Commission, The Mane Six watch 'The Stuff'

by Alex Warlorn

First published

Commission. Mane Six movie night from human world, the movie, The Stuff.

A story commissioned by Ardashir.
Who wanted a G4 version of this story here.

Where the mane six watch a monster movie from the human world instead of the paradise ponies. Also, Persona22 suggested the movie.

The Stuff is this movie in question:

Cover art by porygon2z.

movie night

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"Hey girls!" Princess Twilight Sparkle greeted her friends crowded into what Twilight had designated the 'viewing' room. "Thank you all for coming!"

"Of course darling." 'I am socially obligated to be here with my friends.'

"No way I'm missing a chance to watch a horror movie with Rarity!" Spike grinned.

"Okay!" Pinkie Pie grinned. 'I hope Twilight remembers I only like horror comedies, straight up horror gives me bad dreams... REALLY bad dreams.'

'You can do this Fluttershy, you can do this. Just remember it's only a movie. Only a movie. All yours friends are here with you.'

"So what have ya got for us?! Invasion of the Pony Snatchers?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"That feels WAY too close fer home fer me!" AJ said shivering thinking of the changeling mass kidnapping.

"Darling... where is the movie projector?" Rarity asked politely. Wondering if it was in some hidden compartment in the castle... strange how the odd nature of Twilight's instant-grow castle was brushed under the rug, like the Element of Harmony, their Rainbow Forms, fixing up the Castle of the Two Sisters...

"Oh I've got something special! It's a horror movie from Sunset Shimmer in the human world!"

"Is it Jason meets Freddy?!" Rainbow Dash asked excitedly.


"Uh, you mentioned it, talking about the human world!" Rainbow Dash said quickly. Not wanting to let out that she'd begun sneaking out to the human world behind Twilight's back (which lead to an amusing scene she didn't get the irony of when she ran into Pony Pinkie Pie who was doing the same thing, and both faking to high heaven their knowledge of the human world, a classic comical scene lost forever to the sands of time, never to be recorded or written, only forgotten).

"Really?" Twilight said, wanting an excuse to get back on track. "Well! The point is that I have the VEE-Ach-Ess!" Twilight held up a black little rectangle. "Which I think is like a movie reel but scaled down!"

"IT's too bad they don't have scaled down party cannons," Pinkie Pie said, "Yet." She and her counterpart were working hard on that. "I mean! I assume they don't!"

Twilight was now getting suspicious, but she wasn't about to let that ruin her carefully planned get together and actually get to the movie that they were supposed to be here for! "Well! I also got the Tee-Vee, the Vee-Cee-Arr, the cables, and the plug!" Twilight telekinetically brought in the various pieces of equipment she'd borrowed from another universe. Most of the girls left bewildered at the strange contraptions.

"Is everything made out of little black boxes in that world?" Fluttershy asked.

"No,"Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie all said, leading to the two clowns to whistling. Twilight just rolled her eyes at this point. 'Focus on the event, focus on the event, wrangle the truth out of them and lecture them later.'

Twilight put together her own little entertainment center, and put in the plugs. which were connected to a cable leading outside to a power converter, batteries, and lightning rod.

Twilight shouted out the window, "Okay Derpy! Let her rip!"

Derpy cheered. "Let original regular home feathers fluffy prancing union start!" ("Let the first annual pegasus Ponyville cloud dancing competition begin!")

Pegasi began stomping on the thunderclouds outside, striking the lightning rod and powering the machines inside.

"Competition! MUST JOIN! MUST WIN!" Rainbow Dash said involuntary as her friends held her down, letting her burn it out of her system.

"You got this down to a fine art Applejack," Spike said.

"You shouldda seen the time she tried to enter a hoof-paintin' competition for foals."

Spike asked, "Did she win?"

"She lost to Apple Bloom."

"Let's just start the movie darlings," Rarity sighed.
"Mommy! My wings came!" Cheered a baby Breezie.

"A unicorn must have said 'darling' somewhere."

"Uh, Twilight, what is this movie again?" Fluttershy asked politely.

"... It's called 'The Stuff'."


"MY WORD! He's EATING IT OFF THE GROUND?" Rarity exclaimed. "Who in their right mind would just eat up something they found randomly bubbling up from the earth?"

Everypony (and Dragon)'s eyes turned towards Pinkie Pie.

"... IT WAS ONE TIME! Sheesh!" Pinkie Pie defended.


"If Apple Bloom told us that the apple sauce was movin'... Ah really hope Ah'd take her seriously!"


"Yeah, the ice-cream giants really are that big and powerful, you should see how much lobbying they do in the Equestrian Parliament," Pinkie Pie nodded.

"WOW! Chocolate Chip Charlie is a total badass! I bet we get lots of cool scenes with him throughout the whole movie!" Rainbow Dash smiled with stars in her eyes.

"WOW! I want some of that stuff!" Pinkie Pie said, mesmerized by the in movie commercials for the evil white alien goop.

"And that's not creepy at all," Spike said sarcastically.


"A family that forcibly makes their youngest child devour a particular food until she's as addicted to it as they are, hmmmm, where have I seen that before?" Rarity said smugly.

"APPLE BLOOM LOVES APPLES!" Applejack defended.

"Does she now?" Rarity asked.


Behind a building, Apple Bloom looked around, and quietly took out an orange, peeled back the skin and began munching.


"Well, if I knew a food was evil, I can't say I wouldn't mess up the supermarket it was being sold at too," Rainbow Dash admitted.

"Sure, that wouldn't convince everyone you were crazy," Twilight said.

"He's just a little boy! He's doing his best!" Fluttershy defended.




"That poor doggy," Fluttershy said. Honestly she was having a very hard time taking that scene seriously as she could hear it wasn't the right bark for that species of dog and he looked like he was snuggling the man on screen instead of attacking, maybe.


"OOH MAN! I think I'm gonna be sick!" Spike turned green where he shouldn't have been and began puking out the window as the protagonists smashed up the Stuff Zombies.

Rarity fainted. The other girls weren't looking too hot either.


"I bet Chocolate Chip Charlie is gonna come back with the calvary!" Rainbow Dash said smiling.


"Wow, he sure showed up just in the nick of time to save that kid out of nowhere," AJ remarked.

"To be fair, we do 'nick of time' stuff all the time," Twilight said.


"WHY is there Stuff in the pillows and mattresses?!" Twilight said her brain breaking a little.


"And he saves the kid again just in the nick of time," AJ said.


"Well, they all seem nice, a little crazy maybe, but nice," Fluttershy remarked about the militia the heroes had come to for help.

"Sort of like Pinkie Pie? OH! Sorry darling!"

"Fair," Pinkie Pie shrugged.


"He's a soldier and he doesn't like the sight of blood? Guy is in the wrong job," Spike said.




"BIG ICE CREAM AND THE ALIEN GOOP ARE NOW IN COHOTS?! Nooo!" Pinkie Pie cried out in despair.


"Are you eating it?! Or is it eating you!?" Said the hero on the screen to the corrupt CEO as he was forced to gobble down the alien white goop.

"I'm having PheNOMNOMenons flash backs," Twilight admitted.


"Hey everypony!" Starlight Glimmer said pushing in a cart. "Sorry I'm late! I got an equal amount of flavors of ice cream for everybody! I know vanilla is your favorite Twilight! I saw you eat it all the time when you thought nobody was watching, but I was." Starlight said happily. "So here everypony try some!" She magically puts the frozen desserts in front of everypony (and dragon). "It's great stuff!"

Starlight Glimmer had no idea why her friends all screamed and ran THROUGH the wall of the castle to the outside.

"I didn't put mind control drugs in it I swear! I only did that once BEFORE I gave up trying to topple the bourgeoisie after using time travel! Some stupid parasprites just ate it all!"

"What is your command oh mistress," said a parasprite in a high pitched voice with spiral colored eyes.

"Look like you're on left-overs clean up duty again."

"Yes, oh mistress!"

"Hmmm, what this? A movie from Sunset's world? Maybe I should invite Trixie, Maud, and Sunburst over to watch it!"



Starlight sighed. "And suddenly everything makes so much more sense."