One little Sunset

by Grand-Galvatron

First published

Celestia and Luna find a little box in an alley-way, little do they know that what's inside will change their lives forever.

In the town of Canterlot, on a very stormy day, Sisters Celestia and Luna are trying to get home to escape from the storm, that was until Celestia heard the sound of a baby crying in the distance. The sisters came to see what it was and it was in fact a little infant, who was drenched from the rain and crying uncontrollably. Celestia's maternal instincts kicked in and they brought the little child into their home. Since Celestia saw that the infant was inside of a cardboard box, meaning the child's parents must have left her there, the two sisters decided to raise the child as their own, and after the storm ends, and they see the suns rays, they name the child Sunset Shimmer after the shimmering rays of the sunset. Since then, they have been raising a very friendly and energetic little girl. Now come, and listen to the journey of the human world Sunset, from childhood to adolescence to her college years, to her adulthood. It's going to be a wild ride.

I have changed it's rating to T because in future chapters there's going to be a lot of curse words and a little violence, but not a lot.

All credit goes to Grand Galvatron and Indigo Lightning Strike. Thank you Indigo, stay awesome. :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

Prologue: The Infant in the Rain

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It was a dark and stormy night, as Celestia and Luna were leaving the overcrowded airport after a long and nice vacation to the beach. Luna was not happy to be trapped in the rain after having such a nice and relaxing vacation.

"Umm, sister, please ask me again why we couldn't take a taxi home," Luna asked in an irritated tone of voice.

"Because Luna, you know that we didn't have enough money since we used every last cent to get back home, so can you please not argue with me right now. I hate walking in the rain as much as you do, but we really don't have any choice, do we?" Celestia hissed at Luna. It was a really bad storm, no, it was the worst storm the town has ever gotten in thirty years. The two sisters had never seen a thunder-storm so bad. But since Luna's umbrella was a wreck after a kid on the plane had ripped it to shreds, she had to walk in the rain, no umbrella, no rain-jacket, no-nothing, and she was not happy, no, she was very ticked off.

"Could this day get any worse, come on world, MAKE MY DAY MORE WORSE THAN IT NEEDS TO BE," Luna said as she screamed at the sky. As she was doing that, a bird flew by them and bird poop landed on Luna's head. Luna then grimaced and said, "I DIDN'T MEAN THAT LITERALLY WORLD, COME ON," All the while, Celestia was quietly laughing at her sister's ridiculous ranting at the sky.

An hour later, they had finally gotten to their apartment building, after having to walk through the relentless storm. Luna was just glad that they were home so she could take these muddy clothes off, lie down on her sofa, and watch some nice television while Celestia would make some nice and warm hot chocolate. But, before Celestia opened the door, she heard something in the distance, almost like a couple arguing in the corner of an alley-way. She could make out that the woman was distressed and worried while the man was sad and anguished. She could only make out a few things the couple said.

"But it's our child, we need to take care of her," The woman said in absolute distress. "I know my dearest wife, but you know we can't take care of a child on our own, this is for the best," Said the man. Then, the man looked at a little cardboard box that he was holding in his hands, "Please, the child needs someone else to take care of her." and the woman, while sobbing to herself, dropped the cardboard box on the wet soggy ground and then said, "Goodbye, my daughter dearest, we will miss you so." And after that, Celestia saw the couple leave without sight.

After that, Celestia only saw the little open box sitting there in the rain, and not only that, but she heard faint crying coming from the box, almost like there was a child inside the box.

"Luna, I think that there's a small child inside that box," Celestia said to her sister, who only groaned in response to what Celestia just said.

"You are not going to take some child in some random box, for all we know it could be some ploy to lure us over and then someone robs us of whatever value we have left, no I absolutely forbid it," Luna said in protest.

"So you're just going to leave it to freeze in the cold, just think about this Luna, we can give the child a nice life and she can have friends, you don't want to freeze to death in that soggy alley-way do you," Celestia said.

"I still say no," Luna said. "Then you leave me no choice than to activate my secret weapon, "The Puppy-Dog Eyes," Celestia said as she gave Luna her puppy dog eyes. Luna tried to stay strong, but in the end, not even her will-power could defeat the power of the puppy dog eyes.

"UGGGGHHH, Fine, we'll take the child in, but you're paying me back big time for this," Luna said as she sulked in defeat. Celestia then ran over to the soggy box, and sure enough, there was an infant who was nicely wrapped up in a blanket that was getting soggy from the rain. Celestia then, picked up the child and carried her right back to their apartment.

Once all three of them were inside the nice and warm house, Celestia quickly got that wet blanket off and warmed her up with a hairdryer. After doing, the baby stopped crying and looked around the room, when the child saw Celestia, it looked directly into her eyes, stared at her for a few seconds and then said something that warmed Celestia's heart, "Mama." When it saw Luna, however, the baby said with a big smile, "Da-da," which made Luna just lower her head in disappointment, while Celestia laughed her head off.

"Hahaha, did that baby just call you Da-da, oh, daddy Luna, Oh my God, that has made my day today, HAHAHAHA." "SHUT...UP Celestia," Luna hissed in embarrassment. After calming down, Celestia held the baby in her arms.

"Why hello little one, aren't you glad that you're not in that wet soggy box anymore, oh yes you are," Celestia said while the child giggled.

"Sister, please don't try to spoil her ok, I don't want her to grow up being snobby," Luna said in protest to her sister's baby talk.

"Don't worry sister, I won't spoil her, you know me better than that," Celestia said to her sister.

"You know what, I think we should think of a name to give you, little one," Celestia said to the child. "But what should I call you?"

As Celestia was thinking of a name, she saw out of a window that the storm had stopped and she could see the rays of the shimmering sunset, and that gave Celestia an idea. "You know what little one, I'm going to call you Sunset Shimmer, after the shimmering rays of the sunset, how do you like your new name," Sunset replied with laughing and clapping her hands together. "Hey, Luna I think she likes her new name," Celestia said to Luna, who was watching tv in the living room.

And so the tale of Sunset Shimmer begins now.

Chapter 1: The Baby-Sitter

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Half a year later

It was early Monday, and Celestia and Luna were busy trying to get dressed so they could get to Canterlot High on time, as they were the principles of the high school. As they were about to leave, Celestia then saw Sunset in her crib, sleeping peacefully.

Celestia then told Luna, "Sister, you know that we can't leave Sunset all on her lonesome. I think we need to call a babysitter to keep her company, and I know just to person to do it." Celestia said as she went over to the table to grab her phone. She then dialed and waited for an answer. Then when the phone picked up, she heard the voice of one of her best friends, Twilight Velvet.

"Hello, this is Velvet, how may I help you?" Velvet said.

"Hello Velvet, this is Celestia," Celestia said.

"Oh Celestia, oh my gosh how have you been? I haven't seen you around for a while now, tell me, how was your trip to the beach?" Velvet asked her. "Oh don't worry Velvet, we had a good time over there on the South Manehatten coast. I was wanting to call you so I could ask you to do a little favor for me." Celestia said.

"We found and are now raising a child, her name is Sunset Shimmer, and I was going to ask if you could a little babysitting for us," said Celestia.

Over on Velvet's end, when she heard what Celestia had said, she started jumping for joy in excitement. "OH CELESTIA, I'D LOVE TO BABYSIT FOR YOU, this will be a good chance for my little Twilight to have her first playmate," Velvet joyfully said as she turned to see little Twilight playing with a few alphabets blocks, "So, when do you want me to come over? I can be at your place in about 10-15 minutes." "Well, since my sister and I need to go to work right now, how about come over right now," Celestia said. "Alright, I'll get Twilight, pack a few snacks and toys with me, and then I'll be on my way," Velvet said as she hung up the phone. "Did you hear that Twi, you're about to have your very first friend, isn't that great," Velvet said to her little daughter. Twilight responded by jumping up and down and laughing. "Well let's get a move on, we don't want to keep them waiting do we." Velvet said as they got in the car and left for Celestia's house. Little did anyone know that this little babysitting errand would be the start of a long and great friendship between Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle.

"Ahh, we're finally here," Velvet said as she parked her car in front of Celestia and Luna's drive-way. Once Velvet got out of the car and had gently gotten Twilight, who seemed to have fallen asleep in the back seat, she walked up to the front entrance, where Celestia was waiting for her. "Oh, is that little Twilight," Celestia said, as she saw the sleeping toddler in her stroller. "Why yes, she is. Isn't she such an angel, I must have been gifted to have a child as adorable as her," Velvet said. You're correct about that, I'm sure Sunset will really like her. Oh, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't be keeping you two out in this heat, come in come in." Celestia said as she opened the front door. As soon as Velvet came into the house, she placed Twilight gently on the living room rug and walked back to Celestia for any instructions.

While this was happening, Twilight woke up from her nap, letting out a long yawn as she stretched her arms and legs. Then she started looking around, examining her new environment. Then Twilight spotted a nearby toy lying on the floor, and as she crawled over to get the toy, she noticed a small figure staring back at her, at first Twilight was a little confused, as she was trying to figure out what the new person was, but then, when both Sunset and Twilight made eye contact with each other, their eyes both glistened like something just sparked inside of them as if some kind of bond was formed between the two. Just as Twilight was about to move, Velvet came into the room and saw what her little daughter was doing.

Aww, well isn't that cute, you're liking each other already. Why, I got some activities that I think both of you will enjoy," Velvet said as she put a big bag on the floor. First, Velvet got out some toys and alphabet blocks to play, but surprisingly, Sunset and Twilight used the alphabet blocks to construct a little tower, then, the three of them watched funny kids shows on the tv, both Sunset and Twilight were both laughing their little heads while they watched the show. It was like no matter what activity was being done, they both always did the activities together, it just warmed Velvet's heart to see them doing all of the activities together.

5 hours later

Celestia and Luna returned home after a long day at Canterlot high. "Ohh, I hope Sunset hasn't caused too much trouble today," Luna said with a cautious expression on her face. "Oh, Luna, don't fret, I'm sure that everything turned out ok," Celestia said, giving Luna a little bit of relief. When they opened the front door, they expected the babies to be crying their heads off, but what they saw was Sunset and Twilight laid down together as they were both in a deep sleep.

"Wow, all those activities we did really took a lot out of them. They fell asleep fifteen minutes before you two came back." Velvet said to Celestia and Luna. "So, how was everything today? Did Sunset behave well?" Luna asked. "Oh, they were just wonderful, the most well-behaved children that you will ever see." Velvet said in a joyous tone of voice. "Wow, did not expect that," Luna said. "Well, I'm glad that everything turned out ok, thank you so much for coming over, it means a lot to us," Celestia said as Velvet was putting Twilight back in the car. "Oh, don't mention it, I had such a fun time. Tell you what, whenever you need me to babysit again, just give me a call and I'll be there." Velvet said as she was getting into her car. Well, I guess this is goodbye, for now, Goodbye Velvet and little Twilight," Celestia said. Goodbye Celes," Velvet said one last time before she closed the door to her car and headed back home.

Chapter 2: Sunset's Funny Family Videos Part 1 of 2

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(Video #1: Picnic Panic)

Sunset Shimmer Age: 2 years old.
Celestia, Luna, and Sunset were busy enjoying a nice summer day Picnic out in the Manehatten national Park.

Sunset was eating a turkey sandwich and drinking pink lemonade in a can.

Everyone was having a great time as they were looking at all the scenery, from the colorful flowers all around them to watching the ducks swimming around in the lake.

However, while everyone was enjoying the scenery around them, no one noticed that a honeybee had crawled into little Sunset's drink.

So, when. Sunset went to sip her drink, the Honeybee stung Sunset right in her lip, making her scream at the top of her lungs from the pain of the bee sting. After Celestia was able to dislodge the bee sting out from Sunset's lip, it would be a long while before they would ever have another picnic there again. And because of the incident, Sunset now has an overwhelming fear of flying insects, especially bees and wasps.

(Video #2: Sunset's School Visit)
Sunset Shimmer Age: 3 years old

It was a beautiful morning out in the School Grounds of Canterlot High, all the students were busy putting their backpacks into their lockers and getting ready to start their school day. Everyone in Classroom 3a, were waiting for their teacher to come in and start the lecture for the day. Then, 3 seconds later, Celestia came into the room.

"Hello everyone, I hope you all are rested up and ready to learn today," Celestia said, looking a lot chipper than usual.

"Good Morning, Principal Celestia," All the students said.

"Oh, before we start today's lecture, I wanted to show you something, or I should say, someone very special," Celestia said, her smile getting even bigger, which was starting to creep the students out. "Vice Principal Luna should be bringing her in any second now."

Then, the students saw Vice Principal Luna come into the room, carrying what appeared to be a baby stroller.

"Students, I introduce you all to my 3 year old daughter, Sunset Shimmer," Celestia said as she picked up Little Sunset from her stroller and put her on her lap. "Isn't she the most adorable creature you have ever laid your eyes upon?"

Upon seeing the cute little toddler, all of the students eyes lit up.

"She's so adorable," Lyra Heartstrings said as she started to jump in excitement.

All of the students let out happy squees when Sunset started giggling at Lyra's jumping.

"She's so cute, I just want to eat her up," Octavia said.

The students happy remarks on Sunset's cuteness went for so long that they didn't have enough time to start the lecture for the day, as the school bell started to ring.

"Oh, would you look at the time, the class is over already," Celestia said looking at the clock. "Well students, just for today, I'm not only extending yesterday's homework due date to tomorrow, but I will also move friday's quiz to next tuesday."

This made all the students jump with joy.

"Everyone, be sure to study for that quiz, because I will be asking questions about it tomorrow that will count as a participation grade," Celestia said as the students left to head for their next classes, Leaving Celestia, Luna, and Little Sunset in the classroom as Celestia could hear Sunset lightly snoring from her stroller.

"Sister, when Sunset is old enough, I want her to go to a school that's just a friendly as Canterlot High," Celestia said.

"Yes Celestia, I agree with you completely," Luna said, with a smile on her face.

Will Continue in Sunset's Funny Family Videos, Part 2 of 2.

Chapter 2: Sunset's Funny Family Videos: Part 2 of 2

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Sunset's Birthday Surprise

Sunset Shimmer age: 5 years old

"Are you ready to go Sunset," Celestia called from downstairs.

"I'm ready to go Mommy," Sunset said as she came downstairs with a happy smile on her face.

"Happy 5th Birthday, my little Sunshine," Celestia said. "I got the entire place decorated and ready for you."

"The streamers look really pretty mommy," Sunset said.

"Oh, just wait till you open your presents," Luna said with a smile.

"How about we let Sunset eat her M&M Cookie cake first," Celestia said, which the fact that the Cake was not only a cookie cake, but an M&M Cookie Cake made Sunset very excited.

After they were done eating cake, Sunset let out a low burp, a sign that her tank was full.

"Excuse me," Sunset said, her cheeks blushing from a little embarrassment.

"Alright, let's open presents now," Luna said, who was acting more excited than usual.

"Alrighty, I can't wait," Sunset said.

The presents that Sunset got were various, one was a Lego Star Wars Tie Fighter, another was a Fish Encyclopedia which made Sunset happy because she was obsessed with Sharks and Freshwater Fish. The next was from Luna, a Nintendo Switch, which made Sunset dance with joy by the fact that she could now play video games with Luna.

after opening, 3 other presents, which were sweaters that Luna's Aunt made, there was just one present left.

"Now wait Sunset, before you open the last one, just put the present on your lap," Celestia said.

Sunset was a little confused when hearing this, "Why, is it some kind of wooden toy car," Sunset asked.

"Just put it on your lap, put your ear up to the top of the box, and you'll see," Luna said.

"Alright, Mommie Luna," Sunset said as she sat down and put the box on her lap.

"As soon as she put her ear up to the box, she heard a faint meow come from inside the box, making Sunset freeze as she started tearing up.

"You...You didn't," Sunset said as she started opening the present. What was inside was a little Bengal Kitten whose fur looked like the spots of a leopard and had eyes as yellow as the morning sun.

As soon as the kitten saw Sunset, it walked up to her, and rested on her lap, which made Sunset start to cry tears of joy as she always wanted a cat.

"Now, before you start hugging, the kitten was all Luna's idea," Celestia said.

"See, I told you she would love it," Luna said satisfied.

Sunset then walked up to Luna with the kitten in her arms and hugged her.

"Th-Thank you so m-m-much, Mommie Lu-Luna," Sunset tearfully said. "This is the best birthday ever. I love you so much, mommie Luna," Sunset said, which made Luna start to tear up.

"And I love you too, my little Sunshine," Luna said as they hugged each other, making Celestia chuckle on how cute it was.

"So, Sunset, what are you going to name her," Celestia said.

"I want to name her Spots, because her fur looks like the spots of a leopard," Sunset said, while cuddling with Spots.

"Alrighty then, Spots it is, welcome to the family Spots," Celestia said as she watched Sunset cuddle with her new best friend.

Chapter 3: Sunset's Daycare Delight: Part 1 of 2: Daycare Anxiety

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Sunset Shimmer Age: 7 years old

"Alright Sunset, we're here," Celestia said to Sunset as they parked near the Canterlot Daycare Center. "I bet you are going to have so much fun over there."

However, Celestia could see that Sunset looked very nervous, as she's never been to a daycare center before.

"Mo-Mommy, what if I say something and they don't like me," Sunset said with an anxious look on her face.

"Sunset, don't worry, you'll be fine," Celestia said.

After Celestia signed the paperwork that the daycare required, Celestia then said, "Alright Sunset, I hope you have a good day at daycare today, we won't be able to pick you up since we're working late so you'll have to walk home."

Sunset didn't mind this since the daycare was only 5 minutes minutes away from her house. Sunset was also very independent so she didn't really need a lot of help from her parents, for example, she learned how to walk all by herself, in which both Celestia and Luna were really proud of.

"Just be sure to be home by 7:00, since the daycare closed at 6:00," Celestia said as she gave a goodbye hug to Sunset.

"Bye Mommy," Sunset said as she entered the Daycare.

"Why hello there, you must be Sunset, Gloriosa Daisy, the instructor of the daycare, said. "You look like the cutest little thing I have ever seen," Gloriosa said, making Sunset blush a little.

"T-Thank you Mrs. Daisy," Sunset said nervously.

"Here, why don't I take you to see the other kids," Gloriosa said.

"Oh, ok," Sunset said as her heart started pounding when she said that.

Sunset knew that she was not good at public speaking, and she was afraid that none of the students were going to like her.

When Sunset entered into the children's room, she saw that there were about 22 kids inside the room. This made Sunset start to panic a little.

"Alright everyone, can I have all of your attention please," Gloriosa said as all the kids stopped whatever they were doing and turned to face their teacher.

"I would like to introduce all of you to our new student, Sunset Shimmer, I would like all of you to treat her with kindness and respect," Gloriosa said, as the other kids replied with, "Yes, Mrs. Daisy."

"Alright, Sunset, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself so we can get to know you better," Gloriosa said.

"H-He-Hello everyone, my n-name is Sunset Shi-Shimmer, I am 7 years old and m-m-my favorite animals are c-cats," Sunset said, all the while, sweating profusely from her anxiety. "I ho-hope that w-we can all be good...great fr-friends."

Sunset finally sat down in her seat as she felt a surge of relief flow through her body.

Sunset was only thinking about she was going to be doing for the rest of the day.

Will continue in the next forum: Sunset's Daycare Delight: Part 2 of 2: Meeting and helping some new friends. Part 1 of 6 A Dip of Sugar

Chapter 3: Sunset's Daycare Delight. Part 2 of 2: Meeting and helping New Friends. Part 1 of 5: A Dip of Sugar (Updated)

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Sunset Shimmer: Age, 7 years old

It was after lunch break, it was now time for free-time, which mean't the students could do whatever they wanted for the rest of the day until 2:30 which was nap time. Even though there were a lot of girl toys, Sunset rather preferred playing with boy's toy's since she was a tom-boy.

As Sunset was playing with a toy robot all by herself since she had a little anxiety about meeting new people, but then she saw that one of the girls looked all too familiar, Purple Pony-tail, and dorky looking glasses, this made Sunset's face light up.

"Twilight," Sunset said. This made Twilight stop whatever she was doing, and turn around to face Sunset. Twilight jumped for joy as she saw her child-hood friend.

"SUNSET," Twilight said as she ran up to hug her friend. "Oh it's been so long since I've seen you. How have you been?"

"Oh, I've been doing well," Sunset said.

"Oh, have you made any new friends," Twilight asked.

"Not really, I have a little anxiety about meeting new people," Sunset confessed.

"Oh, well, how about I introduce you to those 5 over there," Twilight said as she took Sunset over to where 5 other kids were sitting.

"Hey, look Twilight back," Sunny Flare said with a happy smile on her face. "Hey, did you make a new friend?"

"No, she's actually my first ever friend," Twilight said. "Her names Sunset Shimmer. "Sunset, these are Indigo Zap, Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet, Sunny Flare, and Sugarcoat," Twilight said as they all waved hello to her, all but Sugarcoat had happy smiles on there faces.

"Your introduction to us was terrible, you need to work on it," Sugarcoat said bluntly.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I was a little..." Sunset said before she spotted something on Sugarcoats face.

"What, is there something on my face," Sugarcoat said as she started to sweat.

Sunset then saw that Sugarcoat's right eye was all black and swollen.

"Hey, did you hurt your eye or something," Sunset asked. I could ask Ms. Daisy to get a bag of ice for that."

"I don't need it," Sugarcoat said sweating even more.

Sunset then saw multiple cuts and bruises on her arms and legs.

"Did you get hurt by...," Sunset said before Sugarcoat pushed away and said, "DON'T TOUCH ME!"

Sugarcoat then rolled into a ball and started crying. Then Sunset heard the door open and saw a tall women wearing fancy clothes.

Then Sunset whipped out the I-Phone Luna gave her for her Birthday, and went to her camera app and started recording.


"Please Madame, you're scaring the..." Gloriosa tried to say before the women forcefully pushed her into a wall

"YOU HAVE DISOBEYED ME FOR THE LAST TIME, SUGARCOAT," The women said as she roughly grabbed Sugarcoat by the hand and then slapped her hard in the face in front of everyone.


Sour Sweet tried to fight, but Sunset stopped from escalating the conflict any longer.


"No Mommy, please don't put me in there anymore," Sugarcoat said as they left the Daycare.
As soon as Sugarcoat and her mother left the daycare, Sunset stopped the recording and saved it to her phone.

At the end of the day, as Sunset was packing her bags, She then walked up to Gloriosa, who was sitting on a chair crying.

"Oh, Sunset, I'm so sorry that you had to see that," Gloriosa tearfully said. "That witch has been doing this all the time, and she has always been picking on the other children just as much as her own."

"Don't worry, Ms. Daisy, I'll make sure that Sugarcoat won't have to deal with that anymore." Sunset said as she left the daycare.

Before Sunset went home, she first stopped by the Canterlot Police Department, and showed the officer at the front desk the recording on her phone.

As soon as the officer saw the woman in the recording, his jaw dropped as he had known her from previous other testimonies from other parents, but she got away with it due to lack of evidence.

"Wow, we've been trying to lock her up for a very long time, but thanks to you, we can finally bring her to justice," The Officer said. My name's Shining Armor, looks like you helped us solve this crime...hey wait a minute, is your name Sunset Shimmer," Shining Armor said.

"Yep, that's right," Sunset said with a happy smile, as she knew that she did the right thing.

"My little sister Twilights been telling me a lot about you, you really are a little hero tonight," Shining Armor said, making Sunset blush a little.

After sending an email of the recording to Shining Armor's phone, she left the police station and headed on home.

As soon as Sunset got home, she saw Luna watching the news.

As Luna was about to change the Channel she heard the anchorman say,

"In tonight's news, a hateful mother is finally being brought to justice after so many months of getting away with the crime," The Anchorman said.

"Ms. Sundrop, a well-known supermodel is now being arrested for many accounts of Child Abuse and Child imprisonment, she will now be serving 50 years to life in prison without parole." The Anchorman said. "Ms. Sundrop has also lost all custody of her child, named Sugarcoat, and will be sent to the Canterlot Childcare and rehabilitation center."

On the TV, Sunset heard Sugarcoat say to her mother in a angry voice, "You are not my mother, you are a monster that kept me locked in a dark and cramped room for many years, I will never forgive you for what you have done to me all these years. I hope that you rot in a cell just how you left me to rot in a dark room. That is all I have to say to you, you filthy excuse of a human being."

"How could this case finally be solved, earlier tonight, the officer on the case, Shining Armor, got actual video evidence on a phone from a little girl after Sundrop was caught in the act in a local daycare," The Anchorman said.

As soon as Luna saw Sunset's face on TV, her jaw dropped.

"Celestia, you need to see this," Luna hollered.

As soon as Celestia saw it, she dropped the tea-cup she was carrying and turned to look at Sunset with an astonished look on her face.

Sunset expected them to start yelling at her for getting involved, but instead, as she braced herself for the worst, she felt a pair of loving arms wrap around Sunset.

When she opened her eyes, she saw Celestia hugging her.

"Sunset, I am so proud of you for helping that poor girl tonight," Celestia said with a loving look on her face.

"Thank you mommy, I just didn't her to be hurt anymore," Sunset said.

"Luna, I think we should go and adopt Sugarcoat, it's the least we can do for her," Celestia said.

"Yes, I agree with you completely," Luna said.

"C'mon Sunset, I think you should be there to comfort her," Celestia said.

"Ok Mommy," Sunset said as they all left for the rehabilitation center.

Just as Celestia, Luna, and Sunset parked at the Canterlot Childcare center, they then walked towards the entrance. A security guard tried to stop them, but as soon as he saw Sunset, he let them go inside the building.

Sunset then went to Room #8 on the second floor, the room Sugarcoat was in, and slowly opened the door.

Sunset expected Sugarcoat to yell at her to go away, but when Sugarcoat saw Sunset, instead of anger, she started to cry tears of joy as her weak and frail body ran up to hug the one person who saved her from a life of misery.

"Thank you, Thank you so much for what you did," Sugarcoat said as she wept on Sunset's shoulder.

"It's ok Sugarcoat, it's the least I could do," Sunset said. "I just didn't want to see you get hurt anymore."

"I can finally feel and express emotions again after so long, thank you, oh thank you," Sugarcoat wept.

Just then Celestia and Luna came into the room.

You are Ms. Sugarcoat, right, Celestia asked.

"Yes," Sugarcoat said.

"Well, looks like Sunset is going to be your new step-sister," Luna said.

"Really," Sunset said with a happy look on her face.

"Yes really," Celestia said. "We've signed all the paper-work, we'll give you all the love that your biological mother could never give you."

"Thank you all so much," Sugarcoat said as they all got in the car and headed back to Sugarcoats new home.

As soon as Celestia treated all of Sugarcoats cuts, bruises, and black eye with a first aid kit and an ice bag, Celestia cooked her up a nice meal to eat.

Sugarcoat began gobbling it all up, despite her bad table manners. But Celestia and Luna let it slide since they knew that she was starving.

"Thank you for the food," Sugarcoat said with a happy look on her face before she let out a big yawn as she was starting to get really tired.

"Don't worry about sleeping on that dirty couch, Sugarcoat, we have a spare bed in Sunset's room just for you," Celestia said.

Sunset had always wondered what that other bed was for.

As soon as Sugarcoat climbed up onto the bed, she fell asleep as soon as her body hit the pillow, as she let out a quiet snore.

"Have a goodnights sleep Sugarcoat," Sunset whispered before she to fell asleep on her bed.

The next day, after Celestia dropped Sunset and Sugarcoat off at daycare, Sunset walked into her classroom, only to see in her shock that everyone had decorated the room just for what Sunset had done that day.

"Wow, what's with all these decorations," Sunset asked.

"This is a little something we made in order to thank you for saving Sugarcoat last night," Lemon Zest said.

"Yeah, last night you were the biggest topic the news channels were talking about, their hailing you as a hero," Indigo Zap said.

Just then, Sunset saw Twilight walk up to her and after doing so, she said, "That was a really good thing you did last night, I'm just glad that Sugarcoat is safe and sound."

"You know, for that, I wanted to give you a little something too," Twilight said.

"What do you mean by..." Sunset's thought were interrupted when Twilight kissed Sunset on her right cheek, making Sunset's face turn as red as a tomato as she fell to the floor.

Sunset's let out a large grin and her pupils looked like pink hearts as she said, "That was so...Awesome." As the other students giggled at how cute that was.

Will continue in the next part: Sunset's daycare delight Part 2 of 2 Meeting and helping new friends, Part 2 of 5: Helping a Good Lemon.