" Starlight said she looked and saw the sun was starting to set, "all of you go to the dormitories its almost night fall have a good weekend."

With that her and Sunburst teleported back to the school, leaving the students still at the track.

"See Stream your not in trouble, Starlight fixed it, and shes not gonna contact see spray" Gallus assured "You ok?"

Silverstream looked like she was deep in thought. “Silverstream” Gallus said waving a claw to her face which caught her attention. “What?”

“Are u ok?” He asked again.
Silverstream nodded "oh Ya Ya..Ya im good um i think im gonna head bed."

"Silverstream sure" Yona asked.

"Ya guys im really tired" Silverstream faked a yawn. "You sure your alright?" Sandbar asked, Yes im promise im fine like I said im just tired,"

Smolder crossed her arms and looked at Silverstreams paw again, it still looked the same few red marks that looked like dried blood. "Sliver can i talk to you for a second y'know alone?" Silver was very confused but also scared for what her friend wanted to talk to her about. "umm sure.."

"Lets head back to the school and give them some space" Ocellus suggested they other 3 creatures agreed.

"but can you turn into a bug bear and fly us to the school" Sandbar asked, Ocellus chuckled and rolled her eyes,
then with a flash of blue she turned into a bugbear and grabbed Yona in one claw and sandbar in the other.

"HEY" Gallus yelled, "what about me?"

"you already have wings"


''What you afraid you cant win a race against a bugbear." Bugbear Ocellus smerked in hopes to get under the griffins skin Feathers or whatever.

"tsk your not even a real bugbear!"

"So it should be easier or maybe harder since im faster than you" Ocellus began to take off still holding the Yak and Pony.
"oh I'll show you slow" Gallus yelled With that he took off after the fake Bugbear leaving Smolder and Silverstream behind so they could talk.

Silverstream Giggled, "are friends are funny huh" She smiled, Smolder didnt say anything she just kept her arm crossed and raised her eyebrow. "Silverstream are you ok?" Silver bit her tough but still tired to keep her smile on. "ya im good why?"

Oh shit she is getting on to me

"well you've just seemed off today. You kicked me and celly out of our dorm room for no reason, Then you got hurt, you got really defense and scared when you thought they might contact Seaspray, and to top it all off you didnt wanna go to SCC today with all of us."

Silver bit her tough and clutched her still hurting paw, "well I'm sorry about kicking you guys out of the dorm I just really wasn't feeling well that's why I didnt wanna to go SCC either. I didnt get scared about you contacting Seaspray I just didnt think it was necessary because he is on his way back to MT Aris so having him come back would be such a hassle for him, and he has enough stress to deal with and we didnt need to bother him with something as silly as that."

Smolder sighed "ok well I still have to more questions, 1 what did you eat for dinner?"

"they were serving hayburgers in the cafeteria so I had one of those."

Hopefully that's convincing

I know she's lying

"Ok Sil one more''

Silver Smiled "OK whats up?" She chirped.

"can you show me your paws?"