Trixie's Admirer

by Shining Smile

First published

Trixie is receiving anonymous letters

Trixie is receiving love letters after her shows from an anonymous pony. When they finally ask to meet her, she is not only concerned about the consequences of meeting a strange pony but also would they still like her after they find out that she is trans.

This story was written for National Trans Day. For all my trans friends. I love you all. Be who you are meant to be.

Rated M for the last chapter only.

Also this was a bit of a rush to get the first chapter out so any comments for critiquing will be much appreciated.

The Letters

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"Thank you! Thank you!" The light blue mare called from her place on her stage.

Trixie had just finished the last show on her "Trixie's Fantabulous Great and Powerful Tour" and it had been a great set of performances; however, there was one thing that had been a constant everywhere she went. As she finished her waves and bows to the crowd she feared it it would happen here.

Her fears were made true as she exited the stage. On the stairs was a bouquet of flowers and a letter. ,She had made five stops on the tour and this was the fifth time this had happened.

She let out a heavy sigh as her horn glowed and she levitated the bouquet and the letter up to her.

All the letters before had been pretty much the same, stating how talented and pretty she is with no name attached, but there was one thing about this letter that stood out from the others. They wanted to meet her at a designated place tonight. She was surprised and nervous but she didn't have time to worry about it now. She had to pack up after her show.

****Later That Night****

Trixie paced back and forth in her cabin as she reread the letter.

"Dear Trixie,

I love watching your shows. Your showmareship is unmatched. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing you on that stage, except maybe if you agree to meet me tonight under the big tree in Ponyville park. Today was the last stop of your tour and I won't know where you’ll be parking your cabin after tonight. I think I am in love with you but I would like to get to know you. So please tonight, midnight.


Your secret admirer"

"Oh no. What should I do? I mean it's not very often that I get a letter like this. Maybe, I should go. But what if he is some kind of creep. Or if he's not a creep will he still like me when he finds out I'm not, all mare… down there." Trixie paced back and forth, her thoughts of her life swirled around in her head. Trying to give herself some ounce of courage to go through with this.

Trixie had some very valid concerns, she was trans. All her life, well as far back as she could remember she had always felt different from the other boys her age. While they took pride in their masculinity she always took pride in the fact that she was a little more feminine. It always made her happy when somepony would accidentally call her a girl and she never really understood why she felt so happy when they did this.

When she was a teenager she finally understood. Luckily her parents were very accepting of her. When she finally got the nerve to tell them they said that whether she was their son or daughter she was still the child; however, her dating life was not so understanding.

She was too nervous when she was younger to date, but when she started her life on the road performing and making her own money she started going to see a magical surgeon. Most of the money she made that didn't go to essentials went to magical surgery to finally make her look on the outside how she felt on the inside. This was also the tipping point for her, finally looking like the beautiful mare that she felt she was given the confidence To finally get out into the dating pool.

This however did not go over very well. For there was one part she was too scared to part with. Not many stallions wanted to sleep with a mare who had a penis. It always seemed to be the deal breaker whenever sex was brought up in conversation.

Trixie looked at the clock. She had about two hours before midnight for the rendezvous, so she thought she would get a second opinion on the matter. She grabbed her saddle bag in her magic threw it over her back and placed the letter in it, trotted out the door and headed for Princess Twilight's castle hoping to talk to her friend Starlight.

She practically threw herself up the stairs and knocked fast and hard on the door. While she waited she tried to calm down and catch her breath after running there. She didn't have to wait long. Five minutes later the door opened and the small purple dragon, Spike, opened the door.

"Oh, hey Trixie. Looking for Starlight Glimmer?" He asked with a small yawn at the end.

"Yes. Is she here?" She replied, still a little out of breath.

"Upstairs in her room," he answered with another yawn as he opened the door all the way to let her in.

She walked past him on her familiar path through the castle. She trotted past the library and caught a glimpse of Twilight, the princess herself, perusing one of her books with a tall stack of more books next to her. So that's why the little dragon was still up at this hour. The little assistant was always trying to help Twilight when he could, she thought as she continued past and up the stairs towards her friend's room.

She walked up to the door and knocked. "Starlight you still awake? It's Trixie."

There was the sound of a bed creaking and the sound of hoof steps. The door opened and there stood the teal unicorn, her friend, Starlight Glimmer. She was wearing a purple nighty the same color as her mane. "Oh hey Trixie. I was just about to head to bed. What's up?"

"Can um… we talk?" Trixie asked with a little nervousness in her voice.

"Sure I got time," Starlight replied as she moved away from the door towards her bed. Trixie followed her inside, closing the door behind her.

They walked to the bed where they both sat down. Starlight looking at Trixie, Trixie looking at her hooves. "What's the matter Trix?" worry in her voice. Trixie pulled the letter out of her bag and showed it to Starlight. “What’s this?”

“It’s a love letter from a pony that’s been following my tour. It’s the fifth one I’ve gotten.”

“Really! The fifth one?” she said, surprised as she opened the letter and began to read it. “Well it looks like he really wants to meet you.”

“But what if he gets to know me and doesn’t like me? Or what if he still likes me then finds out I have a, you know, and completely rejects me like every other stallion I’ve dated? Or worse, what if he is some kind of stalker who wants to do unspeakable things to me?" Trixie look up from her hooves into the kind caring face of her friend.

"Look Trix all those are all possibilities but you came here, I guess because you wanted another opinion, and well, I think you should go."

"You do?"

"Yes I do. You are a wonderful mare, fully or otherwise. If he doesn't see that then that's on him. I do think you should tell him first chance you get. That way if he rejects you, I believe it would hurt less then if you really got to know him." She speaks with a soft tone. "Also, you shouldn't let some bad experiences in dating throw you off it forever."

"Your right!" Trixie hops off the bed standing proudly. "I am the great and powerful Trixie. If he doesn't see that then screw him!"

Starlight giggled "That's my friend. Wait, you keep saying him how do you know It's a stallion, maybe it's a mare."

"Hmmm…" Trixie put a hoof to her chin for a second before slamming it back down. "Well then screw him, her or them!" She pronounced with a grin.

"Well if you're going to go you should go now." Starlight nodded her head to the clock. It was now half an hour till midnight.

"Oh well then I'm off Star." Trixie's mood much improved from when she came in. "Wish me luck."

"Good luck Trix."

Trixie hugged Starlight and then ran out the door.