Extra-Curricular Activities

by Buster Knutt MkII

First published

The CMC have grown up good and healthy, and after a guest lecture from Dusk at Equestria University, they're eager to spend some grown-up time with him.

Being a guest lecturer at Equestria University was a thing Dusk had done more and more often over the past few months. He'd often speak for a good few hours every time he was invited and had managed to draw quite a crowd whenever he did it.

It's after a lecture where an old friend, Sweetie Belle, was present that he gets an offer from the young beauty to head back to the dormitory to hang out with the other members of the former-Cutie Mark Crusaders, he can hardly turn her down.

The girls have grown up good, that much was certain... and it seemed they were in the mood for some grown-up fun.

Artwork done by Tolsticot.

A/N: Reupload due to the previous version being unrecoverable. Done so with permission from moderation staff.

Chapter One

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“Any questions?” Dusk asked the assembled room once he’d finished his lecture.

He gently thumbed the worn-down chalk he’d been using to draw on the chalkboard, the lecture hall of the college being packed full of aspiring unicorn mages and magic-workers, eager to hone their craft with the teachings of a master like him. His eyes locked onto a hand as it shot into the air, a smile on her lips as he gestured to the mare in green that raised it.

“Mr Shine, you mentioned one of the major breaks in proving your theory about geothermal energy being a reliable method of recharging power crystals,” she said in a clear, confident tone. “But I’m curious as to how you managed to gain access to the depths of the dragon lands not under the control of Ember. In all the research I’ve done on the sovereign dragon clans, they’re painted as extremely hostile and don’t deal with anyone besides themselves. How did you convince them to let you in?”

“Basic diplomatic protocols demanded specific actions, which were taken over the course of the meeting to ensure that their trade requests were met and fulfilled,” Dusk shrugged, stuffing his free hand into the pocket of his suit pants and pacing as he spoke. “Once inside the dragon lands, I was then constantly at ends with the male dragons inside who would often try to flaunt their size or position in the social hierarchy about. It was funny at first, then it started getting annoying.”

“What did you do?” asked another voice from across the room.

“Dragons often wrestle for dominance, and obviously being the macho-pillar of masculinity that I am,” Dusk said, gesturing to his short stature and effeminate appearance. “I easily defeated all of them in unarmed combat and placed myself as the new leader of the sovereign dragons in the far west of the Dragon Lands.”

He came to a stop with a smirk on his lips, lost in his memories for a brief moment, before turning to the audience once again and addressing them all.

“I’m not making that up, by the way,” he stated with a casual point and a smirk. “I’m king of a rebellious nature. It’s quite an easy gig, really. They send me gifts all the time. Mostly rocks, to be honest, but the thought is always appreciated.”

This got a chuckle from the audience.

Another hand shot up from the audience, a familiar white, pink, and purple mare with gorgeous eyes and a burning question.

“Mr Shine,” Sweetie Belle said after clearing her throat. “I’ve read through your Intermediate Guide to Enchanting, and in one of the later chapters, you seem to contradict yourself in it.”

“Is it the first edition or second of the book?” Dusk asked, cocking his head slightly as he looked at the eager mare.

“First. I bought it the day it was released,” she answered.

“I’m guessing the section you’re referring to is chapter thirty-two, about the proper method of disposing of broken gems that are still charged, right?” he asked.

“Yes, you say that you should never attempt to drain them due to how volatile they become when damaged, but then go on to talk about repairing damaged crystals that you’ve drained yourself,” Sweetie nodded.

“That’s a printing error that was fixed with the second edition,” Dusk said, knowing exactly what she was referring to as he sat on the desk he kept his papers on. “There was a heavy screw up at the printing presses for the first three thousand copies in which the plates for the last page and a half before that explanation weren’t used, so the book is missing the segue where I talk about gems that you’ve drained that are then damaged in either storage, transport, or an accident.”

He cast his eyes over his desk, noting several blank pieces of paper on them next to a fountain pen. He leaned over and picked two sheets and the pen up, resting them on his legs before he raised his own hand slightly.

“Stick your hand up if you own the first edition of that book,” he said to the audience.

Around forty or fifty of the two hundred hands in the room went up, and Dusk hopped to his feet as he made his way over to the far end of the seats in the hall.

“I want you to write your name down on this paper and what your dorm number is if you have the first edition of the book,” Dusk instructed, handing it to a stallion with a baseball cap on. “I’m gonna collect it when the lecture’s over and send it off to the printing company to the second edition mailed to you guys. My treat.”

There were more excited murmurs and surprised whispers between the students as they wondered if he were genuinely serious. Dusk stood at the front of the audience for a while, twirling the piece of chalk he held around in his fingers. Once done and dusted, the paper was handed back to him. He folded it over as he made his way back to his desk, hands on his hips as he looked around the room.

“Anymore questions?” he asked, eyes scanning the scene for any sign of a raised hand.

No hands went up and Dusk nodded in understanding. Part of him was a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to rabbit on any longer, but another part of him understood that this had been a three hour lecture that started at ten in the morning. The students were probably hungry, thirsty, and dying for a bathroom break, and keeping them any longer probably violated some kind of basic right for them.

“Alright, then,” he said with a loud clap of his hands. “We’ll wrap it up for today. I wanna thank each and every one of you for attending my madman’s rambling sessions, and hoped that you’ve either learned something or now have a funny story to tell your friends about the purple idiot who wasted three hours of your time. You can all pack up and go.”

There was the usual sound of grinding chairs, bags zipping and unzipping, pencil case rattling, and conversation between friends breaking out. Dusk turned his back on the audience and moved back to his own desk. He started rooting through his papers, splitting the stacks down and refiling them all back into their proper order. He grabbed the folders he’d stuck in the drawer beforehand and filled them back up, feeling the familiar and hefty weight of all of his case notes, hypothesis, and theses that he’d written during his education with Celestia.

The students that made there way out of the room shouted, called, and waved goodbye to the guest lecturer, leaving the svelte stallion all by himself to tidy up once again. Or, at least he thought he was alone, before a familiar voice spoke up behind him.

“Nice lecture, teach,” Sweetie chuckled.

“Thanks, kid,” Dusk said, turning around and standing up straight, dusting off the front of his sweater before looking at Sweetie.

She certainly had changed in these last few years. She’d grown over a foot, filled out in all the places a mare could want to, and had grown her mane out to a long, luscious length that reached the small of her back. She flicked a stray strand over her ear and clutched her books against her chest, clearing her throat quietly before speaking.

“You busy for the rest of the day?” she asked in a sweet tone.

“Nah, not really,” Dusk said, crossing his arms and leaning back against the desk. “I tend to clear my entire day when I have things like this booked. I like to go on for a lot longer than anyone likes to hear me, so trying to keep to a tight schedule on a lecture day just doesn’t work.”

“Well, it was all interesting,” she said with a smile. “You can trust me on that.”

“Thanks, Sweetie,” Dusk grinned, eyes glancing at the books gripped tightly to her chest and noticing a few choices he wasn’t expecting. “You’re majoring in robotics?”

“Minoring, but yeah,” she said with an absent shrug of her shoulders. “Was never really into it all that much as a kid, but… I dunno. I just woke up one day and felt like learning about them. They’re pretty damn interesting, if I’m honest. You know much about it?”

“More than I’d expect myself to but woefully less than I’d like to,” Dusk sighed, stuffing his hands in his pockets and looking off into nowhere briefly. “Though, to be fair, I’d like to know everything about everything.”

“I can give you a crash course, if you want?” Sweetie suggested, moving to the desk and sitting down on it next to the slightly-taller stallion. “I’m free for the rest of the day, and I was planning on inviting you back to the dorm.”

“Really?” Dusk asked, cocking an eyebrow with a smirk on his face. “And what makes you think I’d be in the mood to get in an enormous amount of trouble following a little filly back to her bedroom?”

“Okay, a few things; first off, I’m eighteen, not seven. Secondly, you’re two years older than I am,” Sweetie chuckled, gently thwacking Dusk on the arm. “I’ve had people older than you in my dorm before and the college has never kicked off about it. We’re all adults, here.”

“And what exactly would we be doing in your dorm room?” Dusk questioned, feeling a rather large spike in sexual tension between the two of them.

“Oh, y’know…” Sweetie purred, her fingers gently walking up Dusk’s leg before squeezing his thick thigh extremely close to his crotch. “Adult things.”

“Like filing taxes and applying for loans?” Dusk joked.

“All night long, sugar,” Sweetie nodded, a seductive, fiery glint in her eye as she took her teasing touch away from the guest lecturer’s leg.

Sweetie booted the door to the mini-fridge in the dorm closed, cracking the soda can in her hand open and sipping from it. She placed her hand against Dusk’s chest and roughly shoved him up against the wall. Her curved, smooth body was soon squashed up against Dusk’s, his strong purple fingers groping Sweetie’s delicious ass as she continued to drink from her can.

With a loud, satisfied sigh, she removed the can from her lips and placed them against Dusk’s. Her natural, sugary-sweet taste was heightened even further by the syrupy, sugar-laden soda taste still lingering in her mouth. The two rubbed tongues briefly, allowing the other to get a real, genuine taste of the delicious flavour they possessed.

Dusk peeled Sweetie’s leggings down over her rear, groping the bear flesh of her alabaster ass as he continued to tongue her maw. She moaned quietly, wrapping her arms around the older stallion’s neck and tightly squeezing his body against hers.

“You know you were my first major crush, right?” she giggled, leaning back against his embrace and staring into his eyes. “Like, the first real guy I ever wanted to fuck?”

“Really?” Dusk chuckled. “Well, doesn’t that make me feel special?”

“It should. I’ve been told I’m quite a treat in bed,” Sweetie nodded, gently pecking his lips again and moaning as he continued to squeeze her ass.

He spread her cheeks wide, fingers digging into the supple, soft flesh, the tips of his purple digits teasing the holes between her cheeks that were still covered by her panties.

“Fuck, you and Rarity really did get lucky with these asses, didn’t you?” Dusk smirked, lightly slapping Sweetie’s ass and making it jiggle arousingly.

“Mhm, very lucky,” Sweetie said in a playful tone. “Almost as lucky as the pervy stallion that’s getting to grope it… and who told you it was okay to talk about the other girls you’ve fucked in front of your new flame?”

“New flame?” Dusk laughed. “Is that what you are now?”

“I can be other things, if you want?” Sweetie sniggered, swaying her broad hips side to side as she teased the older stallion. “I’ll be your little groupie slut, if you want? Or maybe you want a classy mare that’s elogant and sophisticated in public, but is nothing more than a greedy little slut behind doors.”

“Sounds great, but I already have one of those,” Dusk joked with a playful smile, spinning Sweetie around and pinning her up against the wall, kissing and suckling her soft neck and getting a good whiff of her perfume.

“And who’d that be?” she asked. “It’s Rarity, isn’t it?”

“You’re such a clever little minx,” Dusk said, lashing his tongue over her neck as his fingers dug into her panties, gently rubbing the rapidly-wetting lower lips of her tight little cunt.

“Uhn… getting a bit ahead of ourselves, are we?” she asked, gently and playfully shoving him back and causing him to stumble away from her. “You don’t wanna crack open a soda and eat something first? So eager to jump to the good stuff that you’ve got no time for a little conversation?”

“Eh, I suppose it couldn’t hurt,” Dusk shrugged, kissing Sweetie once more before gently moving away from her.

It was as he was making his way to the mini-fridge that the door to the dorm room opened up, revealing a familiar pair of mares, one of orange and purple, and the other or yellow and red, holding grocery bags and their own drink cans. They came to a stop, glancing between Sweetie, still having her leggings pulled down over her ass, and Dusk, a stallion with a rather visible bulge in his pants.

A silence hung in the air for a long moment, Scootaloo caught rather off-guard by the whole ordeal, but Apple Bloom stuck her head around the orange pegasus and broke the silence.

“Ya’ll fuckin’?” she asked in her usual drawl, only with an added layer of lust to it.

“Planning on it,” Sweetie nodded, pulling her leggings back up and sipping from her drink.

“Ya’ll, uh… mind if I join in?” Apple Bloom asked, sipping from her drink as she looked between the two of them.

“Me too!” Scootaloo exclaimed, nodding giddily at the concept.

“You want me to fuck all three of you?” he asked, cocking an eye in confusion.

“If you got the stones for it,” the red-maned mare shrugged, waltzing over to Dusk with a sauntering sway of her wide hips and grabbing hold of the bulge in his pants. “Oh, fuck… feels like you got stones and then some, partner.”

“Wanna see?” Dusk questioned, narrowing his eyes and smirking at her.

“You know it, sugah,” she giggled. “Whack it out for us.”

Dusk did as instructed, undoing the belt on his jeans, unzipping, and dropping them down to his knees, allowing the dark purple organ locked between his legs to hang free. It nearly swung down to his knees, semi-erect and powerful-looking as the three mares’ jaws all collectively hit the floor.

“Hell and a half, Dusk,” Apple Bloom grinned, gently grabbing his enormous cock between her fingers and stroking it slowly. “Ya’ll got something lethal down here.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Dusk smirked, opening the mini-fridge behind him and taking out one of the cans.

Apple Bloom lowered herself to her knees, sliding her mouth down the first eight inches of Dusk’s fully-erect cock, her plump lips going taut around his length before she began gently suckling. Dusk groaned quietly, a harsher hiss escaping his lungs.

“Lotta talent in that mouth, gorgeous,” Dusk grinned, gently stroking Apple Bloom’s head with his thumb as she blew him, casting his eyes back up to the other two as Scootaloo set the grocery bags down. “Guessing it’s well practiced?”

“In a way,” Scootaloo nodded, waltzing over to him in a more doofy way than the other two had, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing him.

Dusk’s eyes slid shut, allowing himself to lose a lot of his awareness to the world around him besides the taste and touch of both mares. Apple Bloom’s mouth was a haven on its own; wet, tight, and wondrously skilled at what she was doing. Scootaloo being as eager and gropable as Sweetie had been, sliding her sweet, soft tongue over Dusk’s in a passionate manner, hugging close to him and moaning quietly as she became enthralled with his taste.

“So I’m guessing all three of you get around?” Dusk asked, breaking away from Scootaloo for a brief moment to speak.

“Yeah, we fuck,” Sweetie nodded, sipping from her drink once again as she watched her best friends go to town on their guest. “Not a stupid amount, too many assignments for that, but… sex happens enough to get good at it.”

“All safe, I assume?” Dusk chuckled.

“All three of us are on birth control and make guys wear condoms,” Sweetie said with a roll of her eyes. “Thanks for making sure, dad.”

Sweetie moved over to Dusk, petting Apple Bloom on the head as she stole the stallion’s mouth away from Scootaloo, the orange mare voicing her protest.

“Hey!” she snapped. “Get your own!”

“I invited him here, remember?” Sweetie sniggered as she briefly broke oral contact, tapping the base of Dusk’s cock playfully. “This is dick none of us would be getting if it wasn’t for me.”

“Now, now, girls, let’s not fight,” Dusk said, eyeing between the two of them. “There’s plenty of me to go around.”

“You can say that again,” Sweetie snickered, gently wanking off the arm-thick length of Dusk’s dick that wasn’t being greedily devoured by the yellow-and-red hick. “Dick and a half to share between the three of us… you get to use it a lot?”

“Eh, every now and again,” Dusk shrugged, thinking back to the list of mares as long as... well, his cock, that he’d taken to bed.

“You fuck em real good, honey?” Apple Bloom asked, taking a break from blowing to wank off the soaked-shiny shaft of the svelte stallion. “Cream all their pretty pussies and make em squeal?”

“When did you get so filthy, young lady?” Dusk said, gently flicking the fur-tipped ear of the yellow mare.

“Well, she was raised in a barn, after all,” Sweetie joked, this getting a playful punch in the thigh from Apple Bloom.

The white mare responded by grabbing hold of Apple Bloom’s head and ramming it all the way onto Dusk’s enormous length, gagging the fellating mare suddenly and causing her eyes to nearly pop out of her head.

“Fuck…” Dusk groaned at the sudden contraction of Apple Bloom’s tight throat around his throbbing cock.

It felt tight enough to burst her neck, and the able little mare wasn’t able enough to keep it all down. She tore her mouth away from Dusk’s dick, coughing and spluttering loudly, hand at her throat as she began gasping for air.

“You rotten lil’ bitch!” she exclaimed, thwacking Sweetie on her thigh.

Sweetie rolled her eyes with a chuckle, getting down on her knees and resting Dusk’s soaked, twitching cock against her lips.

“Wanna see a magic trick?” she giggled.

“You gonna make my cock disappear?” Dusk questioned.

“Like a trained magician,” she nodded, giving the tip of his shaft a soft, loving, wet kiss before slamming the entire thing down her gullet.

“Fuck!” came the violent grunt from Dusk as Sweetie’s muzzle struck his crotch, cock buried fifteen inches deep in her vice-tight throat.

His hands clapped to the sides of her head, instinctively bucking his hips forward to get it as deep as possible. Sweetie raised her arms and wiggled her fingers in a ‘no hands’ gesture before joining them behind her back. She gave a playful wink to the sweating stallion, pushing him further into a rut-lust than ever before.

His fingers gripped the top of her head, hips picking up their pace as he began to slam his cock in and out of Sweetie’s heavenly throat. Both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom were frozen in shock, watching Sweetie’s mouth get ploughed harder than ever before. Scoot’s eyes remained locked onto the bulging throat of the beautiful white mare, while Apple Bloom’s fingers found her way into her own mouth and her own panties, sensually rubbing her tongue and fingering her cunt in a desperate fashion.

The other mares were nearly as lost in lust as Dusk was, tongue hanging from his maw as his chest heaved up and down from the exertion, lungs working like the bellows of a smith’s furnace as they tried desperately to keep his body oxygenated. His eyes nearly rolled out the back of his skull as three final, almost-throat-breaking thrusts of his cock signalled the end.

He slammed his dick into her gullet on the final thrust and blew his titanic load. The impact on Sweetie was immediate, her eyes nearly bulging out of her skull as she felt herself being pumped full of cum thick enough to chew. Her stomach was full in a matter of seconds, Dusk wrenching his cock out of her maw and cumming all over her. He sprayed like a hose, thick, slopping cum piling on Sweetie with spurt after spurt, dousing her mane, face, chest, thighs, and the floor around her.

The eager mare was not shocked into paralysis by the sudden overflow of cum. She kept her hands on his dick, stroking at an almost violent speed, desperate to milk each and every drop of his boiling load out onto her face. She opened her mouth again, placing the tip of Dusk’s cock right on her tongue and letting him fill her maw once again.

It overflowed rapidly, spilling over the sides of her agape mouth and down her chin, dripping onto her already-covered tits and spilling all down her body, pooling around her thighs as she knelt in an ever-growing puddle of cum. Eventually the flood subsided, Dusk’s cock spurting the last few pints onto Sweetie’s torso before staggering back, dropping against the desk the mini-fridge rested on and exhaling slowly.

There was silence in the room for an almost-uncomfortable length of time. Sweetie was licking her fingers clean of the almost torrent of cum she’d been nearly buried under, Apple Bloom stared down at the enormous pool of cum that the dorm was nearly up to the top of her feet, and Scootaloo merely began to nibble and lick the jawline of the exhausted stallion before whispering in her ear.

“I want that inside me,” she said in a beyond-horny tone.

“Well...” Sweetie said, getting to her feet and watching the cum piled on top of her spill, slide, and slop down onto the floor with a wet, splattering sound. “I’m gonna have fun trying to sneak to the shower looking like this.”

Dusk snapped his fingers, using his magic to clean Sweetie up in less than a second. It left her bone dry and clean as a whistle without any hint or suggestion that she’d just been covered from head to toe in spunk.

“Huh,” she commented. “Neat.”

“You’re welcome, sugar,” Dusk smirked, groping Scootaloo’s ample behind with trained fingers. “Want me to return the favour?”

Sweetie’s hand flew to her mouth and her jaw hung low in a faux-shocked fashion, gasping with great exaggeration as she did a double-take.

“A stallion hung like a war criminal and one that’s also willing to eat pussy?” she questioned, clapping her hands together and grinning widely. “Today must be my lucky day.”

“Hey… what about us?” Scootaloo pouted.

“Yeah. ya’ll may have been here first, but you sure as hell ain’t the only belles at the ball!” Apple Bloom exclaimed.

“Alright then, we’ll try something freaky,” Dusk chuckled, using his magic to undress himself and expose his svelte, feminine figure to the mares around him.

“Oh… I think his ass is bigger than yours, Sweetie,” Scootaloo said, looking at her alabaster friend with a teasing grin.

“I’ll cut you,” she snarled in response.

“Right, all three of you,” Dusk announced in a leading tone. “Naked time. Chop-chop.”

Sweetie was the first to bear it all, using her own magic to strip herself down to her birthday suit and expose her ample chest, her slender waist, and wide hips. She ran a hand from her stomach up to her lips, blowing a kiss to Dusk with a just-as-suggestive wink of her beautiful eyes.

“I hate your tits so much…” Scootaloo pouted, getting as naked as the other two and using her hands to cover her flat chest, though leaving her own good and healthy hips for every eye in the room to devour as well as her big, bouncy ass.

“Oh, Scoots, I’ve already told you… you’re a carpenter’s dream,” Sweetie teased, giving her torso a brief shake to make her tits jiggle. “Flat as a board and won’t split when screwed.”

Scootaloo glared daggers of many a shape and size at Sweetie, the light teasing making her go red with embarrassment.

“Don’t listen to her, Scoots,” Dusk said, placing a hand at the orange mare’s back as she ran his tongue over her nipple, getting a surprised, and more than grateful moan, from the slender mare. “I’ve got a thing for girls like you. It’s called ‘my penis’.”

“Oh, hellfire, that was awful,” Apple Bloom sighed with a disgusted growl in her voice, quickly stripping out of her flannel shirt and tight jeans to show her ‘hand’, as it were. “How in the hell did you manage to land as many mares as you have with lines like that?”

Apple Bloom tossed her clothing aside and placed her hands on her hips. The homegrown farmer was a smaller version of her older sister. Her body was strong and toned, everything from her arms, to her stomach, to her thighs. Chiselled and taut as she allowed the other three to stare at her, nearly drooling rivers down their chins as they did so.

She had the widest hips and the fattest ass out of all three of them, with strong, trained thighs that looked more than capable of crushing a lesser being’s head, should it find itself between them. Her hips were cocked, hand resting on them, and a sultry, blazing look of desire in on her face.

“Alright then, teach,” she giggled. “Where do you want us?”

“Glad you asked,” Dusk chuckled, moving over to Sweetie and picking her up in his arms.

The mare yelped in surprise as she was carried over to the bed. Dusk slumped her onto it before lying down on his back, pointing to his face with a playful wink. Sweetie knew what he meant immediately, desire welling up behind her beautiful eyes as she bit down on her plump, bottom lip.

“Oh yeah,” she nodded. “Just what I wanted.”

With that, she clambered on top of Dusk’s face, facing the headboard and planting her cunt right on top of his mouth. The stallion wasted no time, running his tongue over the softest pussy he’d ever touched. Her flavour was incredible as well, a sugary-sweet mix that was almost identical to her older sister. His fingers gripped her thighs, sinking into the marshmallow-esque flesh on them as Sweetie began grinding her cunt against his tongue. The other two stood with their arms crossed and annoyed looks on their faces, watching Sweetie hog all the attention, as per usual, and leave them in the dust.

“And what the hell are we meant to do, eh?” Apple Bloom demanded. “Want me to get out the checkers board until it’s my turn?”

“Who actually plays checkers anymore?” Scootaloo asked with a confused expression.

“I… that’s…” Apple Bloom said, scratching the back of her head in an awkward fashion. “Family game night…”

“Girls,” Sweetie called out to them, snapping their attention back onto her.

The snow-white mare had removed a hand from the headboard, making no attempt to cease rubbing her cunt against Dusk’s lapping tongue, but was able to focus up enough to point at Dusk’s throbbing, purple cock.

“Shut up and get to work, will you?” Sweetie asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” they nodded in unison, pretty much diving onto the bed and losing themselves to their own cock-lust.

Dusk groaned in pleasure, vibrations coursing through Sweetie’s dripping pussy as a result. She shivered in bliss, eyes fluttering for a brief moment before she regained her composure. More work was put into her hip gyration, really putting more and more force into dragging her cunt across Dusk’s tongue. The strength he exuded from his oral muscle was incredible, able to push and spread her effortlessly and really tease the nerves inside her tight, wet cove.

Apple Bloom’s mouth had immediately found its way to Dusk’s balls, her hot breath adding to the temperature of the stallion’s already-sweating balls. She suckled against the flesh of his leathery sack, her eager tongue lolling and rolling his apple-sized balls about inside. She could barely contain herself from simply burying her muzzle in his musky balls, allowing the sweat and mind-wiping scent of his sack to take her away to a heavenly place.

Scootaloo had found her mouth latched onto the head of Dusk’s cock. She was drooling down his entire shaft, hands gently pumping up and down the base of his cock, toying with his medial ring, and swirling her tongue around the thick, dripping tip of his cock. His pre was enough to make her head spin, his titanic length leaking the thick fluid into her mouth, over her tongue, and down her gullet.

Pants and gasps came from all three of the girls, none of them being anywhere close to rational or contained as they toyed with Dusk’s body. Sweetie had her pussy taken care of, but both Scootaloo and Apple Bloom had no such luxury. Their cunts burned, aching and leaking with a desperate need to be filled with something. They desired his cock more than they desired life, thighs and toes constantly twitching, eyes screwing shut and moans of lust echoing through Dusk’s cock.

“I need it…” Scootaloo moaned, staring at Dusk’s length as she placed her muzzle against the tip, allowing it to drool hot, thick pre down onto her muzzle.

“I can’t take it anymore…” Apple Bloom sighed, biting down on her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood.

Both of them snapped at nearly the exact same time, changing from oral foreplay to something that would just let them cum. They both knew that he couldn’t fuck them both at the same time, so they compromised. Pussies were placed at either side of his shaft, the two desperate mares lying on the bed and grinding their cunts against Dusk’s shaft.

The added heat and friction against his dick caused Dusk to moan even louder, his tongue buried as deep as it could go in Sweetie’s delicious little pussy. He’d grabbed her thighs and locked her into place at this point, lapping and stabbing at her cunt with his tongue and driving the little thing wild. She groped her breasts, squeezing and tugging at her erect nipples as she mewled and gasped under her breath, eyes locked onto Dusk’s head between her thighs as he continued to eat her out.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked almost ashamed at how desperate they were, eyes unable to meet, cheeks red as ripe tomatoes, and chests heaving in lust-induced exhaustion. Their dripping wet cunts had slicked the stallion’s shaft to a thoroughly-soaked state, the added attention causing pre to leak and dribble down his shaft, running over his enormous balls and spilling down onto the bed sheets beneath them.

The temperature in the room was skyrocketing, sweat coated all four of them, and the stench of pure, unfiltered lust hung in the air like a toxic cloud. The beautiful mewls and moans from the mares was enough to drive Dusk wild, lying in a pile of pure sexual bliss with them wrapped around him, ears twitching and perking at every sweet, dulcet, near-orgasm-inducing whine they let out as their horny little pussies were massaged and kissed by some part of his body.

Sweetie was the first to pop, as was expected from the girl that was receiving the most attention. Her head was thrown back as an orgasmic moan tore from the depths of her lungs, twitching and humping against Dusk’s face, fingers digging into his thick, ponytailed mane as she came harder than she had in a long time.

Once she was done, Dusk made quick work with the other two. He sat up, causing Sweetie to tumble off onto the bed, as she leaned forward. He pressed the two girls against his cock, clamping their pussies ever tighter against his cock before beginning to pump his hips forward. The two mares threw their heads back, trying to stifle loud and horny moans as the more-experienced stallion went to work on them.

Their eyes widened, lungs working like furnace bellows to keep them going, chests rising and falling rapidly as the exertion of pleasure got to them. Sweat dripped down their backs, tongues lolled from their mouths, and their eyes nearly went blank from the mind-melting pleasure they were experiencing.

Dusk wasn’t too far from his own limit, panting and gasping almost as much as the beauties wrapped around his cock. He couldn’t hold on for much longer, not at that speed, not with the sensations of heat and friction running all through his length. He could feel himself building again, cock twitching and pulsing with energy as he found himself on the door of orgasm.

His legs tensed and his toes curled, biting down hard on his jaw before blowing a second load high into the air, nearly hitting the ceiling of the dorm room before the hot, thick load loudly slopped down onto his own thighs and the legs of the mares still pumping themselves up and down his cock.

He came harder than before, raining spunk all over the bed, their bodies, and the floor around them as each stream of his semen flew high into the air, like a breeding fountain that seemed as unlimited as it was forceful. The two opened their mouths and closed their eyes, cumming themselves stupid as they attempted to catch as much of Dusk’s creamy load in their mouths.

Sweetie watched eagerly, seeing Dusk’s spunk paint her friends white and watching the stallion responsible twitch and grunt, paralysed by the pleasure and unable to cease firing stream after stream of thick, hot cum. Dusk panted, groaned, and threw his head back as his orgasm seemed to reach a peak halfway through, digging his fingers into the bed sheets as the two mares continued to grind against his cock.

Dusk’s body gave out as soon as his orgasm did, dropping hard back onto the bed and panting with a hazy look in his eyes. Sweetie crawled over to him, planting a long, wet kiss on his lips before breaking away and gently stroking his mane.

“How you feeling, you absolute fucking stud?” she asked with a chuckle, soft fingers running through Dusk’s thick, tied-back mane.

“Ahhh…” Dusk wheezed, barely able to look Sweetie Belle in the face from how drained, both literally and metaphorically, he’d been from that last torrent.

“Hellfire, honey,” Apple Bloom exclaimed, wiping up a thick globule of cum from her chest onto her finger and rubbing it over her tongue, swallowing it with an audible gulp. “Ya’ll glue wood together with this?”

Dusk smirked, sitting up and resting his head against Sweetie’s torso, something the large-breasted mare had no reason nor desire to protest against. The afterglow was sweet and the feeling in the air was one of a blissful exhaustion, a moment for them all to enjoy and remember for as long as they needed to…

Then came the knock at the door.

Every set of eyes in the room bolted over to the doorway, then to the massive river of cum coating the everything, and then to each other.

“Sweetie, baby, you’re the cleanest out of all of us,” Apple Bloom said instantly. “You answer it.”

“But… I…” she said, eyes darting down to her nude form before she sighed loudly.

She quickly hopped up from the bed and, with a snap of her fingers, resummoned her clothing and hid her beautiful naked body. A quick bounce over to the door later and she cracked it open, thankful that they’d decided to fuck on the single bed to the right of the door rather than the bunk bed that was in plain view of the thing.

“Diamond?” Sweetie Belle asked with a cocked eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“Scoots borrowed my mane brush a while back, I let her use it to sort herself out after she finished swimming,” Diamond Tiara said, arms crossed over her chest as she looked Sweetie up and down. “Are… why are you blushing?”

Sweetie tapped a finger to her face, noticing the boiling heat of the post-orgasm glow still plain as day on her face.

“I’m sick,” Sweetie said with a shrug. “All three of us are, really. Been sleeping for most of the day.”

Diamond looked over Sweetie’s shoulder, noticing the empty bunk beds and slowly catching a whiff of the scent wafting out of the dorm room. Her look was one of distrust, eyes narrowed at her off-and-on friend. She cocked her head sideways and shot a very questioning look at the alabaster mare as she spoke.

“What are you three doing in here?” she asked, eyeing Sweetie fiercely.

The marshmallow mare looked back into the room, seeing the cum-soaked pair of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo snuggled up against Dusk’s body, exchanging wet, tonguing kisses between themselves while they fondled Dusk’s balls.

“We’re…” Sweetie said, scratching the back of her head before she sighed loudly. “Look, we’re fucking, Diamond. We invited a friend over to hang out, and it got good and raunchy. I can go grab your hair brush if you’re willing to wait here for a second… or you can come in and grab it yourself.”

Diamond’s face dropped like a rock out a window, a brief shiver running through her body before she shook her head.

“I’ll come back later,” she said, stepping away from the door with a dismissive wave. “Sorry to have bothered you.”

“You can join in if you want?” Sweetie offered, wanting a taste of the heiress for a good while. “Bed’s big enough for five of us.”

“No thank you,” she said, pivoting on her heel and hurrying away. “Just…. Just come and get me when you’re done, okay? I’ll take it back then.”

Sweetie watched the business major disappear down the corridor in a hurry, shrugging off her reluctance to join in on the fun before closing the door. She turned back to the pile of sex on the bed, a snap of her fingers making her clothes disappear again before noticing the position switch and the newer, raunchier display before her than just the simple kissing-fest it had been moments earlier.

Scoots was on her hands and knees, tails pinned over her back with Dusk’s muzzle placed firmly between her ass cheeks, dragging his thick, wet tongue over her tight, sensitive asshole. Apple Bloom was sat in front of her orange friend, burying said friend’s tongue into her own cunt as a method of getting some enjoyment out of the ordeal for herself.

Sweetie crossed her arms in a disgruntled fashion, glaring daggers at the three of them that had moved onto so fast from the snuggle-session she’d been hoping to get involved in. A weary sigh parted her lips and a soft shrug touched her shoulders, content to drink her soda and watch the three of them entertain each other in their little tongue-fest.

She was impressed, as always, at Dusk’s cock being reared and ready to go. It was twitching and leaking as if it hadn’t just splattered the entire sleeping area with enough cum to get the south of the country pregnant with gorgeous little Alicorn foals, spilling and sputtering spooge down the enormous length of it.

Dusk clapped a hand to Scootaloo’s ass, gripping and groping her thick rear with intent to give it a good kneading, fingers digging into her bountiful backside and juicing yet another horny moan from the gorgeous mare’s lips.

Apple Bloom’s hips gyrated around in circles, grinding her cunt against Scootaloo’s wriggling tongue in an attempt to speed herself along to yet another orgasm, the red-maned mare contentedly watching Dusk devour her friend’s asshole, driving his tongue deep into her tight cavern and nearly driving the big-backsided pegasus into some kind of frenzy.

“It’s going in her ass, right?” Sweetie asked after swallowing a small sip from her sugary soda. “Like, I’m not about to watch Dusk wet that fucker up and not shag Scoot’s spine out of her mouth. It’s going in her ass.”

“Yef,” Scootaloo nodded through her mouthful of apple-cunt.

“Glad to hear it,” Sweetie beamed, walking back over to the bed and snuggling up next to Apple Bloom with a gentle kiss on her cheek. “Dusk, give her what she wants.”

The older stallion nodded, moving his head away from her asshole. He spat right on her back entrance one last time before giving it a mighty thwack, causing her entire body to lurch sideways and a pleasured moan to spill from between Scootaloo’s lips.

“Fuck, I love it when they get rough,” Sweetie said in a hushed tone to Apple Bloom.

“Oh, I know, right?” the southern beauty chuckled. “You ain’t be fucked right if you ain’t been fucked raw.”

“Amen,” Sweetie grinned, sitting comfortable and watching Dusk rub the length of his cock against Scootaloo’s asshole.

The stallion grinned in an almost dark manner, the tip of his ring-splitting dick slowly applying pressure to the tight mare’s back entrance. Scootaloo’s fingers dug into the bed sheets, eyes screwing shut as Dusk’s cock kissed the inside of her asshole, her wet outside allowing him to slide in and her wet insides giving him a warm, easy welcome.

She moaned loudly as she began to stretch, inch after inch of thick, pulsing cock disappearing deeper and deeper inside the small mare. Dusk’s hands gripped onto her hips, heaving himself inside her with enough force to visibly make his abdomen tense. The other two bit their lips in anticipation, projecting themselves onto Scootaloo’s position and seeing her mind almost break in half from the sheer size of the cock still driving it’s way into her.

“Fuck, I love college girls,” Dusk groaned, a shiver running through his body at the sensation of the new cocksleeve he wore on his length.

“How you feeling, Scoots?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Aghhnfff…” Scootaloo moaned, burying her face into the bed sheets and growling loudly.

“Yeah, I’d probably say the exact same thing,” Sweetie Belle shrugged, looking back up at Dusk just as he started to get his rut going.

It took him a few good thrusts to get Scootaloo’s asshole to relax enough to be properly fuckable, but once that bitch’s backdoor was primed and ready, he didn’t let up. The sound of the adorable little mare getting her cheeks clapped by a breeder like Dusk was almost as sexually satisfying as getting fucked themselves, eyes locked entirely onto every visible inch of Dusk’s cock pounding in and out of Scootaloo with the desire to never blink again.

The other two were soon groping one another, hands wrapped around waists, groping tits, and fingering pussies as Scootaloo drooled into the bed, eyes rolled back almost out of her skull as she struggled to breathe properly. She felt as if he was in her lungs, that thick, battering ram of a cock slamming deeper inside her than anything she’d ever felt before in her life.

Strangled, desperate, panting gasps fell from Scootaloo’s mouth as she struggled to maintain her grip of reality, body having gone completely limp as a cock more solid than her spine continued to stir up and mix her insides in a way she’d never felt before. She thought she’d taken big dick before, but compared to the stallion that was currently rearranging her interior, the dick she’d seen didn’t even deserve to be called that, never mind big.

She’d fucked toothpicks and welterweights compared to the champion that was blasting her asshole now. She could feel a heat in her belly growing and growing, no doubt the river of pre Dusk’s legendary cock was dripping all over her insides, slowly pumping her full of his fuck muck and getting ready to lay down an entirely new coat of paint in her stomach.

Dusk himself was almost completely lost, fingers digging into Scoot’s beautiful hips, crotch slamming against her big ass, causing it to ripple and bounce in a hypnotic way as he fucked her. He slid a hand up to her back, placing it flat against her spine and continuing to knock her forward with each powerful thrust of his strong, experienced hips.

He leaned over top of her, pinning her smaller body underneath his and really getting himself into it, balls slapping against her wet, dripping cunt with each thrust he threw forward. He kissed her on the back of the neck, hands once again at her hips as he fucked her into the bed.

“Well… that’s gotta be the hottest thing I’ve seen in the last eight months,” Sweetie said with an admiring nod.

Dusk whinnied loudly, an audible orgasm sounding throughout the room as his mighty load was blasted inside Scootaloo. The amber beauty moaned loudly, stammering through her words as she tried to express her own pleasure before cumming as hard as Dusk had. The two other mares watched in amazement, eyes wide in shock and awe as Scoot’s belly began to balloon outwards, so loaded with hot, thick cum stretching out every inch of her stomach that it weighed her down onto the bed.

“Good fucking gods,” Apple Bloom said in a hushed tone, cheeks flushing red and pussy aching desperately for her turn on Dusk’s length if that was the prize she was to receive.

Dusk pulled his cock out of the rigid mare’s asshole, firing the last few streams of his load all over her back, soaking her mane, and coating her fluttering wings as he grinded his length against her buxom, cum-drenched ass. Scootaloo soon finished her orgasmic ride, leaning on her swollen, pregnant-looking belly as Dusk’s hot load sloshed and gurgled inside her, rolling onto her side and slowly stroking her stomach.

Dusk dropped onto his haunches, cock wilting slightly after seeing so much action, before Apple Bloom tossed him another can of soda. He caught with with a gentle grip, eyeing up the red and yellow mare who’d not stopped staring at him with a lustful gaze powerful enough to be felt against his cock.

“Keep hydrated, sugar,” she winked, ambling over to the bed and laying down next to Scootaloo. “How’d you feel?”

Scootaloo moaned quietly as Dusk cracked open the aluminum can, guzzling from it desperately as Scootaloo stretched her arms out. She embraced the southern-style mare, pulling her into a warm, lustful hug and locking lips with her, swilling tongues together as Dusk watched with an eager, twitching dick.

“Such thirsty little sluts, aren’t they?” Sweetie sniggered, waltzing over to the bed and straddling Dusk’s waist, grinding her wet, horny cunt against his cum-soaked length. “Mind if I get the next ride?”

“You, uh, wanna lemme get a better seat to rail your ass, then?” he questioned with a cocked eyebrow.

“Oh no, silly boy,” Sweetie giggled, gently tapping Dusk on his blunt muzzle. “It’s not going up my ass. You’re gonna rut my womb.”

“Uh… you not worried about getting pregnant?” he asked.

“Nah,” she said with a more-than nonchalant shrug. “Birth control’s a mare’s best friend in college. That, and the cheat sheets on the internet.”

“You know I am in contact with several of your professors, don’t you?” Dusk asked in a teasing tone. “One call from me and you fail all your classes outright.”

“And do you know that somebody’s not gonna get a ride from my juicy cunny if they don’t keep their fucking narc mouth shut, don’t you?” Sweetie countered, rubbing the head of his shaft right against her dripping entrance.

“Fair point,” Dusk chuckled, grabbing a firm hold of Sweetie’s large, bouncy ass before she dropped herself down onto his cock in one, single motion.

The sexual cockiness dropped from the two of them as soon as Dusk was inside her, struggling to maintain any composure as the feelings of pleasure coursed through their bodies. The tightness of Sweetie’s pussy was almost too much for Dusk to handle, just as the size of Dusk’s cock. The two were soon a tangled pile of limbs, Sweetie wrapping herself around Dusk as he leaned back, getting his hips in a good position to rut her while also making sure he could maintain proper blood flow to his lower half.

Sweetie may have been a small thing in terms of height, but this bitch was as buxom as they came in her size, curves like a mountain road and the perfect amount of weight to make her squishy in all the right places. Her moans were soft and warm, as genuine and loving as you could rouse from a mare, and something that pleasured Dusk’s ego as much as it did his cock.

The other two were focused entirely on each other, hands between their legs and rubbing the other’s snatch, tongues lashing hard and heavy over and into the other’s mouth, as they snuggled up as close to one another as Scootaloo’s bloated stomach would allow them to. They were lost in their own special world, paying no mind to the powerful rutting that their alabaster little friend was getting.

Dusk regretted being pressed up against Sweetie’s front side, his fingers being able to feel how much her ass bounced with every thrust she took, and he despised not being able to look at her snow-white backside bumping up and down as her fucked her good and proper. He kissed her again, wanting more of her sweet taste on his tongue, and desiring the extra heat a good bit of tonguing always put into some good, hard sex.

He could feel the sweat coating her body as her heaving tits were pressed against his torso, the full weight of her gorgeous body leaning onto him as she moaned into his mouth. A good position to fuck in, as good a one as she was a mare to rut. Pussy as good as this had to run in the family, he thought to himself, as Rarity’s cunt felt just like the same air-tight path of oiled velvet that Sweetie’s did.

Perfect wasn’t often a word Dusk believed in until he was inside a mare like Sweetie. At that point, perfect was the only thing he felt was a good and accurate enough term to describe what she felt like. Each inch of her heavenly pussy rubbing and stroking his hard, throbbing length as it buried itself into her deepest, tightest caverns and almost refused to let it go again.

He began to ache more than enough to be noticeable at this point, sweat dripping down every curve of his feminine form, mane slicked through with the stuff, and his body feeling slow and sluggish. Sweetie didn’t seem to be faring much better, either, her own movements soon slowing down as the obvious burn of exertion was starting to take a toll on her beautiful form.

He soon laid her down on her back, burying his face in her tits and simply fucking the pretty little mare with everything he had left. Her hands soon toyed with his ponytail, a smirk on her lips as the exhausted stallion continued to hammer his hips in and out of her. Every inch stroked and lavished her insides with pleasure, the hard, pounding rhythm knocking her body forward with each thrust.

The svelte stallion may have looked like another one of the gals, but this boy packed dick and a stroke game on a championship level. She’d been around the block with stallions from all walks of life since she’d enrolled here, but none of them had come anything close to fucking her as good, as hard, or as long as this purple little pounded was.

She often attributed it to a mix of her pussy simply being that fucking good, and the fact she’d been palling around with stallions that weren’t exactly A-1 when it came to their lastability. But here Dusk was, three or four orgasms down in three different mares, still hard as a rock and ready to go… even if getting just the teensy bit sluggish.

It seemed that the tiny little titan of a stallion had reached his limit, finding himself pushed over the edge with three final, hard ruts that made Sweetie cum just as much as he did… well, nobody seemed to be able to cum as much as Dusk did.

The flow of his orgasm was heavenly inside the little minx, thick, hot, slopping cum pumping deep inside her, filling her womb to the brim effortlessly and stretching her out good and proper. Her back arched as much as it could with Dusk’s weight on her, stomach swelling further and further out as the sperm-god of a stallion took her on a never-ending ride with the sheer amount of spunk he could produce.

Her eyes fluttered, already miles deep in a body-rocking orgasm of her own and only being pushed higher and higher by the euphoric feeling of her partner-of-the-moment cumming a river in her deepest insides. Shivers rocked her body, her belly now swelling out so far after Dusk had lifted himself off her that she looked twenty minutes away from a due date, teeth clenching and body trembling in orgasmic bliss.

The stallion eventually pulled out with a grunt and a sigh, nutting the last of his load onto Sweetie’s stomach as she herself began to deflate, leaking the thick, glue-esque cum out of her thoroughly-fucked cunt and coming down from his orgasmic high.

“Ha… holy… fuck…” Dusk panted, collapsing onto his back and staring up at the ceiling, straining to keep his eyes open. “I think I’m done.”

“Oh, no the fuck you ain’t, mister!” Apple Bloom snapped, pretty much leaping on top of Dusk and glaring at him. “I ain’t had my dicking, so you ain’t done till then, y’hear!”

“Bloom, baby, I’ve got nothing left in me,” he sighed, barely able to keep his eyes open. “I don’t think I could move my hips even if my life depending on it.”

“Then you sit right there, you lazy lil’ shit…” the red-maned mare growled, positioning herself right over Dusk’s cock, ready to ride him into the sunset. “And let lil’ miss power-top do her thing.”

Dusk nodded slowly, head simply dropping onto the bed as he felt the strength leave him. That strength only drained further once Apple Bloom, much slightly Sweetie before her, slammed herself down onto the entirety of his length. He sucked in a harsh breath, brain not knowing what to with the sensations brought on by so much tight pussy.

Apple Bloom’s hands were laid flat on Dusk’s chest, using them for leverage as much as she needed to as she put herself to work. And work it was indeed, as her speed was something that Dusk was never encountered before. It seemed almost pathetic to make a joke about a cowgirl like Apple Bloom being able to ride as fiercely as this, and if his brain weren’t nearly melting out of his skull, he might’ve been pathetic enough to do it.

But he was too exhausted to think of anything other than rest… and then once the single thought of that was out of the way, he got to focus his mind onto how good the pussy bombing itself up and down his length was. Apple Bloom was a walking workhorse, muscles trained and strong where they needed to be, and she worked her insides just as fiercely. Clamping down tightly, biting down on her lip as those wide hips were lifted up high and throw back down hard enough to slap, Apple Bloom was working herself sweaty.

Dusk could watch each muscle in her abdomen, thighs, and even in her arms working as much as they needed to to propel the speedy little slut up and down on his cock. Her adorable little features were coated in a heavy blush, red as the mane that flowed down her back, and she seemed to be getting into it as much as Dusk was. Well, as much as the near-comatose stallion could at this point.

Apple Bloom’s drawl only made her moans cuter for the purple stallion, that delicious little twang in her voice coating everything she said in a southern-fried sexiness, and this was no exception. He kept his eyes on her face, watching her lips purse, eyes flutter, and every little grunt and gasp she made caused her features to move.

His hands somehow found the strength to get their groping habits on the go again, fingers sinking deep into that legendary apple ass, just like her older sister had. She groaned loudly, enjoying the deep massage she was getting from Dusk almost as much as the dick. His fingers gripped and squeezed the powerful muscle in her backside, feeling years worth of hard work and training coming into play with every pump of her legs, slamming down on his dick over and over again.

Apple Bloom threw her head back, her coordination being none the worse due to breaking eyesight, working his cock like a task she’d done so many times that it had become muscle memory. And memory it certainly would become, for both of them, as Apple Bloom was quickly pumping her way further and further up the roster of mares he’d fucked, outclassing people twice her age and twice the experience with sheer, raw talent at this point.

He found it hard to keep his eyes focussed, blurring and crossing should he let them wander for even the briefest moment. He toyed with Apple Bloom’s tail, the thick, rose-red plume of hair being as strong, tough, and tensile as her ripped body was, the sweat glistening on each and every muscle she was using to give him a ride he’d never forget.

She clamped down hard on him again, her own beautiful eyes going on the fritz as she seemingly pushed herself over the brink to an orgasm, all the while Dusk hadn’t hit his own yet. Teeth bared and the need to cum bringing his strength back, Dusk threw himself backwards, bringing the red-maned little expert with him, wrapping his arms around her waist whilst managing to keep a hand on her ass.

He blasted his hips forward, fucking the beauty through her orgasm and giving her a ride she’d be feeling till she woke up the next morning. She panted, moaned, and begged for him to go faster, loose strands of her mane hanging far over her face, the large bow tied in the back now becoming loose and letting more of her rose locks fall astray.

Dusk screwed his eyes up tight, feeling the final few thrusts of their time together approaching as his balls felt fit to burst, whinnying loudly once again as a signal of the end, cumming the last of his loads for the week into Apple Bloom. She came again herself, being the third and final of the trio to experience Dusk’s overwhelmingly thick and heavy cum flowing deep inside her.

She threw her head back and moaned louder than any of them had that day, eyes rolling back into her head almost entirely as he long, wet tongue hanged from her maw, drooling thick trails of saliva down onto her breasts. The four of them could hear Dusk’s river of spunk filling and ballooning her apple-flavoured womb out as far as it would go, the mixed look of strain, euphoria, and release plastered on her sweat-coated face as she finally collapsed against Dusk’s chest.

He slipped out of her cunt, the reservoir of cum pouring out of Apple Bloom’s completely-fully pussy and staining the bed for what felt like the thousandth time that day. The energy was gone, all of them lying on the bed covered in sweat, cum, and a sense of satisfaction that was sure to last for several long, warm hours.

Despite it being a single bed, they all found room to lay on top of each other, eyes drifting shut in the warm, hazy room that would have the scent of hot, promiscuous sex stained into it surely until the end of days itself. Dusk cuddled against the beautiful mares just as they cuddled against each other, sleep finally taking all four of them and allowing their bodies to rest and recuperate from what had been the most intensive workout any of them had had for a month.

Chapter Two (Commissioned Chapter)

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Not three seconds after having dumped her luggage into the hotel room, Sweetie was on Dusk like a rash. Her buxom body was wrapped around his, lips locking with the svelte stallion as she pushed him over towards one of the enormous beds in the room they'd rented.

"Sweets, let the man kick his shoes off first," Apple Bloom sighed, doing the same as she closed the door to the room.

"Yeah, seriously," Scootaloo said with a weary sigh. "We get that you're raunchy, but you'll break him if you don't let him rest."

"No way, sisters," Sweetie said with a defiant shake of her head, forcing Dusk down onto the bed and pinning him there, straddling his waist and placing her hands on his chest. "This beautiful little bastard managed to snag us the best room in the best resort in this place. Now before we get down to the festivities of drinking, drugs, and debauchery... I think he deserves a little reward."

"You better not fuck yourself dry, hun," Apple Bloom said, removing her flannel shirt and sorting the white undershirt she wore. "Spring Break's gonna last the whole week, and there's plenty of booze and dick you're gonna miss out on if you're in a sex coma. You know what Dusk's like when he gets going."

"Do I get a say in this?" the purple stallion asked as Sweetie used her magic to make his clothing disappear.

"You mean you don't wanna have your cock worshipped by three tight, horny little sluts as a thank you for spending all of your money on us?" Sweetie pouted, wrapping a hand around the base of Dusk's thick shaft and pumping it slowly. "Is there something else you'd rather be doing than creaming such lovely pussies?"

"I'd normally say no, but I spent the entire train ride over here with my dick inside one of you," Dusk sighed. "Am I at least entitled to a few hours sleep before you harpies ravage me again?"

Sweetie leaned back, tapping her chin in a thoughtful manner before sighing loudly, eyes bolting down to Dusk with evil intent.

"No," she sneered.

"Fair enough," he said with a defeated roll of his eyes. "Proceed to suck my soul out through my cock, you filthy little thot."

"Planning on it, darling," she giggled, lashing her mouth down to Dusk's rapidly-hardening cock.

Her maw was as wet, as warm, and as tight as ever, his cock having spent so much time in the mouths of all three of them that he was now able to tell who was who from a blowjob without even looking at them. Sweetie had the best technique, Apple Bloom had the best throat, and Scootaloo was a goddess with her tongue whenever she sucked him off. Dusk's hands gripped the back of Sweetie's thick, curled mane and began to push her further down on his length.

Sweetie made no attempt at resistance, as this blowjob queen was a limitless pool of tight throat whenever she wanted to be. She'd sucked enough dick of enough shapes and sizes by this point to know how to handle any of them, and the way she did with Dusk's was simply to keep her lips tight, eyes locked onto his, and try to stay as beautiful as possible when a cock longer than a foot was lodged in her mouth. She exhaled slowly, hot breath puffing out onto his crotch as he hilted his dick in her throat, his own brief exhale of satisfaction and relief rolling from the tip of his shaft all the way to the base of his spine.

"Fuck, Sweetie... what would I ever do without this mouth of yours?" Dusk chuckled, affectionately petting her on the back of her head.

"'Scuse me?" Apple Bloom asked with a cocked eyebrow from across the room. "You know you've got two other mares in the room that are just as good as she is, right?"

"Yes, but neither of you bitches look as good with a dick in their mouth as I do," Sweetie said, quickly unspearing herself from Dusk's dick to make a cocky remark before sliding it back into her mouth.

Apple Bloom crossed her arms and glared at Sweetie Belle before striding over to the bed and climbing onto it.

"What're you planning there, Bloom?" Dusk chuckled, watching Apple Bloom grab a hold of the leggings covering Sweetie's ass and ripping them open.

Sweetie Belle exclaimed angrily, still with Dusk's dick in her throat, something that sent more than pleasant vibrations down Dusk's length, stealing a groan from him as a result. Apple Bloom soon went to work, burying her muzzle in the crack of Sweetie's ass and letting her tongue go to work on her hidden treasures, making Sweetie raise herself onto her knees slightly to get a proper dining angle on everything she had.

"Fuck, you southern bitches are as nasty as they come, aren't you?" Dusk asked with an impressed smile.

"Born and bred," Apple Bloom said with a prideful look in her eye.

"Born and inbred, more like," Scootaloo sniggered, heading back towards the door. "Right, you guys keep yourself entertained while I go and look for something to eat. This place is all-inclusive, and I am dying to find something to munch on."

"Be safe, kid," Dusk called back, giving Sweetie's mouth a few hard fucks, gagging her briefly as he did so.

"I will," she nodded, getting her shoes back on and heading out the door.

That left the other three alone together, with both of them eager to turn Sweetie Belle into a messy, cumming little pile.

"Right," Apple Bloom announced, pulling her mouth away from inbetween Sweetie's legs and slapping her thick, alabaster ass. "Dusk, get this bitch on her back and rape a load into her throat. Imma have me a dive between this legs and see what flavour of slut her tight little cunt is."

Dusk did as instructed, pulling out of Sweetie's heavenly mouth and flipping her over onto her back, her eyes wide with a nervous expression as she looked between the two of them.

"Do I get a say in any of this?" she questioned.

Apple Bloom and Dusk looked between one another, eyes narrowed in thought before they looked back down at Sweetie Belle.

"No," they answered in unison.

"Eh, alright then," she sighed with a roll of her eyes. "Rape away."

With a smirk and a grunt, Dusk rammed himself back down Sweetie's throat, stretching her gullet out nearly as far as it could go and hitting a level of tightness that was almost euphoric. Dusk got his hips going in a good rhythm, hearing Sweetie groan and gag on his cock being one of the greatest sounds a mare could make. Apple Bloom wasted no time on her own venture, delving deep into Sweetie's dripping cunt with her eager mouth, the thick white thighs squeezing against her head as the pleasure rocked through Sweetie's system.

Dusk spread his legs wider, getting a good angle to rut the tight-throated little whore's gullet with as much speed as he would her cunt, fat balls slapping against Sweetie's muzzle as she continued to swallow and gargle his cock over and over again. He locked eyes with Apple Bloom, getting a playful wink from the red-maned slut as she took her fingers to town on Sweetie's dripping pussy.

The white-bodied harlot squirmed and moaned on Dusk's dick, a smirk spreading onto his lips as he leaned over Sweetie's body, hands on either side of her legs as he really fucked her like an animal, ploughing that fat, cum-leaking cock into her mouth like a jackhammer. Every inch of his length was being squeezed and caressed by her dulcet throat, the sheer level of heat being pumped through his twitching, desperate cock being almost enough to drive him wild with lust.

Sweetie stayed beautiful, as she always did, even with this much cock down her throat. Her lips were taut, pressed against his shaft as she continued to suck more and more, staining his shaft with lipstick, smearing the expensive make-up all over his purple shaft and giving it a well-serviced appearance.

"Hellfire... look at that slutty little mouth smearing all over this big dick," Apple Bloom said, running the flat of her tongue over Sweetie's cunt before gently sucking her clit. "You like making a big mess, girl? Leavin' stains all over the damn place like some dime-store slut?"

Dusk gritted his teeth, his balls churning, signalling that he was getting ready to blow his load right into Sweetie's waiting stomach. His sweaty balls clapped against her nose again, staining her nostrils with the scent of his hot musk, the stallion panting loudly as with one final thrust, he hilted himself hard into her mouth and blew his load down her throat.

Sweetie felt it hit her stomach, spurt after spurt hitting her stomach, Dusk pulling out of her mouth and dropping back with a loud, slow exhale. He landed on his haunches, cock twitching and dripping cum along with the thick spit still clinging to it from Sweetie's perfect oral service.

Apple Bloom kept herself between Sweetie's legs until her friend got her own orgasm, Sweetie squeezing Apple Bloom's head between her thick thighs and pushing her mouth down onto her hot, quivering pussy until she came hard enough to lock up was the best sign of friendship the two of them has shown that day.

"C'mere, girl," Apple Bloom said softly, crawling up Sweetie's body and locking lips with her, allowing the white mare to get a taste of her own, delicious cunt whilst getting an even better feel of Apple Bloom's strong, toned body.

Dusk sat back and watched the display for a good while, his cock stiffening once again at the sweet, adorable sounds of the moans from the mares. Their tongues lashed and intertwined with each other, hands eagerly exploring the body of the pony they were pressed up against. Apple Bloom was as desperate to touch and squeeze Sweetie's soft, marshmallow body as Sweetie was to rub and grind herself against Apple Bloom's rigid, tensile body.

There was a real sense of intimacy between them, hell, there was for all three of them. Plain as day to anyone with eyes that the three of them were more than friends and more than fuckbuddies. There was a genuine feeling of love between the former-CMC, and it was a delight to watch. Dusk almost felt guilty about being there to intrude on such a holy union...


He moved himself behind them, taking a good, long look at the sight of their wet, hot pussies, eager and waiting to be ploughed and stuffed with hot, thick, cum. He set to rubbing them with his fingers, gaining pleasured moans from the two of them with a hint of surprise mixed in with the enjoyment. Their tails flicked and their bodies shivered, waves of satisfaction rolling over them like sand at the beachfront.

"Who wants it in their cunt first?" Dusk asked, spreading their lower lips apart with his fingers and feeling the heat radiate outwards.

"Apple Bloom," Sweetie Belle said without any hesitation. "I just got mine, in two ways... she needs at least one."

"She's gonna get more than one, you all are," Dusk chuckled, lining himself up to penetrate Apple Bloom with trained precision. "But we'll get to that later."

The two of them moaned together, high and low pitches from male and female, as all fifteen inches of Dusk's hard, throbbing cock pushed inside Apple Bloom. She bit down on her lower lip, body trembling in bliss, before Sweetie snatched her head again. Their soft, plump lips touched once again, mouths opening and tongues sliding across to entertain the other, sharing their communal pleasure through touch and taste.

Dusk put his weight on Apple Bloom's legs, the thick-thighed little slut having more than enough strength in her spread legs to keep them both up. He felt the tip of his cock kiss her cervix, soon pushing directly into her womb and coming to a stop in a place beyond nirvana for him. His own breath was shaky, the excitement and sensations of how tight Apple Bloom was, as always, taking him a moment to process.

He slid his hands over her apple-bottom ass, squeezing tightly and getting another moan from her sweet lips, before his hands found their destination: her wide, foal-bearing hips. His grip tightened, fingers digging into her body as he got his rhythm going again, feeling the tight, wet heaven that was the inside of her perfect cunt clinging to his cock jealously.

He bit his own lip, groaning as he pulled further out and then slammed back in, cock pushing back inside her womb and sending more bolts of pleasure through the both of them. Apple Bloom let out a bellowing moan into Sweetie's mouth, the white arms of her buxom lover closing around her neck, squeezing her tighter against her hot, sweaty body and allowing them to once again share warmth and pleasure, as they did so often and so well.

Dusk on the other hand was lost in his own world of bliss, hips now working up the speed to really fucking hammer her pussy, his crotch slapping against her ass and making that beautiful mountain of flesh bounce and jiggle like a water balloon, full and thick like cheesecake and just as delicious. He grinned in an almost-egotistical manner, cock throbbing deep inside one of the best pussies, belonging to one of the best mares, belonging to one of the best groups he'd ever fucked.

He slid one hand back from Apple Bloom's, groping and squeezing her asscheeks before giving the left one an almighty crack, staining it red and stealing a loud moan from Apple Bloom.

"Such a rough bastard, ain't ya?" Apple Bloom giggled. "Gotta beat up my ass as well as my pussy, right?"

"Apple Bloom, baby, I'm gonna be beating up your ass in the same way I beat up your pussy, don't you worry about that... just gotta get the thing warmed up and used to being pounded before then, y'know?" he joked, leaning forwards and kissing her on the cheek before leaning backwards again.

He put some slack in his back, keeping himself loose and flexible rather than locking up and staying rigid against her body. His cock was more than big enough to relax his posture and still be deep enough to make her scream. He took long, powerful strokes with his womb-splitting shaft, making sure to use every inch to its greatest potential and making sure that Apple Bloom felt and loved every inch of it as well.

She continued to swap spit with Sweetie Belle, hornily rubbing tongues with one another as Apple Bloom snaked her fingers between Sweetie's legs, fingering her hot cunt and staining her fingers with the alabaster beauty's lady lube that she would occasionally feed to the horny little harlot. She stuck her slicked fingers into Sweetie's mouth, rubbing her hot tongue with the flat of her digits and making Sweetie eat her own produce, forcing her to lick her fingers clean and swallow every single drop of her delicious juices.

His breathing was getting choppier by the minute, his chest rising and falling heavier and heavier each time as the pounding he was giving the tight little mare was beginning to take its toll on him. He leaned forward, placing most, if not all, of his weight on top of Apple Bloom and snuggling close to her, continuing to fuck her with powerful thrusts as he suckled her neck.

"No cardio, eh?" she asked with a snigger. "Figured you pencil-pushers in Canterlot wouldn't have a good lung between the lot of you. Lemme show you how it's done, baby."

Apple Bloom took charge, as she so often did, kissing Sweetie once more before throwing Dusk off on and onto his back, leaving him as a panting pile on the bed, sweating and leaking cum down his shaft. He dragged his eyes up to Apple Bloom who looked down at him with a playful wink.

"Shame I don't have a hat of my own," she shrugged as she began to straddle Dusk's body. "Looks like I'm just gonna have to prove to you how much of a cowgirl I am by how well I ride."

Cowgirl indeed, or reverse at least, as she slid her entire length back inside him without a hint of strain or difficulty, hilting him inside her once again and sitting down nice and snug on his cock.

"You ready to go, cowboy?" Apple Bloom said in a playful tone, leaning forwards on her hands in a starting position.

"Whenever you are, sugar," he nodded, placing his hands behind his head and relaxing on the pillow.

Ready was not something Dusk ever was when Apple Bloom put on her big girl boots, kicking off a vicious ride with powerful, strong strokes up and down his length that nearly put him through the bed. Apple Bloom had weight on her, most of it muscle, but it was there all the same, and Dusk fucking felt it whenever she threw it around. Her body was a powerhouse, truly something only gained through training and dedication, and it was something you could see.

The sweat built up on her quickly as he worked her thighs, stomach, and ass, putting on as much of a physical show for her partner, bouncing her enormous ass up and down as she rode his cock, all while making sure to use that tight vagina to peak perfection.

She leaned her head back, a wide, beautiful smile on her lips as her eyes screwed shut, signalling that she was enjoying herself more and more as they went along. It brought a feeling of swelling pride to Dusk as well as pleasure, the fact that his cock was able to make so many different mares release a wilder side to themselves and indulge in some basic, satisfying, and hard sex without the worries or cares of attachment, social standing, or nasty rumours.

It was just them, the sex, and the beautiful sensations it brought out in all of them every time their clothes were off and their bodies were linked. It brought a truly strong sense of companionship to all of them, friends for the sake of hot sex or not, they were close and comfortable in each other's embrace, and that was all they wanted.

And on the topic of embracing, Sweetie Belle was back at it once again with Apple Bloom, kneeling against her body and holding her close, moaning into each other's mouths as they continued to share their pleasured and hot sensations. Sweetie Belle shivered once more as Apple Bloom's fingers entered her sopping-wet pussy, grabbing hold of AB's wrist and grinding against the fingers that were already three knuckles deep inside her tight cove.

The scent in the air had become heavy and hot once again, cooking the three of them in the sexual aura that surrounded every inch of the room. Dusk gritted his teeth, being more than close to on the edge with Apple Bloom's expert riding, clapping his hands to her hips once again as he blew his load deep inside her womb. He filled her up, good and warm, before she slid herself off his cock, spilling his load down her thighs and pinning Sweetie to the bed once again.

Dusk leaned back, eyes locked onto the ceiling in a dazed, vacant manner as the exertion really started to take it out of him. He peeled himself off the bed, stumbling over to the fridge in the hotel room and cracking it open. The feeling of relief at the cool air washing over his body was almost as satisfying as the feeling of relief brought on by seeing several cans of soda sat in the back of the fridge.

"Any alcohol?" Sweetie called over.

"Few bottles of whiskey and a champagne bottle, big one," Dusk answered as he scanned the fridge. "No food, though."

"Eh, we'll have to get that ourselves," she shrugged. "Do me a favour and pour me out a glass of whiskey, will you? I need some fire back in me before we get going."

"Same here, partner," Apple Bloom nodded, raising a finger.

"Sure thing, girls," Dusk nodded, taking his own soda can and setting it down on a dresser before removing the whiskey bottle. His fingers closed around the cold, hard surface of the liquid-filled container, sorting two whiskey glasses that were stacked next to the fridge out for the girls before pouring up for them.

"C'mere, sluts," he called over to them. "Drink's on."

"Yummy," Sweetie Belle smiled as the two untangled themselves from their sexual tongue-pile, waltzing over to Dusk and taking the drink from him.

She placed it to her lips, taking a quick sip of it before exhaling in a slightly scorched, manner.

"Who the fuck refrigerates whiskey?" Apple Bloom asked in a slightly disgusted manner as she took the drink. "It's meant to be warm in the glass and hot in the mouth..."

She downed the first glass instantly, shaking her head and clicking her tongue at the burning sensation in her throat before sighing loudly. She wiped her mouth, slamming the glass back down on the dresser and looking at the bottle with distaste.

"For a place as fancy as this, ya'll'd've thought they'da put something stronger than brown piss in their whiskey bottles," she said in a growling tone, clearly unhappy with the taste.

"It, uh, isn't the best whiskey I've ever had," Sweetie commented, setting her own glass down next to Apple Bloom's.

Dusk nodded as he cracked open his soda, taking a brief sip of the drink only for his eyebrow to raise in a questioning manner as Apple Bloom got onto her knees and began to softly kiss the tip of Dusk's cock.

"You gone whiskey-wild there, Apple Bloom?" Dusk asked.

"I need to wash that awful taste out of my fuckin' maw," she growled, stroking Dusk's cock back to full mast before planting a kiss on his enormous balls. "Figured I'd do it with somethin' I actually like the taste of."

"Good girl," Dusk smirked, pressing a hand into the back of her head as she slid his cock into her mouth, over her tongue, and right to the back of her throat.

The suckling sounds she made while blowing him were something Dusk lived to hear. The mix of the strained gulping as well as the sloppy gasps were music to his ears, inspiring not only a feeling of pleasure from the sensation, but also a sense of pride. Any stallion with enough charisma, money, or alcohol could get a mare's mouth around his dick. In this day and age, it didn't take much to get anyone into bed.

But the thing that brought on the sense of pride was making them struggle to take it all. That was what separated the true alpha males from the rest of the crowd. You couldn't make a mare choke and strain with a small cock, it just didn't happen. They could fake it all day long and pretend that your dick was something they couldn't swallow in their sleep if they wanted to... but when you had a cock big enough to intimidate even the most experienced of mares, when merely fitting you into their mouths was as much of a struggle as making you cum, that's when you got to feel arrogant about it.

And seeing Apple Bloom, a mare not only as beautiful as her, but also one with as much natural talent for pleasuring cocks with her tight little mouth really have to roll her sleeves up and try with his monster cock... it brought a smile to his face and made him feel at least three inches bigger.

The inside of her maw was heaven to him, and the deeper he pushed into her throat the better it got. Her tongue couldn't do much with the sheer size of his dick taking up that much room, needing to pull out at least the first ten inches of the fucker to get some room to work it with some skill. But when she couldn't finesse it so deep in her gullet, she could brute force it. Ramming it deeper and deeper into her throat, stretching her neck out as far as it could go, and keeping her lips as tight as she could.

The country mare's smeared lipstick added to the already-dried stains of Sweetie's preferred colour, creating quite the beautiful collage of slut marks on his enormous cock that he would soon be adding Scootaloo's to. He spread his stance slightly, gripping Apple Bloom's head either side and getting a good, slow rut going in her mouth. Like he'd mentioned before, Apple Bloom had the best throat out of all three of them. There was no skill the other two had that made up for the raw feeling of her mouth when he was balls deep in it.

It was something that made him shiver from the feeling alone, being tight, hot, and wet enough to just be another pussy at that point, and one he was eager to make good use out of. He heard her gag briefly, this sending a bolt of pleasure through his cock as an almost-evil smirk spread onto his maw.

"You want me to give your mouth a good power-scrub, baby?" he asked cockily. "Want me to fuck that little mouth of yours to really scrub it clean of that nasty whiskey?"

Apple Bloom nodded as best as she could with fifteen inches of cock in her throat, winking playfully as Dusk sucked in a breath, tensed his abdomen, and just went to fucking town on her. Sweetie Belle leaned against Dusk's shoulder, wrapping her arms around him and merely watching Apple Bloom grunt and struggle with the enormous dick in her mouth. Her breathing was as ragged as Dusk's was at this point, taking each breath strategically and pushing herself as far as she could go before having to take another one.

Dusk's ever-full balls slapped against her chin, smearing sweat and spit on her pristine face and dirtying her up nice and pretty. Her red lipstick stains became more and more present, soon painting over Sweetie's eagerly-left smears, and giving Dusk's entire length a good shade of red in a good few minutes.

Dusk toyed with her mane, pulling out the large bow she kept tied back there and letting her mane fall free entirely, coating her shoulders in her thick, gorgeous locks and running his fingers through them. He twirled, twined, and tugged gently on handfuls of her well-maintained mane, feeling the love and care she put into it rivalling the same amount of love and care she was slobbering all over his cock as it hammered in and out of her gullet.

He slammed and hilted it home for a long moment, eye twitching slightly as he exhaled in a slow, ragged fashion. Apple Bloom's eyes rolled back into her skull, straining with the effort, before Dusk pulled back, thrusted three more times, and blew his load down her throat. He continued to buck into her mouth as he came, short, strong thrusts of his hips to properly milk himself into her maw before eventually sliding his spit-soaked cock out of Apple Bloom's throat.

The red-head coughed and spluttered loudly, gasping in as much air as she possibly could before even bothering to wipe her mouth. Sweetie Belle, as eager as ever, decided to be the one to do so. She dropped to her knees and kissed Apple Bloom again, licking and tonguing her as clean as she could be while Apple Bloom wrapped her arms around Sweetie's waist and hugged her tightly.

Dusk went back to his own drink, cracking the can open and sipping from the soda, exhaling in relief. He'd need to drink at least three or four more of these to avoid dying of dehydration by the time he was done with the horny little thots that seemed to have glued themselves to him after their little session at Equestria University. He looked down at them with a smirk, seeing them eagerly kiss and suck one another's gorgeous tongues and bodies, eventually collapsing into a pile on the floor and melting into a puddle of moans, groans, and shivers.

It amazed him that these two were capable of getting anything done while in the room together, doubly so whenever Scootaloo was about. He shotgunned the rest of his drink, cracking open another one and doing the same before deciding that he was refreshed and rested enough to get going on the backdoor of both of his beauties.

"C'mon, ladies, asses up, front and centre," Dusk said, giving them a gentle poke with his foot. "Who wants it first?"

"Sweetie can have it," Apple Bloom panted. "I still need a break from that marathon you just fucked out of my mouth..."

"Alright then, my sugary, sweet little slut," Dusk said, untangling Sweetie from the pile and throwing her onto the bed. "Hands and knees, head down, ass up, and show me that beautiful smile of yours."

Sweetie landed with a bounce, soon getting into the position Dusk requested and looking back at him with a sultry smirk, her large breasts pressed down underneath her chest as it remained flat on the bed, all the while swaying and shaking her big, round ass in a more-than-provocative manner.

Dusk clapped a hand to her right cutie mark, getting a playful moan from Sweetie as she stared into Dusk's eyes.

"Why the slap?" she giggled. "Have I been a bad mare, daddy?"

"Insanely," Dusk nodded, pressing the tip of his cock against her tight asshole and applying pressure. "A naughty little brat who needs to be punished."

He clapped another hand to her left cutie mark, digging his fingers into her thick, jiggling ass before pushing against her asshole, sliding the tip past her entrance and slowly sliding into her cave. Sweetie's eyes rolled back, tongue nearly falling out of her mouth entirely. She dropped back onto her front, tail flicking wildly until Dusk grabbed it and placed it between his teeth, giving it a gentle tug and getting a gentle moan out of Sweetie as a result.

"Ooh... kinky," Apple Bloom giggled, clambering into the bed and resting her hands on her knees right next to Sweetie's ass, staring intently at the cock slowly disappearing into her asshole.

Sweetie bit her bottom lip, trembling from head to toe as the titanic cock stretching her insides to their breaking point hilted deep inside her, Dusk's massive balls resting against her wet, dripping pussy. Her heart pounded in her chest, excitement and a hint of nervousness filling her almost as much as Dusk's dick did.

"Ready for your punishment, Sweetie?" Dusk asked with her tail still in his mouth.

"Yes, daddy," she nodded eagerly.

With that and a solid grip on her wide hips, Duck began to fuck her tight little ass, hard, firm thrusts causing a loud clap as each and every pound against Sweetie's backside hit hard and fast. She shivered from head to toe again, panting and mewling quietly as Apple Bloom watched the pounding intently, muzzle mere inches away from Sweetie's asshole as it was destroyed by Dusk's titanic dick.

Her fingers wound her way to her cunt, Sweetie rubbing her dripping lower lips faster than ever, using her second hand to toy wit her clit as she moaned into the bed sheets, a heavy blush on her face as the strain and the pleasure melted her mind into a puddle. She giggled and moaned every so often, eyes hazed over as she found herself lost in a world of pleasure.

Dusk groaned quietly himself, enraptured by both the tightness of Sweetie's ass on his cock, but also at the bouncing of her marshmallow ass. He'd been here a few times with Rarity, the older sibling being much more skilled with riding dick than Sweetie was, but the aesthetic of big, marshmallow backsides bouncing and rippling with each, hard-hitting thrust was enough to hypnotise the horndog stallion.

He slid his hands over her ass, squeezing and kneading the thick rear before giving it a powerful, stinging slap. Sweetie Belled threw her head back and moaned again, the pain and pleasure coursing through her system and adding to the already-ocean-sized pool of pure bliss she was swimming inside of.

Dusk felt the ache return to his body, nowhere near as refreshed as he'd thought he was, and yet his horniness and desperation to cum as deep inside the tight college mare's ass as he could wouldn't let him rest. He sucked in a harsh breath, latching onto her hips yet again and throwing himself into a proper rhythm that he knew would burn through his stamina, but one that he knew they'd both enjoy.

Long, hard strokes, slamming deep inside Sweetie, rocking her forward with each powerful shot of his experienced hips. Her fingers were soaked to the bone in her own juices, thighs stained with excitement as it continued to pour down her legs and stain the sheets beneath them. The heat in the room was something they'd adjusted to, but Dusk could tell that anyone who walked into the room would no doubt melt on contact with the oven-like temperature of the air.

Apple Bloom snaked her hand around Sweetie's thigh, slicking her finger against her dripping sex and licking it clean, the red-maned mare thoroughly enjoying the familiar scent of her friend's ecstasy-induced flavour. She planted a kiss on Sweetie's cutie mark, leaving a big, red lipstick print on the shield and retreating to her usual view, watching intently as Dusk ravaged Sweetie's insides and turned the poor mare in a moaning, whimpering, and cumming pile of sweat and fluff.

He tugged on her tail between his teeth again, getting another aroused moan from the sweating mare, wrapping and arm under her waist and pulling her closer against his body. He snuggled against the curve of her back, thoroughly enjoying the warm, filling feeling of her pressed against him. Sweetie seemed to be experiencing the same sensations, pushing herself back up into his chest, snuggling against him as best as she could for a much more... romantic experience.

As romantic as rough anal in the middle of a threesome while one of your closest friends watches you get fucked in the ass could get... but it brought something between the two of them more than it would without it. He ran his tongue over her back, the taste of sweat and exertion crackling over his taste buds as he sampled her flavour. Sweetie groaned in pleasure at the response, now properly dropping onto the flat of her stomach and simply allowing Dusk to lie on top of her.

He spread his legs slightly, putting his knees either side of her and really going to town on her asshole from there. He grabbed bundles of her mane between his fingers, gently tugging on it each and every time he bucked into her harder than normal. She liked it as much as she liked having her tail pulled, possibly even moreso. It made her giggle and groan whenever she did it, a submissive streak in the beautiful mare that he hadn't quite come across beforehand.

It was always good to discover new ways to pleasure and entertain your partner, and something as adorable as seeing her thoroughly in love with the idea of getting pinned down and fucked by a larger stallion was something that made Dusk as happy as fucking her to begin with. He could feel his limit fast approaching, more than eager to fill up Sweetie's tight ass and flood her with his cum.

He kissed the back of her neck once again, hard, powerful thrusts signalling the end of the romp for the two of them. He slammed home a final time and came just as hard as he had at the beginning of their romp, spurting his load deep into Sweetie, warming her entire lower half through with his hot, thick load. Apple Bloom looked at Sweetie's face, seeing her eyes rolled back, cheeks flushed red, and a haze over her entire expression that said she'd checked out of this reality and wasn't coming back for a good while.

Dusk pulled out of her asshole, gently rubbing his cock on her thick, stinging-red asscheeks and smiling down at the beautiful mare. She eventually rolled over, eyes tired and smile looking as dopey as it did adorable.

"I... need food..." she said, sitting up and gingerly resting on her slightly-sore asshole.

"Man, fuckin' same," Apple Bloom nodded, stretching her arms above her head and making her tits bounce in a rather provocative way. "I ain't eaten nothin' proper since we got off that train, and I need somethin' more filling than cum in my belly."

"Dusk, you mind if we go hit up the cafeteria downstairs or something?" Sweetie asked, getting off the bed and watching Apple Bloom follow suit. "See if we can find what happened to Scoots, as well."

"Yeah, knowin' that girls luck, she's either ended up bound and gagged in the bathroom of another breaker's hotel room," Apple Bloom shrugged. "Or somehow ended up joinin' a choir."

"That last one happen often?" Dusk chuckled.

"Only as often as the first," Sweetie nodded, using her magic to resummon her clothing while Apple Bloom dressed herself manually. "You want anything bringing back?"

"If they've got any spaghetti on the go, I'm more than happy with that," Dusk nodded, relaxing on the bed with his hands behind his head. "Thanks, girls."

"No worries," Apple Bloom winked. "Now, off to start a rescue effort for our dear, beloved Scootaloo."

They both headed out of the door, closing it with a quiet click and heading off down the hallway. Dusk soon found himself dying for a drink again, so he bounced over to the fridge and got back to work on the sodas that were left. He took it slower this time around, nursing them with much less urgency and managing to make one last for several minutes before getting onto the next.

His little nudist drinking session was interrupted by the sound of the card scanner on the door beeping and the thing swinging open, revealing a very annoyed-looking Scootaloo... who was covered from head to toe in what looked like pasta sauce.

There was silence between the two of them for a brief moment, Scoots scrunching her nose up and crossing her arms while Dusk looked at her in concern.

"What happened to you?" he asked. "Twelve rounds with Chef Boyardee not go your way?"

"I was at the self service table where they had these enormous pans of pasta sauce to put on your pasta, when some stupid little shit and his older sister came barrelling through the restaurant, weren't watching where they were going, and slammed right into me," she explained in a pouting expression. "I ended up getting launched into the table, snapped the thing in half, and ended up having three fucking pans of sauce spill onto me as well as getting the blame for it."

"That's not right," Dusk said with an annoyed glint in his eye. "You want me to have a word with management?"

"No, I want to get a shower and clean all of this shit off me," she growled, tearing off her crop top and daisy dukes and throwing them into a messy, chive-scented pile on the floor. "D'you... d'you wanna help me clean up?"

Dusk stared at her naked body for a long moment, eyes devouring her flat chest and petite figure, admiring her slim physique and adorable features. His answer was obvious in the way his cock stiffened simply from looking at her, bringing a blush and a smile to Scootaloo's face as she giggled quietly.

"It's good to know I can still get you as horny as the other two," she smirked.

"Nah, I just get really aroused at the scent of tomato sauce," Dusk shrugged as he headed towards Scootaloo, seeing her pout miserably at him before he cracked her on the backside and pointed towards the shower. "Come on then, gorgeous, lets get you cleaned up."

They made their way to the rather impressive showering facilities; it being a wet room with a large metal section in the ceiling that sprayed water rather than a single showerhead in a boxed in area. Dusk turned on the water, getting it to the perfect temperature for both of them before grabbing a bottle of shampoo. He lathered Scootaloo up, making sure to get it good and deep into her mane to rinse out as much of the sauce as possible.

"I must say," Dusk began. "I'm being lead to believe that the sauce this place makes is delicious based on how lovely you smell."

"Yeah, I got a good taste of it when one of then pans hit me in the mouth," Scootaloo sighed. "A perfect tomato-y taste with a hint of blood and agony."

"Just like momma used to make," Dusk sniggered, planting a kiss on Scootaloo's neck as he scrubbed her hips.

"Dusk... I invited you in here as a completely platonic request for assistance in showering," Scootaloo smirked, looking over her shoulder at her gropey companion. "You wouldn't be hoping for anything illicit to happen, would you?"

"Well..." he said, shifting his standing position to be closer to Scootaloo. "Does the throbbing, fifteen inch cock pressed up against your back give you an answer?"

"In a way," she chuckled, rinsing herself off under the spray before turning around to Dusk. "But whatever is a perfect student like myself supposed to do with such a lewd object?"

"You could be a good girl... get on your knees..." Dusk whispered into her ear as he held her close. "And let me cum in your mouth..."

"Like a good girl?" she beamed.

"Like a good girl," he nodded in confirmation.

Scootaloo grinned excitedly, slowly dropping down onto her knees and placing her hands flat against Dusk's thigh. She kissed the base of his shaft, getting a taste of his cock and of the water running down it, before dragging her tongue from the base to the tip. Her eager lips placed another kiss right on the head of his cock, soon sliding over the tip of the womb-ravaging weapon and swallowing down more and more of it.

She worked her tongue, just like she always did, around the head of his cock. She made use of every inch of her thick, trained muscle to lather, lash, and lap at Dusk's enormous cock, hornily sucking and slurping on the well-used dick. She seemed to be enjoying herself as much as Dusk was, running his hand through her soaked mane and plastering her cropped fringe over her head, showing off her gorgeous purple eyes.

"Thank you for getting rid of my only line of protection from hot water splashing in my eyes, you fucking weapon," Scootaloo said, removing her mouth from his cock for a brief moment to talk.

"My bad," Dusk said, smearing her fringe entirely over her face and leaving only her muzzle visible. "That better?"

"I hate you."

"Perfect," he beamed.

His hands instead found their way to the sides of her head, slowly and sensually guiding her through the blowjob, her fringe covering her face and yet still not hiding even the slightest hint of her beauty. The sound of the pouring water was therapeutic to the both of them, helping restore energy, even if only in the mind, before continuing with a rather wholesome, if rather raunchy, moment between the two of them.

She sucked quietly, barely audible over the sound of the water raining down on both of them, washing away the stains of exertion and accidental table-surfing. He pushed deeper into her maw, Scoot's hands gripping tightly on his thighs as he hit the back of her throat, gently grinding the head of his cock against the tight entrance to her gullet, before pulling back and allowing her to work her magic on the rest of his dick again.

"That's it..." he said in a clear, pleasant tone. "That's a good girl..."

She shivered in a pleasured manner, clearly having some kind of appraisal kink that she'd never shown off before. It brought a humble smile to Dusk's lips, pleased to find out that Scoots had a fetish that didn't involve him putting on some kind of act to performance to satisfy her. All he had to do was fuck her real good, let her enjoy each and every second of it, and tell her that she was the most perfect little angel the world had ever seen.

Which, to be brutally honest, was nothing resembling a lie.

His hand made its way to the back of her head, gently gripping her mane and bucking deeper into her throat. The tongue-work had been amazing, but Dusk was starting to get a little hot under the collar and knew what he wanted. He needed to fuck her maw proper, and Scootaloo was aware and excited about it.

He ramped up his thrusting after a few warm-up bucks, getting all his inches into her tight throat and letting her get used to them. Once the practice runs were over, however, Scoot's slutty little throat got the same raw dicking that the other two did, with no holding back. She gagged and groaned on his dick, vibrations coursing up through every inch of his thick length. The spit that gathered around his cock was washed away by the hot, relaxing spray, leaving both of them sparkling clean whilst lost in their filth.

Dusk panted louder and louder, feeling his balls tighten and his dam about to burst as the tight inside of Scootaloo's gorgeous throat because too much for him to handle. Grunting loudly, he came deep into her throat, easily filling her stomach before pulling out and cumming the last few spurts of his thick load onto her tongue, allowing her to get a proper taste of his ichor before he bottomed out.

The two remained panting for a while, Dusk continuing to pet and stroke Scootaloo's head while she regained her breath. The pegasus soon climbed to her feet, mane still slicked over her eyes with a wide grin on her face.

"How'd I do?" she asked with a smile.

"As perfect as always, my gorgeous little minx," Dusk said, giving her a brief peck on the cheek.

"Blowjobs are fun," she said with a relaxed sigh. "Good exercise for the neck."

"And they help keep your teeth nice and shiny when you swallow cum," Dusk nodded.

"How'd you find that out?" she questioned, slicking her mane back over her head and raising an eyebrow.

"My dentist had a really weird way of charging for his services," he shrugged.

Scoots rolled her eyes, stepping out of the spray of the shower and moving over to the towel rack. The finest of towels were positioned there, ready and waiting to be used to their heart's content.

"These are some really expensive towels," Scootaloo commented, looking over the exceptionally-fine material. "I... I feel like I'm too poor to use this. Like if I try to dry myself, I'll set on fire from being unworthy or something."

"Don't worry if you do," Dusk shrugged. "There's a shower right here that you can use to put it out."

"But..." Scootaloo said, turning around with horror in her eyes. "I'll need to dry myself again..."

"Gods above," Dusk added in his own horrified tone. "The vicious cycle begins anew."

Scootaloo got to scrubbing herself down with the fine towel, thankfully lacking in spontaneous combustion qualities, and tossed it back onto the rack to dry. Dusk followed suit, drying himself off whilst Scootaloo admired his naked form.

"Does it not feel weird when your dick swings because of how hard your body's shaking when you scrub your mane?" she asked.

"Not really," he shrugged. "Though I had given myself stupidly painful experiences by jumping about naked. I often sit back and adore how beautiful my thighs are until my balls hit off the side of one at a really high speed."

"You do have absolutely lovely legs," Scootaloo nodded. "You're like the most beautiful mare with a penis I've ever seen. And I've seen like three of those."

"I-" Dusk began, looking at her with a blank, confused expression.

"Don't judge what I do in my spare time," Scootaloo growled.

"No judgement here, my dear," Dusk said, throwing his own towel back on the rack and placing his hands on his wide, feminine hips. "Are you up for naked snuggles and snacks?"

"I think I'm so excited about what you just said that merely hearing it being said out loud just made me cum," Scootaloo nodded. "Can there be snuggles, snacks, and smooches?"

"All of those in whatever order you want," he nodded, cracking Scootaloo on the ass playfully as he walked past her and out of the bathroom.

The two of them emerged to find that Sweetie and Apple Bloom had returned, Sweetie sitting on the bed and Bloom cross-legged on the floor with salads on their plates.

"Oh, Scoots, you're back," Sweetie said with a smile. "We went looking for you earlier, but you'd already bounced by then."

"That reminds me; Dusk, baby, we ain't had any luck gettin' you what ya asked for," Apple Bloom said with a shrug. "They'd taken the pasta off the servin' list after some kid divebombed a table with all the sauce in it, or somethin'. Waiters weren't too clear on what happened exactly."

Dusk cast his eyes over to Scootaloo who was now standing with her arms crossed and her muzzle scrunched in an extremely bemused manner. Dusk chuckled quietly to himself as Apple Bloom finished explaining what had gone on.

"Fair enough," he shrugged. "Well, you mind letting me eat your pussy instead?"

"If there ever comes a point where I answer 'no' to that question, please kill me," she responded with salad in her mouth. "Because I'm clearly already dead."

"Alright then, sugar, body on the bed and legs wide open," he smirked, clapping his hands twice.

"Yes, sir!" she exclaimed, finishing off her last mouthful of salad, stripping down to the duff, and getting into position.

Dusk waited about as much time as Apple Bloom did, burying his head between her legs and eagerly lapping away at her cunt, barely having dried since the last time he was done with it. Bloom's eyes rolled back as she exhaled between gritted teeth, leaning her head down on the bed and relaxing her body, allowing Dusk's experienced fingers and mouth to go to work proper on her innards.

Sweetie Belle sat back and watched her friend enjoying herself, eyes soon dragging over to Scootaloo's naked form, petting the bed beside her as an invitation to come sit next to her. Scootaloo took it gratefully, bouncing down onto the bed next to her friend and smiling widely, being offered a few forkfuls of the salad herself.

"No thanks, hun," she said with a shake of her head. "Salad is and always will be the vegetative embodiment of depression and regret."

"It also has more in common with depression," Sweetie nodded. "It gets better if you bury it under a tonne of self-destructive coping mechanisms that will only provide temporary relief that also make the problem so much worse in the long-run. Or as I call it, 'full-fat mayonnaise'."

"You guys mind lightening up a lil' bit there?" Apple Bloom asked from beside them. "I didn't come all the way out here to a fancy hotel for sun and sex to think about the eternal darkness of a life of sufferin' while gettin' my snatch licked by my college professor."

"Guest speaker," Dusk corrected.

"Shut up and keep lickin', you," Apple Bloom scowled, stuffing Dusk's face back against her cunt.

Dusk obliged, his tongue working it's magic on Apple Bloom once again, sending shivers through her body from the base of her spine right to the back of her head. She moaned in the most clear, adorable way Dusk had heard since they'd started their extended banging session.

"You know what's an awful food?" Scootaloo commented. "Tofu. Tofu was a food created by the people that enjoyed eating play-dough as children but didn't like its lack of proper nutrition."

"That and those nasty smelly cheeses," Sweetie added on. "Nothing really gets my stomach grumbling like food that reminds me of a cumsock with milk poured on it that's been left to soak in the sewer for a week."

"Wanna know one food that I can't stand?" Apple Bloom asked. "Seaweed. Dried seaweed, 'specially. Feels like it was something put on a menu by fucker that liked eatin' bricks with the taste of cooked boots."

Dusk chuckled quietly to himself, thoroughly enjoying his own favourite meal as the girls nattered amongst themselves only for Sweetie to dig through her pocket and check her phone, eyebrow raising as she looked at a specific notification.

"Got a text from Diamond a while back," she announced to the group as she opened the message. "Says here that she's actually in town right now and ended up landing a hunk to take back to her room and fuck. Even attached a lovely image of the guy's cock resting on her face."

"Lemme see," Apple Bloom requested, being shown the lewd selfie and scoffing loudly. "Our boy's bigger."

"Should I tell her that?" Sweetie asked, wondering what to respond with.

"Nah... hang on, I got an idea," Apple Bloom grinned, gently thwacking Dusk on the thigh. "Say, you hung fucker, why don't ya take a picture of the three of us sucking your cock all at once to make Diamond good an' jealous?"

"Only if I get to suck the tip," Sweetie called instantly.

"Balls are mine," Scootaloo said almost as quickly.

"And I'll take the length of it," Apple Bloom nodded. "Whaddaya say, Dusk? You in?"

"Yeah, why not," he chuckled, having Sweetie toss him her phone and opening up the camera app. "Everybody; places for the shot and be sure to look pretty."

The girls all scuttled to their positions, warm and wet mouths locking in place wherever they needed to be while Dusk aimed the phone at them to capture the magic shot.

"Pose, ladies!" Dusk smirked.

They all did their own little thing: Sweetie winked seductively, Apple Bloom dragged her tongue along the length of Dusk's cock, and Sweetie threw up a peace sign at the camera. The snapping sound of the photo being taken rang out and Dusk turned the phone around, letting the other three see it.

"Fuck, my mane's a mess," Sweetie Belle commented.

"Sweets, you've been roughed up by a dick as long as your forearm almost non-stop for the past forty minutes," Apple Bloom glowered at her. "You should be considerin' yourself lucky Dusk didn't fuck the back of your skull out."

Sweetie shrugged as she took the phone back, texting the image to Diamond and locking her phone, tossing it onto the carpeted floor and eyeing Dusk up seductively.

"So... that taste of dick has put me in the mood again," she giggled. "Who's up for an orgy?"

"Like a shark and blood... takes just one little drop of the stuff, to send you into a frenzy," Apple Bloom sighed. "That being said, I don't feel like I've met my pussy abuse quota yet, so I'm good to get split in half. What about you, Scoots?"

"Balls are life," she smirked.

"Atta girl," Apple Bloom nodded, rocketing to her feet. "Who gets to ride first?"

"Me!" Sweetie Belle exclaimed, standing up and bouncing, making her jugs jiggle in an attention-grabbing matter.

"You're always first," Apple Bloom growled.

"Because I have the most market value," Sweetie countered.

"According to who?" Bloom scoffed.

Dusk rolled his eyes, grabbing both of them by the arm and shoving them down onto the bed. With a brief slap of their thighs, Dusk parted their legs and picked who got to go first: Apple Bloom.

"Suck it, bitch," she said, sticking her tongue out as Dusk hilted himself in her ever-tight cunt.

Sweetie rolled her eyes, only to moan loudly as Dusk slipped three fingers deep inside her cunt, eyes rolling backwards as he began pumping them in and out.

"I'm gonna fuck you both like this, switch out every now and again, and then cum in both of you," he explained. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Daddy," they both moaned in unison.

And the pounding started, Dusk in good form and great rhythm as his hips worked their signature magic on Apple Bloom's pussy, fat cock thick enough to be dangerous spreading and rutting the deepest parts of her cunt known to science, sliding in and out of her womb with slicked skill and trained grace. Scootaloo watched with an eager eye, giggling quietly to herself as she caught the look on Apple Bloom's face; one of a mare struggling to keep conscious from the sensations rushing through her body.

The minuscule mare clambered onto the bed herself, pressing up against Dusk's side and kissing him once again. All three were on his body in some way, and the heat radiating from all of them brought on a wave of lust and pride through then svelte stallion. Scootaloo's hand drifted down to Apple Bloom's wide, strong thigh, stroking her friend's taut leg and getting a warm smile from the panting red-head as Dusk eagerly fingered her tight little slit.

Sweetie Belle dropped her head back and moaned loudly, buxom chest heaving up and down like furnace bellows, desperately trying to keep her lungs filled from the exertion of such a hard pounding. The heat in the room started to pick up again, reaching a boiling point in a matter of minutes that had the four of them doused in sweat from head to toe.

The scent of sex hanged in the air like a cloud, almost thick enough to taste, never mind smell, and it drove each and every one of them wild with lust. Dusk made good on his promise soon after, switching fingers and cock between mares and slamming deep inside Apple Bloom, giving her a good taste of what she was so desperate for, while Sweetie Belle grinded herself against Dusk's strong fingers, gripping his wrist and making it impossible for him to pull his hand back from the tight embrace of her innards.

"I gotta admit," Scootaloo commented with a smirk on her lips. "I really didn't expect you to be able to control yourself enough to just swap out without nutting in one of them."

"I am nothing if not focused, Scoots," Dusk grunted, slamming hard into Apple Bloom and briefly humping a small amount of inches into her in a desperate need to stroke a certain part of his cock.

This gained a low exhale from Apple Bloom, the air exiting through gritted teeth as he circled her hips against Dusk's cock, grinding against every inch that was pumped in and out of her in a way that nearly doubled the pleasure for both of them. Wearing the two of them on his cock and on his hand brought a wave of sensations over his entire body in a way that felt fresh, even after all the pussy he'd had that day.

He had to keep his mind focused, muscle memory working his fingers and hips while he watched both mares squirm and moan in pleasure, cheeks flushed with passion, eyes glowing with bliss, and tongues hanging out of their mouths as his cock and fingers left them awash in pleasure that broke them in all the right places. The power of his thrusts shook the enormous bed, hips slamming harder and harder into Apple Bloom's tight quim, burying himself as deep in her insides as he could get.

Dusk gritted his teeth, pushed over the edge of what he could handle and came inside Apple Bloom once again, firing a good few spurts into her depths before, as promised, switching out to Sweetie Belle. He quickly rammed himself deep inside her, firing off the last few spurts of cum inside her womb, watching her eyes roll back as he did so, before pulling out and coming to a panting stop atop the gorgeous mare.

"Very impressive," Scootaloo chuckled, clapping her hands together and grinning. "Now is it my turn for something proper?"

"Of course, sugar," Dusk nodded with a smirk, watching Scootaloo snuggle between Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, only for Sweetie to cast a confused glance at the orange and purple mare.

"Why do you smell like tomatoes?" she questioned.

"I don't wanna fucking talk about it," Scootaloo said in a quick, deadpan tone. "Give me smooches, now."

"Alright, fine," Sweetie nodded, wrapping her arms around Scootaloo and giving her the kiss she so angrily requested.

Apple Bloom went to work on her just as quickly, wrapping her arms around Scoots' waist and sliding her hands over her eager, wet cunt, gaining a moan of pleasure and a shiver of excitement from the petite mare. Dusk lined himself up, sliding deep into Scootaloo with a load, pleasured grunt, Scootaloo releasing a loud, garbled moan as Sweetie's tongue occupied her mouth.

All three of them snuggled up close together, body heat and passion washing over the both of them as the hung stallion ploughed the deepest insides of the tight mare, hilting inside her over and over again, each powerful shot of his hips creating a deep thud. It knocked Scootaloo backwards slightly, only kept in place by the weight of her friends, licking and suckling her sweaty, moaning, panting body with desperation for her taste.

Cheeks were flushed, eyes narrowed and pleasured, and moans filled the room almost as full as the heat inside it. The stallions hands gripped at Scootaloo's thin thighs, gently massaging them with his thumbs as he continued to fuck her, his own mind soon becoming lost in enrapturous pleasure that threatened to pull him from this plane of existence and into a higher world of euphoria and bliss.

Apple Bloom continued to rub Scootaloo's cunt, focusing on her sensitive little clit and toying with the buzzer in just the way Scootaloo loved it; the flats of fingers rubbing at high speed, electricity crackling through the ginger mare's entire body as Apple Bloom smirked, proud of her own talent as well as helping a friend get where she needed to be. Their moans were as sweet and as cute as they were, grinding up against each other, smiling, grinning, and giggling every now and again.

It brought a much friendlier feeling to their little session, a genuine sense of a relationship beyond friendship, but also still as wholesome and as enjoyable as a simple session where they all hung out together. Sure, the purple stallion may be balls-deep in three college mares on a getaway-sex-vacation wherein the four of them were probably going to go out afterwards, get plastered, and fuck the night away with random strangers...

But here and now? Pounding and grinding away in a hot, sweaty pile of debaucherous sex? It all worked perfectly, felt just right between all four of them, and painted a beautiful picture of a friendship between them all stronger than anything else you could experience without nutting inside someone four or more times.

And nutting inside was what Dusk planned to do. Scootaloo's hands were pressed against his chest, fingers digging into the small-yet-strong pectoral muscles of the effeminate stallion's torso, digging in just enough to be slightly painful and very arousing. She was close to popping herself, eyes hazed over, grin plastered onto her plump lips, and breathing hotter and heavier than it had been since they'd started.

It was the end for all four of them, that much was obvious, and he knew for a fact that once he blew his load, it would be sleepy-times for all of them, probably until the next season. Food and sex took it out of anyone, so he imagined they'd be piled up on top of one another just like they were the first time they did this lovely little dance... and there were no complaints from any of them about that. He felt it build in his cock, balls full and swollen with the need to cum, slamming home with a final, exhausted grunt as he blew his final load of the hour deep inside Scootaloo, filling her womb up before collapsing backwards onto the bed.

The snuggle session started quickly after Dusk had dropped out of Scootaloo's heavenly insides, the ginger mare crawling onto his body and laying her head down on his chest, both soon joined by the other two who were in the mood for lovely cuddles as well. Sweetie'd grabbed her phone as well, unlocking it and noticing that she'd received a response from Diamond.

Sweetie read through the image, snorting loudly with an entertained look on her face before turning to the others.

"Not only was she blown away by the pipe our plumber's packing, her big, hung boy that she dragged back to her room was apparently a one-pump chump and let her down in the worst way," Diamond laughed, showing the all-caps message to the others and letting them have a giggle of their own.

"Oh, she's typing something else," Scootaloo commented, raising an eyebrow as the typing icon popped up.

"Hm?" Sweetie asked, checking the screen. "Let's see what she wants to say."

There was silence for a brief moment as they all waited for the text, the buzz of the phone going off before Sweetie's grin spread ear to ear, eyes sparkling with naughty glee.

"What did she say?" Scootaloo asked.

"She wants to know... if it's not too much trouble for us..." the white mare giggled. "If she can come and hang out with us... and mostly Dusk some time this week?"

Chapter Three (Commissioned Chapter)

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"I wasn't exactly asking for a welcoming party when I signed up for this, y'know?" Diamond glowered over her drink.

Sweetie smirked playfully, leaning against Dusk on their side of the dining booth they were in as the heiress across from them continued to scowl discontentedly. The lavender Alicorn shrugged quietly, taking a sip from his drink before Sweetie chimed in.

"Sorry, sugar, but I'm his handler for the trip," she smiled, patting Dusk affectionately on the thigh before looking Diamond straight in the eye. "If you wanna ride, you've gotta be under supervision during it."

"So what about the rest of you dorks?" Diamond asked, noting the distinct lack of Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. "I thought you three couldn't be more than ten feet away from each other without crying."

"Last I checked, they'd gone off for an open-house party call with a couple of stallions from EU's football team," Sweetie shrugged. "They're big girls, though. They can handle themselves."

"I was moreso confused about why you hadn't gone with them," Diamond scoffed. "And why you couldn't leave Dusk and alone."

"Because I exist to make your life absolutely fucking miserable," Sweetie said in a smug tone. "And you're not getting any dick from my big friend over here without me being in the room to watch."

"Fuckin' dyke," Diamond grumbled, taking another sip from her drink before looking at Dusk. "And what about you, Long Dong Silver? D'you not get a say in your own life, or has she got you too much by the balls to do anything yourself?"

"I'm kind of going with the flow here," Dusk shrugged with a brief chuckle. "Don't really have a game plan for any of this... just sitting back and seeing where it all takes me."

"And you're not gonna tell your annoying-as-shit little friend to leave us alone when we fuck?" Diamond growled.

"It's her hotel room, too, y'know?" Dusk pointed out.

"Didn't you pay for it?" Diamond asked.

Dusk shot a sideways, smirking glance at Sweetie Belle who merely raised her finger to her lip in a shushing gesture, before turning back to Diamond.

"Look, sister, here's the deal," Sweetie began. "You're competition. Plain and simple. You might be better than me, you might be worse than me. You might be so shit in bed that you scare Dusk off from sex forever, or you might blow his mind and make him addicted to you and you alone. I gotta be present to know what kinda threat I'm dealing with here so I know whether or not I need to up my game to keep my free dick appointments."

"Pffft," Diamond scoffed, rolling her eyes dismissively. "I already know I'm a better lay than you."

"Do you, now?" Sweetie asked, leaning further over the table with a cocked eyebrow. "And what gave you that idea? The fact you were able to get your one-pump chump off yesterday without any hassle?"

"The fact I'm three times better looking than you, have more skill in my right foot than you do in your entire body, and make sure I'm kept as prim and proper as possible at all times to be as beautiful as I can," Diamond snapped.

"Ooh, that sounded a little bit hollow of a defence there, sugar," Sweetie giggled. "Sounds to me like you talk a big game, but can't really back it up that much. I'll have you know that I don't have a gag reflex and have no problem taking it up the ass. You can be as pretty and composed as you wanna be, Diamond... don't mean you can give head worth a shit, though."

"That sounds like a challenge, Sweetie," Dusk commented with a cocked eyebrow.

"Maybe it is," the buxom mare shrugged playfully. "Maybe our board-flat little billionaire's daughter can suck somebody's soul out through their cock, but... I bet she can't do it better than me."

"I don't compete, Sweetie," Diamond growled. "Especially not with your type."

"And what's my type?" she asked smugly. "'Better than you'? 'Superior'? 'The all-around improved version'?"

"You've got a big mouth, you know that?" Diamond hissed.

"Perfect for sucking cock," Sweetie said with a wink. "Something I can do way better than you without even trying."

Diamond's eyes hardened on the grinning purple-and-pink hued mare as she tightened her hand around her glass, risking breaking it before Dusk put a gentle hand on hers. Diamond's eyes bolted over to the slightly-older Alicorn, a look of anger mixed with shock on her face at his sudden affectionate touch.

"Only a light bit of chiding, Diamond," he said softly. "Nothing to get under your skin."

Diamond looked back and forth between Sweetie and Dusk, seeing the smug mare still bouncing her eyebrows in an arrogant fashion before noticing the calm, warm, and almost... fatherly look on Dusk's face. She furrowed her brow and scrunched up her muzzle, eyes shutting for the longest moment, before a slow, calm breath broke her silence. When her eyes opened, they were focused and much more stable, looking at Sweetie Belle with a determined expression.

"Alright then, fine," she decided. "If our little hood-rat over here wants a competition, she'll get a fucking competition."

"And how exactly is that gonna work?" Dusk asked.

"Simple," Diamond shrugged. "We both get a go at you. Whoever you think is better is the winner."

"What does the winner get?" Sweetie asked excitedly.

"Two days of servitude from the loser," Diamond said with an almost-evil smirk, arrogantly examining her nails as she spoke.

"Ooh, kinky!" Sweetie grinned. "I like it! When do we get started?"

"I'm good to go as soon as you are," Diamond shrugged, downing the rest of her drink in a few gulps and exhaling in a loud, satisfied fashion. "Pay your tab, Dusk. We're getting out of here."

"Fine by me," Dusk said with a quiet chuckle, raising his hand and signalling a waiter to come over, all the while Sweetie and Diamond glared at each other, one with eyes of excitement and the other with eyes of utter discontent.

"I'm afraid I gotta ask for some ID before we get started here, ma'am," Sweetie commented as soon as Diamond exposed her chest. "I'm not sure tits that flat can belong to a mature adult."

"I will claw out your fucking eyes if you don't shut your mouth right now," Diamond responded in a harsh hiss.

Sweetie rolled her eyes, casting her own top aside and exposing her infinitely larger bust, giving her hefty chest an arrogant bounce, done so entirely to aggravate the flatter mare. Diamond glared daggers at Sweetie, radiating waves of pure hatred at the other mare, before Dusk stepped in to break it up.

"Now, now, let's not get too angry before there's even a loser decided," Dusk chuckled, adding a little bit of friskiness to the engagement by clapping Diamond on her ungodly sizeable backside. "And besides... it's not always what you've got in front that matters."

"H-Hey!" Diamond exclaimed, swatting Dusk's hand off her ass before turning to glare at him. "I didn't give you permission to touch me!"

"What's the matter, Diamond?" Sweetie asked. "All that bluster falling away right at the beginning? I thought you were supposed to be the apex predator when it came to getting fucked. Where's all that bravado now? Or d'you seriously mean to tell me you're so unbelievable terrible at putting out that you can't even handle a light tap on the ass without crying?"

"I'm not... I don't have a problem with..." Diamond growled, hands balling into fists as she became more and more flustered, soon snapping around to Dusk again and barking orders. "Alright, fine! You want to feel me up like that? Go right ahead!"

Diamond nearly tore her jeans from her body... as fast as one could with an ass so big it was a miracle those jeans fit to begin with. She leaned herself over the bed, jutting her ass out towards the older stallion and giving him a very harsh stare. She nodded with her head, ordering him to have his fill with her if he wanted. Dusk obliged with a smirk, once again slapping a hand against Diamond's ass, hard and firm, right on top of her cutie mark.

The mare yelped in a shocked, and slightly pained, tone, all the while Sweetie continued to strip down to nothing, tossing her jeans and shoes across the room before crawling over to Diamond.

"G-Get away from me..." she snarled, trying so hard to sound in control.

"What's wrong, sugar?" Sweetie teased. "You're not into mares?"

"No..." she said in a manner that couldn't have been more false if she'd tried.

"I think somebody's telling fibs," Sweetie giggled, leaning closer and closer to Diamond, running her tongue over her plump lips as Diamond went red as a tomato. "You wanna tell the truth before I have to spank you?"

Diamond cracked like an egg at this point, surprising both of them as she bolted forwards, clapping a hand to the back of Sweetie's head and stuffing her tongue into her mouth. Sweetie's grin was wide and smug before she let herself relax and properly get into the kiss, hearing Diamond moan at her gorgeous taste as the two suckled each other's tongues.

Dusk continued to work on Diamond's back end, bouncing her fat ass on his thumbs and watching it shake and ripple as she did so. Spoiled Rich may have been pure evil, but the genes that made hers, and her daughter's, asses what they were truly had to be the greatest gift one could give to this world. Dusk leaned forward and kissed her pussy through her panties, feeling the heat and, soon after, moisture of the rich bitch's excitement begin to stain her expensive underwear.

She moaned into Sweetie's mouth even louder as Dusk ran his tongue over the fabric, his own hot tongue working wonders on Diamond, even from the briefest touch. The two mares broke apart from each other, Diamond panting loudly with a heavy blush on her cheek, all the while Sweetie stared at her with an air of victory and brazen superiority.

"Fuckin' dyke," Sweetie parroted playfully, getting another angry glare from Diamond.

"You mind if I take these off?" Dusk asked, gently twanging the elastic lining of Diamond's panties.

"Unless you're planning to hot dog her cunt for the whole night, I'd say you better throw them out the window," Sweetie beamed, kissing Diamond briefly on the lips once more before hopping off the bed.

"Diamond?" Dusk asked the mare for confirmation.

"Sure," she said after a red-cheeked moment of deliberation. "But don't touch me there again... not yet..."

"Right," Dusk nodded, feeling the damp fabric away from her flesh and exposing her beautiful slit.

Dusk got to his feet as he threw them on the pile of clothes with the rest, watching Diamond get up and stand next to Sweetie after being gestured at to do so.

"Alright, sugar-tits, here's the play!" Sweetie announced. "We're gonna have ourselves three rounds with good ol' Dusky here: first round is a little bit of lip service, second is some nice healthy pussy-pounding, and then after that, you're gonna get a load dumped in your ass!"

"... gross," Diamond growled.

"You're the one who wanted the competition, so that's how it's gonna go," Sweetie shrugged, holding her finger up once again. "We're going on rotation. First you go, being the challenger, and then I go, being the champion. Once Dusk's dumped his last load in my ass, he'll be the judge of which one of us was the best, and that person will be crowned the winner!"

"Sounds simple enough," Diamond shrugged, clearing her throat in a clear attempt to warm it up.

"You sure you can handle it rough, honey?" Sweetie asked in jest. "Dusk's not just big, y'know? This fucker can pound when he really wants to."

"I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle," Diamond shrugged, looking at Dusk with a fierce glare. "Alright, boy. Strip."

Dusk did as ordered, quickly removing his clothing and casting it aside, revealing a sleek, curvaceous, and effeminate physique... juxtaposed beautifully by the semi-erect cock that easily hung past the stallion's knee, thick as an arm, and attached to balls large and full enough to be mistaken for dark-purple baseballs.

Sweetie licked her lips hungrily, laying her eyes on her favourite meal of the week... all the while Diamond gulped in terror, eyes wide and afraid of the enormous beast hanging between Dusk's legs.

"Y'know... you can still forfeit the competition now without losing the bet if you're not..." Sweetie began arrogantly. "Mare enough to handle something like that."

"I'm mare enough, you fucking worm," Diamond snapped, taking a deep, steadying breath before nodding with determination. "Alright then... let's get this over with."

Dusk took Diamond's hand and guided her over to the bed, a look of nervousness and apprehension as plain as day on the billionaire-heiress' face as Dusk moved her. He positioned her beautiful body on the bed, hands and knees positioned and ready to take her weight, all before guiding Diamond's thick mane behind her head and hanging it over her shoulder. Diamond seemed to be trembling nervously at this point, watching Dusk stroke his cock up even bigger, even thicker than before with his girly hands.

Soon, he was at full mast, fifteen inches strong and throbbing, ready for the attention Diamond was going to deliver.

"Last chance to back out before you sprain something, sugar," Sweetie called out mockingly.

"Eat my ass, Belle," Diamond snapped.

"Well... if you insist..." Sweetie sniggered, making her move to put herself behind Diamond's callipygian rear. "I did miss breakfast this morning, anyway."

"What do you think you're do-aaah!" Diamond began, only to be cut off as Sweetie slapped both hands onto Diamond's fat, pink ass and buried her tongue inside her asshole.

"Try not to focus on her too much, kid," Dusk smirked, placing the fat tip of his monstrously-large cock against Diamond's lips. "You've got a job to do here, remember?"

Diamond looked up at Dusk with wide eyes and then down at his dick, her body stiffening and her resolve hardening as she slowly cracked her lips open, allowing Dusk's boiling hot womb-smasher to slide into her mouth. His taste was thick and masculine... almost musky in a weird way. She expected herself to be revolted as she often was whenever forced to fellate her lovers, something she despised doing so much, but this... this was different.

His size was satisfying to close her lips around, the heart beat through his throbbing cock feeling like it was pounding in her brain. She sucked and licked the tip as best she knew how, soaking the thing almost through before even attempting to take more. His size, however satisfying to behold, was stressful to the high-class mare. She could feel the strain on her jaw barely four inches into her mouth as his thickness forced it open wider.

His taste started to become a little... enrapturing, after a while. A strange haze flowing over her mind that made it a little hard to focus. She could feel her pounding heart beginning to lessen slightly, despite having a cock in her mouth and a tongue in her ass, her nervousness and general apprehension began to melt away from her. She was relaxed... unfazed and enjoying herself a lot more than she thought she would.

She took more of his cock, now having enough in her mouth to really work with. Lips taut, tongue lashing, and pressure on, she wanted to set to work on the stallion good and proper. She had a competition to win and she wasn't about to let some trash-tier slut-bag like Sweetie Belle steal that win away from her. Not a chance on this earth. Even if she had to run her lips raw up and down the length of this cock, she was gonna make him cum harder and faster than that big-titty bitch was ever going to dream of doing.

"Somebody's got a bit of skill down there, haven't they?" Dusk said in a low, affectionate manner. "You're a good little mare, aren't you Diamond?"

Her heart jumped slightly, Dusk's kind and almost-loving words, however joking or condescending they were meant to be, strumming a certain chord inside her, making her flush warm and red from simply hearing it.

"You gonna be a good girl and take it properly?" Dusk asked, gently stroking her mane as he spoke.

She muttered a muffled confirmation around his cock, getting a hiss of pleasure from him as the vibrations shot up his length, only for Sweetie to slap Diamond on the ass, the fat mountain rippling as a result, and getting another groan of pleasure from Diamond as Sweetie's eager whore mouth continued to lap at her insides.

Diamond picked up her pace slightly, knowing that she had to start turning tricks faster than this if she wanted to get Dusk to blow his load good and proper. She'd have loved to sit down with him properly and suck every inch of this thick, quivering cock until it was dripping with saliva and aching to cum... but she needed to win. He needed to feel as good as possible, as fast as possible to secure this round for her.

So she got to work faster than before. She didn't have a gag reflex and she knew it, so that was going to keep her at least in line when it came to raw ability with Sweetie. She slammed herself forward, taking every inch of that bludgeon into her throat, feeling her gullet stretch out to an almost painful degree, as Dusk nearly entered her stomach. Her groaned in a euphoric fashion, Diamond feeling a small spurt of pre hit her belly, before smirking victoriously.

This was gonna be easy.

She picked up the pace, going for raw speed and sucking power over any specific kind of technique. Dusk didn't seem to complain much, gripping handfuls of her mane and almost violently bucking himself in and out of her mouth. Over and over again the stupidly-hung stallion continued to rut her throat, hammering that massive length in as deep as it would go. It was soon coated with thick spit and pre-cum, covering Diamond's throat in the same way, as the two worked almost in tandem to break Diamond's neck.

His cock seemed to be smelling better and better as her muzzle was rammed into his crotch, the feeling of those enormous balls slapping at her chin, coated with sweat and wafting more and more masculine musk up to her nostrils. Diamond groaned as she felt Sweetie Belle's hands snake between her thighs, one gently rubbing her wet folds with slow, firm circles, while another massaged her quivering thighs, all the while her tongue continued to work magic on her asshole.

A hearty exhale flowed from Diamond's nostrils, shivering almost from head to toe with pleasure. It was almost enough to distract her from her true goal... which is what she assumed Sweetie was doing intentionally. With this realisation in hand, she hardened her mind once again, an angry scowl staining her beautiful features as she picked up the pace something fierce.

A low, pleasured growl crawled from the back of Dusk's throat, Sweetie cocking an eyebrow in an interested fashion as the stallion gently cupped Diamond's head, bucking his hips forward into the smaller mare's more-than talented throat. Diamond could tell the older pony was getting close to his limit, his cock throbbing in her throat, his twitching expression and flexing muscle giving away how close he was getting the emptying his load deep inside her.

His hips hit home against her muzzle, short-yet-powerful thrusts that stretched Diamond's gullet over and over again. She expected some form of discomfort from it, to feel pained or feel over-used in some way, but... no such ache reared its head. Her mouth being used so thoroughly, her throat taking such a large cock over and over again was exciting, even rewarding in a depraved way.

She worked his length with her tongue as it pounded her mouth, drenching it in thick, sweet spit that only served to drip down her chin and spill onto the bed beneath her. In her right mind and in a different place, she'd have screamed up a storm about being in such a disgusting and demeaning position. But here? Here she was a toy... and here she liked the idea of that quite a bit.

Dusk gritted his teeth, grinding them with a scrape, as he slammed into Diamond's mouth one final time, thighs shuddering and toes curling as he came down her gullet. He filled her stomach up good and proper, Diamond gulping the flow down eagerly before Dusk slid his sopping length out of her mouth and shot the last few spurts of his hot, thick load onto her flawless features.

"Ah... hah..." Diamond panted, eyes closed and mouth open as Dusk emptied his balls onto her visage, something she'd never once allowed another stallion to do without beating them black and blue. "Holy... ah... fuck me..."

"Gotta say, sugar, I'm impressed," Sweetie Belle smirked, clapping Diamond on the ass before moving up to her face, running her wet tongue along her pink cheek and tasting Dusk's load herself. "Was expecting you to start crying two minutes into that. More than impressed you let him cum on you as well."

"Don't tell a fucking soul about this," Diamond snarled, crossing her arms over her flat chest as she sat up straight.

"Only if you let me clean you properly," Sweetie sniggered.

"The fuck's that supposed to- aaaah!" Diamond squealed as Sweetie tackled her to the bed, pinning her slender arms down above her head, all the while lapping up and swallowing down the rest of the load Dusk had left on her face. "This is assault!"

"Oh, shut up, you," Sweetie sighed, flicking her on her flat belly and getting a cute squeak from the blushing mare. "You're gagging for this as much as I am, so quit your whining and just enjoy yourself, you stuck up little hussy."

Diamond did as instructed, first off seeming unhappy but willing, before soon shifting into desperate to experience Sweetie more. The display did its work to keep Dusk's cock hard and throbbing, twitching and even leaking slightly as he watched Diamond and Sweetie lock lips once again, the flat mare wrapping her legs around Sweetie's broad hips and lashing tongues with each other once again.

Sweetie raised a hand and gestured at Dusk, beckoning him to climb onto the bed with them. The stallion did as instructed, clambering over to the coiled up whores and wondering exactly what Sweetie had planned for her turn. The little minx was as crafty as always, raising her head and opening her mouth, sticking her spit-dripping tongue out as far as it would go before winking at Dusk.

Nodding in understanding, the stallion positioned himself at Sweetie's maw, resting on his knees whilst also resting his enormous balls on Diamond's muzzle.

"H-Hey!" she spat angrily, turning her head away from the enormous orbs that sat on her maw.

"Just shut up and stay quiet while I do my thing, will you?" Sweetie winked at the smaller mare.

With a deep breath and a loud crack of her neck, Sweetie set to work on Dusk's already-soaked cock. He hissed loudly the second Sweetie had the thing more than two inches in her wet cove, those plump lips and that legendary tongue of hers working their magic on his tip. She wasn't a quiet cocksucker, that much was obvious. Loud, wet slurps poured from her painted lips as she suckled the thick, dripping tip of Dusk's bludgeon, the stallion placing a hand on the back of her head and affectionately stroking her fluff-tipped ear.

Diamond found herself in an awkward position, unable to move underneath Sweetie's weight and unable to put her head in any place where it didn't have Dusk's baseball-sized nuts resting on top of her. With a haughty, annoyed sigh, she decided to throw the awkwardness aside and settle on some halfway-decent entertainment: ball-sucking. Her mouth cracked open once again, tongue lashing along the length of Dusk's hefty nuts, getting another groan of passion from the femmy stallion as Diamond's wet tongue toyed with his balls.

"Pretty sure that count as interference," Dusk said with a cocked eyebrow.

"No objection from me," Sweetie winked. "She's gonna need to cheat to be even half as good a fuck as I am, believe me."

"Don't wanna poison the well, so to speak, but..." Dusk smirked. "You might be right."

Sweetie winked once again, slowly sliding more of his length into her mouth, nothing resembling a struggle or strain on her face as his cock seemed to glide down into the deepest reaches of her gullet.

"Mouth like a second cunt..." Dusk purred, petting Sweetie affectionately. "You might've already lost this round, Diamond."

The pink mare snorted haughtily, rolling her eyes at the clear bias Dusk was showing.

Wet, loud slurps, accompanied by quiet moans of adoration came from the white mare's mouth, green eyes nearly glowing with excitement as she got her deepthroating-groove going once again, lips, tongue, and throat all working in tandem as expertly as possible. Sweetie knew what she was doing, the mare had a throat mouth made for sucking cock, and she was making no attempt to hide that latent talent whatsoever.

Lips, strong and plump, clamping down on his dark-purple length, staining his cock with her expensive lipstick and leaving a lasting print of her handiwork on the enormous cock that continued to pump in and out of her throat. Dusk groaned again, his breath becoming hotter and heavier, sweat forming on his brow and his narrow chest as Sweetie took him to a place of wonderment with nothing more than a wet mouth and a sprinkling of skill.

Effortless was what the mare made it look like, no muss, no fuss, simply a divine cocksucker working her trade, bobbing her head up and down the entire length of his cock with a smile on her lips and a sparkle in her eye. Long strokes of her neck, repeatedly sliding her heavenly touch up and down the whole fucking thing, tip to base and base to tip, over and over again in a movement so smooth, so well-trained, that it was almost hypnotic.

She purred on his cock, vibrations coursing through the dense pillar that lived between Dusk's thighs, his balls churning out more sperm as Sweetie sucked him closer and closer to a powerful orgasm, one he was definitely going to remember. Diamond did her best on the stallion's nuts, and he did appreciate her effort, but it was nowhere close to what Sweetie was giving out in droves, pleasurable moment after pleasurable moment as she suckled, slurped, and blew Dusk's monster cock as best as she could without breaking a sweat.

It proved too much for the stallion too quickly, big, hanging balls full once again from the excitement and soon emptying into Sweetie's mouth with a hearty gush of fluid. Cum hit the mare's belly, filling it up nice and quick, before Sweetie pulled her maw back, getting herself a good, hearty mouthful of Dusk's hot cum before deciding to be a good neighbour, so to speak.

She grabbed hold of Diamond's jaw, cracking her mouth open with a finger before making the rich heiress look at her. Sweetie looked down, eyes smouldering like blazing coals of unrestrained id, opening her tightly-clasped lips and allowing the cum to pour from her maw and into Diamond's, thick and heavy, splattering against the pink mare's tongue as she swallowed it down desperately, as if her life would be lost from spilling even half a drop of Dusk's precious ichor.

The two mares moaned and shivered as they shared the harvest, Sweetie dropping her mouth down to Diamond's once again and kissing the gorgeous mare, wrapping her arms around the spoiled brat's tiny chest and gently lifting her against her own, much larger bust. Dusk pulled himself away from their embrace, taking his still-hard cock and the rest attached to it over to the mini-fridge in the hotel room for some rehydration efforts.

Hot and sweaty, the stallion watched the mares continue to caress one another's tongues with their own, running a hand through his thick, damp mane as he cracked open a can of soda and began to chug the fluid, feeling the carbonated crackle of it hit his throat and make him exhale loudly afterwards. Cold and refreshing, just what he needed at a time like this.

Sweetie eventually pushed herself off Diamond's hot, panting body, taking herself to the fridge and getting her own drink, leaving Diamond to sit up and attempt to compose herself, acting as if she hadn't just been doing the sluttiest thing a mare could do with cum.

"So..." Diamond asked, clearing her throat. "Who wins that round?"

"Sweetie by a wide margin," Dusk answered, slapping the younger mare on the ass as she bent over to get a drink from the fridge and watching her ass bounce and jiggle. "You've got a lot of raw talent, Diamond, but Sweetie's got way more skill. I think if you let her give you a few pointers, you'll be getting there in no time."

"Was there ever any doubt?" Sweetie asked, standing up and closing the fridge once again.

She leaned herself against the counter, grabbing Dusk's hand and shoving it between her legs, cracking her soda open and taking her first, desperate sip of it while Dusk took the imitative. Her rubbed firm circles into her cunt, feeling the alabaster mare's heat and excitement as it dripped down her thighs and coated her fingers.

"You girls ready for the second round?" Dusk asked with a cocked eyebrow, removing his fingers from between Sweetie's legs and licking them clean.

"Just lemme finish this cunt off and I'll be right as rain," Sweetie shrugged, taking another large gulp before looking at Diamond. "You want one of your own?"

"Don't drink soda. Too much sugar and too many calories. Gotta watch my figure," Diamond politely declined.

"Trust me, baby, I'm gonna fuck at least three hundred calories off the both of you before you leave this room today," Dusk shrugged, wrapping a hand around Sweetie's hips and groping her fat, jiggling ass. "You don't have to worry about getting fat from one or two drinks."

Diamond bit her bottom lip for a long moment, eyes focusing on nothing as she thought over the temptation. With a quiet sigh, she stood up and shrugged. Throwing her diet plan to the wind, she walked over to the fridge and rescued her own drink, cracking the bastard open and chugging it down in a matter of seconds.

"Oi," Sweetie said with a scowl. "Nurse those or else you're gonna be paying for new ones."

Diamond Tiara stuck up her middle finger at Sweetie as she bent down to pick up another soda. Sweetie cocked and eyebrow as Diamond searched around the fridge, probably looking for something more expensive. The alabaster mare's eyes dragged over to Dusk, full of evil and smug intent as she made a penetration gesture with her fingers, sticking the tip of her wet tongue out and nodding at Diamond.

Dusk nodded with a quiet chuckle of his own, getting up and positioning himself behind Diamond Tiara. A gently hand was laid on her wide hip, fingers softly caressing her flesh as Dusk lined his bitch-breaker up just outside the lips of her cunt, making sure Diamond was unaware of what she was about to get.

"I hear you two sniggering back there. If you think you're gonna pull some stupid prank on me, I swear I'll- unh, f-fuck!" Diamond was cut off as Dusk rammed all fifteen inches into her relaxed, unexpecting cunt.

Diamond threw her head back, screaming in surprise and ecstasy as Dusk's cock hit home into the deepest reaches of her womb. Her tongue hung from her mouth, eyes trembling in their sockets as her brain attempted to reboot itself. She couldn't fathom where she was for several long seconds, only able to process the fact she had a cock inside her so big, that she was positive it had just hit the inside of her skull.

"B-Be careful, you fucking ape!" Diamond yelled over her shoulder at Dusk, still barely able to form coherent sentences. "Your dick's the size of my arm! I can barely take something that- a-ahh! Oh, f-fuck!"

Diamond was cut off by Dusk grabbing a handful of her million-bit mane, ragging it backwards just as he set his piston hips to work on her quivering cunt. Diamond's breathing was hard and laboured at this point, the thunderous clap of Dusk's hips against her dummy thicc ass was more than likely alerting all the security guards in the building.

"Fucking wow, Dusk," Sweetie chuckled, watching Diamond's body shake and quiver with every impact of Dusk's hips, every thrust of his enormous, cunt-soaked cock. "I don't think I've ever seen you give it to any bitch this hard before... you'd be fucking the poor thing's tits of if, y'know... she had any."

Diamond tried to insult Sweetie, tried to get some kind of rational thought together to clap back at the more-buxom mare, but the clapping she was getting at her backside seemed to have robbed her of her ability to speak. Dusk yanked on her mane again, neither him nor the spoiled brat even mentioning the expense of him doing so, the load moans pouring from Diamond's maw at the abuse telling him only to go harder.

And go harder he did, slamming his cock as fast as he could into her cunt, virgin tight and feeling like oiled velvet, Diamond definitely had a natural one-up over Sweetie in this regard. The green-eyed mare had a cunt worth killing for, that was no lie, but Diamond... Diamond just had to be a better breeding stock than her, because this bitch's pussy was enough to blank his mind almost as hard as he'd done to her.

Every inch of her hot, wet insides was caressing his cock, clamped down almost tight enough to ache as his colossal length tore her insides up. Dusk leaned further forward on Diamond's body, wrapping an arm around her neck and applying pressure, just enough to make it more fun. Diamond seemed to enjoy it just as much, pussy clenching around his cock even harder than before, really making him have to work his muscle to keep ploughing her golden cunt.

Sweetie Belle watched in enraptured glory, a heavy blush on her cheeks as she watched Dusk pound pussy hard enough to make it sore. She could see the red stains of heavenly abuse appearing on Diamond's beaten keeps, the poor whore was more than likely going to bed bed bound for several days after Dusk got done with her. The stallion gritted his teeth almost hard enough to hurt, planting a kiss on the back of Diamond's sweat-soaked mane as she continued to pant and moan as best as she could in the stranglehold.

Sweetie stepped forward once again, stealing the drink that Diamond had pulled out of the fridge and cracking it open, taking a brief sip from the sugary mixture and exhaling in a loud, satisfied manner. Once she was done with her own thirst, she poured the rest of the cold soda over Diamond's head, soaking through her mane and having it spill down over her cheeks, muzzle and tits.

Once she tossed the can aside, Sweetie closed the gap even further, licking Diamond's soda-soaked face eagerly with her long, skilled tongue. She cleaned the mare's cheeks, lapping with sweet pants and hot little moans. The heat radiating from both of their faces was something Dusk swore he could feel from back there, though it was nothing compared to the heat boiling up in his own loins as he continued to ram Diamond's cunt.

She was beyond fucking incredible, everything he ever thought a pussy could be and halfway beyond it. His suspicions of Spoiled's bloodline being a heavenly gift to his cock, feeling the heat of the sex of her progeny around his throbbing dick, were becoming more and more valid as the minutes went by. He kissed Diamond on the back of the head again, catching the redness on her cheeks, whether through oxygen deprivation or mind-numbing arousal, he couldn't really tell at this point.

All he could tell was that he was at his limit with this hot little whore's cunt, pummelling it proper with his cock for this long had pushed him past the point of no return, and with several slow, harder-than-ever thrusts, Dusk blew his load deep inside Diamond, filling her womb up to the brim in no more than a few spurts before pulling out and cumming the rest of his hot, creamy load all over her mountainous ass.

He released his chokehold on the panting whore, allowing her to halfway collapse against the fridge, and taking a step back to admire his handiwork. Her ass was nearly-glowing red and no doubt still stinging, cunt still gaping from his size and dripping cum down her thick thighs, ass coated in a fine layer of sexual paint, all while the gasping, panting whore barely had the strength in her legs to keep standing.

"Y-You stupid fuck..." Diamond snarled, looking at Dusk with as much hate as she did exhaustion. "You came in me... w-why the fuck did you cum in me?"

"You're on birth control, right?" Dusk asked.

"That doesn't fucking matter!" Diamond yelled, nearly wasting the last of the air in her lungs. "You're not supposed to cum in me unless I fucking tell you to cum in me!"

"I think it looks great," Sweetie smirked, shoving Diamond up against the fridge and sliding her fingers into the rich bitch's creamed cunt.

"H-Hey! I'm still really sensitive down there!" she barked.

"I can tell... your cunt's still fucking shaking," Sweetie sniggered. "How many times did you cum during that?"

Diamond's cheeks flushed redder than ever, biting down on her lip and looking away from the two of them, refusing to even hint at the answer.

"Twice, right?" Sweetie asked.

Diamond's face twitched.

"More than twice?" the white mare asked in an amazed manner, eyes darting over to Dusk with a wide smile. "Dusk, baby, you just made this tight little thot cum on your dick at least three times."

Sweetie looked back at Diamond as she removed her fingers from her dripping cunt, suckling them clean of the mixture of nut and marecum before chuckling at Diamond's expense.

"I'm surprised you can still fucking stand, homegirl," she giggled. "Anyway, you take a seat and let me have my turn with Dusk. Then we can get onto the final round right-quick."

Sweetie walked over to Dusk, noting with amazement about how his dripping cock was still as stiff and as full as ever. She got down on her knees and planted a kiss on the cum-soaked head of the thing.

"I wanna taste her pussy," Sweetie said with a shrug, sliding her mouth down over his dick to sample the flavour good and proper.

Not only did Sweetie suckle and lick every inch just for the taste, she also did a rather good job of cleaning Dusk's colossus of a cock, nice and ready for round three. He felt the buzz beginning to form in the base of his cock as Sweetie started to lose focus, simply sucking cock for sucking cock's sake by now, something that was almost definitely a violating of the rules. Deck stacking, or a similar offence. She was giving herself an unfair advantage by getting Dusk ready to cum before he even stuck in in her properly, and that's no good.

He stopped her with a finger pressed to her forehead, sliding his cock out of her mouth and getting a pout in response.

"You're cheating," Dusk said in a disapproving matter.

"No I'm not. I'm cleaning," Sweetie scowled.

"If you 'clean me' like that, I'm gonna cum faster when we fuck," Dusk responded. "That's not fair to Diamond."

"Alright... so, what if I just make you cum from a blowjob again?" Sweetie asked, eyes sparkling gorgeously. "That'll set you back to zero good and proper, right?"

"That's not... come on, Sweetie," Dusk sighed.

"No, seriously," Sweetie said, pointing back a Diamond. "It'll give her some time to get her strength back between rounds, it'll make sure you're all good and numb for when I ride you and it'll give me a few much-needed calories."

Dusk was silent for a long moment, thinking it over before shaking his head, looking at Diamond as the deciding vote.

"What do you wanna do, darling?" he asked her.

"I need another ten minutes," she said, stumbling over to the bed and collapsing on top of it, desperately needing to air her sore pussy out. "Let her do whatever the fuck we she wants to you."

"Just a quick cum," Sweetie winked playfully.

Dusk sighed, eventually relenting to her decision and shrugging. He removed his finger from Sweetie's brow and allowed her to continue sucking him off. She beamed eagerly, spearing her throat with his cock again and working that magic mouth he'd come to expect from her. He continued to show his godlike virility by, after essentially creaming three whole, the hung-dick stallion was leaking pre into Sweetie's throat in a matter of seconds, pouring the much thinner, but just-as-delicious ichor down her gullet.

"Fuck, Sweets..." Dusk grinned, petting her affectionately on her thick, curly mane.

She winked at him, knowing full well the power she possessed between those lips for hers. She worked on him good and proper. Not making an attempt to have him cum his brain out through his dick as she'd done before, but keeping a steady rhythm she knew the femmy stallion would enjoy. Hands flat on the floor and leaning her weight back and forth onto his cock, Sweetie displayed a confidence and skill you'd have thought she'd sold her soul to get ahold of.

Lips taut, tongue skilled, and throat working overtime once again to get the stallion drooling pre down her gullet, and faster than either of them imagined she could get him too, Dusk was cumming down her throat once again. Sweetie broke away with a contented, satisfied sigh, allowing Dusk to cum a few spurts on her tongue before swallowing it down eagerly.

With the reset button hit, Sweetie got to her feet, gesturing with a soft finger for Dusk to lie himself down on the bed and let her go to work on him. The stallion nodded amicably, placing himself with his back to the headboard of the enormous bed, eyes eagerly devouring Sweetie's form while his cock, as rigid and huge as ever, eagerly awaited the next round of contest from the two.

"You gonna warm yourself up first?" Dusk asked as Sweetie straddled his waist, rubbing his soaked cock against the dripping lips of her cunt.

"Of course, baby," she moaned in an adorable tone, effortlessly dropping herself onto Dusk's cock and taking the entire length into her womb with nothing more than a short groan. "There. All warmed up."

"Try not to hurt yourself, kid," Dusk chuckled playfully, placing his hands on Sweetie's wide, birthing hips and settling in for a ride.

"No promises," she giggled.

With that, she put herself to work on his cock, riding that fucker as best she knew how. The mare was good; as tight and as skilled as you could get when it came to riding a cock as big as his... but Diamond had something more. Diamond had less skill than Sweetie did, but her natural talent, just how good her pussy felt from the get-go, put her above Sweetie in quite a huge way.

Diamond's pussy felt like a tunnel to heaven, every inch of her insides being the smoothest, tightest, most incredible ride his cock had ever been on. Sure, the bitch wouldn't work a cock to save her life and made to attempt to once he was balls deep inside her, but Dusk's simple presence in that billion-dollar cunt was enough to make him drool.

Sweetie felt great, and the way she threw herself around on his dick was something he'd genuinely have to write home about one of these days. But her cunt just wasn't the heavenly gift that Diamond's was, despite how good she could use it. Dusk's fingers slid from Sweetie's hips and down to her thighs, hefting her up and slamming her down as she rode, bucking his own hips forwards, hitting deeper and deeper into the little whore's womb as she seemed to be losing herself to her own pleasure.

She drooled, without shame or care, down her chin and onto her tits, her tongue spilling her sweet-scented saliva down her enormous jugs as Dusk fucked that cunt deep and raw. His balls slapped against the underside of her ass, ever-full as always and coated in sweat, both his cock and sack stained with the lipstick from both of his whores and reeking of the smell of their pussies.

The room itself had gotten hot, too much sweat, too much cum, and so much exertion had made the air feel thick and heavy, like a sexual fog lingering over the entire room. The place felt sweaty and debaucherous, something that could almost sink into the skin of all of them and stain them for life. This was the kind of sex that'd make you stop and think about how you could ever be a respectable member of society once you were finished blowing your load inside the asses of two teenage girls you'd been roped into a sex contest by.

Dusk was a prince, for fuck's sake, and here he was staining the wombs of two college students who, minus the stacked tits and big asses, came off as sweet and innocent as possible... and he'd recently just finished blowing the back end of one of them out after choking her like a dime-store slut he'd picked up off the corner. It was as perverted and depressing as it was arousing and fulfilling.

He watched Sweetie's abdomen flex and tense as she rode him, using that core strength she'd built up to give him both a good ride and a good show. While Sweetie wasn't the sexual powerhouse that Apple Bloom was, the girl's body had been trained through enough hard dickings to be able to power blast a cock for longer than thirty seconds without needing a four minute break and an ambulance called for her.

The sweat clung to her body, the ache in her legs and stomach was clearly there... but the mind-melting pleasure of a cock as big as her forearm stretching her out in every direction it could fit in her was more than worth a little bit of exhaustion at the end of the day. And they weren't done yet. Once Sweetie had finished pounding out a rhythm on Dusk's fat prick, he still had to fuck her spine out of her throat when he got a go at her tight, fat ass.

Sweetie's thighs trembled, biting down on her lip, as she threw her head back and moaned loudly, cumming on Dusk's cock with a satisfied shudder and making no attempt to hide it as Diamond has. The bitch dripped down his shaft and stained his crotch with pride and dignity... as best as you could when having your womb smashed by your college professor.

And it seemed they wouldn't have to wait for the third round, as Dusk gritted his teeth and nutted another river inside Sweetie's cunt, the alabaster bitch not even halfway through her own orgasm before being hit with the pleasure of her womb being filled with hot, thick spunk. She shivered again, teeth chattering briefly and thighs trembling harder than ever, as Dusk simply leaned forward and pinned Sweetie to the bed.

With gentle strokes of his trained his, he milked his cock into the pile of sweat, fem-cum, and curled mane that lay beneath him, using every inch of his dick as best he could with long, slow thrusts. He walked her through the rest of her orgasm, locking lips with the quivering whore as he pussy continued to send wave after wave of pleasure through her. Tongues lashed and lips clicked, purrs and moans of adoration, lust, and satisfaction dripping from their union before Dusk finally pulled out of Sweetie's over-filled cunt.

"Ah... haaa..." Sweetie panted, collapsing in a proper heap on the bed, the soft sheets absorbing the sweat she dripped onto them along with the beautiful cocktail pouring out of her well-fucked hole. "Need... more drinks... and a three-hour nap..."

"Not yet, sugar," Dusk smirked, slapping her gently on her thigh before looking over at Diamond.

The pink slut had recovered quite efficiently, no longer looking as if she were ready to pass out from exhaustion. Her blush was gone, her breath was steady, and she was sitting up in a stable and conscious fashion that told him she was ready to go again.

"So?" Diamond asked. "Who won that round?"

"Sorry, Sweetie," Dusk said with a brief sigh, looking at Diamond with a smirk. "But I've gotta give that round to our little money thot over here."

"As to be expected," Diamond stated arrogantly, turning her nose up and flicking her long mane over her shoulder.

"How'd she cinch it?" Sweetie asked.

"She's just better stock, I'm afraid," Dusk shrugged, watching Diamond's ego inflate a thousand times more than before.

As if it wasn't bad enough already.

"So, we're all tied up," Diamond stated, standing up off the other side of the bed and placing her hands on her wide, mommy-fetish hips. "What's say we finish this off with a bang?"

"That's a terrible joke..." Sweetie wheezed out. "You suck..."

"Sure thing, sandpaper pussy," Diamond sniggered, turning to Dusk with a much more serious expression as she cleared her throat. "Now... I know you were more than forceful with my pussy earlier... but that kind of behaviour won't be tolerated again. Not with my asshole, you hear me?"

"And why's that?" Dusk asked, cocking his eyebrow in an interested fashion.

"Because I said so!" Diamond barked, her voice hardening for a brief moment only for a red stain to flush her cheeks again as she crossed her arms over her ironing-board chest. "And because... because I haven't, uh, been around this block a lot..."

"Don't get fucked in the ass a lot, you coward?" Sweetie asked mockingly.

"Shut up, you!" Diamond yelled, throwing a pillow at the still-panting white mare. "And not a lot... never at all."

"You mean you've never taken it in the ass before?" Dusk asked with a smirk.

"I don't... I try to be much more classy than that," Diamond harrumphed.

"Try to be?" Dusk poked.

"It's just... I..." Diamond began, joining her hands over her chest and confessing. "I really want it... I've just been too ashamed to ask."

"Then I will be more than honoured to take you for a fucking ride, Tiara," Dusk smirked, patting the bed next to him and grinning widely. "But just be aware of one thing."

"What's that?" Diamond asked.

"I'm gonna fuck you like a dog," Dusk said in an arousingly-dark tone. "And you're gonna take it like a bitch."

Diamond's eyes widened in shock, blush hotter and harder on her cheeks as she almost physically recoiled Dusk's filthy words hit a special part of her desires... before a smile crawled onto her face and she nodded almost desperately.

"Y-Yes," she whimpered, crawling onto the bed and presenting herself for Dusk, legs wide apart and head resting on her arms. "Rut me."

"Fuck, that's hot," Sweetie groaned in a beyond-horny tone.

"Indeed," Dusk grinned, positioning himself behind Diamond and sizing her up good and proper before enjoying himself.

The bitch's ass was fat. As broad as a grown stallion's shoulders and full to burst, each cheek being two or three handfuls alone all the while being full like a water balloon. She got her from her mama, and he mama was as hot a whore as she was. Ass like a mountain and the slutty spirit to let him use it like a free ride at the theme park. His cock twitched as he spread her enormous cheeks apart, eyeing up her puckered, virgin asshole with a hunger the likes of which he hadn't seen in a good while.

In a manner so disrespectful to Diamond, and yet so fucking arousing, he nonchalantly spat on her asshole, getting a surprised yelp followed by a horny moan from his whore as he rubbed it in with the head of his cock. His tool was still slick with the spunk and femcum he'd gained from Sweetie, eager and waiting to slide deep inside her. Diamond was clenched up and nervous, doubly so when she felt Dusk's fat bitch-breaker probe her tight ring, applying just enough pressure to put the squeeze on it, but not enough to penetrate her.

Diamond's thighs trembled, the cheeks of her ass shaking as a result, and another arrogant smile crawled over Dusk's lips. He clapped his hands to her ass, Diamond yelping at the sudden sensation and sound, before he applied more pressure to his hips. His wet cock was ready and aching to fuck this tight ass, so he didn't hold it back anymore. Diamond moaned loudly as his cock entered her, just the head alone being enough to make her asshole stretch nearly as wide as it would go.

"F-Fuck... fucking f-fuck..." Diamond growled, teeth clenched and toes curled as Dusk's seemingly never-ending cock continued to bury itself deeper and deeper inside her.

He could see the pressure her ring had on his cock as easily as he could feel it, her asshole looking like a paper straw trying to fit a log through it as it was pushed to its limits.

"It feel fucking amazing..." Diamond moaned.

"And I haven't even got going yet, baby," Dusk grinned. "Just wait till its in your fucking stomach..."

She gripped the bedsheets tightly between her fingers, Dusk's medial ring hitting against her asshole and acting as somewhat of a barrier.

"Deep breaths," Dusk instructed, something Diamond followed immediately.

With a brief-yet-powerful thrust of his hips, he shoved his ring inside her, stretching her out just that little bit wider than before. She moaned loudly, throwing her head back and letting it sound clear, hot, and heavy. Sweetie was now capable of moving again, aligning herself next to Dusk and watching his cock finally hit home inside Diamond's tight cavern.

"I feel so full..." she managed to whisper.

"I can see why," Sweetie smirked, slapping Diamond on her cutie mark and watching her ass ripple, eyes looking at Dusk as she spoke again. "Fuck her in half, stud."

"Planning on it," Dusk grinned, leaning over to Diamond's ear and whispering to her. "You ready to get your stomach filled, bitch?"

"Y-Yes..." she whimpered. "Break me."

Dusk did as instructed with great pleasure, drawing his hips back rapidly and slamming it home with enough force to knock Diamond's body forward.

"F-Fuck! Ah! Ah! F-Fuck!" the mare screamed as Dusk's hips began pistoning as they did so perfectly.

He pinned her tail over her back with his magic, staring down at her big, bouncing ass it rippled and trembled with each solid fuck. The clap of her ass was as loud and as hot as it had been before, her ring flexing and straining around Dusk's titanic cock as it stirred up her insides something fierce. She was a mewling, twitching, sweating pile of goo within three minutes of Dusk tearing up her ass.

She couldn't keep herself focused, couldn't keep her eyes locked onto one thing and lacked the mental processing to close her mouth. Her face rested in a puddle of sweat and drool, tongue hanging loosely out of her mouth and eyes rolled almost far back into her head enough to hurt. She couldn't think straight, couldn't remember what day it was, and if she had the capacity to even process what lungs were right then, she'd have been ungodly thankful they worked by themselves.

"F-Fuck it harder, daddy!" Diamond begged, finally managing to scrape together enough brain to speak.

"Ooh, she's one of those whores, huh?" Sweetie asked, again slapping and squeezing Diamond's ass. "I fucking love these kinds of bitches, y'know? They're so kinky!"

"G-Give it to me, daddy!" she begged louder. "I need it harder!"

Being a kind stallion, Dusk gave the twitching fuckpile what she wanted, hammering his hips harder and harder against her ass, watching it turn redder and redder with each consecutive smash as he beat her asshole up good and proper. His cock began to ache from the strain, not just of the pounding, but from how fucking tight Diamond's back end was. Like a vice-grip around every inch of his enormous dick and he was loving every second of it.

Diamond's pussy dripped a river down her thighs, spilling onto the bed and leaving yet another unholy stain on the sheets that would more than likely haunt this room until the hotel was destroyed. She nearly tore the sheets into pieces, tugging and pulling at them so hard as Dusk's monster cock brutalised every inch of her cove in the most beautiful way.

She couldn't take it anymore and it seemed that neither could he, her cunt clenching down on nothing as she came hard enough to scream from nothing more than getting her ass fucked, something that amazed and turned on Sweetie Belle even more.

"What a fucking whore..." Sweetie commented, reaching around to Diamond's cunt as fingering her through her orgasm. "How the fuck are we supposed to call a filthy bitch like you a lady? How is anyone on this planet supposed to look up to and respect a businessmare who cums from getting it in the ass? You're so fucking nasty, Diamond Tiara and I absolutely love it!"

This pushed Dusk over the edge, his fingers digging into Diamond's hips almost hard enough to bruise as he locked himself in place with one final thrust, balls emptying into Diamond's guts as the stallion trembled and shook from orgasmic bliss, his own thick thighs twitching and tensing for several long seconds.

He pulled out of her, leaving her asshole sore, gaping, and dripping cum as he dropped onto the bed, hitting hard against the headboard and panting loudly. Sweetie wasted no time getting into her next meal, eagerly eating Diamond's ass while the sweating, moaning whore rode through the last few moments of her orgasm.

The heat in the bedroom was unbearable by this point, making Dusk's eyes sting as he could barely manage to keep them open. Sweat clung to all three of them, the scent created by the mixing of such large amounts of perspiration, cum, ladylube, spit, and soda combined together was thick, visceral, disgusting, and insanely arousing to all three of them.

Dusk, being the god of virility that he was, still had as many rounds as needed left in him, climbing up from his brief respite and mounting Sweetie Belle's behind.

"Ready to take it like the bitch you are?" he asked his student.

"Always, daddy," she winked playfully.

Sweetie's ass needed no introduction to Dusk's beast. They were well acquainted and had done this dance many times for many nights before now. He didn't need to warm her up, he just needed to rut her. He rammed himself in, from tip to base, in a single thrust, smashing into the curly-maned little fucksock with everything he had in him. It knocked Sweetie forward back into Diamond's ass, cum spilling down onto Sweetie's maw that she eagerly lapped up.

The steady rhythm of pounding cut through the silence, soon becoming a mixed track of slaps, moans, and grunts from Dusk and his second bottom bitch of the evening. He fucked her just the way he always did, leaned over her back with his hands pressed into her shoulders, pinning her down and getting all the leverage he needed as he hammered her asshole good and proper.

The sweat from his balls mixed with the excitement of her cunt, the wet and heavy scent hitting their noses as hard as Dusk's nuts hit Sweetie's pussy. The bitch loved it, as she always did, and she wasn't shy of letting the room know it. Moans, loud and horny, coming from the back of her throat and having the growl of an animal in heat, poured out of her maw like a fountain. Diamond was barely conscious, now nothing more than a panting cum depository after her time with Dusk, and Sweetie was eagerly lapping at Diamond's cunt, staining her muzzle with her femcum as she gulped down more and more of it.

Whores through and through, the two of them, and Dusk adored them both for it. He couldn't keep the smile off his face, no matter how much his body was aching at this point. The tight cove of Sweetie's asshole stroked his cock as eagerly and lovingly anything could, his dick plunging into one of the many second homes it found on the body of the former-CMC leader as he rocked her body sore that night.

He found himself drooling at this point, thick spit dripping down onto the small of Sweetie's raised back, watching it slide down and mix with the glistening sweat on her shoulders. He could feel his balls twisting and filling once again, his orgasm approaching fast and hard, making his organs need to work overtime to keep up with the sheer amount of fucking he and his bitches had gotten through that night.

His cock hummed with sexual energy again, throbbing, twitching, and spilling pre into Sweetie's asshole, nothing more than a minute prologue of the torrent that would fill her organs to the brim. Her body was slick against his, their fur matted and sweaty, making them both slippery and hard to keep a hold of, but the tight grip off her ass on his cock ensured neither of them were going anywhere until he filled her up like a soda cup and took his leave for the night.

He couldn't keep himself in line anymore at this point. Her body was too hot, her asshole was too good, and the pleasure boiling through his loins was too strong to resist. Dusk came hard and he came lots, dumping yet another bucket load of splooge into Sweetie's body, her head launching back and moaning as best it could with the chest compression his hands were putting on her.

Pump after pump filled her more and more, his cock pulsing and twitching with each spray of hot, sticky jizz he emptied inside his wonder-whore. Eventually he pulled out, cumming all over her ass and down her back before dropping onto his own fat rear, nearly losing consciousness as the lack of and over-expenditure of fluid was now starting to get to him slightly.

"Oh, fuck yes!" Sweetie cried out, feeling Dusk's fat load pour from her gaping asshole and down her thick, creamy thighs.

The three of them didn't have it in them to move anymore, exhausted to the point of collapse as they lay in their own respective sexual wonderland, content as content could be by now.

"So..." Sweetie asked, still in the same fucked-stupid position. "Who wins that round?"

"I... I think that has to be a tie between the two of you," Dusk answered slowly. "Your asses are fucking incredible..."

"That's not..." Diamond protested, forcing herself up onto her hands and knees to glare at Dusk. "That's not fair! T-That means neither of us win!"

"Also means neither of you lose," Dusk shrugged.

"Somebody has to!" Diamond barked. "I didn't just get my organs rearranged for the past forty minutes just to win a... a fucking participation medal!"

"Yeah!" Sweetie chimed in. "Somebody's gotta be the loser here! So re-score, re-tally, and re-decide who the slave's gonna be!"

Dusk was silent for a long moment, eyes closed as he thought through everything a second time. No matter what he thought and what they wanted, he couldn't give that last round to either of them. The sheer size of Diamond's ass should push her above Sweetie, but Sweetie uses her ass better. Their holes both felt like heaven, so there was no deciding factor in that competition. And on top of that, both of them were clearly too tired for a sudden death round... so he made his decision.

"You know who loses?" Dusk asked the two of them, watching their ears perk up and eyes sparkle brightly. "Me. I lose."

"You?!" Diamond snapped loudly. "That's... that's complete shit! You weren't even in the competition that way!"

"Y-Yeah, c'mon, Dusk... that's a shit verdict," Sweetie pouted.

"So you're telling me that neither of you want me to be your slave for the next two days to do whatever you want me to without a choice?" he asked, his tone playful and daring.

The two mare's faces dropped at this revelation, eyes going halfway blank as they were lost in their thoughts, soon drifting over to each other's gaze where their decision seemed to be made. Victorious, almost sadistic smirks crawled onto their faces as they looked from each other to Dusk, crawling over to him and placing their hot, sweaty, fucked-stupid bodies against his and collapsing in a pile.

"You're wearing a collar, bitch boy," Diamond sniggered.

"And you better not be opposed to some risky fucking, sugar," Sweetie giggled, toying with Dusk's soft, pert chest.

"Whatever you want, my mistresses," Dusk grinned widely, soon closing his eyes and beginning to drift off to sleep.

This practice was followed good and quick by the other two, leaving all three of them in a deep, exhausted, and sexed-out slumber that should hopefully leave them refreshed and ready for two days of the wildest shit they could think of to do with their brand new slave.