The Search For The Magic Flower

by Twilight Star

First published

When Trixie receives a letter from her mentor Princess Luna and discover that the princess has fallen ill. Trixie and her friends should go looking for the Magic Flower: That is able to cure everything. A Lunaverse story

Trixie and her friends are summoned to Canterlot Castle at the request of Princess Luna, they discover that the princess has fallen ill. Everypony, especially Trixie, is worried and wants to find a way to cure the princess. But after Luna talks about a Flower that has healing powers by ingesting it, Trixie and her friends team up to find the flower.

A princess is sick

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It was a beautiful day in Ponyville, the sun was shining, almost no clouds. Trixie and her friends were having a picnic in the park. At the picnic there was water, sandwiches, fruits, cupcakes and muffins. Each of the mares ate and drank something different: Trixie ate a tomato sandwich with cucumber. Derpy, a muffin. Cheerilee drank water. Carrot Top, an apple. Raindrops wasn’t eating, but was watching her friends eat since she wasn’t hungry at the moment. And Lyra watched the landscape of the park.

“What a beautiful day, girls,” said Lyra.

Trixie swallowed the piece of sandwich before answering. “Really beautiful, Lyra.”

“What are we going to do after eating, guys?” asked Lyra.

“How about if we exercise?” replied Raindrops.

Trixie looked at Raindrops. “What kind of exercises do you say?”

“We could all bet a race,” Raindrops looked at her other friends with a defiant smile. “Do you five accept?”

All, except Raindrops began to think before answering in unison. “Yes.”

Raindrops celebrated before pick up a white crayon, drawing one white line on the floor where her friends were and another line that stood beside a tree. “We’ll start here and get to where it is next to that tree.”

“I’m not trying to be selfish, but will the winner win anything?” asked Derpy, her hoof raised as she flew.

“There’s no prize in this race, Derpy,” said Raindrops.

Derpy smiled sweetly. “Well, I think this is more fun.”

The six mares stood near the line, in a position as if preparing to run.

“In your marks… prepare… aim… now!”

That said, they all started running. Who was in front was Raindrops and who was last was Lyra. Raindrops ran very fast. Although the others were struggling to run fast, they couldn’t. None of the mares were tired of running yet.

Arriving at the finish line, she celebrated as she flew and raised her hooves. “I won! I won!”

When the others arrived at the finish line, they were already tired and sat down. Sweat trickled down their faces.

Derpy, seeing that Raindrops was still celebrating, went to her. “Congratulations.”

Raindrops looked at Derpy. “Thanks.”

Suddenly a scroll appeared near Trixie. Trixie picked up the scroll to read. As she read, she looked worried.

“Trixie?” Derpy asked. “What’s written?”

Trixie looked at Derpy. “It’s from Princess Luna. She wants us to come to the castle together as soon as possible. ”

Luna was in her room, lying and covered to the neck. Her neck was a little red. She didn’t want to get sick. But it seems fate had other plans with her.

Luna heard a knock on the door. “You may come in.”

The door opened revealing Trixie, Carrot Top, Derpy, Raindrops, Cheerilee and Lyra. When Trixie saw her dear mentor in bed, she went to Luna worriedly.

“Princess Luna!” shouted Trixie. “What happened to you? Why are you in bed?”

Luna smiled. “Well it all started last night when I went to dinner ...”

The five mares sat on the floor to hear the story.

Luna waited patiently for her dinner. The cooks told her that the special dish would be vegetable soup. And that was her favorite kind of soup. She heard the sound of a door opening and saw Celestia.

Luna smiled. “Hi, sister.”

Celestia smiled back. “Hello, Luna.”

Luna watched Celestia sit beside her. “So? How was your day trip?”

“It was nice, Luna,” replied Celestia.

The kitchen doors opened, revealing a cook with two plates of soup. He handed one to Luna and one to Celestia before bowing.

“Bon appetite, princesses,” said the cook.

Luna and Celestia looked at the cook. “Thanks.”

Celestia and Luna grabbed a spoon beside them before they started eating. Their soups looked alike and the same.

While Luna ate, she didn’t know why, but she wanted to cough. The princess tried to resist, but the cough was stronger.

Celestia heard her sister’s cough and was worried. “Luna, did you cough?”

Luna looked at Celestia “Y-yes, sister.”

“Despite the cough, are you alright?” asked Celestia.

“Yes, sister,” Luna picked up the spoon and went back to eating.

Although Celestia was still worried about her sister, she decided to believe that Luna got better and it resumed eating her soup.

When the next day came, Luna woke up, but she woke up with a cough. Luna couldn’t believe it. She hasn’t improved from her cough yet. What was she going to do? But despite that, she decided to get up for breakfast. Her coughing stopped a little, but when she arrived in the dining room, she returned.

“Have you still with cough, Luna?” asked Celestia. On the table next to her was a pancake.

Luna looked at Celestia. “Yes, sister. What should I do?”

Celestia had an idea, but she was afraid Luna wouldn’t agree. “Why don’t you stay in your bed and rest until you get better?”

Luna looked worried. “But, sister. I have royal duties.”

“I do your royal duties for you and warn you that you mightn’t come because you’re sick.”

Luna wasn’t sure if she should let Celestia do her royal duties. “I don’t know, sister. They’re many. What if you get tired?”

Celestia smiled determinedly. “Don’t worry, Luna. I will fight to not get tired.”

Luna smiled. “Well, if you say that, I think you can do my royal duties until I get better.”

Trixie was surprised by what Luna told. “But I don’t understand. How did the soup make you sick?”

“I don’t know, Trixie,” Luna replied. “But I know something that can help me improve.”

Trixie smiled at just hearing. “Really? Do you know?”

Luna smiled back. “Yes, Trixie. There’s a flower on a mountain top that can cure disease.”

“And you have the map, princess?” asked Trixie.

“No. Sorry, Trixie,” replied Luna, now sad. “But I believe there must be a book that has a map.”

“Well, I think we can go to the castle library to search. But I’m scared, princess. What if we can’t?”

“Trixie, you’ll make it,” Luna said with a smile. “I believe you.”

Those words made Trixie a little happy. “Well, if you think so then me and. My friends and i are looking for a book that has a map.”

“Come on guys. To the library!” shouted Raindrops with his hooves raised. Everypony except Luna, Trixie, and Raindrops shouted for joy and ran to the library. Raindrops followed them.

Trixie watched her friends go before looking back at Luna. Luna nodded. Trixie smiled before following her friends.