Solstice Blue: The Rejected Demon

by Dracopony87

First published

After being abandoned by his birth father who just so happens to be a king of hell, Solstice is adopted by a married couple. Now almost fifteen years later Solstice is now attending Canterlot High as a first second year transfer student.

Solstice may seem like your generic second year transfer student however looks can be deceiving as Solstice isn't actually human, but in fact a rejected prince of hell (not that he knows it). All he knows is that he's a demon, his adopted parents are human, and needs to wear a cross for a certain reason. So can Solstice keep his friends safe while simultaneously hiding his true heritage?

*Trigger warning for one time child abuse*

Sex and gore tags for some light sexual scenes, some nudity, and injuries

The Boy From Hell

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Fourteen and a half years ago...

“Why hasn’t this brat shown any promise!” Lucifer growled at his son who was just playing with a doll that he was given.

“Y-your highness I’m sure he just n-needs some encouragement, after all he is your son” A servant stammered.

“Perhaps you’re right”- Lucifer replied -“bring him to me!”

“Yes your majesty” The servant replied as she picked up the six month old before bringing him to his father.

Lucifer took his son from the servant and looked him over while the son was giggling.

“W-well your h-highness?” The servant asked.

“He...has no potential!” Lucifer snarled before slapping his son, causing a cut to form from his right horn down to the nose and eliciting wails of pain and fear from the infant.

The servant quickly caught the infant after Lucifer threw the baby away.

“Y-your highness w-what should I d-do with him?” The servant hesitantly asked.

“Rid of it, how you do I do not care, just get it out of my sight!” Lucifer commanded, causing the servant to flinch.

“A-as you wish y-your majesty” The servant replied before caring the crying infant out of the room.

As the servant carried the baby out of the palace she managed to quiet down the infant before spreading her hiding her wings, horn and tail. She then walked through a portal with the infant cradled in her arms.

“It’s okay little one...I’ll make sure to find a proper home for you” The servant said as the two were sent to the human world before making sure their appearances were hidden and the wound was healed.

After walking around an area the servant overheard couple talking about wanting kids despite the husband being infertile. Reluctantly the servant knocked on the door, catching the couple’s attention.

“Who could that be at this hour?” The Wife asked.

“I don’t know but it might be something important” The husband replied as he stood up and walked to the front door with his wife right behind him.

The husband opened the door to see no one, he poked his head out of the door and looked around a bit before hearing a small sound coming from the top of the steps just before the door.

“W-what’s wrong?” The wife asked as she saw her husband bend over and pick something up.

“I-it’s a baby” The husband replied as he turned around with the infant in his arms.

“Where did it come form?” The wife asked as she took the baby.

“I don’t know but I’m gonna file a report” The husband replied after taking another look before shutting the door.

“A-alright” The wife responded as her husband called his boss to inform him what had happened.

A few minutes later some officers showed up along with an ambulance and a CPS official. After some explanations most of the people who showed up left with the remaining person being the CPS official.

“Hey this may be unconventional but I want to make sure this little one has a good home so would it be to much to ask if you’re willing to adopt him?” The CPS official asked.

The couple looked at each other before nodding in agreement.

“Yes, we’ll adopt him” The husband replied as the CPS official beamed.

“Excellent, I’ll return in the morning with him and some paperwork, but for now what would you like to name him?” The CPS official asked.

“Solstice Blue” The couple replied in unison with smiles on their faces.

Present day…

“Solstice it’s time to wake up” His mother said.

“Do I have to?” He asked as his mother named Cherry Pie flipped on the light switch, brightening the room and revealing Solstice laying on his chest with his leathery bat like charcoal colored wings splayed out over his bed along with his charcoal colored spiral-horns showing.

“Yes Solstice, you have to but first you need to hide your horns and wings” Cherry Pie replied after rolling her amber eyes as the morning light shone on her cherry red, green colored hair and caramel colored skin.

“Fine” Solstice grumbled as he hid his wings, horns while opening his cobalt eyes.

“Good, now make sure you get dressed and have everything in your backpack” His mother said before leaving his room.

Solstice’s vanilla skin wrinkled a bit as he stretched while the light from his lamp illuminated his winter-green hair. After a couple of more stretches Solstice got up from his bed before heading to his dresser to put on some clothes for the day, his silver cross rattled with each movement.

After a few minutes Solstice emerged from his room while wearing a black t-shirt under an amethyst colored coat, he was also now wearing denim jeans that covered his snow white socks but didn’t cover his black and cyan shoes.

“Morning dad” Solstice said as he spotted his adopted father named Law Enforcer who had sleek black hair, light vermilion skin and emerald eyes was reading the paper in his officer uniform.

“Good morning, so are you ready for your first day at Canterlot High?” Law Enforcer asked.

“Yea, and before you ask I do have do have my cross on” Solstice replied as he sat down to the left of the table as his mother walked out with pancakes.

Cherry Pie wore a lavender sleeveless shirt along with a light gray skirt, black heels that were half an inch tall and a baby blue apron with a picture of a slice of cherry pie on it.

“Good” Cherry Pie chuckled as she set down the plate of pancakes before sitting across from her husband.

“Mmhmph, well gotta get going, bye Mom, bye Dad” Solstice said after finishing his pancakes in one bite.

“Bye honey, have a good day at school” His mother called.

“Try not to get into any trouble” Law Enforcer added.

“Bye” Solstice replied as he grabbed his Ashe gray and magenta backpack before leaving.

Solstice quickly jogged to his suburban destination known as Canterlot High school.

Once he arrived a few minutes later, Solstice tried to hide a grin the was quickly growing on his face; however, Solstice wasn’t just excited but he was also nervous.

With a gulp Solstice walked across the street and then onto the campus.

“Watch...out, ow ow ow” A girl said after she tripped and fell onto her rear.

Solstice turned around and saw a lavender skinned girl with dark violet, purple and magenta hair in a ponytail sitting on her rear while rubbing her backside.

“Hey are you okay?” Solstice asked as he knelt down in front of the girl.

“Y-yea...uh do you see my glasses anywhere?” She asked before Solstice looked around and saw some black framed glasses.

“These” He asked as he held them up in front of the girl.

“Yep, thank you”- The girl said as she grabbed the glasses before placing them back on over her eyes -“I’m Twilight Sparkle” She said as Solstice helped her up.

“Solstice Blue” He replied.

“Nice you” Twilight started but stopped upon seeing the clearly visible scar over his eye.

“Yea I know it looks weird but I don’t exactly know where I got it” Solstice explained.

“Oh okay, well thanks for your help” Twilight replied with a smile.

“You’re welcome” Solstice responded before returning the smile and walking into the school.

“Oh darling who was that cute guy you were talking with?” A eggshell white girl with purple hair asked from behind Twilight, causing her to jump about an inch while her heart seemingly shot out of her chest.

“O-oh hi Rarity, you scared me”- Twilight chuckled as her heart calmed down.

“Hehe sorry Darling” Rarity giggled.

“It’s okay, and by the way his name is Solstice Blue” Twilight replied.

“What a marvelous name”- Rarity cooed causing Twilight to playfully punch her friend -“I’m just stating the truth”

“Come on, lets get to class” Twilight said as her and her friend walked to the entrance.

Solstice's Classmates (A Tad Edit)

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“I’m pretty sure this is where I’m supposed to be” Solstice thought as he approached Class 7C.

“Alright class, we have a new trans-”- The teacher started when she was interrupted by knocking on entrance the class -“oh that must be him, everyone meet Solstice Blue” The teacher introduced as Solstice walked in.

“H-hi, I’m Solstice Blue” he replied.

“Now then I’m Ms Cheerilee. So would anyone like to ask Solstice anything?”- Ms Cheerilee offered as several hands rose up and picked a hand in the back row -“Trixie, what’s your question”

“Yea, Trixie wants to know about that weird thing on your face?” She asked.

“Well it’s a scar, and no I did not get it in a fight. My parents just found me with a cut that was where this scar is” Solstice replied.

“Alrighty then, Applejack” Cheerilee called out as she pointed to the light peach colored girl with blond hair.

“Ever mud wrestled?” Applejack asked, causing a girl with rainbow hair to erupt in laughter.

“Only you would ask that!” The girl laughed.

“Actually yes, but both my parents were angry at me afterwords so...totally worth it” Solstice replied with a smirk.

Ms Cheerilee just stared unimpressed at the rainbow haired student and asked is she had a question for Solstice.

“Yea actually, do you play any sports?” The girl asked.

“Well on occasion I play motocross, and I do also have a black belt in Judo”Solstice replied.

“Nice. By the way the name’s Rainbow Dash.

After a couple more questions Ms Cheerilee told the class that there was to be one more before she started. She picked a girl that Solstice had recognized.

“Hey Solstice, thanks again for helping me this morning, but do you like to read? If so what’s your favorite book?” Twilight asked.

“If the Daring Do books count” Solstice explained as he smiled sheepishly.

“You like daring do to?” Rainbow Dash shouted from across the room.

“Ms Rainbow Dash if I do recall I did say it was one more question not two more” Ms Cheerilee said sternly as she glared, raised an eyebrow causing both Rainbow Dash and Solstice to flinch.

S-sorry ma’am” Rainbow Dash replied as she shrunk back into her seat next to the giggling Applejack.

“I’m afraid that’s all the questions for now, so Solstice feel free to pick an open desk” Ms Cheerilee said as she turned to Solstice, her stern look was now replaced with a cheerful smile.

“O-okay” Solstice stuttered as he headed to an empty desk by a window.

As Solstice went and sat down he noticed a red, gold haired and amber colored skin was in the seat next to him and immediately felt his heart race.

Hi I’m Sunset Shimmer, so what exactly did Twilight mean by helping her?” Sunset asked in a whisper with a slight blush on her cheeks.

I-it’s not what you think, s-she just tripped in front of the school so I helped her up” Solstice explained as a light blush formed from Sunset being near his face.

Oh okay, well it was nice to meet you” Sunset replied with a smile as the blush faded.

Y-you to” Solstice muttered -“jeez what exactly did you think she was talking about?” he thought as the small blush remained for a little longer before leaving.

After Ms Cheerilee left and the next teacher entered Solstice merely stared out the window while rubbing the cross he was wearing.


Although Solstice liked attending school he was constantly worried that either his hereditary urges would over power the t-shaped piece of silver around his neck or something happened that would cause it to break then there would be nothing protecting those around him.

Solstice’s adopted parents knew all to well what could happen if the cross is removed when he was about five he threw a tantrum that ended up having the dog have an eternal rest. Even though both him and his parents knew that it wasn’t exactly his fault Solstice never really got over the guilt so after he had calmed down to the point where he could be held Cherry Pie had placed a cross around his neck to keep him from causing any more harm in the future.

“Remember Solstice, only take this off after you put another one on” Cherry Pie told her crying five year old.

“M-mommy I’m so sowwy” Solstice cried before hugging his adopted mother.

“It’s not your fault, you can’t help who you are” Cherry Pie comforted.


“Hey Solstice, Solstice are you alright?” Sunset asked.

“H-huh?” Solstice replied as he snapped back to reality, saw that him, Sunset who had a concerned look on her face and Ms Cheerilee who was focused on some papers were the only ones in the class room.

“I said are you alright, you’ve pretty much been staring out the window since Ms Cheerilee left, not to mention you’re also crying” Sunset replied.

“O-oh uh yea I’m alright, j-just thinking about an event that happened when I was five” Solstice explained as he wiped away the tears.

“You sure? I mean if you need someone to talk to I’m here” Sunset replied along with a genuine smile.

“Thanks, but may I ask where did everyone go?” Solstice asked.

“Oh it’s break time” Sunset replied while trying to muffle a giggle.

“Heh oh, well see ya back in class” Solstice said before getting up and leaving the room.

Sunset just watched Solstice leave with an inquisitive look on her face “That boy is hiding something, I don’t know what but it feels kinda familiar” Sunset thought as she brought a hand up to her chin.

As Solstice walked his mind was in another world so to speak. However due to him not paying attention Solstice had inadvertently bumped into a medium stone gray haired that covered half of her face and light bluish stone gray skin causing the girl to fall over.

“Oh uh s-sorry I wasn’t paying attention” Solstice apologized as he helped the shy girl up.

The girl didn’t say anything nor did she look at Solstice.

“Are you okay?” Solstice asked now concerned that he had scared or even worse hurt her.

“Mmhm” The girl replied.

“Hi sis, hi Solstice!” A voice called that Solstice recognized and saw magenta haired girl with cotton candy pink hair was walking to them.

“H-hey Pinkie” Solstice said.

“Hiya, so what are you two doing?” Pinkie Pie asked as she reached the two.

“Well I was just helping Marble up” Solstice replied.

“Let me guess you weren’t paying attention and accidentally bumped into her?” Pinkie Pie asked with a big grin.

“Yep, and don’t worry I did apologize and helped her up” Solstice replied.

“Mmhm” Marble added.

“Okie dokie lokie, so then *deep inhale* whereareyoufrom, whatdidyoumeanbybeingfoundlikethatoneday, when’syourbirthday, howoldareyou, wheredidyoutransferfrom, everhadstra-” Pinkie Pie replied then started her onslaught of questions aimed at Solstice until a light peach hand came out of nowhere and stopped the hyperactive girl before she could finish the sixth question.

“Don’t worry sugarcube we got you” Applejack said as she held Pinkie Pie’s mouth shut.

“Does...does she do this often?” Solstice asked with a semi confused look plastered on his face.

“Afraid so, but she’s harmless” Applejack replied.

“Mmhm” Marble added.

“Except for when she uses her party cannonright next to your head causing you to go deaf for an hour” Rainbow Dash complained as she strolled up to the group.

“Oh come on that was one time!” Pinkie Pie retorted as she pulled Applejack’s hand away from her mouth.

“Yea well my ears rang for like thirty minutes” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Alright calm down you two” Applejack said as she stepped in between the two.

“Anyway, where ya heading?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“To the snack machine, even though I had a big breakfast I’m still hungry” Solstice replied along with a sheepish grin.

“Well then here” Pinkie Pie replied as she pulled a chocolate, strawberry cupcake from her hair and offered it to Solstice.

“Uh thanks?...” Solstice said before taking the cupcake and eating it.

“Hehe no problem!” Pinkie Pie replied with a smile that stretched from ear to ear.

“Now then there’s something I’ve been curious about since this morning” Applejack started.

“Which is?” Solstice questioned.

“This morning when Trixie asked how you got that scar you said your parents found you like that what did you mean by that?” Applejack asked.

“Oh well they technically didn’t find me with the scar but they found me with a cut where this scar is and apparently according to them I just appeared on their doorstep one night” Solstice explained.

“So you’re adopted?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Pretty much”- Solstice replied before adding -“Well I’m gonna get something from my locker”

“Alright then see you later” Applejack replied as Solstice waved and walked to his locker.

“Is it me or is he hiding something?” Rainbow Dash asked once Solstice was out of earshot.

“Yea he is acting like he has a secret” Pinkie Pie added.

“Am sure he’s just nervous, after all it is his first day here” Applejack interjected.

“Mmhm” Marble added.


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As Solstice walked to his locker he felt someone following him and decided to entertain them a bit by taking a right turn which also led to his locker.

“Alright the cost is clear” Solstice thought before he turned himself invisible.

W-where could he of gone?” A light pink haired girl with light yellow skin whispered as she rounded the corner.

Deciding to to scare her to much Solstice turned visible a couple of feet behind the girl and walk past her.

H-huh? H-how?” The girl whispered as Solstice tried to fight back a smile.

“Oh my god her face” Solstice thought as he let out a slight chuckle.

U-um didn’t y-you already come b-by here?” The girl asked while tapping her fingers.

“Nope, I just got here and by the way I’m Solstice Blue” he replied.

I-I know, we have th-the same class b-but I’m F-Fluttershy” She explained.

“Heh sorry, but anyway is was nice to meet you” Solstice replied before leaving for his locker and leaving Fluttershy baffled.

“H-how did he...” Fluttershy trailed off in utter confusion.

“Hi darling...what’s wrong, you look like you just saw a ghost?” Rarity asked as she approached Fluttershy.

“O-oh hi Rarity, i-it’s just I thought Solstice had entered this hallway before I did” Fluttershy explained.

“Oh darling I’m sure you just saw someone similar” Rarity replied nonchalantly.

“Y-yea I probably did” Fluttershy said.

Meanwhile Solstice had reached his locker and was rummaging through his backpack for a book that he had brought with him.

“Hello Sol, Sal...whatever Trixie is just gonna call you Blue” She said right after Solstice had closed his locker door causing him to jump a bit.

“Oh hi Trixie” Solstice replied after his heart calmed down.

“So does Blue want to see one of The Great And Powerful Trixie’s famous magic tricks?” She asked.

“Eh why not” Solstice replied along with a shrug.

“Great now watch as The Great And Powerful Triiiixieshall disappear!” Trixie grinned while Solstice was both intrigued and amused.

With a fluent motion Trixie raised an arm into the air before quickly throwing it down, releasing a smoke bomb and as quietly as she could while she ran to hide.

As the smoke cleared Solstice quickly noticed Trixie staring at him from behind the corner.

“I can see you, you know” Solstice said as he pointed to the hiding spot while also having an amused look on his face.

“But...but” Trixie started as the bell rung, signaling the end of break.

“Well it was a neat trick at least but I gotta get to class, so see ya later” Solstice replied before waving and walking to class.

“U-uh thanks” Trixie said as she watched Solstice leave before remembering that she to needs to get going.

As Solstice walked to class he noticed Fluttershy was holding a white bunny while talking to it.

“Hey Fluttershy, who’s bunny is that?” Solstice asked.

“H-hi Solstice, h-he’s actually mine, his name is Angel”- Fluttershy explained as she showed Solstice Angel who waved at him -“Isn’t he just the cutest?”

“Yea, but are you allowed to bring pets to school?” Solstice asked.

“N-no not really b-but I like bringing my pets” Fluttershyreplied.

“Oh cool, and by the way do you happen to know where forestry is?” Solstice asked as Fluttershy ushered Angel back into her backpack.

“Y-yea actually t-that’s my next c-class, w-want me to show you?” Fluttershy offered.

“Would you please?” Solstice replied.

“O-of coarse” Fluttershy stammered.

“Thanks” Solstice replied.

“N-n-no problem” Fluttershy replied as she began walking to the direction of the forestry class with Solstice following her.

After a somewhat awkward silent walk the two made it to forestry class before the second bell rang.

“Thanks again Fluttershy” Solstice said before sitting down in an empty seat.

“I-it’s no p-problem...” Fluttershy replied as she sat in a seat as well.

“Alright class, we’re gonna be talking about Redwoods...” The teacher started.

About forty-five minutes later class ended signaling for every student to head for there next class before lunch.

“Lets see...I have gym next?” Solstice thought as he headed to the boys locker room which much to his dismay was across the school from the cafeteria.

Once Solstice entered he was greeted by one of the gym teachers who gave him a blue, silver shirt that had the name Canterlot High on it along with yellow, black shorts and a combination lock for his locker.

Solstice then changed into his gym clothes before putting his regular clothes and a stick of deodorant in his locker.

“Alright lets head out!” A gym teacher shouted before all the students walked out of the locker room into the gymnasium.

As Solstice left the locker room he noticed that there was several hay bales with traditional bullseye targets on taped onto them and instantly became excited at the fact that he might be able to do some archery.

“Howdy sugarcube, ah didn’t know you had Mr Will’s class” Applejack shouted as she waved Solstice down while he walked to her.

“Yea, but please tell me we’re doing archery!” Solstice requested with excitement in his eyes.

“Yep, it’s our second day. So tell me ever used a bow and arrow?” Applejack asked with a smile.

“N-no, but I really want to!” Solstice replied.

“Well maybe Mr Will will let me give ya a couple pointers” Applejack said causing Solstice’s eyes to start beaming.

“Solstice you’re in this class to?” Pinkie Pie asked as appeared from behind him.

“Hiya Pinkie, I am” Solstice replied.

“That’s great! Applejack are you gonna teach him a few pointers?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Well only if Mr Will will allow me to do it” Applejack replied as Mr Will walked out of the boy’s locker room.

“Line up everyone! We’re gonna do more archery...but first four laps around the gymnasium!” Mr Will shouted before the class began running.

A few minutes later…

“Heh nice shot” Applejack complimented after Solstice had gotten a bullseye on his first try.

“Beginner's luck” Solstice replied as he went to draw another arrow.

“That’s it, just like I showed you the first time” Applejack said as Solstice nocked the arrow before releasing it.


“Thanks again for offering to help me study and with my homework” Solstice told to Twilight as the two walked to his house.

“Just think of it as a thank you for helping me this morning” Twilight replied with a smile.

“Heh it’s my pleasure” Solstice replied along with a smile as well.


“I’m home! And I brought a friend over to help with me study and with homework!” Solstice shouted as he entered his home with Twilight behind him.

“Okay honey how was your-” Cherry Pie started but stopped when she saw Twilight enter.

“H-hi Mrs Pie, I-I’m Twilight Sparkle, so I hope you don’t mind me helping your son study for an upcoming test along with his homework?” She asked.

“Oh it’s no problem dear, just as long as your parents know. Also, Solstice’s bedroom door is to remain open and unlocked” Cherry Pie replied.

“Yea they already know, and don’t worry we will only be studying” Twilight replied with a light blush.

“Well then have fun and if you need anything let me know” Cherry Pie said with a smile.

“Thanks mom” Solstice responded as him and Twilight headed to his room.

“You’re mom seems nice” Twilight complimented.

“Yea, but she can be a little overprotective at times” Solstice chuckled as the two entered his room.

“Mine’s the same way if not a little more” Twilight giggled.

“Well then which do you wanna do first? Study or Homework?” Solstice asked as he sat on his bed.

“i was thinking homework first then study if that works” Twilight replied.

“Yea it does”

Twilight's feelings PT 1

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“Man I can’t believe it’s already been like three weeks since I transferred to Canterlot High”- Solstice thought as he read a Daring Do book until he got a text from Pinkie Pie to which he read it -“Hey Solstice, if you’re free tomorrow?” Pinkie Pie texted.

“Uh yea I’m free, why?” Solstice asked.

“Well it’s because Marble and I want to hang out with you, duh” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Oh then yea I’m up for hanging out with you and Marble” Solstice texted.

“Great! Be here by 2:30 PM tomorrow” Pinkie Pie sent.

“Will do, well ttyl Pinkie” Solstice replied.

“Okie dokie lokie” Pinkie Pie texted before turning her phone off.

“So then is he coming over tomorrow?” Sunset asked.

“Hehe yep, will two thirty in the afternoon work?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“I don’t see why not darling, that should give us plenty of time to finish getting ready” Rarity replied.

“It’s a good time for me as well” Twilight added.

“Ah already told Granny that I wouldn’t be helping to day” Applejack said.

“Yea and there’s no sports practice tomorrow either” Rainbow Dash added.

“I-I already took the day o-of as well” Fluttershy said.

“Should I invite Trixie as well?” Sunset asked.

“Why not, the more the merrier!” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Yea, and I must say even though he don’t look like it Solstice is as strong as me possibly even stronger” Applejack said.

“Tell me about it, whenever we play sports it’s like he’s barley putting any effort into it yet I just barely manage to beat him every time” Rainbow Dash added.

“Not to mention that it just seems like he’s hiding something” Sunset said.

“Darlings I thing you all are just overreacting, and yea I know I’m one to talk but I’m sure he’s a normal human” Rarity replied.

“W-what if h-he’s like o-one of those a-anime transfer s-students?” Fluttershy suggested.

“Like the ones who are mysterious? Or like the ones who have some kind of power?” Twilight asked.

“B-both” Fluttershy replied.

“Yea and the fact he’s able to finish food before me of all people is suspicious” Pinkie Pie added.

“Well should we ask what’s up with him tomorrow?” Rainbow Dash suggested.

“Nah, it might send the wrong message. Besides it might make him not wanna be our friend anymore” Sunset replied.

Yea because that’s what I want my relationship with him to be...” Twilight thought as she remembered some interactions with him one of them being when he first met her and others being...


A couple of days after Solstice transferred in...

“Oh no I’m going to be late”- Twilight said frantically as she tried her best to make it to school on time when she saw Solstice was about to enter the school -“Wait for me!”

“Hey Twilight, you woke up late as well?” Solstice asked as he stood at the entrance.

“Y-yea, but aren’t you worried about being late?” Twilight asked as she approached Solstice.

“A little bit, but if you’re worried I know a way we can get to class faster” Solstice replied.

“Which is?” She responded as Solstice took off his backpack and put it on with it facing the front.

“Hop on!” Solstice replied as he patted his back.

“Y-you want to g-give me a p-piggy back ride?” Twilight asked as she felt her face heat up.

“Well unless you want the two of us to be late then yea” Solstice replied.

“F-fine” Twilight said as she got onto Solstice’s back.

“Hold on tight!” He replied before racing off past lockers and students on their way to class.

“Okaaaay!” Twilight screamed as she held on tight while things were whizzing by, her heart racing and the heat in her cheeks growing.

Before Twilight could catch her bearings the two were already in front of class 7C’s room.

“We’re here” Solstice said as he let the dazed girl on his back climb off.

“W-what? H-how?” Twilight asked as her heart rate began to go back to normal.

“Easy, I’m fast” Solstice replied.

Another time…

Oh no...” Twilight muttered as she realized she had forgotten her lunch at home.

“Twi what’s wrong?” Solstice asked along with a concerned look on his face.

“I-I forgot my lunch” Twilight replied as her face began to fluster.

“Well there is the lunch line” Solstice suggested.

I can’t...” Twilight replied as she noticed his puzzled look -“I spent my allowance on Daring Do and anime...”

“Oh then you can just have mine Twilight” Solstice said with a smile as he handed her a brown paper bag that held his lunch.

“Y-you sure, w-what about you?” Twilight asked.

“I can always get some stuff from the vending machines” Solstice replied nonchalantly.

“T-thanks” Twilight stammered.

“You okay sugarcube” Applejack asked, causing Twilight to snap back to reality.


“Oh y-yea, I’m fine, p-perfectly fine! Nope n-nothing's wrong!” Twilight exclaimed as the heat in her face rose immensely.

“Hehe then why is your face redder then the red in red velvet cupcakes?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Does someone have a crush?” Rainbow Dash teased causing Twilight to go redder then blood.

“I-I do not!” Twilight protested.

“Sugarcube you’re redder then an apple that’s wanting to be picked” Applejack explained as she stifled a laugh.

“Is it because of Solstice?” Rarity chimed in.

“W-what no I-I do not have a c-crush on anyone!” Twilight replied as she frantically waved her arms in front of her.

“Yea and I’m Princess Celestia” Sunset replied as she to was now holding back a laugh.

“You know you never answered Rarity’s question, is it because of Solstice?” Pinkie Pie added.

Twilight struggled to find something, anything to say but could not think of a single comeback.

“I-it’s okay Twilight” Fluttershy said as she wrapped an arm around her friend.

“Heh yea sorry Twi” Sunset added.

“It’s okay” Twilight replied as she sheepishly smiled -“Now then shall we start decorating?”

“But of course darling, if we don’t then the this house won’t be ready by tomorrow” Rarity commented.

“Hehe I’ll start baking!” Pinkie Pie shouted as she scampered off to the kitchen, leaving the rest of her friends to help decorate.

Twilight's feelings PT 2

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“I’m off!” Solstice shouted before leaving his house for Pinkie’s.

While Solstice walked he decided to text Pinkie Pie that he was on his way.

“Okie dokie lokie, see you soon!” Pinkie Pie replied before Solstice placed his phone in his pocket and continued walking.


“Alright everyone Solstice is on his way!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“Well sugarcube how far out is he?” Applejack asked.

“Oh I didn’t ask him that” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Uh darling don’t you think you should?” Rarity asked.

“Good point” Pinkie Pie replied before texting Solstice how close he is.

While Solstice was on his way he felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out to see Pinkie’s text and replied with “I’m about halfway”

“Already? Are you looking forward to hanging out with Marble and I that much?” Pinkie Pie sent.

“Fast walker but anyway thanks for asking me to hangout with you and your sister” Solstice sent as he crossed the street.

“Oh don’t worry about it, just focus on getting here” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Look who’s the impatient one now” Solstice teased before putting his phone back in his pocket.


“He’s halfway here! So battle stations everyone!” Pinkie Pie called causing everyone to hide.

“Trixie does not think Blue will be surprised” She commented.

“Don’t worry he will be” Sunset replied as they heard a knock at the front door.

“It’s open!” Pinkie Pie called from her hiding spot.

“Pardon the intrusion...”- Solstice trailed off as he walked in and saw the room was empty “uh Pinkie, Marble where are you?” Solstice asked.

“Surprise!” Everyone shouted as they jumped from their hiding spots causing Solstice to leap about three inches into the air.

“Holy shit!” Solstice screamed as he landed back on the floor, now with a racing heart.

“Heh sorry sugarcube, didn’t mean to give you a heart attack” Applejack replied.

“Yea you can blame Pinkie, she’s the one who decided to throw you a surprise party” Sunset added.

“So were you surprised? Were you? Were you?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“V-very much so, but w-wait why are you throwing me a party?” Solstice asked.

“Well one it’s a welcome to CHS party and two it’s like a thanks for helping us so much I guess” Pinkie Pie explained.

“So then if it’s a welcome to CHS party then how come you didn’t throw it like three weeks ago?” Solstice questioned.

“Because I needed to get everything I needed, besides if it was held when you first transferred in then how would we be able to throw you a thanks for being so helpful party?” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Eh good point I guess but I don’t think I was that helpful” Solstice responded.

“Oh darling but you were, even when no one asked you’d help” Rarity explained.

“Yea so just think of it as a thanks” Rainbow Dash added.

“Less chit chat, it’s party time!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“Wait before we start there’s something I need to ask Solstice” Sunset replied.

“Which is?” Solstice questioned.

“You’re hiding something, what is it?” Sunset asked, catching everyone else off-guard.

“Sunset Darling I’m sure Solstice here isn’t hiding anything, besides if he was why would he tell us?” Rarity asked.

“B-but you said it yourself Applejack, he’s just as strong as you if not stronger” Sunset explained.

“Ah did say that but looks can be deceiving, especially since I’ve never seen him with his shirt off so I can’t say just by looking” Applejack replied.

S-shirt off? No Twilight don’t imagine Solstice without a!” Twilight muttered as she unsuccessfully imagined Solstice without a shirt while the very thought alone caused her face to redden.

“However it is weird that he’s almost as good at sports as me” Rainbow Dash added to Applejack’s statement.

“B-but I’m sure t-that it’s nothing” Fluttershy said.

“C-can we just get to the party?” Solstice asked.

The Great And Powerful Trixie seconds that” she replied.

“Mmhm” Marble added.

“Besides this is supposed to be a fun party not an interrogation party” Pinkie Pie said while rolling her eyes.

“Yea but someone might want to snap Twilight back to reality” Rainbow Dash chuckled as everyone looked in Twilight direction and saw her face which was crimson red.

“Uh Twi? Twilight?” Sunset said before grabbing her friend’s arm.

When Sunset grabbed Twilight’s arm her eyes turned white as she started seeing the same thing that Twilight was seeing which in turn caused a massive blush to form on her face as well.

After seeing what her friend was seeing Sunset immediately let go of her friend which also brought Twilight back to reality.

“Uh Sunset? Did ya see something?” Applejack asked.

“N-no! I-I mean no I d-didn’t” Sunset replied as Twilight looked around with a blush on her face and confused.

“Nice for you to come back to reality” Rainbow Dash said to Twilight.

“H-huh?” Twilight asked when she noticed Solstice staring at her and immediately covered her face with her pony tail.

“Is something wrong Twilight?” Solstice asked as he approached her.

When Twilight saw Solstice approaching her she became even more embarrassed has she became more flushed while she was frantically trying to tell him that she’s okay.

“Twilight!” Solstice said with a semi-shout causing the girl to stop what she was doing and look at him.

“Y-yea?” Twilight asked.

“Please tell me what’s wrong?” Solstice asked as he set his arms on Twilight’s shoulders while looking at her with concern in his eyes.

“I-I...”- Twilight trailed off while thinking -“he’s so close I could just...”

“T-Twili-mpfh!” Solstice started to say before Twilight grabbed him by his coat and pulled him close before giving him a sloppy but passionate kiss on his lips.

Solstice’s eyes widened at the sudden kiss as everyone else stopped what they were doing and stared at the two.

“Yea you go girl!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“Heh I knew she liked him” Rainbow Dash added.

“Trixie does not know what to think” She thought.

“O-oh my...” Fluttershy said as a light blush formed.

“Mmhm” Marble added as a blush also formed on her face.

After what seemed like forever to Solstice Twilight finally broke away and smiled before she realized what she had done “S-sorry!” She yelped before sending Solstice flying into the wall using her telekinesis.

Solstice just shook his head before saying “I’m okay” and stood up.

“E-eh s-sorry!” Twilight replied before lowering her head.

“Twi...I’m not mad, sure I was surprised, hell I still am now but if that was what’s been bothering you then you should of told-er done it sooner”- Solstice said before lifting up the girl’s head and smiling at her -“and by the way I didn’t know you have powers”

“I...uh oh no” Twilight said as her eyes widened at the realization that she had just used her powers on her crush.

“Twi it’s okay I’m not hurt at all” Solstice replied as he patted the lavender girl’s head.

“R-really?” Twilight asked.

“Yep, now then how’d you get superpowers?” Solstice asked with a false gleam in his eyes.

“U-um well it’s a -long story...and I’m not the only one who has powers” Twilight replied.

“Really? Who else?” Solstice asked.

“Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Sunset, and Fluttershy” Twilight explained.

“Oh okay cool but first, Twilight” Solstice said.

“Y-yes?” She replied.

“Do you wanna some stuff later in private?” Solstice asked.

“Yea I’d like that a lot” Twilight replied as she looked at him with a genuine smile.

“Hey um can we get back to partying?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Yea” Solstice replied as him and everyone else giggled.

“And don’t worry we’ll tell you about our powers later” Sunset added.

“Good cause I wanna know what the rest of your powers are” Solstice chuckled before grabbing a cupcake.

As the group went on Sunset noticed a tiny crack where Solstice had landed after being sent flying and started thinking “He’s definitely not telling us something”

“Maybe I should tell them...but if I do my parents might make me drop out or something, or they might not want to be my friends anymore” Solstice thought as he started eating another cupcake.


“S-so now that w-were finally alone w-what did you wanna t-talk about?” Twilight questioned.

“Twilight, this may be sound like a stupid question but do you like me as more than a friend?” Solstice asked as he looked Twilight in the eyes.

“Y-yea I do...but if y-you don’t I-I understand...” Twilight replied as a grim look spread across her face along with tears that were threatening to fall.

“Twi, I-I want to be with you, I really do but...I can’t due to personal reasons...” Solstice said as his face also went grim.

“Solstice I-I’m sure I c-can help” Twilight reassured.

“I’m afraid you can’t, you’ll only get hurt and I don’t want to see you hurt” Solstice explained.

“Then let me help! Please Solstice, I’m willing to try anything to help you...just at least tell me why” Twilight pleaded as tears started falling.

“Alright I’ll tell you but you have to promise not to tell a single soul” Solstice replied.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone” Twilight reassured.

“Okay *sigh* I know how this is gonna sound and I don’t blame you if you decided to not want to speak to me ever again but...I’m a demon” Solstice explained.

“Your joking right?” Twilight deadpanned.

“No I am not joking, I am indeed a demon” Solstice replied.

“Really that’s why? Well fortunately for you I kinda became a demon once...” Twilight chuckled.

“You did?” Solstice asked.

“Yep, grant I didn’t really wanna become one but Sunset kinda saved me from that”- Twilight explained -“so then are you still afraid of hurting me?”

“A little bit, plus if we do move forward I want to take it one step at a time” Solstice replied as he began crying.

“I’m all for it, now then let's get going” Twilight said as she wiped a tear from Solstice’s cheek before giving him a soft smile before leaving.

"Hey Twi?" Solstice asked.

"Yea?" Twilight replied as she turned around.

"Thanks for not being afraid of me" Solstice said with a genuine smile as tears ran down his face.

"Heh it's no problem" Twilight replied before kissing his cheek and happily walking away.

The First General

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In Lucifer’s kingdom...

“What? I thought I told you to get rid of him, not give him to a family!” Lucifer shouted!

“Y-your majesty p-please forgive me, I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you I swear” The servant pleaded.

“Due to your obvious incompetence I here by sentience you to Seven Levels Of Hell” Lucifer sternly replied as he raised a clawed arm and pointed it at the servant.

“P-please no-aaaghhh!” The servant started to beg before screaming in agony as she started to be mentally tortured while cuts and bruises were forming all over her body that quickly healed.

“Shadows! Take this heathen to the dungeon where she can be tortured forever, or until her mind breaks”- Lucifer commanded before two large jet black entities hauled the servant away -“now then, General Sultry!” Lucifer called.

“Yes your majesty?” Sultry asked after appearing on one knee in front of her king.

“I have a task for you to do” Lucifer replied.


“So how was your game last night?” Solstice asked Rainbow Dash as the two walked to class.

“Pretty good, we won by the way” Rainbow Dash replied with a smirk.

“Though I heard that one of the player’s slipped in some mud” Solstice said before snickering.

“I did not slip, I was tripped!” Rainbow Dash retorted and huffed before crossing her arms.

“That’s not what Twilight told me” Solstice teased.

“W-well it’s true!” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Yea and I’m the queen...” Solstice started before noticing what looked to be a girl watching him from outside.

“Uh Solstice? Something wrong?” Rainbow Dash asked and looked to see where Solstice was staring but saw no one.

“Huh? Oh uh it’s nothing” Solstice replied after snapping back to reality.

“You sure dude?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Yea, lets get to class” Solstice suggested.

“Heh race ya!” Rainbow Dash shouted before taking off to class.

“Oh that’s cheap!” Solstice replied as he followed while making sure not to go to fast.


Solstice was walking to gym class as he yawned from the extremely monotone lecture from the class prior when he noticed Fluttershy who looked to be talking to a cat that’s mostly charcoal colored with blood red fur that went from just behind her ears to the tip of her tail, she also has orange eyes, and two bumps between the ears.

“Hey Fluttershy, did you bring another one of your pets to school?” Solstice asked causing the shy girl to let out a squeak of surprise.

O-oh hi Solstice. N-no, I just found her wandering the halls,”- Fluttershy replied.

“Well do you at least know where her owner is?” Solstice asked.

N-no, I don’t think she h-has one but isn’t s-she just the c-cutest?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yea I guess she is cute but what are those bumps?” Solstice asked.

“Those aren’t bumps cutie, and would you mind putting me the down!” The cat hissed, shocking the two before Fluttershy quickly set her down.

“S-sorry Ms Cat” Fluttershy apologized frantically.

“Okay I don’t know why but I’m getting a bad feeling” Solstice added.

W-why?” Fluttershy asked.

“Because I don’t think she’s a cat” Solstice explained.

“Heh at least demon boy here gets it” The cat smirked.

“D-demon?” Fluttershy asked now with a look of terror in her eyes.

“That’s quite right...”- The cat grinned as she made her way past the two -“and by the way I’m not cat...”

Solstice, Fluttershy watched as the cat’s appearance started shifting into that of a six foot seven inch tall twenty-something year old woman with long blood red hair that draped down to her knees with several strands covering her breasts, charcoal skin, along with charcoal colored cat ears, cat tail, the bumps grew into short rear facing horns.

“Ah so much better” The woman said as she stretched.

Solstice realized the this woman was completely naked and immediately averted his gaze as to try to not stare.

“Mmm what’s wrong demon boy?” The woman asked in a seductive tone as she approached Solstice.

“I-I have an n-name” Solstice replied as he slowly backed up each time the woman approached.

“So do I, but I’m willing to give you my name if you give me yours”

“I-it’s Solstice Blue” he replied as he felt the wall behind his back.

“Nice name, mine is Sultry Cat”- she replied as she licked her lips before noticing Fluttershy scared -“and who might you be?”

F-Fluttershy” She stammered as Sultry Cat knelt down to eye level with the shy girl.

“Fluttershy huh? Tell me, do you wish to be a Sucu-”- Sultry Cat started before a hand went in between the two -“Oh what’s this?”

“Tell me Sultry Cat was it? What are you and why are you here?” Solstice asked.

“Well if you must know...I’m a Succubus who was sent here for various reasons...” Sultry replied as she stepped away from the two.

“Which are?” Solstice pressed further.

“To see if you’re alive. However if you want to...entertain yourself with my body then all you have to to is go back with me” Sultry Cat purred as she hugged her lower body causing her breasts to touch each other.

“W-why, who needs t-t-to see if I’m alive?” Solstice managed to ask while trying to not sneak a glance.

“Don’t worry Soly, you’ll find out, that’s if you decide to go” Sultry Cat replied.

“And who said I wanted to go?” Solstice asked.

“Oh Soly it’s not a choice of whether you want to or not just whether you’re gonna come quietly or if I have to drag you back!” Sultry Cat explained as a sinister smirk grew on her face.

This caused Solstice’s posture to go from embarrassed to serious at Sultry Cat’s statement.

“Well then it looks like you’re going to have to drag me to whatever it is you came from” Solstice replied.

“I guess I have no other choice...” Sultry Cat’s smirk grew as her appearance once again changed, this time her head changed to that of a panther, claws formed on her hands, feet as he legs changed to that of a panther’s while charcoal fur grew around her and she became about a foot taller than Solstice.

“Fluttershy run” Solstice replied as he went into a fighting stance.

“W-what about you?” Fluttershy asked.

“I’ll be fine just go!” Solstice told her causing Fluttershy to let out a squeak and promptly ran away before glancing at Solstice.

“How crude of you to shout at a woman” Sultry Cat replied.

“Heh at least I don’t-” Solstice started only to be cut off by jet black claws slashing at him, however Solstice managed to avoid the strike and returned the attack with a punch to Sultry Cat’s stomach which resulted with her being sent about halfway down the hallway.

“Either you’re weak or you’re holding back” Sultry Cat said with a smirk after landing on her feet.

“Holding back, I don’t want anyone here to get hurt” Solstice retorted.

“Heh and master says you’re a demon? Since when do demons care for others?” Sultry Cat question as the two charged at each other.

“Well considering I wasn’t raised to act like a demon I guess I don’t know how nor do I really give a damn” Solstice replied as the managed to black a swipe.

“You know for not have being trained to fight you’re pretty good at it” Sultry complimented.

“Thanks, but I think it would be best if we take this outside, what do you think?” Solstice suggested.

“It’s a great idea, so where do you have in mind?” Sultry Cat asked.

“Why don’t I show you?” Solstice suggested before snapping his fingers, causing the two to disappear.

What the?” Fluttershy thought as unknown to the two she did run but only to hide and watch.


Meanwhile Solstice and Sultry Cat had appeared in a clearing of a nearby redwood forest.

“Oh ho ho a forest how romantic” Sultry Cat commented.

“Yea but I just needed the room and to make sure that no one else sees what I’m about to do...”- Solstice replied before doing a neck roll, what followed was his two one foot long horns spiraling out of Solstice’s head and his two bat-like wings growing out of his back -“Ah much better”

“You’re willing to show me your horns and wings huh?” Sultry Cat commented.

“Well considering that you knew I was a demon I don’t really have to hide them from you. Besides, I don’t have to hold back as much”- Solstice replied as he took an offensive stance with his right hand open, allowing brilliant blue and lavender flame to flare from it -“Now then shall we pick up where we left off?” Solstice asked.

“After you demon boy!” Sultry Cat shouted before Solstice disappeared then sounds of wings flapping and grass being ran on was heard all around her.

Sultry Cat was looking around in every direction in hopes of pinpointing Solstice to no avail until she heard rustling from behind her. She immediately turned to face the sound only to be met with Solstice’s left fist which in turn sent her flying into a massive redwood tree, shattering it.

“Y-you’re fast, I’ll *cough* give you that” Sultry Cat commented.

“You’re not so bad yourself” Solstice replied before Sultry Cat grinned before leaping into the air, arms crossed and claws that grew about ten inches.

Solstice immediately started firing blue and lavender fireballs at Sultry Cat which she just cut with her claws as she dived towards Solstice. Before he could react Sultry Cat had disappeared, she then reappeared in front of him before slashing him with her claws causing him to grunt and cough up blood before getting kicked away.

Solstice landed on the ground after bouncing off of the earth and into a tree. Solstice tried to stand up before collapsing onto the ground.

“Heh you gave me a scare kid, but unfortunately for you you’re not trained. Not that it would make a difference against one of the Master’s sinful Generals” Sultry Cat said as she walked to Solstice’s body before reverting back to her normal form and grabbed him by the hood of his coat.

Sultry Cat began dragging Solstice’s body away when she felt the cargo she was dragging significantly lighten.

Sultry cat immediately looked to see what had made the body lighter until she saw that she was just dragging a coat, she immediately started searching for Solstice when she heard him say “And unfortunately for you I can regenerate and turn invisible!” Solstice shouted as he appeared in front of Sultry Cat before punching her into a massive boulder.

Sultry Cat screamed as waves of pain shot threw her before she collapsed on the ground. Solstice started walking to Sultry Cat with one of his fists engulfed in the same blue and lavender flame from before.

“I-if you’re going to kill me then just do it already!” Sultry Cat pleaded as Solstice knelt down and prompt her up with his none fire covered hand.

“No, I’m not gonna kill you”- Solstice replied as he put the fire away causing Sultry Cat to look at him with a mixture of puzzlement and fear -“W-why not?”

“Idiot it’s because I don’t believe in killing, tell do demons raised in what ever place we come from know of something called mercy? Besides if I executed you right here and right now then that would make me no better then the people that my dad has to face”- Solstice explained -“Oh and tell your boss to leave me and my friends alone. But for now I have to get back to school, lord knows my parents are already going to kill me for missing class” he said before hiding his horns, wings, grabbing his coat and teleporting into one of the boy’s bathrooms.

When Solstice had checked the time he saw Lunch had just started. He let out a sigh of relief before leaving the bathroom and heading to lunch.

“There you are sugarcube, how come you weren’t in gym class, and why is your clothes all torn up?” Applejack asked.

“They got caught on some nails as I tripped and went unconscious” Solstice lied.

“Uh huh? Well if you’re okay then that’s all that matters” Applejack replied while clearly not believing him.

After Solstice sat down Rarity noticed his torn clothing and offered to stitch them back together.

“Thanks Rarity” Solstice replied.

“You’re quite welcome darling” Rarity said with a smile as Solstice received a text from Twilight -“are you okay? What happened?”

“I’m fine, just had a little spat with a succubus and no we didn’t do it” Solstice sent.

“Pfft if you did do it you would have been panting” Twilight replied.

“And you no this how?” Solstice asked as he spotted Twilight’s face go red.

“I uh don’t know what you’re talking about!” She texted back frantically.

“Sure, sure 😏” Solstice replied while giggling to himself.

“Shut up 😆” Twilight sent while smiling before shaking her head and putting her phone away.