by Silent legion

First published

Wisps have always been very caring twords living things but would defend themselves should they need to. One wisp has accidently crossed the wall between worlds, but this new one should have everything she needs to make her garden of eden

In the past wisps were sought after for their powers of healing and magic prowess. One such wisp has accidentally crossed the wall and into a new dimension, with this new world, she can grow a place of peace and watch as all who dwell there prosper. Her hopes for a garden that could house all in need have been put on hold as she needs to find a proper place to grow, and past experiences have taught her that not all who seek her have pure intentions. Waking up in a strange city surrounded by ponies, with her own body changed, she needs to make herself aware of what's happened and spread her gifts to all those in need.

In inspiration of the wisp from warframe, I wanted to make this as I love the idea of her. She'll have the abilities of the wisp from that game but I'll be putting my own things there too. Anyway, have a good day and please take care of yourselves, thank you for reading


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When I regain my senses all I hear is whispering "do you think she's ok?" or "where did she come from?" and "when will the guard get here?" as I start to get up I hear "Hello? mam? Can you hear me? Are you ok?" with my senses recovered I rose from the ground my Cowl still firmly on I hear a gasp, looking down I see a pony in armor looking up at me in surprise before its eyes narrow and it points a spear at me.

"Halt in the name of Celestia, who and what are you!?" HE yells, now I didn't like that he had a weapon pointed at me so using my power I cause the tool to become overgrown. He drops the weapon in surprise before calling out to others.

They form a group around me all brandishing their weapons at me. As I start to channel my power, I hear a voice call out "calm yourselves my little ponies, there's no need to be rash." at her voice the others calmed and lowered their spears I released my energy and watched in amusement as flowers and other greenery bloomed on the floor before looking at my supposed savior. Floating up I'm at eye level to her, she's big, bigger than the others she is very white and has wings and a horn while others have one of them or none. "Can you tell me who you are?" she questions, it brings me back to reality and I answer her "my name is eidolon, what's yours?" I ask she smiles and says "I am Princess Celestia, now could you tell me how a young mare such as yourself came to be unconscious in the middle of the street while leaving a powerful influx of energy?" I knew the answer but was ashamed to tell, a wisp should never mess with the barriers of different dimensions now I'm suffering for my actions "I was working on a new spell and it backfired, could you tell me where I am?" she continued smiling and said "you're in canterlot, can I assume you've never been here before?" I felt that that was an off question looking towards my hands I can finally tell why they keep calling me a mare.

My body has been changed. No doubt due to the magic of this new world forcing me to change, it didn't really affect me as my magic works regardless of hands. Looking down at my self I noticed my hands and feet have been replaced by hoofs and I can see a muzzle poking into my vision. I feel ears twitching in my hair and a tail moving about under me. It was a new experience that much is for sure feeling new muscles in my back I notice I have wings, big ones, I'm not sure why since I hover above the ground but they look pretty. Further, inspection shows that my fur is a pale white with my hair being a beautiful black. Before I can continue with my observations I hear an "ahem" that draws my attention looking up I see the guards and the princess looking at me though the princess had a pleasant smile the guards looked stoic, it was interesting looking at them, they all seemed to be the same, realizing I've stalled enough I say "sorry, and you'd be right in that assumption, I've never been here at all." she asks "would you like to follow me to the castle, I'd be happy to have some guests." it didn't take long to think up an answer "yes, if you wouldn't mind."

As she turns around her guards take up the back and sides before marching at our pace, looking at their hooves is amusing, since I don't move like that. Even though I'm a pony like them I still float in the air and move forward in a serpentine-like fashion. As we make our way to the castle she asks "now forgive me for asking but what are you exactly? You look like a pony but nopony I've seen floats like that." I take a second to answer "I'm a wisp, we take care of all living things." she looks intrigued by this but before she can ask a follow-up question we make it to the castle, her guards line up and disappear into the sides and we continue forward.

As I follow her we don't talk anymore. I assume it's that she wants to wait until we find a more relaxing place to speak after a few twists and turns we make it to a breathtaking garden, it almost looks like it was made by a wisp. I see insects and animals frolicking around and look around to see beautiful flowers growing strong in the sun making for a wonderful place to be. Looking over to her I say "you have such a lovely garden" "why thank you, the gardeners work very hard and I'm sure they'd love to hear that." she poofs a chair into existence before offering me one "no, no I'm fine thank you though." she begins with "now you said you were a wisp correct?" I nod "what can you do exactly?" thinking about it I have a plethora of abilities but I'll just stick to the simple ones "I can heal grievous wounds and make others and myself stronger." she asks me another question "really can you show me?" seeing no harm in it i summon a massive flower to grow in-between us. She stares at it while a seed pod grows at the top I pick it up and place it near the flower after a second it starts to orbit it. "Observe princess," I state as I cut a massive chunk out with my teeth immediately the chuck grows back and it's impossible to tell that it had been damaged at all.

The princess looked at me visibly impressed and said: "this can work on ponies as well?" I nodded, happy that she was interested "what are your plans here in Canterlot?" she asked, "I don't have any plans, I imagine I'll go find a forest or somewhere nice and settle down and grow my own garden." I said honestly. I don't know how I even got here. I was just prodding the barrier and got sucked in, who knows if I'd even get back home doing it again. Looking back up I see a glint in her eyes "while you're here why don't you live in the castle, I'll hire you on as a healer and botanist. This way you can learn about the city as you think of a plan." she says I think about it, it seems like a good plan, stay here while I learn about this world and do things that I like its a win for me I can't stop the excitement from flowing as I twirl in the air and say "yes! When can we start?"


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The Princess looks up at me while I'm floating in the air looking amused with my antics. Realizing that I'm now working for her leads me to some memories back home where some people would try to take advantage of me and my powers. I don't sense anything evil or wicked from her but memories are powerful and I feel my excitement die down.

"Are you ok?" Princess Celestia asked looking worried, most likely due to my waning enthusiasm

"I'm fine princess, just something came to mind from a long time ago." was my reply coming down to eye level with her I ask "when will I be able to get started on tending to the wounded?" no matter what I could never let something be in pain if I could help it. I always seem to gravitate to those kinds of situations where my powers can be used. But with powers like mine, I hope I never have to use them. My heart aches at the thought that some poor thing Is out there hurting, probably by itself.

Princess celestial looks at me again before saying "we can get you started in a few days I'll have somepony from medical retrieve you."

A knock on the door draws my attention before the princesses horn begins to glow and that same glow surrounding the door handle before it opens revealing a pony in gold armor

She looks to me again and says "I'm terribly sorry but I've some important duties waiting for me that I've put off for our meeting. I've arranged for you to have your own room here in the castle and this gentle stallion is here to escort you. The castle can be quiet maze-like to the unprepared."

Looking at the guard he looks like the ones that were there when I woke up getting closer to him he looks exactly like one of them "were you there when I first arrived?" I ask. he looks at me while saying "no mam I wasn't" "why do all you guards look the same?" I wondered

He looks over to the princess behind me and in the corner of my new eyes I see her nod "our helmets are enchanted to make all of us look alike to make it hard to tell who is who." he says taking off his helmet and revealing a yellow mane and his previously white fur changes into a dark brown.

I don't see the need to all look the same exactly I understand the concept, they don't want to be recognized for whatever reason. At home, the human guards would flaunt who they were, letting all living beings know that they worked for the crown, strange how the concept didn't travel.

The guard clears his throat drawing me from my musings and with a "follow me mam." he starts to head away, with a quick goodbye to Celestia I turn and follow. After catching up to him I see him put his helmet back on reverting him back to his old colors

"What's your name?" I asked him. He continues looking straight ahead and grunts "swift spell" out at me. I figure he's not much for conversation and just let him lead me to the new room

After what feels like forever we make it and he opens the door for me letting me get my first peak of its interior. The marble seems to have been the main or only building material they had access to as the entire thing was made from it. The bed looks very fancy and there was a window leading to a breathtaking view of the city as the sun went down.

"Here you are mam, please enjoy the accommodations given to you by the princess and have a pleasant evening," Swift says before closing the door not even letting me say goodbye.

As the door 'clunks' closed I float over to the bed and allow myself to sit down immediately sinking into the apparently almost water like fabric.

Using some of my power I bring forth my double. She looks, sounds, and thinks like me the only difference is that she leaves small sparks of energy every now and then whereas I don't.

It's an interesting process, summoning her, it's like dancing in the air for a small while releasing energy as It combines into another me almost looking as if I just split apart into two others. After the process is done I sit on the bed and she floats beside me.

"They seem nice," she says after a minute of silence on my end "yes they do seem nice and that's what has me on edge," I say in response. These ponies have been very understanding of my situation even if they don't know the full extent and I don't believe anything that wasn't a wisp could be so kind without something they would want from me.

"I know what your thinking, and I can tell you now that this world isn't like our home, humans won't hunt us here and the immortals couldn't have followed us either. We're safe from them." my other half says.

I want to believe it but there's a voice that says it's not over and that the cycle will start again. I remember my first garden, it was beautiful, breathtaking even, but the king's guard had come through, and they brought with them fire and death I tried to stop them as much as I could but it wasn't enough they still made it past me and killed some humans that I had been friends with. I couldn't bring myself to go to their home. I was hurt by those flames, they wouldn't go out normally and required my full attention enough so that those guards could sneak past. In the end, the memory was too horrible for me to stay there. The kingdom was spreading and taking more and more land forcing me away, lest I deal with their fury.

I feel a hoof on my shoulder and look up. It's my other half and she's looking at me with sad eyes. It's then I feel the tears coming down my muzzle and try to think happier thoughts, with a quick squeeze from her hoof she catches my attention and asked: "would you feel better if we messed with some of the ponies?"

I smile and node wiping away some stray tears and get up with her she's smiling too now and the mood in the air was lifted. Thoughts of fun things to do while we're here flooding our minds before she shakes a hoof at me and tells me to follow her. We both turn invisible and as we meld through the wall. The first thing we see is a pony but not a pony. It has tufted ears and pointy fangs with slit pupils for eyes. The confusion only lasted for a few seconds before our devious plans kicked back in gear. Looking to each other we give a grin at the fun we're about to have.