White Light : Guiding Light

by Kujamih

First published

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again..

A time traveling pony on a mission to stop the future from ever happening again. We find our hero being spat out from a rift to Everfree Forest wounded.
Luckily he was found by Apple Bloom and is now living in Ponyville. Protecting everyone from the future.

Chapter 1

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It was a quiet starry night at the Everfree Forest. The creatures are lurking. the waters, stagnant. The air, deafening.

Then suddenly, in the middle of the forest. A rift opens and spat out an injured pony. It was a male earth pony with a white body, grey mane, and an X for a cutie mark.

Covered in bruises, it clumsily tried to move quickly out of the place he was spat out off. And ended up falling off a ditch and hitting his head, causing the bruised pony to drift off to dream world.

A few seconds later after the pony fell off, another rift opened. A draconicous came out of the rift. "I was sure i felt a very disturbing disturbance around here...must be my imagination." The draconicous went back into the rift and closed it.

As the bruised pony lay unconscious, he continues to dream as the night continuous at Everfree Forest.

" Light...light!... Wake up!" shouted the blue female unicorn to the unconscious white earth pony. The earth pony suddenly found himself inside a ruined building filled with rubble, fire, and explosion. "We've gotta get out of here! Carbon Crown.. she's here,"the unicorn cried. "we need to evacuate everyone!"

As soon as she finished speaking. An explosion erupted behind the unicorn, flinging her and the white earth pony off the side. As he tried to collect himself, he saw the unicorn that was just talking to him, bruised and unconscious. As he looked at the direction at where the explosion happened, a big figure came out of the smoke.

Six female Alicorns surrounding one female earth pony with a big black crown on its head. two of the alicorns serves as the chair of the crowned earth pony while the other two at her side and the other two at her back. "Light, i finally found you."

The white earth pony woke from his nightmare with great fright and stood up from the bed he was laying. As he tried to collect himself once more, he found himself in a hospital of some sort.

Then he fell back on his bed. "Calm yourself white, the worst is over... It's time to change everything."

Chapter 2

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Ponyville hospital, where Light found himself after his nightmare. "What should i do now?" Light looked at his surroundings. "I guess I’m at a hospital." Light looked at the clean bed sheet he's on and smelled the rosy fragrance. "I guess this place is not as chaotic as mine." 

A few minutes later, an earth pony entered Light's room. She has a worn-out hat and a shield with an apple inside it as her cutie mark.

"Oh thank goodness you're OK!" the earth pony rushed to Light's bed. " ya feelin better now? I found you in the woods near Everfree Forest."- The earth pony touched Light's forehead-" you're (you were) all beat up when i found'ya. Thought it might be some timber wolves that attacked you. So i carried you and ran as fast as i could outta there...and um, i might’ve accidentally hit you somewhere on the way to the hospital,-"the earth pony scratched her head while looking down. "-Sorry bout that."

Light just looked at the earth pony talking to him non stop with a smile, as she continues on.

"Oh, where are my manners, the names Apple Bloom. What's yours?"

Light snapped out from staring at Apple Bloom. "Uhm...oh yeah it's- it's Light."

Apple Bloom looked at Light, just to check if he's really okay. "Are you sure you're alright? I did hit your head at the door."

"What?" Light looked up at her with confusion. "Uhmm yeah... Yeah I'm okay." 

"So, if you dont mind me askin." Apple Bloom looked at Light. "What DID happen to you?" 

It took him a minute to think of a good answer to Apple Bloom, without exposing his true identity.

I know this is lazy but i have no idea what to say to her, Light thought to himself. "...I don't remember."

"You poor thing! You've got amnesia!" Apple bloom said.

"YES, i have amnesia." Light quickly replied.

" Well i better call the doctor, to check up on your condition. Who knows what injuries you still have."- Apple bloom stood up and went to the door.- "now you stay put right there, and rest your poor little head on them comfy pillow. You deserve some rest, okay. See ya soon."

"O-"Apple Bloom left the room. "-kay..." Light tried to say to Apple bloom. "The people here are so kind and helpful. The more reason why they'll need my help here."

Should i rest or should i start my move? Light pondered. 

As Light continued to ponder, the sunrise hit his eye, directing his attention outside the window. He saw the most beautiful scenery in his entire life. Green grass, trees, houses, and ponies walking happily outside.

" I guess... I guess, i should enjoy this peace." Light breathes in the fresh air, and layed back on his bed. "I can finally get some sleep."

Chapter 3

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" Did you have a nice dream, Light?" 

As Light opened up his eyes, he saw a giant pink pony with multiple pink horns. "Thought you got rid of me?" A pink beam appeared at the tip of its horns, and blasted Light with it.

Slam! Light fell from his bed. "Ouch!...Nightmares again," Light said to himself with frustration. He picked himself up and fixed his bed. "I guess i can’t really get rid of you huh... Disarray."

"Well, good morning mister Light. I see you're awake," the doctor said, while entering the room. "Its been a week now. Are you feeling any better?"

" Well Doctor Horse."- Light stretched -"Other than my nightmares, I'm feeling great."

" Please, just call me Grey," The doctor said. "Well now that there’s nothing wrong with you, I guess I have to let you leave the hospital now. But your problem now is your payment mister Light." 

"Yeah that is a problem," Light replied. " Is there anyway i can repay the debt i owe to the hospital?"

" Well luckily for you the apple farm requires some helping hoof there," the doctor said. "And luckily for you, the one who saved you has a big connection at that farm. And she specifically asked for you as well."

" Oh... That's quite nice of her to help me," Light said.

" This'll also be a nice chance to pay back the debt you owe to that girl as well. So i suggest you hop right to it, and head on to the apple farm," Grey said. " Plus it'll help you exercise."

As Light left the hospital, he enjoyed the peaceful scenery as he head to the apple farm.

Distracted, he accidentally hit somepony. Thud!

"Oof. Oh sorry." Light looked at the pony he bumped.

It was a pink pony with balloons for a cutie mark.

"Oh im sorry too, i wasnt looking where i was going like what you are doing, because apparently the scenery is really quite amazing!" The pink pony said.

"...yeah." Light stared at the pink pony as if he'd seen a ghost. "....Well, I’ve gotta go." Light quickly left the pink pony and didn't wait for her reply, even though the pink pony is still talking and following him.

"Hey, I’ve been talking and talking. But i have no idea who you are! My name’s pinkie pie! What's yours?" She asked.

" It's Light."

Well Light, welcome to Ponyville! What brings you to this place?" Pinkie asked, as she continued to tail Light. " Are you here to visit a relative? on a vacation? See you here for the food? Or maybe on a mission?"

Light suddenly stopped and gave a cold-blooded stare at pinkie.

Pinkie stopped and noticed the sudden change in Lights mood. " Um... I'm sorry, did i somehow offend you?" Pinkie asked with a hint of fear on her tone.

" No... Not really," Light calmly said. "I’m just heading to the apple farm to help there. I think im planning on living in ponyville."

" Oh... Ok that’s...good," pinkie awkwardly said. " Well if you need me, I'll be at the sugar cube corner. That's where I work you know. So anyway i have to go somewhere and....get some more sugar bye!" Pinkie left in a hurry.

"I didn’t expect to find her so easily," Light said. " Now i wont have a hard time finding her."

Light Continued heading to the apple farm and ended up meeting Apple Bloom near the entrance with another pony with her.

" Hey Light! Over here!" Apple Bloom shouted excitedly. "Welcome to the apple farm! This here is my sister Apple Jack. I've already told her your circumstances, and she's happy to help another pony in need."

" Oh, um thank you for your hospitality, the apple family has helped me yet again." Light bowed his head to the sisters. "Ill make sure to repay your generosity towards me."

"Ah shucks, think nothin of it!" Apple Jack patted Lights back. "You're part of the Apple family now, you can rest at our spare barn and work in the fields with us until you get your memories back."

"Or forever if you want," Apple Bloom added.

"Thank you again, for your help," Light said.

"Alright Apple Bloom you should give Light a tour to the farm then, while i have to do some errands." Apple Jack took her leave.

" So, what are we waiting for?" Apple Bloom excitedly said.

" Well then, lead the way." Light joined Apple Bloom's tour to the farm, and ended his day tired and happy.

Chapter 4

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As the sun rise in Equestria, another day shines in Ponyville. The Ponies continue their daily lives, aswell as Light's new life in the Apple Farm.

Slam! "Good mornin Light! Ready for your first day in the Apple Farm?" Apple bloom said to the now spooked Light. "Well color me impressed! Now here i was expectin you to be still asleep this early mornin." She smiled. "I was hopen to wake you up myself and give you a little spook and all."

Light gave a weird awkward smile to Apple Bloom, "oh dont worry...you did."

"Well then partner?-"she grabbed him by the hoof and dragged him to the farm."- we better hurry up and finish our chores while the sun hasn't risen up yet!

" Wait!"-bump-"oof! I can walk on my own!"

" We aint got no time for walking. I have to be at school to teach my students after we finish bucking them trees here." Apple Bloom replied to Light, while still being dragged through the farm. "Your surprisingly light... Light."

" I get that a lot. Do you mind dragging me to a less rocky road?"

" Don't worry I'll head to a short cut." Apple Bloom headed to a much more bumpy and bushy path.

" Here we are partner! Ready to buck these set of trees now?" Apple Bloom looked at Light. " Oops sorry my bad." She removed some twigs and leaves stuck at Lights mane.

"I'm good-" he spitted some leaves stuck on his mouth "- so i just need to buck these set of apple trees right?"

" Yup. But-" Apple Bloom looked at Light's physique and gave him a judging look. "-Do you know how to buck an apple tree properly or have you done it before?"

" I have.... A bit," Light replied. I did fight off an evil apple tree before. but maybe I shouldn't apply the same force on this one, He told himself.

"Well then, show me what you're made of." She then gave way for him to buck the tree.

Light gave a bit of distance with the tree and readied himself.

" Wait. What are you doing?" Before Apple Bloom could finish her sentence Light galloped, jump flipped and gave the tree a good kick on the center.

Slam! A crack creeped at the center of the kick, and apples and leaves begin to fall off the tree.

"What are you doing!" Apple Bloom yelled at Light. "Where here to buck some apples not trees, Light!"

" Oh uh, I'm so sorry.-" Light hoofed his head "- you know what maybe i should get some pointers from you. Maybe that'll jog my memory on um.. how to properly buck a tree. Hehe."

" Well good thing sis wasnt here to see this. But i have to admit, those were some sick moves you pulled. Maybe you're in acrobatics before you lost your memory." Apple Bloom then looked at Light pondering.

" ...oh yeah. Maybe i was an acrobat." Light replied. Maybe i should stop showing off a bit, he said to himself.

Apple Bloom laughed and showed Light how to properly buck. "Okay Light let me show you the ropes here. First off ya gotta feel the earth ya standin on "-Apple Bloom then calmly breathes in -" and then give it a good ol kick at the center with both hind legs."

Slam! Apples begin to fall from the tree.

" You also have to adjust your strength to the size of the tree so only apples will fall off not the tree itself okay?" She then looked at Light. "You got that?"

" Wow, your form is beautiful." Light replied with awe showing off on his face.

Upon noticing on how Light was looking at her, she blushed. " Wh- what did you mean by that!"

" I meant the way you kicked the tree!" He quickly replied and puts on a facade.

"That's still creepy!"

"But how am i suppose to know how-" Flustered Apple Bloom interrupted Light by shoving her front hoof at his eyes" Don't look too much then!"

"Mhmm mm" Light mumbled while he moved his head up and down.

Light and Apple Bloom's morning duty at the apple farm continued on awkwardly.

After a few mishaps Light finally got the hang of bucking the apple tree.

They where able to finish their duty, and have enough time for Apple Bloom to prepare for school.

Apple Bloom patted off some dust on her and placed her hooves around Light's shoulder "Well we started off a little weird, but we were able to finish our work pretty fast! I'm mighty impressed about you, being new to this and all."

" Well i had a good coach."

She then looked at Light's eyes. "Thats mighty flatterin of you, but that don't mean you're off the hook yet mister."

Light gulped " yes ma'am, it wont happen again."

Apple Bloom laughed and left Light's side to pick some of the buckets of apples they collected.

"Good! Now i have to head back home and prepare for my other work. You can rest for a bit then head to either Apple Jack or Big Mac for your next chores okay."

Apple Bloom gave one more look at Light and blushed. " I better not be seein where them eyes of yours are lookin at, ya hear." -She giggled- " see ya later afternoon, okay."

" yes ma'am," Light replied with a smile.

Light then picked the remaining baskets of apples and went their separate ways.

Light placed the apples inside the farm and headed off to find Apple Jack. And started to ponder to himself.

Apple Bloom should really work on how she explains how to buck properly, but her form and how she draws energy from the earth is astounding.

No wonder she's strong.

and the earths energy is so clean and beautiful here, she glowed really beautifully when she drawn in the energy of the earth. And made me look like a creep.

i should also learn how to control my emotions.

as Light continued on pondering while searching for Apple jack. Apple Jack was already near him and at his face already.

" Ooh! sorry about that." He quickly steps back to give a bit of distance to Apple Jack. "I was ..umm thinking a bit."

"I see, i guess you were thinking happy thoughts, because with all that smilin you-r doin." Apple jack replied while raising one eye brow.

" Um yes ma'am..happy, good ahhm clean thoughts."

" I see..." Apple Jack replied with a curious look on Light. " Well since its your first day in the farm and all and havent got accustomed to this place yet, and Apple Bloom did report to me how fast and good you were in your first day. You should take the day off today and head on over to Ponyville and get to know everyone there."

" Oh no need to worry about me ma'am i can still work," Light replied.

"Ow hush now, you go on right ahead. That's an order ya hear?"

" Well if you say so ma'am, thanks again for the work."

" Don't mention it. Now scoot."

Light went back to his dorm and grabbed a few of his things and went to Ponyville.

i wonder how many familiar faces I'll meet again.

Chapter 5

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Light's day-off continues in Ponyville, the most friendliest place in Equestria.

Light continues to wonder around ponyville, amazed at the sights and places that usually doesn't exist in his apocalyptic world.

Amazed at everything he sees in this world, he doesn't know which place he should start exploring.

Should he head to the bowling alley to try this sport which he only had read through books?

Or head to the library where lots of rare artifacts called books are lined up for the taking.

Or head to a food stall, where whenever you're hungry you can trade food for bits.

As Light's head is filled with excitement, his stomach starts to growl. "I guess we'll start with food then."

Light went inside a building named Hay Burger. There he learned a bit of how the currency work on this place and how delicious a hay burger is.

After he had his fill, he went inside a bowling alley and tried this weird sport.

Luckily a group of bowlers invited Light to play with them, and also helped him on how to play the sport.

" So the goal of this is i just have to roll this ball towards those pins and knock them all down right?" Said light to his bowling mentor.

" That's pretty much it boy! But you gotta still remember the things i thought to you, like the proper hold, position and throw of the bowling ball, okay kid!"

" Yeah... The weird dance like ballet movement of a position you just weirdly showed to me, and how not to just throw the ball but roll it. and hold the -" he paused for a bit. "-wait theres three very small holes on this ball how do i... Hold this ball?"

"Kid stop asking questions and just throw the ball! Your wasting valuable time!" Replied the mentor.

Light just winged it and eventually as he continued playing he started to have some idea of how the sport is really played.

After finishing bowling, Light went to the library, which is located at the School of Friendship and apparently where Apple Bloom works.

" Well she did say that we'll meet late afternoon." Light looked at the time. " Might as well meet her early afternoon then."

"I hope she's not busy." Light continued walking straight to school.

As he walked across the street. He spotted a familiar face. "Is that... Agent S?" His tears started to form in his eyes and bluring his vision.

As he tried to get near her and think of a way to start a conversation, he noticed Agent S is with another pony by her side.

Light stopped and stood there. Instead of greeting his old friend, he just watched them and smiled from a distance.

Don't worry my friend. it wont happen again... i wont make you lose her again. Light said to himself while walking off the distance.

"Hey do you know that pony?"

" What pony?"

"The one that's been looking at us for five minutes."

"What!? Where!?"

"Well he already left."

"Why didnt you say something earlier?"

"I thought it was work related and he was gonna give you a message or something. Turns out it wasnt and just left. I guess it was nothing at all."

"... Now im worried."

Light continued his way to the school of friendship, and heard some kids gossiping on the way.

Apparently a grand meeting is about to happen. The princess of Equestria, the Princess of the Crystal Empire, the Dragonlord, the Griffon Lords the Prince of Yaks, the Queen of the Hippogriffs and the ruler of the Changelings is visiting Ponyville.

If allegiance of our country is this strong, why did it fall in the first place? Light continued to ponder.

Meanwhile inside the castle of friendship a young beautiful alicorn sits upon a chair, and beside her a draconicous.

"Uncle Discord, this better not be one of your weird test auntie Twilight mentioned in her stories about you."

"Oh please, i would never do this to you," -he pinched the alicorn's cheek-" you cute little bundle of joy. I have learned my lesson on that matter.

"And i would never dream of rubbing your mother the wrong way. Besides, even i think i wont be able to handle whats about to happen."

Chapter 6

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School of Friendship, where every creature learns the craft and importance of friendship. The most powerful weapon of Equestria.

" This place is so amazing," Light said. "The books i read that depicted this place is way off."

Light entered the school and continued to explore the area. The school has large paintings and vases on the walls and tables, large curtains and artifacts in display. 

"Crap this place is expensive! I guess that's one thing the books got right," Said Light.

" Of course it is! This is where the most ELITE learn the value of Friendship, and I the grrrreat and powerful Trixie works as an advisor of this school!"

Did i just heard her right? She is Trixie? Light thought to himself. "Oh hello...um Trixie is it? Trixie lulamoon correct?" 

" Why correct indeed good sir. I suppose you have heard of my great and powerful achievements. You flatter me good sir."

Oh it really IS her.... Never expected her to be soo... So different... This is awkward.... My master is very....childish. Light disappointedly told himself. "Oh don't mention it... really miss.

" I was hoping to visit the library in my visit of this school. I heard this place has the largest collections of books in the whole Equestria." 

"Correct you are....um good sir...by the way who are you? You're a new face to me."

" Oh sorry for the late introduction, my name is Light I'm new to Ponyville."

" Oh the one Apple Bloom saved in Everfree Forest correct?"

" News move quite fast around here. Yes i am that person."

"HA! No news gets past the great and powerful Trrrixie! Plus i have connections with ponies who love gossip. So yeah."

"Oh... Well about that library?"

" Its right down that hall to the left. You can't miss it."

"Ok, thanks again miss Trixie. I guess I'll see you later then."

"Good day."

Both ponies went their separate ways.

its quite funny...and weird to see this side of her, Light smirked. " Now to read me some books!"

As Light enters the room of the Library, he was shocked to see the volume of books stacked together and how big of a room the library is.

"This is truly incredible! Why are there less people in this place of treasure! Don't they know what they're missing!?"


"Oh oops sorry i thought i was the only pony around here."

He clamped his mouth shut and went near to the creature who had a pile of books near it and was reading a large book covering its head.

As Light went near, he noticed that it was a unicorn with purple color. But as he gets closer, he also noticed it has wings. It was an alicorn.

The Alicorn noticed Light approaching and puts down the book she was reading.

" You do know that silence is a must in the Library."

Light was shocked as he saw the face of the Alicorn. " Princess Twilight!"

"Shhhh! Library remember?"- she giggled.- "We don't want my guards catching me here messing around the library instead of going to the meeting do you?"

" Um... Well that depends on the meeting right?"

"True... But its been so long since i have read a book. I quite miss this place."

" ...um well i guess ... Its okay?"

"Good! This will be our little secret!"

"Um... Uh... Okay princess."

"By the way? What's your name?"

"Oh its Light, Princess Twilight."

" Well then Light shall we?"

The princess and Light continued their day in silence in the library, until her panicked guards were able to find her and scold her about the importance of the meeting.

"Well then Light it looks like i have to attend this meeting. Until we meet again, I bid you farewell."

" It was a pleasure princess."

The princess and her guards went out of the library and closed the door as they left.

I know she's different here.....but i still cant stop shaking from fear when i met her, Light said to himself." Okay Light Snap out of it-" he gave a light slap on his face"- and dig in to these books!"

Meanwhile, at the Castle of Friendship. A meeting has started.

"Good morning fellow creatures. I Flurry Heart will start our meeting for today." She continued, " Uncle Discord had discovered a great disturbance in our time rift, and is requiring our assistance."

" Assistance!? And what kind of assistance do you expect from us griffons then!? This is definitely a magic problem, and us griffons have enough problems of our own and we have nothing to do with magic. hence we are not doing anything about it!.... So leave us out of it!" The griffon yelled.

"Please Lord Gestal, hear me." Flurry Heart pleaded.

"Look Flurry, id also love to help you out but us dragons are having a bit of a problem with our territory between our.... OTHER cousins who have different views about us having allies.

" Not only that, but our other allies couldn't even attend the meeting, because they themselves have something in their plate." Said the Dragonlord

" I know this sounds selfish of me to impose but, i believe we should really focus on whats more important-" the Griffon interrupted Flurry Heart.

"Look here fledgeling! I don't care about your problem if its more important or not! What's important is fixing our problem first!"

"Hey Haven't you griffons learned some manners!" The Dragonlord shouted.

" I'm old, Ember! I don't need that anymore!"

The meeting ended up becoming a heated debate, and into a kid's bickering.

As the quarrel continued another creature entered the room of the meeting. It was Princess Twilight, Principal Starlight and Discord

"Auntie! What took you so long! I need your help." Flurry cried.

" Ahh books. I should've stayed longer at the Library."


Chapter 7

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The Castle of Friendship, the light that shines out the darkness. And also where a heated debate on what is going on with their world.

" As you can see, unknown creatures are showing up on the western area of our territory, where the Changelings are on defense and in constant attack of those creatures.

" While in the northern territory, the yaks are in deep trouble with the weird weather that has been causing damage to their village and the Crystal Empire could only take them to refuge.

"While at the eastern borders the dragons and griffons are able to fend of the giant bug-like creatures. While in the southern area the Hippogriffs are not giving any signal or reply to us.

"While here in the center, no chaos is happening. Whats weird about this is its spreading away from the center. Making this place the best base of our operation.

"Thats why we need every leader, every injured and defenseless creature to head here for protection and work together like we usually do to stop this chaos," Flurry Heart said.

" So you are telling me to tell everyone who fought of those bugs to protect griffonstone, to retreat and let our homes be destroyed!?" Shouted Lord Gestal.

"Yes! If we have too!" Replied Flurry Heart. " What good is a home if theres no one in it? I thought you where smarter than this Gestal."

" How dare you!"

" Enough! This is not the time for this," Twilight interrupted." Lord Gestal i know the fight for griffonstone was a hard earned victory for fending off the invaders. But another wave of those bugs will surely be the griffons downfall. I suggest we dont let our people's morale go down."

" Lucky for you fledgling your Aunt is here to save you. This better not go through your head girl!" Gestal angrily said to Flurry Heart.

" You don't scare me old griffon!"Flurry Heart rebuffed.

"Flurry Heart! You are not helping.

"I suggest you both should follow Ember's Humility on this matter. They also have fought these invaders with the griffon, but you don't see them complaining?" twilight proudly said.

" Its because im too tired and couldn't be bothered by you guys right now," Ember replied.

" Haha...oh Ember... Anyway, should we vote for Flurry Heart's plan then?"

" Why bother? We all know no one defies you." Gestal replied.

"Excuse me Gestal, can you kindly repeat that for me." Ember questioned.

Gestal then noticed a sudden change in the atmosphere he is in. He looked at princess Twilight and saw that she is calm and dignified from the outside, but the aura she releases made him feel like a small animal about to be devoured. And her stare, It was kind and terrifying at the same time. Truly, only a powerful being can pull this kind of stunt.

" ...nothing ....uhmm Princess... Please... Don't mind this old griffon's rambling."

"So then,-" Twilight still continues to stare at Gestal."-we agree with this plan? Continue Flurry Heart."

"Well then, the dragons and griffons should rally their injured and abled, and retreat back here. Meanwhile my team will head to the Hippogriffs to check what has happened there. While Princess Twilight will assist my mother in the north. Principal Starlight's team will head to the Changeling hive to assist them."

"Hey why is it called Starlight's team? It should be Discord's team!"

"Not now Discord." Starlight replied to Discord.

"Now that that's settled, everyone make haste. We don't want to increase the casualties any longer."

As everyone was about to head out to do their task, Ember walked by Lord Gesalt and said.

"Keep your cool and know your Place Old Griffon."

" Yes...that was... Unwise of me."

" Come now. Our work is not done yet."

Meanwhile at the Library.

"Hey there Light!" Apple Bloom Quickly galloped behind Light. "You're quite early for our meet up? Are you that excited to see me?"

Light ignored Apple Bloom and continued his reading.

".... Hey im not spending my time here reading books." Apple Bloom Dragged Light outside the Library.

" Wait! Im at the good part of the book!"

" Oh come on. Lets go outside and have some fun! I've been reading books my entire life in this here school! Lets do something....not work related."

"But this is fun!"

"..... You know you remind me of"- she suddenly bowed-" Princess Twilight!"

As light look at Apple Bloom's direction. He sees Princess Twilight, behind her was another alicorn, a Griffon, a Dragon a unicorn and a Draconicous.

"Apple Bloom! I missed you!"-Twilight hugged her.-" hows Apple Jack?"

"Oh..ugh..you know...urff farming and fighting again... the usual..ouch." Apple Bloom replied while struggling from her hugs.

" Oh those two are so funny sometimes.... Oh! Light i didnt see you there...i see you're hooked into that book aswell."

" Yup! And thats not the only thing im hooked up aswell." Light replied while Apple Blooms arms are wrapped around his head.

"Apple Bloom!" Starlight called her attention. "Sorry but i have to interrupt you with your date."

"Its not a date!" She quickly replied.

"Anyway, we have urgent matters to attend to. Please call all the faculty members and meet me at the faculty lounge. I will hold our meeting there."

"Sorry Light, i guess i have to leave you for a while. Lets continue this tomorrow, okay?"

"Oh don't worry about it. Your boss did say its important. So ill just wait for you at the farm then," Light replied.

Apple Bloom waved and left Light's side.

Then suddenly, the draconicous slithered behind Light and quickly went to his side. " Hmm... you're quite interesting for an earth pony....too interesting if i say so myself."

Light's mood suddenly shifted and turned dark. " Hey? Do you mind? For someone who i just met, you're too close."

"Uncle Discord, please! Manners. Light is a Special guest here in Ponyville. Please dont be rude to him. His had a rough time," Flurry Heart interrupted.

"Indeed, he did had a...Rough Time?" Discord stared at Light.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Light stared back.

"Yes. I would. With all this chaos happening, the same time you showed up."

"Chaos?" Light replied.

"You see, a time rift that "I" was carefully taking care off not to get damaged...well happens to break on its own. So i investigated and found the cause. A rift opened somewhere in Everfree forest and released something to cause the specific time rift im avoiding to get damaged... Well get damaged. But when i got there i was already too late. I couldn't find the cause.... But after a few days I've heard that a pony was rescued not to long ago from Everfree forest?.... Just to make things clear im talking about you."

" News really do move incredibly fast here!... Don't you think thats the cause of the rift thing you're mentioning?"

" Oh please, its only Pinkie Pie. Thats one rift i don't mind learning."

" Uncle Discord, please dont put our guest in more distress. Sorry um, Light is it? I believe this is the first time we've met. Let me introduce myself and my colleagues here.

"My name is princess Flurry Heart. The rude person accusing you is Discord. This is my Aunt, Princess Twilight Sparkle. On her left is Principal Starlight. The Dragon Beside her is DragonLord Ember and beside her is an old Griffon named Ge-salt.

" Welcome to Ponyville." Flurry Heart gracefully bowed after finishing her sentence.

"Well Light, sorry for ruining your date." Twilight greeted.

" It's an emergency i understand."

Twilight then approached Light and pondered. " Is it true? What discord said of you, in the Everfree Forest."

Light couldn't answer. He could only stand in his place and sweat as Twilight question him.

"Auntie you too?"

"Well it might be a coincidence, or he might be our lead?... In any case, you should stay here in Ponyville where it is safe. What you heard from discord is true.

"Trouble is brewing and not alot of ponies know about this too."

"Don't worry princess, I'll stay safe and wont tell anyone about it." Light replied.

" Good.. and don't worry, Flurry Heart can handle this! I believe in her." Twilight replied towards Flurry Heart.

"Thanks for the pressure."

"Nonsense! Well Light, we have some important business to attend too. See you!"

Twilight waved good bye, while Flurry Heart gave a small bow. Discord, Ember, Starlight and Gestal just looked at him, then left.

Something seems off... I couldn't have messed my entry here.

Chapter 8

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Operation Salvation has started. The rescue party heading to the north is Princess Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Apple Jack, Rarity and Rainbow Dash.

Heading to the west is Head mare Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Discord, Scootaloo and Diamond Tiara.

The East will be lord Gesalt, Dragonlord Ember, Smolder, Sandbar and Gallus.

Meanwhile the rescue party heading to the south has not left yet, it was Flurry Heart's team. Princess Flurry Heart, Cozy Glow, and Luster Dawn, are waiting for the twins, Pound and pumpkin.

"How long are you two going to make us wait?" Cozy Glow impatiently said. "Don't you know how important our mission is?"

" Yes we know Cozy, thats why we are preparing as fast as we can." Pound said while packing some gears. "We need to be well prepared for our travel. Sis are you done with our rations?"

" I'm Pinkie speeding it okay....aaaaand done! What's my time Flurry?" Pumpkin said while panting.

"Uuuu almost. You're 5 seconds late from Pinkie's record."

"Not my day today tsk...oh well"

Luster Dawn watched her friends and was a bit amazed of their act. "Cozy has a point. You guys should really take this seriously, especially you Flurry Heart. You just might lose Princess Twilight's Approval."

" Oh don't worry Luster, I've got this. Aunt even said to everyone in the meeting that SHE believes in me and approved of my plans." Flurry haughtily said to Luster.

" Im gonna stop both of you here."- Cozy rubbed her forehead to relieve some stress -" we don't have time to know who's Twilight's favorite here. Look, the twins are finished and we can go help out the Hyppogriffs now."

Both quarreling ponies looked away from each other.

" Sometimes i doubt the reason i was released from stone." Cozy rolled her eyes. "Lets go team..."

As Flurry Heart's team was about to exit Ponyville, a big unicorn wearing a white futuristic suit appeared and blocked their path.

"Good Morning miss Heart. You are not needed any further."

The suited unicorn casted a laser towards Flurry heart, but she was able to cast a shield.

The shield could not hold and broke. But it was able to deflect the laser a bit and hit her wings instead of her body.

"Aaaahhh!" Flurry Heart screamed in pain.

Everyone was shocked at what happened and couldn't react properly. Next thing they knew is the suited unicorn is near them and has kicked Pound Cake at the chin, causing him to faint and flew up from the sky.

"Pound Cake!" pumpkin Shouted and blasted the suited unicorn with her magic.


The suited unicorn was blown off, but seems to have not taken damage from Pumpkin's blast.

"Pound cake! are you alright!"

" Im alright sis. For a unicorn he sure kicked like an earth pony."

"Well Flurry heart isn't! She's still in a lot of pain," Luster dawn informed. "Cozy bring Flurry to the hospital and grab as many ponies for help. Pound, Pumpkin, we need to stop him!"

" I owe that unicorn for what he did to me." Pound replied.

The suited unicorn starts to pat off the dust on his suit and said. " Oh little ponies... You wont have the time for that."

The suited pony casts another laser towards them.

"Everyone avoid it!" Luster shouted.


They were able to avoid the laser, but it caused an explosion between them and blasted them aside.

" Cozy! I think we need that back up now!" Luster shouted!

" Well as you can see, i still haven't left!" Cozy shouted. "Please cover me while i try carrying Flurry out!"

"Pumpkin! Pound! Cozy needs her cover!"

"On it!" Pumpkin raised the soil to make a wall.

Pound Cake charged towards the suited pony to attack while Luster casted her magic.

But the suited pony was able to easily avoid both Pound and Lusters attack.

" Amateurs..." The suited unicorn mockingly said to them.

The suited unicorn was able to kick Pound Cake and flingged him towards Lusted Dawn, putting them both out. Then casted another laser, destroying the wall Pumpkin built. The blast knocked pumpkin out aswell.

" This is bad. At this rate we'll all be dead." Cozy nervously said. " What do i do to get us out of this situation!"

" You just have to accept your fate child, so the world will become a better place for us." The suited unicorn whispered behind her ear. " Your deaths will give us a better future. Now rest in peace sweet child."

Chapter 9

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A bright light shines outside of Ponyville, followed by a deafening explosion.

As the dust from the explosion dissipates a suited unicorn jumped out off it, as if trying to avoid something from inside of the dust.

"Tsk..." It clicked its tongue. "Shit an oversight....Identify yourself!"

Then a white pony came out of the dust. It was Light.

"...Private White!?... What the hell are you doing here," the suited unicorn tried to calmly say.

"Watch your tone Bright. I out rank you." Light then showed his cutie mark towards Bright.

He quickly salutes to Light. "Tenth! Sorry for the disrespect, SIR!....but standard protocol requires me to ask for the code...since you are clearly from a farther future than we originally are."

"Well sorry to inform you but that information, wasn't past on."

  Bright quickly clicked something from his neck and shouted. "We have been compromised! I repeat, compromised!"

Bright looked at Light seriously. "I always thought this mission wont be that easy to begin with.... But a defected number... Thats too much."

" I didn't defect... We actually won....but the results....that is needed to be fixed."

"Why would i believe you?"

"You don't." Light looked at Bright with a sad expression on his face. "Rest now Soldier, leave the rest to me... Ill fix this."

"Rrrrgh! Die Disarray Scum!" Bright shouted while charging a much more powerful spell towards Light.

At this point the dust was gone and Cozy glow and Flurry heart was the only one conscious to hear the conversation.

" Evade the laser!" Flurry heart shouted.

"Princess. If i did that, youd be killed." Light replied.

Then a flash of light came beaming towards them.

As Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart was shocked and their lives were flashing in front of their eyes, Light faced the giant laser beaming towards them.


It was pitch silence.... Flurry and Cozy opened their eyes, to check if they're still alive. And in front of them a figure of a unicorn is blocking the laser, where Light was supposed to be.

Their face was in awe for a miracle has saved them.

As the laser grew weaker it dissipates and the blinding light cleared of and showed the unicorns face.

"...Light?" Flurry Heart couldn't believe her eyes

A dark, jagged knife like horn is sticking out of Light's forehead.

"The Horn of Chrysalis Throne!?" Bright blurted.

"Nah i got the hole set!" Light was then covered in darkness. Then pieces of armor starts to materialize on his legs, head, chest and back

He now resembles a dark knight with sharp jagged wings.

" Burn bright in my light and know true power!" Light told Bright, as he continues to shine brighter and brighter until Bright was blinded by his radiance.

The only thing Bright could see now is the floating set of Light's armor and the blinding light surrounding it. "You might out rank me... But im still one of the Numbers."

"Shinning Armor!" As Bright cast the spell, he also shined and caused a big explosion, causing another big dust cloud. And this time, Light's blinding presence stopped.

"Tsk...so he has the armor." Light silently whispered to himself.

As the dust clouds cleared, Bright was no where to be found. Light approached Cozy Glow and Flurry Heart.

"Princesses, are you alright?" He asked

"Princesses?" Cozy questioned.

" Oh... Nevermind what i said...is she alright?" Light turned his attention to Flurry Heart.

She can only gawk at the sight of Light, until the pain on her pierced wings return to her. "Aaaakkk!"

"quickly! we should head to the hospital."

As soon as he finished his words, a pegasus crashed towards Light and almost kicked him. Light evaded its kick and was forced to move away from Flurry and Cozy. Then a shinning pumpkin started to grow beneath his feet and exploded.

"Get away from our friends!" Said the twins.

Light didn't flinched from pumpkins magic.

"These guys are too...weak? No they're too kind."

Light retracted his armor, to show less aggression. "Please, im on your side."

"You dimwits! He saved our lives!" Cozy yelled.

"What.... really?" The twins said.

"Wait wheres Luster?" Cozy asked.

Then a spark of light ignited above Light.

"You're mine!" Luster yelled.

"You're too excited," Light replied.

He was able to beam up Luster. Now she's unable to move and cast her spell.

"Wha- what did you do to me!"

" A simple hold spell... Im just holding you. What? Cant break a simple spell?" Light stared at Luster.

Luster struggled to break free.

"You know a hold spell is easily broken right? especially if an earth pony is casting it."

Luster is shocked at her situation. she could only struggle and tear up.

"...what am i doing..." Light released Luster from his grab and dropped her.

Luster still couldn't move from the shock. She could only look at Light in fear.

Her friends on the other hand couldn't do anything for her as they were afraid aswell.

" Hey. Your friend needs treatment." Light reminded them.

Cozy Glow stepped up and acted for them. "Pumpkin, Pound. Carry Flurry to the nearest hospital." Cozy quickly flew towards Light and Luster. " Um sir Light..."-She bowed.-" Please forgive my friends who misjudged you." Cozy quickly grabbed Lusters head and forced her to bow as well. "Right, Luster Dawn?"

" Wa?... I mean yes...sorry..." Luster still flustered.

"We would also like to properly thank you, oh great hero."

"You were always good with your flattery princess." Light replied.

Cozy blushed and confused. "Princess?"

"Ahmm Cozy Glow, we need to go and find Pinkie pie and Diamond Tiara. I believe they'll be the next target of our enemy."

"Uh... Well hero... Pinkie Pie is just here in ponyville. while i believe Diamond Tiara assisted Head Mistress Starlight."

" I guess we save the witch first..."

Cozy and Luster gave an awkward expression toward Lights remark.

"Hurry! lead me to her."

Chapter 10

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Sugarcube Corner, where the witch brews her cauldron.

"Smoke is coming out of the windows! Quickly!" Light urgently said.

Light rushed in the building, followed by Cozy Glow and Luster Dawn.

Both quickly searched the burning place, but could not find anyone inside.

As they head outside of the burning building. A Pink haired pony is waiting for them outside.

"So?.... Did you find anything, Light?" The pink haired pony asked.

" Tsk... Madeline Pie... Where are they."

" Awh don't worry white, i havent done anything...yet." Madeline then piercingly gazed at the group. " I think auntie sensed me and quickly left the building and forgot to turn off the stove... Shes so careless sometimes haHAHahA." She snort. "I really wanted to meet someone like me.... A perfect pie."

Light remained on his guard, while Cozy and Luster was scared and confused.

Madeline noticed the silence and got bored, so she broke the ice once more.

"Well enough about me! Look at you Light, eyh! When i went to the portal 5 hours ago you were a promising private. Now! Now you are the top COMMANDER!?" Madeline screeched. " How'd you do it Light? Did ya do something heroic? Or did you pull some strings to get where you are?"

In an instant Madeline is at the back of Light.

Cozy and Luster was shocked that Madeline was already in front of them, that the only thing they could do at that moment was choke at where they stand.

"What now Light?"

Madeline quickly trusted her front hoof to strike the back rib of Light.

Light quickly released his armor to block Madeline's fist, but noticed Madeline's grin on her face and adjusted quickly and tried to avoid her punch instead.


A piece of Light's armor fell off and a crack is visible on his back.

"I almost forgot that you are a Pie."

" Tsk and i was soooooo close to break you in half Light. But now." Madeline then looked at both Cozy And Luster, who is four feet away from her.

"What will happen to the little chicks who left their mothers wingzzz." Madeline fiercely said to them while grinning scarily.

The both of them could only shake at where they stand.

But a hoof on her shoulder stopped her from her tracks.

"You're not the only one who knows Madam Pinkie's phase out technique."

Light lifted Madeline and threw her to the ground. But no body hit the ground.

Madeline suddenly phased out of Lights hand and phased in behind Light again, then made a swiping motion of her lower legs to trip Light.

He quickly evaded by back flipping and landing behind her and quickly kicking her.

Madeline was able to block the kick but was flingged far and hit a building.

"Akk!!" Madeline shouted as she hits the walls.

"You two! Snap out of it!"

Luster tears suddenly dropped while Cozy slowly tried to collect herself.

Cozy Gulped "I think I'm good." She nervously said.

"Well Luster isn't." Light put on his guard once more and faced where Madeline is. "Both of you find Pinkie Pie and head back to the castle! I'll handle her."

" Oh i like being handled." Madeline whispered at Lights ears.

Light quickly released Crysalis's throne to stab Madeline but she quickly dodged it by back flipping.

" I guess your limit for phasing in and out is two times in a short time while needing to recharge."

" Well yours is only once so...yeah."

" You Pie's are really hard to have a conversation with." Light replied with a ticked face.

" That's what makes us interesting i suppose."

Madeline quickly phased behind Light again and tripped his legs.

Light quickly phased out and in, behind Madeline. But to his surprise, Madeline is already behind her.

" Hey...where you looking for me?" Madeline said while striking from above, looking down on Light.

As she crashed from above Light, an explosion of dust erupted.


Light was flingged off of the dust cloud with his Crysalis's throne fully activated and badly damaged.

As the dust settled, Madeline can be seen with a giant iron gauntlet on her front hooves.

"Man! You got away sooo quickly! No one shouldve avoided that. Unless.... You already know about me huh Light?"

Light quickly stand up and patted off some dust on him.

" Wouldn't you like to know? Defector."

" Heeeh.." Madeline grinned. " Handle me more LIIIGGGHHTTTT!!!"

" and i thought you wont get anymore creepier Madeline."

Madeline suddenly phased at the back of Light with both gauntlets facing up, about to strike Light from above.

"Oh Light just call me MAD! Mad Pie!."

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

The streets of Ponyville, where friendly faces greet and meet each other. Now in smokes and ruin.

"Luster, i know everything is already going wrong.... But isnt it awkward that there's no pony around the village?" Cozy asked.

Luster Dawn is still in a trance, while running beside Cozy.


She snapped out from her trance and faced Cozy with a stressed, haggard face. "I'm sorry Cozy...."

Cozy reached out her hoof to pat her shoulder. "Hey.. its okay i..." She noticed her hoof on Luster is shaking uncontrollably.

Luster had noticed that she wasn't the only one scared and Cozy is trying to stay strong for the both of them.

"Hey...Cozy.... I think we need a little rest. I think I'll... Well we'll break down if we don't take a breather." Luster said while trying to give a smile to Cozy.


Both of them stopped from running, their hooves collapsed and sat from the ground shaking.

From the distance, explosions could be heard.

Light and Madeline's fight continues on, and Light seems to be losing.

"Oohhh is that an opening i see, Light?"

Madeline took the opportunity and jabbed Light from his side.

Light took a direct hit and lost his breath.

He immediately backed off but Madeline was one step behind him... literally.


Another direct hit from the side. This time it knocked Light off his feet and flew to the wall.


" You might be the tenth but that doesn't mean i cant easily beat you, Light." Madeline walked slowly towards the downed pony. " Entertain me more Light... Im getting bored..... Is this all you got?"

" Im just waiting for an opening." Light whispered on Madeline's ears.

Light quickly tried to stab Madeline with Crysalis's throne but she was already at Light's back.

"I have no opening Foo-" a pie suddenly hit Madeline's face.

Light quickly took this opportunity and was able to jab her with Crysalis's throne three times.

Madeline quickly made distance but ended up stepping on a banana peel causing her to slip and fall hard.

Light quickly pounced on Madeline to finish her off but she already phased out and couldn't be found.

" Tsk...i was too slow."

Light looked around and saw Cozy and Luster beside Pinkie Pie.

Light went near them. " ...thanks."

"Well i cant just watch you lose and make her turn me into a crazy overlord, now can we." Pinkie Pie replied.

Both Cozy Glow and Luster Dawn looked at Pinkie with confusion.

"I guess you don't need any explanations then." Light replied.

"Nope," Pinkie smiled. "Buuuuuuut."

"Good lets go-" Light was interrupted by Pinkie's hooves, grabbing his shoulder.

"Hey...Please.... Whatever happens... We have to stop it."

Light looked at pinkie, " don't worry... I will. This time will be different."

" I'm counting on you then!"

"... why'd you have to be so nice." Light murmured.

" What? I didn't quite hear you." Pinkie replied.

" Oh nothing... Quickly! We need to check on Flurry Heart." Light quickly left to the hospital.

Cozy and Luster quickly followed, while Pinkie Pie looked at the direction of the Everfree Forest.

".... Hmm Madeline Pie. I hope i made the right decision..." Pinkie talked to herself.

Mean while on Starlight's side.

"Discord! What's going on! Our magic isn't working as we want!" Trixie exclaimed.

" You're not the only one having a hard time missy! Be greatfull we still have magic to cast at all!" Discord retorted.

" This creatures are quite tough for us magic users. It seems they're the cause of our magic to weaken." Starlight observed. "Scootaloo, Diamond Tiara! You will be our front guard while we support you from the back. It seems they arent physically strong as they look."

" Copy head mistress," both replied.

"Now how do we get ourselves out of this situation?"

Chapter 12

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Ponyville Hospital, where Flurry heart rests. And outside the hospital, the twins guard the entrance.

As Light's group reached the hospital's entrance, Pinkie quickly hugged the twins.

"Are you alright! Did anything bad happened to you?, How is flurry Heart?"

The twins could not reply, because Pinkie Pie is hugging them quite tightly.

Light tapped Pinkie's shoulder and pointed out that she's choking them.

"Oh right! Sorry kids...." Pinkie slowly released her grip.

"You two, how is the princess?" Light asked.

"She's fine now, sir." Pumpkin replied.

"Oh good she's healed then. Quickly. we must go where Diamond Tiara is."

" What? Wait sir!" Pound interrupted. " I think the princess is still in no condition to travel."

" What? Why? Nevermind, I'll check on her myself then." Light quickly went inside the hospital for Flurry Heart. The others quickly followed in as well.

As he entered Flurry Heart's room, Light quickly took a glance at her. Flurry Heart was shocked at Light's quick entrance.

"Light? Oh pardon me good sir." Flurry took a light bow, while still on bed. " I would like to give my gratitude-" Light interrupted Flurry mid speech.

" Excuse me Princess, but we need to leave now. Can you move? Can you still fly?"

".... Um well the doctor said that my wings is in a really bad condition, and if i still want to use them i should consider therapy and proper rest."

" That bad huh.." Light pondered.

Light then placed his front hoof on Flurry's damaged wing.

"Good sir, what are you doing?"

"A little magic..."

Light's hoof and Flurry's damaged wing started to shine.


Light's arm started to bleed.

Everyone was shocked at what happened and started to panic.

Pumpkin fainted, Luster was on a trance again and Pound left the room.

"Holy cow what did you do to yourself!" Pinkie shouted.

" Quickly call the nurse!" Cozy shouted.

" What was that!" Flurry shockingly said, while whipping of the blood on her face.

" I just transfered your injury to me is all."

Flurry removed her bandages and revealed a perfectly healthy wing.

"We really need to go now." Light said.

"Not with that kind of injury!" Cozy shouted.

"I'm fine with a little bandage and some painkillers. Look, the princess can't handle this much pain, but i do. So might as well pass it to me, so we can travel to Diamond Tiara's location ASAP."

Light starts to cringe as the pain in his hoof starts to increase.

".... I really need that pain killer please."

Cozy hoofed her head. "I'll get it...."

As Cozy left the room, Apple Bloom entered.

"I heard what happened to the princess! And i quickly brew up some potion and..." She noticed that Flurry heart was already in good condition. " Oh.... Well never mind then."

"Apple Bloom, your potion might help Light instead." Flurry Heart answered.

" Light!? What happened to your hoof!"

" Err long story."

"Well you better Drink this then..."


Light drank the potion, and the pain quickly subsided.

"I got the bandage and pain killers." Cozy said while entering the room.

"Thanks Cozy." Light kept the painkillers and bandaged his hands.

"Can someone explain to me what happened here?" Apple Bloom asked.

"I don't know if you know Apple Bloom, but apparently light is no ordinary Earth pony. We were heading out for our mission when a unicorn attacked us. Luckily Light was there to save us."

"Oh and don't forget about the attack aswell in Sugarcube Corner." Pinkie Pie added.

" That's news to me," Flurry Heart said. "you're quite the hero, sir Light."

" Well all of this is news to me." Apple Bloom sadly said.

" Wait, Apple Bloom. I'm sorry i kept my identity a secret to you. I don't want trouble to fall on the Apple family."

" Well you should know that no matter what, you're an apple too Light!.... So next time if you need any help... Don't be afraid to ask your family for help."

Light was touched by Apple Bloom and felt guilty to what he has done.

" Im sorry...and thanks. But for now, the potion is alot and enough help i could ask from you. Now we need to help Diamond Tiara. She is one of the highest target of our....enemy."

" Sorry Light but im the one who's gonna say if i helped enough... And i say i wanna help some more! And besides, my two best friends are there too. If they're in trouble and i wasn't there to do nothin about it, I'd never forgive myself. And sweetie Belle wouldn't too, so she's coming with us as well."

" Wait theres gonna be too many of us for this mission."

" I suggest you bring Flurry Heart, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, Cozy Glow, and Luster Dawn with you. While me and the twins will guard Ponyville." Pinkie Pie suggested.

" Id rather want you and Flurry heart to be near me as much as possible, so i think Cozy Glow should stay and you should come with us. I believe her ability to lead is more needed here in Ponyville."

" I agree aswell." Flurry Heart second Light's request.

" Heeey!... Are you saying Cozy is better than me on leadership!?" Pinkie shouted.

" Time is wasting we leave, now."

" Alright I'ma go to Sweetie Belle and meet you guys on the west exit on Ponyville."

Meanwhile on Starlight's team.

" This void is really getting on my nerves. One can't even properly cast a spell in this conditions." Discord frustratedly said.

" Well, I'm just happy we were able to lose those creatures! Their numbers are exhausting. How many are there!" Trixie Complained.

" We should continue heading west and quickly shelter in the Changeling Hive, before those creatures catch up to us." Starlight Glimmer said.

" Those creatures resembled a dissconfigured ponies, mixed with slime or something." Scootaloo observed.

" I do not want to touch that again, they're really slimy and sticky." Diamond Tiara said.

" That's why we need to hurry to the Hive." Starlight replied.

" But what if the Hive is already taken over! Or worse!" Trixie said panickly.

" Don't think like that." Starlight scolded.

" But what's our plan when we get there Head mistress." Diamond Tiara asked.

"Well ... Im not sure as well. Lets just hope our answers will reveal itself when we get there."

"has anyone noticed that we're lost?" Scootaloo questioned.

" Oh great... Now we're lost." Discord added.

" This is gonna be a long day..."

Chapter 13

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Pink Labyrinth, where all the Pinkie Pie's mind congregate. A pink maze field with confettis and different kinds of pink doors. And in the middle of the labyrinth, a pink draconicous is standing on a pile of burnt doors.

" Silly Light, it's no use hiding from me." The pink draconicous spoke. " You're just making it boring for the both of us. As long as we exist, no one can stop me!"


a door opened loudly. And within that door is a Pinkie Pie with her child.

The draconicous felt a sting on her heart.

" Are you here to mock me!?" The draconicous shouted with pain in her voice. " You... You want to be burned down like the rest of them?"

As the draconicous slowly approach the opened door, another door has opened. This made the draconicous stop on her tracks.

"Another fool?" But before she could locate the newly opened door, another one has opened. " ...What is the meaning of this?" But before she could utter another word, another door has opened, but this time more and more are starting to open.

The Labyrinth became loud from the doors opening, that it became deafening. The draconicous could not bear the noise. She could only close her eyes and scream.

"No... Stop!... Quiet!... Please!..." The draconicous shouted in irritation as the doors continuous to slam open. "AAAAAAAAGH!...."

As the final echoes of the scream of the draconicous subsided, silence dominated the labyrinth. As she opens her eyes the labyrinth is lighted up by the opened doors. And within those doors are Pinkie Pies standing on the other side smiling at her.

"...WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!!" The draconicous screamed from the top of her voice with pain.

Then one by one the Pinkie Pies turned away from her and the door and slowly moved away from it while the door slowly closes.

As the doors close one by one, so as the light in the labyrinth begins to deem.

" So that's it?..." The draconicous cried.

As the final door closed so as the light inside. As the labyrinth starts to fade and crumble.

"So Light... This is your answer?" the draconicous said as her emotion starts to fade and her hope dying. " A fitting grave for one such as I. A being full of regret, should die alone and forgotten into the abyss."

As the walls of the labyrinth fade and only emptiness will begin to fill the place... A single door appears infront of her.

" ...What are you up to Light? You've already won?"

As the draconicous paused and ponder at what Light was up to. She smiled.

" Whatever... Since this will be my finale... Might as well give them a damn good show! You better not regret this Light!"

The Draconicous heads to the Door and opened it.