Karma's A Bitch

by Dr Sharaz Jek

First published

Sunset Shimmer's team up with the Dazzlings to seek revenge backfires, turning them into Spike's slaves.

Nightmare Night is now eternal, transforming many into monsters. Sunset Shimmer and the Dazzlings have been exploiting this to seek vengeance.

However, a mistake allows Spike to take control, allowing him to add Sunset and the Dazzlings alongside the already broken Rarity to his harem...


Chapter 1

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It was another endless Nightmare Night of Rarity, prostrated on all fours and collared like a proper bitch, took Spike's knot while he relentlessly and mercilessly rutted her. She panted and yelped, tears of shameless joy making the mascara her master applied each day run, her pouty lips smeared in bright lipstick and dog spunk which dribbled and ran down her chin.

Udders that were so pale her veins were visible slapped and smacked under his brutal thrusts while the dog mounted her, driving his hips with such force her buttocks wobbled. She was nearly tipped forward each time he speared her. Her pastel pink nipples were fully erect under the cool breeze that whistled through the dim warehouse, and her similar colored pussy and ring of her anus puckered while she squeezed down on the vein-lined, fat red cock which spread her tunnel wide open.

Tucked away in the secluded, abandoned building, the dusty interior was lined with rows of denuded, anatomically correct female mannequins that seemed to blankly stare at them. Not that either could care, Spike reduced to a mere beast by the darkness that now suffused the world, much larger and more muscular while he bred his bitch with reckless abandon.

Sunset Shimmer padded in wearing her black fuck me boots. She wore her old costume, which she filled out more nicely than ever, her mouth twisted in a malicious smile. “Might as well get into the spirit of things,” she decided with a shrug and started to cast off her clothes starting with her leather jacket. It landed on a small table nearby where her tools waited.

She'd left the camcorder running constantly where it rested on the table, stopping in the rare moments she needed to change the film, capturing each moment of Rarity's ongoing humiliation. The magically-laced drugs mixed into her food had shattered her psyche and transformed her into a permanent bitch-in-heat. “How about we livestream this one, Rarity?”

Sunset set up the recorder like Aria had shown her. She laughed at the stupefied expression on her former friend's face, her shapely physique shifting in a sultry manner while she removed her top and skirt which she chucked too.

By now she was down to a lacy black bra that barely contained her bulbous breasts, a matching pair of lacy panties that hugged her wide hips and butt like a second skin, and of course her trademark boots which denoted her bad girl nature.

Finally she unlaced her top, leaning over so that her tits swallowed the camcorder's view, and let them fall loose with a bounce. They hung suspended and she shook them about with a cackle. Then she turned, bent over and letting her ass fill the lens, as she peeled down her underwear and bared her ass and pussy to the world. She stepped out of them, a landed a two-handed smack on her rump which jiggled. “You want this, don't you?” She spread her backside open, showing off her asshole and pinkness.

The 'good' Sunset had quite a following online. Fanboys everywhere had cried bitch tears when she and the Dazzlings had raped and murdered her Mary Sue Waifu counterpart, the feast they'd made of her immortalized by one of Aria Blaze's snuff films. Nightmare Night had twisted many humans into monsters; in her case it split Sunset into two halves and the 'evil' side won out!

Now she teamed up with the Dazzlings to seek revenge on those who had violated her soul and turned her into such a bland, milquetoast little wench who stifled herself to please polite society. Patience wasn't her strong suit. She'd kept up this charade too long. Time to show the world how much she hated them for destroying the proud, independent woman she was!

She pushed the dog bowl under Rarity's cunt, the leakage of her pussy juice and Spike's excess doggy cum drooling into it. It was her slave's breakfast, lunch, and dinner, packed with all the nutrition and protein she required. “All a growing bitch needs,” said Sunset who patted Rarity's belly which had started to swell with pups. She stopped and squeezed her hanging, pendulous udders, feeling warm milk shoot over her palms while she pinched and slapped them about so that they knocked together.

So consumed was she by the moment that Sunset failed to notice him withdraw from his bitch with a pop. Rarity panted with Spike, her well-used cunt gaping open and overflowing with his messy seed sliding down her inner thighs. His shadow fell over Shimmer who laughed at her former friend's humiliation, her face permanently warped by heat and rapture.

Suddenly the muscular hellhound rose up on his haunches and slammed his weight atop Sunset. “What the fuck...ugh,” she cried as his claws dug into her shoulders and scratched them, unable to break his hold. “Get off me, you stupid mutt!”

But the warped monstrosity wasn't satisfied with one mere bitch; he wanted to spread his seed far and wide. “N-no,” she cried in wide-eyed horror when he started to buck at her, his knot trying to batter its way inside her puffy pussy lips. She desperately tried to scramble away, unable to break his hold; and after several savage thrusts he finally found his mark.

“Nooo~” But her whines were lost when his cock finally sunk into his would-be sleeve, knotting the latest who would bear his offspring. His claws roughly molested her pendulous breasts, leaving more scratches over them. He drooled over her back with his tongue out, happily humping his hoe with somehow even more brutality than he'd constantly delivered to Rarity.

He bit the nape of her neck. Scratched down her tits and buttocks, left red marks that trailed down them. Her screams mixed with moans, her entire face burning, her cunt forced to conform to his knot's shape which spread her impossibly wide.

Wet schlicks and loud slaps sounded, her asscheeks smacking under his bucks each time he nailed his breeding toy. He continued to nip and claw at her, tears straining down her face even while she moaned and whined between her blubbering.

She shrieked in realization when he planted a paw atop her head and slammed her face down. Rarity had carried the doggy bowl before Sunset, and mixed in the same drugs that had broken her to help her alpha out. She watched Shimmer's face end up buried in an overflowing dish of soupy, salty spunk, and she was forced to choose between swallowing or drowning in it.

She held her breath long as she could while he continued to rape her silly, battering her cervix with repeated blows hammering away, until she coughed. Immediately the messy sperm filled her mouth and nostrils, sliding down her throat, some blinding her crying eyes. She was forced to drink large chunks down, the warm creamy deluge settling into her stomach and sloshing about.

With a gasp she was finally able to lift her head, mongrel cream running from it, sluicing down her chin and dripping onto her swinging and swaying breasts, dangling from her erect nipples. Her memories started to blur and bleed away, replaced by stupefying bliss as the drugs numbed and warped her mind. Soon she'd be exactly like all those slutty bimbos she despised so much, her brilliant mind forever shattered. Her gaze focused on Rarity, a painful reminder of what she would soon become.

While he grunted and growled, rutting her, Rarity lapped at her face which was fully flushed almost scarlet as her hair. Her entirety shook with each manic plunge, and her funholes instinctively squeezed down.

Despite her sobs she chewed her lower lip in attempt to restrain her moans, which grew louder as her sanity dimmed, until her lewd whimpers echoed throughout the room.

One of his paws rested atop her head and slammed it down. Her cheek connected with the slippery floor and slathered it in more splooge. With a last, hateful thrust, Spike smashed against her cervix, balls deep in his whore when he opened his maw and howled. His balls churned when his seed pumped repeatedly, directly into her uterus, her eggs swimming in a sea of his sperm.

“Please...no,” were Sunset's last words before her mind as she knew it was finally swallowed up. “Yes...more,” cried her new self, shrilly squealing in a whorish manner while she squirted over his vein-lined cock and furry testicles. She milked him for all he was worth, while Rarity playfully batted at Sunset's luscious tits, making them knock about and into each other.

Pretty soon Rarity and Sunset sat submissively before their master, each adorned with collars that read SPIKE'S BITCH. They panted in contentment.

He raised up, wrapped his claws about their heads, and wiped his dick upon their faces, smearing around his cum which they slurped up. However, the beast was far from satisfied simply with his current bitches...

Chapter 2

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When their fourth member Sunset Shimmer failed to turn up after days, the Dazzlings decided it was time they tracked her down. Led by Adagio, the trio made their way into the abandoned warehouse, the lights dimmed to the point they eerily cast a glowed upon the lines of nude, anatomically-correct female mannequins which cast shadows across the dirty floors.

Their footsteps echoed while they slowly maneuvered inwards and took it all in. Aria stuck to the middle with a perpetual snarl, whereas Sonata shivered at the back, arms clasped tight to her despite the fact that they were supposed to be the monsters here!

Adagio planted a hand on a wide hip and shook her head. “Sunset took care of Rarity, so she should be here somewhere...”

A bark sounded from deeper within which made them pause. “Must be Spike,” said Sonata who wandered towards the noise. Around a corner she came upon the werewolf-like beast, a mass of fur and muscle, who was happily humping away at Rarity, knotting his bitch who was on all fours. His thick pink cock was lined with veins, snugly locked within her puffy moist pussy lips.

The stench of their musk and the dog bowl overflowing with his semen was overpowering. The Dazzlings paused to inhale it, to the point where wet spots started to spread across the crotch of their panties. Their bodies were heating up, thighs pressing together, desperate to have their cunts filled. Without even thinking about it they stripped and tossed aside their clothes.

Their heads swam, dulled by euphoria, dizzied and sluggish in their clumsy movements. “It's...it's like our siren pheromones,” whispered Adagio whose face was fully flushed like her sisters. “We...we'd better leave.” Yet her body refused to obey.

Aria and Sonata fared no better, betrayed by their flesh, slave to their instincts. “What the hell?!”

From further in bellowed a deep voice. “I knew you'd come eventually!” Out from the shadows crawled Sunset Shimmer, naked on her hands and knees like a lowly animal, bulbous breasts hanging and swaying while she wiggled her hips and buttocks while she padded forward. Like Rarity she wore a choker tagged SPIKE'S BITCH and panted with her tongue drooped out.

A leash tethered her to the booming stranger; the minotaur was a mountainous chiseled mass, completely nude with a comically large cock swinging between his legs, partially erect and with pre beaded on its tip. “Welcome to Iron Will's domain!”

Finally survival instincts overwhelmed any lust, and the Dazzlings turned and attempted to stumble to the exit; however the door slammed with finality behind them with an echo. Chains and a heavy padlock were set in place by a trio of a gang called the Diamond Dogs; even before Nightmare Night they had resembled subhuman, bestial stereotypes, but now they had fully warped into dog and man hybrids, still as dirty and foul-smelling as ever while they leered with yellowed razor teeth.

Worse still whatever drugs were in the air made their reek intoxicating, mixing with theirs and Iron Will's masculine musk. “It only effects females,” said Iron Will with a chuckle. “Think of it as payback after all the people you toy with! Oh, don't misunderstand. Iron Will's no vigilante, but you believe in survival-of-the-fittest, right? Now you bitches are gonna bow to me!”

“No...no!” Adagio hissed, her eyes darting about, searching for a weapon; most of what she spotted were more mannequins.

“Get away you fuckers,” shrieked Aria through gritted teeth when the pack closed in on them.

“Built in handlebars,” growled one, dragging his swelled knot on her thin leg, smearing it with his discharge. Seizing her by the pigtails, he unceremoniously bent his bitch over, mashing his cock against her wet cunt in attempt to force it in.

She thrashed and sobbed, shaking, and after several attempts he hit his mark, widening her snatch when he knotted her. “Nnnooo~” She bawled pathetically, realizing she was helpless, forced to take the full length and girth of his cock which spread her wide open. She dripped over his dick and hairy balls while he drooled on her buttocks and asshole, hammering into her while he pulled on her twin tails with a low growl. Her small but pert tits bounced each time he brutally raped her.

“Ouch,” cried Sonata who was pulled by her ponytail by another gang member, his own fat knot swelled by the lewd display. Easily the most voluptuous of the three sisters, she was similarly bent over, and was soon taking his cock, her wide buttocks and balloon tits comically bouncing about when he savagely violated her, clawing at her flesh with a howl.

Their leader reserved Adagio for himself; not quite as ample as Sonata but still rather shapely. His claws dug into her frizzy blonde poof, and he forced her onto her hands and knees like a mere mongrel, her screams soon turning to moans like her siblings when he drove himself into her warm, wet confines. Like them and Rarity her fuck canal squeezed around him, milking him, while his muscular hips thrust away at his fleshy prey. Crazy as it seemed, all she could think about was to take his seed.

“Don't think I've forgotten about you,” said Iron Will who lifted up Sunset from behind into a full nelson with powerful arms and snorted. “Time to rock my cock!” His monster member would have made a still sane Shimmer whimper in fear; it wetly slapped upon her belly. Pretty soon he lowered her onto it, fully impaled her, and she whined with a reddened face.

Parted impossibly wide, she squealed like a bitch in heat, and he plunged right past her cervix, bottoming out into her slippery, slimy womb, its goo dripping down his meat and swollen testicles. A chorus of moans resounded throughout the warehouse while he and his minions violated their victims, their slits gushing spatters each time they were relentlessly speared.

Loud slaps sounded under jiggling flesh. Breasts were mashed and slapped under paws, asscheeks kneaded and spanked, nipples twisted as they were forced to accept their dicks over-and-over. They layered their wombs with viscous, virile spunk pumped with fierce sprays into them, running down their inner thighs from the excessive loads fired into their depths.

Over the hours they traded partners, each taking a turn to seed their bitches. Their pussies and assholes gaping, running with trickles of splooge from repeated creampies, their uteri and bellies swollen with over a bucketful of messy spunk.

After a time the Dazzlings broke completely, forced to drink from dog bowls filled with drugged doggy semen, which they mashed between their teeth; it stuck between them, to their gums, coated their tongues, and they passed it between them and Sunset, forming a circle and bent low in an undignified manner. They slurped, exchanged, and drank it with low moans.

At the same time the Diamond Dogs and Iron Will formed their own circle, and jerked themselves off, shooting more ropes of cum all over them until they were completely drenched. Spike huffed, satisfied with his new pack and new master.


Sometime later Iron Will and his cronies delivered Sunset Shimmer to her home. They traveled to a landfill, past the bloated buzz of flies to a particular section, and the minotaur carried her nude shape in his strong arms. Spike was holding Rarity's leash between his teeth, and the Diamond Dogs similarly walked the collared Dazzlings, who skulked on like the bitches they were in the darkness that enshrouded the area, interrupted by the pale moon which shone above to illuminate them.

Once he reach the hilltop he dropped Sunset into the pit. She rolled barely conscious amidst a hill of her own pony toys and dolls; discarded, unsold thrash, unwanted as she was except for another good fuck. Her skull smacked hard upon the pile and jarred her. “Wh-what...?” Sleepily she blinked her eyes, awareness gradually returning. “What happened...?”

Sunset vaguely recalled all that had occurred as if within a dream; her entire life collapsed into mere moments. She recalled all the evil she'd done, her redemption then her person being split in two by Nightmare Night's now eternal influence. “I'm so confused.” Teary-eyed, she stared up at them, locked on Rarity in particular. “Please,” she whispered. “Help me...”

Rarity padded down with a stupefied smile on her face. When she reached her former friend, she hiked a leg, and sprayed a line of urine directly onto the face of the Mary Sue Waifu who sputtered and blubbered. Inspired by this display of dominance and humiliation, Spike also proceeded to mark her, then the Diamond Dogs, the Dazzlings, and finally Iron Will himself.

She heaved and lied in a puddle of urine, the sickeningly perfect, boring angel brought back down to a human level. Glazed over eyes stared at her own cheap toy likenesses, unsold to those hypocrites who claimed to love her, when in truth she was simply a disposable idol to them; another plaything for white knights the world over. “My past is not today,” she sang to herself.

“Guess we'll have to break her in again,” said Iron Will. They proceeded to run a train on her, then took her all at the same time the best they were able, triple penetrating the overrated whore, stuffed in her ass, pussy, and mouth while her hands were forced to stroke off another pair of cocks. The Dazzlings and Rarity helped by biting and suckling on her tits and buttocks.

This was her role. She could see the truth, now. A part of her broken brain told her she wasn't even canon to the real Equestria. And that her own show would be canceled soon; it had already run its course and been reduced to mindless fluff. But at least she'd live on in these alternate worlds, free to be exploited by horny thugs throughout time...