Royal trip to the playground

by Timothy1509

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Flurry Heart was assigned to take Alistair around for a stroll in the playground.

Princess Flurry Heart of the Crystal Empire was assigned by her uncle Thorax, and aunt Twilight to take her baby cousin Alistair for a stroll around the park while his parents pay a visit to Celestia and Luna and Cadence for a royal meeting. Will this be an easy and peaceful obligation?

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Trip to the playground

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Changeling Hive 9:00am

In the Changeling Hive, the changelings and ponies of the Kingdom were seen having a good chat with each other about how their lives are going and many more. Some were even walking their hybrid children in the Kingdom too.

The reason why there are ponies in the Hive is because of the marriage of Thorax and Twilight Sparkle last year. After their marriage, many ponies began to move to the Changeling Hive to live which resulted in Friendship and Love between the two species.

Life was perfect for the two species.

At the front entrance of the Hive, Princess Flurry Heart of the Crystal Empire was seen waiting by the front doors of the Hive for her uncle Thorax and aunt Twilight to bring her young cousin Alistair down here.

Today, her parents assigned her to take care of Alistair by bringing him for a stroll in the playground while her parents including his head to Canterlot to have a meeting with Princess Celestia and Luna.

"I wonder what we will do today in the playground?" Flurry asked with a smile.

A brief second later, the doors of the Changeling Hive were pulled open. The alicorn Princess turned around and saw her uncle Thorax and aunt Twilight standing front of her.

"Hello uncle Thorax! Hello aunt Twilight!" Flurry greeted with a huge smile.

"Hello Flurry, thank you so much for willing to accept our request in taking care of our son." Twilight thanked with a warm smile.

Flurry then looked at the pink baby stroller in front of her and noticed that it was pointing back. She looked in the stroller and saw her five months old cousin Alistair the son of Thorax and Twilight Sparkle sitting in his stroller while looking at her with a smile.

"Hello Alistair." Flurry cooed as she walked up to his stroller "You're so cute." She said while rubbing his cheeks which made Alistair giggle.

"So Flurry Heart, here is his milk bottle." Thorax said as he levitated his son's milk bottle towards her which Flurry immediately grabbed "Be sure to feed him around 10:30am got it?" He asked.

"Got it uncle Thorax, I will do my best."

"Glad to hear it." He said with a smile. "Return at 11:00am okay?" He asked her, and Flurry replied with a nod.

"Honey, we're going to Canterlot to have a meeting with the Princesses and your aunt." Twilight told her son while rubbing his cheek "Your cousin Flurry here will take you out for a stroll in the park and you need to do as she says okay?" She asked softly, and her son replied with a nod.

"That's my sweet little colt." Twilight said as she kissed her son on the forehead. "Well, I guess it's time to go Thory." She told her husband.

"Right behind ya Twinkle's." Thorax said in a loyal tone which made Twilight giggle.

The couple bid farewell to their son and Flurry Heart and took off to Canterlot by flying over there. After that, Flurry walked to the handle of the baby stroller and looked down at her cousin with a smile.

"Time to head to the playground my little friend." She cooed, and Alistair giggled in response.

Then, Flurry Heart charged her horn and teleported herself and Alistair to Ponyville where they will have some fun time in the playground.

Ponyville playground

In Ponyville playground, the ponies and changelings of the town were seen having a blast with their children in the park, in a certain area, Princess Flurry Heart was seen sitting on a bench while looking at her baby cousin Alistair who was playing in the sandbox with some other young foals and drones with a smile on her muzzle. She has decided to rest for a bit after a ten minutes walk to the park.

But, just as she closed her eyes, she heard the sounds of Alistair calling her by making some noises. Flurry Heart opened her eyes and saw that her cousin has built a sandcastle, the sight has made her impressed.

"Wow, that is a very nice sandcastle Alistair." Flurry said with an astonished expression.

Alistair couldn't help but smile warmly from his cousin's remark on his sandcastle. He was about to gibber something contentedly towards her but suddenly, something caught his attention, and that something has made him waves his hooves happily.

When Flurry Heart noticed her cousin's action, she looked behind her and saw an ice-cream stand on top of a small mountain in the park. The Crystal Empire Princess must assume that her cousin wants to eat some ice-cream judging by his expression and his action.

"Oh, you want to eat some ice-cream Alistair?" Flurry asked, and Alistair nodded quickly in response. "Then it shall be so." She said with a giggle. Then, she charged her horn and levitated her cousin up in the air and gently placed him in the stroller.

"Alrighty, to the ice-cream stand we go!" Flurry said . After that, she began to push her stroller to the hill in a quick way which made Alistair raise his hooves in a merriment manner.

One minute and twenty seconds later, Flurry Heart has officially made it to the top of the peak with Alistair still in his baby stroller. The Princess looked in front of her and noticed that there were no ponies lining up which made her smile.

"Wait right here buddy." Flurry cooed gently patting his head. After that, she walked to the ice-cream stand. "Two scoops of vanilla ice-cream please." She told the stallion.

However, the young Princess has not realized one thing, that is, she did not position the stroller at the top of the mountain where it is not steep. This resulted in the stroller slowly moving backwards. A brief second later, it began to roll down the hill hastily with Alistair still in it.

"Thank you so much sir." Flurry said with a pleasant smile.

"You're welcome Princess."

"Oh Alistair, I've brought you some-"

Flurry immediately stopped in her sentence when she noticed that his stroller wasn't in front of her.

"What the?!"

The Princess walked forward and looked down and saw the stroller rolling down the hill in a fast way, the sight has startled her.

"OH NO!"

Then, Flurry Heart threw the ice-cream out of her hooves and ran down the steep hill to chase the runaway stroller.

In the stroller, Prince Alistair was seen raising his hooves up in a merriment way because of the speed that his stroller is gaining due to the steepness of the hill. This sure was he time of his life.


"Alistair! I'm coming!" Flurry exclaimed chasing him from behind.

A brief second later, the stroller has reached back down the park and it didn't stop until it collided into a rock. This resulted in the changelicorn Prince flying out of his stroller and flying up in the air.

"Waaaaaa!" Alistair gibbered in happiness.

"Alistair!" Flurry exclaimed in a worried tone.

The Princess spread her wings and flew up in the air towards her cousin. Once she got to him, she grabbed him with her hooves, pulled him close to her chest and began to fall to the ground with her back facing against the ground. Three seconds later, Flurry Heart has reached the ground and skidded on it with Alistair on top of her. Five seconds later, both royal came to a stop.

Alistair was the first to recover since he has landed on his cousin. He stood up on her and looked at her and saw that she had her eyes closed. When he noticed this, he walked up to her face and raised his hooves up, then, he delivered her six slaps to the face.

"Mmm." Flurry moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. When she did, she saw her cousin Alistair looking down at her with a concerned expression "Im okay kiddo, but, next time don't hit me okay?" She asked in a frail tone.

Changeling Hive 10:58am

It is now 10:58am now in Equestria, just 2 minutes ahead of schedule for Flurry Heart to return with Alistair. It took her a total of twenty minutes to return to the Changeling Hive since she was in a kinda frail state after being slapped awake by her cousin, now she is waiting for her uncle and aunt to return.

"This has been a merriment day don't you agree Alistair?" Flurry Heart asked, and Alistair responded with a nod "Now, all we need to do is to wait for you parents to return." She told him.

On cue, the Princess heard some noises coming towards her. She looked in front of her and saw her uncle Thorax and aunt Twilight walking up to her.

"Uncle Thorax! Aunt Twilight!"

"Hello Flurry." Thorax greeted back with a smile.

Twilight then walked to the stroller and saw her son in it. She then grabbed him and pulled him out of it.

"Hello honey, did you have fun at the playground?" Twilight asked, and Alistair responded with a nod "Did you behave?" She asked again, and Alistair nodded again.

"That's my sweet little colt." Twilight said planting a kiss on her son's forehead.

Flurry Heart was smiling warmly at the sight of Alistair being loved by his mother. It reminds her of the time where her parents loved her.

"Uh Flurry, what are those marks on your cheeks?"

When Flurry heard this, her eyes widened.

"Uh... It's just fashion!" She lied, and her response has made Thorax perplexed "Anyways, I need to return home now so... goodbye!" She exclaimed.

After that, Flurry Heart activated her horn and teleported away and back to the Crystal Empire leaving Thorax standing there with a bewildered expression.

"What was that all about?" He muttered in a confused tone.