Through The Looking Glass

by SunnyDontLook

First published

Weld's friend Icepick texts him at three in the morning, she can't sleep, and neither can he. So he heads over. While there, he learns more about her than he ever expected. And he gets laid.

Weld's friend Icepick texts him at three in the morning, she can't sleep, and neither can he. So he heads over. While there, he learns more about her than he ever expected. And he gets laid.

Commission for: Weldbead

Not Your Average Clopfic...

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The streets of Baltimare were quiet, and well, I didn’t mind. I was a quiet pony myself, never one to draw too much attention. It wasn’t that I hated interaction with ponies, it just drained me. So, as I trotted down the streets late at night, I was by myself, humming songs and staring at the moon. The only object to escape the lights thrown up haphazardly by pony kind. It was a bit chilly, enough for my breath to be seen. The wind blew from the west, carrying salt and moisture with it. I endured, for I had a reason to be out of my home at three in the morning.

It had been a message, from a mare I had met through very special circumstances. But she lived pretty close to me, and we had kept up a friendly relationship, going to lunch together, hanging out at night, and heckling stand up comedians at the shitty comedy club-

‘You awake?’ She had sent me, about twenty minutes ago. I replied that I was in bed, staring at the dark ceiling.

Come over then, I have coffee and pastries, and cream liquor if you’re into that.’

And so I had gotten dressed, brushed my teeth, and threw on a bit of cologne. All in the space of a few minutes, a few minutes that had my mind dwelling on what exactly she wanted. Was I booty call? Was I a new friend who she wanted to spend the lonely hours of the night with? Was it both?

The thoughts wouldn’t leave my head, but as I made my way closer to her, despite the circumstances, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face. Eventually, I made it to the door of her flat. It was on the fifth floor, and the elevator smelled a little like piss. I didn’t care though, as I knocked on the door with a hoof. A moment later the locks on her door, she had several, came undone and she opened the door. She was smiling and had a bathrobe draped over her body, her chest puffed out of the clothing.

“So you showed up,” Icepick said as she stared at my ruddy cheeks and shivering body. “You look cold. Come on in, I have cocoa or coffee, available in virgin, or sauced.”

“T-that sounds nice,” I managed to say, as she spun around and started towards the kitchen counter of her small flat. I tried not to let my eyes lock onto her perky rump. Somehow, having a bathrobe covering her butt, with a little hole for her tail, made everything a little bit harder to ignore. Icepick didn’t seem to notice as I threw my coat on the rack by the door before kicking the door closed.

“So, why were you up at this ungodly hour?” Icepick asked as she made her way over to the kitchen counter. A pot of coffee, half full, and steaming sat in the machine, a bottle of Cream liqueur and regular creamer sat beside it. She swiftly grabbed two mugs and dumped a good helping of coffee into them.

“I just, couldn’t sleep,” I said before staring at the alcoholic creamer. “I’ll take the sauced coffee.” My wings ruffled on my back a little as I watched her pour the liquor into our cups. I trotted up to the bar and picked up the cup. She looked at me quizzically, as I lifted it to my lips and imbibed the steaming concoction.

“Yeah, I know that feeling, well, both of those feelings,” Icepick said a tone I had never heard from her before. There was an admission of weakness, of flaws, of hardship. It was more intimate than anything I had ever experienced with her. “Sometimes I feel like I can’t turn my brain off. All my mistakes, all the bullshit that gets stuffed into your skull, all of it plays on loop as I lay my head on the pillow.” I didn’t think about it, I just acted. My hoof settled on her withers, and she looked at me, a sad smile on her face.

“I know exactly what you’re talking about,” I said before meeting her gaze. Her icy blue eyes seemed to bore into mine, like my soul was on display to her. “It always happens when you’re as tired as you can be. When your body aches, your mind starts the self-flagellation.”

“Yeah,” Icepick said softly, before picking up her mug and taking another sip. “Whips are pretty kinky. Using them on yourself, even kinkier.”

“That was an analogy,” I said with a nervous smile on my face. She whipped her head around and lifted a hoof, putting it below my chin.

“And now you’re talking about anal,” She shook her head, a shit-eating grin on her muzzle. I felt my face flush as she touched me. A moment later, she let me go.

“No-” I said before she spun around and flicked her tail over the bridge of my muzzle. She smelled amazing, fertile mare has a scent and effect all it’s own.

“I wasn’t complaining,” Icepick said as her tail dropped down to a more modest level. I was already feeling the teasing, the memories of the time you had been with her. There was a flush of blood to your member, the first couple inches spilling out of your sheath. I tried to smile casually, but she saw through it instantly. She had seen your aroused look. And a mare like Icepick never forgot what that looked like on a pony. I pulled up my mug and covered my face as much as possible with the cup. The warmth of the drink and the dual bitterness of the ethanol and coffee were stimulating. “Wanna go out on the balcony?”

I nodded at her, and we both headed out through the sliding glass door. The air was chilly, and I wish I had brought my coat with me. She saw my shivers and headed back inside briefly, and she came back with another bathrobe. I threw it on and felt the warmth of the fluffy fabric against my body. Meanwhile, the winds howled and the lights of the city twinkled below us. It was an empty city.

“You know, this view is the reason why I snapped this place up,” Icepick said in a sombre tone. She stood with her forelegs over the balcony railing. I tried not to focus too much on her shifting tail and the treasures that it hid. Icepick looked over her shoulder at me, and I felt I had to say something-

“It’s so quiet, there are so many ponies in this city, but right now, it seems empty, lifeless,” I replied. She looked back down at the streets and towers that made up this urban vista.

“This is going to sound really, really weird, but sometimes I dream about a world that makes this city feel full and alive. It always starts with a flash of light, and then, everything changes. I walk through lifeless cities, slowly feeling an invisible poison seep into my being, and then, I die,” Icepick finished darkly, casting her eyes in a broad sweep across the resting city.

“Are you stressed out?” I asked her quietly. She shook her head and met my gaze.

“I’m living my best life, I’m doing what my cutie mark told me to do. I like what I do too. But, it’s not real. Ponies aren’t built to be cogs in a machine, humming along, exchanging made up things for our time, or for random bullshit we don’t need,” There was a deep melancholy in her words. They weren’t forced or practised, and yet, they flowed like a mighty river, through a channel carved slowly, for aeons.

“Do you think this dead world is a reflection of ours?” I asked haltingly. Her lips pursed and she shook her head.

“It never feels like a dream,” Icepick said simply. I stood there, watching her breath in and out, waiting for her to add something else.

“You’re still here, and well, so am I,” I said in a tone that I hoped would be reassuring. My legs seemed to move on their own, as I moved towards her, before sliding my barrel against hers. The feeling of warmth on one side and the whisps of wind on the other was a strange contrast. Our heads were close to one another. Hers turned to face mine.

“To the best of our knowledge, but I mean, what the fuck is that worth?” Icepick said with a derisive bite. It wasn’t directed at me, as she made a sweeping motion with her right foreleg. “We built all of this shit, made a new world on top of the bones of the old, but we still don’t know anything really.”

“We know more than we used to,” I said in a quiet voice. “Ponies before electricity couldn’t do my job, and without Thaumic reactors, they couldn’t afford to power everything we do today.”

“A drunken stumble into the future, that just happened to work this time,” Icepick said with a snort. “Have you ever heard about the crystal mirror?”

“I haven’t,” I said while watching for her reaction. She smiled a conspiratorial smile.

“I didn’t either, the knowledge of it isn’t quite buried, but it’s not easy to find either. But, I saw it in one of my dreams. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew what it was. It’s an ancient artefact from a forgotten age. A doorway to other worlds,” she said with a gleam in her eyes and a smile that had gotten wider, almost like rictus. “It’s mentioned in a couple of old historical texts that I found. Nopony knows where it came from.”

“A portal to other worlds?” I was kinda shocked. Actually, that’s an understatement. She just nodded once, slowly. I shook my head. Icepick laughed.

“It sounds kinda crazy. I know, but it all makes sense. If there’s one world, there could be others. Why shouldn’t there be?” She said before putting her hoof on my shoulder and tapping a couple of times. “The weirdest part of it is, no-one knows where the mirror went.”

“How the fuck would we lose track of something like that?” I asked.

“I don’t think we did,” she said in a low voice. “But I think there might be more to it than that. Have you ever heard of the unicorns that teleport, and never reappear?”

“N-no?” My wings twitched on my back, nervously. Was this mare crazy, was I going my dick in crazy? Probably.

“It happens more often than you’d think. I’m just guessing that the separation between our world and the others is shrinking because it’s actually getting worse. I did the math on the number of missing ponies that teleported and never returned, and it’s happening more often,” I looked away. What did this mean?

“And you think your dreams are part of that fraying boundry?” My voice was almost a whisper, and the wind tore a swath across my back, chilling my cheeks, turning them to a ruddy hue.

“Yes,” she said before adding, “I’ve kept this on my chest because it’s crazy-sounding, I admit it.”

“I mean, what should we do,” I said before realizing the that I had just included myself in this conspiracy.

“I’ve been thinking about that. We need to find a unicorn that knows how to teleport,” the blonde mare said before letting out a long drawn out sigh. “Which is a fucking task and a half.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, what are you going to do, have them teleport a bunch of times until they pop out of existence?”

“No, they’re going to teleport me,” Icepick said with a laugh. She banged her foreleg on the edge of the railing, making the whole thing shake as her laughter turned into something that sounded a lot like unknowable desperation. I didn’t know what to do, she was wheezing now, her diagram running into an operating limit.

I wrapped a wing around her barrel, and the laughter stopped. I met her gaze and realized she was crying now. My cheek came to rest against hers.

“It’s alright,” I said simply. Where was the dominant mare I had met at the bar?


“I need something stronger,” she said as the door closed behind us. I gave her a look of concern. There was a moment where she seemed taken aback by my concern for her.

“Will you promise not to try to teleport into another dimension?” I asked her softly.

“It would be more accurate to say that I’d be travelling through a higher dimension,” Icepick said before stopping herself and meeting my gaze. I tilted my head and raised my eyebrows. “But yeah, it’s probably a bad idea.”

“Why not try to find the mirror?” I asked her as I poured her and I another cup of coffee before jamming it into the microwave to heat it back up.

“It sounded harder than finding a unicorn who can teleport things,” she said with a shrug and a dry laugh. The quiet humming of the microwave was the loudest noise in the room. It dinged before either of us had said another word. I pulled the cups out of the machine and dumped a fair amount of the cream liqueur into them.

“So, I dumped a bunch of crazy onto you, and I feel kinda bad about it-”

“No, don’t feel bad, we’re friends we listen to each other-”

“Do you want apology sex?” She interrupted me.

“Only if you want it too,” I said after two deep breaths. Icepick nodded at me before taking a long sip of her drink. A moment later she sat it down on the counter. I glanced over at it. All that was left were the dregs.

“Dude, I texted you at three in the morning. Those are real booty call hours,” Icepick said with a chuckle before pushing her foreleg out in front of her, and pressing it to my chest. “I like you, Weld, you’re a good buck.”

“Thanks,” I said before finishing off my own drink. “So, wanna take this to the bedroom, and use it for something more productive than sleep?”

“I think the framing of that question, is itself questionable. We wouldn’t be in this situation if bedrooms were chambers for rest. They’re more like places where we attempt to sleep,” Icepick said before lowering her leg and moving forward half a step. Our muzzles were close, I could feel her warm breath against my face. I leaned in a little at the same time as she did.

Our lips met in a soft collision. I gasped when her tongue pressed against my lips, before letting her into my muzzle. She wrapped a foreleg around my withers, pulling me closer to her, our chests pressing against one another. She was voracious, exploring my muzzle like it contained all the answers she wanted. Maybe in that moment, it did.

“Okay, yeah, still fun,” Icepick said the moment that she broke the kiss. I gasped a breath into my lungs, filling it with the sweet ambrosia of oxygen. Before I could utter a reply she had spun around and started moving her tail like a pendulum, back and forth, teasing me with a peek at her nethers with every swing.

I followed her, as she strode into a bedroom I had only briefly been inside before. The bed was undone, and the signs of frequent tossing and turning were all too evident. The ashtray beside the bed was full of cigarette butts, and the only compensation for that smell was an incense burner still slowly filling the room with something vaguely floral. Before I could say anything, she flopped over on the bed and beckoned me closer with a hoof. I flicked the light off with a hoof and shut the door with a hind leg.

“Nice- sheets?” I said nervously as I strode over to the bed, before throwing myself onto it. She was lying on her back, her hinds splayed distractingly.

“They haven’t been washed in two weeks,” Icepick said as she lit a cigarette and took a drag on it. I scooted myself backwards and lay down beside her.

“I know how that feels,” I replied, before tilting my head to the side and looking at her. Her blonde mane hung down the side of her head, catching the light from the burning cigarette.

“Yeah, me too,” she said before taking another drag from the cancer stick.
I decided that she needed a little comfort, so I leaned onto my side and threw a foreleg over her barrel. She snuggled up against me, before laying a foreleg over my chest. It felt warm, contact was something I needed. Icepick sighed a little and snuffed out the cigarette. The only light in the room came from underneath the door, and whatever dregs of light that passed through the curtains. A moment later she shifted onto her side and pressed her muzzle into my neck, nuzzling me, letting her warm breath tickle my flesh.

“Do you still wanna screw?” She asked breathily after a length of time that was immeasurable.

“Honestly, I’d rather just enjoy the intimacy for a while, and see where that leads,” my words were loud in the room, but soft in any other context.

“You’re a good stallion,” she said softly. “Then again, if you really loved using your dick, you wouldn’t be into chastity.” I just laughed at her words before shifting over and placing a soft kiss on her cheek.

“I like using my dick,” I said to her as I stood over the larger mare.

“Then prove it,” Icepick said with a laugh. A moment later I stepped over her body and dropped my back end over her. My sheath pressed into her muzzle, and I groaned as her tongue darted out and licked the sensitive flesh. A moment passed as she lapped at my sheath, and my balls, before my cock pushed out of my sheath. I moved my body back a little and she licked the newly exposed skin.

“Y-yeah,” I said with a lilt as she opened her muzzle and took the first couple inches into her mouth. Her muzzle was warm and wet, and as I rocked my hips back, she sucked down on it, trying to keep it in place. The press forward felt amazing, as my head pressed against the back of her mouth. The position we were in wasn’t conducive to going any deeper, but that was fine.

The only noises that came from her muzzle were gulps of air when I gave her room to breath and wet slurps. Her hooves came up and stroked the half of my shaft that stayed outside her muzzle. I groaned hard and my spine arched upwards as the powerful sensations travelled up it. One of my hooves came down to rest on her mane. Her ears flicked down as she got another inch of my cock inside her mouth. I let out a yelp as she purposely let her teeth touch my length.

“G-good g-girl,” I said as I pumped in and out of her muzzle, feeling my dick twitch and leak inside her muzzle. Her hooves didn’t stop their stroking, but one of them retreated down to gently knead my balls, to squeeze just enough to get my cum-

It worked, as I felt my head flare-up in her mouth, and then a moment later the first blast of cum paint her mouth white. And then another pulse travelled through my cock, and it began to leak out of her muzzle. All the while, her hooves kept going, milking me for all that I was worth. My tongue lolled out of my muzzle as the orgasm kept coming. But all things must end, and so did my ropes.

She pushed me back with her hooves and I fell backwards onto the bed from the force of her push. I looked up at her, and even in the low light, I could see her swallowing aggressively, and the cum that leaked out of her muzzle regardless.

“You proved yourself,” Icepick said after a few deep breaths. There was a smile written across her face. A dangerous smile. “Now it’s my turn.”

I must have squeaked or something because she laughed as she pulled me by my forelegs to the pillows. She laid my head down on the pillows gently, before spinning herself around and flicking her tail out of the way. I was presented with her wet nethers, winking and warm in front of my face. I didn’t have long to enjoy the view, as she walked back a step, before dumping her ass on my muzzle. My tongue flicked out instantly and left a long line across her pussy, tasting the sweet ambrosia of a horny mare.

“Good boy,” she said sweetly as I began to eat her out with gusto. “You like that Dontcha? A nice big mare on your face?”

I could only groan in reply, but she didn’t seem to mind, as she ground her ass back and forth across my face. I was going to be soaked in Ice-jizz when this was done. That was not a bad thing though, not at all. Her moans were music to my ears as she twitched and dripped over me. My licks were only making her wetter, and my occasional contact with her clit was probably waking up her neighbours. Something told me they were used to it though…

“Aaah,” Icepick moaned out before aiming her tunnel right at my muzzle. She pressed downward, using all of her weight. The tunnel sucked in my muzzle, and my tongue as she bored down on me. Her moans went up a couple of decibels.

I was trapped, I couldn’t breathe with her slit covering all of my airways. I tried to push at her, to lift her up, but she was a lot bigger than me. I stopped licking her as I felt my lungs run dry-

And as my consciousness began to dissipate, with all the blackness and peace, my glorious death fell away for now. She fell forward as her whole body twitched atop me. Her muzzle ended up pressed against my hardened cock, and with what little energy she had in her post-orgasmic bliss she managed to lick my base.

Meanwhile, I breathed deeply and felt her tongue as a religious experience. It turns out that nearly asphyxiating on mare pussy makes your pleasure quadruple. With a grunt of effort, I managed to push her off of me. Her breathing was heavy for completely different reasons. That allowed me to stand above her and tug at her limp body with impunity. She only mewled softly as I pulled her towards the edge of the bed, booty first. Eventually, her hinds hung off the sides of the bed.

“Sorry about that,” Icepick said apologetically, in a dreamy voice. I just rolled my eyes at her, and grasped her tail with my mouth, pulling it up and over her barrel. Her pussy winked at me as I ran my hoof over it softly. She moaned lightly at that. My cock throbbed beneath my barrel, some ancient breeding impulse flowing through me.

“It’s okay, I didn’t actually die,” I replied as I climbed over her body and tried not to think about the fact that my hooves barely touched the ground when I mounted her.

“Well, yeah,” Icepick said with a laugh. “Now are you gonna bury that cock in me?”

I whinnied in response, before biting down on her neck lightly. She groaned at the feeling. I pushed my hips forward, missing my mark by a little. Her groan became a chuckle as I managed to miss her tunnel three times.

“Unicorns have it easy, don’t they?” Icepick said as she lifted both of us up for a moment, before grasping my cock with a hoof. She aimed it with the precision of someone with a lot of practice, and intuitive knowledge of where her tunnel actually was. I didn’t complain as I felt her burning, soaked entrance against the head of my member. She didn’t complain as I slammed my hips forward, burying half of my member in her with a single stroke.

“Yeah, you can’t do- that while caged!” Icepick yelled as she felt me push back, before forcing more of my length inside her. The walls of her pussy felt tight and amazing around my cock, her entire form seemed designed to milk my cum right out of me.

“You’re right!” I growled into her ear as I pulled back and stuffed myself into her nethers again and again.

“C’mon, fuck me like you mean it!” She said with a buck of her hips against me, our flanks smacking into each other audibly. I picked up the pace, barely managing a rhythm, only focusing on filling her as quickly as I could. There was a freedom in that bestial rutting, something that I could never experience in my everyday life. She pulled at me, squeezed me with her tight walls, and moaned just frequently enough to make me want to make her moan more. I felt her breaths come faster and faster, and I knew her tongue was lolling out of her mouth as I filled her again and again. The smell of the sweaty mare under me made my cock throb-

“That’s better, I’ll make a stallion out of you yet!” Icepick said with a laugh. I took the moment to smack her ass with a hoof, before hilting myself in her again.

“Oh yeah, make me forget about all of reality falling apart!” Icepick said before I smacked her flank again. The moan that followed nearly made me cum. It was a deep cathartic sound like all of her worries and tribulations were falling away because of me. I felt needed, and admired for a moment before I craned my neck and took her ear in my mouth biting down on it with a feeling of triumph. Her tunnel tightened up on me as she came again, shuddering beneath me.

“Did that do it?” I asked her breathlessly as she locked up under me. My breath caught in my throat when I felt her push me back with her rump. I nearly lost my footing. Icepick turned herself around and crawled back onto the bed. There was a wet trail under her crotch as she moved on the mattress. That alone kept my cock throbbing.

“Yes, now get on the bed and lay down,” Icepick said while patting at the centre of the bed with a hoof. I stared at her hungrily and did what she asked, laying my head back on the pillow, my cock laying on my belly leaking pre into my coat.

She climbed over me, meeting my gaze with a smile as she positioned herself above me. Some of those drips hitting my cock, reminding it of what it had just been in, and soon would enter again-

“Aaaah,” I moaned as she slammed her hips down against mine, hilting me in one stroke. Her hooves grabbed at my chest as she mewled from the stuffing. My forelegs pushed forward, grabbing at her tits, and then, when she picked herself up, I watched them jiggle.

I was close, from all the other rutting I just done, so I just tried to hold on for as long as I could, against the pressure of the mare riding me like it was going out of style-

“Are you close?” Icepick asked breathlessly, just as she slammed herself down on me again. I nodded at her before groaning and grabbing her hips. My hooves squeezed her as hard as they could muster. “Good.” She met my gaze, her blue eyes like little oceans, something I could drown in. Her pussy winked against me, covering my crotch in her juices. I bucked upwards with my hips, and managed to make her smile. The ride continued, her motions making my stomach knot up with building pleasure. Not that she wasn’t enjoying my cock, on the contrary, her moans were echoing off the walls-

It was on the downstroke that I finally lost my battle with the pleasure suffusing my form. I held her down as my cock flared inside her. She let me hold her in place, before bending down and kissing me on the muzzle as I filled her up. I lost myself in the sensations she gave me, the feeling of her nethers, and the attention she gave my muzzle.

Maybe a few seconds passed, maybe an hour did, but when I opened my eyes again, she was grinning at me. With a hoof, she pointed at the mess we had made. White was slipping out of our union, and spilling out onto my coat and the blankets. With a wet sucking noise, she pulled herself off of my softening cock. The moment she did, a great torrent of seed dropped out of her.

“You’re gonna do my laundry, tomorrow,” Icepick said with a laugh. I noticed at that moment that I had a stupid grin on my muzzle. She threw herself down beside me, our heads lying on the same pillow. I felt better, and I could feel the sleep coming at me.

“Goodnight,” I said in a low voice. I was exhausted, between the poison in my blood, and the endorphins flooding my brain, I was already half asleep.

“Goodnight,” she said before laying a kiss on my cheek. Icepick hung a hoof over my chest. I smiled softly as the blackness took me in.