Delilah and the soon to be bound Equestria girls

by PJDave

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Delilah’s a highly skilled cat burglar and she’s got her sights set on 8 special girls

Delilah is a cat burglar who’s known for making sure the people she visits are well secured while she does her business so when she has the opportunity to entertain the girls who have saved the world on multiple occasions she plans to give them the tied up times of their lives.

Rainbows and windy’s Midnight robbery

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Rainbow dash awoke with a start, looking round she remembered she was still in bed dressed in her bright red footed sleeper with yellow lightning bolts as the print and a built-in hood. Coming to the conclusion that she should find out what woke her up she got out of bed and headed out of her room and into the hallway. It was quiet as she walked down the corridor to her moms room.

which was surprising considering her mom liked late night reading.

Rainbow stumbled around in the dark looking for the light switch until finally finding it and flipping it on bathing the hallway in light. She walked down to her moms room and was at the door when she heard a banging sound. It came from the other side of the door, and sounded like someone banging a chair up and down.

Rainbow opened the door and flicked the light switch next to the entrance. There, in the middle of the room, was her mom windy whistles, tied to a wooden chair in her long sleeve floor length light orange nightgown with ankle length fleece bed socks.

“what the hay!” Rainbow cried practically flinging her arms in front of her face.

“Mmmmmphh” her mom shouted. Rainbow, finally getting over the internal shock, remembered the position her mom was in. She had been gagged with a white spotted cloth and bound to one of the dining room chairs with what looked like the belts from her bathrobes.

Rainbow walked into the room to help her mom, who suddenly started struggling and trying to shout something at her daughter.

“I’m coming, jeez what’s wrong mom?” Rainbow never quite got the chance to find out before her world suddenly turned black.

Rainbow awoke with a start for the second time that night, and as her sight finally adjusted to her surroundings, she was met with a pounding headache, comparable to pinkie firing a hundred party cannons inside her ears and skull.

She became aware of someone else in the room; her mom was still tied to the chair, in her nightgown and socks, rainbow shuddered, but there was also someone else in the room with their back to them.

“Whrre yrrghh?” Rainbow realized why her throat had been feeling so very dry for the past ten minutes, there was a thick tablecloth pulled between her teeth, and knotted off at the back of her head outside of her hood that had been pulled up. The figure spun around, clutching a dress in her hands, one of the dresses she wore when performing with the rainbooms.

“Whhrg Trrhh?!” Rainbow blurted in alarm when she realized she’d been tied up as well and was lying on her moms bed. “Nice dress, the figure muttered, don’t mind if I have it do you?” Rainbow thought about saying no, but there was little point, she could barely move, her hands were bound behind her back and her ankles were tied together, plus rarity would kill her if she didn’t put up some kind of a fight for the dress.

“Mmmph!” She said as best she could with her gag on.
“Well, I’m taking it anyway, cutie”. Rainbow cringed; she hated it when people called her cute. Rainbow began trying to work at the bonds on her wrists, but was making little headway.

“Whrre yrrghh?” Windy asked.
“Who am I? No-one special, I....move around a lot.”
“Yrggh urrgh trrarghm!” Rainbow grinned.
“A tramp, that’s a bit harsh, but yes I suppose I am, and this evening, picking the back door to your house, wide open and inviting as it was...I couldn’t resist, of course your mother wasn’t too happy, but I managed to dissuade her”.

“Mmmpphh!” windy cried.

“Murrhggh!” Rainbow groaned.

“My name, the tramp continued her monologue, is Dyella, and I will be your host for this evening.”

“Yurrgh urrgh-“
“No no, I don’t think you’re mother would be happy with that kind of language do you?” Dyella stated while giving her moms cheek a pinch.

“Hmph” windy squeaked.

“Now behave yourself cutie, while I look around the rest of your house”.
“Irrgh Nuurgh Currgh!” Rainbow cried.
“”. With that Dyella left the room. Rainbow was lying on her moms bed, she managed to shift herself into a upright position so her legs dangled over the side.

“Muurhhgm!” Rainbow called.

“Mmmph?” Her mom replied.

“Turrgh ruurghn”. Windy understood and proceeded to spin her chair so she was facing away from rainbow.
“Worghh mirnurgh”. Rainbow, carefully, got to her feet and managed to hop over to the chair her mom was tied to. Slowly, rainbow knelt down so she could try and undo the bonds on her moms wrists, and vice versa. Once rainbow’s wrists were finally free, she untied her ankles and pulled the cloth from her mouth.

“Mom are you okay?”


“Oh right, sorry; rainbow pulled the scarf from her moms mouth.

“I’m fine dashie, now would you mind getting me off this chair?” But before she could, the door swung open and Dyella burst through. “Now what’s all this then?” She asked mockingly.

“Darn it; rainbow stated.

Rainbow dash found herself once again, unable to move freely as she had been tied up, again. This time she had been tied back to back with her mom, in the middle of her bedroom closet.

There were several coils of rope tied around her and her moms arms, their hands were tied in front of each other with their fingers interlocked and taped together, they were sat on their knees, which were also tied together at the thighs to prevent them getting up. Windy's nightgown had been replaced with a light orange footed sleeper with a built-in hood that was pulled over her head like her daughters hoodie sleeper.

This time rainbow and windy had large wads of cloth stuffed in their mouths with thick strips of cloth cleve gagging them and tied at the back of their heads outside the hoods, over that were two complete rolls of duct tape covering from below their noses to their lover face and neck, nexts was a long wide thick cloth that covered from the tops of their noses to the bottom of their chins, finally two plush sleeping masks were put over their eyes and taped shut.

“This time neither of you are going anywhere”. Dyella chuckled to herself.

“Mmmph!” Rainbow and windy cried in unison.

“Don’t you both look just adorable in your cute sleepers, especially you cutie;

“”MMMMPPHH”! Rainbow practically screamed.

“Well I’d love to stay and chat, but I’d better be off, lot’s of things to do lot’s of people to see I’m afraid, so I’ll just be going, you two have a good night. Dyella said as she shut the closet door and left the house leaving dash and windy to helplessly struggle and murmur out of their thick layered gags.