Then one Foggy Christmas Eve...

by JimmyHook19

First published

She doesn't have a shiny nose!

Christmas is approaching, and everybody is feeling festive. What could be more festive than the reindeer?

Of course, nobody meant for Jimmy to actually provide them himself...

Hope you're ready for some Jingle Bells!

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The temperatures were dropping in the sky, but were not falling out of the sky because that would be weird and we don't want things to be weird, do we? Well, any weirder than they get in this page usually. Indeed, as the temperatures were indeed dropping, the season known to many as Christmas was approaching, and the annual goose obesity epidemic was about to rear its ugly head once again as many geese ended up very fat indeed. Although this was a waste of time as this time of year mostly saw people eating turkeys and the like, so the geese simply ceased to be fat at the end of the season and became fat once again a year later. The snow was also starting to arrive in small amounts and this, combined with the relative cold of the region at this time of year, produced a climate most acclimated and suitable to the wearing of scarves, gloves, and similar garments designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Yes, I know that isn't how heat exchange works, but don't bust me on a technicality, OK?

Jimmy was out in this winter wonderland (Doris Day, 1964, although not specifically about Christmas, interestingly enough), enjoying the vistas and blankets of white. The sea was also seemingly on the verge of freezing over, and a frozen sea-

I fell as though we're-


Anyways, the waters were cold, and this not conducive to swimming in them. And thus did Jimmy stroll along the waterfront, whistling a happy tune with tunelessness as he strolled along the waterfront like he had stepped straight out of It's a Wonderful Life. And indeed it was wonderful. As all the damage from Halloween had been repaired, the town could finally focus on being happy together, and this meant doing fun things.

This included building snowmen (until the other kiddies knocked it down), throwing snowballs, and many other such larks that kids and adults alike enjoyed. One sailed past Jimmy and landed in the water, so he retaliated in kind and threw one back to the kid that had thrown it. The snow continued to fall and the lights from the streetlamps glowed to light his way as the light was not always amazing at this time of year. He turned a corner up ahead and strolled along to the intersection where children were running sleds down the street when he saw something appear to glimmer in the snow. He bent down with his glove on to protect his hand and with a gentle stroke moved the snow aside that was covering the object. His process of removing the snow revealed an object most strange to have just been left on the side of the road, almost as if the big man himself had been through (early) and left it behind by mistake (not on accident, as that doesn't make any sense). Jimmy picked it up, and looked at it.

It was a bell, of a golden color, attached to a ribbon. Jimmy peered at it closely, only for the all familiar blast of energy to be felt before he dropped it onto the snow covered sidewalk before him and ran into a side alley in order to ensure nobody could see him, or what would happen next. Then things got odd. Very odd indeed. So odd that the author used the word odd several times in the same sentence, which I must admit was very odd indeed. Oh well. Some things are odd. We have to live with them, after all.

Two objects emerged out of the top of his skull, which looked like antennae you would see on a car, before the tops leveled out and turned 90 degrees relative to the rest of the things. Then a short portion grew out of the back, curving slightly, followed by more growing out of the top and forming a much longer curve at the top.

Jimmy felt them. "Antlers. Fucking antlers. This is a weird day."

His nose and mouth then went through the usual routine of merging into a muzzle, followed by his ears sliding upwards on his head and stopping partway up them. His eyes turned green and grew to be the size of walnuts, and he gained green freckles before his neck snapped back, pushing his head to be looking vertically. His glasses shattered to the ground during this all too familar process for him.

His feet and hands merged into hooves, and his legs snapped backwards and his arms did so too, resulting in animal legs. This also caused him to fall onto all fours. The hooves slit into two portions, resulting in cloven hooves, which turned malachite green in the process. A tail burst out of his rear, tearing a hole in his pants, and then his body started to expand, getting larger inside his garments until they could cope no longer. There was several seconds of loud noises as seams tore and thread burst, until the tattered garments tumbled onto the floor, his body expanding ever faster in victory. His manhood vanished, being replaced by the female (or should I say doe, a deer, a female deer) equivalent. Her entire body was then covered over in fur that was a light brown, coupled with a cream muzzle, underbelly, and underneath the tail. Finally, the blasted bell from earlier levitated into place, and red fabric grew from the ribbon and looped around her neck, forming a bow tie in the process. To conclude proceedings, her hair pulled back and piled up on her head, turning malachite and speed green in the process.

Alice set off into the street, and headed off down the pavement when she could hear another voice. "Bori?" she asked. "Is that you?" Trotting off down the street, she saw her fellow reindeer trying to pull a sleigh, with great difficulty. "Is that you, Bori?"

"No, it's Blitzen. What do you think?"

"How did you get here?" Alice asked, innocently enough (and not of the knowledge, dearest chuck).

"I suppose I'll have to tell you then."