South Parkers of Harmony

by Raven Ars Goetia

First published

During a slumber party, the boys of South Park are transported to the anthropomorphic world of Equestria. Secrets will be revealed, friendships will be made, and adventures will be enjoyed.

It was a boring Summer in South Park. Thanks to their friend, Butters, the Boys found themselves having the same dream about pastel-colored ponies and decide to try and find out why.

During a slumber party, the Boys are mysteriously transported into a magical world of friendship, peace, and anthropomorphic, pastel-colored ponies.

Will they find a reason why they've appeared in this world? Will they ever return home? And why are they ponies too? This is really strange...

Cover Art by Fire-Girl872.
Anthro Designs belong to StasySolitude.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, DHX Studios and Hasbro.
South Park belongs to Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Comedy Central.

Slumber Party and Dreams

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~Narrator's POV~

Another boring day at school in South Park, Colorado. The sky was a clear blue and the sun was shining, indicating the coming of the season of summer. The last school bell ran, indicating that school was over.

Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, Eleanor Wolfe, Samantha Wolfe, and Butters Stotch exit the school of South Park High with a collective sigh of boredom.

"Another day, another boring weekend." Stan Marsh sighed, brushing his black boots across the cold concrete sidewalk, "Which leads to another boring summer vacation."

Kyle nodded in agreement, "Since when did life get so dull?"

"Since you started complaining about it?" Samantha joked with a nudge in Kyle's upper arm.

Eleanor, Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Eric shared a laugh, but Butters was looking at the clear cyan-blue sky. His mind wondering across the sky to meet the stars in space.

Eleanor noticed and gently nudged her friend's arm, "Butters? You okay?"

Butters blinked at the Gothic girl beside him, "Hmm?" Then he nodded and brushed his hand over his shaved blonde hair, "Yeah. Sorry, my mind was in another world."

Kenny raised a brow, "You've been that a lot lately." He spoke up, "You sure you're alright, Leo?"

Butters nodded, "I'm fine, really. It's just..." He frowned and lowered his head, "I had that dream again."

"The one with the pastel-colored ponies?" Samantha asked with a raised brow.

Butters nodded again, "Y-Yeah."

The group of teens, except Samantha, looked at each other with wide eyes of shocked disbelief. This is really weird to say the least.

Samantha looked at the teens and raised another brow, "What?"

"I think we've all had the same dream." Stan was the first to answer. Butters' eye widen with surprise.

Eric scoffed and rolled his eyes, "Come on. Nobody can have the same dream more than one night."

Eleanor looked at her adopted brother with a raised brow. Eric Cartman was always the first to deny something that wasn't about him. But there was something in his tone that made something about this subject involve him as well.

Kenny looked at Butters and asked, "How long have you been having this dream?"

Butters rubbed his chin in memory, "About a year now."

The group of teens gasped with wide eyes. They all had the same dream for nearly a year. The teens looked at each other. Then Kyle asked Butters, "What was your dream about again?"

Butters thought for a second, then asked, "You're not gonna make fun of me again, are you?"

"No, Butters. We promise." Stan assured.

Eric rolled his heterochronic eyes, which earned him a sharp nudge in the arm from his Gothic adopted sister. Eric looked at her, then back at Butters and sighed, "Yeah, we promise."

Butters smiled and explained his dream, "Well, it starts at a damp and dingy rock farm, on the outskirts of a large and dark forest. A family of pastel-colored ponies were working in the farm. My eyes caught sight of a certain pink pony. She looked sad and alone, when suddenly, there was a loud boom and an explosion of color in the sky." He brushed his buttery blonde hair back, "The pink pony smiled at the rainbow and clear sky that followed the explosion. Then I hear a voice calling my name until I wake up."

The group of teens looked at the buttery blonde haired boy, then looked at each other. This dream must have something going on, if Butters is able to remember it so well.

Eric burst into laughter, "You're more of a girl than I thought, Butters! That means nothing!"

Butters glared at the large teen, but ignored him and looked at Eleanor, who was rubbing her chin in thought throughout the entire story.

"Ellie, you're good at deciphering dreams. What does my dream mean?" He asked her.

The Gothic ginger-haired girl let out a small sigh, "Since all of our dreams are similar, it's obvious that these are messages from someone on the other side. Thus the ponies."

"So you mean that someone is calling to us from this place?" Kyle asked.

Eleanor casually shrugged her shoulders, "Anything is possible."

Eric scoffed and folded his arms, "Please. There's no such thing as pastel-colored horses."

"Ponies." Butters corrected with a glare at the large teen.

"Says the boy who corrupted Imagination Land's innocence." Samantha pointed out.

"Whatever." Eric dismissed.

"I suggest we have a slumber party tonight, at Butters' house." Samantha suggested, "In case one of us has a dream about the pastel-colored ponies again."

Kyle nodded in agreement, "That's not a bad idea, Sam. A bit crazy, but not bad."

Samantha smiled sweetly, "Thanks, Kyle."

Eric stuck his tongue out in disgust, "Ugh! I hate sleeping in a house that isn't mine."

Eleanor glared at her adopted brother, "You have a better idea?"

Eric nodded, "Yeah. Let's leave Butters to his girly dreams and pretend that nothing happened."

The teens looked at each other, then Stan raised his gloved hand, "All those for a slumber party at Butters' house, say 'Aye'."

"Aye!" All the teens, except Eric, raised their hands.

"All oppose?" Stan asked.

Eric raised his hand.

Stan nodded, "Sorry, Cartman. The voted are against you."

Angry, Eric threw his blue and yellow beanie into the snow.

*Later That Evening, At Butters' House...*

The doorbell rang as Butters was preparing the food table with snacks and game controllers. The doorbell rang again.

"Hang on a moment!" Butters shouted, as he placed a bowl of potato chips onto the table.

Once in place, Butters hurried to the door and opened it. On the other side was Stan, Kyle, Samantha, Kenny, Eric and Eleanor with backpacks and sleeping bags under their arms.

Eric dashed into the living room, "About time, Butters! What kept you? Redecorating your room?"

"I was making sure everything was just right!" Butters argued, "This is my first slumber party in years."

"Whatever." Eric scoffed and rolled his eyes.

Butters rolled his light blue eyes and turned to the others and smiled, "Come on in, fellas. Welcome to my home."

One-by-one, the other teens entered the house. Once everyone was inside and the door closed, the slumber party began.

The gang played games, enjoyed the snacks that Butters had laid out on the table. Every now and again, Eleanor looked out the window, to look at the stars and the moon, entranced by its luminating glow through the window, but she quickly returns back to reality and rejoins the activities.

The teens were having fun, much to Eric's disappointment, making s'mores, telling ghost stories, and even pillow fights. Now, it was time for a game of 'Truth or Dare'.

Stan smirked and looked at Eric, "Cartman, truth or dare?"

Eric looked at his friends for a second and answered, "Dare."

Stan smirked, "I dare you to kiss the person either next to you."

Eric's eyes widened in shock. To his left was Butters, and to his right was Eleanor. Butters smiled, while Eleanor stuck her tongue out in disgust.

Eric looked at the ravenette boy, "And what would the Truth question be?"

Stan thought for a second and gave a genuine look, "Have you ever have a dream like Butters?"

Eric thought for a moment. The choice was his to make. Kiss Butters? Kiss Eleanor? Or tell the truth about his dreams? Eric hung his head and sighed, "Alright. Yes, I have had a dream about the talking ponies."

Kyle rolled his green eyes, "Come on, Cartman. The game is called 'Truth or Dare' for a reason. You get penalties for lying."

Eleanor looked at her adopted brother and waved her hand, "I think he's telling the truth, Kyle."

Stan scoffed, "Yeah, right. Cartman. The guy who lies, cheats and steals when something doesn't go his way."

Eric shook his head, "I am telling the truth, you guys! I have had a girly dream about pastel-colored ponies! It was even about that damn Pinkie Pie!"

Butters and Eleanor's eyes widen in shock and surprise. The two looked at each other.

"Pinkie Pie?" Kenny repeated, "Who the hell is Pinkie Pie?"

"The pink pony from my dreams." Butters answered.

"Sounds like a cartoon character." Sam replied, folding her arms.

Eleanor looked at Kenny, "Kenny, what was the name of the pony in your dreams?"

Kenny looked at his group of friends and hung his head with a small sigh, "Fluttershy."

Eleanor turned to Kyle, "Kyle?"

Kyle fiddled with his fingers, "Rainbow Dash."

Stan decided to speak up, "My dream wasn't about one pony in particular. It was about a family of ponies. They call themselves... The 'Cakes'."

There was a moment of silence among the group of teens. You could hear the wind blowing against the window. Samantha was the first to break the silence and yawned, "Welp, I think we've had enough fun for one night. I think it's time to hit the hay."

The boys and Eleanor looked at Samantha and nodded in agreement. The group made their way to Butters' bedroom and closed the door behind them. They rolled out their sleeping bags, as Butters climbed up to his bed. Everyone tucked themselves in and said 'good night' to each other and closed their heavy eyes.

Outside of the house, the full moon glowed luminously over the town of South Park. Snow drifted softly in the air, glistening and twinkling in the moonlight. A heavenly, ethereal voice sung in the wind.

"Come Little Children,
I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment...

Come Little Children,
The time's come to play,
Here in my Garden of Shadows..."

The group of teens slept soundly in their sleeping bags, as the moon's soft glow seeped into the bedroom through the window.

"Follow Sweet Children,
I'll show thee the way,
Through all the pain and the sorrows...

Weep Not Poor Children,
Llife is this way,
Murdering beauty and passion..."

The teens, except for Samantha, opened their tired eyes and looked out the window. Entranced by the voice in the wind, the teens exit the bedroom, walked down the stairs to the living room. Once in the living room, Eric unlocked the exit of the house and the teens ventured out of the Stotch residence.

"Hush Now Dear Children,
It must be this way,
To weary of life and deception...

Rest Now My Children,
For soon will a way,
Into the calm and quiet..."

As the voice continued to sing, the teens walked down the streets of South Park, following the wind to the other side of town, to Stark's Pond. The stars danced and sang along with the voice, following the sleep-walking teens, as they arrived to Stark's Pond.

The moon glowed over the large lake, giving it a mystical feel with the sparkling snowflakes. The teens stood over the lake.

"Come Little Children,
I'll take thee away,
Into a land of enchantment...

Come Little Children,
The time's come to play,
Here in my Garden of Shadows..."

The teens' eyelids fell heavily, as they began to topple over. One-by-one, they fell into the glowing lake. First Kenny. Followed by Stan. Then Eric. Kyle and Butters. Eleanor was the last to fall into the lake as the song ended.

Back at the Stotch residence, Sam woke up with a gasp. She sat up and looked around for the others.