Wedding At The End Of The Rainbow

by Thespia-Rose

First published

Hope Hallow has a wonderful wedding.

Sunny Skies and Petunia Petals are excited to get married. As they each write their vows they reflect on how they gave each other support.


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It was a beautiful morning in Hope Hallow. But on this day Mayor Sunny Skies and Petunia Petals are getting married.

Sunny wrote his vows. As he did so he began to think about how she helped him when the Rainbow Generator was broken and all the colors were gone

She never gave up. I know I’ll make her happy.

Petunia Petals wrote her vows and began to think how he showed that he loved her.

He’s a big softy. He’ll be wonderful.

The whole town helped with plans for the wedding. There was a cake, some flowers, and the most beautiful wedding dress with white ruffles and a veil that flowed like a waterfall.

The wedding was about to start. Sunny Skies looked hopeful.


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Petunia Petals looked at her fiancé at the alter.

“Oh golly. She’s an angel.”

Petunia walked down the aisle.

They looked into each other’s eyes. They felt as if they were in a dream. A dream that neither one of them wanted to wake up from.

“Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to bring this stallion and this mare in matrimony. The love they show can brighten even the cloudiest day. They stayed by each other when everything seemed lost. And now it’s your turn to talk about it.”

“Sunny, I had always known that you want to show everypony that everything will bring hope when the town was grey and dull. I stayed with you to show you that things will be alright. And now we are here. I never knew that one day I would marry my best friend.”

“Petunia, you always believed in me. You still had the beauty of the day when everything seemed lost. I knew that everything was alright because of you. And now being here with you makes me the happiest pony ever.”

“And now the rings.”

Sunny slid the ring on Petunia’s hoof and she slid the ring on his horn.

“Now I ask Sunny and Petunia to face each other.”

They stared at each other lovingly.

“Do you Petunia take this stallion to be your lawfully wedded husband will you cherish him love him comfort him honor him keep him in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“And do you Sunny take this mare to be your lawfully wedded wife will you cherish her love her comfort her honor her keep her in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“Then by the power invested in me in the town of Hope Hallow I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

They kissed with passion as the crowd cheered.

“Fillies and gentlecolts I introduce to Mr. and Mrs. Sunny Skies.”

Their wedding dance was beautiful.

“Are you ready?”


The climbed into their carriage off to Canterlot for their honeymoon.


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Sunny and Petunia Skies arrived at Canterlot. They went sightseeing throughout the city.

First they went to lunch at a cafe. And they went to a little book shop.

At dinner they went a restaurant.

“We’ll have the spaghetti. Right Petunia?”

“Of course you silly goose.”

When their food arrived they ate some noodles. One of the noodles was connected to each other. And Sunny and Petunia kissed. Petunia blushed. Sunny rolled a cauliflower to her with his nose.

After dinner they for a moonlit walk near a garden.

They kissed under the stars.



Shortly after their honeymoon they moved into a house in Hope Hallow. That night they looked into each other’s eyes.


“Yes Sunny?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“What more could we ever want? Our love gave us something back to the town. I wish there was something more.”

“Mmm hmm.”

They embraced.


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Petunia felt a little sleepy so Sunny let her sleep in. When he came back she was still fast asleep. He woke her up with a kiss.

She stirred.

“Good morning Petunia or should I say good midday.”

“Good... wait did you say midday?”

He nodded.

“Oh I must get up.”

Petunia felt queasy and raced to the bathroom and threw up.

“Petunia you don’t look so well. I should take you to the doctor.”

The doctor greeted Petunia while her husband had a meeting.

“Tell me Mrs. Skies have you been getting enough sleep?”

“More than enough. I also have morning sickness.”

“I see. I’ll be right back.”

Petunia looked anxious.

What if I die. Or maybe it’s a bug.

The doctor came back.

“Well Mrs. Skies I have good news.”

“Good news?”

“Mrs. Skies. You don’t have a disease. The sickness you’ve been feeling is just part of the early stages of pregnancy.”


“Congratulations Mrs. Skies.”

“Oh my.”

Petunia came home. Sunny came to her.

“Petunia are you alright?”

“Yes you big doofus.”

“Well what is it?”

“Sunny I’m pregnant.”

“You and me are having a baby?”


“Oh Petunia! I love you!”

He picked her up with his magic and twirled her around the room.

Sunny and Petunia were happy for their little one.

Sunny built a crib for the baby.

As Petunia’s belly got bigger so did Sunny’s love.

“Wow. I felt it kick. Oh Petunia our baby will be so wonderful.”

He kissed Petunia’s belly. He put his ear to her belly where he could hear the baby’s heartbeat.

“*sighs* I’ll make sure that nothing happens to you or the baby Petunia. I can’t imagine *yawns* life without you.”


“Sorry. *speaking while yawning* Listening to the baby’s heartbeat is making me sleepy.”

“It’s alright.”

“Just think Petunia. In a few months or so *speaking while yawning* we’ll be parents. I wonder what our baby will be and what we should name it. And I wonder what it will... *yawns*”

Sunny was fast asleep.

“Good night Sunny.”


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Sunny and Petunia Skies were excited for the baby to be born.

They went to lamas class to prepare for the big day.

Everything was going perfect.

Petunia was asleep with Sunny. She felt something.

“Sunny. I feel a pain my back. OH!”


Then something felt wet.

“Sunny it’s time.”

“Come on Petunia let’s go.”

They arrived at the hospital. The doctors and nurses were ready.

“Sunny. Don’t leave me.”

“Don’t worry Petunia I’m not going anywhere.”

“Alright Mr. and Mrs. Skies we’re ready to begin.”

“Ready Petunia?”

“Ready Sunny.”

“Alright Petunia. Take a deep breath and push.”


“Good good. Keep pushing.”


“Ok. Get ready to push again.”


“Alright Mrs. Skies you’re doing fine.”



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He kissed her on the cheek.

“It’s coming!”

“Ok Petunia now push.”


“Ok Mrs. Skies you’re almost there.”

“Push baby push.”


A newborn baby cried.

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Skies it’s a filly.”

Sunny and Petunia hugged.

“Would you like to hold her Mr. Skies?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

What he saw made him in awe.

She was a purplish pink unicorn with a colorful mane and tail. Half from her father and half from her mother. Her eyes were blue.

“*gasps* She’s so tiny. So colorful. And... and... *sobs* so beautiful. Hello Rainbow Skies.”

Petunia also cried tears of joy.


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Sunny and Petunia Skies became the proud parents of their daughter Rainbow Skies. Sunny was attached to her. In fact when he left for work and Rainbow was left with a babysitter she cried.

“Uh oh.”

She cried all day. And nothing the babysitter did calmed her down. It was nighttime when Sunny came home.

“Oh my precious little Butterfly. Shhh. Daddy’s here.”

Rainbow Skies stopped crying.

That night Sunny took her to the nursery. He held her close to his heart.

“On nights like this my father would sing me this lullaby to me how much loves me. And that we would never truly apart from each other.”

Little one by the moon don’t you cry

I’ll wrap you in rainbows and safe till the dawn

Little lambs of blue ponds of white

Everything will alright I love you to the world and back

Hushaby my sweet one and sleep by the stars

Listen to my love with this lullaby

Sunny gently kissed his daughter on the forehead.

“Sweet dreams my little Butterfly.”

Petunia smiled at her husband.

“You big softy. I’m glad I married you.”

“Me too.”