Cadances New Life

by Ravenor

First published

Life is adaptation to new situations and a spell mishap causes a rather bad one for Cadance. It also turn out quite kinky

Life is adaptation to new situations and a spell mishap causes a rather bad one for Cadance. It also turn out quite kinky.

A miscast spell from a erotic spell book leave Cadance under the power of a demon parasite that just won't leave her alone.

Unable to tell anyone or let anypony know, there is little she can do but try to get used to her new and very horny life.

Chapter 1

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Cadance moaned loudly, rocking forward at each thrust as her husband fucked her hard, his large cock pistoning into her soaking wet pussy again and again.

He panted against her neck as he took her roughly. Or at least she assumed he was from the sounds, she couldn’t feel it from the demon covering most of her body. Two months and nopony had noticed it.

Even Shining Armor didn’t know and he held her every night, so good it was at disguising itself against her.

Cadance cried out, tightening firmly around Shiny’s cock as she came hard around him, her wings spreading high and wide.

Shining Armor grunted and thrust into her hard another couple of times before he slammed his cock into her to the hilt and came hard, flooding her with his hot cum seed. He grinded his cock into her as he held her close before nuzzling and kissing along her neck, “Mmm… what’s gotten into you lately? Not that I’m complaining…”

Please notice. Please notice.

The demon pinched her teats firmly in warning and she felt herself tense up and tighten around his cock before she swallowed, “N-not sure,” she answered instead of what she wanted to say, “I just… felt so horny…”

He slowly pulled out and then moved around to kiss her softly, “I need to run, I’m already late.”

She nodded and gave him a small kiss back, “Go.”

He went and she collapsed onto the bed, enjoying the short time of relief cumming got her, especially when it was with Shiny. She felt tendrils from the demon slide across her pussy and enter her, but without teasing. It just wanted her husbands cum. She did her best to ignore the feeling because she knew it wouldn’t last.

Twenty minutes later, she was proven right as thin tendrils started to work across her teats and nipples, sliding along her now cleaned pussy, brushing across her clitoris.

She gasped and trembled as she always did as it started to work her again. Two months of this. Only times it stopped was when she had just climaxed, satisfying it for the moment.

About the only good she could say about it was that it didn’t tease her constantly. It just worked her up to the level of having difficulty thinking of anything but sex and then stopped, only doing small touches to keep her there.

She knew better than to try to get up as it rubbed her nipples and clitty, so she just stayed there and moaned, squirming.

It stopped as suddenly as it stopped and Cadance trembled slightly, breathing heavily as she tried to get herself under control. Finally she rolled onto her hooves and jumped off the bed, moving into the bathroom to do her business.

As she moved to the mirror in the bathroom to brush her mane, the demon took on it’s natural black and shiny, almost latex like appearance instead of mimicking her coat. It covered the sides of her head from just beneath her head, wrapped around her neck and sliding down along her back, extending down to wrap around all four legs and along the front of her wings. Pink tendrils allowed it to cling to her while it teased her.

She still shuddered at the sight but then lit her horn and went on with brushing her mane, “You don’t need to tease me all the time,” she told it.

The brush across her clitty almost felt smug. Like she couldn’t stop it. It was right. If she tried to resist or tell anypony, she was punished.

Cadance glared at the image and then swallowed, “How about a deal?”

The demon paused it’s teasing for a small while and then brushed across her clitty again.

Swallowing, Cadance nodded, “You… you live on climaxes, right?”


“So you like it when I climax? But you can’t cause them yourself?”

There had to be a reason why it just didn’t make her cum as often as it could. It’s not like it couldn’t force it.


Cadance trembled and shifted slightly as it worked her clitty, “I-I’m not going to sleep with more ponies… a-at least not when Shiny i-isn’t there with me. And I already sleep with him twice a day, if I do it more, h-he’ll suspect you.”

A firm pinch at her teats revealed the demons displeasure at that idea.

Biting back a whimper, Cadance swallowed, “A-and I can’t just… m-masturbate all day in our chambers. P-ponies would suspect.”

Brush across her clitoris made her tremble and she swallowed, “H-how about we make a deal?”


“I make s-sure to climax three times a day a-and you stop teasing me constantly.”


Cadance squeaked and gritted her teeth, “Four times.”

It paused for a second and then pinched again, but softer this time.

“I can’t do it more than four times! Ponies would notice and talk!” Cadance protested. The demon responded by brushing across her clitoris six times.

“I can’t do six times!”

A pinch at her teats, made her whimper and swallow, “Five! F-five times.”

The demon paused and then she felt it brush across her clitty once before something that hadn't happened for a long time. The tendrils retreated from her pussy, the ones on her teats stopping their teasing.

Cadance almost collapsed from relief and took a deep breath, “I-It’s a deal.”

Five times. She could do five times. And one time might as well be now as she was horny and worked up already.

There was still time before court. She made her way back to the bed and jumped up, sliding a hoof down her body towards her soaking wet pussy, but before she could touch herself, the demon stopped her.

“W-what?” she asked and looked at her hoof, “But I was supposed too…” she said and then glared at her foreleg, “I can’t sleep with ponies five times a day! Shiny couldn’t keep up with that, he would notice and I’m not cheating on him!”

The black shiny of the demon covering her faded away to be replaced by what looked like her coat as thin, invisible tendrils slid back across her pussy again. One wrapping around the base of her clitoris firmly as another brushed across the little nub.

Cadance could do little but whimper and squirm.

Chapter 2

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Cadance did her best to focus on the crystal pony before her throne. He was saying something about harvests and seed and all she could think of what his might taste like.

She was so horny and it was all she could do to keep everypony from noticing. She could feel tendrils beneath her, slowly shifting and stroking along her soaking wet pussy as she did her best to try to focus at what he was droning on about.

She was fairly sure it had something to do with taxes.

He looked up at her, clearly having asked a question. She stared at him for a long second, having no idea what to say. She had not been paying attention!

“I-” she started to answer before she closed her eyes for half a second, suppressing a shudder as a tendril tightened around her little clitty while others massages her teats, “I… I think it’s something that I need to look over. Please send all the necessary documents to me.”

He nodded and bowed, “Of course, your highness. Thank you for your time.”

Cadance managed a small nod before he retreated and turned to leave. Cadance couldn’t help but check out his rear and cutie mark as he walked away before she was interrupted again by Silver Light speaking up,

“The next appointment is with Lady-”

“That’s enough for today,” Cadance told her firmly and moved off the throne. Only the practice of several months made it possible for her legs and voice not to shake as the tendrils brushed across her teats, “Court is adjourned until tomorrow.”

Silver Light blinked in surprise before she nodded, making a note on her parchment pad, “Of course, Princess.”

Cadance nodded and then quickly left the throne room. She knew exactly where she was going, she needed her Shiny and she needed him now!

The way there was a bit of a blur, but soon she saw the guards standing outside the door to his office.

Out of the way or join in!

Of course, she didn’t say that. Instead she gave them a nod, “Dismissed,” she ordered. They saluted and took their spears, heading down the hallway.

She managed to wait for a couple of seconds. A tendril brushed against her little clitoris and she gasped softly before walking inside, pushing the door closed again behind her, locking it.

Shining Armor looked up from his desk where he was going through paperwork, “Cady? What-” he managed to ask before she pressed close, hooves against his chest as she kissed him deeply, her tongue forcing its way in between his lips.

He blinked in surprise and them mmed and kissed back deeply, pulling her tighter.

Breaking the kiss, she breathed heavily against him, “I need you. Bad. Now.”

He grinned and licked his lips before giving her another kiss, “How?”

Cadance swallowed and then moved to bend over his desk, raising her wings and raising her tail, flagging it for him as she glanced back at him, “Just buck me!”

Shining Armor didn’t need much more encouragement than that, his cock already completely out and quickly reaching peak hardness as he moved to mount her. She felt the tendrils slide to the side and leave her alone as the wide tip of his cock touched her pussy.

She pressed back against him, moaning softly as she felt him spread her around his shaft and she tightened, rolling her hips back against him, “Y-yes…”

Shining thrust in to the hilt with a grunt before starting to take her hard and fast, rocking her against the desk, causing his wife to flap her wings, rubbing her hoof against the desk as papers went flying everywhere.

Cadance didn’t care. All she could think of was the feeling of her husbands wonderful cock spreading her again and again.

She moaned happily, pressing back against his thrusts as she tightened, trembling and whimpering as she panted hard, “H-harder… take me, Shiny!”

Shiny smacked her cutiemark firmly as he fucked her, grinding into her at each thrust and she just couldn’t handle it anymore. She cried out and squealed as she came so hard around his big cock.

Shining Armor grunted as she came around him before he went back to thrusting hard and fast, no were near as close as she was. Pulling out, he hooked a forehoof around one wing and flipped her onto her back before he thrust back into her, pulling her back against him.

She gasped and moaned, rolling her hips as she panted as he started to quickly work her up again, one hoof stroking across her teats as he thrusted. She could barely feel it buy the damn demon copied this motions as he stroked across it, making her moan and buck as he took her roughly.

Reaching up, he grabbed her necklace and pulled her down into a deep kiss as he thrust into her roughly and deeply before he grunted and came with a whinny, pumping her full with his hot, sticky, cum.

That was enough for her and Cadance clung to him as she squealed and got her second climax around his cock, rolling her hips as she trembled, her wings knocking what little things that still remained on his desk onto the floor.

Cadance gasped and collapsed back against his desk with a small tremble, breathing heavily. Shining Armor nuzzled beneath her chin before he slowly moved to pull out of her. For the first time since Shiny fucked her this morning, the demon left her alone.

Panting, she slowly slipped off the desk and into the chair with him leaning against the smaller unicorn, nuzzling at his ears.

Shiny cuddled her close and nuzzled back, “...N-not that I’m complaining, but you have been rather… demanding for the last couple of months… ever since you came back from that Summit…”

Cadance froze and opened her mouth. The demon covering her squeezed around her horn with it’s tendrils hard enough to threaten to break it. She gasped and her eyes widened before the demon relaxed around her horn again. She almost collapsed against Shining Armor and swallowed, “It’s… uhm…”

Come on, think fast!

“Y-you know how I’m the alicorn of love?” she asked and at his nod, she continued, “It’s… well, returning to the Crystal Heart, I noticed… well, I have a resonance. It’s almost like it put me into estrust, but stronger. I’m horny. All the time. More than… more than when I’m in heat normally. A-and I’m not sure it’ll go away if I leave again.”

Shining Armor hugged her close, “Oh… Cady, you should have told me! I’ll do anything I can do to help.”

Candance sniffled and rested her head against his shoulder, blinking away tears, “S-shiny… thank you…” before she closed her eyes and pressed her muzzle tighter against his neck as she felt tendrils slide back to brush her pussy, slowly shifting into her, another one brushing across her clitoris.

Chapter 3

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Cadance moned and trembled, squirming on her back and rolling her hips, her wings stiff and spread to the sides against bed, keeping her from rolling as Shiny licked deeper, working his tongue deep into her dripping wet pussy.

“S-Shiny… please… m-more…” she whimpered and bucked, tightening around his tongue before. He licked deeply, running his tongue along her lips before latching on to suckle at her special little nub, giving it a flick with his tongue.

Cadances vision gasped and arched her back, letting out a small squeak before she trembled in place as her first climax for the day rocked through her body like firework.

Collapsing back against the bed, she gasped for breath as Shiny panted and crawled up to lay with his head on her chest. She tiredly slipped her forelegs around him, holding him close as she stroked his mane softly.

He breathed heavily and nuzzled at her coat before he nuzzled up to give her a small kiss. Or he thought it was her coat. It was the demon thing covering her, she just felt it like a kind of pressure.

For the moment, Cadance didn’t care. She just basked in the afterglow and the relief of being free from the constant teasing and hornieness if only for a few minutes. Kissing back softly, she nuzzled back and strokes his mane, “Thank you…”

Shining Armor nuzzled at her neck, “Mmm… love you, Cady.”

“Love you too, Shiny,” she cooed and nuzzled softly at his ears.

“...But…” he said and raised his head to look at her, “I’m not sure I can keep up.”

She swallowed, suddenly her throat felt very tight as she had a sudden sinking feeling, “S-shiny?”

He nuzzled, “It’s been a week since you told me and… I have been thinking. I love you, Cady, but I’m only a Pony. We have done it three times a day for over two months and I can tell you need more, I just can’t do it.”

“Shiny, it’s fine, you don’t need too-”

“Hush,” he said and bumped his muzzle against hers, “To be honest, three times is exhausting too. I love you, Cady, but you need more than I can give you.”

“W-what do you mean?” She asked and frowned at him.

He shifted up a bit to look down at her, “I mean that you need more partners than just your poor husband,” he teased her, “You know, like the Princesses of old with a herd of stallions.”

She blushed and then trembled as the tendrils started to brush across her pussy again, one wrapped firmly around her clitoris, “O-oh…”

“...Because I’m not going to be able to handle a traditional herd like this with multible mares,” he admitted and smiled, “Besides, you’re the alicorn of love, Cadance. You need more than me. It’s like Twily having just one friend.”

Cadance swallowed and pulled him tight, “A-and you would be alright with that, Shining Armor?”

He blushed and glanced up at her, “Thinking about it, yes. And…” he started before he blushed a bit brighter and shifted slightly against her, “If I’m to be honest, watching you get fucked is kind of hot.”

She blinked at him, “Really?” she asked and stroked his mane.

Shining Armor nodded and nuzzled up to kiss he, “Yeah.”

Cadance trembled softly as the suit stroked across her teats, working her nipples as it stroked her pussy softly, “Mmm… does my husband like the idea of seeing his Princess get fucked?” she whispered and nuzzled, “Maybe by the guard?”

His eyes widened and she smirked and nuzzled as she felt his cock grow against her stomach,

“You like that idea,” she teased and nuzzled as she shifted to brush a hoof along his cock, “maybe make it an open invitation? Anypony in the guard can please his Princess.”

Shining Armor blushed brightly and shifted to give her a small kiss, “You are horrible.”

Cadance melted into the kiss, holding him tighter as she stroked his back and mane as her tongue slid against his. Shining Armor kissed her deeper as his cock brushed against her body, his hooves stroking her sides before he slowly broke the kiss,

“...Would be kinda hot,” he said and nuzzled at his chin.

Now it was Cadances time to blush bright red, “W-what?”

“You know, if it wasn’t for everypony knowing about it,” he admitted and nuzzled softly, “It’s private and none of their business. But if it wasn’t for that… kind of hot.”

Cadance blushed brightly and nuzzled, “I didn’t know you were so kinky.”

“Was your idea,” he teased with a small blush of his own, “But I’m serious too. You need more ponies, my love. Because honestly, if not I won’t survive to see my next birthday at this rate.”

Cadance swallowed and gave him a small nuzzle, “O-okay,” she admitted and stroked his mane, “A-any suggestions?”

Shining Armor shifted his ears and then shook his head, “Just… just enjoy yourself, okay?” he said and gave her a small kiss, “You need to take care of yourself.”

She swallowed and then nodded, kissing and cuddling him tighter, “I-I love you, Shining Armor.”

“I love you too, Cadance,” he answered before kissing her deeper for a moment before he broke the kiss and shifted down his body, brushing his cock along her stomach. The small invisible tendrils working her pussy quickly retreated and Cadance moaned deeply, clinging to her husband as he thrust into her soaking wet pussy.