Two Spikes, Two Ego Dragons

by Lonely Fanboy48

First published

For the first time ever, Spike is going to meet his counterpart from the Mirror World, in a empty music hall in Silver Shoals.

Human Twilight’s pet dog Spike wasn’t one of the passengers from the cruise vacation since he wanted to stay home but when he heard from Twilight that he met another Spike from a different world, he was jealous. Out of all the times he make unboxing Haytube videos in Twilight’s room, this should’ve been the opportunity to give up on that and join Twilight. Luckily for him, Twilight gets to go Equestria to meet her counterpart again just for today and is willing to take him with her. However with a chance to meet Spike’s other self is risky with possibilities of confusion so Princess Twilight got an idea to have them go to a different location. In that location, Silver Shoals is where Spike’s counterpart is waiting.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

Two Spikes, Two Ego Dragons

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After the two Twilights left the castle, Spike is wearing a coat as a disguise. It’s the only way for him to avoid any misunderstandings in Equestria. They took a really long walk to Silver Shoals, which made Spike completely bored.

“Ughh!!! How long are we going to walk? I’m not used to walking on two legs!” Dog Spike moaned.

“We’re almost there.” Princess Twilight replied from the front.

“Spike, you need to understand that Equestria is a much bigger land than you think.” Human Twilight added.

“I realized that, I just didn’t think we’re going to walk this long.”

“Hey, you’re lucky we’re doing this for you.”

“Yeah, can you please be patient?”

Spike rolled his eyes since he was thrilled when his owner talked to him about this. As they continue to walk, Spike had a lot of questions involving his counterpart not to mention he’s a dragon. When he got out of the portal with Twilight, he wasn’t shock but more confused on why he turned into a dragon.

“Hey...Twilight...Princess?” He spoke in pauses.

“Yes Spike?” Princess Twilight answered.

“Is your Spike...different than me? Like is he a hero or something?”

The two Twilights looked at each other. Human Twilight did remember hearing Dragon Spike’s stories when she was in Equestria along with Sunset and Rainbow but not all of them.

“He did told me he was a hero in the Crystal Empire. You can ask him.” Human Twilight offered.

“And I also need to remind you that anything he does in Equestria isn’t the same as you do. You would be surprised once you talk to him.” Princess Twilight added.

Spike didn’t know what to expect on what’s going to happen. While he spends all of his life as a dog in his world, his counterpart spending his life as a dragon makes wonder. He can only find out once he meets his dragon self face to face.

They arrive at their destination, Silver Shoals. A village with about a hundred ponies living there where they can hide any misunderstandings. Princess Twilight guides her two visitors to the Music Hall, during this time of the day, musicians take a break after practicing. It’s also where Dragon Spike is at.

“Well, we’re here.” Princess Twilight walking up the front door. Then turned to Dog Spike “Are you ready?”

“Yes I am.” He replied.

“Don’t worry, if anything happens, we will take care of it.” Human Twilight rubbing on Dog Spike’s head.

Princess Twilight opened the door as she and her friends enter the music hall. It’s too quiet with the stage being empty without causing any distractions. The Princess Of Friendship signed in relief as she saw her number one assistant, sitting by one of the tables.

Dog Spike is more excited when he saw his counterpart waiting. Dragon Spike also didn’t expect this day to happen. He wondered what his other self has to offer during his life as a dog.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” He smirked.

“Was that really necessary?” Princess Twilight asked.

“Hey, I’m trying to make other me happier.”

“Yeah I know how that feels.” Human Twilight rolled her eyes.

The two Spikes laugh from the moment their two sisters retorted, like they do in the old days. Dog Spike and the Twilights sat around the table where Spike is sitting at. With the Twilights on the left and right sides, the Spikes are in the middle, looking at each other since the time has finally come.

“Sooo...I heard that your a hero right?” Dog Spike asked.

“Of course I am.” Dragon Spike answered. “But you can call me, Spike the brave and glorious.”

“They call you the brave and glorious?”

“Well, in the Crystal Empire that is.” Princess Twilight added.

“After I saved the citizens from King Somba’s wrath and during the Equestria Games, every crystal pony worships me. You have no idea how that feels.”

Dog Spike found it unbelievable that his dragon counterpart would do something heroic, not to mention twice. He would never go through anything dangerous because he prefers to be a dog and nothing more.

“I have no idea because I’m a dog. Dragons like you can do so many things.” Dog Spike felt disappointed to think his counterpart is a hero while he’s not. Dragon Spike can see the sadness from his other self, he didn’t wanted to brag because he knew how much it means to Dog Spike. While the Twilights are concerned from Dog Spike’s depression, Princess Twilight whispers to Dragon Spike.

“Why don’t you tell him what he does in his world?” She suggested.

Dragon Spike agrees as he asked his counterpart a question. “Spike, do you do something special?” Dog Spike turned his attention. “You know, like you do for a living?”

Then this gave Dog Spike an idea. He knows that technology doesn’t exist in Equestria and ever since he used Human Twilight’s camera, he has something unexpected for Dragon Spike.

“Actually I do.” He grinned. “I do unboxing videos on my Haytube channel.”

“Haytube Channel?” Both Dragon Spike and Princess Twilight blinked.

“It’s an internet thing we do and I still can’t believe my pet has a Haytube account.” Human Twilight replied.

“Hey, we had a talk about it right?”

“I’m still having a grudge that you’re exposing yourself.”

“Wait, you make videos of yourself worldwide?” Dragon Spike reacted.

“Yes. Although I’m sorry you won’t able to watch them here.” Dog Spike moaned.

“No no, don’t feel that way, we might come over to watch your videos.” Princess Twilight added.

“Your right. Whenever we come over, we can view your content.” Dragon Spike said.

“Hey, why don’t you tell him your crush?”

This made Dragon Spike blushed. “Ummmm…”

“You have a crush?” Dog Spike asked.

Dragon Spike never thought of that since in the Mirror World, the rules are way strike. “Umm I have a crush on Rarity.”

“Rarity? You mean one of Twilight’s friends?”

“As much as I don’t agree with him on that, yes.” Princess Twilight commented.

The two Spikes went into silence from this topic. Dog Spike never got the idea of falling in love with Rarity.

“Do I really need to explain everything?” Dragon Spike replied.

“No, I think it will scar me for life. But I do have a crush.”

“Really, what is it?”

“Princess Thunderguts.”

Then this made Dragon Spike really shocked. “Wait, your crush is a princess?”

“Actually, he’s just a dog owned by PostCrush.”

After hearing the truth about who his crush his, Dragon Spike understand where this is going somewhere. Animal love is typical whenever he sees it and from the way his counterpart does as all dogs do, their crushes being said less, the better.

It took about ten minutes for the two Spikes to know each other. After discussing what they did in both worlds, they and the Twilights got off from the table as they’re ready to leave.

“I got to say other me. If you decided to spend time in Equestria, I would love to show you everything during my time by myself.” Dragon Spike handing his counterpart his coat.

“Well we’re find out what happens when the time comes.” Dog Spike replied.

“Keep this in mind we’re still keeping a low profile.” Human Twilight reminded.

“Not to mention that you might get caught.” Princess Twilight added.

“Don’t worry, we can work this out.” Dragon Spike said which made Twilight signed.

“How many times have I heard that?”

“I’m on your side ever since my pet started talking.”

The two Spikes look at each other while also laughing quietly. They’ve been messing with their sisters for awhile and they’re still enjoying this.