The Lost Girl

by AlliePastel

First published

Following a series of unfortunate events, Applejack finds herself at the mercy of her girlfriend as she immerses herself in her new Manehatten lifestyle.

Applejack finds herself awake in the flat her girlfriend graciously lent her. However, with her past life in shambles. The ex-farm girl is stranded in Manehatten, blinded by her fervent desire to remain Rarity's baby girl.

(Content Advisory: Ageplay, Mdlg, and BDSM)

Chapter One: The Lost Girl

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Looking down at her wine glass, the woman with the daffodil colored hair twirled the liquid around; watching as the grenadine splashed up the sides of the glass. Cupping both sides of the glass with both her hands, she knocked it back. But, in her haste, dropped the glass and let its contents spill all over her blouse and bust before it rolled to the ground.

Too numb to react appropriately, she slumped her head down and crossed her arms. Despite her vision going dim, she heard as if someone called her name.


Gripping the room’s stainless-steel doorknob, the woman’s violet nails scrapped the metal a bit as she pushed her way inside. Given it was Applejack’s apartment she was barging into, she wasn’t too shocked to find clothes scattered on the floor and hung on furniture clothes were never meant to be hung on. She was shocked to find just how ‘retro’ everything in the room was. Manehatten 8th Avenue Sweets was by no means one of the cities’ nicer neighborhoods. But, it wasn’t a slum.

Trying not to occupy herself too much on the décor, Rarity kicked the door behind her shut. “Applejack, I know I said I had to work late tonight. But, that’s no excuse to ignore my texts. H-how much wine did you drink?” She asked, astonished to her friend’s baby blue sundress soaked cherry red.

Groaning, Applejack rocked from side to side on the couch, “A-ah didn’t drink m-much. Not anymore than ah am used to anyway.”

Glancing at the also stained mahogany coffee table, she found a bottle of Cherry Kijafa tipped over and hollow. Taking a deep breath, she paced her thoughts. “Applejack, sweetie, I’m not mad at you. I’m just concerned. It’s already half past midnight though and something tells me you didn’t even brush your teeth.”

Still too inebriated to react. Applejack too a deep breath, “I-I’m fine Rarity. Ah can look after myself.”

“I-I know.” Rarity replied, stepping up to her friend. Crouching, she rested her hand on her friend’s knee. A little off taken by the smell of stale urine, Rarity’s eye flinch but she shrugged off the thought, maybe she just wet herself? “Please though, let me help you to your bedroom? I know you’re not the tallest, but I don’t think this leather loveseat is a very good bed.

Shaking her head, the Apple family heiress shook her head, “A-ah’m fine sleepin on the couch.”

“Mmm. Well, at least let me help you lay down.” Rarity said, grabbing her friend’s shoulder and sliding her hand underneath the women’s thigh as she cradled her. However, as she lowered her friend onto her back, she could help but grace her hands across something that definitely wasn’t supposed to be there.

Applejack, meanwhile was too distracted by her blurred thoughts to pay much attention to her friend’s reaction. Her head sinking into the cushy side cushion, Applejack’s eyes shut, her mouth went agape, and she began snoring.

Her curiosity peaked, Rarity took note of her friend’s state and – in a very unladylike manner- took the opportunity to lift the sundress’s skirt. Oh my, darling, what are you wearing?

Standing up, Rarity pinched her temple and walked over to the adjacent couch in the room. Sitting down, she began unbuttoning her own blouse. I hate to intrude on your personal space Applejack. But, I’m not heading back home this late. Pulling down her black mini-skirt, she revealed a pair of blue pajama shorts akin to the starry white t-shirt she was wearing. Folding her clothes up neatly, she set them aside the couch, and laid back.


As the morning sunrise pushed against the roman curtains of the livingroom, the light bleeding into the room alerted the older of the two women that it was morning. The sight of a speckled sheeprock ceiling felt like an allusion, the loud snoring of her friend was enough to remind her that she was indeed in another person’s house, sleeping on cheap leather couch.

Turning onto her side, she couldn’t help but gawk at her friend. For as many women as she knew who looked like potential toys, Applejack had one of the most alluring figures she’d seen. Glancing at the woman’s curled toes and tracing her figure all the way to her hips, she couldn’t help but notice how chiseled her calves were and how far out her backside protruded the skirt of her dress. There really was no telling if that distortion was her natural figure or the infantile garment hanging around her waist. But, she really wanted to know.

Arising from her seat, the violet haired woman made her way over to her friend and knelt down on her knees. Taking a deep breath, she used the backside of her hand to brush the bushy blonde hair out from the cowgirl’s face. “Darling, I think it’s time to get up. We need to talk.”

“Ooooooh.” Applejack groaned, using both her palms to press down her temple as the pain of her sobered reality came rushing back in at full force. Cracking open her eyes, she couldn’t help but smirk a bit at the pleasant aroma of wisteria brisked her nose. Rarity?

“Oooooooh, indeed.” Rarity playfully mimicked, using her hand to graze her friend’s thigh (lood) before laying her palm flat on the woman’s soft skirt, “I’m very happy to see you are alright, Applejack. I had my doubts that you would make it to sunrise.”

Her head still banging like Metallica, Applejack chuckled a bit, “Hah. It’d take more than some cheap wine to take me down. Ah was just tryin’ to pass some time you know? It ain’t like I was doin’ anything else ‘til you got here.” Sitting up in her seat, a cold spongey sensation rode up her ass and caused her face to twitch. Tugging down her dress, her expression sobered again, “Not that I’m not delighted to see ya right now. But, why were you here last night? I thought we were heading to your place this morning.”

Seeing an opportunity, she bunched up the fabric of her friend’s skirt, “Cause, I figured you were so drunk that you might actually be in danger. You sent me like a dozen nudes around the time I was closing the gallery, then left me on read for two hours”

Squinting her eyes, the cowgirl mouthed the words back to her, “Ah sent you a dozen nudes? Ah’m sorry sugar, but for as inebriated as ah was. Ah don’t recall taking my clothes off and it ain’t like ah have nudes on my phones”

Continuing to flaunt around the fabric, Rarity mused the woman, “That’s because they were my nudes, darling. It was quite flattering actually, it’s not every day someone admits to ravaging themselves to a picture of you.”

Applejack’ face reddened.

“I will admit though, you’re the first woman I’ve known to keep her underwear on as she played with herself.” She said, pulling up the blue dress more, revealing a white plastic garment with more colorful farm animals and graphics printed on it than she could count, “You’re also the first women I’ve known who gets off to dressing like a baby.”

Increasingly flustered, Applejack snapped out of her trance, sat up, and curled her knees close to her chest, “Hey, ah’ ain’t some kind of weirdo. Ah was just very very drunk.”

“Ooh, I’m sure you were exceptionally drunk last night. But, we both know that your dependence on those babyish things run so much deeper than that.” The women retorted, using the opportunity to stand and place her hands on her hips, “Listen Applejack, you really don’t have to be so ashamed of your kink. If I was off-taken by it, we probably wouldn’t be in this situation now would we, sweetie?”

Her right leg bouncing profusely, the cowgirl crossed her arms and stared down at her apartment’s gray throw rug. That was until a hand grabbed and lifted her chin, forcing her to focus on her mistress’s face. She thought to herself, No, I suppose it wouldn’t. But, found herself muted by pressure of her mistress’s black cherry lips on her own.

It wasn’t long until she felt the hands holding onto her shoulders skim past her collar bones and down her chest. “Mmmm.” Applejack moaned loudly, her eyes flickering ever so slightly as her growing heartbeat was compounded by the pressure on her breasts. As she leaned back in her seat though, her girlfriend’s affection dissipated and she was left, gawking upwards with a red face and a pounding chest.

Not letting her girlfriend breath just yet, the bolder of the two women backed out of the kiss, leaned in, and whispered in her woman’s ear, “Ooh, you’re still so sensitive to touch. Are you ashamed to be handled by a woman? Or, are you flustered because you’re dying to for me to feel you up more?” Lowering her right hand, she reached underneath the blue skirt and ran her fingers across the plasticky, somewhat vaguely squishy surface of her girlfriend’s stained diaper. “Could you imagine if I bit your neck your neck, ran my hand through your hand, and dug my fingers into your kitty?”

The blood rushing to her sunbathed face, Applejack shrank a bit. Unable to muster up a proper response, she remained as still as silhouette.

Smirking, the dom ran her hand from the women’s inner thigh and down her leg, letting it gradually skim off as she did so. “Oh, you’re such a funny girl, Jackie. You want soooo many things you don’t even know how to ask for. How will you ever seduce me if you can’t even talk dirty?”

Applejack pulled down her dress’s skirt and clutched it in her hands. “A-ah I don’t know Rarity. Y’know I ain’t used to this. Ah really do want you, ah just-“

“It’s really quite alright dear.” Rarity quipped, breaking away from the women’s personal bubble entirely. Walking over to the other couch, she grabbed her bag off the floor and slung it over her shoulder.

Rarity? Applejack’s heart skipped a beat as she saw her friend’s starry-blue backside momentarily eclipse her vision. Breathless, she reached her hand out and attempted to mouth her name. However, her momentary anxiety was quenched the second she realized the figure before her wasn’t heading out the door. Her attention shifted to the shady hall, she watched as the figure got darker and darker until a pale-yellow light briefly illuminated shape once again before the door shut.

Closing her eyes for just a second, Applejack the darkness cast over her vision as she contemplated her next move. I don’t know why I’m like this. Letting go of her skirt, she rested her hands on either knee and traced her girlfriend’s movements back to her crotch. Her finger tips skimming it’s plasticky surface, she eventually grabbed the diaper’s tapes and ripped them off the guard.

Honestly, what other women would really get this deep into a gimmick? Standing up, she felt as the cold clammy padding of her diaper unceremoniously slid off her thighs, flopping on the couch. Grabbing from the base of her midriff, she tugged her dressed up and over her shoulders and over her head. Bundling the the outfit, she tossed it aside, and walked to her room. I swear if I was born fifty years ago, I’d be in an asylum.

However, before the ex-apple farmer made it down the hallway and to her room, the sound of a gentle creak of her bathroom door and the words, “Stop right there.” Not being feeling in a particularly aversive mood, she came to a stop.

Glancing at her girlfriend from behind, Rarity was encapsulated by the sight of the discolored, saggy diaper’s leg guards trying in vain to cling to the ex-apple farmer’s rounded butt cheeks. “My my my, off to change yourself? I know I said I was a little grossed out by your um- affinity for diapers. But, your toileting is no longer your concern.” She said, pacing behind the girl. Grabbing from the back of the waist band, she unceremoniously hoisted the diaper up, causing her butt to bunch.

Feeling the cold slimy texture of her diaper’s padding bunch up in bottom and vulva, she instinctively flinched, “Ach! Ooh Rarity, that feels weird!”

“Mmm, I bet it does, doesn’t it baby pants?” She teased, continuing to yank it from side to side, “If you don’t like the feeling of wet diapers, then why don’t you wear your big girl panties, huh?”.

Applejack lifted her finger in defiance, but as soon as she opened her mouth, the warm breath of her dom graced her right ear. “Oh, that’s right! You got a little too zealous with your juice last weekend too and ended up ruining pima sheets, didn’t you?”. Bringing her hands together in front of her waist, she lightly nodded her head, “Y-you’re right.”

Giving her baby a light slap on the butt she gestured with her hand, “Good baby! Now, be a big helper and lay down on your bed while momma ties up some of the loose ends around her. If you’re going to be under my supervision from the next week, I really must dress you in something less – uh- humbling”

In spite of her rather gross wedgie, the apple farmer continued to walk cross-legged to her room. Opening up her door, she was greeted with the same mostly modern white, black, and turquoise furnishings and messy arrangement of clothes, underwear, and empty containers she last saw over a day ago. Tossing aside a loose throw pillow, she sat her clammy backside down and laid back.

Feeling especially cold in her nude state, the blond was quick to cross her arms over her mostly flat tummy and turn her head to the side at the mirror. Reflected in front of her was the image of a women with a fair bust, a mostly flat tummy, and very thick thighs shrouded only on by a dilapidated diaper. Her hair was plentiful and messy, with bangs draping over her set of doll like emerald eyes.

I know I shouldn’t be so comfortable looking at myself in such a sorry state. I certainly wouldn’t want Applebloom or- Celestia forbid- Big Mac see me like this. Applejack reached out her right arm, letting her boobs collapse under their own weight and held her hand out to the reflection in the mirror. But, laying down in this state- waiting for my mom to change me and dress me up makes me feel so right. It’s natural for me to look like this.

“Applejack, darling. You are going to look absolutely precious in this romper.” Rarity sprang into the reflection, wearing a pair of black heels, gray jeans, a white blouse, and a purple infinity scarf. However, in her hand were a bundle of items ranging from a muted new age fabric to a far more plush looking white cotton.

Not to mention, I have a very beautiful mommy. Something about the way her smile breaking those pouty bubblegum lips every time she sees me, makes me feel so- alive. Glancing down, she watched as the women’s French tipped nails dug inside her leg guards on either side and ran their way up to the diaper guard before ripping the tapes.

As soon as Rarity dropped her girlfriend’s diaper, there was nothing left stopping her from gawking at the enticing sight of her cleanly shave rose-pink pussy. Her lips curling up a bit, Rarity closed her eyes and paced herself, “Mmm, I’m not going to lie Applejack. I cannot wait to get inside you.” She commented in a somewhat sultry manner as she pulled the dirty garment from her massive pale butt, “However, if I can’t control myself then I wouldn’t be setting a very good example for you, now would I?”

In spite of the natural coolness of the ocean-colored bed, the warmth Applejack’s affection for her mommy kept her splayed out in a causal manner. “Ah reckon not. Ah have to say though, if ya really wanted to you could- ya know-“

“Skip the foreplay?” Rarity answered for the girl, whipping out the thick cotton undies she’d brought in with the romper. Digging her hands in through the waistband, she brought them out on either leg hole, revealing that the white panties were lined with a thick layer of cotton. Once she was done with her little display, she dangled them over her girl’s head, “Would you be a dear and hold onto your knickers?”

Awestruck by her training pantie’s gray rabbit design, Applejack reached up with both her hands and gently grasped it.

Pulling out a singular wipe from atop the stack of clothes, she pushed down on the bottom of Applejack’s lustrous vulva with her middle finger and dragged it before wiping around her taint.

Oh fuck! Applejack snapped out of her trance, looking down as she felt her girlfriend’s nail grace her slit through the wet-wipe. Encapsulated smell of the sweet chamomile scented wipe, she inhaled deeply.

Plucking the undies out of her friend’s hand like a cherry, gestured with her hand: “Such a good girl! Now please raise your feet up in the air so I can get your apple bottom covered up.”

Resting her palms just underneath her perky breast, she pressed down on her abdomen and hiked her bottom into the air. Feeling the cotton grace her feet and pull against her calve muscles, she closed her eyes, as if to deny the sight, “W-why training panties, if ah may ask?”

“Mmmhmm, I thought you might ask that.” She said, successfully pulling them over her little one’s bottom. Unfolding the pair of pink running shorts, she’d brought into the room, she opened them up by their waistband and repeated the motion. “Simple dear. I want to make sure you’re very much dedicated to the idea of wearing your uh- diapers.”

Grounding her hovering feet on the bed, the younger of the two women looked at the bulge distorting the typically lackadaisical elastic fabric of the pink polyester. That’s a problem.

Still focused on getting her little one situated in her new outfit, the fashionista unfolded a white t-shirt with a repeating gray rabbit design not too different from the one on the training pants and went to work, getting it over the women child’s head. In spite of some mildly upset grunts, she continued to each of her skinny cow girl’s arms through their respective arm holes. “Hold still” she commented, ignoring doubling down down on the shirt’s neck hole, causing the compounded bundle of blond hair to erupt from the top like a geyser.

Blinking twice, the farm girl ran her fingers through her bands and drew them back, further complicating her mess of a hairdo. “Awwh, horse feathers. Ya could give me a little bit of warning before ya wrestle me into something.” Pulling her shirt down her torso, she was surprised to find it barely covered the amethyst stud on her belly button, “Ah don’t really see how wearin’ such a silly outfit is gonna help prove anything. I was already wearin’ when ya showed up last night, ya know?”

“Well of course dear, I did just clean your backside.” Rarity replied, standing up straight and stretching her arms. Feeling particularly airy, she inhaled deeply then exhaled quite loudly, “Ooooh, I just figured that if I’m taking you all the way out to my studio in the hills that I would at least help you get situated with your new lifestyle on the way there.”

Her eyes now fixated on the way the black demin was straining to keep Rarity’s pair like hips and backside secured, she buckled her knees together. I wish I was those jeans right now, Applejack thought to herself, hunkering over her own lap like a school girl, I’d give the world to have her sit on my face. She would tell me that she would get off if I just spoke up. But, every time I’d open my mouth, my screams would be muffled by whatever part of her ass my lips were pressed up against.

Doing a half pirouette, the older of the two women was amused to find her little one slouched over with a face redder than a wagon. Resting her palm on her cheek, she gushed, “Well look at you. Are you blushy because you know what I have in mind. or are you just flustered because you know mommy is in control now?”

“No, ah ain’t.” Applejack retorted, covering her cheeks with both her palms as she glared down at the bedroom carpet. Oh wait. Snapping out of her trance, she returned her gaze, “Wait, I mean uh- the second one?”

Bringing a divided couple of socks up to her lady friend, Rarity knelt over and began dressing her feet. “Oooh, Applejack, darling. You really do sell this whole naïve little girl shtick well, you know?”

Smirking a little as her the socks were tugged up her soles and over her ankles, she leant into her friends comment, “Ah’m not tryin’ to sound so spacey and unresponsive. Ah’ve just got a hundred thoughts running through my head and none of them are making sense. Ah mean ah wanna spend the day with you an all, but-“

Breaking out a pair of black chuck taylors, she began fitting her little one’s feet inside them, “Applejack, don’t feel like you have to justify what you’re feeling or what we’re doing here.” She said, jerking the laces of one of the shoes up in the air like a rubber band before forming them into a proto-knot, “I’m not sure when this little affinity of yours started. But don’t think it turns me off or that I’m not willing to indulge you in it. If it makes you feel better, that is all I care about.”

As the knot was properly fastened and the black canvas of her trainers squeezed her right foot, Rarity’s typically sapphire blue eyes seemed to glow a misty teal color and she was met with a sweet, heart warming grin. “Ah-I” the farmgirl stuttered, trying her best to manifest the right words as a single tear ran down her puffy red cheek.

Rarity’s own expression sobered a bit as she finished her task. Still situated on Applejack’s tear soaked bubbly smile, she reached up and grabbed her little one’s hands, “Awwh. I-I’m sorry if you’re overwhelmed dear. I-I can leave.”

“No, that’s not it.” Applejack snapped, shaking her hands out of her mommy’s grip before bunching them up near her stomach again. Closing her eyes, she continued to gush, “C-can we hug? Not romantically or anything.”

Standing up, Rarity silently caved into her little one’s request, drawing out her arms big and wide before wrapping them tightly around the women’s shoulders and back. Hearing her friend’s stutter progress into a loud sob, she ran her right hand through the back of Applejack’s messy golden locks, “Shhh. It’s okay dear... of course you can ask for hugs. You’re my girl, after all.”

Applejack nodded, as the comforting pressure of her girlfriend’s hug continued to pin her arms to the side. Resting her now steaming forehead on her shoulder, she took a deep breath and then confessed, “Ya know you smell good, almost like a Tuscan pear cocktail”

The levity of the situation disappearing, Rarity let go of her little one patted her head, “Mmmh, you know so much about alcohol for someone whose barely 19. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve got a bit of a problem.”

Hopping off the bed, Applejack instinctively and unsuccessfully attempted to hike her shorts up her backside. Following her girlfriend as they left the room, she hit the lights “Believe me, if you lived on a farm for as many years as I did, you would too.”