An Apple in Bloom

by JimmyHook19

First published

This is just Bloomin' ridiculous!

Many here will know of Tom Haddington's exploits as Apple Bloom. However, he wasn't the only one to go such a way...

First of two stories to celebrate Equestria Daily's CMC Day (and in way, to also celebrate the one year anniversary of my first story on my FIMFiction Account, aka.... The Belle Rings True)

Bows and Hairbands

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Sunny days. Glorious seas. The vistas that rolled endlessly, and the summers that lasted for years. All of these are the ingredients and very fabric of our childhoods, our memories which form us, and yet we are so much more than just a collection of memories and neurons inhabiting a body. Or, in Jimmy's case, multiple bodies at once (though in turn too, as otherwise he would end up as some sort of gestalt entity, which sounds like something out of a horror film. Hence, we shall not dwell on it for too long, and so to the story we must return) through his many different characters he had been over the last three years or so. Slightly longer than three, but anyways.

Jimmy was back at home, as he often was, and was watching TV, taking a look at the news to see if anything was going on. Mercifully, his recent changes into Disney Princesses was starting to lose the media attention, and people had been completely unaware of the one into Snow White a few weeks back. Indeed, he (or should I say she, as she had been she at the time) had been able to get down the mountainside with the help of some kindly dwarves and back home without being seen. Then, at the end of that day, she had changed back to Jimmy, which had been an odd experience to watch as his clothes morphed back from a dress to their normal form, similar to how his reverse transformation from Giselle back to normal had happened whilst he was fully conscious. Anyways, the news was instead reporting on something else, and Jimmy tuned in to hear what was being said.

"Today," said the news announcer, his face turned towards the viewer, "WAVY News 10 presents a special report to mark the first anniversary of a remarkable document published on the internet a year or so ago. First, some context on the events that conspired around An Apple a Day. To the floor, Jason Marks."

Footage then showed on the screen of of an absolutely perfect Apple Bloom running past a security camera towards a hall.

"One year ago, Brony Thomas Haddington vanished at BronyCon," the announcer continued. "Not long after he had vanished, an individual who was an absolutely exact cosplay of the character of Apple Bloom from My Little Pony was seen running around the convention center in Baltimore, Ohio. This was not all, however, as other people were soon reported missing, including a Katrina Miller and Emily Dashel. What caused this matter in unknown, but not long after, in November of 2018, a most remarkable document appeared on the internet. Purportedly written by Tom Haddington, it told of his experiences, claiming that a magic object had changed him into Apple Bloom, then sent him off to Canterlot High School, a fictional location from the Equestria Girls films. Many passed it off as a piece of fanfiction by a lonely man in a basement, yet others claim the account is one hundred percent genuine, a claim backed up by Haddington himself. Now, we invite Haddington himself to an interview to answer these claims."

Jimmy sighed. "I've been through loads more than he has," he grumbled to himself, "including some never seen before, and yet I never get interviewed! What is going on around here?"

As he watched the interview, he heard Tom speak of a pink bow sitting on a table. Jimmy glanced about noncholantly, to see what was happening, as this business about strange and innocous objects had been going on for some time. It was just then his attention was drawn to the item sitting on the table in front of him. It was a pink bow, just sitting there, doing nothing, as inanimate objects are known to do from time to time, and as Jimmy looked at it, it suddenly vanished and disappeared, as if it had never been sitting on the table in the first place.

"Where'd it go?" he asked, confused, as he had no clue where the bow had vanished to. He then felt a pulse from nowhere, and his stomach began to suddenly cramp up like the worst stomach ache ever, almost the intensity that would cause him to throw up. "This matches what Tom was describing!" In the mirror opposite him, he caught the briefest of glimpses of a pink object behind him. The bow was now in his hair, and as he glanced down, his shirt turned green, but otherwise did not change, apart from the sleeves puffing up slightly.

"Could this be the same bow Tom ran into?" Jimmy asked, as his jeans began to pull back up his leg. They stopped just above his knees, and then the bottoms rolled upwards to look as if they had been worn by somebody who had been working hard for most of the day. His socks changed not, but just as suddenly his shoes covered over with a solid plate, like a boot, and the tops of the shoes began to grow up his legs, stopping halfway up his calves. They turned orange, and two buckles appeared, one on each boot, on the inside of the boot facing one another. A brown belt with a gold buckle appeared around his waist.

"Looks like there'll be two Apple Blooms now," Jimmy sighed, as he felt hair brush down his back and into his fringe. It flowed down his body like a torrent, stopping at his lower back as his glasses vanished. In the process, it changed from brown to red. His eyebrows turned red, and his eyes orange from their normal blue hue. His skin then turned yellow, and his shoulders pulled inwards as his chest swelled slightly. His waist actually contracted, which cameth not as a surprise as Tom had mentioned Apple Bloom had narrow hips, but his manhood got sucked into his body, which was awkward. Her body then shrank, the feet melting away off of her height until she was pretty tiny compared with before. A whooshing sound followed, and the now Apple Bloom got teleported to the streets of Canterlot.

Around a corner, she could hear two voices. "That was awesome, Scootaloo!" called a high pitched voice.

"I know, right?" Scootaloo replied. "I can't be beaten for scooter tricks."

"Mah friends!" Apple Bloom exclaimed, and ran around the corner... only to see another Apple Bloom, only unlike her, this Apple Bloom was wearing jeans.

"Why are there two Apple Blooms?" Sweetie Belle asked. "Because this feels familiar."

The Apple Bloom in jeans face palmed. "Not again."