The Impostor Among Us 2

by FIM Fiction

First published

MLP X AMONG US. Secrets have been learned. Many have been killed, and yet, we get another chance to find out Who Are The Imposters. But that's not as important, when you have a common enemy...

My Little Pony X Among Us Crossover

Join the cast of My Little Pony once again in this MLP Among Us crossover of Twilight and her friends as they struggle to survive, when they don't even know themselves. All they know is that there is a killer on the loose, who will stop at NOTHING to make sure the crew doesn't succeed.

Secrets are discovered, allies are made. Alliences are formed, and broken.

As more and more is discovered, it's only a matter of time before those proclaimed innocent decide to SNAP! someone's neck.

Something else lurks in the shadows. The only safe spots are in the light. Such a shame the lights keep burning out.

Imposters are of little concern, when there's something that only wants to kill, regardless of your class.

We hope you enjoy the ride of S. S. Ponyville.
Hopefully you brought a flashlight.


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That's all I see now a day. White. I'm not blind, mind you. But I see loads of white. It's chilly. Not too cold. But maybe that's because of my insulated suit. It's white too. If I could see myself, I probably couldn't. Ya know, because there's so much white.

I like white. Oh, but you're here for a story.

Welcome to the S. S. Skeld. Some joker put a U between the S's. Wait, not that ship? Oh

That was a trumpet noise by the way. My notebook, my sound effects. I also got BUDUDUDUMMMM

Maybe that's too much. Excuse me while I scribble a picture of me playing a trumpet.




/ \

Yes I know it's a 1 man band but hey, its my notebook. I will doodle dinos if I want
. .
( __
\ \
}--| |
}--| | )


Pretty good dino if you ask me.


Spike sat on the ground beside Boss. "So, when will they get here?" Spike asked, looking up at the stars.

"Few months. Longer if no one regularly holds the wheel straight for hours on end." Boss said.

"Oh..." Spike continued to look up in the sky. "It's gonna be hard to wait."

Boss nodded. "Often is. But at least you got some friends here."

"Yeah. Pinkie will probably throw the biggest party ever when they get here." Spike said.

"Yeah... So long as she can find the time to clean up her mess." Boss replied.

"Stargazing?" The two looked down, seeing a waving Shotgun. "Mind if I join ya?"

Boss pulled out a notepad. "No, it's everyone's day off." he said, tucking it away. "Jachion should be here soon with lunch."

A small red crewmate ran up, with Doctor Cyan behind him. "I found Little Pistol here trying to sneak some cookies." Cyan said.

Charlie and Jake walked over, holding hands. "We got the telescope!"

Missy, the janitor nodded. "And I cleaned it!" she said, her halo gleaming.

Lilly walked up, only a helmet on her head. "Reporting for duty, SIR!" she said in a gruff voice. "Actually, call me Sir. That sounds cooler than a flower name." he said with a nod.

"We already call you Sir, sir." Brian said. Behind him was his trusty robot Quebur, and the blue dog Nurse.

A black crewmate walked up. "Anyone else got a bad feeling about that Carl?" he asked.

"I think you're just paranoid, Jeffery." Spike said. "Looks like everypony's here!"

"Tu m'as oubliƩ! I brought the food!" Jachion walked up with a platter of small treats. "Enjoy!"

Spike took a snack, before looking up. "I wonder what they're doing right now."

"Probably having a party! With this Pinkie gal you keep talking about, they're sure to be having a great time!" Missy said, before shoving her snack into her mouth. "Yummy!"


"It means..." Twilight gulped. It means..." She took a deep breath and finished her words.

"There is An Impostor Among Us."

Trixie's ear felt numb. She heard the words. It sent such a cold feeling up her spine. Yet she did not know why. She heard conversation, but was in too much shock to listen to any of what was said. She vaugly heard something about names. Choose easy names to remember. Trixie nodded, before noticing everyone moving out and about. She got up, before wandering down one of the halls.

A sudden tremor was felt throughout the ship, and the lights went out. The red emergency lights activated with only the occasional beam of light shining down, like a spotlight, or moonbeam. Trixie nodded a few times, before fainting away.


"What are ya, some kind of guard dog?" Applejack asked.

Big Mac seemed to think for a moment. "Eyup he said with a nod, pointing at Applejack.

Applejack frowned. "You're guarding me?" she asked, skeptical.


"You got any more words in your vocab, or is that it?" Applejack asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Eyup. Yup. Yes. Enope. Nope. No." Big Mac answered with a smirk.

Applejack smiled. "Name's Ap Jack. Or A P J K." She extended her hoof.

Big Mac pulled out his ID card and showed it, before putting it away and shaking her hoof.

The two gave a single, firm, shake, then Applejack reared onto her hind legs and shook Big Mac's hoof enthusiastically. "Pleasure meetin ya, Big Mac!"

"Eyup!" Big Mac said it return, a large grin on his face.


Carrot Cake entered the kitchen, blinking slightly. It was overly bright. He walked to a cupboard, searching them for food. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed a somewhat chubby pony in a blue suit. Said pony had her head in the oven. "Hi! I'm C P C K!" Carrot Cake said politely.

"That's interesting!" Cup Cake said with her head in the oven. "My name is C P C K!"

The thin yellow baker's eyes widened at that. "We might be siblings!" he said, excited that there could be someone he could trust.

Cup Cake pulled her head out, and both regretted it and didn't. Before her was a pony she could only describe as extremely handsome and cute. She felt her heart skip a beat as she discovered she instantly had a crush on this stallion. "S-siblings! Yeah!" she stuttered. Carrot gave her a unsure look. "Uh- Oh! I can't seem to get this oven working. Think you may be able to?"


Carrot Cake shrugged. "I'll do my best!" He inspected the back of the oven. "Here's the problem! The plug's wire is broken."

"We need to find some tools to fix that..." Cup Cake said.

"I got tools!" a Pink 1 said, poking her head in. She jumped from the doorway, over to the oven. "Wow! This kitchen is huge! And hurts to look at with how white it is." The Pink 1 headed to the back of the oven. "Okay, so I just gottAAAAA!!!"

The Pink 1 had reached for the wires, when her suit suddenly did something she didn't expect. The pink hoof covering folded up in a mechanical like manner, exposing her hooves as she grabbed the exposed section of the still plugged in oven. The electricity traveled through her, before the power shut off to that room. The oven had a small fire that provided light, showing a Pink 1 with singed hair. "Ow." she wheezed.



Applejack turned to look at the panels. "Huh. A switch flipped." Applejack flipped it back on.


The oven exploded as the light shorted out, sending the Pink 1 into the wall. It and something else bounced off the walls, leaving separate streaks of blood and ash. The voices groaned.

"Oh my goodness!" Carrot Cake exclaimed.

"Are you alright!?" Cup Cake asked. The to rushed over to help Pink 1 and the new person.

The red emergency lights turned on. Cup Cake and Carrot Cake quickly backed away. They watched as a creature of blackness and blood started to shape itself. It shaped itself into a pony, before the blood changed into a suit. A single white bulb flickered on, showing a crewmate, with a unique suit. It had wing covers on the back that would allow the user to fly. The right forehoof was painted white. The creature pulled back it's helmet like it was a hood. "Howdy. My name is Cygow." the pony said, her pink face bearing a jagged claw scar in the appearance of an odd X but with six lines. Oddly, a small fez floated just above her head.

Carrot Cake promptly fainted.

2, Mistakes made No more

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Have fun reading my notebook I guess. Not sure why I'm writing in it, nor why I expect someone to read it.

I think I got hit in the head or something.

Anyways I think Im going to draw another doodle.

/ ^^ \
| !! |__)

Its a fox! Very nice yeah? Anyways.


Spike leaned in the air filter. "How are there so many leaves!? The tree looks so healthy!" he exclaimed.

Jake shrugged, brushing some lint off his green suit. "Not sure, don't care."

You don't care about anything but how gay you are." Spike said.

"Hey!" Jake growled. "I care about how gay my boyfriend is too!" Spike pulled his head out of the filter to stare at Jake. The two glared at each other, before laughing.

"Why does that always make me laugh!?" Spike giggled.

Jake shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe because it's always funny. Hey, want me to grab you a snack?"

"Sure!" Spike answered, finishing up with the leaves.

"Would you like extra meaty or nice and lean?"

Spike yanked his head out, the blush on his face visible through his clear visor. "I- I prefer Pretty and Radiant." Spike said.

"Gotcha. Three Amethyst layered in sugar. The Triple Gem Bottom Special." Jake let out a laugh as he saw Spike drool before blushing in embarrassment. "See you later Spike!" he said, walking to the Mining Quarry.


Cygow let out a cold chuckle, before pulling her helmet back over her face. She helped the Pink 1 to their feet. "I name thee Singed!" she proclaimed, before hugging the Pink 1. "Celt's Liar Detector is broken." she whispered in the clone's ear. She then sprinted down the hall.

"...Singed. I like that!" Singed said, looking at her black singed hair. "I like that a lot! Ironically funny!"


Cygow walked up to the Navigation, glad for the cover of darkness. She stared at the panel, nose scrunching up in thought. It was years since she eavesdropped this information.

"Twice on top, three on the left. Another on top. Hit the screen." she muttered. Only one person survived. Only one.

Cygow danced through the bodies. She remembered the lives she took. How good it felt. But alas, she was not early enough to stop this. She could, however, make sure her bestie still had a daddy.

Captain Chip raised his head. "Y-You!" he growled.

"Eh, I mean yes and also no but still yes." Cygow said. "It's all very technical."

"Have you come here to finish me off?" Chip asked.

"Kinda the reverse!" Cygow said. She grabbed Chip's stomach, before stitching his flesh back together, not caring about his sounds of pain. "None of the emergency energy was used, but this level of injury is gonna take a few days to fix. Maybe even weeks." Cygow was proud off her handy work, but now it didn't go well with her currant tastes.

Cygow carefully carried Chip to the Captain Healing Pod, located in the Captain Medical Chamber. Cygow's sensors told her the Company sent something a little extra. She ignored the message for now. Chip was more important. Cygow removed the Captain's clothes, and gently set him in the pod. "Comfy?" she asked, turning the lights on in the room. It was devoted entirely to healing, top notch tech for (and only compatible with) the captain of the ship.

"I don't know why you're doing this. But... I am thankful." Chip said. "There's a Gameboy, in my bag. And the mustache on my helmet."

Cygow grabbed the objects. "Golly! A reminder of Daddy, and a toy so he won't get bored? Oh, how sweet!" Cygow said joyfully.

"I... I can't tell if you're being sarcastic." Chip said. "You're also a lot taller then I remember."

"Oh don't worry Chip Sir! I'll make sure to take care of your son. Or at least to protect him. You can care for him once you're all taken care of." Cygow left the room, standing in the dark hall. Chip's eyes widened in horror, seeing the mess of flesh for a face and tattered suit. It seemed to make a smile of jagged teeth, before the doors slammed shut, bolted, and deadlocked.


Redheart glanced around the room. She felt the beds. "Hm. Comfy." she said with a nod. The only light from the room came as a green glow from the Healer. "Now, why are the lights off?"


Cozy Glow walked down the halls, memories muddled. She was tired of waiting, yet she had to wait. She had to wait for the perfect opportunity.

"I know what you're thinking." Cozy Glow looked up, seeing a figure sitting in a light. "And it's all lies."

"What is?" Cozy Glow asked, getting closer.

"No wings upon the devil's back." Cygow pulled back her hood. "Zemlinder speaks truth, mixed with lies."

Cozy Glow laughed. "Alright, nice prank. But don't waste my time."

The lights flickered, Cygow flashing between forms. "There are dangers, little one. Dangers that were not here when I was your age, Cozy Glow. Remember, this Twilight never put you in stone. She never hurt you. None of them did. I made sure of that."

"What!?" Cozy Glow asked.

"Your memories are injured. But remember my words. Don't kill anyone. Don't get killed. And stay in the light." Cygow got up, before walking away, pulling the hood back on. "Danger for all lurks in the dark."

Cozy Glow watched the mare walk away. Her words stuck deep and true to Cozy Glow. She had chosen a target, and felt so sick about it. But now... "Maybe... I won't." she muttered under her breath.


Button Mash sat at a table, staring out the window at the stars. He wanted to venture around, but he didn't really like the dark. "psst."

"Ack!" Button Mash jumped at the sound. He saw someone sitting at a table. Only the tables had lights in the Cafeteria. "Uh... Hi?"

"Hello!" Cygow said, pulling back her hood. She giggled as Button Mash'es eyes widened. "Don't worry about my scars." she said. "I got a present from your daddy!" She set the gameboy and bag on the table.

"My Game Boy!" Button Mash ran up to the table. He grabbed it from the table, before hugging Cygow tightly. He then let out a gasp. "I know what this is called! I can remember what it's called!" Button Mash froze, letting go of Cygow. "It's from my dad. Do you know where he is?"

"Yup!" Cygow exclaimed. "He got a little beat up, but I'm making sure he heals up!"

"Really!? Can I see him?" Button Mash asked, his tail wagging in excitement.

"Not yet. The place is a bit messy, and not for the weak in stomach." Cygow said. "Oh! Hang on." She pulled out the mustache and smushed it on Button Mash's visor. "There. So handsome."

Button Mash puffed out his chest. "Thanks Miss!" He pulled out the gameboy, before plugging in a game and turning it on.

"Got any two player games?" Cygow asked, pulling out a gameboy slightly covered in dried blood.

"Uhh Let me check." Button Mash rummaged through the game bag. "I remember these games!" He pulled out a game with a pirate on it. "I know this one is two player. Versus or same team?"

Cygow pulled out the same game, the sticker having a dot of blood on it. "Same team." 'I need to make or find a third. Wait, Gameboys are only two player max.' Cygow shrugged. It still would be fun actually playing with her bestie.

3, Stay out of the Darkness.

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Drew a fancy Dinosaur.

| |
. .
( __
}--| |
}--| | )


I amaze even myself at times.

Following the map, but I forgot where to. I'll figure it out when I get there. Also I think I got shot by a shot.

Sir sat on the top of the radio tower with a trumpet. And Missy was trying to figure out WHY. "Sir! Why are you up there?" she shouted. For the fifth time.

Sir sat quietly, watching the horizon.

Mr Brown: a black crewmate in a white suit and a black top hat, and Mr Black: a Brown crewmate in a black suit and brown floppy cap walked over.

"I say, what is that chap doing?" Mr Black asked, his voice thick with fanciness.

"I have no idea." Mr brown said, his voice normal.

Missy sighed. "I have no idea, but he's late for garbage duty."

"I say, our schedules are most unorganized." Mr Black said with a firm nod.

"Yeah, but we really can't do anything about it until Twilight arrives and convinces Boss to make a better schedule." Mr Brown said.

Suddenly Sir raised the trumpet to her face, took a deep breath, and began to loudly blare God Bless America.

"Odd. I supposed he would have done a military wake up call." Mr Black said.

"Sir's not really military. He just wears the uniform." Missy explained. "God Almighty gave him some healthy longs."

"Huh?" Mr Brown asked.

"Sir can play real loud. I think the settlements can hear him." Missy said. "Hopefully Boss doesn't get too mad."

Sir sharply moved his head to avoid an arrow, yet continued to play. 'Haters gonna hate, I'm gonna play'


Everyone shambled in line, being served dinner rations. Fluttershy stood behind the counter, making small chat with those she served. Two Bed chambers had been found, and a single boys bathroom was discovered. It was also discovered that a fully functioning kitchen was connected to the cafeteria.

Singed walked up to the counter. "Goodness! What happened to your hair?" Fluttershy asked. She was shoved out of the way by Rarity.

"Good Heavens, your mane!" Rarity exclaimed. "Oh- Sorry." she apologized to Fluttershy, helping her back on her hooves.

"Yup, my mane. Cooked myself a little with an oven. Calling myself Singed!" Singed said with a giggle. "Anyway, I'll just have a Pink ration. Don't wanna test my stomach."

Fluttershy nodded, setting a Pink ration on her tray. Singed walked over to a table, taking a bite out of the food. "Hm. Bland."

"EIIIIIEEE!" The screams pierced the halls.

Rainbow Dash leaped to action. "Big Red, Tall White, Singed! With me!" she said, running to the hall. Big Mac, Celestia, Singed, Time Turner and Cygow quickly followed.

Rainbow Dash and the others galloped down the halls. The lights flashed down on their backs, no one taking the time to notice the strange appearance of Cygow. They entered the


"White! Are you alright!?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"My suit's torn." Rarity deadpanned. "I'm on the ground. I'm covered in blood. And it's my own. So dearie, WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK!?"

"Geez!" Rainbow Dash said, rubbing her ears.

"Hey R T Y's sister, what's your name?" Singed asked, bended her knees rather then bending down to be level with Rarity. "I think she'll be really happy to see a living family member!"

Rainbow Dash stared at Singed. 'Alright, so these Pink things aren't that smart.'

"I... I don't remember my name." the Impostor stated.

"That's alright! Just pull out your wallet from your pocket!" Singed straitened up. "Does that rhyme?"

"Her name isn't important." Cygow said, helping the impostor to her hooves. "What's important is that we all survive." She turned to face Rainbow Dash. "There are things worse then Impostors." Her scars bled slightly. "My face is bleeding, isn't it?"

"Yes. It is." Time Turner said. He and the others now realized they saw Rarity serving with Fluttershy.

Cygow sighed, before staring at a dark corner of the room. The shadows there were a little too thick. "Right then, everyone leave."

The Impostor took a step closer. "What is that?" A drop of blood landed in the shadow.

"Pony feathers." Cygow cursed, before the Impostor was yanked into the darkness. "EVERYONE LEAVE!" The others quickly ran out of the door. Rainbow Dash zoomed back in, grabbing a lazer gun. She quickly shot it at the Darkness, causing it to let out a screech.

"Okay, NOW let's go!" Rainbow Dash said, yanking out the Impostor. "Move it!" She continued to fire at the creature, before it vanished into the vents.

Cygow pulled the gun away from Rainbow Dash. "This is only a stunner... LIGHT! Bright concentrated light!" she exclaimed. "Stay in the light, and you stay safe. Be sure to tell everyone this." she said, handing back the weapon.

"Wait, why me?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Cygow smiled, walking back into the red light of the halls, showing off her Twisted Form. She walked into a beam of light, reverting back to normal. "Because you just saved this whole little group's life! You're a hero!" she said, before running away from the group, flashing between forms.

Rainbow Dash frowned. "Right, let's head back. I'm hungry." She glanced at the Impostor. "So..."

"R T Y, here to help. Once I'm healed that is." the impostor said. "Although if my sister goes by the same, then... Just call me Ratty, like the rodent."

Rainbow Dash stared. "Ooookay then." The group walked down back to the


All eyes landed on the group. "So, what happened?" a Pink 1 asked.

"It was AMAZING!" Singed exclaimed. She pulled out her microphone, before leaping onto a table. "So there we all were, rushing in to help! We find Ratty all injured and what not, with a shadow monster attacking her! We were panicing like crazy when BAM! Ranab grabbed a gun and started to shoot the monster, sending it back into the vents! She saved us all!"

Cygow snuck in, sitting at a table. Rainbow Dash and the others frowned. "That's not what happened at all." Rainbow Dash said.

"Three cheers for Ranab Dish!" Cygow shouted. "Hip Hip Hooray!"

Rainbow Dash blushed slightly as cheers for her erupted across the cafeteria. "Phh, it was nothing." she said. "But honestly yeah, it was pretty amazing."