My litte Adult foal

by Cuddle

First published

(ABDL/fetish) Rarity relaxes

The big business mare has a stressful job, but when she takes a day off, no one knows what she is doing

Beware: (ABDL Fetish, diapers, terrible grammar)

Ch 1

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Inside a wooden crib, decorated in pink frills and ribbons, slept a little foal. It was visibly dressed in a frilly pink onesie with cute pink socks on every hoof. But soon, the first sunshine broke through the bars which disturbed the sleep of the little bundle of joy.

Its ears started to flicker while its snout broke into a yawner, right before it engulfed its waiting pacifier back again. The little fellow was not ready to wake up this soon. Slow suckling noises broke the silence right before the foal fell back asleep.

It was visibly a little Filly, sleeping in there, well covered in their onesie and securely padded. For sure, that's what she always imagined about herself when she took some time off from life. For this moment she was just a filly and not a stressed business mare, just a carefree foal and not an adult mare in oversized foal clothes. Today her boutique would stay closed, today she would not save the day, today she would just enjoy herself. Sorrows could wait till tomorrow, today she would take a break.

Sometime later she woke up sleepy and a bit disoriented. Usually Rarity stands up early to find enough time for all the work in her stressful day, but today she decided to sleep a bit longer. Today she did not care about what others expected from her. Today she was led by her fantasies:

The filly did slowly open her big blue eyes. Although still blinded by daylight, she found some smiling clouds of a mobile hanging over her head and tried to catch them between her hooves. But the filly wasn't able to reach the clouds, even with all four hooves stretched into the air. Only the joyful grunts, mumbled through a pacifier, reflected her happy state of that moment.

Eventually the filly lost her balance and was rolled to her side by her own weight. But immediately she totally forgot about the clouds as she noticed what was lying right next to her head. A big foal bottle, still well filled with yummy milk. It was her night bottle, which she couldn't empty up because she fell asleep

Without hesitation, the tiny filly grabbed the big bottle with her clumsy front hooves while her drooling mouth dropped her precious pacifier. Even the bottle nipple disappeared quickly between the lips followed by the foal turning over on her back, so the milk could run easier down the thirsty throat. So now the filly feasted with loud suckling noises off her nutritious meal with happy and lewd feelings.

Her mind was restless. Rarity regularly bought her milk from Applejacks farm. For some reason it always tasted better than the imported Cow-Nation Milk and because she never saw a cow walking on the Apple Farm she started to fantasize that maybe Applejack did produce her own Milk. Oh yes, Mommyjack was Rarity’s secret imaginary Mommy and Rarity loved her Mommy’s Milk. Rarity was a good girl for Mommyjack. MMMM.... milky.

The white Unicorn Foal drank from her bottle with half closed eyes and a healthy smile while she emptied her bladder in exchange for the incoming fluid that ran mainly down her throat. The foal’s eyes latched to the sinking of the fluid inside the bottle and from time to time small milk driblets escaped running down her chin. Meanwhile, the warm fluids leaving her body got quickly absorbed by an already previously saturated diaper, where they turned into mushy gel puffing out her padded posterior region.

Oh how Rarity already got used to wearing diapers. At first it felt unusual, wrong and dirty, but she loved the warm sensation and the safety it gave her. She really had to push herself to even pee by force, but over the time her body got used to the absorbent fabric around her lower regions. But these days she already was emptying her bladder after she put a diaper on and even number twos slowly got harder and harder to control. She trained herself to use her diaper, just because it felt refreshing and liberating to release the pressure off life

A button in her crotch popped open while the filly squirmed around with an already empty bottle. The Filly sat up, poked her puffy squishy crotch and dropped her bottle with a joyful mewl. Her little foal horn barely poked over the crib rails and her violet mane looked a bit tousled. As expected from a foal, she called out for her mommy while she rocked back and forth in her well used diaper.

Rarity knew that no one was coming for her but she just liked to role play. And although tears of joy ran down her cheeks, she faked a temper tantrum with a slight smile on her lips. This mare just loved to pretend to be helpless and although she lifted herself out her crib with her own Levitation Magic, she tried to imagine that someone else was doing it for her.

The little foal was laid on the cushy plastic surface of the frilly pink changing table, a safety rail slid up in place and a safety belt pinned her down to the table. Out of instinct the filly asked for her pacifier, which soon levitated into her waiting drooling mouth. Satisfied she rested her head on a little pillow while she slowly got surrounded by diaper changing supplies.

All buttons in the crotch of her frilly pink onesie popped open and her onesie got pulled up to her chest for full access to her obviously saturated diaper. She was such a good filly for Mommy and pushed her legs apart by herself while the tapes of her diaper got loudly ripped open. The naughty filly pushed the squishy diaper front one last time before it flapped open. Wet wipes floated down her crotch working to clean up the foal’s skin. Her back hooves got caught by magic and push back against her chest to expose her buttocks.

The wet wipes touched her private parts and Rarity couldn't keep her composure. Her front hoof found a way down her crotch and her magic brought in a container with baby oil in order to cover her moist butt cheeks. Moans escaped her throat, only lightly silenced by her pacifier, as she rubbed her oil drenched private parts clean. It took her some time with rubbing, blushing and moaning before she reached her climax, with crossed back hooves and a sticky front hoof. It also took a while to calm down and the diamond-butt mare breathed heavily through her nostrils on her changing table while sucking her pacifier for comfort.

Soon her butt cheeks were clean again and back on a new diaper, which got closed and sealed in an instant and with high proficiency to keep the foal dry and safe from any leaks. A final touch with the tail-hole tape and our foal was once again back in a new diaper, happy and waiting as her onesie got dragged back around her crotch.

The onesie buttons popped loudly together and the foal wobbled happily her tiny hooves as she got lifted off the table and placed into a meshed playpen in the room, right between some plushies and various plastic toys.

Stacking blocks and recognizing that “the cow goes moo” lead to better motoric and cognitive skills for the tiny foal. She mastered all her toys like a big girl, until nature interrupted her play. An instant aimless stare into the distance, followed by teary eyes and a slight smirk behind the pacifier reflected the occurence of the only sound in the room that was left: A slight water flow that meets diaper fabric, followed by a facilitated sigh.

And Rarity bumped her warm diapered flank into a big teddy bear till the sensation cooled down...

Ch 2

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In a comfy little playpen, in the middle of a small room with pink colored walls lit by a big window covered slightly by curtains, was a little foal. You could observe the foal as it was playing with its plenty of toys with excitement, while gurgling and drooling without any sorrow in the world. She hugged the beloved teddy bear, nibbled on one of the teddy’s worn out ears, and threw from time to time some plastic or stuffed toys against the meshed wall.

Sometimes the foal could see the silhouettes of unknown ponies, which were passing by the curtain covered window and she tried to guess which pony it could be. But always when the shadows behind the curtains seemed to stand there for too long, the foal felt uncomfortable and covered her face with her tiny hooves until the big shadow went away again. She was a shy foal, to say the least.

The window of the room she was in, was viewing the main street of the village. Usually it was used as a show window and it did attract many ponies because of the presented dresses. Because of this, all these unknown visitors raised her feelings of secretly doing something naughty just behind the curtains that they couldn’t see. The white mare still felt her hot red cheeks from the fading blush. If someone would find her here in her private space, that would be the worst possible thing.

Ridden by her thoughts, the white mare in pink fainted for show and dragged her teddy with her down on the soft water resistant surface of her playpen.

The filly took a nap with her teddy tightly embraced by her hooves. Her snout could not find her precious pacifier so it started to nibble on the teddy’s nose. Soon both were covered in her saliva but no one cared about the state as the foal slept soundly well.

A while later the mare woke up drowsy and confused. Her half open eyes looked at the beaded eyes of her teddy as her mouth let go of the poor fellow and she pushed the toy off her chest. With a few clumsy motions she sat up to check her surroundings, a bit surprised that she really fell asleep in her playpen in the middle of the day.

She stretched her hooves with a satisfied yawn while her horn magic picked her pacifier up and pushed it back into her gaping muzzle. The tiny foal accepted her beloved pacifier and signaled to be picked up before she was levitated out of her playpen and over to the rustling changing table.

The crotch buttons flew open loudly and a hoof checked the diaper by pushing it deep down her crotch. Judging by the feel, the diaper was just a bit damp but not ready to be changed. But fortunately, the warm and mushy fabric pressed to her skin forced her bladder to let loose. The inner foal did not mind and the big mare favored the warm sensation while she rubbed her padded butt rhythmically into the soft and squeaky surface of the changing table.

While the flow slowly submerged, Rarity leaned back and adjusted her onesie, and while the flow slowly submerged, she leaned back and adjusted her onesie, buttoning it up before rolling her body off the table. Right as her four hooves in socks touched the carpet, her regular bathrobe flew over her back. She could not risk anyone to see what she was wearing, while she was outside of her little nursery. Her bathrobe perfectly hid her clothing, despite the visible butt bulge, the tips of her socks and the pacifier, but her baby clothes were at least hidden enough to not be visible from a distance.

The mare opened the door of her hidden nursery, grabbed the empty bottle from her crib and went out into the boutique hallway, where she quickly closed the door again. On the door was written "Storage room / Employees only" and she always locked the door and placed a wardrobe in front of it, just to be safe.

She toddled through the saleroom back to her kitchen where she washed out the bottle in the sink. Concerned she inspected the fridge: No spoiled food was found, but she certainly needed to go shopping for groceries soon. At least there was enough milk for her freshly cleaned bottle.

Applejack's cutie mark was labeled on the milk filled glass bottles prominently lined up in her fridge. Just observing them gave Rarity goose bumps. Mommy's milk bottles were waiting here for little Rarity. Her lips were watering

In one go she filled the colorful plastic bottle with cold white gold, placed her precious food source in a pot filled with water and heated it up over a small flame of the oven for a short while.

Meanwhile her pacifier did its job, although small amounts of drool had managed to escape her happy suckling muzzle. Right now she was a restless foal waiting for her next meal, while sitting there on the kitchen floor with her mushy tushy.

The foal rocked on her diaper back and forth until she lost balance and her body weight pushed her down on her back while her little hoofsies went up in the air. But in this position the bathrobe wasn't able to cover anything due to gravity and as shy as the foal was, she rolled back on her tummy and crawled forward until she was under the kitchen table. There she waited safe and sound until the milk bottle was ready to go.

Down there the foal met a kitty, who at eye contact started to purr. Both couldn't resist rubbing each other’s snout into their opposites fur and Rarity patted her pet with her hooves for quite a while, until her food was heated up.

Soon the filly watched her baby bottle as it hovered out the water and over to her. But because this place was still too open and scary, the filly decided to go back to her nursery. After letting go of her kitty she left her hiding place and was on her way back to her nursery with a bottle and the kitten in tow following her slow and pronounced waddle, which was obviously provided by her thickly padded rear.

Her magic pushed obstacles out of the way and opened the path for her before she entered her little safe space of innocent joy. Obviously the filly in her enjoyed the colorful surroundings: Pink Walls decorated with Butterflies, Flowers and cute Animals, plushy Toys scattered over the ground and all the cosy places like a playpen, a crib or a changing table.

The door behind her fell back into its lock, effectively dimming the room before some little scattered wall lights lit the room back up in a warm but not too bright shine. A relieving sigh escaped her snout as she dropped her bathrobe cover, revealing her beloved onesie. She watched her tail swing over the thickly padded behind and felt the tension rise again. The mare pressed her thighs together, feeling the slightly damp padding and the rising horniness while she tried to imagine someone watching her.

Her mind begged for the imaginary observer to look away while her bladder was gradually losing the fight, followed by a slow dribbling of liquid that started to drench the foalish diaper. By reflex she pressed her hind hooves tightly as possible together but to no avail. It would not allow her to stop the flow while she was stuck in such a thick piece of undergarment.

The dribble turned into a noisy steady stream, filling the foal’s diaper. In its helpless state the foal starred into distance with her glassy blue eyes. Even a few tears ran down the cheeks of the grinning foal. The warm diaper was like a big sponge between the hind hooves which was quickly turning into an expanding gel padding. Such a relief was kind of relaxing and arousing.

She pushed her hind hooves a last time together before they collapsed shivery and went full Bambi. She fell down on her padded behind squishing her marehood right into the warm mishap of hers, with delight and obvious pleasure. She rocked back and forth, up and down and she produced a lot of noisy crinkling sounds while her gaping and drooling snout could not resist moaning with enjoyment. Somewhere between diaper riding and the moans she lost her pacifier which just raised the volume of her noises.

After some rubbing and grinding around the ground the horny mare stood up, raised her butt and pushed her behind against the crib’s wooden leg. Her head was resting on the ground while her hips rhythmically pushed her diapered butt up and down against the wooden stake. Soon she worked herself into pure bliss and saturated her already well used diaper at her highest peak of ecstasy.

Happy but tired, the big foal collapsed and rolled over on her back, where she gasped for air with a big smile on her face. Her kitty, who observed the foal the whole time, jumped on her tummy and started to lick the poor and defenseless baby pony. A weak winding and a foal’s tired laughter rang through the nursery until she found the strength to defend herself by hugging the kitty with her front hoovesies.

The kitty struggled out of the grip right before the foal was picked up from the ground and levitated by magic into the waiting crib. There she was lying on her back waiting for her good night bottle. A big yawn signaled how tired the foal was. Not able to resist, the filly observed the mobile over her head which magically started to spin and play its nighty night music. Another yawn got halfway silenced by a baby bottle that was pushed into the foal’s open snout. Warm creamy milk immediately ran down the foal’s thirsty throat, filling her tiny tummy with Momma Jack’s best homemade.

The bottle was resting on the foal’s chest but it eventually rolled off the sleepy, tiny, drooling, hoof sucking and diaper filling baby pony.

And so the adult foal had fallen asleep. Deep down she knew she might need a diaper change soon, but she was just too tired to do it herself. And who cares? Even her cat was already used to her dirty diapers and didn't mind sleeping right next to her, in her tiny crib for tiny big foals.