The Chosen One

by Sinful Gold

First published

During heat season, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity decide to finally bring some foals into their little herd. Now they just need to find a stallion.

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Rarity have been married for a good while now, forming their own little herd with neither stallion nor foal. Heat season can be tough for them, and this year they decide they're ready to take the next step, but first, they need to find a suitable stallion.

They will find him. And they will fuck him. And they are going to be very, very, thorough.

Contains: heat, impregnation, creampie, some wasted cum, a moth-changeling, Twilight's idea of "foreplay," Rainbow being "romantic," Rarity "not teasing," very high selection standards, and the best throuple in Ponyville.

Will be five chapters total. Commissioned by an anonymous user!

A Perfectly Designed Test

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The castle had a scent hanging about it.

It was easy to recognize; everypony knew the smell of a mare in heat. It had a pungent sharpness to it, and it drifted through the air like an invisible pin, prickling at your nose in a way that made your ears perk up and your nostrils flare, and next thing you knew you were looking around for the source, pulled along by the baser instincts that civilization hadn’t quite ironed out yet.

Heat season was annoying that way, even if you weren’t one of its primary victims. Focusing on anything became immensely difficult when every breeze carried a chance of shattering your concentration, and it was even worse for those that lived in herds—at least until the stallion came home, scratched all relevant itches, and everypony had a nice shower to wind down.

But Rainbow Dash’s herd didn’t have a stallion.

This came with some problems, chief of which was the absolute lack of any lasting relief from the heat. Some vigorous lovemaking with her partners would quench her desires for a few hours, sure, but heat season lasted weeks. Weeks of being cooped up in the castle with her lovers, all three mares brought together by the overwhelming demands of nature, given no recourse but to give in to wild sessions of breathless fucking every dawn and every dusk, and sometimes around lunchtime too, with only brief respite during which to actually get anything done.

“Really,” Rainbow thought to herself as she lay on Twilight’s massive bed, collapsed in a pile with the two mares she loved more than anything in the world, her thighs burning from exhaustion and her head tingling with the afterglow of orgasm, “I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up.”

She’d never admit as much, of course. She had a reputation to uphold, and part of that reputation was being ever-at-the-ready to please either of her mares.

The sheets rustled as Rarity rolled over and began nibbling idly at Rainbow’s ear. “Did either of you have plans for dinner?” she asked, voice weak with drowsy contentment. “I thought perhaps we could go out tonight, get some fresh air.”

Twilight yawned. Her hoof twitched, rubbing pleasantly across Rainbow’s outstretched wing. “Spike wanted to—” she yawned again, a cute, squeaky noise that made Rainbow smirk “—make a casserole tonight.”

“No offense to the dear, but he makes casserole almost every night.” Rarity cooed as Rainbow nuzzled into the soft fluff under her neck. “Surely he’d appreciate having the castle to himself for a little? He could invite Big Mac over, and they could play their little board game.”

“Mm, Big Mac.” Twilight let out a husky giggle. “Maybe he’ll be here when we get back, too…”

Rarity scoffed. “Darling, please! He’s well spoken for, already, and most likely exhausted at that. We shouldn’t intrude.”

Twilight groaned. The heat always hit her the hardest, and she tended to get a little dopey as a result. “But Big Mac…”

Rainbow tuned them out, their good-natured back and forth fading away as she drank in deep breaths of Rarity’s sweat-muddled perfume. They knew she’d eat pretty much anything put in front of her, so they rarely bothered including her in their discussions concerning dinner, and that was just how she liked it.

How did she ever get so lucky to live like this? Well, the answer to that was obvious, of course—she was just that awesome. But even still, if she’d gone back in time and told herself ten years ago that she’d not only be an ace Wonderbolt but also be married to the two most wonderful mares in Equestria, she’d have been a little skeptical at least. One mare could only hold so much awesome, after all.

Did she even have any goals left? Major goals, not the little things like setting new records at training or expanding her insatiable collection of sporting medals and Daring Do books. Her brow furrowed as she thought on it, and she hummed as she felt Twilight stroking a hoof across her back. She’d run out, hadn’t she? She was content.

That just wouldn’t do. She needed some impossible goal in front of her at all times, or else she’d lose her edge, and she didn’t even want to think about that. But what goal could she possibly set that would challenge her, Wonderbolt extraordinaire, fastest feather in the bedroom, the top-top in a three-way marriage between an alicorn princess and a national businessmare? She was so incredibly radical that there just wasn’t anything left to reach for.

Was it even possible for any pony to be more awesome than her?

Her eyes widened. Maybe it was. Maybe a pony trained from birth, coached by her all through their youth, brought up to be a new generation of unprecedented awesomeness.

That was it, then. That would be her new goal—to have a foal that would do the impossible: being even more awesome than she was.

“Rainbow, are you well?” Rarity’s concerned voice broke through her reverie. “You’ve gone all stiff.”

Rainbow pulled her head out of Rarity’s fluff with a triumphant grin. “We should have foals!”

For a moment, nopony said anything. It suddenly occurred to Rainbow that her wives might not agree with her.

Twilight cleared her throat. “Um.”

“This is rather sudden, darling.” Rarity slid back so she could look Rainbow in the eye. “Where is this coming from?”

“Well, uh.” Rainbow let out a nervous chuckle. What if they said no? She wasn’t good at convincing ponies! “I guess I was just thinking that with the three of us together, we could raise foals even more awesome than me? And that’d be… really cool?”

Again, the silence. Then Rarity’s eyes began to water and her muzzle scrunched up, and she lunged forwards and pulled Rainbow into a tight, energetic hug. “Oh, Rainbow Dash! I think that might be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard you say!”

Rainbow blushed, and she struggled for a moment before giving in with a huff. No doubt Rarity was going to go all around Ponyville talking about how romantic and sappy Rainbow was now, and Rainbow would have to work overtime doing cool tricks and telling stories so that ponies didn’t get the wrong idea.

Twilight giggled as she joined the hug, leaving Rainbow sandwiched between her wives. “That’s very sweet of you, Rainbow. And a huge relief!”

Rainbow’s brow furrowed. She squeezed her muzzle out into the open so she could talk. “A relief?”

“Oh, definitely!” Twilight nuzzled into Rainbow’s cheek, making the pegasus’s blush deepen. “Rarity and I have already talked about foals, actually. We’ve been trying to figure out how to open you up to the idea, but it turns out we didn’t need to!”

“O-oh. Sweet.” Rainbow grinned, glad to be past the moment of uncertainty.

There was a flash of magic, and Rainbow’s coat tingled as Twilight suddenly popped out of existence. A few seconds later she re-appeared at the foot of the bed, accompanied by a pair of chalkboards on stands, a stack of note cards, and a piece of chalk.

Rainbow’s eyes widened as Twilight began to scribble furiously on the chalkboards, talking all the while. “I’ve done a bit of thinking on the subject already, actually,” she began. “We’re all busy mares, after all, which would make it difficult to give foals the proper attention to ensure they have a good upbringing, but I’m confident that I can schedule in the time they need. Of course I’ll need you to finally get me your schedule, Rainbow Dash, but I’ve already drawn up a few preliminary itineraries that—with some help from Spike and Pinkie Pie—will let us all get sufficient quality time with our children.

“I’ve also been putting some thought into names.” She switched to another section of chalkboard, jotting out names in a neat list. “Rarity and I have discussed it some, but I’ll need your input, too. If you can submit to me a list of your favorite names, rated on a multi-dimensional scale for—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Rainbow shot off the bed, getting between Twilight and the chalkboards while she still could. “What the hay are you talking about? We don’t even have the kids yet!”

Twilight blinked. “Rainbow, we have to be prepared before we bring foals into this world. What if some scheduling error keeps us from picking them up from school? Chaos like that makes for bad formative memories!”

Rarity giggled as she slid off the bed, coming up to Twilight’s side. “I think what Rainbow means to say, dear, is that we have plenty of time to discuss the finer details of parenthood.” She slid a hoof around Twilight’s shoulders and gave an affectionate squeeze. “And unless you intend to wait another year, perhaps we should focus on more practical aspects of the arrangement, first?”

Twilight frowned. “Practical?”

Rainbow nodded. “Yeah, y’know. Like getting knocked up?”

“Rainbow, please.” Rarity rolled her eyes. “Do you really have to use such vulgar terminology?”

Rainbow arched a brow. “Wait, what do you call it?”

“That’s not important!” Twilight said with sudden urgency. “Rarity’s right, we’re low on time! We need to start looking now if we’ll have time to get interested stallions through the selection process!”

“Selection process?” Rainbow groaned. “That sounds like it’ll take forever!”

“We can’t rush something like this, Rainbow,” Twilight chided. Her horn glowed, and the chalkboards vanished with the pop of teleportation. A pair of saddlebags appeared around her barrel a moment later, packed to the brim. “Now, I’ll go around town and put up some advertisements, and we can conduct interviews starting in the morning, so—”

Rarity interrupted her with a polite cough. “Twilight, my sweet, you are aware of Pinkie’s heat parties, are you not?” She smiled as Twilight looked back at her with a confused frown. “She holds them every year, you know. We can just go down to Sugarcube Corner, and just about every eligible bachelor in town will be there for our perusal. Plus we can get some of those delightful little heatcakes of hers.”

“Oh. Okay!” Twilight grinned, already making for the door. “Let’s go, then!”

“Wait!” Rarity gasped, racing to block Twilight’s path. “Not yet! I need to get dressed!”

Rainbow sighed and drifted back onto the bed. This was going to take a while.

Two hours later, the three mares made it to Sugarcube Corner.

The sun had just dipped below the horizon, leaving only the last trailing rays of orange light to trickle out into the night sky, and the streets of Ponyville were lit with the soft, flickering glow of lamplight. Sugarcube Corner would normally be closed at this time, but during heat season Pinkie hosted more adult parties for her clientele, providing a space where mares in need of relief could go to find stallions interested in providing it. Colorful light leaked past the shut curtains, hinting at the activity inside.

Rainbow flew lazily in the rear of the trio, letting her wives take point. Twilight was muttering under her breath as she filled out a levitating notepad before her, while Rarity had her head held high, every step measured to compliment her dress and makeup, exuding an energy of confidence and mystique.

So to summarize, they were both looking beautiful. But that was the kind of thought Rainbow liked to keep to herself.

The lights were low as Rainbow landed and followed her wives into Sugarcube Corner, leaving plenty of shadowed corners for enterprising couples to flirt before making off to quieter places. Pinkie had replaced the lampshades with colorful rainbow filters that spun slowly in place, painting the room in a kaleidoscope of gradually shifting hues, and the jukebox next to the door was playing quiet, intimate music that both faded into the background and provided enough noise to let one whisper dirty things into another’s ears without feeling exposed. Most of the patrons were mares, of course, some dressed up to accentuate their favorite features while others went plain and others still took a more direct approach, curling their bodies around wide-eyed stallions with tails raised up high. Several stallions were mixed in as well, many already displaying prominent erections, their eyes lidded either in some attempt to appear attractive or due to the heady scent of heat that hung heavy in the air.

Rainbow licked her lips as her eyes darted between them, already imagining pinning them down beneath her and riding them until her legs gave out. It had been long enough since the last session with her wives that her own heat was already tingling between her legs again, and the faint aroma of musk that sometimes pierced the overwhelming mare scent was more than enough to make her tail twitch.

“Hi, girls!” Pinkie appeared out of nowhere, mane frazzled and cheeks flushed as she balanced a tray of drinks on her back. “I wasn’t expecting to see you three here!”

“It’s somewhat a spur of the moment thing, darling,” Rarity said. She smiled as she levitated a trio of colorful drinks off Pinkie’s tray, distributing them among her lovers, before leaning in close with a conspiratorial whisper. “We’ve decided we’re ready to have foals.”

Pinkie gasped, eyes going wide and haunches dropping to the floor with a wet slap. “Oh, that’s amazing! Are you here to celebrate? You should’ve told me ahead of time so I could’ve planned something! I have drinks, and cake, a megaphone, so you just say the word and—”

Twilight put a hoof over Pinkie’s lips. “No celebration yet, Pinkie. We need to find a stallion, first.”

“Ohhh, that’s why you’re here!” Pinkie gave a few exaggerated nods. “That does make a lot more sense! Well, feel free to take your pick! I can give you a few recommendations, too, and I’ve got a studbook with all my regulars in it, so you can just call them up and invite them over if you want to!” She grinned and nudged Rarity with a suggestive wink.

“Thanks, Pinkie, but I need to vet these stallions myself, first.” Twilight scanned the room before pointing out an empty table. “We’ll be over there. Let everypony know that we’re looking, and I’ll ask them some questions when they arrive.”

“Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie was already bouncing in place as she turned away, tail buzzing with excitement, and disappeared back into the crowd.

Rainbow had been a little anxious when she heard Twilight mention “asking some questions,” and it didn’t take long for her fears to be realized. Soon a line of stallions took shape in front of their booth, all hoping to bed the most awesome throuple in Equestria.

And by Celestia, Twilight was ruthless.

The questions never stopped. Every time Rainbow thought she’d figured out the system behind Twilight’s interrogation, some new line of questioning would throw both her and the stallion for a loop. There were a few times where a promising stud approached them, all grins and muscles, and just as Rainbow was sneaking peeks under his barrel, Twilight would send him away. The hours dragged on, and Rainbow’s memory of each minute blurred together as she struggled to remain focused.

“What would you estimate your ejaculate volume to be? Do you have any recent measurements of viscosity, in centipoise?”

“Could I please see a copy of your family tree, with annotations for tribe and colors?”

“How many pigeons do you think you could carry? Canterlot pigeons. Well, I guess you could answer in Ponyville pigeons, but I’ll have to lookup their average mass later.”

“Given a choice of erotic asphyxiation, do you prefer automatic or manual?”

And all Rainbow could do was sit and gape, eyes growing ever wider, as the same question echoed in the back of her mind. What in Celestia’s name was a centipoise?

Finally the line came to an end, the last interested stallion sighing dejectedly as he ambled out the door. Sugarcube Corner was all but empty by then, with only a few mares still hanging around to nurse their drinks. Pinkie came up to their table with a wide grin, half the colored lampshades stowed on her back.

“So how’d it go?” she asked. “Oh, oh, who’d you pick? Can I guess? Let me guess!”

“She didn’t pick anypony!” Rainbow tossed her hooves up in exasperation. “This whole night has just been one long tease!”

“I can’t pick just anypony, Rainbow!” Twilight shot back. “We’re talking about the father of our foals, here, and that’s not a decision you can take back!”

“I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a decision we can make, either,” Rarity said dryly. “Some of those stallions were quite well-off, and handsome to boot.”

Twilight growled. Her horn glowed as she scooped up the mess of paper she’d sprawled over the table, stuffing it all back into her saddlebags and standing up. “You girls get some rest,” she said, and a sudden hardness came over her face. “I’m going to go find us a proper father for our foals.”

She marched out into the street without looking back, leaving Rainbow, Rarity, and Pinkie all looking between each other in confusion.

“Oh, heavens,” Rarity said. “She’s going to interrogate every stallion in town, isn’t she?”

“I found him!”

Rainbow woke with a start, momentarily confused as she found her face buried somewhere warm, fuzzy, and damp. Then Rarity stirred, rolling onto her back, and Rainbow remembered that they’d fallen asleep under each other’s tails after getting home last night.

The muffled sound of the front door slamming shut was still echoing around the halls as she lifted her head, squinting up at the sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window. What time was it? Had Twilight been out all night?

Her question was answered by the bedroom door being flung open. Twilight Sparkle jumped into sight, mane frazzled, jaw clenched, eyes wide with neurotic energy. Her tail was flagged high, and a thin sheen of sweat gleamed on her coat.

“I finally found him!” she announced. “He passed all hundred and sixty-nine tests!”

Rainbow blinked, taking in her wife’s disheveled state. It looked like she’d been teasing herself all night.

And then it occurred to her that vigorously vetting potential suitors lined up pretty well with Twilight’s ideal of foreplay, so that explained that.

The stallion that stepped through the door was just about the last thing that Rainbow expected. The first thing she noticed was that he very clearly wasn’t quite pony. He had visible holes low on his legs, and a curving, jagged horn that immediately reminded her of changelings. But then he didn’t look like any changeling she’d seen before, either—his eyes had rosy red pupils and his head was crowned by a wavy mahogany mane, like a pony’s. Instead of chitin he had smooth, wine red fur, and instead of the translucent, insectoid wings of a changeling, a pair of fuzzy black-and-yellow moth wings swept back from between his shoulders.

And he was tall, too.

“Good afternoon,” he said, offering up a small smile and exposing a small pair of fangs. “I’m Maxim. I heard you ladies needed some help?”

Rainbow looked first to Twilight, then to Rarity, where she saw her own surprise reflected back at her.

Twilight didn’t seem to notice their confusion. “He’s a mothling!” she began, grinning ear-to-ear. “Did you know there’s actually several varieties of changelings that originate from the Badlands? Max here was just passing through on his way to Canterlot, and he’s perfect for our needs!”

Rarity slid off the bed, stumbling briefly before bouncing back up with her usual poise. “Just out of curiosity, is he the only one that passed all your tests?”

“He is!” Twilight grinned as if this was a great accomplishment. “The system was perfect! It disqualified every stallion in Ponyville except for one!”

“The one stallion who… doesn’t live in Ponyville and was just passing through?” Rarity asked.

Twilight shrugged, already making for the bed. “I didn’t design it to select for local residency! Now then, let’s get started, because by Celestia I am so worked up right now.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Rainbow rolled out of bed, flicking her mane and fixing the mothling with an appraising glare. “He has to pass my test first.”

“Wait, what?!” Twilight groaned before slumping down onto the bed. “You should’ve told me you had a test, Rainbow! I could’ve worked it in!”

“Nuh uh,” Rainbow shot back. She stared him down as she marched up to him, forced to crane her neck to keep eye contact. He stood head and shoulders taller than her, but she wasn’t going to let that keep her from putting him through her own test.

Several long seconds passed as she narrowed her eyes, never looking away. She wasn’t quite sure what she was looking for, but that kind of thing had never stopped her before. To his credit, Max didn’t back down. He held her stare with a small, lopsided smile, as if he found her posturing cute—the kind of thing Rainbow liked, but would never admit.

With the first phase of the test complete, Rainbow moved her gaze lower. She cocked her head as she peeked under his legs.

Rainbow’s eyebrows shot up. As composed as Max was acting, from this angle it was obvious that the heavy stench of mares in heat was doing a number on him. He was already spilling out of his sheath, exposing a thick, gently curving shaft with a tapered tip, his girth accented by four medial rings spread evenly across his length.

She could smell it from here—practically taste it. She licked her lips as she saw his balls nestled tightly in place, and her tail twitched up.

“Alright!” She turned quickly, a wide grin on her face. “He passes!”

Twilight let out a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank Celestia. Did you have any tests, Rarity?”

Rarity, who had by now shook off the last of her grogginess and was leaning against the bed with a seductive sizzle in her eyes, bit her lip. “To be frank, darling, after passing both of your rigorous requirements, I think the poor dear deserves some relief.”

Getting Distracted

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Max could barely believe his luck.

He had only been planning on stopping in Ponyville for a couple days on his way to Canterlot, and that second day only got added when he’d arrived and found out that one of the princesses lived nearby. A brief tour, sample some local food, and maybe get some pictures of the crystal castle, and then he’d be on his way.

And then the princess herself had knocked on the door to his hotel room, wide-eyed and sweaty, blabbering about tests and prodding at him from every side, and he wasn’t really sure about the protocol when royalty was acting that way. So he hadn’t immediately run away, and a few hours later here he was in the core of the castle, struggling to focus past the tri-flavored fuck-me mare scent hanging so heavy in the air he could practically taste it, with three beautiful, grinning mares leering at him from their bedside.

He’d heard that Ponyville was a little wacky, but this was just unprecedented.

The gorgeous white unicorn—Twilight had briefed him thoroughly on her wives, so he quickly remembered her name to be Rarity—stalked towards him with a sensuous sashay.

“You look a little pent up, my sweet,” she cooed, rubbing a hoof against his chest. She hesitated a moment, perhaps surprised to feel the hard chitin under his fur, but her smile was back in an instant. “I hope our natural perfume isn’t too much for you, hmm? It can be so hard for the three of us sometimes, all alone in here with no stallion to do what nature demands.”

Max smiled back, trying not to imagine how she’d look on her back. He failed, and his cock twitched in appreciation. “Well, that’s what I’m here for.”

“Mm, how splendid.” Rarity drew closer, and he shivered as she nuzzled against his neck. She wrapped a hoof into his mane and tugged his head down with surprising force, her breath hot in his ear. “Are you a brute, Max? Just look at you, all muscles and other hard things, big enough I imagine you could hold any of us down with ease. Do you have any self-control at all, I wonder?” Her horn glowed, and Max clenched his jaw as her magic trailed gently down his length before wrapping around his balls with an appraising squeeze. “I’m quite surprised you haven’t taken hold of me already, speared me on this beautiful rod of yours, filled me up with your hot seed while I pant and twitch helplessly beneath you.”

Max swallowed, mouth hanging open as she wrapped herself around him, every contact sending a little thrill up his spine. Was this another test? He looked desperately to Rainbow and Twilight, begging for guidance.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Rarity, quit teasing him!”

“Teasing?” Rarity asked innocently, looking back without letting him go. “Whatever do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean!” Rainbow flew up to his side opposite Rarity, pulling him away. “You’re wasting time! C’mere, you. I want that hunk of meat inside me!”

Rarity only wrapped herself even tighter around him. “Rainbow Dash, such vulgar language! That’s no way for a mare to talk!”

“Oh, please! I may not be able to hear what you were whispering into his ear, but it’s probably way worse than that!”

“What a lady whispers into a gentlecolt’s ear is between him and her and nopony else, but I can assure you it was entirely civilized!”

Max grimaced as the mares fought over him, jerking him this way and that. Honestly he wasn’t quite sure which one he wanted to win; on one side he had a cruel seductress that seemed like she was going to tease him until he burst, but on the other—the fire in Rainbow’s cerise eyes hinted at a physical wringer that would leave him sore for days.

His fur tingled, and an instant later the world disappeared in a flash of lavender. He blinked in surprise as he found himself suddenly across the room, standing behind Princess Twilight, who was leaning over her bed with tail flagged high.

“Enough!” she snapped, brushing her tail across Max’s nose as she chastised her wives. “I found him, so I get him first!”

Rarity was still looking at the empty space between her hooves when Rainbow shot up into the air. “I call second!”


Max stopped listening as Twilight flagged him with her tail again, the piercing scent of her lust grabbing his attention. She looked back at him with lidded eyes and gave her rear a little shake, drawing his gaze to the honeypot under her tail.

Max licked his lips. Twilight’s marehood was flush with arousal and dripping wet, the swollen purple lips parting in a beckoning wink that revealed the glistening pink inside, and his cock flexed beneath him as he leaned in to taste her.

She let out a soft moan as he pressed his lips against her heat, the tang of her arousal lighting up his tongue. He hummed into her, grinning as she shivered in response, and ran his tongue firmly up her slit, from the firm nub of her exposed clit all the way up to the flexing muscles of her entrance, before pressing it inside her.

She grunted, clenching around his tongue and pulling it deeper inside. His ears flicked at the tinkle of magic, and a second later he found himself being pressed firmly up against her, little groans of exertion escaping her as she ground her marehood over his muzzle.

“Hey, are you two not fucking yet?” Rainbow asked from somewhere above him. “Whatever, I’ll warm him up!”

Max wanted to pull back and ask what she meant, but it was impossible to escape the iron grip of Twilight’s magic, so he settled for exploring her insides with his tongue. Her pussy continued to flex around him, leaking more and more with each breath, and soon there was a constant stream of thick arousal dripping from Max’s chin, splattering against the crystal floor between his hooves.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Rainbow slipping beneath him, and the meaning of her words became clear as he felt a warm mouth wrapping around the tip of his cock. He groaned, eyes losing focus as Rainbow’s tongue pressed against him, and then shivered at the feel of a second set of plush lips kissing sweetly at his balls.

Rainbow pulled off his length with a loud pop. “Rarity, what the hay? I got this!”

“Did you expect me to just sit and watch, darling?” Rarity asked from under his tail. “There’s plenty of him to go around, you know. Goodness, just look at it all!”

Thankfully, they didn’t feel the need to converse further. Both mares returned to their ministrations, leaving Max to twitch with pleasure as the powerful scent of Twilight’s heat muddled his thoughts. Rainbow pushed herself further up his length, gagging quietly around his second medial ring, and brought her wings up to caress down to the base of his shaft. Rarity continued to kiss and lick at his balls, sometimes pulling one between her thick lips to suckle at with quiet moans. Twilight’s magic stayed firm at the back of his head, and he ate her out dutifully, swallowing down the heavy drops of lust he licked out of her core and taking in quick, heat-fogged breaths through his nose whenever he could.

Every part of his body lit up with pleasure. Every motion sent a fresh wave of ecstasy through his mind. He could barely think through it all, but his body knew what to do without his guidance. So he licked and twitched and pumped his hips against Rainbow’s face, listening to the music made by their collective moans and the wet shlicking as Rainbow and Rarity played with themselves beneath him, and the pressure built in his balls, pushed higher and tighter with every hot muscle wrapped around him as his body yearned to breed the wet hole swallowing around his cock.

His orgasm hit him so hard he could barely keep standing. He groaned into Twilight’s cunt, eyes rolling back as the pressure in his groin finally found release, pumping a thick shot of cum down Rainbow’s throat. She gagged beneath him, falling back, and he humped into the air with shuddering moans, spraying the rest of his load with no thought for where it might land.

“Hey, hey—ach!” He was vaguely aware of Rainbow sputtering beneath him. “Sweet Celestia, stop!”

Twilight finally pulled his head out of her cunt, looking back curiously as the last waves of his orgasm rocked through him. “What’s going on?”

“He came all over me!” Rainbow said, and then added in a lower, breathy voice. “Fuck, he came all over me.”

Meanwhile, Rarity continued to lick at his balls. He felt her magic wrap around his cock and squeeze, and he shivered as she pushed the last drops of his cum out of him.

“Wait, he came already?!” Twilight released her magical grip as she slid off the bed, leaving Max to slump weakly against it. “That was supposed to go in me!”

Rarity finally popped off his balls with a quiet titter. “Goodness. I suppose we all got a little carried away, didn’t we?”

Max came down from his high enough to realize what was happening around him. He stumbled to the side, nearly tripping over Rainbow, and got a good look at what he’d done.

All three mares were watching him with undisguised lust. Rainbow was still on her back, wings and legs splayed out, one hoof rubbing at her marehood while the other did slow circles in her chest fluff. She was covered in cum almost head to tail, thick white trails dripping down her sides and pooling around her. She licked her lips, and he gulped.

“Twilight, dear,” Rarity began, mouth open and chest heaving. A small pool of marecum glistened on the floor beneath her. “You do have a spell for this, don’t you?”

“Don’t worry, I came prepared.” Twilight’s horn glowed, and Max shivered as a strange sensation passed over him. His softening cock suddenly began to firm once more, and he winced at a tingle in his balls, suddenly almost sore as if he’d been pent up all week. “Let’s make sure we don’t have any more accidents, alright, girls?”

They grinned, and Max gulped. He would definitely be sore after this.