Cutie Mark Crusaders back in diapers! Yeah!

by Foal Star

First published

Cheerilee has a new school project for her students to have them experince the wonders of being foals for a week....

Cheerilee has set up a new school project for her students to experience different aspects of being back in diapers for a week. The cutie mark crusaders are quite excited about it seeing they get to hang out with their sisters (while Scootaloo gets to hang out with Rainbow Dash). However, Discord is also involved helping Cheerilee set up the challenges the students will have to endure and has started to make things interesting among the cutie mark crusaders and their caretakers.

Co-author: Zubric

Cover artist for Sweetie Belle: Kurikia

Cover artist for Apple Bloom in the barn: Kurikia

Cover artist Padded Pegasi Evilfrenzy

Chapter one: The start of one crazy assignment

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Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash all entered the Ponyville schoolhouse seeing Cheerilee sitting at her desk with her flower print diaper bottom. The room itself had few changes ever since the necessity for diapers had occurred. A door near the teacher’s desk lead to private room with a changing station stack with plenty of school-themed diapers along with a small time out corner in case of tantrums. There were even some motivational posters upon the walls telling students that it’s okay to ask for a change, or that there was no need to be embarrassed over accidents. The floor was even changed to have soft carpeting instead of wood. With how the walls had been painted as well, it would almost be mistaken for a daycare.

“Howdy Miss Cheerilee, you send up letters to meet up here?” She asked, a bow tied to her tail.

“Is Sweetie Belle in trouble? Did she have another leak? I designed her thicker diapers to prevent such accidents." Rarity asked like any caring sister.

Applejack had to hold a hoof to her face to keep herself from bursting out in laughter

“Did Scootaloo do something cool that you got to show us?” Rainbow added, her own padded bottom having Wonderbolt print.

Cheerilee continued to smile having a few treats on the desk. “Oh no, your sisters are perfect students. Discord was the one that wanted you all here to discuss something about pets I think.”

With the sound of a zipper, Discord emerged form the floor as if walking up stairs. “Well there is a little more than just that my dear Teacher.” He beamed, closing up the zipper which vanished with a flash.

Rarity stomped a hoof and shouted. "Discord! It was you who made Sweetie Belle leak through her diaper! I know it was you!"

Discord gasped putting a paw to his chest. “Why Rarity, i’m offended, I would never put a filly through that.” He huffed acting all prissy just to mock her.

Rarity turned to Cheerilee and asked in a stern tone. "why is this miscreant here? He shouldn't be involved in any curriculum."

“Hey Discord isn’t all bad.” Rainbow defended. “He did help get everypony get use to these.” She shook her thick Wonerbolt diaper making it crinkle adorably.

“Yeah Rarity, no need to get all snappy. Let’s hear him out.” Applejack said watching Discord pat Cheerilee's thickly padded rump seeing it crinkle and foal powder poof out with each pat.

“Thank you Applejack, I assure you this meeting is a good thing. After all, sister bonding time is important right?”

Cheerilee pushed Discord’s claw away as she explained, “well the assignment is simple, I’m having the class have a foal like experience in various ways for a week. Each day I’ll assign a task that they’ll complete and then I want them to write about how they feel and what they learned.”

Applejack gave a nod and replied, “you know what? That sounds interesting maybe shake things up a little.”

Rainbow Dash was blushing as she replied, “well, I can understand Applejack and Rarity being here but I’m not Scootaloo’s sister. Would it be ok if I cared for her?”

“Scootaloo’s parents are rather absent most of the time.” Discord remarked. “Besides she needs her big sister.”

Cheerilee rolled her eyes. “Discord stop, and yes Scootlaoo chose you to help with this assignment. Now Discord please give them the material they’ll need for the assignment.”

The lord of chaos rubbed his claws together with an evil grin on his face and snickered, “Oh that’s going to be no problem.”

With a snap of a claw, three diaper bags appeared in front of them each with the cutie mark crusader’s cutie marks printed on them. Discord then explained, “these bags will have everything you need for each day. I packed them myself.”

Rarity took Sweetie Belle’s bag and strapped it around her chest. “Fine, this will be a good time for my sister and me to bond.” She turned a glare to Discord with a smirk as she cooed, “but your not off the hook yet. I have something in store for you.”

Discord had a halo above his head being sly. “Oh me causing trouble, i would never.”

Applejack looked at the assignment list. “Well as long as Apple Bloom can still do her chores. It’s a big farm.”

Cheerilee gave a blush and replied, “well, except during the days she’s a completely foal.”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Just wonderful, more work for me.”

Rainbow shrugged reading the list. “So they get to lay back and relax for a few days. Lucky.”

Cheerilee responded, “not quite, they still need to write a one page essay on their experiences each day. I’m still running a school here, diapers or no diapers.”

Rarity looked over Cheerilee’s diaper and asked, “yes of course darling, but I have to admit your diaper looks so fashionable? May I ask if you would like to try some new designs I made?”

Cheerilee blushed and waved a hoof. “You better not be trying to butter me up Rarity. Even if you make me fashionable diapers, I’m not going to grade Sweetie Belle’s any differently.”

The fashionetta placed a hoof to her face. “I would never darling. I just got into the new diaper fashion craze and I need customers to practice my skills.”

Rainbow Dash made a bleh sound and scoffed, “ugh, who needs “fashionable diapers” when the wonderbolts have designed the best diapers on the market! They can absorb an entire cloud and still only be slightly soggy!”

“Well just make sure you follow the assignment and rules and make sure they write their papers. Also they still have to come to school.

Applejack gave a nod. “Simple enough, now i’m leavin.’ But for the record Braeburn is makin’ diapers down in Appleloosa and they are the softest, most comfortable things your rumps will ever touch. Yall missing out.”

Rarity and Rainbow Dash both started shouting about their own diapers as Cheerilee groaned as she got up and waddled off grumbling, “I’m just going to go home.”

Discord laughed at they left rubbing his claws together. “Hehe, this should be fun to mess with.”

Back at Carousel Boutique Rarity was sitting with her sister in the kitchen as she read the rules on the sheet. “Sweetie, you’re supposed to use small words or coo for today….simple enough...if the student has a hard time complying place the enchanted pacifier in their mouth.”

“Sorry I’m just...I mean me happy to be foal.” Sweetie Belle cooed enjoying the booties she was wearing.

“Oh I bet you are bulky bottom.” Rarity playfully teased admiring the new thick soft pink diaper Sweetie Belle was wearing that she herself designed for her sister. “I wonder if I should tell mother about this?” She asked looking at the pacifier which was rather cute with a smile on the front.

Sweetie Belle tried to babbled, “hey sissy! Since I need ta be a baby today! Can I go pway dwess up and have a tea pawty!”

“Of course we can do a tea party. I’d love to help you with dress up too. I have so many ideas to try.” Rarity beamed patting her sister forehead. “Would you like to call me mommy too?”

“Otay mama!” Sweetie said with a giggle.

Rarity clapped her hooves together “oh this is going to be so much fun! Maybe we should try inviting your friends over too!”

But Sweetie Belle squeaked in surprise and shook her head. “No way! I just wana do it with you!”

The older mare gave a nod and cooed, “okay then, just you and me...well let’s go dress up.”

Rarity dug further into the diaper bag and gasped as she pulled out a giant pink chest full of silly costumes.

She opened it as Sweetie Belle dug inside and pulled out a frilly pink tutu and snickered, “oh I wana be a baller...ball..uh ballethingy.” The little filly went about putting the tutu over her body and giggled as she tried to twirl about only to plop onto her padded rump.

Rarity giggled and helped her sister back up as she commented, “that was lovely darling, I guess it’s my turn.”

The mare then started to dig into the chest and gasped, pulling out a frilly blue and pink fairy tale style princess dress. She blushed slowly pulling it over her own body and blushed seeing that the frills didn’t even come close to hiding her diaper. “My goodness, this dress was designed to show off my diaper...ugh Discord, don’t worry I have a prank waiting just for you.”

She snickered and rubbed her hooves together with an evil grin on her face as Sweetie Belle eyed her sister. “Uh...mommy? Ya gonna pwank Dissy?”

Rarity waved a hoof. “Oh don’t worry about that darling, now come on I need to go and make some tea.”

Sweetie Belle squealed as she bounced along shaking her padded rump and poofing foal powder into the air and asked, “hey mommy, can I hewp?”

Rarity shook her head and sighed, “darling even if you weren’t in enchanted foal clothes. I wouldn’t let you touch the stove by yourself.”

Apple Bloom let Applejack read out the assignment smiling a bit. “Oh is that all. Sounds like fun.”

“Yeah more sister bonding time just like when ya were little.” Applejack scan the sheet some. “Ya can’t use big words neither. You’re two and a half today.”

“Hehe, guess I'm gonna get all the attention now.” Apple Bloom beamed peeking in the bag and showing off her thick white diaper with apple prints between her legs.

Big Mac waddled in a super thick diaper with his green aple cutie mark printed in the back. He walked into the living room making his huge diaper crinkle quite loudly as he chuckled, “so Apple Bloom is going to be the foal for a while. I”m sure Granny will love that.

Without realising it Apple Bloom squeaked as a pink frilly bow somehow replaced her red one. Applejack snickered, “yeah, that diaper bag was made by Discord there’s no tellin’ what else is in there.”

Apple Bloom shrugged, “eh it looks cute, i’ll keep it.” She squeaked, “whoops forgot, I wuv ta bow it pweetty!”

Big Mac dawwed and asked, “oh can she only talk in toddler speak?”

Applejack gave a nod as she closed the bag. “Yup, she gotta be take care of like a two year old. Full supervision and everything.”

Apple Bloom waddled about in her new green booties and giggled, “wook ta booties making it hard to walk.” She squeaked somehow falling onto her padding sending foal powder to poof out.

Big Mac dawed again and picked the filly up. “This is going to be so much fun! “ He nuzzled his sister before bouncing her up and down in his hooves. The Magic helping to make her lighter.

“Weee, hehe.” Apple Bloom cheered. “Uppy uppy.”

Applejack got up and scoffed, “well Big Mac ya can play with her while I go finish the apple buckin.’”

She then walked off but looked behind to see that Big Mac was bouncing Apple Bloom on his back like a foal and couldn't help but feel a little jealous. She stopped and turned moving back to the door. “Uh maybe on second thought you should go do the apple buckin and I can watch her.”

Big Mac kept bouncing his sister shaking his head. “Eeenope.” He then tickled the filly causing squeals of laughter.

Applejack hurried around trying to take hold of Apple Bloom. “Come on, I change my mind.”

“Ya already said you would go do the chores.”” Big Mac retorted while Apple Bloom playfully stuck her tongue out to play along.

“Browder.” Apple Bloom giggled, kicking her legs making foal powder billow outward as she was tickled under the chin.

“See? She wants me to take care of her for now.”

“But she’s my sister,” Applejack tried reaching out only for Mac to move Apple Bloom away.

“Big Mac,” Applejack groaned but before she could continue, Granny Smith walked in.

“What all the racket about?” She commanded.

“Big Mac won’t let me care for Apple Bloom.” Applejack said pointing her hoof at her brother.

“She told me she was going to do chores.” Mac retorted while Granny looked between the two looking confused.

“Whatever this magic thingy that going on with Apple Bloom, you two better figure it out.” Granny retorted blushing a little seeing how cute Apple Bloom looked.

“But she started it.” Mac jutted a hoof back at Applejack.

“Now don’t ya go using that argument like you’re a school colt,” Granny scolded her grandson before looking over at Applejack. “You young filly go work on the fields. You’ll have plenty of time to spend with Apple Bloom later.”

“But Granny.”

“No butts get you’re padded rump waddling out into that field.”

Applejack hung her head. “Yes Granny,” she blushed and headed out the door.

Granny smiled watching her walk out to do farm work before glancing back over at the other two. “Now how about ya let me hold the little darling some? It’s been too long since I’ve held a youngin.”

Scootaloo blushed as she read the assignment while Dash set the diaper bag down. “Ugh, do I have too?” She whined.

“Oh come on squirt, it’s schoolwork,” Rainbow said, looking at the dozens of packages of wonderbolt styled diapers that were providided from the endless diaper bag.

Scootaloo sat down in her wonderbolt styled diaper with a poof of powder. “But it’s embarrassing.” She crossed her hooves with a pout on her face. She felt a sudden tingle on her mane and tail as they suddenly got shorter like a foal’s. The filly squeaked covering her head. “Gah what the.”

Rainbow Dash blushed and snickered, “looks like Discord’s magic is working on ya already.”

She pouted and grumbled, “fine whatever, but can I get Wonderbolt foal stuff? “

Rainbow peeked into the bag indeed finding that the bag had just what she needed. She pulls out the yellow and blue special booties that were required to wear sliding them onto each of the filly’s hooves.. She then tied a blue and yellow striped foal bonnet around her head and took out a camera and chirped, “now say I”m a Wonderbaby!”

Scootaloo raised her hooves and grumbled, “I’m a Wonderbaby.”

Rainbow Dash snapped some photos and then slowly placed the camera down as she groaned. “Oh dear Celestia? Am I becoming my mom!”

“D-don’t share those please.” Scootaloo begged, indeed remembering how Windy Whistle had been. “Yeah, next you’ll be calling me best foal ever.”

Rainbow Dash whimpered as she started to dig through the diaper bag and whispered, “please don’t jinx me I do have her genes.”

She then took out a Wonderbolt style bouncer out of the diaper bag and gasped, “oh this is awesome! I always wanted one of these!” The mare began to set it up on the ceiling of her house then placed Scootaloo inside the bouncer. “Alright your all ready to go, but also remember you can’t say big words.”

Scootaloo blushed but nodded. “Otay Dashie.” Rainbow Dash then ruffled Scootaloo’s mane and cooed,”you ready to fly Scootaloo?”

The little orange coated filly kicked about in her diaper and giggled, “yeah bounce me high dashie!”

Rainbow Dash pulled it back as far as she could then let it go making Scootaloo squeal as she bounced high in the air and then went up and down for quite some time. A few minutes later, The filly was blushing holding her hooves over the front of her diaper.

Rainbow Dash smirked as she asked, “did you pee?”

The filly nodded and whimpered,”Yeah I need a changie.”

Rainbow Dash sighed, “alright, I can do this I changed my own diapers. Scootaloo’s shouldn’t be that bad.”

The mare picked up the filly and placed her on the changing table. Rainbow Dash first untaped Scootaloo's diaper and unfolded it making the filly look away still embersssed. The wonderbolt chuckled and went about gently wiping the filly down, she then took out a container of foal powder and gave her rump a thorough powdering turning Scootaloo's orange fur into a powdery white and then tapeing her in a new Wonderbolt designed diaper just likte the on before sealing the tabs over a crips plastic yellow landing zone. Rarinbow Dash then held up the soggy diaper all wrapped up in a neat package and cooed, “I think im going to frame this as Scootaloo’s first diaper.”

The filly crossed her hooves over her new diaper and whined, “wait! Don’t do that! Please!”

Rainbow Dash snickered, “you forgot to say it in baby form?”

Scootlaoo rolled her eyes grumbled, “dun do tat pwease.”

Rainbow Dash snickered with a nervous blush on her face as she tossed it in the trash bin. “I was just teasing you really! Now come on my number one filly! It’s time for num nums!”

Scootaloo eyed Rainbow Dash as she was strapped in a Wonderbolt themed highchair and asked, “um Dashie, ya doing it again.”

“What no I’m not.” Rainbow retorted blushing as she pull the jars out of the bag along with a blue rubber spoon. “Hmm says it ‘any flavor’ that’s odd.”

“Any Flavour?” Scootaloo asked as Rainbow brought the jars over and tied the bib around the filly neck.

“”Well doesn’t hurt to try.” Rainbow popped the jar open slowly scooping some to the big foal’s mouth. “Here come the pegasus coming into cloudsdale.”

Scootaloo took a spoonful in and smiled eyes going wide. It somehow it tasted like chocolate cake and pancakes all at once. She mashed her lips together and babbled, “it yummy! It wike candy!”

Rainbow Dash shrugged, “well, it did say any flavor. Now come on my number one eater open up!”

Scootaloo giggled and did so despite Rainbow Dash slowly becoming more like her mom and continued to eat the strange flavoured foal food that sometimes tasted like ice cream, and carrots or green beans and cotton candy. “Best eater ever.” Rainbow cooed as she wiped the filly’s mouth with a baby wipe. “There you go getting mushy foal food all over your face how adorable.”

Scootaloo blushed as she babbled, “I tink ta bib ya put on me is magic. I didn mean to spit out my num nums.”

“It’s Discord so probably,” Rainbow said with a short laugh. “Let get you a bottle to wash ti all down, then the sheet says its nap time.”

Scootaloo blushed, “wow ya weawwy becoming a mommy. I getting fowmuwa?”

Rainbow Dash went about taking out a can of “Discord’s chaos formula” and responded. “Yes, but who knows hows it going to taste.”

She measured out the powder into a Wonderbolt designed foal bottle and then filled it up with water. Afterwards she shook it out about and plopped it into Scootaloo’s mouth. The little filly kept dropping the bottle and spilling formula all over thanks to her enchanted booties. Seeing that her little filly needing her help, Rainbow supported the bottle with a hoof and cooed, “oh does my number one bottle chugger need a lift?”

Scootaloo groaned through the bottle but chugged down the formula which tasted like a mix of an ice cream float, and banana pudding. After awhile she noticed that her belly began to bulge outwards as Rainbow Dash squealed, “time to burp the number one burper!”

She lifted Scootaloo over her shoulder and gave the filly a few pats on the back making her spit up rainbow colored puke all over Rainbow Dash’s back. Scootaloo blushed and whimpered, “sowie Dashie.”

Rainbow wiped the filly’s mouth and replied, “oh don’t worry about that's okay. It's only natural for the number one puker to have awesome rainbow colored spit up.”

Scootallo scratched her head “uh dashie ? dun ya heaw yasewf! you weawwy stawtin ta be wike ya mommy!”

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes. “I am not my mom Scootaloo, now come on number one napper its time for night nights.”

She carried Scootaloo to a door with Scootaloo’s cutie mark printed on it and opened it up to reveal a nursery filled with Wonderbolt memorabilia with a soft blue carpet and the walls with padded Wonderbolts flying around. Scootaloo was amazed as she asked, “did you get all of its fow me!”

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “Discord must of made this room just for you.”

She took the little filly to a yellow and blue striped changing table and went about slowly strapping her charge into another thick diaper wonderbolt diaper. She went about slowly taping it over Scootaloo's belly and sealed the tapes with a soft touch and then checked the yellow leak guards to make sure they were aligned. Much to the filly’s surprise she whined, ”hey why ya putting me in two diapees! I not wike Soggy Belle!”

Rainbow Dash scoffed, “Oh hush, you’re my number one soaker, Your definitely going to need two diapers before nappy time.”

Scootaloo groaned seeing how her legs were further spread apart by the bulk of her diaper and cried, “ugh! Sewiouswy! Nopony wants to be ta numbew one pee pee foaw. Tat dumb.”

Rainbow Dash gave the filly’s diaper a few pats making some foal powder poof out as she lectured Scootaloo in a motherly tone. “Oh, hush and listen to mommy Dashie.”

She then went about placing her into a yellow and blue striped crib, she then draped a wonderbolt style foal blanket over Scootaloo and plopped a bright blue pacifier into her mouth. After turning on a spinning mobile she waited until Scootaloo was fast asleep before she tip-hoofed out of the nursery and then whispered, “I wonder why Scootaloo kept saying i’m like my mom? Huh maybe it's my mane or something?”

Chapter Two: The Playdate Begins

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While Scootaloo was napping and Sweetie Belle was playing tea party with her sister back at Sweet Apple Acres, Big Mac was curious and was going about digging through the diaper bag pulling out some odd objects, he pulled out a big plush version of himself strapped in a diaper, he pulled out a foal buggy with a red and green apples printed all over it. There was also a collapsible slide with “Hasbro” printed on the plastic and slowly unfolded it in the living room for his sister. Apple Bloom squealed in delight waddling over and shaking her padded rump as she shouted, “yay slide!” She then slowly climbed up the plastic steps and made her way up to the top still shouting out like a toddler, “Yay slide!”

Big Mac watched and saw that his sister was having trouble keeping her balance and scooted a hoof onto the seat of Apple Bloom’s padded rump for support and helped her sister sit herself on top of the slide holding out his hooves at the bottom. Even though the slide wasn’t that high up, Apple Bloom was looking down with a worried look slowly growing on her face as she felt like it was. She gripped the sides of the slide looking down in fright. “No, it’s too high.”

Big Mac blinked confused as he kept his hooves out thinking it was just an act. “Don’t worry Apple Bloom, I’ll catch you.” The stallion cooed watching his sister look around thinking about trying to get down. After a few moments, the filly slowly nudged her way over the edge and slid down and plopped her padded tush right into Big Mac’s hooves poofing foal powder all over his red coat. The big stallion nuzzled his sister back and whispered, “Gotcha, see not too bad.”

Apple Bloom smiled nuzzling into his coat. “Yay big bwuda save me!” The little filly hugged him close and nuzzled her head over his chest. Before letting him set her atop it once more. It didn’t seem too scary like before seeing her big brother was there to catch her. After sliding down a few more times, Big Mac pulled out a few large plushies from the seemingly bottomless diaper bag before retrieving an oddly tall plush shaped indoor apple tree with cute little velcro apples on it. The filly bounced up and down on her diaper in excitement as she chirped, “Oh apple buck!” and pointed with glee.

“Oh does little one think she’s ready for apple buckin. Aren’t you a little young?” Mac teased, poking her thick padding with a hoof.

Apple Bloom shook her head sticking her tongue out. “Nu-uh, me do it.” She huffed taking it as a challenge, after all, she could still do on the farm why not on the plush version. Of course, she hadn’t considered the fact she had the special booties on that would make said task really difficult.

Granny peered over with a giggle. “Oh? Not even little apple seed like Applejack could apple buck as a foal.” She played. “Are ya sure you don’t want help?” She asked, watching her granddaughter waddle over to the toy nearly slipping onto her belly a few times in the process. “Maybe the youngin needs some pads on her knees to keep her from gettin’ some boo-boos.”

Apple Bloom squeaked shaking her head remembering when Applejack has been overprotective over her and had bubble wrapped almost everything. “No way! I a big fiwwy and dun need pads!”

Big Mac can’t help but laugh a bit and joked, “are you sure? I think that cute diaper around your rump says otherwise,” at his sister’s blush who seemed to be quite embarrassed as he sighed, “Come on Granny, I’m sure she can do it. She’s a big filly.” he cooed. “Want Big Macie to show you how it’s done”

“Nu-uh you’d bweak it.” Apple Bloom babbled back sticking her tongue out knowing how strong her big brother was and that sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength.

“I’d be careful,” Big Mac said with a soft tone. “I wouldn’t want to damage little filly’s toys.”

Apple Bloom tapped her chin before grinning. “Otay big broda show me?”

Big Mac nodded as he went up the tree and turn his diaper bottom toward it. “First you line yourself up with the tree then ya lift up your hind legs and kick at it.” He did the action hitting the plush as it crinkled quite audibly just like a diaper material absorbing the impact of his relatively light buck.

Granny giggled when none of the apples fell off the tree. “Aww, maybe it’s you that needs practice.” She teased. “I guess the little youngin will have to show you.”

Mac just blushed again under his red coat as Apple Bloom waddle up to it and giggled as she jumped up and thrusts her diaper bottom into the tree a few times making foal powder poof out with each diaper slam. Finding it rather fun to do each time she did so, one of the plush apples fell and Apple Bloom began to bounce around the tree laughing with joy. “Me did it, me did it! Did ya see it!” She felt overjoyed at such a simple task no doubt a little bit of Discord’s magic at work.

Big Mac pouted feeling peeved that he was unable to get a single plush apple. “Put those apples back on I want to try again.”

Granny snickered as she placed the plush apples back in the tree and cooed. “Come on little Mac ya can do it.”

Apple Bloom clapped her hooves encouragingly. “Ya big browda do it. He strong.”

For a moment, Mac thought of bucking the same way again but decided to try how Apple Bloom did it. After all, it was just a toy, not the real thing. Lining himself up he began to push his diaper upon the plush tree watching it wiggle and bob around. Before long, the apples began to fall and the little filly was trying to catch them in a little plastic basket. By the end of the attempt, Apple Bloom had managed to catch a few in her basket beaming a smile at her family.

“Wook me did it!’ Apple Bloom squeed showing the basket filled with apples to Granny.

The old mare dawwed taking the basket and ruffling the filly’s mane. “What a good little filly. You’ll be apple buckin’ soon.”

Big Mac gave a beam of pride and asked, “so Granny how was that?”

Granny waddled over and slapped Big Mac's padded rump. “Ya did good, now how about ya go and help Applejack with the apple buckin’ so she ain’t out there all by herself,”

Big Mac eyed Granny and asked, “So you wanna have Apple Bloom to yourself huh?”

Apple Bloom waddled over and also patted Big Mac's rump. “Yeah, I fine Gwanny can watch me.”

He shrugged, “Alright, if you're ok with it.”

“I changed your stinky bottom too before ya spoke your first word. I can handle her, now get.” Granny gesture him the door watching the big stallion leave. She turned to Apple Bloom with a smile. “Now how about a little dress up youngin. Nothing says young like a bonnet.”

Apple Bloom blinked with an odd look on her face as she whispered, “tats funny, I sweaw tat some othew fiwwy is pwayin’ dwess up.”

“Well why not, being cute is what being young is all about,” Granny said peering into the bag. “Let see what I can find in this here bag of yours.” Most of her body seems to disappear inside as she dug around tossing things out at random. “This here thing just keep going don’t it.”

While Apple Bloom was being dressed up in embarrassing outfits Rarity was in her cute frilly princess outfit drinking a cup of tea with her sister Sweetie Belle sitting on big plastic seats around a filly tea set complete with a full set of fine china. Sweetie Belle was quite happy in her ballerina outfit and was kicking about with a big smile on her face while showing off her thick diaper around her rump.

Rarity placed the cup down and replied in an elegant tone. “I have to say this has been such a lovely tea party, I do hope that we can maybe get your friends to come and join us.”

Sweetie Belle was still unsure of the idea as she sipped her tea from a pink sippy cup. “I dun know if day would might be too uh girly.”

Rarity rolled her eyes. “What nonsense, their fillies and should be a little girly once in awhile. Even Scootalo could use a little etiquette some time. I”m sure they love to play a little pretend. Isn't that right Miss Fluffy.” She asked moving around a white teddy bear with a heart on its tummy.

“Oh yes I agree,” the plusie replied Rarity using a silly voice while she made it wave.

Sweetie Belle giggled and turned to a plush rabbit and asked, “so angel? Ya tink tat Apple Bloom would wana join?”

“No way! She neva weaw dwessies!” Apple Bloom babbled trying to imitate Rarity.

The older mare snickered and turned to Mr. Fluffy, "remember when the crusaders when the Gala, they look very adorable.”

“Mr. Fluffy” responded with Rarity’s gruff voice. “Oh yes, they looked lovely indeed whoever made them was most talented.”

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes and replied, “awight, wew we gots to invite tem fiwst.” She took the diaper bag taking out some letters that were shaped like big fluffy diapers and some cute pink crayons as she wrote the invitations. “Deaw fwiend ya in..uh invitwed to tea be hewe in a houw.”

She then sealed each letter like a diaper with some seals and hoofed them over to her sister. “They're all done! I even drew a smiley face on tem.”

Rarity blushed seeing the embarrassing letters having the fancy wavy font on them as she cooed, “these are really cute, I have to admit I might use these for a formal padded party later.”

She squeaked as they suddenly disappeared and scowled, “Discord! You better not be spying on us!”

The mare turned to see that Discord was somehow a plushie sitting there at the tea table with a stupid grin stitched on his face. Sweetie Belle was already stumbling about trying to pour the plush a cup and eyed the teapot as it sputtered out hot cocoa instead. “Huh, wewid did ya make hot cocoa Wawity?”

The older mare just crossed her forelegs with a smirk growing on her face,” no and I do have to say Discord it’s rather rude of you to show up uninvited and not wearing formal attire. I'm sure we stated you needed to be wearing a diaper and a dress.”

Sweetie Belle pulled out a pink frilly doll dress and a thick pink doll sized diaper and shouted, “oh dun worrie I got Dissy!”

She tackled the plushie and dressed him up like a doll with a small pink diaper and an embarrassing pink frilly dress as he squirmed and cried out. “Hey, easy! Watch the tail!”

It didn't take long for Sweetie Belle to dress the Lord Of Chaos in his embarrassing outfit and plopped Discord back down in his chair wearing his new frilly dress as he crossed his arms grumbling irritably.

Rarity snickered and sipped her tea. "well, it is a princess tea party cutie."

Applejack was bucking trees alongside her brother when a letter appeared right on her face. “Gah,” she paused her work and peeled it off her face looking at it. “Huh, it’s an invite for Apple Bloom.” She opened it up and had a bit of a hard time trying to read the letter seeing Sweetie Belle's hoof writing was terrible and a lot of the words were misspelled. “I think she is inviting Apple Bloom to a tea party...I think?"

She squinted to re-read it as Mac peered over her shoulder looking over it as well.

Big Mac blushed and replied, "well I ain't wearin' no dress. You can take Apple Bloom to that."

Applejack chuckled and smiled. “I guess I can.”

She smiled quickly heading off to the house. Upon entering, she saw her sister dressed in a yellow bonnet with pink polka dots and a matching frilly dress from fifty years ago. Her diaper too was somehow cloth with a silly safety pin. The farm mare couldn’t help but snicker a bit even as her sister blushed like a cheery.

Granny cooed pinching Apple Bloom’s cheek. “Little youngin dressed up just like I was back in the day.” She patted the diaper. “Don’t yah like it little apple seed?”

The big foal just kept blushing nodding slowly before looking over at her sister. “Hey Applejackie what's up?"

“Well, Sweetie Belle has invited ya to a playdate.” Applejack cooed tickling under her sister’s chin. “Don’t that sound like fun?”

“Yay pway pway!” the filly cheered bouncing on her bottom some while Applejack got the stroller ready. Apple Bloom beamed a smile and exclaimed, “dis fun so far!"

“Well, that’s good to know.” Granny patted Apple Bloom head before helping to sit the filly into the stroller and buckling her in. She finished off with setting a plush kitty in her hooves.

Once all ready to go, Applejack pushed the stroller out whistling as she did so taking the special diaper bag of course. “Let's get the little one to her playdate.”

As Applejack pushed Apple Bloom down the street in her stroller they saw Diamond Tiara waddling in a fancy diaper down the street too.

She gasped upon seeing Apple Bloom being pushed in the stroller and squeaked, “Apple Bloom why are you in a stroller! And in those clothes!”

“Howdy there Diamond, little sugarcube here is doing her class assignment being just like a foal. Ain’t she cute?” Applejack cooed, adjusting her hat.

Diamond Tiara had to put a hoof over her mouth trying to hold back from bursting out laughing. “Seriously? Even if it was for extra credit I wouldn’t be caught dead in a stroller!”

“Well, your diapers sure are fancy enough to count as a foal,” Applejack remarked before patting Apple Bloom's diaper some making the yellow filly blush.

Diamond stared back at her own diaper which had fancy gem print like diamonds and rubies it had a purple leak guards with the filly's tiara cutie mark printed squarely on the seat of her padding. “These are a designer brand made with some of the best quality fabrics in Equestria. Only the most sophisticated ponies wear these."

She huffed leaning closer to Apple Bloom. “I still can’t believe you’re doing this even for extra credit.

Applejack adjusting the stroller some. “I’m sure she loves to chat, but she’s not supposed to talk too much being a foal and all.”

Before the rich filly could respond further, Rainbow Dash came flying down with her mane cut short and wearing a shirt with “Scootaloo #1” printed on it came pushing a sleeping Scootaloo in a baby carriage that was designed with Wonderbolt designs. She came up with a big smile on her face as she whispered, “Hey Applejack ya heading to Sweetie Belle’s tea party too?”

Applejack scratched her head. “Uh...why ya whispering and don’t take this the wrong way or nothin but you seem different?”

Diamond looked up at Rainbow as well noticing something was way off with the daredevil pony and asked. “Is that a new mane style?”

Rainbow Dash scoffed, “What are you talking about? My mane was always like this. Also, you two keep it down my Scootaloo the number one napper is taking a nap if you hadn’t noticed.”

Applejack snickered, “aww, you became your mom huh?”

Rainbow blinked shaking her head. “What no I’m not!” she denied. “Why everyone saying that. Not that my mom isn’t cool or anything.”

Diamond stared at the carriage and peeked in. “She sleeps through Cheerilee’s classes sometimes, I think a little talking isn’t going to wake her.”

Rainbow dash suddenly picked Diamond up causing the filly to squeak and kick about in her adorable diaper as the mare cooed. “oh just look at you cutie! You wanna join and take a nap too?”

The filly wanted to say no but she oddly yawned and stretched out her hooves. “well...I am quite tired...I guess a quick nap would be fine.”

Rainbow Dash tucked the filly next to Scootaloo popping a Wonderbolt pacifier in her mouth. “There you go, sweetheart.”

Applejack dawwed, “oh! We should find other foals to join the tea party! The more the merrier I say!”

Rainbow Dash shouted, “yeah that does sound like a good idea! Although my carriage only holds two.”

They then both turned to see Button Mash waddling down the street grumbling irritably as he waddled off in a thick diaper. Applejack waved a hoof. “Hey Button mash wait up a sec!”

The colt turned around and asked, “What do you want!? Ya gonna make fun of my cool video game diaper too!” Said diaper had cute minecraft prints with pixelated hammers, diamonds and slime creatures printed on it.

Applejack scoffed, “what! No of course not! We just wanted to ask if ya wanted to come along with it to a tea party?”

Button Mash squeaked and shouted, “wha no way I’m a colt! I can’t go to tea parties!”

“Maybe he just needs a dress?” Rainbow joked.

Applejack rolled her eyes and continued to explain, “hey Sweetie Belle will be there and I think she also has a new game colt game she wanted to show ya.”

Button Mash mulled it over tapping a hoof to his chin. “Wel...i...if Sweetie Belle is there…” He looked up and asked, “so what game is it? “

Applejack gulped and stammered, “its Foal Land?” Rainbow Dash burst into laughter as Button Mash gasped, “seriously! She has it! I heard that game was coming out but I didn’t think it got released yet!”

The two mares shrugged as Applejack replied,” yeah sure now come on we're wastin’ time here!”

Button Mash thought about it for a second before relenting, "fine I'll come! But I'm not wearing a dress! and don't tell my mom!"

Applejack took the padded colt and plopped him next to Apple Bloom. "There, now ya sit tight if ya need anything just let me know."

The colt sighed as Apple Bloom commented, "I like you diapee its cute."

He blushed as he scrunched the padding between his legs and asked, "ya think so? thanks, I hope Sweetie Belle likes it."

Apple Bloom gave his padding a pat making foal powder puff out. "Oh, she will! your diaper is super thick and cute!"

Button Mash squeaked as he kicked about in his crinkling diaper and cried, "mom put too much foal powder on my rump again! ugh!"

Applejack dawed as she continued to push the foals down the road. “Remember Apple Bloom small words.” She chuckled as they head for Rarity’s home.

Once there, Rarity opened the door and raised her hooves up with a big smile on her face. "Welcome darlings! I'm so happy to see you all have come!"

She gasped upon seeing Button Mash and cooed, "oh looks like a colt has decided to join the party!"

Button Mash blushed as he pressed his hooves over his padding and cried, "yeah!? but I'm not wearing a dress."

Rarity waved a hoof and scoffed "I would never dress a colt in a dress. However, you do need to wear some proper attire."

Taking him into the store she quickly reached into the magic bag and began to dress the squirming colt in a cute baby blue suit onesie. All the ponies burst into fits of giggles as Button had the onesie had a button strap printed around his thick diaper.

Rarity smiled “Oh very nice.” She looked at the sleeping peacefully in the carriage. "Oh you brought another filly too how nice.” She watched the two sleep onwards seemingly undisturbed by the noise.

Rainbow Dash whispered. "Can they finish their nap first? I don't want them being fussy during the tea party."

Rarity clapped her hooves and replied, "Oh Sweetie Belle should have a nap too we can do the tea party later."

Button Mash crossed his forehooves across his chest and shouted, "were not actual toddlers we don't need naps!"

Rarity picked him up and booped the colt on the nose. "Nope sweetheart, you are in our house so you have to follow our rules.” She carried the pouty colt along in the nursery room noticing new cribs had appeared.

Button Mash wanted to fight back but stopped seeing Sweetie Belle plopped next to him as she squealed " Button mash wanna sleep with me!"

The colt's face turned a bright red as he stammered, ""

Rarity dawwed seeing the two snuggle each other in their thick diapers crinkling together as the mare whispered, "oh, that's just adorable."

She turned to see that Scootaloo was still sleeping next to Diamond in the comfy carriage while Apple Bloom laid down with a plush bear. The mares all smiled dimming the lights before heading out to let them snooze.

Diamond Tiara was the first to awaken rubbing her eyes. “Mmm, this isn't my bed.” It took a few moments for her mind to catch up before she saw the nursery before her. “Hmm?”

Scootaloo yawned as she woke up as well looking at her confused. “Diamond, what are you doing here?”

Diamond spat the Wonderbolt pacifier out of her mouth as she rolled her eyes. “I'm here for your tea party apparently.” She gave a smile though as she looked over at Sweetie Belle's crib and snickered, "look at those two love birds!"

Looking over, Scootaloo also saw that Sweetie was hugging Button close like a teddy bear. As the colt slowly woke up he was quite flabbergasted cheeks burning red as he held still. Scootaloo snicker. “Hehe, I guess she really likes you.” The fillies forgetting about the whole talking rule thinking they aren’t being overheard.

Button Mash blushed, "so what? were best friends."

Apple Bloom pressed her hooves to her face. "I think I hear wedding bells!"

Scootaloo jeered, "oh! I bet they'll be having foals of their own too!"

Button Mash whined, "It's not like that! were not getting married!"

Sweetie Belle snuggled him more opening her eyes sleepily. "Would you want to be my special somepony?"

Every filly gasped as Button Mash's face was a bright red as he whimpered, "I...uh...well...I guess…"

The fillies squealed, "yay! they finally tied the knot!"

Before the three could celebrate more, the door opened as Rarity came trotting in. “Oh my is that talking foals I hear?” She scolded playfully.

They all squeak as Sweetie Belle babbled, "sowie, we be babies we go back to sleepies."

Rarity peered down with a coo, "now, now my little ones it's time for a nap. I want you all to be well-rested for the tea party. Also, don't be alarmed if you pee its natural for foals to wet the bed."

“But that happens to everyone now.” Diamond countered back as she kicked about in her padding making it squish. It was quite evident she peed already with the white diaper had a big yellow stain with some of the prints started fading.

“Ub huh no buts but yours getting comfy.” Rarity mothered.

“I'm not tired, I wana get up!" Button added shifting about embarrassed in his own slightly soggy padding

Rarity eyed the colt and scolded him. "You better listen darling or ill tell your mother how naughty you were."

The colt instantly clapped his hooves over his mouth as the mare gave a nod. "Good, now you foals sleep for another hour at least.” Rarity strolled over to a small music box giving it a crank before letting the soothing music play and the box sparkling with magic. The little ones tried to resist the rhythm chimes eyes drooping with each note playing in their ears. Rarity watched as one by one each foal falling back into slumber, Sweetie Belle snuggling again as well. “Sleep tight.” She whispered and headed out of the room and gently closing the door. After all, she had teddy bears to dress for the party.

Chapter three: A Foalish Tea Party

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Rarity came trotting back into the nursery smiling at the little ones. “Wakey wakey.” She sang watching as each of them rubbed their eyes as the lights came on.

"Mmm, alweady?" Sweetie lisped clearing the sleep out of her eyes.

Rarity trotted over lowering the bars of the crib and pressed a hoof into her sister padding, feeling it squish. "And seems little ones need changies." Their faces all turned a bright red as Rarity went about changing each foal one by one. Button Mash, of course, ended up in one of Sweetie Belle's note print diapers.

"But I don't want girly!" Button whined crossing his forehooves over his crotch area as his bottom was sprinkled.

Rarity just shook her head. "Now, now, we can't have little colty making a messy on the floor." The fashionista cooed securing the tapes of his diaper in place before giving his tummy a light tickle.

Button giggled and kicked about involuntarily before being set down on the floor. He blushed before looking at Tiara who had a fresh diaper with the song notes printed all over her padding too. The unicorn filly rolled her eyes and scoffed, "It's just a diaper Button Everypony's wearing them."

Button Mash stomped a hoof and snapped, "Yeah, but you're all fillies, I'm a colt."

Sweetie snickered waddling over to him. "I dink it wooks cute on ya." She gave her "colt friend" a hug.

Rarity dawed once again before clearing her throat. "Okay darling, how about we all get you dressed up for the tea party?"

All the fillies began to cheer with glee waddling over to Rarity with eager anticipation. Button made a face as he walked with the other fillies and whined. "No dress!"

Rarity scoffed, waving her hoof toward the colt. "Oh nonsense darling, we'll dress you up like a nice prince for all these princesses." She cooed patting each of the fillies heads. The fillies all cheer following in a line as Rarity moved to the magic diaper bag knowing that there be whatever outfit she needed would be inside.

"Yay pretty dressie," Sweetie Belle cheered waddle skipping around her sister with anticipation.

Rarity smiled before processing to dress up the little darlings. Apple Bloom, of course, was slipped into a bright green dress with red booties to accent it. Sweetie Belle smiled too as she was put into a purple sleeved gown with extra frills along with plastic glass sippers. Diamond Tiara's was much the same; only hers was silver and had much poofier shoulders. Finally, Scootaloo was dressed in a blue dress with shore accents to represent clouds.

Button watched all the girls twirl observing a pattern that all the dresses left their padded rumps showing. Not only that, but words had appeared on the seats of each of their diapers. He snickered, pointing at Sweetie's padding. "Hehe, yeah you are the cutest princess." She blushed faintly and tried to hide her diaper with her dress, but of course, this only made it fly up.

Sweetie blinked turning around confused, exposing her padded rump to Apple Bloom. "Oh, I am?"

Apple Bloom laughed and started poking Sweetie's diaper. "It on ta diapee. "She exclaimed, watching her friend turn around in circles like a dog to try and see.

Scootaloo being curious angled her rump to one of the many mirrors around and groaned. "Best princess ever? Oh, come on!"

Diamond Tiara laughed too upon seeing it turning to look at the mirror also with "Spoiled Princess" printed on her rump in a silver cursive writing she scowled. "I'm not spoiled."

"Well, you are rich and have custom diapers, dear. "Rarity cooed. "Spoiled with lots of attention. Just what every foal needs."

"I'm not the foal, they are. "Diamond pouted and pointed a hoof at the other foals.

Before Rarity could remark, Apple Bloom waddled to the mirror to look at herself and tilted her head. "Appliest? Dat no word."

Rarity giggled giving the farm filly's exposed diaper a few pats. "Oh, it can be dear. Now, how about we get Button all ready?"

Button's smile grew eager. "What do I get! Can I wear a Tuxedo like a spy." He asked, bouncing up and down in excitement.

Rarity reached into the diaper bag with a smirk. "Oh, or something like that. "She said before pulling out a black onesie with a white gradient on the front along with it was a red bow tie and yellow booties. "Alright hooves up."

Button did as he was told easing his hooves to the sky as the onesie went on her. It was rather comfy as it covered over his diaper soon being buttons into place. His cheeks redden a bit at the bow tie bib combo that was put around his neck. "Uh, it's very nice. "he commented even as the booties were put on each hoof. "but why yellow?"

"well, it's not called a penguin suit for nothing." Rarity chirped finishing off with a mask for his face and letting him look himself over.

"Oh, I'm a mystery stallion. "Button played. "Who could I be." He held up his hooves, waving them around a bit.

Sweetie reached over abs bopped his nose. "Dis not a game, besides I dun got a clue."

Diamond played along watching her hoof. "Well, we'll just have to have our tea party to figure out who he is."

"Well, while you guess let's go to your party. "Rarity said gesturing as the group followed her to the next room. Sitting in the center of her shop was a Low pink table with odd life-sized teddy bears sitting in a few of the seats

"Where you get plushies that big?" Diamond asked in awe.

"Oh from one of the diaper bags of course. Not sure how I'll get them back inside though." Rarity chuckled watching the group move to open spots. Each foal having a bean bag chair to sit on their poofy bottom sinking in perfectly.

"Hehe, comfy" Sweetie cooed clapping her hooves as she shifted feeling like she on a cloud.

The others agreed as Rarity floated over sippy cups full of grape juice along with the plastic pretend Tea set with matching flower print pink cups. Being curious, Diamond reached out to pick up the teapot, noting that it felt warm to the touch. Confused, she took off the lid and peered inside. "But it's empty?"

"Oh, it pretends tea. Can't have you foals spilling." Rarity cooed helping to pour some into the cup and letting the filly hold it "Go on give it a taste."

"But there isn't anything there." Diamond titled her head while Sweetie belle was poured a glass as well.

"Just pretend," Sweetie replied, taking a sip of air and smack her lips at discovering it had a taste. "Mmm tasty."

"Really?" Apple Bloom asked, taking her cup and filling hers before sipping. "Ooh, apple-flavored."

"Is everything you do about apples?" Diamond Tiara said, rolling her eyes.

Apple Bloom snapped back. "Yeah! you have a problem with abbwes!?"

Diamond shrugged, "I like strawberries better besides it's not as if you guys can grow other fruits."

Scootaloo replied, "well, then tey won't be ta abbwes now would tey?"

Button Mash and Sweetie Belle just watched as the three other fillies bickered. The colt sipped his invisible tea and asked, "Hey Sweetie Belle? I have a question?'

The filly turned and replied, "yeah, what is it?"

The colt then asked, "Do you have a game called Foal Land?"

The school filly tapped a hoof to her chin. "Hmmm, no, I don't think so...I have to check the diaper bag it has all kinds of stuff in there."

Button Mash nodded, "okay...just wondering!"

He gave a long exasperated sigh finishing his "invisible tea" then noticed how his cup seemed colder. "Huh? that's odd?"

Rarity then started taking out some snacks animal crackers with sippy cups filled with apple juice. "Alright, darlings dig in!"

Before they could grab the various animal crackers, the snacks all got to their feet and began running around the table. Apple Bloom giggled watching. "Gotta round dem up!' She grabbed a pony shaped cracker and began to chase the other animal crackers around the table.

The others laugh watching the farm filly slowly round up the animals the fillies grabbing a few of the crackers when close enough to do so.

Button mash saw all his animal crackers were Gold Fish and he tried to grab at them, but they kept slipping from his hooves. He then bent down and tried to snap at them with his mouth as they bounced around him. Sweetie Belle dawwed and snickered watching the colt acting like an actual penguin. "Come on; you can do it!"

Button Mash snapped and crunched on a few of the Gold Fish with his mouth getting crumbs on his onesie as he did. Rarity snapped a photo . "hehe silly penguin."

Diamond Tiara tried to avoid doing anything embarrassing sipping on her sippy cup. However, she saw Rarity bring out some strawberries in cream. The filly drooled as she snatched one and started to munch getting bits all over the front of her dress. Sweetie belle also started eating strawberries and cream, and soon the two fillies were covered in cream and strawberry juice.

Apple Bloom giggled when the sheep crackers on her plate bleated. "Hehe, funny cracker."

Scootaloo tried snatching the "cool' animals like lions and tigers. But they kept running off her plate she whined, "Abbee Boom how ya do tat? My animaw cwakews keep escaping!"

Apple Bloom showed Scootaloo a pen she made of crackers. "see ya keep tem in ta pen."

Scootaloo went about making her pen for the animal crackers and started placing the tigers and lions in and saw that they stayed. "huh tat was easy?"

Rarity cooed a bit and watched. "Oh yes, animals just need to be rangled up."

Sweetie Belle cried, "but now tey gots to eat tem! tats so mean!"

Diamond asked, "can ya keep tem instead!?"

Rarity blushed, "well...darlings?"

Apple Bloom scooped them back in the box "I gonna keep tem nopony gonna eat them."

Rarity sighed, "alright, I think snack time is over."

Applejack snickered, "yeah had no idea them snacks would come alive."

Rainbow Dash snuggled Scootaloo. "oh your the number one wrangler! Yes, you are! yes, you are!"

"Dash!" Scootaloo whined blushing.

Button looked up from his little pen, having eaten all his crackers. 'But the crackers aren't real."

Sweetie Belle whispered, "yeah they aren't, but it's so funny and cute seeing Apple Bloom think they are."

Button Mash shrugged, "You fillies are crazy and uh Sweetie Belle you have food all over your face."

Before Sweetie Belle could respond, Rarity wiped her sister's muzzle. "Oh, I got her let's get you foals cleaned up so we can move on to the dance."

The other mares around went about cleaning up their fillies and the other two guests. Diamond wormed around as her face was wiped clean. "Bleh, he-hey I can do it myself!"

"Oh hush deary, let me finish." Rarity cooed, giving a playful pinch to her cheek.

Once everything was cleaned up, the large teddies at t table stood up and moved about to partner up with one of the guests at the party. Rarity smiled. "Oh, seems its time for dancing." she sang.

Button blushed as the pink teddy scoops him to his hooves. "But I don't know how to dance."

Diamond held the paws of her Blue teddy bear. "Oh, it doesn't matter."

"Foals no know-how da dance." Sweetie chirped wiggling her bottom as she partnered up with the purple teddy bear with a heart on its stomach.

Scootaloo flaps her wings some. "No slow song!"

"But you be the best dancer ever," Rainbow replied cranking up the wind-up music player.

Some simple classical music started to play, and the foals were all started dancing with the teddies.

Sweetie Belle had practice watching her sister do these sorts of dances doing quite well despite her thick diaper. Diamond Tiara also knew how to ball her mother taught dance. But she was stumbling over her hooves with her padding, and she kept muttering about her stupid diaper getting in the way. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Button Mash on the other hoof just stumbled about bashing their padded rumps against each other and kept somehow plopping on their rumps the teddies always helping them up.

"Oh very good," Rarity cooed praising them all despite how well they were doing. "Such a handsome prince dance." she cooed, looking at Button.

Button Mash face turned a bright red and cried, "I'm not a prince! I'm... I'm a hero!"

Rarity snickered "oh!?"

Button Mash rose up on his hooves and shouted, "Yeah! I'm the Penguin a master of ice and snow, who can communicate with penguins."

Suddenly a plush penguin helped him up, and he stumbled about in his thick padding as Rarity cooed "well I have to say Button even if you're not a prince your quite the gentle colt."

The teddies moved Sweetie and Button closer over time soon doing a switch a roo. The two squeaked bumping into each other. Button Mash got so nervous he started to pee with an audible hissing noise emanating from his diaper. Sweetie Belle blushed as she took the side of her dress and performed a cute little curtsey and asked, "may I take this dance?"

Button Mash scrunched his soggy diaper and stammered, ", why not?" Sweetie Belle took hold of his hooves, guiding him through the motions step by step diapers swaying.

Rarity took another photo beaming. "Oh this one for sure going into the foal album...however Button Mash needs a change, but I don't want to spoil this adorable moment. Hopefully, his diaper can hold on just a bit longer."

As the two love birds danced Apple Bloom somehow diaper bumped Scootaloo's padded butt creating a big cloud of foal powder. They both stumbled back and plopped on their diapered rumps with Diamond Tiara somehow dancing straight into the cloud, making her cough and sneeze falling into Scootaloo. The two stumbled slamming into Apple Bloom, and when the cloud dissipated, the three were laying out groaning with their dresses a mess.

Rarity quickly came over, helping the foals up and cooed, "Are you okay little ones?" She patted down the dresses idly patting the diapers too (to see who else may need a change later).

Diamond Tiara sighed as she brushed the foal powder off her dress. "I otay Wawity." She squealed, hearing her voice covering her mouth with surprise. It sounded like a three-year-old's lisp. "Wa is going on!" she whined.

Apple Bloom snickered, "wooks wike Discowd gave us magic foal powdew."

Rarity eyed the foals. "Well, today's challenge was for you foals to speak like babies and this is punishment for speaking like big ponies."

Diamond Tiara whined, "I didn't sign up fow some dumb chawenges!"

"Aww how cute," Applejack commented, watching the min tantrum. "Can you say, mama?"

Scootaloo tried to retort about being cute only to end up babbling incoherently. She gasped and stomped her hooves blushing.

Rainbow Dash squealed as she came over and picked up her charge in her hooves and squealed. "Oh, that's so awesome!" Scootaloo is now the number one babbler!"

Scootoo cried and kicked her hooves being fed up with Rainbow Dash embarrassing her.

Apple Bloom blushed too trying to talk too. "A-ab -abple"

Sweetie Belle and Button Mash also kicked up some of the magic foal powder as they continued to dance. The colt tried to ask the filly something, but only incoherent gibberish came out, and Sweetie Belle snickered as she tried to ask if Button Mash was okay. "Hey, Bu..bu...mash..ya stays?" She blushed, hearing her voice pitched up to sound like a two-year-old.

Button blushed and pouted babbling. Conveniently enough, only those that babble could understand each other. Sweetie was stuck unable to know what her friends were saying.

Rarity stopped the music and clapped her hooves. "I think the dance is over, now darlings it's time for some light playtime." She chirped before taking Button hoof and taking him along for his diaper change and leaving the other mares to watch the foals.

A playpen was set up in the main living room where the older mares can talk and relax while watching their charges play.

While keeping an eye on them, Rainbow idly looked at one of Rarity's dresses smiling. "Seems Sweetie Belle got off easy."

Applejack shrugged. "Not sure why but shucks she is somehow cuter like that."

Rarity nodded. "Oh yes, she is the cutest after all." She watched Sweetie trying to cheer up Diamond who still had her hooves crossed.

Rainbow Dash quickly snapped "No way! Scootaloo is the cutest foal ever! Her baby babble is so freaking adorable!"

Scootaloo just put her hooves over her face babbling groans.

"Ugh, I don't know what they are saying," Sweetie said watching the other babbling foals talk.

Diamond pouted. "Wha you wanna babble?" She rolled her eyes.

Sweetie Belle shrugged "Why not? Sounds wike fun ya gots some more of ta magic foal powdew? I tink ya gots it."

Diamond shrugged, "ta best bet it's in ta magic diapee bag."

Sweetie Belle Through before trying to stand and jump only to land on her rump in an attempt o eject powder from her padding. She frowns when nothing came out and looked over toward her sister, seeing the bag next to her. Thinking they were distracted, she waddled over slowly to Rarity's diaper bag and stuck a hoof inside, taking out a container of foal powder. It had a picture of a foal with random baby babble coming out. Sweetie Belle then lit her horn and tried to puff a little but squeaked as it exploded like a bomb!

Foal powder enveloped the room and as it dissipated. Rarity asked, "hey is everypony otay?" She blinked, hearing herself and asked, "my voice it sounds different?"

Rainbow Dash flew over to Scootaloo and asked, "hey ya stays? ya, not huwt awe ya?"

Scootaloo shook her head. "Nah uh, I otay Dashie."

Rainbow Dash gave a sigh of relief. "That's good but what's wong with my voice!"

Applejack groaned "oh no we gots baby babble too what's worse if ya can tawk to Scootawoo tat means we weaawy tawkin in gibbewish!"

This made the adults start to whimper nervously but Rarity stood up and tried to take a hold of the situation and shouted, "tats otay we go to Twilight she can help us! I sure she gots a speww ta fix tis!"

The mares quickly took the foals and strapped them in strollers and after getting some diaper bags the three mares sped off out of the boutique and down the street of Ponyville heading towards Twilight's castle.

Chapter Four: Preping for Preschool

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Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack couldn’t stop blushing as they took their charges along with Button and Diamond Tiara right behind them. None of them felt like saying anything knowing anyone who heard would just hear babbles. Regardless they really hoped Twilight could solve this little chaos issue. Upon arriving, Applejack knocked hard.

Twilight soon opened the door smiling at her friends yet confused when they started babbling like foals. "Woah! one at a time! What’s going on here!"

Rainbow Dash was using her hooves trying to explain what happened with her baby babble. However, Twilight was still left puzzled. "Ok, something tells me you guys can't speak normally right now. But I bet you could write what happened." Leading the group inside and had them sit down at one of the tables in her library with some quills and pieces of parchment. "Alright go on and write what happened."

They all nodded and tried to write but it turned out that they lost the ability to write as their hoof writing was barely legible and mostly scribbles. Twilight tubbed a hoof down her face. "Ugh! forget it you're getting ink everywhere!"

She took the quills and scrolls away and instead placed crayons and pieces of construction paper in front of them. "how about try drawing what happened instead?"

They took the crayons in their mouths and hooves and began to scribble on the pieces of paper. However, Rainbow Dash somehow had hoof paint appear in front of her. The pegasus giggled as she slammed her hooves into the paint and began to smear it all over trying to paint a picture. Rarity had glitter glue appeared before her which instantly drew her attention. She started to spread it around putting little plastic jewels on her paper. Applejack found she had some glue sticks and a box of mixed macaroni she took the glue sticks and smeared it on the paper and started to stick the pieces of macaroni on it

Twilight blinked at the magic at work and groaned. “As cute as this is, it’s making a huge mess.” She turned her attention to the fillies and colt. “I guessing you’re babbling too?”

The children watched the adults acted like ordinary toddlers playing with arts and crafts and nodded. Button Mash whined and put his hooves up. "Wana make arts and crafts too!"

Twilight shook her head watching Button Mash over the table and grabbing crayons. "I’m not running a preschool."

The other fillies soon can’t resist and hurry over giggling as they grab the supplies forgetting about the babbling for now.

the enchanted diaper bag nearby shot out all kinds of arts and craft objects for them. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, and empty milk cartons! The foals squealed as they began to craft and make all kinds of things. Twilight blushed seeing she really missed making macaroni art in magic kindergarten. She sat down to join in grabbing the glue and a box of macaroni. She’d figure out this babbling thing after some fun.

Spike waddle down the hall after having finished with some laundry soon hearing the giggling and babbling coming from the common room. He blinked a few times upon seeing the mini-disaster the mares and fillies sprinkled with glitter glue and various other bits and pieces.

Twilight was bouncing on her diaper holding a messy work of art made of pieces of macaroni. "I made this for you Spikey!" She declared turning it to show to the dragon.

Rarity whined and babbled angrily showing her art which was a picture of a heart made of glitter glue with a Spike made of pipe cleaners. Spike face turned a bright red "wow! you made that for me!"

Rarity nodded as Spike took it and snickered, "ill hang it on the fridge."

Twilight whined. "Nah uh! Mine's better! Put mine on the fridge!"

Spike was worried fidgeting with his claws. "Uh, Twilight are you feeling ok?"

Twilight pouted, "I fine, now ya gonna put my art on ta fridge? I worked really hard on it."

Spike blushed as he took Twilight's macaroni art. "Yeah...something is definitely wrong here." Rainbow Dash was the messiest out of all of the foals splattering hoof paint everywhere. Spike groaned "ugh you're going to need a bath!"

Rainbow Dash shook her head and babbled in protest attempting to toss paint at Spike.

Spike sueaked and ducked and frowns .”Ugh, this isn’t a daycare.” He watched the others around him babble and squeal feeling a little overwhelmed. He shook Twilight some. “Come on snap out of it.”

Twilight whimpered, "Spi...spikey did I get a star for my art?"

Spike slammed a claw to his face. "That's it! Its obvious Discord did this!'

The lord of chaos appeared "did someone say my name?"

Spike snapped "hey! you turn everypony back to normal right now!"

Discord crossed his claws over his chest. "Well, It actually wasn’t me that did this. IT was the magic with the diaper bags that did.” He swiftly slides over to the group and pinches Rarity cheek. “Seems the adults just can’t help but be young again.” He laughed snapping his fingers as the mares were all cleaned up but also wearing matching blue T-shirts with ‘FoalLand’ written on it.

Button upon noticing the shirts babbled and pointed to the shirts with glee. “OH, you want one too?” Upon seeing the nod, Discord made one appear on Button as well.

Spike shrugged. “Can you at least fix the babbling?”

“Well, that part is easy.” Discord laughed patting each adult o the head unleashing glitter as he did so.

Rarity was the first to rub her head. “Oh my, what just happened.” She looked down up the art projects before her. “Aww, how cute.”

“Well glad we can talk again.” Applejack remarked turning to her sister when Applebloom babbled with a pout. “Hehe, seems you don’t get speech back.”

Twilight shook her head as she recovers and looked at herself. " hey! why am I covered in glue and glitter!"

Discord snickered seeing their cute arts and crafts projects. "My my you are such an artist maybe we should hang these up on Celestia's fridge."

The art projects poofed as Twilight squeaked in horror. “No, wait.”

“Oh come now, surely Celestia will love those. Not to mention your mother too.” Pausing for a moment, he grinned. "That gives me an idea! For the second day, why don't you Twilight run a preschool for these youngsters? clearly, they cant go to a normal school but they can still learn their ABCs and shapes."

Apple Bloom whined "we know our ABCs! A B D F…."

Button mash squeaked, "wait! what color is my shirt!" he pulled it down seeing it was blue and shouted, "I forgot my colors!"

Sweetie Belle blushed seeing she forgot her ABCs to trying to remember. "I think...Z comes after F?"

Scootaloo shook her head "no way its R for Rainbow Dash because of shes the coolest!"

Twilight held a hoof. "Hold up! I can't run a preschool and a school of friendship at the same time."

Discord smirked, "you can close your other school for tomorrow this is more important."

Twilight groaned "fine! but just for one day! Hopefully, I can tell all the students before tomorrow."

Discord cracked his knuckles "alright time for a preschool makeover!"

The castle exploded in a giant explosion of chaos magic the walls became painted with pictures of ABCs and 123s on them. The main lobby now had a giant pink circle carpet with a nap area filled with beds with rails. There was now a chest brimming with all kinds of toys and a plastic pink table for snack time. Discord smirked "there now we have Twilight's preschool! I'm going to spread the word to Cheerilee and all her students they need a refresher on the basics!"

Twilight squeaked "wait for what!? I don't even know how to run a preschool!"

Rarity went about putting the foals back in their strollers as she cooed "Oh don't worry darling I'm sure it'll be easy. Now, what time do you open?"

Twilight shrugged "I don't know eight A.M we want all the kids here for music time before we start the lessons ...What did I just say!"

Rainbow dash gave a nod as she snapped Scootaloo into her stroller and replied, "got it Eight A.M sharp. Do our foals need to bring anything?"

Twilight pondered the question and responded promptly. "Have them bring something special we're doing a show and tell tomorrow...ugh! what! why am I saying these things!"

Applejack snickered, "guess you're a preschool teacher now Twilight. We'll be seein ya tomorrow got to get the little ones to bed early."

They all began to leave with Twilight standing there. "Oh darn! now I need to make up a lesson plan." She sighed looking to Spike who of course handed a parchment ready for her.

Chapter Five: Preschool with Discord

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Twilight beamed ear to ear as she stared at the prepared classroom before her. “Okay Spike, let’s go over our checklist again.” Watching Spike raise his quell she continued. “Extra blankets and pillows for nap time?”


“Cheese and other assorted snacks for snack time?”

“Yup,” Spike check the box double-checking the cupboard.

“Let’s not forget plenty of spare diapers.” Twilight sang feeling giddy.

“Check,” Spike said opening the chest with the supplies inside. “I mean it isn’t like we don’t have diapers everywhere we turn.” His own diaper was crinkling as he waddles back to Twilight.

Twilight blushed a little before floating the papers off her desk.”And simple yet education lesson plan...check!”

“Hey if you can manage to teach Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo, you can teach anyone Twilight.”

Twilight shuffled her notes for a second. “Oh I'm not worried, I just never cared for foals before. You know easily distracted and all.”

“Not to mention random Chaos magic.” Spike retorted rolling his eyes. “You know something is bound to happen.”

Twilight fluttered her wings. “Oh right, forgot about that.”

“Well, we better make finish this checklist.”

Rarity hummed a soft tune as she stroked the brush through Sweetie’s mane getting any pesky knots. “Oh, I bet you just can't wait to go to preschool.” She sang feeling her charge worm a bit rustling about.

Sweetie cooed nodding eagerly patting her pampered behind. “Yay wanna show plushie for show and tell.”

“Oh? Which one Sweetie?” Rarity asked grabbing a few ribbons to get bows in her sister’s mane.

Sweetie Belle pondered tapping a hoof to her chin. “I’m not sure...what if I took the one that looks like Celestia?” She picked up a Celestia plush wearing a thick diaper.

Rarity was a bit surprised upon seeing the plushie. “Huh? I don’t remember buying that one? Did Discord put that there if so I would be careful with it.”

Sweetie Belle hugged it. “Oh but it’s so cute! She even says cool stuff watch!” She pressed it making the plushie say “I’m princess Sun Butt and I love diapees.”

Rarity chuckled as she went about tying bows in her sister’s mane and shrugged, “Alright darling it is your show and tell.” After the bows were in place she slipped a sweet yellow T-shirt onto the filly. “Okay let’s get going.” She popped the pacifier into Sweetie's mouth and lead her out having the diaper bag ready.

Scootaloo giggled as she digs through the toy box for the perfect thing to bring for the show and tell wiggling her diaper about like a flag. “Gotta be perfect.”

“Whatever you pick will be the best I’m sure,” Rainbow said smiling watching toys fly out while the filly dug deeper. “Maybe you want a turtle plush?”

Scootaloo nodded as she stuck out her hooves. “I want the turtle plushie please!”

“The Best turtle plush ever. Tank!” Rainbow held out the large plush to her foal grinning even more.

Scootaloo squealed and grasped it quickly snuggling it close. “Dat best eva.” She bounced around with joy before hugging Rainbow.

“Oh, you ready to learn?” Rainbow asked double checkin the bag for everything.

“Do I have ta? I wanna stay with you.”

Rainbow snickered patting Scootaloo’s head. “Oh come now, don’t you want to hang with your friends?”

Scootaloo nuzzles into Rainbow’s chest fluff. “But mommy is more fun.”

“Come now little one, you need to be the best student ever.” Rainbow retorted

Scootaloo blushed. “I’m the worst student ever I always slept during Cheerilee’s classes.”

Rainbow Dash cooed trying to tickle her filly, “Oh stop, you’re a great student. Remember the project you did on me that was amazing! You got a B remember!”

“Yes, hehe had your diapee in it.” Scootaloo giggled.

“Yeah, that was weird. Point is you’re awesome just like me.”

The big foal began to laugh as Rainbow’s wing tickles her tummy. “Hehe okay mama I’ll go” She kicked around a bit more as the tickling continued. “No, stop hehe!”

Rainbow finished off with a quick raspberry before scooping Scootaloo up. “Oh but you need a nice dress first.”

“No wanna be pretty. Too girly.”

Rainbow didn’t seem to listen as she reached into the diaper bag pulling out a floofy salmon pink dress with a tutu like skirt. She also had matching booties.

Scootaloo tried to waddle away squeaking in fright. “No!”

“Hey come back.” Rainbow frowned chasing after the surprisingly fast filly around her house. Getting cross after a few rooms she shouted, “Scootaloo get your padded butt back here on the count of!”

Scootaloo whined and threw a tantrum. “No, I no wanna! No pink!”

Rainbow continued, “two…”

Scootaloo was now scared not wanting to see what would happen if Rainbow Dash said three. She slowly waddled over-ear flat as Rainbow went about putting the dress over the filly. “There now that wasn’t so hard was it?”

The Scootaloo shook her head. “Sowie mama.”

Rainbow showing forgiveness gave a kiss to the filly forehead. “Okay let’s get you to preschool” Making sure Scootalo had the plush turtle before they head out the door together.

Granny Smith held out a green polka dot dress with bows. “Ah, you should dress the youngin in this.”

Applejack peered over rubbing her chin. “You sure, that looks really old?”

“Nothin wrong with old fashioned. Just like this here bonnet.” Granny said showing off the matching yellow bonnet with white frills. “Reminds me of my foal pictures.”

Big Mac chuckled and had to hold a hoof to his mouth to keep himself from bursting into fits of laughter.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “I’m not gonna dress her up like she from fifty years ago.”

Granny laughed. “Hehe, well at least you let me put her in a cloth diaper.” She said moving next to Apple Bloom and gave said diaper a few pats. With the extra inserts, it made the diaper very bulky.

“Granna silly,” Apple Bloom lisped nuzzling into her granny.

“Darn tootin I am.” Granny beamed. “What you want to dress up in?”

“Can I be a bunny?”

“Hehe, it ain’t Zap Apple harvest silly.” Granny ruffles the filly’s mane. “Pick something else.”

Big Mac rolled his eyes, “just because it ain’t Zap Apple season doesn’t mean she can’t wear her bunny costume.”

Applejack chuckled, “I think you would look really cute in a bunny costume Big Mac.”

“Eenope, I did my part for Zap Apple harvest.” he rolled his eyes.

“I wanna be bunny!” the foal cheered bouncing on her bottom.

“Okay youngin, you can be a bunny.” Granny moves to the magic bag soon enough pulling out the blue bunny onesie with a cute fluffy tail part. She proceeds to help slip the filly into it Apple Bloom giggling cheerfully.

Applejack gasped watching as a giant bunny costume flew out from the bag and started dressing Big Mac in it. He squeaked as it buttoned around his giant padded tush. He shouted, “Discord!”

Applejack chuckled, “well Apple Bloom needs to bring somthin’ for show and tell why not you?”

Big Mac growled, “Twilight said somthin’ not somepony it ain't family appreciation day.”

“But you just acute bunny wabbit.” Applejack teased booping his nose. “Bunnies don’t talk.”

Apple Bloom watched clapping her hooves. “Bunny bunny!”

“See, she agrees,” Granny added also trying to hide a snicker.

Big Mac tried to retort but only found only squeaks came out and he put a hoof to his mouth. Applejack snickered, “Oh Discord that was funny.”

Big Mac grumbled as he was lead by the hoof by Apple Bloom. “Come on big bunny! I’m gonna show ya to the whole class!”

Applejack smiled taking the bag with her as she and the two exist heading the castle.

Spike hearing the knock at the front door opens them seeing the first big foals to arrive. Cheerilee waved having picked up Diamond Tiara since her mom had been busy.

Button Mash was being escorted by his mom as she dressed him up in embarrassing Luigi overalls. “Now Buton you better be on your best behavior and not give your new teacher any trouble.”

Button pouted. “But mooom! this outfit embarrassing.”

Spike hides a snicker behind his claw. “I think it’s kind of cute.”

“Looks okay to me.” Diamond replied swishing her silky dress looking like a princess.

Button Mash grumbled as he waddled inside not wanting to talk about it.

Spike watched him take a seat before looking at Diamond. “And is the little filly ready to learn?”

“That’s princess Tiara.” Diamond played posing regally.

The drake chuckled. “Oh? Why of course your highness, come on in.”

As the rich filly passed him, he saw Crusaders and their guardians walking up the path to the castle. Being surprised to see bunny Mac following after Apple Bloom. “uh...what’s up with Big Mac?” Spike asked.

Big Mac tried to tell Spike that Discord did this to him but only cute squeaks came out. Apple Bloom giggled and responded, “Bunny my show and tell, isn’t he cute!”

Spike scratched his head as he was quite confused. “uh...I’m not sure did he really want this? Or did Discord force him?”

Big Mac stomped about in agitation but Apple Bloom lead him off. “Stop fussing Bunny Mac or no carrots for you.”

Big Mac suddenly stopped throwing a tantrum for some reason as the threat seemed to work. Twilight was surprised too when they all came in. “Huh, I thought they’d all bring toys, not other ponies.”

Spike shrugged. “Yeah, I don’t understand it either.”

Twilight took a breath and let everyone get seated. “Hello class, who’s ready to learn their shapes and ABC’s?”

The class begrudgingly said “yeah,” as most of the foals were well in the third and fourth grade.

Twilight blushed, “okay well I know you're all well not really preschoolers but there has been an enchantment set by Discord making you forget things so if you’re struggling with a lesson please don’t be embarrassed okay?”

“Yes miss Twilight,” they all chanted looking all so adorable

“Great.” Twilight beamed watching Spike sit down with the guitar.”Now does anypony know what comes after C?”

“Hehe D for diapee.” Apple Bloom blurted clapping her paw booties together.

Scootaloo scratched her head and mumbled, “I thought it was R for Rainbow Dashie?”

“Nu-uh it’s M for Mario.” Button Mash retorted sticking his tongue out.

“You both wrong it’s uh..uh…” Diamond tapped her chin.

Twilight smiled giving the filly a second to think before she replied. “Oh Apple Bloom was right, it is D.”

Diamond Tiara shouted, “I knew that and D is the first letter in my name!”

Sweetie Belle whined. “Nah uh, she lying she didn’t know.”

“Yeah huh!” Diamond retorted.


“Yeah huh!”

“Now girls, no need to fight,” Twilight parented. “That’s why you are here to learn.”

“Are there Video Games,” Button asked, raising his hoof.

Twilight snickered behind a hoof. “Oh, you are all too young for those. But don’t you worry, we’ll have fun colouring books for you later.”

The fillies cheer while Button gave a cute pout. “That’s not fair.” The colt crossed his hooves.

Spike waved at them as he strummed the guitar. “Well, how about we learning by singing our ABC’s?” With a round of applause, they began there lesson.

After the singing was done, Twilight moved over to the board drawing basic shapes. “Now after this lesson, you can show off your show and tells.”

“Oh can show off Bunny Mac.” Apple Bloom cheered, even as Mac made a few squeaks. He wanted to go, but wouldn't disappoint Apple Bloom plus being seen in this outfit more would just be even more humiliating. It wasn’t like he could take it off yet.

Twilight let out an aww as she drew a triangle upon the board pointing her hoof at it. “Alright, whoever can guess what this shape gets to go first.”

The foals all cheer before Scootaloo put her hoof up “Oh, oh, I know it’s a circle!”

“No, it’s not, it’s a Square!” Diamond Tiara protested.



The two started shouting and fighting at each other Twilight soon getting stern. “Hey! You stop that right now!” She said using her stern voice.

The two foals stopped their fighting sitting back down with grumbles. Twilight sighed, “ok well it's a triangle, and clearly this class is going to need some practice learning shapes.” Lighting her horn she gives each foal a box with various different shaped holes with blocks. The foals tried to fit the shapes into the holes as Twilight walked around asking questions and assisting the foals.

Button Mash was struggling the most as he was trying to shove a square into a circle hole. He whined kicking about in his padding and pouted. “I can’t do this! It’s too hard!”

Twilight came over sitting down next to him. “Don’t feel bad you’ll get it.” She comforted. She picks up each, making sure he is paying attention before placing each shapes into each appropriate hole. “See, just like this.”

Button blushed. “O-ooh that how they fit.”

“Don’t worry you’ll get it eventually.” Twilight comforts before moving over to Apple Bloom. “And how’s the little farm filly?”

Apple Bloom smiled looking up. “Good.” She slotted the triangle into its proper slot happily. “When Show and Tell?”

“Right after this exercise, don’t you freit,” Twilight said, giving the cute fluff ball tail a squeeze.

Apple Bloom wiggled her bottom looking over at Bunny Mac. “hehe Bunny need another carrot.” She pointed giggling.

Big Mac blushed under his costume squeaking some as he tried to talk again. Frankly just sitting around was making him oddly want to hop around. His legs began to twitch after a few seconds before springing up into the air landing on his diaper bottom with a crinkle. A laugh escapes his mouth as he did another and another before starting to hop around the room.

Spike eeped chasing after Mac as the foals all watch and laugh. “Wow Big Mac, what are you doing.”

Bunny Mac giggled as he kept on hopping around the large room feeling joyful. It wasn’t long until Apple Bloom joined the game bouncing around behind her brother “weeee!”

Twilight meeped chasing after the two wings fluttering. “Hey stop that.” She watched the two bound over the plastic chairs and table both bunnies giggling. The rest of the foals watch the amusing sight.

“Hehe, hippie hoppity.” Sweetie clapped her hooves trying to join in but only managing to trip over her hind hooves and fall on her rump.

Scootaloo also wanted to skip over with her big diaper waving about as she squealed as she plopped down on her padded rump giggling as Twilight squeaked as more foals began prancing about following after the group like a parade. It didn’t take long for things to start being knocked over thankfully nothing spilling.

The fun continued onward for a while as both Spike and Twilight chased them around. The dragon was quickly able to grab a carrot and make Mac stop in his tracks.

Twilight stomped a hoof, “okay that’s enough! I think it’s time for everypony to go play outside!”

The foals cheered as Spike squealed waddling over to Twilight. “But we don’t have a playground?”

The princess shrugged, “who cares they can run around outside and get their energy out.”

The two lead the foals outside and they were quite surprised to see a giant playground with a ball pit, giants looping slides, a bunch of swings, and pit, everything was painted a purple color and there was a sign overhead “Twilight’s Play Palace” The foals all squealed and started jumping on the swings, and into the ball pit. Twilight shook her head. “Ugh, Discord with his chaos magic it’s never going to end.”

Spike blushed seeing the foals all playing and enjoying themselves. “Well it looks like their enjoying themselves.” he twitched his claws.

"Can I go play?’

Twilight giggled, “sure, why not? But also try to make sure they don’t get into too much trouble.”

Spike squealed as he waddled after them. Discord poofed behind Twilight with a smile. “So you like what I did with your courtyard?”

Twilight shook her head. “well, it's fine but it's kind of embarrassing what you named it.”

Discord patted her diapered rump. “Come on, everypony wears diapers now I doubt a playground name after you is nowhere near as embarrassing as that.”

“Still,” Twilight pouted before being nudged forward.

“Go on, go and play.” He parented pushing more on her padded behind.

She blushed and started to scrape her hooves into the dirt as she cried out, “but I'm the teacher!”

Discord smirked, “not anymore you're now a student!”

Twilight squealed as she felt Discord’s magic go over her. She became excited seeing the fun playground for her and waddling toward it with a giggle.

Mac bounced over to Discord with a pout as the group played. He squeaked waving his pawed hooves. Discord snickered. “Oh, what is it big bunny?” He teased.

Big Mac pointed to his mouth then his belly and Discord cooed, “oh you're hungry? Luckily Fluttershy taught me all about feeding hungry baby bunnies.’ Taking out a bottle filled with carrot juice, he plopped it into his mouth and watched him suckle it down with a cute suckling noise.

“Good bunny,” He cooed patting the diaper before scooping Mac up and cradling him.

Meanwhile, Spike was playing tag with the crusaders laughing with joy as he ran around the tire swing to tag them. “I’m going to get you.”

Discord couldn’t help but daww seeing Spike sticking his arms out and tail up to keep himself balance looking like an airplane. “Oh looks like Spike is trying to still learn to walk in his diapers.”

Discord decided to snap a claw and he poofed another thick diaper around Spike’s rump making his diaper waddle, even more, clumsier and adorable. He turned to Scootaloo next who was now getting onto a pink tricycle. Making the wheels bigger, the filly just giggled trying to push on the pedals sticking her tongue out. “Go on, you can do it.”

Scootaloo grunts pushing harder and started to make it move forward cooing as her diaper rustled beneath her.

Button Mash snuck off from the playground to play his game colt, noticing Discord snickered as he turned the game colt into something more foalish with bigger buttons and flashing lights with a giant cartridge labeled “Foal Land” as it taught him rudimentary school stuff like “ABCs” shapes, etc...

He then turned his attention to Diamond Tiara who was playing with Twilight as they were dressed up in silly princess costumes and having a foal style tea party. He couldn't help but snap a claw having more cakes and pastries appear with foal style pink sippy cups, and a pink teapot with twilight’s face on it. Twilight giggled pouring out chocolate milk int the teacup before taking a sip.

Diamond clapped. “Yay chocolate!” She takes up a slice of the cake smashing into her cheeks as she eats it.

Twilight giggled, “want more chocolate!?” she then took the teapot while kicking about as she dumped the chocolate milk into her sippy cup spilling it all over the table. Discord squeaked, “oh Twilight! That's not how you do that!”

Twilight eeped and then giggled pulling her diaper back before pouring the content the pot into her padding finding it amusing. “I think I might have regressed her mind too much.”

Spike scoffed, “ya think! She’s acting younger than the other foals!”

Discord shrugged, “sorry I’m getting used to this I've only used that spell on Celestia and Luna before.”

“What? You can’t control your own magic?” Spike crossed his claws.

Discord snapped, “of course I can! I just didn’t realize it would regress her mind this much.”

Spike rolled his eyes. “Well let’s give them a few more minutes before we take them inside."
he said being the most mature. “Also since Twilight is now a foal technically you’re going to have to continue teaching the preschoolers.”

“Well alright, double butt. Whatever you say.” Discord teased. “also...I’m not too big on the teaching thing, how about we just bring the foals back to their parents.”

Spike scoffed, “I knew it, you couldn’t do it.”

Discord's face grew red as he shouted, “fine! I’ll do it, but if I can teach these foals their ABCs and shapes and colors, I want you to act as a baby dragon tomorrow.”

Spike smirked, “Is that a bet I hear? Sure, but if you can’t teach these foals anything by the end of the day you have to wear a diaper tomorrow and act as Fluttershy’s foal. She already told me how much she would love to put you in a diaper.”

He groaned, “ugh….fine, but you watch I’m going to be the best teacher they’ve ever had.” uses his magic he floats the group over to him. “Come on time to go inside.

Spike chuckled “Oh but Twilight needs a change first don’t forget that.”

Discord rolled his eyes. “Well, why can’t you do it? You’re the assistant.” He said, giving Spike padding a light swat that was barely felt by the drake.

Spike shrugged as he took Twilight by the hoof. “Come on time for a change.”

“Nah uh dun wanna! Spikey I wanna keep playing!”

Spike cooed, “but if you don’t get a change then you can’t read your big storybook.”

Twilight gasped, “my stowie book! I wanna read it!” she ran into the castle with her thick diaper shaking about adorably. Spike smirked. “thats how it's done.” He then waddled after Twilight.

Discord watched them go smiling as he looks at the foals. “Well, how about we work on colours?” He cooed lining the group down in front of the board on some pillows. “So Apple Bloom, do you know what colour your coat is?”

“Uh red I tink?” the little filly responded.

Discord shook his head “no it’s yellow wike Big Mac’s coat is red.”

“Ya mean bunny mac? He white!” She points to said bunny, mac napping curled up in a ball.

Discord slammed a claw to his face. “No! He’s really a pony with a red coat that's just an enchanted bunny costume.”

Apple Bloom scratched her head. “Ya sure? He wook fluffy to me.”

“Yeah, bunnie not red.” Diamond remarked.

Discord groaned snapping his claw as the bunny sut turned a shade of red. “See red.”

Apple Bloom blinked. “But thewe’s no such ting a wed bunny?”

Spike watched as he was sitting with Twilight with big storybook snickering. “Looks like Discord doesn't know anything about teaching foals.”

Twilight giggled, “yeah he siwwy, bunnies are purple like me!”

Discord watched as a pink bunny popped it head out form a top hat nearby sniffing around.

He blinked watching it bounced out with a small drum and beat a short beat on it.

“Oooh, wook Spike.” Twilight pointed with glee.

Spike chuckled watching the random bunny. “Hehe, random chaos magic I take it. Or is that Angel in painted fur?” He smirked. “You only got an hour to make them learn before the parents show up Discord.”

Discord tapped a claw to his chin with a smirk he snapped a claw as each foal got a textbook called “Discord’s book of knowledge for Preschoolers” Spike eyed him having a feeling Discord was going to cheat. “You know they can’t read right?”

Discord shrugged, “they don’t need too there are no words in these books.” as the foals opened them seeing pages full of letters shapes and colors. Their eyes lit up as the information from the pages entered the foals' minds. Button Mas began getting the toy shapes and shoving them into the holes of their toys. Sweetie Belle began singing her ABCs, Scootaloo was mixing hoof paint together and naming the colors correctly, Discord crossed his claws across his chest. “How’s that Spike,”

Spike scoffed,” you obviously cheated bet’ is null and vo- ababbab.”

Discord smirked,” what was that!? I couldn’t understand you I think you forgot how to talk.”

Twilight giggled clapping her hooves.” yay Spikey a baby like me!”

Spike pouted with a glare as he grabs some crayons to write a message down for Fluttershy.

It wasn’t long until the motherly mares came to pick up their charges. Rainbow cooing at Scootaloo. “Did Scooty have fun today? I bet she the smartest ever.”

Discord took out a hoof. “See for yourself.”

Scootaloo was mixing paint with her hooves and babbled, “wook made a rainbow wike mam’s mane, red, green, blue, orange, violet, yellow, and indigo.”

Rainbow Dash squealed hugging the little pegasus. “Oh your just so smart! Thanks, Discord!”

Rarity patted her sister diaper noticing the crumbs still on Sweetie’s cheeks. “Did you eat some sweets?”

“Uh-huh, I know my ABCs too.” she cheered singing it out to her sister with glee.

Rarity clapped. “Oh, excellent darling.” She hugged her sister.

Applejack was the most concerned as she asked, “ did they learn so fast exactly?”

Spike babbled waving his claw some as Discord stepped in front of him. “Oh, I’m just that good.”

The farm mare narrowed her eyes suspecting something was up. “And why is Spike babbling like a hatchling?”

“He lost a bet fair and square.” Discord liked trying to trick the element of honesty herself.

Applejack turned to Apple Bloom who was now doing basic math “one plus one is two, two plus two is four.” She approached her sister. “Hey, how did you get so good at math?”

Apple Bloom picked up her enchanted textbook. “Tis taught me!”

Applejack shook her head and sighed, “oh really, it seems like Discord took the easy way and used his chaos magic instead of actually teachin ya. Where’s Twilight?”

Apple Bloom pointed a hoof to Twilight who was tearing pages from her storybook and babbling, “wook I making my own stowie book!”

Discord gulped, “Uh, of course not, That be cheating.” He tried to debate. “Why would I cheat when I‘m so good?”

Spike waddled over still babbling hoofing the letter to Applejack before Discord could take it.

“And what’s this?” Applejack stared at the note written in crayon.

Discord gulped as she read it out loud “Discord regressed Twilight’s mind for fun but it went too far making her mind to that of a two-year-old foal. Then he decided to take over the preschool and we had a bet he would have to teach the foals before they were picked up or be put in diapers the next day. He then cheated using enchanted textbooks.”

Applejack glared at Discord who shrugged, “hey he never said I couldn't use my magic so I technically won still.”

“Takin shortcuts isn’t winnin at all.” She scolded keeping her stern gaze on Discord. “Don't’ make me tell Fluttershy.’

He gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

Applejack stuck the letter in her diaper. “I’ll take it over to her right now and make sure she gets the most poofiest and most embarrassing diapers she can find.” She then took Apple Bloom by the hoof and waddled off as Rainbow Dash snickered,” sucks for you Discord I can’t wait to see you in diapers!” She took Scootlaoo onto her back and flew off.

Spike glares making sure Discord didn’t do anything to Applejack as the farm mare and filly walk away. He babbled at him still pouting.

“Ugh, you’re a pain.” Discord said putting a big pacifier into the dragon's mouth chucking a bit at watching Spike paw at it.

Rarity cooed, “well darling, if you do need diapers I can provide some for you and get your measurements.”

Discord scoffed, “sorry Rarity I won’t be needing your services. I’ll just talk it over with Fluttershy I’m sure she won’t put me in diapers.”

She shrugged, “well there open if you need them. At least give Spike his voice back.” she then took Button Mash, Diamond Tiara, and Sweetie Belle into the giant stroller and strolled off.

Discord scoffed snapping claw making Spike be able to speak normally. Spike huffed . ”so now you got me back to normal? How about you do the same for Twilight.”

He gulped, “ there is an issue with that…”

“What do you mean issue, just snap those fingers of your. How hard could that be?” Spike lisped passed the pacifier. “Does it at least wear off?”

Discord nodded, “yeah it does, I used this spell on Celestia and Luna before and it only lasts twenty-four hours.”

Spike sighed. ”Fine, whatever,” he took Twilight by the hoof. “I guess I'll just have to care for her.”

Discord brushed a claw down his back. “This day definitely didn’t turn out as I thought it would.”

Chapter six: Pet Playdate

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The birds sang as Fluttershy cottage was aflutter with activity as Rainbow brought Scootaloo who was sitting in a stroller hugging a Spitfire doll in her hooves. Rainbow Dash herself was wearing a new diaper with little pink hearts printed all over her padding. The blue pegasus was a totally different pony with her new mane style cutting it a bit short and having it curled around her head and wearing a wonderbolt style apron wrapped around her midriff. When she came through the front door she waved a hoof at her friend. “Hey Fluttershy,” she greeted, listening to Scootaloo’s crinkly bottom as they moved to the couch.

“Hey Rainbow Dash, how’s the little foal?” Fluttershy asked, moving over and ruffling the filly’s mane causing Scootaloo to laugh. The yellow pegasus giggled and ruffled her own crinkly bottom with a cute bunnies printed on her padding. “Oh, I love this new Padded Equestria I hope this chaos magic lasts a while.”

“Good,” Scootaloo cooed, nuzzling to the mare’s hoof. She really liked acting like a foal nice it was actually quite nice and relaxing and whispered, “Yeah, I like being in diapers again…”

“Glad to hear that, good thing you came early you made it just in time for breakfast, Discord made waffles.” Fluttershy smiled leading the group to the dining room.

As they entered Discord waves his talon sliding plates onto the table. So, how’s being a mother Rainbow?”

Rainbow Dash cheeks flush as she can’t hold back a smile. “I really like it. Can’t wait for a pet play date today I bet Scootaloo will be the number one pet ever!” She lifted Scootaloo into the awaiting highchair bucking her in. Cutting up the waffle into small pieces, Rainbow forked up the pieces to her filly mouth. “Choo choo!”

As Scootaloo ate, Fluttershy nodded happily. “Oh, indeed, always nice to have our playdates. Will the foals be there?”

Discord patted Fluttershy’s head. “Oh, of course, they will. The more the merrier after all,” he said, before snapping his claw and materialized a large pink bow into Rainbow’s mane.

Fluttershy smirked at Discord. “Don’t think because you made waffles I didn’t forget about the bet you made with Spike, you’re still going to be padded up to mister.”

Discord face turned a beat red as he stammered, “I..I Well...I was hoping that maybe we could um do that some other time?”

Fluttershy laughed,” and have you miss out on the pet playdate? Not a chance I picked out your outfit already.” Fluttershy took out a giant bag with a purple R printed on it and lifted out a large bunny costume for Discord and package of adult-sized diapers with bunnies and carrots printed on the padding.

Discord crossed his claws. “Big Mac is a bunny already. It’s not like we need two.”

“Oh, but bunnies are social creatures and enjoy each other's company I’m sure Bunny Mac will love you as a playmate. Now lay down and let get you all dressed up.”

Discord squeaked in surprise. “Wait! Not in front of Rainbow Dash and Scootlaoo can’t you do it upstairs!”

Fluttershy dawed and cooed, “oh is my little dissy shy? Okay, we’ll get you dressed upstairs.”

She then leads Discord up the stairs with him still pouting as Rainbow Dash turned to Scootaloo. “Why don’t we get you dressed up too.”

Scootaloo nodded as Rainbow placed her down from the highchair and took out a colorful songbird outfit. It had bright blue feathers with a yellow beak. fitting it over her, she buttoned the flap closed. She then pulled the hood over her charge’s head and strapped a small beak into place. “They're all finished. Now, I need to remind you that you're a baby bird that means you're only going to be able to eat birdseed ground up.”

Scootaloo tried to respond but found only little chirps came out as she flapped her wings at her side Rainbow blushed,” oh wow these enchanted suits work fast.” She took out a giant birdcage style stroller made out of a blue foam and inside the cage, there was a bar in the middle of the cage, with tons of little plastic balls and baby toys inside. Rainbow Dash explained, “I can push you around and you can play or nap whenever you want.”

Scooaloo chirped happily as she fluttered over and sat herself into the cage nestling herself onto the swinging bar. Rainbow Dash dawed again and then went about putting a bottle over the cage filled with her milk and cooed, “if you're thirsty you can drink from this ok?”

Scootaloo leaned over and started to suckle from the bottle. Rainbow nodded with satisfaction. “Good looks like everything works. We should get going don’t want to be late.”

“Hold up! We're coming too!” Fluttershy shouted from downstairs. She came down with Discord now in a big pink bunny costume with floppy ears over his head and a big white underbelly around his bottom was a giant diaper bulge with the suit covering the padding with a button flap. He wanted to shout something but only little “meeps” came out.

Fluttershy turned to Discord with a glare. “That was quite rude if you keep this behavior up there’s no carrot cake for you.”

Discord rolled his eyes and he then saw Angel bouncing along who suddenly stopped to stare at Discord before bursting into fits of laughter. All the poor draqquinous could do was cover his face with his pink paws in embarrassment.

Applejack watched with a smirk as her big brother ate from a bowl labeled “Bunny Mac” as Apple Bloom poured some feed it into it. “I wonder when that is gonna wear off?” She watched Bunny Mac shake his diaper bottom as he eats happily.

Apple Bloom giggled. “He funny,” she said, before taking the bottle off the table and suckling upon it cutely. She let out a happy sigh as she did.

Applejack grinned too happy to be so helpful as she checked the checklist. “What do ya know, it’s our annual pet play date.”

“Oooh, we takin Woona?” Apple Bloom asked, watching Woonoa eat her dog food tail wagging.

“Yup and I think you should dress up too,” Applejack said, moving over to the magic bag and pulling out her charge’s costume. Held in her hooves was a red doggie costume with plush paws attached and a cute muzzle mask too. “Just like the book hehe.”

“Eee, cool,” Apple Bloom squealed, dropping her bottle and waddling over her sister and feeling the soft fabric go over her body as Applejack dressed her. The mask hugged her head and even let her tongue hanging out like a dog’s. “Bark!” She wiggled her pawed hooves giving her sister a big hug wagging her tail.

Big Mac hopped over and patted Apple Bloom’s ears as she barked happily at him and licked his face. He giggled hugging the filly close to his chest and nuzzled her. Applejack sighed in relief. “I was scared she was gonna start chasing ya. Good to see you two getting along.”

Reaching into the bag she pulled out two leashes attaching them around her sibling's necks. “Come along you two, time for some fun.” She called Woonoa to follow before the headed out.

Sweetie Belle was looking at herself in the mirror wearing a fluffy white kitten suit with a long white fluffy tail coming from her back, she had cat ears strapped around her head, along with a small pink nose strapped around her face with whiskers poking from her cheeks. The filly blushed sed seeing her thick padded back end where her diaper bulge formed and shook it about and gave a cute “mew.”

Rarity who had just finished dressing up her sister clapped her hooves together. “You’re just so adorable Sweetie Belle! I think you’re going to be the best pet! But we're not finished just yet.”

She then put a pink collar around her neck with a little bell, and then attached a purple bow on her head. “There also, now that you’re a cat I have the perfect breakfast.” She took out a saucer of milk and placed it down before Sweetie Belle watching the kitty foal sniff it before lapping at it. Opal watched with a confused look as Rarity waved a hoof. “Oh don’t be jealous Opal, Sweetie Belle will be a kitten for only one day.”

Opel let out a slight hiss before putting her muzzle up all snooty.

Rarity rolled her eyes. “Well darling, we’re going to the park regardless. So no getting into a fight with her. You should be motherly to her.” She watched Opel stare at Sweetie Belle for a second before settling and walking over once Sweetie was done drinking and licks at her fur as if grooming. Rarity snickered a bit again as she could hear her sister purring even.

“Hmm, guess I’d need two carriers possibly.” Rarity said, before hearing her doorbell ring and moved over to the front door to find Button Mash in a bright green baby Yoshi costume with an egg strapped around his bottom, while Diamond Tiara was in a toy poodle costume with big fluffy ears and a poofy white tail. Rarity smiled, ”Oh I'm so happy to see your parents decided to let you dress up for this. Are you two having fun being friends with the foals?”

Diamond jumps some and panted watching Button shoot out his tongue somehow. Sweetie Belle waddled over meowing as she saw the two smiling wide. Upon seeing what Diamond Tiara was dressed as she gave a small hiss while Diamond began to growl. Rarity squeaked, “oh dear, I forgot cats and dogs don’t get along well at first.”

Diamond leaped onto Sweetie causing the two to roll around batting their paws at each other. Thankfully, it was soft fabric so there was no real chance of scratching. Rarity eeped, hurrying over with spray bottle and squirting the two scoldings. “No Bad stop it!”

Upon being startled, the two began to sniff each other. Rarity sighed “okay that's a good sign, now come on you two let's get you to the park were going to be late.”

“Howdy, ya’ll.” Applejack waved seeing her other friends show up. “How are things.” She asked, before blinking when she saw Discord and began to snicker trying not burst into laughter.

Rainbow Dash wasn’t doing much better as she saw him too. “Pfftt, wow what a big bunny, does he have a drum?”

Discord crossed his claws with a pout and looked away while Fluttershy cooed,” oh don’t get all grumpy. They're just happy to see you in your cute bunny costume.”

Big Mac was quite curious of Discord and bounced over sniffing him as Discord instinctively sniffed back and they began to meep in a bunny talk at each other. Mac laughed. “Hah, Karma got you big time.”

Discord pouted grumbling. “W-well I was hoping Fluttershy would forget. I was just having fun.”

Mac laughed again before poking Discord’s nose. “Hehe, tag,” he began to hop away watching Discord gave chase soon later.

Doggie Bloom meanwhile waddled over to Diamond and the two sniff each other diapers like any dogs would. She barked lightly before watching Applejack tosses a ball for the two. She really wanted the ball first as she runs after it and shaking her big diaper about. Diamond Tiara was right behind her as they both snapped at the ball. The two try to bump into each other to slow the other down or grab the tails being like playful puppies.

Sweetie Belle was curious about Scootaloo in her cage and went about batting the foam cage with a paw. The bird inside tweaked flapping its wings being startled. Rainbow moves over. “Hey, you scaring her.” She scowled. “Will you behave if I let her out?”

Sweetie Belle looked up with her cute kitten eyes and gave a cute “mew”

Rainbow dawed “oh ok, but don’t get into a fight. No eating her!”

Sweetie laughed a bit nodded as the cage was opened and Scootalo fluttered out and plopped onto her padded rump. She was glad her friend could at least hover in her suit. “Meow!” she grinned pawing at Scootaloo.

Scootaloo squawked and fluttered as she ran away on her bird-like hooves all while Sweetie playfully chases after her always just a few steps behind no doubt doing it on purpose.

Meanwhile, Fluttershy watched Discord and Big Mac bouncing around together and they seemed to be getting along. Discord constantly sniffed the ground and pointed to certain points and Big Mac would then come over and paw at it. She watched as carrots would spring outwards The pegasus shook her head. “Chaos magic you never know what can happen?”

Apple Bloom floppy ear flick as she turned to the two big bunnies running around and decided to start barking at the two causing them to squeak and bounce off as the little filly chased after them herding the two bunnies with some help from Winona. A little pen even appeared as the two got boxed in near a tree.

Diamond Tiara took notice and wanted to join in barking and running at the pen but Apple Bloom already successfully herded the two as she threw her head up in triumph. It didn’t take long for Diamond Tiara to start growling and looking for something else to “herd” and she spotted Button Mash trying to eat fruit off the ground with his new big tongue. She started barking up a storm chasing the baby Yoshi.

Button jumped up and eep waddle away as fast as he could in his costume. He tried shaking her off by going toward Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, hoping they distract Tiara long enough. Sweetie yelps upon seeing Diamond running there way hissing before running away toward her sister for help.

Rarity looked at the chaos. “Shouldn’t we do something?” She asked still brushing Opel just as Sweetie Belle hid behind her sister. Diamond waiting just out of reach in a half pouncing position with her tail wagging ready to play.

“I don’t know, they seem to be doing fine to me.” Applejack said, watching her sister circle the bunny pen. Said pen didn’t have a gate to it.

Rainbow watched group run around. “Scootaloo is the best bird ever.”

Twilight was idly taking notes looking up with a chuckle. “I assume all these costumes were from those Diaper bags? Fascinating.” She then gasped as Button flung out his tongue and snatched the notepad out of her hooves and ate it making a yum sound. “Hey, no give that back!”

Button made a face as if grunting before a red and white dotted egg appeared behind him. He beamed and hooved it over with a smile.

“What?” Twilight blinked not understanding.

Applejack peered over tilting her head. “Uh, I think it's inside that egg...somehow.”

The princess took the egg and shook it hearing the contents rattle around. “Oh uh okay’ She squees the shell watching it crack and soon fall open to reveal her notepad.

She took it and scratched her head. “What is going on here?”

Fluttershy meanwhile had moved over to Apple Bloom approaching the pen. “Now puppy let me take care of the bunnies okay?” She cooed. Apple Bloom barked wagging her tail as she moved away for the opening of the fence to let her inside. She grabbed Discord gently trying to groom him with a brush while Big Mac bounced around and sniffed at them. “Hehe oh hello Big Bunny,” she teased a bit booping his nose. “Having fun as a bunny?” She asked still brushing. Discord slowly leaning into the grooming. Big Bunny nodded with a blush sitting down to watch

It wasn’t long till the rest of the foals looked at Fluttershy wanting to get groomed like Discord. They all started barking, and meowing padding her with their little paws. She cooed, “alright form a line, I’ll do you one at a time but no fighting.”

This also gave Twilight an opportunity to lie down in the grass and started to write in her notebook. Fluttershy turned to see Twilight gradually writing notes and in that adorable thick diaper around her rump. She looked so relaxed and peaceful like a foal writing in a journal about their day. It made her ponder what she was writing about?

When Discord had been fully groomed, he happily gave Fluttershy a nuzzle causing her to blush. He was hoping this would make her go easy on him later considering she might keep him like this for a bit longer.

Diamond and Apple Bloom sat next to each other as Fluttershy groomed their costumed coats first. They could feel the process as if it were their own fur. After she finished grooming them all she decided that it was about time they got back to her cottage. “alright, I think we should get going you all need your rest.”

Applejack and Fluttershy then went about attaching leashes to the rest of the ponies and Rainbow Dash put Scootaloo back in her birdcage stroller. They then turned to Twilight who was still writing in her journal in a clearly soaked diaper. Fluttershy dawed,” hey Twilight were leaving now? Would you like a change before we go?’

Twilight squeaked as her face turned bright red. “ thanks I’ll just do that back at my castle.”

She quickly got up and waddled off as fast as she could Rainbow Dash snickered, “reminds me of when I read daring-do. I get so into those books I wear two or three diapers so I can hold off a change.”

Applejack blushed. ”Same with me while I'm out bucking apples or doing my chores. It makes it easier not to worry about that until after all the work’s done.”

Fluttershy snickered. ”You girls are so silly? By the way Discord, what will be tomorrow’s theme?”

Discord snapped a claw poofing out of the bunny suit before talking “oh it’s very simple just a day at daycare. Then they write their reports”

Fluttershy rolled her eyes. “Let me guess you didn’t actually have a plan for the rest of the week.”

Discord squeaked, “w..well! I didn't have time to really think of anything! Beside you, girls have just caused so much chaos all on your own”

Fluttershy cooed, “well, I guess we could just have them remain as “preschoolers” for a few days...but weren't they supposed to learn something from all this?”

Discord scoffed, “of course! They were supposed to learn about foal care obviously. So their final day shall be a test.”

Fluttershy asked, “oh yeah what's the test?”

“ will be them having to take care of the caretakers for a few hours and “I’ll grade them on how well they do.” Discord snapped back.

Fluttershy paused and nodded. “Yeah that sounds like a good idea, but you should get some help from Cheerilee. She can set up a grading rubric for you and even give you some ideas for what you're looking for.”

Discord blushed waving his paw. “Actually...she’s the one who thought of the idea. Also, on a different subject, I have to ask is Twilight doing okay she seemed more foalish than usual?”

Fluttershy asked, “wait...I thought you said the chaos magic you put on my friends would only last a day?”

“She is back to normal! Well...almost it was just ..well in her journal she was just scribbling in it she wasn’t taking any notes.”

Fluttershy groaned, “well I better talk to Spike and see if she’s doing okay ...didn't you say you know a doctor that can help out stuff like this?”

Discord nodded, “yes I do! He kind of helped me learn about the strange chaos magic that affects everypony in Equestria. I’ll ask if he can pay Twilight a visit.”

Fluttershy sighed in relief. “Alright then, we have nothing to worry about…” Both Applejack and Rainbow Dash gave each other worried looks as they were both now concerned about Twilight.

Chapter seven: The Final Test

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Fluttershy gave a glance at Discord tapping her hoof. “And you are absolutely sure regressing their minds won’t have lasting effects like Twilight?” she asked looking a the group approaching the cottage.

Discord tapped his hands together. “Well, you never know with this special chaos magic going around.” He sees Fluttershy’’s eyes narrow. “But I’m sure it will be fine...hopefully.”

“Discord this better not cause more trouble than there already is,” she sighed staring toward Cheerilee.

Cheerilee sat comfortably on the couch looking over the grading rubric. “It looks like everything is in order. I think once the foals come we can start the test. Also, thanks Fluttershy for letting me borrow one of your diapers they’re really comfy.”

Fluttershy blushed. “Oh, was no problem. They’re a custom order.”

“Oh really? Don’t tell me Rarity is getting into making custom diapers. I heard rumors.”

“Well yes, she has been having inspirations about patterns or different materials. I think she’s even working with cloth diapers too.” Fluttershy felt a little sheepish.

Cheerilee picked up a big package of Wonderbolt style diapers. “Scootaloo insisted that I got these for Rainbow Dash and I thought it was quite curious.”

Discord looked at the huge packaging. “I think that’s what the Wonderbolts are using officially now. Best absorbent brand around for long term flights.”

Fluttershy snickered, “I even got a package from Appleloosa from Braeburn. He’s been carting their own brand all over Equestria. I had no idea so many ponies would be making so many kinds of diapers.”

“Well, it’s not like they can choose not to wear diapers.” Discord snarked. “Why not go all out with them?”

Cheerilee turned to Discord. “Well enough diaper talk I need to talk to you about the test. Now, your going to be mostly in control and can do what you want with your chaos magic to make the test interesting. But you better not go too crazy.”

Discord waved a claw. “You worry too much, nothing is going to go wrong.”

“Well before the foals come, do you want some tea?” Fluttershy asked.

Cheerilee blushed, “I rather not, I don’t want to have an accident during the test.”

]It wasn’t long till the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their sisters walked into the cottage allidly chatting. Apple Bloom even had a cloth diaper on with flower print. “I think we can handle whatever is next. Don’t you think girls?”

Sweetie nodded. “Yeah after what we’ve gone through, how hard could it be?”

Cheerillee waved at the crusaders with a smile. “Hello, girls. Hope your ready for your test.”

“Yeah, I see you got the diapers for Rainbow too.” Sclootalo chuckled.

Rainbow blinked seeing the package. “Wow, are those the official brand? Haven't tried those yet.”

Rarity blushed as she took out a fancy diaper bag. “Everything I'll need is here Sweetie Belle and please make sure I’m well powdered I don’t want a diaper rash.”

“Rarity this isn’t the spa,” Sweetie said rolling her eyes. “Besides I don’t think you’ll really be able to complain once you’re regressed.”

Applejack saw the apple printed diapers already set up and snickered,”Braeburn came and made the delivery. Remind me after the test to tip him.”

Cheerilee waved a hoof. “I already did, he said they added extra sheep wool in your padding to make them poofier.”

Applejack blushed not really sure if that was a good thing. “Yeah...I guess that’s okay.”

“Come on Applejack Braeburn’s diapers are the best and don’t ya worry I’m gonna take care of ya good.”

Cheerilee getting the group’s attention held out a paper. “Now girls, once Discord gets your sisters regressed I’ll grade you on certain tasks I’ll be doing. I can’t tell you what those are but if your good Caretakers you should do great.” She looks over to Discord as he went over to each of the sisters and booped their noses one by one. Swirls appear in their eyes before fading back to normal each stumbling a bit as they look around

“I guess we gotta change them into their proper diapers first.” Apple Bloom said, easily taking Applejack’s hoof leading her over to the mats set up

Cheerilee nodded watching the other two take their sisters over.

Scootaloo tried laying Rainbow down, but the big foal was kicking around once on her back. “Gah, come on hold still.” She looked around figuring she just had to distract her somehow first. “Oh, are there any Spitfire plushies around?” She let go of Rainbow and hurried to the small toy chest set up to look. Rainbow cooed rolling over and tried to waddle away to look around some. Scootaloo found the plush she needed and turned only to see Rainbow playing with a lamp. She gasped and hurried over pulling her away. “No Rainbow, look I got you a plushie but you gotta lay back down first, okay?”

Rainbow’s eyes looked so innocent as she happily laid back onto her changing mat holding her hooves up to the Spitfire plush. “Spitty”

“Yeah Spitty fire,” Scootaloo said, giving her the plushie and removing the diaper before getting the Wonderbolt brand diaper unfolded.

Meanwhile, Apple Bloom whined as she was trying to undo the tabs on her sister’s diaper only for Applejack to pull her into a snuggly hug. “Applejack stop!”

“No, I wanna hug!” Applejack babbled out kicking about without a care and a goofy smile.

Apple Bloom groaned as she saw Big Mac waddling over and gave her Smartypants.”This should help.”

Applejack gasped letting go of her sister and reaching out for the doll. “Ooh, me want!” She snatched it up swiftly cuddling it close. This allowed Apple Bloom to move in to change her the foal barely noticing when she had her old padding removed.

Surprisingly, Sweetie Belle was having better luck as Rarity was too occupied with sucking on her hoof to pay much attention to her diaper change. Her legs would kick on occasion as her old padding was taken off and the frilly pink diaper was slid beneath her. The diaper was, of course, extra soft too. “Huh, this is easy,” Sweetie joked, powdering her foal’s bottom before taping it all snug into place. She awwed as Rarity sat up and pulls her into a hug cooing.

Big Mac at the same time had moved over to Cheerilee and gave her a hug nuzzling her. Cheerilee cooed, ”oh big mac how ya doing did you have a nice nap?”

“Eyyup!” the stallion chirped.

Fluttershy blushed, “seems his mind was regressed too?”

Discord shrugged “he’s the one who asked for it, and Cheerilee agreed to be his caretaker for a few days even though I’m sure he would rather have Sugar Belle.”

Cheerilee scoffed, “she’s the one who asked me to be his caretaker it’s not like he’s cheating on her! She still has a bakery to run.”

Mac smiled nuzzling again. “Hehe, your coat soft.” He giggled while watched the crusaders finish getting the diapers onto each of the big foals.

“Aww, Big Mac regressed just enough to be foalish but still able to help that’s cute,” Fluttershy remarked.

He took his hooves out and babbled. “Auntie Flutter!”

Cheerilee blushed, “um Big Mac she’s not your aunt.”

“Aww, you can call me auntie if you want,” Fluttershy said blushing. Mac seeming overjoyed, waddled up and gave her a big hug.

Sweetie looked over at Apple Bloom with a smile. “Hey how about we style our sister’s manes?”

“Yeah, if we can make them sit still long enough for us to do that.” Apple Bloom said even as Applejack bounced Smarty Pants around on the floor.

Cheerilee was snickering grading them. “Your all doing very well, but remember during playtime foals can start fighting.”

Sclootaloo nodded. “Yeah, I guess so...hey!’ She looked back seeing Rainbow was over by Applejack trying to grab Smarty Pants for some reason. “Rainbow, you have your own plush.”

“No, Spitty needs more wonbutts!”

Scootaloo had to put a hoof to her mouth to keep herself from bursting out laughing and replied,” oh...I guess we should get you a Soarin plushie!”

She turned to the giant diaper bag with the Wonderbolt lightning bolt symbol on it and pulled out a Soarin plush just as she needed and gave it to Rainbow. “Now you say sorry to Applejack.”

Rainbow shook her head sticking her tongue out. Scootaloo snapped, “you have the count to three? One...two…”

Rainbow whimpered and babbled, “sowie Abbwejackie didn’t mean to twy steawin your plushie.”

Applejack blushed. “tats otay, but I wanna play wonbutts with ya if tats oaty?”

Rainbow sighed,”fine ya can pway but Spitty captain!”

Cheerilee gave a nod seeing that Scootaloo did an excellent job in handling the situation and gave her full points. Big Mac squirmed, “wanna pway wonbutts too!”

“Ok but you play nice and be careful your a big foal!”

Big Mac squealed waddling off shaking his giant diapered rump around.

Scootaloo seeing they all wanted to play reached into the bag and smiled. “Hey look little ones, I found Wonderbutt socks for all of you.” She said showing the white socks with the Wonderbolt’s logo printed on them. The foals cheer as she helped each slip them on. “Now you can all be WonderButts. Hehe does Rarity want to play too?” Scootaloo asked looking over at Sweetie Belle.

“I don’t know do you, Rarity?” Sweetie asked seeing Rarity tilt her head. “I don’t think she gets it.”

“Oh okay,” Scootaloo said going back to focus on Rainbow again.

Sweetie Belle giggled watching the scene as decided to play a game with Rarity. she poked Rarity’s chest. “Okay Rarity, time for some patty cake.”

“Yay cake! I want cake!” Rarity exclaimed bouncing on her padded rump in excitement.

Sweetie Belle squeaked “wait! I don’t have cake I meant the game patty cake!” Rarity started to throw a tantrum.

Sweetie Belle got stern .”Rarity you stop that! You can have some cake later but not right now.”

Rarity stopped and whimpered, “promise?”

Sweetie held out a hoof. “Promise, now come on I’ll show you what I meant when I said patty cake.”

Rarity held out her hooves giggling as she followed the motions that her sister taught her.

Cheerilee once again was watching and grading giving Sweetie Belle full marks. Discord rolled his eyes. “This test is too easy. I think I need to make things more difficult.”

Cheerilee pondered and replied, “how about during nap time, we can see how they handle trying to put the foals to take a nap.”

After feeding their sisters some foal food and had them drink a bottle of warm milk, the three young fillies were tucking their sisters into their sleeping mats.

“No wanna nap, no tired,” Rainbow whined trying to get up whenever Scoootaloo laid her down.

“But you don’t want to be cranky for Spitfire do you?” Scootaloo shook the plush around a bit hoping it would work.

Apple Bloom looked over tapping her chin. “I know a bedtime story would always put me to sleep.”

Rarity was whimpering clinging to her blanket. “Sweetie Belle I scared of the dark can ya put on the nightlight.”

Sweetie Belle giggled, ”I remember mom telling you were scared of the dark when you were little. So I did bring your nightlight!” she plugged in a purple gem-shaped night light. It glowed a soft pink.

Rarity smiled upon seeing it and nuzzled Sweetie Belle. “Thanks, big sissy wuv you.”

Sweetie Belle felt proud of being called the big sister and gave Rarity a pat on the head. “Love you too, but it's time for you to get some sleep and don’t worry about anything that’s why you have that big diaper around you.”

Rarity nodded kicking about getting comfy. “Yeah! I wuv my thick diapees! It is so soft! I wanna make diapees one day!”

“Oh, I’m sure you will,” Sweetie mothered.

Applejack was easiest to settle as she hugged Smarty. She was still bothered by how fussy Rainbow was being and saw her kicking about in her diaper making loud crinkling noises. “Um Apple Bloom ya put a diapee on me right?”

Apple Bloom scoffed, “of course I did.” she lifted the blanket. “See there your rump all padded up.”

Applejack pouted. “Rainbow’s diapee is poofier ten mine.”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Applejack, you don’t need a super poofy diaper, besides yours is thick enough.”

Applejack whined, “but what if I pee awot! I dun wanna soak my mat and have Dashie waughing at me!”

Applejack took out another diaper and strapped it around her sister’s rump. “There now you have two diapers there’s no way you’re going to leak now.”

Cheerilee nodded “good job, foals don’t really understand how things work and get jealous over silly things.”

Apple Bloom turned, ”have you ever heard of a foal getting jealous over how thick their diapers are? I feel like that was too silly.”

Cheerilee blushed seeing Discord’s magic was involved but she couldn't tell Apple Bloom that. “ never know with foals? I wouldn’t worry about it too much.”

Rainbow saw Applejack getting another diaper and whined, “Scootaloo! I want another diapee!”

Scoootaloo asked, “why? If you have another diaper you won’t be able fly let alone being able to move at all.”

“I wanna another!” Rainbow kicked around flinging her blanket off. “Now, now now!”

“Can I have another?” Rarity asked innocently.

Scootaloo scolded her charge. “Rainbow, that;’s not how you ask for something. What's the magic word?”

Rainbow pouted and grumbled, “can I have another diaper please?”

Scooaloo took out another Wonderbolt printed diaper and quickly strapped it around Rainbow’s rump. “Alright but this really silly.” The foal couldn’t even close her legs.

Sweetie Belle was doing the same with Rarity and giggled,” foals are so silly.”

“Mine prettiest” Rarity giggled putting a hoof to her muzzle.

Rainbow scoffed, “who cares mine ta coolest! Spitty always says ta thickew ta diapee ta better!”

Scootaloo laughed, “that would be funny if she actually said that.”

“She does all ta time! Another of her sayings is, have baba of milk with ya, or if ya need a changie wet me know.”

Fluttershy blinked “uh...Discord did you make her say that?”

Discord snickered. “no, it seems Spitfire is maybe acting as the Wonderbolts mommy.”

Apple Bloom groaned. “Come on, you little ones need sleep. Can’t you all settle down?”

“No,” they all shout in unison before laughing together.

Discord snickered as the three older mares all keep chatting on who’s diaper was better. Applejack teasing Rainbow on how she can’t even crawl away. Apple Bloom groaned putting her muzzle in her hooves. “Come on, we were so close.”

Suddenly the trio of big foals all stopped bickering as Sweetie Belle began to sing. Combined with the music box she’d rewound, the foals heads sway to the gentle lullaby. The song continued on for about two minutes each head drooping slowly back down to their pillows. The fillies all sigh backing out of the side room as Cheerilee watched with a smile.

Later as the foals slept Cheerilee had the Crusaders gather around the dinner table as she double-checked her papers. The soft rustling of the diapers was heard as the fillies lean forward awaiting the results. “So, how’d we do?” Scoootaloo asked first.

“Yeah, are we good parents?” Sweetie Belle added.

“We’d better be with what we all went through,” Apple Bloom pouted.

Discord smirked swirling a ball the tip of his claw. “Oh, you act like you didn’t have fun being young,” he teased.

Sweetie Belle scoffed, “I would rather be the young one, being a parent is tough.”

“Yeah! Even though Rainbow Dash as my mommy was going crazy. Hopefully, after this is all over she’s turned back to being just normal Rainbow Dash.” Scootaloo grumbled. “Her being like her mom was nuts.”

Discord blushed “hey don’t blame me Windy Whistles must have passed down her craziness to her daughter.”

“Are ya sure?” Apple Bloom asked, turning to watch Cheerilee put her papers down with a smile.

“Did we pass!” The three fillies chimed together with worried looks on their faces.

“Not only did you pass, but you also got all A+s you three did so well and were so patient and loving with your charges. I think that you three if you ever decide to have foals would be great mothers.” Cheerilee exclaimed.

The fillies cheered and slammed their hooves together shouting "the Cutie Mark Crusaders did it again!”

Cheerilee rose up and glared at Discord. “Now, Discord you better change the mares back normal. Also, you should help Spike care for Twilight as what happened to her was mostly your fault.”

Discord let out a long groan. “Fiiiine, but surprisingly I can’t control all chaos magic that is happening.

A few hours later after their nap, the three older mares minds were back to normal and they were wearing three diapers around their rumps.

Applejack kick around on her back grunting. “Ugh! I can barely walk like this!

“Please! Somepony get these diapers off me!” Rainbow Dash shouted trying to tear hers off.

Rarity however, waved her thickly padded rump around. “I think the extra diapers looks quite flattering and with the extra protection you’ll have to deal with fewer changes. This is giving me an idea to make thicker diapers with extra padding.”

Applejack rolled her eyes “yeah but ya have to waddle around everywhere!? Makes it kinda hard to buck apples and do my other chores. I’d tire out so quickly.” She kicked around. “Can somepony help me up already!” She tried to roll but with little luck.

Scootaloo waddled over to the pair chuckling a bit.. “hold still, it’s hard to take these diapers off with you squirming around.” She moved over to Rainbow Dash giving th diaper a pat before undoing the tabs.

Apple Bloom assisted in taking off her sister’s diapers rump. “You do look rather cute, ya sure ya want me to take these diapers off?”

“Please Apple Bloom, just take them off, I don’t need all this extra padding. I don’t have that many accidents.”

Sweetie Belle turned to her sister, “are you sure you want to keep your diapers on?”

“Oh yes, darling! It’s giving me inspiration for an order of diapers I’m making for Fancy Pants! Among the nobles their competing to see who can make the poofiest diapers wear around their rumps.”

Discord chuckled,” this new padded Equestria gets weirder and weirder.”

Cheerilee agreed, “yes, but it seems that everypony and creature are taking it in stride.”

Discord nodded, “yeah this week was rather fun and eye opening.”

Fluttershy looked at Discord sternly once more. “I hope this has taught you to be a little more careful.”

“Your right, this chaos magic affecting Equestria is a lot stronger than mine at the moment and I think it has manipulated Twilight. Which reminds me.”

He snapped a claw and poofed out a moment again. “I need to take Twilight to the chaos doctor for her check-up. Hopefully, she likes Lion King.”

Fluttershy snickered, “I think she would prefer something more educational and please be careful with her she really does think she’s three.”

Discord waved a claw. “Oh don’t fret, I took care of Celestia and Luna quite well.”

“Well okay Discord, I trust you,” Fluttershy said, fluttering up to pat his head.

Discord blushed, “you could come with me if you want?..but I would have to treat you like a foal for safety reasons.”

Fluttershy squeaked in surprise and whispered,”me go to the chaos realm...i’m not sure it sounds scary, didn't you say there were monsters and stuff.”

“Oh that sounds like quite the trip could I come! I would love to explore this new dimension myself.” Cheerilee exclaimed.

Discord smirked, “sure Cheerilee! Besides, I get to perform my parenting skills on you this time!” with a snap of a claw Cheerilee was now strapped in a foal’s car seat in the side of the minivan kicking about in her padding. Fluttershy shrugged, “fine, I’ll go besides I’m sure Twilight could use a friend to come with her.”

Discord then strapped her up in a car seat as well. “There now just relax and let me take care of you ok?”

“Ok Dissy.”

As Discord sped off in the minivan towards Twilight’s castle Apple Bloom snickered.
“I think that Cheerilee really came onto that trip to secretly grade Discord’s parenting skills.”

Sweetie Belle nodded,” yeah he’s gonna get an F- for sure, I don’t think he actually cared for the princesses.”

Scootaloo shrugged,” well he can use chaos magic, who knows what tricks he has to the ability to use.”

“So no school tomorrow?”

Sweetie Belle blushed, “oh I think she forgot!? How about we teach the class!”

Scotaloo bounced up and down in excitement. “We can teach the class what we learned about changing diapers and stuff!”

Apple Bloom chirped out in excitement,“Ok, i’ll make up a lesson plan, Sweetie Belle should do the teaching, and Scootaloo you can demonstrate the parenting techniques on some of the students.”

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders all slammed their hooves together again and shouted, “Cutie Mark teachers yeah!”