The Magical Mystery Tour...

by JimmyHook19

First published

Prepare for a display of mystical marvel!

Jimmy has reached a new year and a new decade full of opportunity. But that gem is so interesting.

...Is waiting to take you away.

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Hello everybody, and welcome back to our little corner of the internet. How much has happened since we last turned up here, on the last day of 2019 (and indeed the last day of the decade)? Well, truth be told, apart from a non canon dead end TF and some confusion over titling, not much on the writing front.

However, Jimmy has received something of a facelift. He, having previously having been not much of a conoisseur of facial hair, had decided to join in his long line's tradition of fashionable and magnificent microwave casserole.

No, that's not quite right. He had decided to join in his long line's tradition of fashionable and magnificent facial hair, that which saw one of his relatives frequently confused for the man with the bag. His current neckbeard was none too impressive, but it was a start, which is saying something. Jimmy intended to create something truly marvelous with it, although at the moment mustaches were right out, as he felt that having a ferret glued to his upper lip would be a less than fun experience. So, there he was, one fine day, in the beginning of the year, trying to decide what to do in his day and age. Manteo was fairly quiet, which was something of an achievement for their isolated, yet busy, island community, which not only had some engineers frantically trying to fix the set for The Lost Colony, which was looking a little worse for wear following a certain storm, but the military keeping a constant eye on the region due to the snow storm of not long ago.

But this was barely perceivable. Jimmy knew that there was stuff that needed to be done in town, noticing his shelves were looking more than a little empty. A shortage of bread was concerning, as well as the fact his juicing machine had packed in and needed some new parts to function again. And if you can't make juice, what's the point of getting out of bed in the morning?

Beyond any of that, he figured some time outdooors would help him greatly, assuming no she demons or sea things came out to threaten the town or generally cause mayhem.

Exiting the door of his home and wandering onto the street (or the sidewalk, as the pavement would be an idiotic place to walk), and headed into town. The snow still pervaded everywhere, so Jimmy was plentifully wrapped up in his coat to keep the cold out. The area was no stranger to sudden, violent snowstorms: one February had been so bad the streets had been more or less impassible for weeks and school had run over into July (which was rubbish). Anyhow, Jimmy found his way up the street, and looked out to sea, resting on the barriers that separated him from the ground and certain doom in the water. Looking across into the distance, on the other side of that vast expanse of water, was Britain and his mate Tom. True, his closest friend stateside was many states away in Kansas, but with the internet he was never truly alone. That sentiment fired his heart, and he walked further into the town, nearing the county hall when a glimmer (no, not that glimmer) caught his eye. It came from the snow, and he bent down to closely examine it with his eyes (and not his nose, unless he faceplanted). The object in question, as he examined it closely with his eyes, sat behind his dependable old glasses, was none other than a sapphire gem with a glow to it.

"Ooooh, pretty!" Jimmy said, and decided to be a magpie for a bit and borrowificated the object, placing it in his pocket as he walked along.

Later, Mad Uncle Geoffrey (whom you may remember from Alabama), saw Jimmy walking along, and greeted him. "Hello mr white horse!" he joked, referring to an incident many years ago where Jimmy had ended up as Rarity in the middle of a forest. Boy had they needed a dehumidifier that day.

"Jimmy is glad to greet you," Jimmy replied, before he stopped. "What? Why did I just speak in the third person?"

"I don't know," Mad Uncle Geoffrey replied. "Just don't do it too often, or you know what'l happen." He went on his way, and absentmindedly looked at the sky. "What a day that was."

Jimmy stopped in front of an ATM in order to recover some spare money to assist in purchasing things, but the machine decided to throw a wobbly and rejected his card.

"Argh! Jimmy hates this stupid thing!" he exclaimed. "Again? Jimmy does not understand why Ji- I am saying that!"

He briefly glanced up to see something in the glass reflection on the ATM, which gave him more than a clue as to what was going on.

His hair was suddenly a silvery white compared to it's previous brown, hanging in a messy pattern around him. As he glanced on, his wolly hat morphed into a pointy wizard's hat, which was soon festooned with dots of yellow and blue, and stars of yellow and blue to accompany it too. Yay, I can still rhyme!

A great, giant purple cloak appeared upon him, running down his entire body, with the same patterns of dots of yellow and blue, and stars of yellow and blue covering it with grandness.

In place, holding it in place, was the same sapphire gem that he had picked up a few minutes ago. "Of course!" Jimmy exclaimed. "Trixie's gem is doing this to Jimmy!"

This was followed by his clothes vanishing into thin air, but a layer of blue fur soon sprouted from his skin to compensate for that as his nose and mouth fused together to form a muzzle that then pushed out from his face. Not long after that, his ears slid up his head and poked out up on high as his eyes grew in size to turn to the color purple. In the midst of the eye size changing, this caused his glasses to shatter themselves to pieces, leaving nothing but fragment remains of them on the ground. A horn materialised soon after, revealing the identity of this individual as a unicorn.

His neck grew in length and cranked back into the air, followed by his shoulder being forced closer together. His entire body flipped forward, forcing into a quadrapedal position, as his limbs grew shorter and inverted, kneecaps breaking apart and reforming, and arms morphing into forelegs. His fingers vanished into his hands and his toes likewise went forth into his feet, changing to hooves in both cases as his hips widened.

His manhood pulled a disappearing act (ha ha), and then a tail, identical in color to the mane, appeared in place to avoid indecent exposure. With a flash appearing on her flank, indicating that her Cutie Mark had appeared at last, her transformation was now concluded.

Trixie, by now looking very silly, decided to teleport to the park, where she suddenly found a massive crowd (and Starlight Glimmer, yes that one) waiting for her. "Is this assembled crowd ready for something truly amazing?" she called.

The crowd cheered.

"The Grrrreat and Powerful Trrrrrixie will make Starlight disappear!" With a bright flash of her horn, the filly vanished into nothingness- only to magically reappear from a closet behind.

The crowd cheered once more, and exalted the greatness of Trixie and her performing art.

For Trixie, it was just another day on the road.