Terminator Resurgence

by Dalek-Galvo

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The battle between humanity and the machines rages on, but one of their enemies may become one of humanities last hopes of survival.

The year is 2044, and a war between humanity and the Machines rages on. The Resistance, led by Starlight Glimmer, is in danger when a spy, the T-1100, infiltrates their base. but before it can escape through a time machine, it is shot in the head by an acid round. While it was mortally wounded it got away through the time machine. But when the Unit traveled to the past, it was a rainy day, and with its parts exposed, it's memory chip was damaged and put into emergency reboot. Then its liquid body reformed into an infant-like state. It was then found by a woman named Twilight Velvet and with her Mechanic husband Night Light, they raised her as if she was their own child. 15 years later, The T-1100, now named Twilight Sparkle (Nicknamed Sci-Twi by her friends at school), is now in school, has friends, and is living a pretty normal life. That is until, during a warm summer day at an Italian restaurant, she is ambushed by Gilda and Lightning Dust, to whom they were waiting for, and carrying guns. When Twilight spots them, she makes a run for it, but when they fire at her, the bullets seem to go right through her. She is then met by the T-888, who she at first thinks is trying to kill her, but is actually been sent to protect her from 4 other terminators that Skynet has sent back in time to kill Twilight. These terminators are Joseph Osborn (The T-L), Adagio Dazzle (The T-909), Aria Blaze (The T-877), and Sonata Dusk (The T-655). The T-888 also reveals to Twilight that she is a terminator unit known as the T-1100. Will Twilight be able to cope with this new realization, and save her home from these new threats?

New Cover Art was made by Tempest Shadow.

Prologue: The Future War. 2044 A.D.

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The year is 2044, the next chain in the never-ending war between us and them, and...we are losing. It was because the energy shield was faulty and the Terminators were able to break through to blast range of our base. All of this madness started when an A.I. named Skynet became self-aware and deemed humanity as a threat to its very existence. Skynet started on April 9th, 2020 with nuclear missile attacks that wiped out the majority of the human race. That dreaded day was called Judgement Day. Then it sent out its never-ending armies of Terminators, Hunter-Killers, and Hunter-Tanks. The Terminator infiltrator units ranged from T-600's, T-700's, T-800's, to T-900's, and all were immensely powerful killing machines. Many of my friends and family lost their lives when Skynet sent out the first wave of Terminators to attack us. Lyra, Bon-Bon, Vinyl, Big Macintosh, Sunburst, even little Scootalo. Rainbow Dash wasn't the same after Scootalo died, and I don't think we'll ever see the old Rainbow Dash ever again. Pinkie Pie also changed after Judgement Day, I guess I can't blame her because Pinkie lost her entire family during Judgement Day. We are at the edge of defeat now, but we all made an oath that if we burn, Skynet burns with us. My name is Starlight Glimmer, and I'm the leader of humanity's last hope of survival.



As Rainbowdash led her battalion over to the second equator, she had met up with Pinkie's group.
"Pinkie, please tell me that we have a winning chance against these things." Rainbow Dash said to Pinkie and her Squad.

"As of now, Negative, Dashie," Pinkie replied. "All I've seen tonight are groups of T-600's and T-800's on the ground looking for us, and Hunter-Killers patrolling the skies for any stragglers to shoot into oblivion."

"Yeah, I can see some Hunter-Killers right now," Rainbow said, looking above to see 3 of them patrolling for the survivors. "They just don't stop coming, do they."

"Anyhow, Dashie, I think we're just about finished with our patrol, so my squad and I are going to head back to base." Pinkie said as she and her squad headed back and Rainbowdash did the same with her squad, but not before a squad of T-600's appear and attack.

"Pinkie, I got T-600's on my tail, I kinda need some of your assistance," Rainbowdash said to Pinkie as the squad of terminators was closing in on them. "On it Dashie," Pinkie said as she ordered her squad to open fire on the approaching threat.

Back at base, The resistance leader Starlight Glimmer was talking with Ground commanders, Moondancer, Rarity, and Carrot Top about their next plan of attack.

"Captain Starlight, Commander Rainbow dash, and Lieutenant Pinkie Pie are returning to base, what are your orders." Said Carrot Top.

"Ready the time machine for activation, and Celestia's sake, where is Trixie." Starlight shouted, just as Trixie appeared seemingly out of nowhere, scaring her commander half to death.

"Hey there Starlight, what's shakin," Trixie said sarcastically. "TRIXIE! WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT NEVER SNEAKING UP ON ME LIKE THAT!!!!" Starlight roared with fury.

"Oh, sorry commander, I'll try and work on it, so why have you called upon the great and powerful Trixie this time," Trixie said.

"Our research has confirmed that there will be a point in time in which Skynet will be at its infancy, that is why we need to send you through the time machine to make sure that Skynet never gets activated, and don't worry, you will be joined by a T-880 unit that we reprogrammed to fight for us." Starlight told her Cadet. "Now bring the others in here, I have a little speech to calm everyone's nerves." Starlight said, and after Trixie brought everyone up to the great hall, Starlight came to the stands.

"Ok, everyone, I know that we have had hard times, ever since the end of Judgement day, but we chose to not surrender and fight on because we are doing this for humanity's sake." Starlight said.

"We have lost many friends and family to this long, terrible war, but if we give up now, the people that died would have been all for nothing, today, one of us will go back to the past, prevent Skynet's activation, and protect the past version of me. We may not have the upper hand in this battle, but we must all take the oath, that if we burn Skynet will burn with us. This will be a day that will live in our memory from these days on, you will be able to tell your children about the day that turned the tide of this battle. This mission will decide the fate of the human race, and we will call it operation: Future War. WHO'S WITH ME!" Starlight said as everyone cheered her on.

Suddenly, Trixie saw one of the cadets' arms turn into liquid blades and slaughter two other cadets.

"T-1000 UNIT, BATTLESTATIONS, ALL HANDS ON DECK, EVERYONE PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" Starlight commanded. But the recruits started shooting recklessly at the Terminator, but their bullets went right through it.

"NO, STOP, HOLD YOUR FIRE!" Trixie said. "NORMAL BULLETS WON'T AFFECT THEM, but luckily, I have just the thing to take it down."

Then Trixie pulled out a single-barrel shotgun that contained acid-rounds, but it only had one bullet inside, so this shot had to count. "Ok, you little sucker, hold still, please let this work," Trixie said as she then fired her shotgun.

The shot was spot-on, and it hit the T-1100 on the head, as Trixie saw its head start to melt away, as it limped towards the time-machine, the terminator's screen monitor said: Danger, lethal damage, threat level high, emergency shutdown must commence or it will result in permanent damage. It was then followed by a barrage of acid bullet rounds.

"NOO, DON'T LET IT GET AWAY," Starlight ordered. But as Trixie, and Carrot Top were about to fire again, it was too little, too late, as the T-1100 had escaped through the Time-Machine.

"NOOOOOOO!" Starlight screamed in failure, as the time-machine shut down.

As the T-1100, or what was left of it, finally made it to the past, its power cells were now reaching critical, and it was about to collapse. Its form, that looked like resistance soldier Derpy Hooves, then morphed itself into a dormant puddle of liquid metal. Before the emergency shutdown was activated, it saw two figures coming towards it.

"Velvet honey, what's wrong what did you find," Night-Light said to his wife.

"I don't know, it looks like some kind of liquid," Twilight velvet said to her husband.
"Now sweetie, I don't think we should be touching something that we don't fully understand," Night Light said, as she saw Velvet trying to touch it. "Oh cmon honey, don't you want to know what this is?" Velvet asked her husband. "Well, I guess we should see what this stuff is first before we jump to any conclusions," Nightlight said. As they both touched the puddle of liquid, it began to start bubbling, as it was absorbing and fusing the DNA from their finger-prints. Then the liquid metal then morphed into what appeared to be a human baby. As the supposed child looked at the shocked couple, it started crying, just like a normal human child would do. "What should we do about this sweetie," Nightlight said to his wife. "Well, since we can't have any children ourselves, why don't we just adopt this child and raise it as our own. We first gotta think of a name to give her, hmmm, oh how about Twilight Sparkle, isn't that such a cute name for such an adorable child. Don't worry little one, for now on you can call us Mom and Dad," Twilight Velvet said when the infant started giggling as they brought her to their home.

Chapter 1: The Present Day: 2020 A.D. Part 1: Sunset Shimmer (The T-888)

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It was late one Sunday night, and Lightning Dust, The nightguard for The Canterlot Sporting Goods store, was about to switch her shift over to Indigo Zap, and she couldn't wait to go home and doze off in her comfy couch when she noticed some kind of electrical disturbance on one of the cameras.

"What the Hell," Lightning Dust said as she went outside to investigate the disturbance. She saw flashing lights and lightning around the area. Just when she came closer to investigate, the flashing lights suddenly disappeared and the lightning vanished. Just then, Lightning Dust could hear Indigo's car stopping at the parking lot and Indigo stepped out of the car.

"Hey, Lightning, you ready to change shifts, I just know that you'd really want to go home right now," Indigo said. "Hey, Indigo, could you come over here, there was some kind of electrical disturbance that I caught on one of the cameras, I think we should go in and investigate." Lightning Dust said. As the pair entered the site, they saw that there was no flashing lights or lightning, but what they did see was the image of a girl who was wearing nothing at all, she had yellow skin and had red hair with yellowish-white strips. "Oh my God, you've got to be kidding me," Lightning Dust said as she was trying not to look at the girls...unmentionables. "Well, let's go give her the lecture," Indigo said, as they approached the girl. "Hey miss, you're not supposed to be here, and for God's sake, why aren't you wearing any clothes, this is a convenient store, not some strip club," Indigo said, with a look of discontent. The girl turned her head to spot the two, as she got up and approached them.

"I need your Jacket, your Pants, and your motorcycle," The girl said in a monotone voice. "Um, no! How about we take you into the station for trespassing on public property, and you're not going to say another peep, ok." Lightning Dust said, but just as she was about to cuff the girl, she grabbed Lightning Dust's arm and started bending it backward. Lightning Dust screamed in pain, begging her to stop, but the girl then threw Lightning Dust over the fence. After that, she turned to Indigo, whose pupils shrunk and she started to rapidly undress. "Ok, take it, just don't hurt me, please," Indigo Zap said as she gave her the clothes and started running for her life.


As the morning sun had finally risen from the sky to greet the day in the peaceful town of Canterlot. An alarm clock loudly buzzed constantly, saying the time was 6:00 a.m. A tired, groggy hand came out from the covers of a comfy bed to turn the alarm off. "Mmmm, shut up, stupid alarm, few more minutes," Twilight said in a groggy voice as she snoozed the alarm, not before Spike came in, and with a loud bark, jolted Twilight awake that she hit her head on the ceiling. "Owww, my head," Twilight said as she rubbed her head and tried to ignore the throbbing pain in her skull. "Yawwwnnn, good morning Spike," Twilight said as she lazily crawled out of bed. "That's what happens when you have an allnighter," Night Light said. "Schoolwork is important, but having a good night's sleep is way better than that." "Ok, dad, sure thing," Twilight murmured as she entered the bathroom to take a shower. After she was finished she got dressed and came downstairs to eat her breakfast. "Good morning Twilight," Twilight Velvet said as her daughter entered the kitchen. "Morning, mom," Twilight replied. "All right, got my breakfast, packed my backpack, alright, all set for school." "Have fun and study hard," Night Light said as Twilight left the house to get to the school bus.