Flight Universe

by crashiebolt

First published

Universe after universe, so many stories. Read to find everlasting stories to be told.

follow as we leap to a universe to another, reading the exciting events that has happened.

universe, after universe, so many worlds with great everlasting stories to be told.

(the book mostly contains Rainbow Dash and Soarin but don't worry, I'll make sure I include some other characters as well)

One last time

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All seventeen of them got teleported into a white void. Nothing was there.. Except for a white glowing cube in the center of the white void. All the Wonderbolts, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence and Discord were there with their mouths agape and staring at that white cube in the center, the air coming from no direction flowing through their manes.

Discord inhaled and exhaled from his nose. "Here we are…" Celestia nodded, walking besides him.

"Here we are.." she repeated what he said and stared at the white, glowing cube.

Spitfire looked around her, nothing but pitch white. There was absolutely nothing.

"So.. What are we supposed to do again?" Dash asked, looking at the princesses and god.

"We.. We have to destroy it," Twilight answered.

Soarin looked at them and then at him and Dash. "But what about us? Won't we get hurt in the process?"

"Yeah?" Fleetfoot agreed with Soarin. All the Bolts looked at the Princesses and God for an answer. Discord only sighed from his nose. Celestia looked at Discord, waiting for him to answer them but he never opened his mouth to speak up so she did.

"We don't know.. Anything can happen. You and Rainbow Dash can die.. You both can get hurt… or maybe we could get hurt. Anything can happen, so I suggest to brace yourselves," Celestia answered.

Spitfire nodded and so did the rest, using their own ways of saying/showing 'yes'.

"Let's start.." Luna said. All five of them nodded. Circling the cube with their magic glowing from their horn or paws and claws. Soon, their magic touched the cube, blasting it as hard as they could.

"RRRRGGGGGGGHHHAAA!" All five of them yelled and groaned in discomfort and pain. Sweat quickly dropped from their faces.

All the Bolt's gasped and held still, watching as the five of them yelled in pain. Dash holding onto Soarin's hoof as hard as she can. Surprise turning her head, not wanting to watch the God and Alicorns in pain. Lightning glanced at Surprise and quickly put his hoof in front of her eyes. Spitfire took two steps back and hoped for the best while closing her eyes shut and looking down on the ground. Misty Fly stared at them with her mouth agape with Fire Streak and Wave Chill doing the same. Blaze gritted her teeth as soon as they started grunting and yelling again. High Winds bit her lips and Silver was expressionless and was just hoping for the best.

Soon their magic became bigger, the light of their aura causing all the bolts to squint their eyes or either close them. The magic all being transferred in the white, glowing cube in the center, slowly being engulfed with magic. “RRRGGGGHHHHH!” Discord and the Alicorns yelled again in pain and discomfort.

Suddenly.. Soarin felt a sting in his heart.. He put his hoof up to his chest, feeling it was pounding rapidly, and the sting starting to grow stronger. “Grh..” he grunted, trying to stand still to show no pain. Was this happening because of Discord and the rest.. What was happening? Was this just something wrong with his heart.. Or was this happening because of the magic. No answers were in his head, just questions coming in every second. He was starting to get scared, what if he died?! All of a sudden he started to feel a little woozy…

“Soarin?” Dash called out his name. She looked at him, he was shaking his head and rubbing his forehead.. Then collapsed. “Soarin?!” Dash yelled again and got down on her hooves. All the Bolts gasped and quickly went to Soarin’s side.

“Soarin?!” Spitfire quickly said, kneeling down and shaking him.. He wasn’t responding. “Soarin wake up, dammit!” she started shaking him roughly with tears forming in her eyes.

“Soarin..” Dash said with a shaky voice and tears in her eyes. “Wake up..”

“W-what's happening?!” Fleetfoot asked.

“They said anything could happen..” Fire Streak answered, glancing at the god and alicorns.

“Soar-” Dash got cut off as she fainted, and collapsed next to Soarin. All the Bolts gasped

“DASH!” Silver called out her name and forced himself to walk towards Dash, pushing over Blaze and Surprise. He quickly kneeled down and put his hoof on her shoulder, shaking it lightly. “Dash… wake up..” he quietly said.

“No… no… no, no…” Misty Fly said and turned her head around gritting her teeth and putting her head on Fire’s shoulder and lightly crying.

“Dash.. this isn't funny… please… wake up.." Silver said quietly while trying to contain his tears.

"Wake up, dammit!" Spitfire yelled towards Soarin and Dash, crying while holding onto Wave Chill..

This was it. They were dead.. They said anything could happen. But it had to be the dying one. They had to die! Why?! They could do nothing about it.. They were dead…


Soarin woke up in a black void.. He gasped for air, taking deep breaths. Where was he? What happened? Why was he here? A second ago, he was holding onto his heart, grunting in pain.. Wait.. where was the pain? Suddenly, he didn’t feel any. What’s going on?! Where was he?! He looked around, lifting his head up. Before he was standing up, touching his chest and now.. He’s lying down with his front hooves crossed right in front of him. He looked around, looking at the left and right side.. No one was here. It looked exactly like where he was before except black.. But not everything was the same.

A few yards, right in front of him was.. A tunnel? Or was it a portal? A white, glowing portal.. That had a timer at the top with ten minutes counting down.. Was he gonna die?

He slowly got up and looked around again. “Hello?” he said out loud. “Anypony here?” he looked around but it was dead silent.. No one was here. What was he supposed to do? Walk to the white, glowing portal? All his friends were somewhere here.. He needed to get to them. He needed to get to Dash.. he needed a way out! But how….

He noticed a white glow slowly appearing a few yards away from him on his right. He looked closely and… it was Rainbow Dash! After the glow around her faded away, she slowly got up and opened her eyes.

“Dash!” Soarin called out. Dash immediately looked at her left and sighed in relief.

“Soarin!” Both of them ran towards each other-



Both of them ran right towards.. An invisible wall. Both of them got up, grunting in pain. Soarin got up first and placed his hoof on the wall… they couldn’t get to each other.. Dash got up and placed her hoof on the wall, right at the opposite to Soarin’s hoof. She sighed and looked down, but then realized that she didn’t even know where she was.

“Soarin.. Where are we?” she asked. Soarin sighed.

“I don’t know.. But we need a way out..” he answered. Dash looked up at the white, glowing portal and the timer above it.. It was counting down eight minutes..

“Are we gonna die?” she asked.

“Dash, don’t even think about it!” he scolded.

“Sorry..” she sighed and bit her lip, looking at Soarin and then down on the ground. “I have.. A feeling we will..”

Soarin looked around him and noticed the walls were slowly collapsing? They were falling. Each piece of wall slowly falling. So.. were they stuck in a black cube the whole time? As the walls slowly fell, Soarin could see what was outside the black cube.. A white void? He looked at the timer and now it was counting down seven minutes..

Dash noticed and looked around. “Soarin… I don’t like this..”

“Me too, Dash..” he said. Banging the invisible wall harder and harder. “Dang it..”

“Soarin…. I…. really don’t feel good about this..” she said, tears slowly filling her face. Soarin noticed quickly and placed his hoof right on hers.

“Dash.. don’t cry.. We’ll get out of this..” he spoke calmly.

“I’m beginning to think.. We’re dying..” she said, tears filling her face even more.

“Dash, stop it. We won’t, okay.. Listen to me. We are not gonna die.. We just need to find a way out..” He glanced at the clock and now it just started counting down five minutes. The invisible wall vanished and caught Soarin off guard. Dash immediately noticed and went right to him, hugging him tightly, Soarin doing the same. “Shhh… it’s okay..” he said, trying to talk in the most calming way he can.

“I’m scared..” she squeaked, tears running down her face. Soarin placed his hoof on her hair and slowly slid down it, up and down and repeating the process.

“Dash, look at me,” he demanded, holding her face and looking at her magenta eyes. Her eyes were filled with tears. “It’s gonna be okay… even if we do die, we’re still gonna be together.. Am I right?” Dash didn’t nodd or anything, she just continued crying.

“I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna go..” she sniffled, forcing him to hug her again. Soarin sighed.

“I don’t wanna go as well..” he looked at the clock and saw it was counting down three minutes. The walls were nearly done falling apart.. And soon it would be the floor falling apart..

So.. What would happen if the floor beneath him collapsed? Was he gonna fall and die? What would happen if he walked to the weird, white glowing portal.. He couldn't give everything up.. Spitfire, Fleetfoot and his friends were somewhere, probably waiting for him. But.. How the hell is he supposed to get out of here? So was he gonna die or not?

“Dash look at me,” he said, forcing her to look up at him. “I did not regret spending my time with you.. Or loving you.. It’s a blessing that I got to do.. And.. if we’re gonna die, I don’t mind doing it right next to you..” The words struck Dash like a sword coming through her heart.

She sniffled, “I guess I don’t mind it too.. As long as I’m with you..” Soarin smiled.

“Come here you..” He wasted no time, they closed their gap and kissed each other softly.. It was full of love. They didn’t go far or anything.. It was just a simple, loving kiss.. Their last kiss they would be sharing with each other..

They let go slowly, never leaving each other's eye. Dash took a quick glance at the timer, two more minutes. She looked at Soarin again and hugged him tightly.

"I love you…." She said. Soarin hugged her back tightly.

"I love you too.." Those three words were just words, but it felt so much to Soarin. It felt so much that he got to hear it one last time by his loved one.. It was only three words but it meant so much more..

Soarin let go of the hug, placed his hooves on her side of her face and slowly slid down to her cheeks. He glanced at the timer.. One more minute. He smiled and brought her head closer, kissing her forehead. Dash sniffled. As he let go of her face, Dash looked at the timer, it was counting down thirty seconds. She looked back at Soarin and closed her eyes, bringing her lips to him. Soarin quickly did what she wanted, kissing her back. He slid his hooves from her hair to her shoulder and to her chin.

They loved each other, and they were gonna use their last seconds on a loving kiss. They were trapped in a bubble of love that could never be broken. It was like there was this magical aura around them keeping them safe together.

As they kissed each other, the floor started to collapse near them. As Dash heard the floor collapsing, she kissed him harder and cradled her hoof to his face.


All of the princesses and Discord finally stopped their spell. Once their horns and paws stopped, all five of them collapsed on the floor, panting, wheezing and gasping for air.

"Did… did the spell work?" Twilight asked first, looking at where the glowing white cube was previously at. Now it is gone. She looked at Cadence and Celestia while getting up.

"I… I think it worked.." Celestia answered, getting up on her hooves. Cadence looked at Celestia, then at the Wonderbolts, quickly noticing all of them were surrounding Dash and Soarin.

"Wait.. What's going on?" Cadence asked and walked over to the Wonderbolts. Twilight gasped and galloped her way towards Dash.

"Rainbow Dash!" she called out her name.. No response.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Fleetfoot asked, crying and sniffling as she shoved her way towards Discord and Celestia. "What is this?! WHAT'S HAPPENING TO THEM?!" she demanded.

Discord looked past Fleetfoot and looked at Dash and Soarin lying on the ground helplessly. "We.. Don't know.." he answered.

"What the hell?!" Fleetfoot said, her voice beginning to squeak. "I THOUGHT YOU GUYS WERE OUR PRINCESSES! THE ONE WHO WE LOOKED UP TO.. and you Discord.. AREN'T YOU A GOD DAMN GOD?!" Fleetfoot yelled.

Celestia looked down and sighed. "Like we said earlier.. Anything can happen.."

"WHAT'S THE POINT ON BEING OUR RULER WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Fleetfoot yelled as tears streamed down her face.

Blaze took her hoof and shook her head. "There's.. No point in yelling, Fleet.." Fleetfoot lightly exhaled and cried on Blaze's shoulder. High Winds doing the same but on the other side of Blaze's shoulder.

"Lightning… I'm dreaming right? Lightning.. Please tell me it's all a bad dream.." Surprise wailed on his shoulder, hugging him tightly. Lightning sighed, sliding his hooves on her hair, trying his best to comfort her. He looked at his brother, and his brother did the same, sighing while hugging Misty Fly.

"They had to die…" Silver said, his head down with his ears flopped.

"NO! I'm not allowing this! YOU PRINCESSES SHOULD KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON! YOU TOO, DISCORD!" Spitfire yelled, holding her hoof tightly onto Wave Chill. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?! BRING BACK MY TWO BEST FRIENDS…"

"Spitfire.. Enough.." Wave said, calming her down. Spitfire started breathing heavily as she lightly cried.

"What the hell.. Did they do.. to deserve death…" she quietly asked. Wave Chill immediately hugged her, placing his head on top of hers.

Cries, sadness and sniffling filled the void as no one else spoke up. It was quiet.. Until..

Soarin gasped, got up quickly and looked around him, breathing heavily. Everyone immediately gasped at the sight of Soarin awake. He looked around, seeing that everyone was gathered around him. But what the hell? A second ago he was kissing Rainbow Dash and now he’s back? How? Wait.. but more importantly, where’s Rainbow Dash?!

He turned his head rapidly to the left. “Gah!” he yelped as he felt a strong headache.

“Soarin!” Spitfire called out his name, ready to hug him but-

“Dash!” Soarin immediately went to Dash who was right besides him and shook her. “Dash wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up! Come on… wake up! Please…..” he pleaded, biting his lip, hoping that she would wake up.

“Soarin.. What happened?” Celestia asked. Soarin ignored her and kept shaking Dash awake.

“Soarin.. What happened?” Fleetfoot asked. Soarin looked at Fleetfoot then back to Dash and sighed.

“I honestly.. Don’t know. I was at a black void and-” he cut himself off and gasped as Dash slowly woke up. “Rainbow Dash!”

Silver’s ears immediately went up as he heard the name ‘Rainbow Dash’. He gasped. “Dash!” He called out her name.

As Dash slowly got up, she looked around her and noticed everyone looking at her while gasping. First thing that popped up to her head was: Where was Soarin-

“Oof!” Dash yelped as someone hugged her tightly. She looked to her left and saw pale, light blue fur.. Soarin?

“Dash!” Soarin said, hugging her tightly and sighing in relief. “You’re okay..”

“Wait.. what?” Dash broke the hug, to see his face. She held his face and gasped. “Soarin… wait.. We’re alive?!” Fleetfoot tilted her head in curiosity.

“I think we are…!” Soarin exclaimed.

“...... SOARIN!” Dash immediately leapt at him, her hooves on his neck, kissing him passionately as he did the same and placed his hooves on her face, cradling it. Dash started crying in tears while moving her hooves up to his hair.

Fire Streak, Blaze, Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Spitfire, Wave Chill, High Winds and Silver looked away while Cadence, Fleetfoot, Misty Fly, Surprise and Lightning watched as the two kissed.

“We apologize for… ruining this moment..” Luna spoke up, making Soarin and Dash slowly turning their head towards Luna.

“...Sorry.. We thought we were goners!” Soarin chuckled. Dash laughed and hugged him.

“We are absolutely curious… what in the name of Equestria happened?” Luna asked.

Soarin stood up and faced Luna, “Well… I was sent to a black void with a white giant, glowing portal a few yards away from me, after a few minutes I found her right next to me a few yards away, we both went to each other but there was this invisible wall and there was a timer counting down.. And the walls were falling apart, a few minutes the invisible wall broke, we thought we were gonna die once the timer stopped, we said our last words and then we’re here..” he explained.

“Hmm…” Luna wondered.

“Oh no…” Celestia said. Everyone looked at Celestia in curiosity.

“Y-You don’t think it’s that right, Celestia?” Discord asked in disbelief.

“What? What do you mean?” Dash asked.

Suddenly Luna gasped in horror, “SISTER! I fear… it is what you are thinking about..”

“BUT… BUT I THOUGHT…” Discord started pacing around and breathing in and out. Twilight and Cadence looked at each other in curiosity on what Celestia, Luna and Discord were talking about.

“Woah, woah, wait… what’s going on?” Spitfire asked.


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Today was that day…. . Holy shit today was the day! Lightning Streak paced around the bathroom, left and right. He was nervous… okay scratch that, he was very nervous. And why? Because today was the day! It was the day!

Fire Streak already did this four weeks ago.. Now it was his turn. His turn to do the same thing his brother did four weeks ago..

Today was Surprise's birthday. It is currently nine in the morning and Surprise doesn't wake till nine-thirty.. So he had thirty more minutes. He planned something very special for her.

Yesterday, they booked a room in a very, very luxurious hotel. They were gonna spend the whole morning and afternoon just the two of them together and at night, their friends would gather and they would party.

The Hotel was way more luxurious than Lightning had seen in the pictures. Their room was one of the biggest. Not too big like the other rooms, but it was big for both of them. The room was called the Couple Suite, it was meant for couples.

Once you enter the room, there's a hallway with three ways. The left, right and front. To the right, was a queen mattress across with two night stands on each side. There were no doors or anything to enter the room, it was just open. There was this button that would roll open and a wooden wall would roll down and a projector would appear. Next to the bed was a full glass wall with two, wide, glass doors. And lastly, there was a drawer right next to where the projector was.

To the left of the room was a door which led to a bathroom. It was a rectangular shape. The bath tub was at the left, sink in the center and toilet at the right.

To the left of the hallway was the Living Room, Kitchen and mini Dining Room. The kitchen filled the whole left area of the room. Right next to it was a dining table for four. The table was marble with wooden, white feet. The chairs were very comfy. It was soft with a cream color cushion to sit on.

The Living room had a giant L couch with a marble coffee table and a giant TV across it. And right next to it was a glass wall with two, wide, glass doors, leading to the balcony.

And when you enter from the hallway and go straight to the front, it will lead to both ways, the Room and Living Room.

The balcony outside was big. There was a huge swimming pool at the left and a little area with a campfire with a few couches surrounding it.

Lightning placed his arms on the sink and took a deep breath and exhaled, looking at himself in the mirror. He was wearing a white suit, his hair was done and he brushed his teeth.. Now all he needed was the birthday girl. "I can do this!" he confidently said. He took another deep breath and opened the door.

His eyes landed on Surprise, who was thankfully still sleeping. He sighed in relief and walked over to her.

"Okay, this is it. Just wake her up, and do the plan!" he said to himself before he tapped her shoulder. "Surprise, babe, wake up!" he shook her shoulder. Surprise slowly woke up and yawned as she rolled upwards.

"Hey Lightning.." she said, rubbing her eyes.

"Guess what day it is today?"

"Oh right.. My birthday!" She exclaimed.

"That's right!" He kissed her cheek and hugged her. "Happy birthday, baby!"

"Thanks.." she giggled.

He took her hand and got her out of bed. "Come on!" He exclaimed.

"Woah, wait! Where are we going?" she asked as he dragged her to the closet.

"I have a surprise, and I need you to close your eyes!" He took a blindfold and wrapped it around her eyes. She didn't ask any questions except giggling.

He took her outside to the balcony and took a deep breath. The balcony was already decorated just how he wanted it to be.

There was a tiny table with the first picture he and Surprise took as a couple. Next to the frame were five packs of cupcakes with different colors and styles in all of them. There were two packs of blue and yellow balloons at the left and right of the table.

The area was surrounded by roses and candles, making a straight pathway from the door to the table.

Lightning took a deep breath and took her hand and guided her outside. “Come on! Just follow me, and mind your steps.”

“Okay..” she giggled even more, “what’s this about?”

“It’s a surprise!” Once Lightning was where he wanted her to be, he let go of her arms and moved her, facing the campfire area and facing him. “Okay, now stay here!”


Lightning immediately ran back in and went to the wardrobe, opening the top drawer. He inhaled as he saw the blue, navy box. This was it, now was the time. There was no going back… “Just do it… like what your brother did. She’ll say yes… she’ll say yes… just do it, Lightning! Be a man and do it to her! If your brother did it… then you can do it too..” he whispered to himself. He took the box and exhaled.

He walked back outside and stood in front of Surprise. “Okay babe… now you can open your eyes!” Surprise immediately took her blind off. She gasped and placed her hands on her mouth as she looked at her surroundings. She looked left and noticed the roses and candles on the ground, she looked right and saw the table, frame, cupcakes and balloons. What was all this?

Her heart melted as she looked in front of her, Lightning Streak. He was wearing a beautiful white suit that matches him so well, his hair was nice and done, combed to the back. He looked so tall, dark and handsome.

“Lightning… thank you so much..” she thanked.

“It’s not over yet..” he took her arms out of her mouth and held onto it both as he kneeled down. She gasped. Butterflies coming to her stomach as fast as lightning. She wasn’t going to believe it. It couldn’t be.

“Surprise, baby… where do I even begin? We’ve been dating for three years now, and I’m so grateful for you to be in my life. These past three years have been amazing, forget about the gloomy days.. You were always there for me, like I was there for you.. I’m gonna be honest here, Surprise, I don’t really know what to say…” he lightly chuckled. “So… will you marry me?” He took the box out of his pockets and opened it, and revealed a beautiful, diamond ring. Surprise gasped and placed her arms on her mouth and lightly cried.

“Lightning… I.. I.. I,” she stuttered. She was so shocked she couldn’t even talk. She didn’t even think about Lightning giving her a surprise. She loved him, they have been together for three years and now she was here, on her balcony, in front of her boyfriend…. That didn’t seem right though. Boyfriend? Lightning was her boyfriend? Well, if she says no then yes her boyfriend. But… she doesn’t want to call him her boyfriend after seeing this. There’s something else to call him than ‘boyfriend’. So, there was really only one option left... “Yes!” she cried in tears of happiness as Lightning smiled widely.

He took the ring and put it on her finger. Surprise immediately hugged him and cried on his shoulder. He sighed in relief, hugging her back with a smile. He did it. He finally did it. Surprise was no longer his girlfriend, but his new fiancée. He was just so glad everything turned exactly the way he wanted. “I love you, Surprise. And happy birthday.”

“I… love you too..” she managed to say in between her cries.

After a minute, Surprise let go of Lightning Streak and looked at him up and down again. He noticed and smirked.

“Like it?” he asked.

She giggled and nodded, “Yeah, fits really well on you.”

“I got this at a very expensive price..” he whispered.

Surprise rolled her eyes and looked at her ring.

“You like the ring?” he asked.

“Yeah, it’s really pretty,” she answered. “I did not expect to get proposed today.”

“Well.. surprise,” he made a heart shape with his hands. She giggled and looked at her right. Looking at the photo frame of her and Lightning. In the frame, Lightning’s position was kissing Surprise’s cheeks while she smiled.

“This was our first photo..” Surprise took the frame to get a closer look.

“Three years ago…" he sighed while the memories flowed inside of him. He and Surprise had been friends for about two years since college. Both of them got together and became friends by their other friend, Fleetfoot. As time went on, they slowly developed feelings for one another. Especially on the day where they were forced to be locked up in a room together by Fleetfoot, Misty Fly and Soarin. Both of them were stuck in Lightning's room while all of their friends were having a sleepover at his and his brother's house. At first it was very awkward but what really made them develop more feelings was when they watched a movie together. Lightning had a TV in his room so both of them decided to watch a movie and slowly fall asleep. "I mean that wasn’t our first photo together but that was our first photo being together as a couple than friends,” Lightning said.

Surprise placed the frame down and looked around her and smiled, “Thanks Lightning.. Best birthday ever.” She hugged him again.

He returned the hug, “Anything for you.. I can give you anything. I have everything you would want.”

She broke the hug and looked at him with a smirk, “Even your sperms?”

“Uhh…” he took a step back and nervously chuckled while looking left and right, “let’s get married first shall we?”

She giggled, “Sure, I wasn’t planning on wanting them anyways.”

“I’ll give you anything you want except for my sperm,” he smiled.

“Be cute for me..” she challenged.

“Uhh… are you talking to the right person? I think you’re talking about Fire Streak, Soarin and Wave Chill..” he nervously laughed. “You know I can’t be cute.” he slightly pouted.

“It’s okay, you already are doing it. Just be cuter,” she giggled.

“Uh….” he quickly put his hand at the back of his legs, acting to find something from his back pocket. “Hold on..” he then smiled cutely and took his hand out, making a heart shape with his fingers, then made another heart shape with both of his hands, bent down so he could be the same height as Surprise and pretended to eat the heart. “Mwah!”

Surprise puffed her cheeks out and laughed, “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeee…. That was so adorable.” she laughed harder.

He shrugged, “I tried. I saw Fire Streak do it so yeah.."

Surprise giggled and hugged him tightly. "Thanks.." she whispered.

"Anything for you.." he whispered back. He looked down, looking at Surprise and smiled. He was hugging his future wife, it made him feel so giddy. It felt so magical. He can't believe he even proposed to her, he thought he was never able to pull that off, but here he was, hugging with his fiancée.

After all they have been through from the beginning of being friends back at college, to now. Never in a million years he thought he would get married, nobody really liked him for who he was, they just looked at his looks. But now here he was, hugging Surprise, his fiancée, his future wife, his lover.

He felt complete, he felt like he accomplished something he never knew he could. It was like a great achievement he made that made him so proud.

"Wonder what's next…" Lightning Streak asked himself. He didn't know, but right now, he just wanna be in Surprise's arms.


The mosquito on the wall

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“I said it was the brown one!” Dash laughed as she watched Soarin running around the kitchen looking for a cup.

“But you said white!” he ran around, opening the cupboards for a cup to use to drink water with. His mouth was BURNING. He can’t take spicy food, everyone knows that. It's one of his fears.

Soarin was casually craving for some ice cream but when he opened the fridge, there were two ice cream containers. He asked Dash which one had the ice cream and which one had the spicy sauce. She said the white container, but of course she tricked him into eating the spicy sauce.

He finally found a glass cup at the dishwasher, his eyes lit up and his head was screaming victory. He really couldn’t take the spiciness any longer. He filled it up with cold water and drank it all in one gulp. Finally, the cold water overpowered the spiciness in his mouth, but he could still feel his mouth burning. He filled it up again and drank it all down.

Dash chuckled from the couch as she watched Soarin drink continuously. She knew what she did, and it was hilarious. She wasn’t trying to kill him or anything, but seeing him panicking and desperately looking for water was just so funny for her.

Soarin finally stopped drinking and placed his cup down, taking deep breaths. Did he seriously just experience hot sauce again? Well it was horrible. He couldn’t even believe it happened.. Because of Dash. He faced her as she lightly laughed. He pouted and walked towards the couch.

“That was not funny…” he sat down next to her.

Dash laughed, “Oh come on, it was!”

“You know I hate anything spicy…” he sighed.

“Fine… sorry,” she rolled her eyes and took her phone. She rolled her eyes purposely seeing what he would do.

“You’re not even sorry!” he scoffed. “I saw you roll your eyes, don’t act as if you actually are sorry.”

Dash rolled her eyes again, wanting to know what he would do like before.

“Rainbow Dashery Dash….” his voice deepened, making it sound dangerous, “don’t make me do it.”

Dash tilted her head and looked at him, wondering what he meant. “What do you mean?” she suddenly felt as if something bad was going to happen.

He smirked.

Dash's eyes widened as she knew what was gonna happen next. She quickly stood up but was too late as Soarin took her hand and pulled it, making her fall back to the couch, and tickled her sides.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SOARIN! STOP!" she laughed on the couch, trying to stop him with her hands.

"That's what you get for trying to make me die!" he tickled her even more. Dash laughed more as tears started to form.


"You have to promise to never do it again, okay?" He lifted his eyebrow.

"Okay! Okay! Just please stop!" she begged. Soarin stopped tickling her. Dash immediately stood up from the couch and looked at Soarin as if he was a psychopath. She exhaled and sat down on the couch, taking deep breaths.

"That's not funny…" she pouted.

"I didn't even laugh, how did you think I found it funny?" he rolled his eyes.

She scoffed as she watched him roll his eyes.

"Your fault I know you're ticklish. You wanted sex, I said no, you begged me for it, I said yes, then I found out you were-" he got cut off as Dash threw a pillow at him and glared.

"Shut up," she demanded.

Soarin did as she asked and laid his back on the couch. The room was filled with silence immediately. Dash took out her phone as Soarin pouted at her. He watched as she smiled at her phone rather than spending time with him.

He sighed and poked her shoulder.

Dash turned her head around, slightly annoyed and asked. "What?"

"I'm bored," he said dryly.

"What am I supposed to do?" she asked.

"Well.. entertain me," he said. He rolled over and placed his head on her lap.

Dash put her phone away and gently touched his hair. It was messy.

"You need a haircut," she said out of nowhere.

"I know," he replied.

Dash continued to touch his hair, parting it to the left and right.

"Wanna know something?" Soarin asked.

Dash nodded, "Sure."

"Wave Chill and Spitfire are dating."

Dash's eyes widened as she looked at him in disbelief. "No way!" she smiled widely.

Soarin got up from her lap and sat down. "Yes way."

"Really?! When? How did I not know?!" Dash asked. Her brain began to burst. She had no idea. Wave Chill always had feelings for her and so did Spitfire, but she never thought the day would come where the both of them would finally tell each other their feelings.

She tried convincing Spitfire to tell her feelings to Wave Chill but she always backed down or either ran away when she saw him.

"They just started yesterday," he answered.

"Damn… about time," she happily chuckled.

"I know right.." he chuckled along with her. He, the same as Rainbow Dash, tried to convince Wave Chill to tell his feelings to Spitfire. He would always deny it, back down or either think she didn't like him back. It took him so long to tell Wave that Spitfire liked him back and that she wouldn't reject him.

"This is giving me flashbacks when you confessed to me," Dash chuckled and faced him.

Soarin's eyes widened and blushed. "That day was one of the best yet most embarrassing days I've ever had." he covered his face with his hands, embarrassed.

Dash laughed remembering the day. "You fell and got covered in pie and whipped cream!" she laughed.

Soarin groaned and smacked his head with his hand. "Dash stop! It’s a bad memory.."

"PPPFFF.." she held her laughter, "you even tripped and caused the table to fall… and.." she laughed even more.

Soarin groaned and faced away.

"and… and you ruined the decor!" she laughed even more as she held onto her stomach.

Soarin groaned louder, he got even more annoyed as he watched Dash laugh at him. "Hey! It's not funny okay, it's really embarrassing." he pouted. What he said was no lie, it was very embarrassing that day.

He planned everything a week prior to the event, he made sure everything was perfect and that nothing would go wrong. Hell, he even asked Fleetfoot and Spitfire to pretend to be Rainbow Dash for him so he wouldn't mess up. He really liked Dash, he fell for her hard. He really didn't want anything to mess up and he really didn't wanna get rejected. He was stressed out, so many what if questions popping up in his head. Spitfire and Fleetfoot eventually became so annoyed that they slapped him hard in the face, leaving a red mark, in an effort to set his head straight, but it only made him even more stressed out since he wanted to look good for her.

After planning, everything was ready. He didn't mess up anything while practicing with Spitfire and Fleetfoot. But then, the day came and he messed up. A lot. He embarrassed himself and the girl who he liked was laughing at him the whole time! It was embarrassing, he was so close to running away, locking himself up in his room and covering his face, he never wanted to see Dash again if he did that. It was so embarrassing.

“Relax, Soarin,” Dash chuckled. “Everything turned out great at the end.” Soarin rolled his eyes. She was correct, everything did turn out well. He confessed and it turned out she liked him back.

“Well yeah, you’re right about that but still!” Soarin said. Dash yawned and sighed. He raised his eyebrow as he watched her yawn. One question popped up in his head. “How many hours of sleep did you have?” he asked.

“I got twelve hours,” she answered. Soarin blinked in confusion.

“And… you yawned? How are you sleepy?” he asked.

Dash shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Soarin shrugged too. He sighed and looked out the window. It looked really sunny outside, a perfect day to go to the park. He looked at his wrist to see what time it was but- wait- his watch wasn’t on his wrist. His eyes widened and he started to panic. He looked left and right, still wasn’t spotted. He picked up the pillows one by one, still wasn’t there.

Dash tilted her head as she watched Soarin panic and lifting every pillow on the couch. “What’s up? Looking for something?”

“Where’s my watch?!” he asked.

“Oh, it’s over there” -she pointed at his watch that was above a drawer against a wall next to her watch. “Why?”

Soarin sighed in relief as he saw his watch safe. “Oh thank- I seriously thought it was gone.”

“If it happened to be gone, Spitfire is gonna kill you,” Dash said as she checked the time with her phone.

“I know..” he groaned, “that watch is really expensive. It’s the first type of watch like that to even exist.”

“I still can’t believe we have those. I mean-” Dash squealed “-they’re so awesome!”

Soarin lightly chuckled and nodded. “They really are.”

One would expect them to have a regular watch, something classic and simple that shows the current time. No, that wasn’t what their watches looked like. It looked like a modern watch, a black screen with a strap. That was normal, it looked normal, right?. But there was more to it. It had a cool feature that required a fingerprint or facial identity to unlock the watch. Once the watch was unlocked, a transparent bluish screen would appear projecting out from the black screen. At the top of the screen at the middle was the time. At the top left was what appeared to be an image of their Wonderbolt uniform. However it was not just an image, you could click it. Instead of putting a wonderbolt uniform on the traditional way, which usually took a significant amount of time, the watch holder could press the image, which would magically transform their current outfit into the Wonderbolt uniform.

At the top right was a chat with the Wonderbolt members and to the bottom were different apps personalised to each watch owner.

“Wonder when these watches’ll be revealed to the public.." Soarin asked.

Dash scoffed, "Please.. as soon as the public knows, they'll try to find a way to hire Flash and make him spill on how they were made. Just to make money."

Soarin nodded, "True. But it will probably be so expensive." he laughed.

"Glad they were free," Dash chuckled.

"I'm kinda hungry." Soarin got up from the couch and walked to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and frowned. There was no food except for a slice of cheese and leftover pie that was probably expired. "Daaasssshhh! we need to go grocery shopping!"

Dash looked at the fridge then looked at Soarin. "I bought some fries last night, check the fridge or something."

Soarin bit his lips and chuckled awkwardly. "I- uh- I ate them already…" In the middle of the night, he woke up from hunger, and went to the kitchen knowing that there wasn’t much food but he decided to check anyway. He saw the fries and decided to eat half of it. Turns out he finished them all and went back to bed with a full stomach.

Dash flattened her eyebrow and sighed. "Well.. check the cupboard."

Soarin did as he was told, he checked each one of them. Nothing.. well, except for a box of cake mix, however he didn't have any ingredients to make the cake so he closed it and sighed. "There's no food at all.." He walked to the window and looked outside. It was sunny.

He watched the birds chirp and land on the tree branch, and a little girl using her tricycle. She was smiling and giggling, her yellow, bright eyes practically glowing. Her beautiful lavender skin along with her light blue hair just made her shine.

"Wanna go to the grocery store today?" he asked as he looked back at her.

"Well.. If there's no food then yeah," Dash stood up and walked up next to him and looked out the window. Her face scrunched up as she looked up to the sky.

What was she seeing? It was far but it looked like a ball of fire coming towards them? An asteroid? It looked like that. Her eyes widened. How did she not know about it though?

"Oh my gawd…" she gasped and backed away, wanting to believe it was a dream.

"What?" Soarin asked, getting slightly curious and scared as to why she was walking away.

Dash immediately took the remote and turned it on to the news. She turned it on the news channel. As soon as she did, the TV changed it’s channel from a cooking show to a news channel. A woman and man sitting in front of a table talking about an asteroid that no one saw coming. But why… It was so out of notice. How the hell did a random asteroid enter the Earth's atmosphere?

"Oh my gawd… fuck. It's an asteroid!" Dash exclaimed. She instantly got nervous, scared and worried. She looked at Soarin as he looked at her back, his face terrified.

"What the fuck.." he said as he looked back at the window.

An asteroid. There it was. It looked like it was headed right towards them!

He started to get scared, very scared. His breathing started to become unstable. He touched his hair and pushed it back. He started to worry more as he looked to the ground.

"What do we do?" Dash asked.

Soarin looked in her eyes then looked left and right, unsure what to do.

An asteroid… an asteroid was coming towards them! Well.. they obviously need to run, run away from the asteroid.

"We try to stay away from the asteroid. Get away from it, be as far as possible. Now! Let's go!" he said. He walked straight to his watch, put it on and took his phone.

Dash looked at the asteroid, it was clearer now. It looked like a ball of fire coming towards them. Her eyes widened as she started to feel even more scared. She felt like panicking but that was the last thing she had to do, she had to get away.

"Come on, Dash! Wear your watch," he said. He sighed and took her watch. He put it on her and took her phone, gave it to her, put on his shoes and went outside.

She barely even could process what was happening. She blinked as she watched Soarin go outside. She quickly put on her socks and shoes and followed him.

"Wait Dash, can you give me my car keys?" Soarin asked. Dash put on a "are you kidding me" face but went inside the house again and went to find his car keys.

Soarin looked back at the asteroid. There was more than one visible now. There were now three in sight so far. One of them was close to hitting Earth. He bit his lip as he wished Dash would be faster. "Come on Dash! Hurry!" he yelled. He looked right and saw the girl on the tricycle again.

She was happily riding while shaking her head sideways. He gasped. The girl could get hurt, she's still young and her mother is nowhere in sight. He bit his lips, debating if he should go run after her and take her somewhere safe. Fuck it. He's doing it.

He ran towards the girl as fast as he could. "Hey! Where's your mom?" he asked as he reached her. He carried her out of her tricycle and placed her down. "Where's your mom?" he asked again.

Right after he asked, a woman with blue skin and pink hair came up to him and gave him a look of “what are you doing with my daughter”. He quickly looked at her and gave her her daughter, ignoring the face he was given.

“Go! There’s an asteroid!” he pointed up to the sky. His face dropped. The asteroid was right there. It was very close to the ground, a few more seconds and it’ll hit Earth. “FUCK!” he yelled out. “Go! Get out of here!” he exclaimed at the woman. She nodded, and ran to her car.

His face screamed “fuck”. Hewanted to panic but panciking was the last thing he needed to do right now. Right now he really needed to get as far away from the asteroid as possible. He looked back at his car. Speaking of running away, where the hell was Dash?!

He looked towards the door, there she was. She came out of the door, car keys in her right hand. He sighed in relief.

As Dash was just about to toss the keys to Soarin, she gasped, eyes widening as her face dropped. Her face was complete with horror. Uh oh, that did not look like a good sign.

“SOARIN LOOK OUT!” Dash yelled. As he was just about to look behind him, a massive wave of fire erupted and a loud BOOM came.

He went flying as his body became unconscious. He could still see, his eyes were still open. He looked around. Smoke, fire, rocks, it was horrible. He coughed as he could smell the burning fire around him. He felt woozy and dizzy. He couldn’t think straight.

He looked around… where was Dash?! He needed to find her, he needed to know if she was safe or not. He couldn’t even see the sky, it was all smoke.

And... just like that, he closed his eyes.