My Little Genie Girls?

by Neutral Boy

First published

The world full of magic with a human master, his special genie bottle, and his Genie girls.

A lonely boy who just wishes to have a better life than feeling abandoned or forgotten, somehow finds a weird bottle with multiple colors in the park. Unbeknownst to him however, his wish perhaps came true when he'll be in for a surprise of opening this special genie bottle and an adventure begins, including dangers roaming around.

Prologue: Genie miracle.

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Magical fantasy worlds, a multitude of worlds filled with wonders and mysteries.

In each fantasy, there exists of mythical creatures of Manticore, Griffon, Cerberus, Siren, Titan, Genie, Lamia, Naga, Succubus, Vampire, Lycan, Werewolf, Scylla, Centaur, Harpy, Wyvern, Dragon, Wyrm, Pharaoh, Reaper, Orc, Ghoul, Leviathan, Hybrid, Angel, Demon, Hydra, etc.

This one however, we'll be looking at how a human is in this magical world.

Earlier at daytime, a male boy is riding his bicycle on the side road toward a park.

You see, the boy has been having a hard time at his young age when his parents were getting into their fights and he didn't feel of being around all of this negativity around him. So one night, he decided to run away from his old him to somewhere else more safely, even if it kills him.

He even had to steal some things at stores or other places in order to survive on his own.

Anyway, he's arriving into the park and stops his bike by the table.

He sits down and thinks to himself.

'Whelp, not much food left.' The boy's mind says.

He looks around to see each family having some great bond with each other.

His head felt down of feeling some jealousy and grit his teeth.

'I hope one day something will help me find a real home to care for me.'

He turns around to see something shiny on the baseball court.


He gets up from and walks over to the shiny item, picks it up off the ground.

'Hmmm, I wonder what this hunk of junk is.'

He inspects the item to see it's a necklace with a rare genie lamp bottle.

"Looks like a genie lamp, but not the kind of lamp I've ever seen before."

He then puts it around his to see it fits him and thinks nothings up with it.

"Oh well, maybe this'll help me as a charm to look for a good."

He walks over to his bike and before heading off, he suddenly feel into a strange wormhole.

He screams out loud from this sudden occurrence, hope that he would survive as everything is glowing brighter and he felt dizzy as the world around fades to black.

The boy later wakes up, feeling that this must've been a dream.

He stands up and his eyes widen upon what he could've believe in his whole life.

"Woah. . ."

Curious in awe of this beautiful world, he shakes his head and walks over to the bridge.

Unaware that his genie necklace is glowing.

Meanwhile. . .

Outside the Canterlot gates, a figure is seen walking around and reading an advanced study book she rented from her favorite library section.

Her name is Twilight Sparkle. A half genie & half humanized unicorn. She also has light violet skin, long midnight blue with magenta and violet streak hair, deep purple eyes, Magenta six-pointed star, surrounded by five smaller white stars on her back, nerdy clothing, and has glasses on her face.

Anyway, while she's reading the pages in her book, she hasn't notice a weird bouncy ball heading straight towards her. When the ball is close enough, it suddenly made a loud pop, making Twilight yell out in a shocked gasp and accidentally drop her book.

She breathes in and out to calm herself down. She then hears some laughter from above and her face went red with anger of embarrassment as she calls out loudly.


Twilight looks up to see a friend of hers laughing. Her name is Shantae. She has an outfit usually consists of sheer, a bra, and gold jewelry. She also has a relatively thin figure olive/tan-skin, blue eyes, and long growing purple hair tied back in a ponytail stem stalk.

"T-The look on your face Twilight, priceless ahahahah!" Shantae says, holding her stomach still laughing.

"Get down here right now, or else I'll be force to get you down from there and we'll see who's laughing now!"

Not wanting to anger her friend more, Shantae jumps off her usual spot of relaxation and made a good acrobatic flip before landing on the ground and facing her friend.

"Sorry egghead, but I just couldn't help it." She giggles while her friend grits her teeth.

"Shantae, can you please knock it off? It's like the 20th time you prank me this month."

"Alright, if you insist. Hey, are you okay Twilight?"

Shantae notices Twilight frowning and bends down to get her book. She sees that Twilight has a couple of bruise marks on her legs. So she sighs and walks over to her friend, giving her a comfort hug.

"Guess you got into another argument and fight again yesterday, didn't you?"

Her friend only nodded a little and she pats her friend's back.

"Don't worry Twilight, I'm sure that you'll find a good master one day instead of those other people who only want for power, corruption, greed, tyrant, and doesn't care about others feelings."

"What about you Shantae?"

Shantae broke off the hug and tilts her head.

"Me?! Well, I'm not really focused on that, you know. Just ignoring those geezer, snotty, ungrateful, bozos in this city while I enjoy some time of hanging out with you and training myself up in order to fight my rivals again."

Shantae then shows off her skills by demonstrating her punches, kicks, and long purple hair whipping for combat. Twilight watches Shantae and her mouth forms a little smile, thinking to herself on how amazing her friend is and learning things without the aid of a master.

Shantae stops her demonstration and thought up an idea. She turns her head to Twilight and smiles, unaware for Twilight that Shantae's mind has something up her sleeve.

"Hey Twilight, how about you want to walk with me into another town?"

"Sound's great! It's been a while since we last been to one."

"Alright! Race you to our destination!"

Shantae quickly made a belly dance and transform herself into a small monkey. She turns around and hops off away from her friend.

"Shantae no fair!"

Not wanting to be beaten, Twilight proceed to use her magic horn to teleport. She vanishes as another figure appears that's smaller than her, only he flops down, panting from exhaustion of running.

"O-h darn it, h-hey wait up for me girls!"

Twilight reappears and gave her little assistant a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that Spike, I almost forgot to take you with me."

She picks up Spike before using her horn again to teleport as the two vanish.

Chapter 1: Arrival in Ponyville.

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The young human boy arrives near a wooden long bridge. He looks to see all kinds of beautiful things in the sky. Rare creatures flying all over, riders of people escorting cargo of heavy things, four giant creatures dueling over their territory, and three levitating lands with one of them having a big kingdom.

"Whoa, this feels somewhat amazing and unbelievable." The boy says in awe.

"First time of seeing something magical?"

Startled, the boy looks to see an old hermit by the bridge. The old guy is sitting down, his appearance of hold his broken staff, a damaged brown hat, torn up black robe, and dirty clothes on.

"Uh sorry, I didn't know there was another person by the bridge."

The old hermit merely chuckles.

"Don't mind me, I'm just waiting here for the rest of my group to catch up."

"Okay, so um who're you?"

"You may call me Grande the 5th, how about you?"

"I'm Justin, pleased to meet you sir. So um, where exactly am I Grande?"

"Sorry boy, my mind's feeling a little hazy for my age. However. . ."

The old guy hums for a moment before pointing his broken staff to the wooden bridge.

"There's a good shortcut to a town up ahead if you are interested to find out for yourself."

Curious, Justin walks over it and sees a long fall of darkness down below the bridge.

"I-I-Is it safe to walk over the bridge?" He nervously says.

"Not to worry, this old bridge is protected by a strong barrier. Capable of withstanding melee sharp weapons, bad weathers like wind, powerful spell casts, you name it."

Hesitant to nod, he walks over to the bridge. He takes one step on the wood step as it made a couple of creak sounds. Feeling a little of fear building up, he attempts to make some light steps in order to not make his feet put in more weight as it could crack any of the wooden steps.

"Hold up Justin!" The old guy yells out to him.

Stopping, he turns around of seeing the old hermit looking at him.

"Some words of advice; Careful of treading lightly on the road you walk on young man. The one you wear around your neck is no ordinary bottle. Take great care of it at all times. The presence of evil and monsters lurks about every corner and hides well under the public eyes."

Not knowing if he's telling the truth o not, Justin nods a little and turns around to carefully walk ahead.

Grande watches the boy walking further and further away. He then turns around to see multiple eyes in a forest all glaring at him. He holds his wounded stomach and uses his magic to summon four golems in his aid against the unknown foes ready to attack.

"Remember to heed my warning, boy." Grande quietly says as he gets ready to hold off the attackers.

Meanwhile in Ponyville. . .

Shantae, Twilight, and Spike eventually made it to Ponyville Town. Both Twilight and Spike were already panting & tired from a long run while Shantae in her monkey form bounces in laughter.

"I really hate it when you take the lead Shantae." Twilight says trying to catch her breath.

Shantae transforms back to her human/genie self, grinning at her friend.

"Perhaps, but at least it's a good exercise for you sometimes Twilight. Even though you do like to study most of the times, it's better to get out there and go on grand adventures. Who knows, maybe one of these might contain a book of knowledge for ancient secrets, desires, mixing ingredients, or blah, blah, blah."

Twilight's gleaming eyes widen of 'books' and grabs her friend's shoulders then shakes her.

"There's adventures of hidden treasure?! Oh please Shantae, tell me more about them!"

Shantae's body shook rapidly and grabs both of Twilight's hands to stop her. Shantae's eyes were literally dizzy like a pinball machine and she shook her head to get them back to normal. She sees her friend with a little maniacal smile, realizing that it wasn't the best time to mention about treasures of books.

"W-Well I would, but um. . . oh look! Someone's coming over here! Better say hello!"

Shantae points her finger at a jumping girl heading towards them. The girl's appearance of wearing a casual party clothing, a pink skin body, fluffy dark pink mane, eye color blue, and her cutie mark is three balloons.

"Come on Twi, make another friend like you did with Shantae." Spike says nudging his friend/sister.

Twilight felt a little nervous before politely trying to speak to the strange cheerful girl.

"Uhhh. . . hello?"

The pink girl suddenly jumps, gasping in the air, and takes off running.

"Well I didn't see that one coming. Wait a sec, where' s Shantae?"

Both Twilight and Spike looks around to see that she's nowhere to be seen. Then Spike touches Twi's shirt and points a letter on the ground. She picks it up and reads it.

'Dear Twilight and Spike, sorry I had to ditch you two. I have to take care of a few things and see if my delivery package arrives. I'll meet you two later at the Celebration.

Xoxo, Shantae.

P.S. Try to exercise and flex more often. It'll maybe help attract a few hot boys out there! ;)'

Twilight's faces blushes in red and her hands shaken as she lets out one word out loud.


While letting her two friends to go make some more friends in Ponyville, Shantae is walking by the store shops for anything in particular she can get. She looks over on some items & jewelry, but shakes her head and walks to another store with no luck.

"Not much materials here, maybe there's another place for- OW! What the-?"

Shantae stops when her purple hair is suddenly pointing in the left direction. She didn't on what's going on with her long hair as it immediately whips her butt, getting a yelp in surprise from her own hair whipping her.

"OW FINE! I'll go in that direction, jeez."

She walks over a little bit away from Ponyville and encounters multiple tall trees. Her hair points upwards as she looks up one tree of seeing someone hanging on a branch for dear life.

"Help, somebody, get me down from here!"

Hearing a young male voice, Shantae answers a reply back to him.

"Down here! How did you manage to get up there?!"

"I-I-I don't no lady! I was just walking on the bridge and the next thing-"


"Oh crap, AHHHHHH!"

Thinking quickly before the male gets seriously hurt, Shantake made a fast belly-dance and transforms herself into an arachnid. She made some quick sticky webbing bed in order to lighten the fall from above. She climbs up the big tree to see the boy falling and she uses her webbing thread to lasso the human.

Getting her target with her web lasso, she clings her spider legs tightly on the tree and gently lowers him to the webbing bed. Sighing in relief, she climbs down and lands on the ground. So she transforms back and checks on the boy to see if he's alright.

"Hey, are you okay there?" She says in a worry tone.

"I-I'm fine, thanks whoever you are."

Upon walking up close, Shantae stops to see the young male human is alright. He only has a little bit of dirt on his clothing, but for some reason she looks at the boy's face and the strange bottle he holds around his neck. Although, she hasn't notice that her cheeks were showing a little bit of red and her heart is slowly beating rapidly.

'Weird, how did this boy get up this tree and why is my chest feeling so hot right now?'