by Lunatic God

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Sometimes time travel is possible. Sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes a futuristic soldier goes on a killing spree to reach the time machine to get back home. It happens.

Sometimes time travel is possible. Sometimes it goes wrong. Sometimes a futuristic soldier goes on a killing spree to reach the time machine to get back home. It happens. What doesn't happen is time travel, into another dimension, with the futuristic soldier, with a couple-- oh what am I kidding he's being followed by an army of *Spartan-like Civil Security hell-bent on his destruction, heavily armored and geared bird-like Falkok, and HUNDREDS OF ALIENS WITH GREEN LASER ROCKETS AND BIG*** RAIL GUNS.

That doesn't pair well with friendship. Or Non-Violence. Or anything to do with harmony. Or maybe a certain filly can change his mind? Maybe convince him to try a different, nicer way? I dunno, read to find out!

Based on Plasma Burst 2 by Eric Gurt.
*Halo Spartans

Where am I now?

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Princess Cadence stood still, the speeding cold wind of the Crystal Tundra whipping around her, her scarf flapping in the wind.

She heard something. Something powerful, something... otherworldly. A huge boom, sounding worryingly close. The townsfolk had been spreading rumours about a monster roaming just outside the border. It would've been nothing to worry about, if a pony had not decided to greet it, resulting in nearly fatal burn wounds, our top doctors barely able to heal the damage.

Witness - 'The huge hulking monster had taken out some- some weapon that shot LASERS of- of fire, b-but it wasn't fire, it- it was something different, something more painful, something that seemed like it was made for- for killing and death and destruction! It had said something before- Enemy Spotted. It said in such a- a scary voice, I-'

Questioner - 'What did it sound like?'

Witness - 'It- it sounded like Nightmare Moon, b-but a hundred times scarier an in such a professional tone, like- like it was made for killing. Let me tell ya, it was SCARY!'

Cadence remembered reading the report, getting more and more concerned by the second. What was it? How dangerous? Is it an alien? Is it--


Her head snapped to the left, barely hearing the noiseover the wind. Whatever it was, it was big, and--


--heading her way.

She crouched into a defensive stance, turning her whole body to face the incoming creature, horn glowing, incapacitation spell at the ready.


Nothing. Only the wind. Her horn glowed dimmer, but ready nonetheless. She stared into the white abyss for a while, awaiting anymore movement from whatever way out there.

With a confused look on her face, she cancelled the spell, standing back up.

Suddenly, her neck was yanked backwards, a burning sensation on the very edge of the fur on her neck. She looked down, not moving her head, barely seeing the edge of what seemed like a flat green blade of light.

She attempted teleportation, but as soon as her horn glowed, five digits grasped her horn, causing a constant tingling sensation as her magic suddenly disappeared.

Out of options, she wanted to at least get to know who managed to hold her in such a vulnerable position.

"Who are y--" She was stopped as the burning sensation felt closer to her neck.

A deep, mechanical voice quietly spoke into her ear. "No speaking."

Fear spread through her body. No movement, no magic, and no talking.

'Celestia... Help me...'
2 Days Later...

Cadance had fallen asleep however long ago it had been. She was confused on why a bag was on her head, 'Why is this bag still on my head? Any kidnapper would've taken it off long ago.'

As if on cue, the bag was finally lifted off of her head, momentarily blinding her with the change in light.

Instead of waking up in a dark basement, as she had expected, she woke up... Back in her room?

She was confused, but the confusion melted away as she noticed the form of Flurry Heart sitting on the floor, staring up at her.

"Flurry?" Cadance asked, happy that she was safe. But Flurry sat there. unmoving.

"Flurry Heart? Are you okay?" Cadance asked, getting more concerned by the second.

The response to her question was not of Flurry Heart. It filled he heart with dread.

"Flurry Heart... What an interesting name..." The mechanical voice commented as the illusion melted away.

Cadance face was covered in fear for a second, but was replaced with anger.

"Don't you dare touch Flurry Heart!" She yelled at the monster, wherever it was. She then just noticed that it was completely dark.

"She is none of my concern," It said as it took a step into her vision, walking through the wall of darkness that surrounded her.

What she saw made her even more afraid for her life, along with her crystal ponies life. It was a 8 foot metal biped, many different objects on it's back, or at least from what she could see. It was complete white, apart from dark lines at the pivot points of the armor, the head having a visor covering most of the middle of the helmet, colored a sickly green.

They stayed silent, studying each other.

"What are you?" Cadence asked.

"Classified," It answered, unmoving. Its arms were behind it's back, doing who knows what.

It straightened it's left arm to the floor, the green blade slowly emerging from the top of... whatever you call it. It was about half its length, stopping at four feet. She merely stared at the pulsing green blade, fear showing in her eyes.

The behemoth slowly took a step towards her, covering the distance between them in a second. It stopped, staring into her eyes, Cadence doing the same. The blade rose to point straight out, stopping as Cadance turned to look at it once again, eyes widening.

"W-Wait, what are you doing?"Cadance stuttered as it turned the blade flat and slowly moved it towards her head. She whimpered as she shut her eyes, hanging her head, awaiting impending doom.

But it never came. Instead she crashed to the ground in a heap. She quickly attempted to stand up into a defensive position, but crumbled back down as her forelegs were still tied. Instead, she rose to a sitting position, looking up at the massive behemoth staring down at her. She watched as the blade slowly retreated onto its invisible sheath.

It grabbed her sides and, against her struggling, lifted her to its eye level.

"The question is..." It started, turning her to look at her left side.

"...Can I trust you..." It continued, looking at her right side.

"...To help me get home?" It finished, turning Cadance to face it once more.

"If it gets you outta here quicker, I will gladly help," Cadance replied, looking away from it's unwavering gaze.

It held her with it's right arm, reaching to it's side with it's left arm, grabbing a knife looking object. Wasting no time, it cut the rope restraining her hooves, quickly returning the knife to its side.

"You better..." It said, unceremoniously dropping her on her stomach, pushing all the air out of her lungs, making her wheeze and breath heavily.

"...Or more than your life is at stake," It said, referencing Flurry Heart.

She wanted to do something, anything to get rid of this beast, but she could do nothing. It reached down to her prone form and removed the ring, but quickly grabbing her horn, lifting her head to look into her eyes.

"Tell your friends," It said, releasing it's grip and allowing Cadance to teleport away, back to the crystal kingdom.

Cadance appeared next to the crystal heart, raising her right hoof to rub her horn. "He could've at least been nicer,"

"Cadance!" She heard some pony exclaim, turning around, only to be tackled by a particular filly. Flurry Heart bear hugged her mother as she lay still on the ground, too tired to do anything. A blue aura gently picked up Flurry and moved her to the side as Shining Armor appeared above her, looking down to her in concern.

"Where were you?" He asked, noticing her fearful eyes and small patch of burnt fur on her neck. Before answering, she slowly sat up, staring at the cobblestone beneath in disbelief.

"I don't know..." She quietly said, before looking up at her husband with a pleading look. "But it's here..." Looking into Shining's eyes for a couple of seconds before finishing her sentence. "...And we're in trouble."