Trotting in the Winter Wonderland

by BrawnyBold

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Feather Bangs takes a trip to Ponyville with his three marefriends for their Hearth's Warming. While Feather celebrates the holiday, he stumbles on a mare who is having a hard time during Hearth's Warming.

Hearth's Warming is when ponies spend time with their loved ones. This also applies to Feather Bangs as he gets to spend this holiday with not one, but three of his marefriends. They decide to go to Ponyville for a little holiday trip. At first, Feather was having a good time with his marefriends. That was until he meets a shy mare who really needed a friend to lift her spirit during the holiday season.

This is my third installment to my Feather Bangs' Trilogy!
1st Story - One Date at a Time
2nd Story - A Plus One in Haywaii

Holiday Celebration

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It was night time in Starlight's village and colorful lights were decorated on each building. Ponies were trotting across the streets in excitement as Hearth's Warming will be coming soon. Some ponies were gathered in the middle of town where a stage was in front of the town's large Hearth's Warming tree. Double Diamond trotted up to the stage to clear his throat before speaking through a microphone.

"Hello, Everypony!" Double Diamond announced. "Are you guys excited for Hearth's Warming!" The crowd cheered in response.

"That's great to hear!" Double Diamond replied. "To kick off the holiday, we have a special performance from our local music group! The leader of this group is our local poet and singer! Mares and gentlecolts, give it up for the CNDY Colts!" The crowd cheered as the poetic stallion trotted up to the stage with his backup dancers following in pursuit.

"This one goes out to not only our fans, but to their families so they could enjoy this wonderful holiday!" At the front of the crowd were three of Feather Bangs marefriends as they all cheered and carried a large sign that says "We Heart Feather Bangs!".

"We love you, Bangy!" The three mares hollered which caused Feather to blush a little. The music began playing and Feather started singing.

When the song was over, the crowd cheered from the group's amazing performance. Feather and his group members bowed to the crowd to show their appreciation. Feather smiled when he saw that his marefriends continue to cheer him on for an encore.

After the performance, there was a small party at Sugar Belle's bakery where most of the villagers were hanging out and enjoying each others' company. The members of CNDY Colts were gathered in one area of the party where they gave autographs to a line of ponies.

"Thank you, Happy Hearth's Warming!" Feather said as he gave an autograph to a small filly. The filly blushed and giggled as she trotted away to her parents.

"Hey Bangy!" A mare's voice said. Feather turned to see Fond Feather, Swoon Song, and Dear Darling were the next ponies in line.

"Hey girls," Feather responded until he noticed all three of his marefriends brought out three copies of his band's holiday record album. Feather looked at them with confusion.

"Don't you already have my autographs?" Feather asked his marefriends.

"Yeah, but these are for autographs from you when you joined a music group!" Swoon replied.

"We want your autographs from different parts of your music career!" Fond added.

"Plus, we wanted to add these to our 'Feather Bangs' museum!" Dear winked. Feather just smiled and rolled his eyes as this was a normal response from his marefriends. The CNDY Colts decided to close the autograph session and hang out in the party. Feather was sitting on a table with his marefriends as they enjoy most of the party food.

"Say 'Aah' Bangy!" Dear said as she levitated a cookie towards Feather. Feather took a bite and he thought it was tasty.

"Wow! This is good!" Feather said as he took another bite from Dear's cookie. Swoon and Fond squinted their eyes at Dear for making such a move.

"Here Bangy!" Fond said as she held up a spoon full of hot soup. "Blow on it and take a sip! You'll like it!" Feather blew on Fond's spoon before he took a sip.

"Hmm! This is great soup!" Feather said before Swoon appeared in front of Feather.

"Have some pudding! I hear that it was invented by Chancellor Pudding herself!" Swoon said as she offered a spoon full of pudding. Feather took a bite and tasted the pudding.

"This pudding is wonderful!" It wasn't long till the mares kept feeding Feather with food until he got full. Most of the party attendants who saw this just shrugged and laughed from how adorable Feather's marefriends were. The three mares acted embarrassed.

"Oops! Our bad!" Fond said while rubbing the back of her head.

"I'm good!" Feather assured as he accidentally burped which caused all three of his marefriends to laugh while he blushed.

"I just love spending time with you guys." Swoon said as she looked at all of the members of her group. Dear picked up her jug of cider along with her friends.

"Here's to another year together! Let our love strive and nurture one another!" Dear said as all of them bumped each others' jugs before they all took a sip.

"So, do you guys want to do anything for Hearth's Warming?" Swoon asked both of her friends and coltfriend. Feather and the rest of the mares looked at each other before looking back at Swoon.

"What do you have in mind?" Fond asked curiously.

"Well, I read from a brochure that Ponyville is the best place to spend time during the holidays. So, I thought all of us can take a trip there for Hearth's Warming!"

"That sounds great, Swoon!" Dear smiled. "But where will we stay at?" Swoon pulled out another brochure.

"There's a large hotel in Ponyville where a lot of visitors stay at if they want to spend more than one day in the town. We can stay there during the holiday."

"Sounds pretty good." Fond nodded in agreement.

"Agreed." Dear added.

"If it means spending time with you three, I'll go wherever you want to." Feather said which caused all three of the mares to swoon from how sweet their stallion was.

The next day, Feather and the mares rode the train to Ponyville. Although the ride was very long, it didn't bother Feather or his marefriends as they got to spend time together. They sometimes played cards or talked to each other about how things are going with each of them. Feather's marefriends were doing most of the talking as they were experts on discussing various things. The train came to another stop in a train station that was surrounded by large piles of rocks. Feather took this opportunity to get up from his seat.

"I'm gonna look for the snack cart and get some refreshments, do you girls want anything?" Feather asked. Once Feather's marefriends told their requests, Feather trotted through the train carts to look for the snack cart.

"Huh, to think that a snack cart would be easy to find inside of a train." Feather said as he continued searching. Feather was so distracted by his thoughts that he accidentally pumped into a pony.

"Ow," Feather said as rubbed his mane. "I'm really sorry-" Feather was interrupted when his face was millimeters from a dark grey mare's face. The mare had light grey manes and greenish yellow eyes. Feather gulped as he noticed that the mare looked ticked off.

"Hey! Watch where you're going bub!" The mare said as she nudged Feather to the side. Following the mare were three other earth ponies who Feather guessed was her family. One of the ponies was a light grey mare with long, bluish grey manes that were so long that it covered one of her eyes. She looked at Feather for a brief moment before she blushed and hid her face while following the rest of her family. Feather had a confused look on his face for the sudden event that happened to him. He decided to brush it off and finally found the snack cart. Once Feather got what he needed, he returned to see that the family he just met was sitting right next to where he and his marefriends were sitting. The shy mare noticed Feather and she blushed once again before turning to avoid eye contact. Feather stared awkwardly before he returned to his marefriends who continued to gossip.

'It will probably be fine in Ponyville." Feather thought as he relaxed for the rest of the train ride.

Shopping in Ponyville

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The train finally arrived to Ponyville Station where it was filled with ponies and other creatures waiting for the train. Feather and the mares exited the train and made their way to the streets of Ponyville. There were various cottage-like buildings that were decorated for Hearth's Warming. It wasn't long until Feather and his marefriends arrive to a large building that had a sign that says: Ponyville Inn. They entered to see that the hotel was also bustling with ponies hanging out or trying to carry their bags into their rooms. Swoon led the way to the front desk where a stallion with a bow tie was standing behind it.

"Welcome to the Ponyville Inn, where you can stay comfy while visiting our little town." The host stallion brought out a book and a quill. "Do you have reservations?"

"Yes," Swoon replied. "It is under Swoon Song and guests." The host stallion looked at his book to find Swoon's name.

"Ah, here it is!" The host stallion claimed. "Your room is already cleaned and set up for your stay. It will be Room 312." The host stallion said as he brought out a key with the room's number on it.

"Thank you, sir." Swoon nodded before she and the rest of her party went to the elevator. They made their way to Room 312 where it was one large room with a large bed and a small desk.

"Whoa," Fond said as she looked around the room. "Not bad, Swoon."

"But, there's only one bed." Feather said when he noticed the large bed at the center of their room.

"Don't you want to sleep with three mares in a single bed?" Dear said in a baby tone.

"I, ah.." Feather stammered until Dear giggled.

"I'm just messing with you! Of course we're all sleep here together." Dear then went and unpacked her stuff. Feather breathed heavily as he should've known Dear would intentionally tease him. She was practically a queen of teasing. Feather shook from his thoughts before he joined his marefriends on unpacking their stuff.

The group left the hotel to explore the streets of Ponyville. Different ponies trotted or flew around to do their usual errands. It wasn't long before Feather and his marefriends made their way to the center of town to see different ponies trot or flew around to do their usual errands.

"This place really reminds me of our town!" Fond said before she turned to the others. "You know, after Starlight's 'equality' reign." The rest of the group couldn't help but chuckle from Fond's joke.

"Yeah, but this place has a lot more ponies here." Feather said. Swoon brought out a brochure to read it.

"It says here that Ponyville was founded by some farmer ponies who settled in the land." Swoon began reading. "They found these special zap apples and sold their jams. Next thing they knew, ponies from all over came and settled here to make the town." Swoon yelped when her brochure was levitated by Dear's horn magic.

"That's enough history lessons for one day. Let's go shopping!" Dear cheered as she and Fond ran towards Ponyville's shopping district. Swoon just sighed from being left by her two friends. Feather placed a hoof on Swoon's shoulder.

"It's alright, Swoon." Feather smiled. "I thought that was interesting." Swoon blushed from hearing such a praise from her coltfriend.

"Thanks," Swoon replied before she noticed how far Dear and Fond were. "We should probably catch up to the others." Swoon said as she and Feather trotted to catch up to the other mares. The group arrived to the shopping district to see the many shops and stalls selling a variety of stuff. Feather's three marefriends looked extremely excited to be in the shopping district as they carried empty saddle bags waiting to be filled. Feather's trio of mares started with one booth that sold some colorful heels and shoes.

"Ooh! Check out these pumps!" Fond said as she picked up a pair of green heels.

"I love these glittery heels!" Swoon said as she showed her friends a pair of red heels that sparkled from all of the glittered it had.

"Not as much as these bejeweled heels!" Dear claimed as she levitated a pair of heels that had blue jewels. The mares squealed with joy while Feather felt confused due to his lack of understanding for mares' love for shoes. Feather's marefriends paid for their items and went to the next stall with Feather following in pursuit. The next place sold miniature glass sculptures of various shapes from cute animals to the alicorn princesses. The three mares looked in awe from how detailed the mini sculptures looked. Swoon decided to buy a puppy sculpture to give to her mother for Hearth's Warming. They went to another booth where all kinds of scarfs were sold there. Feather waited patiently while his marefriends were trying on a few scarfs to see which one suits them best.

"Feather Bangs?" A mare's voice called from behind Feather. He turned and see Sugar Belle standing before him.

"Sugar Belle!" Feather said in surprise.

"What are you doing in Ponyville?" Sugar Belle asked.

"Swoon thought coming to Ponyville would be a great way to spend Hearth's Warming together." Feather replied.

"That's great to hear," Sugar Belle replied. "Big Mac invited me to meet his family for our Hearth's Warming." Sugar Belle pointed her hoof at Big Mac and the rest of the Apple family. Feather then noticed the other family he met in the train was also with the Apple family.

"Are they members of the Apple family?" Feather whispered to Sugar Belle.

"Oh, that is the Pie family." Sugar Belle replied. "They are kind of like relatives to the Apples. I'm not really sure as even the Apples don't know." Feather looked to see the shy mare again as she tried to hide her face to avoid being seen.

"Sugar Belle!" Feather's marefriends hollered as all three of them ran to give Sugar Belle a group hug.

"Hey, you three!" Sugar said while being hugged. "It's good to see you again."

"Right back atcha!" Dear said as she and the rest of her friends removed themselves from Sugar Belle. "How are things in Ponyville?"

"It's been great! I'm enjoying every minute here!" Sugar Belle replied. "How are things at my bakery? Is my wacky cousin doing a good job not to burn down my bakery?"

"Nah, your cousin is doing fine!" Fond replied but her expression changed from happy to a bit sad. "Though, it does get a little lonely without you at Starlight's village." It didn't take long before all four of the mares were starting a long conversation with one another. Feather decided to approach the shy mare, but he was cut off when the angry grey mare confronted him.

"Oh, hello Ms..." Feather said to wait for a response.

"The name's Limestone Pie, what business do you have with my sister?" Marble asked sternly.

"Umm...I just wanted to say hi?" Feather replied.

"Is that it?" Limestone asked as she glared at Feather with one of her eyes. The shy grey mare tapped Limestone's shoulder to get her attention. The shy mare tilted her head as a signal for Limestone to move to the side. Limestone sighed and approached Feather.

"Don't you dare try anything funny with my sister, got it?" Limestone said in a threatening manner.

"Got it," Feather gulped as Limestone moved to the side. Feather slowly approached the shy mare who now looked calm.

"Um, hi I'm Feather Bangs." Feather introduced himself.

"I'm Marble Pie." Marble replied with a small smile.

"We met in the train to Ponyville, is that right?" Feather asked.

"Ah huh," Marble nodded. "I'm sorry about my sister, she could be aggressive and or overprotective sometimes. But she means well." Feather noticed that Limestone was glaring at him with stink eyes.

"I see," Feather said as he looked back at Marble.

"Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in Ponyville." Feather said as he trotted away to be with his marefriends.

"You too." Marble said with a nod before she followed her family back to the Apple farm.

Feather and his mares returned to their hotel after their shopping day in Ponyville. Feather finished his showering and left the bath to dry himself off.

'Marble seems to be a nice mare,' Feather thought while drying his mane with a towel. 'despite the fact that she is related with that short-tempered mare. Maybe things will get better for this trip.' Feather exited the bathroom.

"Alright, I'm all done." Feather said before he saw what was in front of him. The lights of the room were dimmed and all three of Feather's marefriends were laying on the large bed in seductive positions. What made Feather completely surprised was that all three of his marefriends were wearing lingerie that matched their favorite colors. These lingerie were also transparent so Feather could see his marefriends' flanks. Although most mares don't wear clothing, the lingeries made Feather's marefriends very attractive.

"So, what do you think?" Swoon asked. Feather just stood there with a shocked face.

"I...uh..." Feather replied nervously.

"I believe that you love what you see?" Dear said while batting her eyelashes at Feather.

"Very," Feather said bluntly.

"We got these at a special store in Ponyville while you went to get us hot chocolate." Fond said as she swayed her hips to Feather. "Are they sexy?"

"Very," Feather said once again.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Swoon asked as she motioned with her hoof. "Let's make some love tonight."

"B-but what about the neighbors?" Feather asked.

"I used a special spell to make this room soundproof." Dear said as her horn glowed yellow. "You're welcome."

"Oh, okay." Feather said as he got on the bed and crawled to his mares. He ended up on their laps and they all looked at him like hungry lionesses.

"Let's kick things off for our holiday vacation." Swoon said as Dear and Fond nodded in agreement. The sounds of moaning and giggles echoed the room as Feather and his mares were making some 'holiday fun'.

A Snow Day

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For the first day in Ponyville, Feather and his marefriends decide to start things off by enjoying the snow outside. They made their way to Ponyville Park where some ponies were having fun playing in the snow. Some were making structures made out of snow while others were having snowball fights.

"Wow!" Dear said as she looked at her snowy surroundings. "I never seen so many ponies enjoying the snow!"

"Ponyville does give off of that small town vibe compared to Starlight's village." Fond said as she trotted next to Dear.

"I'm just glad there is plenty of snow to play with despite the many ponies playing!" Swoon added while catching up to her friends. Feather slowly followed his mare friends while pulling a red plastic snow sled that was big enough for him and his mares.

"Woo!" Feather said as he wiped some sweat from his forehead. "It's a good thing we brought this sled with us! It will definitely make our snow day more fun! Where should we use it?" Feather asked his marefriends. The three of them scanned the snowy area until Fond spotted an empty spot that had a few snowy hills.

"Over there!" Fond said as she and the rest of the mares helped Feather move the sled to the snow hills. Once the group reached their destination, they carefully took their seats on the sled. Dear was at the front, Swoon was behind her, Fond was on the next seat, and Feather was sitting on the back.

"Is everypony ready!?" Dear asked in excitement.

"Yeah!" Swoon and Fond replied.

"Maybe?" Feather said nervously.

"Here we go!" Dear said as she and the rest of her group leaned enough for the sled to go downhill.

"Ahhhh!" Everypony in the group cried as they rode the sled through the snow. When the sled finally reached the downhill, it slowed down until it came to a stop.

"Yeah!" Dear said as she pumped her hooves in the air. "That was exhilarating!"

"I felt like a filly again!" Swoon cheered as she got out of the sled.

"Swoon! Now you're making us feel old!" Fond said while pretending to sound offended. The rest of the group laughed while Swoon blushed while laughing nervously. After a few more rides on the sled, the group decided to do some other activities with the snow. The first thing Feather and the mares did was making snow sculptures. More like attempting to make snow sculptures as it was hard for the mares to make certain shapes with snow.

"Hey girls!" Feather said to catch their attention. "Check out my sculpture!" Feather presented an exact replica of himself but it is made out of snow. It was almost as if it was made by a professional artist.

"Whoa!" Fond said as she circled around the snowy Feather Bangs. "It looks so life-like!"

"Two Feather Bangs?!" Swoon said while fanning herself with her hoof. "Some pony pinch me!" Swoon then felt a sudden pain as Dear pinched Swoon's cheek.

"Ow!" Swoon whined as she glared at Dear. "What was that for!?"

"You asked. Not me." Dear said innocently. After Feather and the mares completed their snow sculptures, they started a competition for whoever can make the most snow angels. They started to move their hooves up and down on the snow as fast as to make instant snow angels. When all of them were tired from making snow angels, they stopped to look at their results.

"Hooray! I made the most!" Fond cheered in triumph.

"No fair!" Swoon whined. "You have those wings that helped you make more snow angels!"

"I can't help it if I was born this way." Fond shrugged before she was suddenly hit by a snowball.

"Hey, who threw that!?" Fond demanded when she looked around.

"My bad!" A stallion said from the distant. "My friends and I were having a snowball fight and one of the snowballs accidentally hit you!" When the stallion left, an idea popped into Feather and his marefriends' thoughts.

"You girls thinking what I'm thinking?" Feather asked with a grin.

"Heck yeah!" Dear cried.

"Snowball fight!" Feather and the mares cried as they rushed towards where the stallion and his friends were. Feather and his marefriends formed a small army as they began throwing snowballs at the enemy's snow fort. It was difficult to tell who was winning as both of the teams' snow forts were heavily damaged and everypony was getting tired from all of that throwing. Unfortunately, the enemy team surrendered because one of them had an errand to do and the enemy team left.

"Yes!" Swoon said as she hopped with joy. "We won!"

"But the enemies just surrendered. I don't think that counts." Fond said.

"When war is involved, any victory counts." Swoon said in a serious tone similar to a soldier. Feather and the other mares couldn't help but burst out laughing from Swoon's attempt to sound scary. Swoon just huffed as she turned and pretended to trot away.

"We should probably call it a day." Fond said as she noticed the sun setting. "We don't want to catch a cold from being out in the cold too much." Everypony agreed as they made their way back to the hotel.

Nighttime came and most of the ponies were asleep for the next day. Feather and his marefriends were all snuggled up together on their large bed while trying to go to sleep. Although Feather and the mares did many snow-based activities throughout the day, they still had enough energy to make some love before bed. It felt nice to be close together with his mares.

"Hmm, it feels so nice to be all huddled up together like this." Swoon said as she moved a bit.

"That's one benefit of all of us being together, we can get more warmth that way." Dear teased.

"Whether it's for warmths or not, I'm glad to be with you girls." Feather said as he gave each of them a kiss before they all went to sleep for the night.

Baking Class

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Feather and his three marefriends were enjoying some breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. They all talked among themselves while Pinkie and the Cakes were serving other ponies. It wasn't until Swoon noticed Mrs. Cake hanging a small piece of paper on a wall full of posters. Swoon walked up to the wall to read what was written on the paper.

"A cooking class?" Swoon asked Mrs. Cake.

"Yeah, it's a small class that I usually teach during the holiday season for those who want to learn how to bake certain holiday treats." Mrs. Cake replied.

"That sounds great!" Swoon said as she went to her friends and Feather and explained about the cooking class.

"I don't know," Fond said with doubt. "cooking sounds more like your specialty, Swoon."

"But it will be something fun to do together!" Swoon replied.

"I don't think it's a bad idea." Feather smiled. "I've been hearing that the sweets in Ponyville are delicious. There's nothing wrong with learning how they make these sweets." Swoon then gave Feather a big smooch on his cheek which caused him to blush very red.

"That's why you're the only stallion for me!" Swoon said with batted eyes. Dear and Fond looked at each other and shrugged.

"Alright, we'll all take the class together." Dear said with a nod.

"Woohoo!" Swoon cheered.

Feather, his marefriends, and some other ponies were inside the Cakes' kitchen where the class was taking place. It was mandatory that the whole class should wear aprons to avoid making a mess on themselves. Feather didn't mind as he enjoyed seeing his marefriends wearing aprons.

"Hello, everypony!" Mrs. Cake said as she entered the kitchen. "I'm Chiffon Swirl Cake or Mrs. Cake for short. Thank you for taking part in this special cooking class. In this class, I will teach you how to make basic sweets to eat for Hearth's Warming." Mrs. Cake then pulled out a tray that carried a cake that was decorated with Hearth's Warming stuff. "We will be making a basic chocolate cake that you can decorate with anything that shows what Hearth's Warming means to you. Now, have out your bowls and we will begin." The ponies did what Mrs. Cake said as they each had out bowls. Feather noticed something about some of his classmates. All of the class was made up of mares except for Feather.

"Is it me, or am I the only stallion here." Feather whispered to his marefriends.

"Lucky you, huh?" Dear teased with a giggle. Feather just blushed as he began helping his marefriends bake their cake. Little did Feather knew, the other mares in the class had their eyes on him. The ponies were able to follow each of Mrs. Cake's instructions as she let them take their time. The ponies were now pouring their cake batters into baking pans.

"Alright everypony, the next step is to put your cakes inside the oven and then we bake them!" Mrs. Cake instructed.

"I'll put the cake in the oven." Feather said as he carefully picked up the pan.

"Thanks, Feather." Swoon said. "We'll clean up and prepare for the cake decorating." Feather slowly made his way to the oven until he accidentally bumped into a green mare with blue manes.

"Oh! Sorry about that!" Feather apologized.

"It's alright," The mare said before she got a little closer to Feather. "You know, I appreciate a stallion willing to take up baking." The mare said in a flirty tone. Feather sweated bullets as he knew that look most mares make when they flirt.

"Well, it never hurts to try new things." Feather said sheepishly. He moved backward when the mare continued to move closer to him.

"You know, once this cooking class is done, do you want to have some of my cake?" The mare batted her eyes. Feather was confused about the mare meant by 'her cake'.

"That's no fair!" A pink mare with red manes said as she approached Feather and the green mare. "I wanted to flirt with the cute stallion!"

"First come, first serve." The green mare said before she turned back to Feather. "Now where were we?" Feather's heart raced as he didn't know what to do.

"How about step off of our stallion?" Fond said as she and her friends glared at the green mare.

"Just so you know, he's our coltfriend." Swoon added. The green mare just laughed as if somepony told her a joke.

"Is something funny?" Dear asked in annoyance.

"Oh nothing," The green mare said. "I just think that this hunk of a stallion could do way more than you." The green mare was interrupted when she got frosting squirted on to her face by Dear who was using her magic.

"Girls!" Mrs. Cake said angrily. "That's enough!"

"Oops. Now you're a mess." Dear said as she stuck out her tongue. The green mare's face became red with rage while she growled like an animal.

"Oh dear." Feather said before food started to fly across the room.

Feather slowly awoken to find himself laying on a hospital bed. He only recalled that he was hit by something hard on the back of his head and then he passed out. Feather placed one hoof on one of his temples to feel a bandaid on it.

"Ah, I see that you're awake." The doctor stallion said as he entered through a door.

"What happened?" Feather asked as he took a look at the room he was in.

"It's a funny story." The doctor said as he looked at his clipboard. "Apparently, you accidentally got hit on the head by a flying frying pan while that crazy food fight happened. When the food fight finally stopped, you were sent to this hospital to be analyzed for additional injuries. But it looks like you're alright now." The doctor gave an assuring smile.

"Thanks, doc." Feather said. A mare nurse appeared in the doorway.

"Mr. Bangs, you have visitors." The nurse then moved aside to show Feather's marefriends running in with fear on their faces.

"Feather!" All three of the mares cried as they rushed to Feather.

"I'll leave you four alone then. Take care, Mr. Bangs." The doctor said as he left the room.

"Feather! We're so sorry for causing you to get hurt!" Dear said while some tears were forming from her eyes.

"It's alright, I should've said something to those mares." Feather said.

"But we acted like a bunch of school fillies when they made fun of us." Fond said as she and the rest of the mares lowered their heads in shame.

"Well, at least now we have one holiday memory we could look back and laugh at." Feather said in attempt to change the mood. The mares looked at each other in agreement as they all chuckled about how ridiculous things have gotten.

"Yeah, it kind of reminds me of one of those old holiday movies where things go crazy." Swoon said. The others nodded in agreement.

"We should watch a movie when we get back to the hotel." Fond suggested.

"But the nurse did say that you won't be out of this room until the doctor finishes the paperwork." Dear said with a shrug.

"Until then," Swoon said before she and her friends gave Feather kisses on his cheek. "See you soon, Bangy." The mares then left Feather while he laid in bed with anticipation to leave the hospital.

Karaoke Party

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On one night in Ponyville, Feather and his marefriends were trotting inside of the townhall where a party was being held. Fond found in the Ponyville newspaper that there was going to be a little get together where anypony in Ponyville can come and enjoy each other's company during the holidays. When Feather and his mares walked through the doorway, they saw that a large majority of Ponyville was attending the party.

"Wow! This place looks great!" Dear said as she looked at the holiday decorations in the room.

"Ponyville sure knows how to celebrate the holidays." Feather said as he and his mares made their way to the food tables.

"No kidding," Swoon added. "this place was also where Nightmare Moon returned from her 1000 years of slumber."

"That's one way to kick off a Summer Sun Celebration." Fond joked. The group started to get their food and eat on one of the tables for the guests. Feather and the mares took part in some of the party's activities such as ornament making. Feather was painting a blue jay on his ornament while his marefriends painted Feather's poorly drawn face on their's. He couldn't help but feel touched by that. There was also pin the tail on the pony and Dear was next in line. When Dear was blindfolded, she got spun around and did her best to make it to the board while trying not to vomit. Dear was able to put the tail on what she felt was the picture of the pony. When she removed her blindfold, it revealed that it was Feather who was pined on the tail. Feather blushed as his marefriends and guests laughed from the little accident. The party went on until Mayor Mare made her way up to the stage.

"Hello everypony!" Mayor Mare said loud enough for everypony to hear. "I am glad to see that you are all having a blast during this Hearth's Warming party." Everypony in the crowd cheered in agreement.

"Now it is time that we start with one of the major activities for this party. A karaoke contest!" Everypony cheered in response to Mayor Mare. "Here is how it works: one pony gets up to the stage and sings the lyrics on the screen. There will be no judges rating how you will perform or any prizes. This is just for the fun of it! Any pony want to volunteer to be first?" It wasn't long until several ponies ran up to form a line to the stage.

"You should go up and sing, Feather!" Dear suggested.

"Nah, I'm good." Feather replied. All three of Feather's mares were surprised to hear his answer.

"But I thought you enjoyed singing?" Swoon asked.

"I know, but I'm taking a break from singing due to all of the performances me and the CNDY Colts have been doing recently." Feather answered.

"Oh, okay." Dear said before she ran to the line. "Then I'll go up there to sing to my heart's content!" Dear made her way up to the stage and cleared her throat.

"This song goes out to my two best friends and our favorite stallion." Dear said with a wink to her group, which caused Feather to blush once the again. The music began playing and Dear started singing.

As Dear sang, Feather and the rest of his marefriends slowly danced to the music. The rest of the party guests followed by slow dancing with their partners. The song was over and Dear took a bow while everypony cheered from her amazing performance.

"Come on, Fond!" Swoon said as she pulled Fond's hoof. "Let's sing a duet!" As both of them made their way to the stage, Dear made her way to Feather.

"Not to bad for a amateur, huh?" Dear asked.

"I would say that was really good." Feather said before Dear booped his muzzle.

"Ah, you're too kind." Dear said as she gave Feather a peck on his cheek. Another song played with Swoon and Fond singing the lyrics.

"May I have this dance, Ms. Dear?" Feather said while bowing his head.

"It would be my pleasure." Dear replied as she and Feather held each other while they danced to the music.

The night continued with most of the guests continued to enjoy themselves during the party. Feather was so tired that he decided to have a seat while watching his marefriends continued to have fun.

'I shouldn't be too surprised that my girls still have some energy in them to keep partying.' Feather thought. Feather turned to be completely surprised from what he saw. Marble Pie was sitting on a table at the very end of the room where she wouldn't be spotted by most of the party guests. Feather didn't expect to see Marble again. He slowly got up and made his way to see her. When Feather got to a close distant from Marble, he noticed something wrong with her. Marble's face looked really gloomy and her eyes were teary.

"Um, hey Marble." Feather said quietly. Marble flinched and quickly turned to see Feather standing behind her. Through instincts, she moved her hair behind her face to prevent the stallion from seeing it.

"Are you okay?" Feather asked. "You seem down for some reason."

"I-I'm fine." Marble said as she avoided eye contact with Feather.

"Okay," Feather said and decided not to press Marble for more answers. "Is it alright that I sit here with you?" Marble looked at the ground for a moment before giving a response.

"Alright." Marble said as Feather took a seat next to her. As time went on, Feather watched his marefriends continue to have fun with the party.

"I'm so grateful that I got together with all three of my mares." Feather's words caused Marble to grumble under her breath.

"I know that it's a bit weird that I'm dating all three of them, but we were able to work things out." Feather said before he turned to see Marble a bit upset at him.

"Can you please stop talking about love, I'm trying to avoid that right now." Marble said in a quiet and yet angry tone.

"Marble, is something wrong?" Feather asked.

"I said everything is fine!" Marble said in a higher volume.

"Marble, I know when a mare is upset." Feather said in a neutral tone. "I promise you that I won't say anything if you want somepony to listen." Marble looked down on the floor again to think to herself.

"Alright, I'll tell you." Marble said as she began. "I'm just feeling a bit lonely during this holiday season. Being with my family is alright, but I've been doing that as long as I can remember while living at my family's rock farm. It wasn't until I met this stallion who came to our rock farm. I started to make a connection with the stallion because he was as shy as I was. Both of us liked each other because of that. However, that changed when the stallion left. He ended up with some other mare and he was completely happy with her. It made me upset as I lost my chance to have that kind of connection." Marble then started to whimper and cry silently. Feather got closer to Marble to pat her back to comfort her.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Feather said.

"No, it's my fault." Marble said as she wiped her tears. "I should've been more upfront with my feelings toward the stallion. I was also concerned that it would be impossible to be with him for...difficult circumstances." Feather tried to think of something nice to say to Marble.

"Well, I hope that you find somepony else you can make you happy. You seem like a nice mare to be with." Marble smiled from hearing such sweet things to Feather. She suddenly got up to give Feather a warm hug. This caused Feather to blush completely red for Marble's bold move.

"Wha-wha..." Feather stuttered.

"Thanks, Feather." Marble said. "I appreciate your support." She and Feather suddenly heard the sound of mare clearing her throat. Feather turned to see all three of his marefriends looking a bit ticked off for seeing him getting hugged by Marble.

"Oh boy," Feather said as he felt like he was about to suffer from his marefriends' wrath.

Feather waited patiently outside of his hotel room. Marble apologized to Feather's marefriends and explained to them about what happened. After that, Feather's mares understood and whispered something to Marble. Whatever it was, it made Marble blush a bit before she agreed. Next thing Feather knew, he was waiting for his marefriends and Marble while they were doing Celestia knows what inside of the room.

"Alright! You can come in now!" Dear said from inside. Feather entered the room to see that the room's lights were once again dimmed. On the bed were Feather's marefriends with Marble sitting in the middle. Feather was also shocked to see that Marble was wearing a sexy, black nightgown that was completely transparent to reveal she was also wearing black, lacy panties. Marble's blushing face showed that she was not used to wearing her outfit.

"Do you like Marble's look?" Swoon asked. "It's a spare nightgown I brought."

"Um, you look great, Marble." Feather said while he looked away and blushed.

"T-Thank you." Marble said while also blushing.

"Aren't you going to come and join us, Feather?" Dear said as she levitated Feather on to the bed.

"W-wait Marble, you want to..."

"Have your way with her, yes." Fond finished while caressing Marble's cheeks and mane. "We came to an agreement to let you pleasure her since she has never done it with anypony before."

"We don't mind as she looks like a mare who won't take advantage of you." Swoon said as she snuggled Marble's neck, causing the shy mare to moan a bit.

"P-Please, Feather?" Marble asked with a shy smile.

"A-are you sure? I don't want you to feel regrets afterwards." Feather said.

"I don't mind if it's you." Marble replied. "I actually thought you were cute the moment I saw you on that train." Feather thought about it and thought it shouldn't be bad if Marble allows it. Also, if Feather was able to pleasure three mares many times, there is no doubt that he can pleasure another mare.

"Alright," Feather said as he and Marble got closer to face each other. They started things off with a kiss on the lips. Feather thought that Marble's lips tasted so good as compared to the way his marefriends kiss him. Marble seems to also enjoy the smooching as she started to wrap her hooves around Feather's neck to push him further into the kiss to turn it into a full on makeout session. Feather's marefriends looked in amazement by how skilled Marble was when it comes to kissing. It took about a few minutes before Marble and Feather separated to catch their breath.

"Wow," Feather said in shock from how impressed he was from the kiss.

"Thank you," Marble said bashfully. After that, Feather's marefriends pushed Feather to lay on his back while all the mares gave at him hungry looks.

"Alright girls," Fond said to the mares. "Let's kick things up a notch!" The mares dove down to Feather and they began making love to each other.

After a night of passion, Marble felt a lot better as she exited the hotel and returned to the Apple Farm. Once she entered the farm house, she was suddenly confronted by Pinkie who looked really worried.

"Marble! I'm so glad you made it back home!" Pinkie said as she gave Marble a caring hug. "I was getting worried when the rest of our family said that you haven't returned home since I came back from Twilight's castle. Is everything alright?" Marble smiled.

"I'm fine, sis. You have nothing to worry about." Marble said as she looked at outside.

'Happy Hearth's Warming, Feather.' Marble thought as she went with Pinkie to enjoy the holiday with their family.